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                              ME, PA
                      SING HO                                COL
              ILL NUR                                            E
    GO LDEN H           SUNY AT ALBA
                                     NY, NY              RICA
                                                S OF
        UTHERA                             COUT
               N CHUR                 BOYS
                       CH, TX



                             FL AMERICAN LEGION PO
                    O  RIUM,                            ST 227, CA
         LAW  N MEM                 198
   WOOD                       HT #3
                  PRE SS FLIG           BEECH FORK STATE PARK, WV
       NEN TAL EX              AMERICA
 CONTI                                   N BELL A
                                                        ION, CT
PAGE II                                                               2002 LET FREEDOM RING SPECIAL EDITION

                 DARKEST DAYS                                                     LIBERTY BELL MUSEUM
              OF THE REVOLUTION
                                                                      In 1958 the Liberty Bell Committee of Zion Church, in anticipa-
                                                                      tion of the bicentennial of both the church and Allentown, sought
                                                                      the exact spot where the bell was hidden. Cross trenches were dug
                                                                      in the unexcavated area under the sanctuary and the long-buried
                                                                      foundations of the original church were unearthed. Since they cor-
                                                                      responded precisely to the dimensions cited in old church records,
                                                                      the committee decided that a shrine should occupy this very same
                     HIDING THE BELL                                  area.

The republic was only a year old and its army, commanded by           The presentation of a full-size and official Liberty Bell replica by
General Washington, faced another crisis in that September of 1777.   the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania the following year spurred
Unable to defend the city of Philadelphia, Washington planned to      the effort. Dr. Morgan Person, Ralph Griesemer, Esq. and the Rev.
withdraw his tattered troops to Valley Forge because the capital of   Dr. Ernest F. Andrews, pastor of Zion United Church of Christ,
the new nation was about to fall into enemy hands.                    played a key role in the project and the excavation. Construction
                                                                      and furnishing of the Liberty Bell Shrine was completed at a cost
The British were short of ammunition and it was no secret that        of $75,000. It was dedicated on May 30, 1962, as a part of the
they would melt down the city's church bells for musket and can-      city's Bicentennial Celebration.
non balls. The Liberty Bell would meet a similar fate. The nation's
Executive Council decided to send the bells to a distant settlement                            *************
for safekeeping. They chose as the sanctuary the village of
Northampton Town 50 miles to the north. Today that is the city of              JULY 3RD GUESTS
                                                                            AT THE PHILLIES GAME
A train of 700 wagons was organized to carry military stores to
Bethlehem. Carefully camouflaged on one wagon was the Liberty         The Phillies introduced this year's bell tappers to the crowd while the TR
Bell. Then the authorities announced that this most precious of       Malone Gospel Choir sang the National Anthem during the pre-game ac-
bells had been sunken under the waters of the Delaware River.         tivities on July 3rd; all are wearing the new Let Freedom Ring T-shirts
                                                                      available through the Society website.
The trek began and the wagons, with their guard of 200 cavalry-
men, arrived in Bethlehem on September 24, 1777. That night or
the next morning the bells were hauled to Allentown where they
were hidden under the floor of old Zion Reformed Church. There
they remained in safety until the following June.


"Sandy" Stromberg (DSDI), Joseph Torsella (National Constitution                      HERE COMES THAT
        Center) and Thomas Jefferson pose for a picture                               PHILLY PHANATIC!!!
PAGE III                                                                       RING
                                                              2002 LET FREEDOM RING SPECIAL EDITION

                                                                           Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
           A MESSAGE
           FROM THE                                                                    Governor's Office

                                                                                          Independence Day
                                                                                             July 4, 2002

                                                                     WHEREAS, On this day in 1776, the members of the Continen-
                                                                  tal Congress met at the State House in Philadelphia and voted unani-
               THE WHITE HOUSE                                    mously to adopt the Declaration of Independence; and
                                                                       WHEREAS, now known as Independence Day, July 4th was
                                                                  first declared a legal holiday by the Commonwealth of Pennsylva-
                      June 28, 2002                               nia in 1873. On July 4th we celebrate the birth of our nation with
                                                                  joy, hope and spirit; and
I send greetings to those gathered for the "Let Freedom Ring"
                                                                    WHEREAS, this day will forever be the reminder to all United
                                                                  States citizens of the commitment, dedication and vigilance our
                                                                  ancestors have provided for the perpetuation of liberty and democ-
Each year on the Fourth of July, Americans celebrate the cour-
                                                                  racy throughout this great nation; and
age and leadership of our Forefathers. In founding the United
States, they changed the course of history and created a Na-
                                                                     WHEREAS, Independence Day, especially in the aftermath of
tion that stands as an enduring symbol of liberty, hope, and
                                                                  September 11, 2001, serves as the commemoration and celebration
                                                                  that America is an idea, a hope and a way of life that we cherish;
Despite the intentions of evildoers to harm our country, Ameri-
cans have demonstrated a renewed sense of patriotism and
                                                                      WHEREAS, as we reflect upon our history, let us never forget
love for the democratic ideals that make our Nation great. As
                                                                  the visions that have been fulfilled, the battles that have been fought,
you honor those who won our Nation's freedom, I encourage
                                                                  and the sacrifices that have been made to preserve the magnificent
you to thank the men and women who are bravely working to
                                                                  ideals that have created the distinct foundation of this country.
defeat terrorism around the world. By joining together to
commemorate this important day in history, we show the
                                                                      THEREFORE, In recognition of this historic date, I, Mark S.
American spirit remains strong.
                                                                  Schweiker, Governor of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, do
                                                                  hereby proclaim July 4, 2002, INDEPENDENCE DAY and encour-
Laura joins me in sending our best wishes for a memorable
                                                                  age all citizens to pause in recognition of the National Bell Ringing
celebration. God bless you, and God bless America.
                                                                  Ceremony, Let Freedom Ring, at 2:00 p.m. EDST at the Liberty
                               George Bush                        Bell in Philadelphia.
                                                                                           Given under my hand and the Seal of
                                                                  the                              Governor, at the City of Har-
                                                                  risburg, this                           twenty-third day in
                                                                  June of the year of                               our Lord
                                                                  two thousand and two and of
                                                                  the Commonwealth the two hundred and

                                                                                                         Mark S. Schweiker
       President Cheyney prepares to lay the wreath at the                                               Governor
          Tomb of the Unknown Revolutionary Soldier
PAGE IV                                                           2002 LET FREEDOM RING SPECIAL EDITION

                             PICTURES, PICTURES, PICTURES

                                                                                     "General Anthony Wayne"
                                                                                    Statue Debuted At Reception

  "The Room Is Ready For The Independence Day Luncheon"

                                                                   James Burke and other children in a separate luncheon designed for
                                                                          kids and their guests enjoy the antics of the magician
      James, Elizabeth, Christopher, and Ian receive their
    Liberty Bell Trophies at the Independence Day Luncheon

                                                                   Committee members Herb Zeafoss and David Humphrey with wives
  Independence Day Reception debuted U.S. President's letter,                    at Independence Day Luncheon
  Proclamations, new Let Freedom Ring t-shirt, and the newly
        completed Anthony Wayne statue in miniature

Over 225 members, guests, and children enjoyed the Independence                      Second Pennsylvania Regiment
 Day Luncheon held at the Society Hill Sheraton in Philadelphia                  ready to lead the group to the ceremony
PAGE V                                                               2002 LET FREEDOM RING SPECIAL EDITION

                                               AND MORE PICTURES......

                                                                           James, Christopher, and Elizabeth Burke and Ian Garcia-Grant
                                                                         take a practice pull on the Providence Forum bell before the tapping
                                                                                            at 2 o'clock at the Bell Pavilion
  Leroy M. Lewis, III, PSSR Vice President, talks to Richard H.
 Stromberg, DSDI President-General, while he gets ready for his
  role as Master of Ceremonies with other members of the dias

                                                                          Joseph Torsella rings the Providence Forum bell in memory of
                                                                           September 11th with William Proctor (PSSR Chaplin), Curtis
             Curtis P. Cheyney, III, PSSR President,
                                                                         Cheyney (PSSR President) and Captain Scott Bethman (Pentagon)
             welcomes the audience to the ceremony

                                                                                  Attendees watch the Let Freedom Ring Ceremony
    Captain Richard Dana Smith and the PSSR Color Guard
                    "Present the Colors"

                         Richard H. Stromberg, DSDI President-
                         General, rings the bell 13 times at 2 o'clock
                         while the bell tappers are at the Pavilion

                                                                                 A Special "Thank You" To The PSSR Color Guard
PAGE VI                                                                   2002 LET FREEDOM RING SPECIAL EDITION

                        PROCLAMATION FROM                                             He's Been Ringing for 34 Years

                             State of New York
                                                                           Mr. William P. Wunderlich has been ringing for 34 years but didn't know
                                                                           about the Let Freedom Ring Ceremony until he was reported to the Society
                           Executive Chamber
                                                                           Office by Mr. Crawford King, a local resident who knew Mr. Wunderlich.
    Whereas, the citizens of the Empire State are instilled with a
great sense of patriotism and are therefore, proud to recognize and        Mr. King writes: On July 4th I took my bell, which is 30 inches in diameter
commemorate the signing of the Declaration of Independence; on             and 40 inches high, and cast in 1890, to Mr. William Wunderlich's house,
July 4, 1776, at 2 o'clock in the afternoon, the tolling of the Liberty    which is in a subdivision in Chesterfield, Missouri. They had about 150
                                                                           people in attendance, incuding the mayor of Chesterfield. Mr. Wunderlich
Bell at Independence Hall, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania hailed the
signing of the Declaration of Independence; and                            has a large flag pole in his front yard, which is flying the British flag. The
                                                                           program began with a parade of about 20 men dressed in Revolutionary
                                                                           attire led by the fife and drums, followed by a parade of youngsters with
     Whereas, the adoption of the Declaration of Independence
                                                                           bicycles and wagons, and dogs all dressed up.
marked the birth of our country as a free and independent Nation;
each year, Americans celebrate this historic day, remembering the
achievements of our founders and reflecting on the rights and privi-       The troop stopped at the flag pole and fired a round. The British flag was
leges of citizenshp, as well as its responsibilities; and                  taken down and the American flag was hoisted. Everyone said the Pledge
                                                                           of Allegiance. Mr. Wunderlich had a speech on John Adams and how he
                                                                           thought the 4th of July should be celebrated, he then read the names of the
    Whereas, in 1963, an act of Congress officially authorized the
Let Freedom Ring National Bell Ringing Ceremony in honor of the            13 colonies. After each one I rang the bell. Then the guns were fired
                                                                           ending the program. He had soda and doughnuts for everyone at his ex-
signing of the Declaration of Independence; throughout the follow-
ing years, a larger number of church towers, fire halls, universities,
carillons, state houses and other bell ringing institutions have par-
                                                                           Mr. Wunderlich has been doing this for 34 years. Please send Mr.
ticipated in this national observance; and
                                                                           Wunderlich the National Bell Ringing Certificate instead of me.
                                                                                                                            Crawford King
   Whereas, participating bells now include Independence Hall in
Philadelphia, the Arizona Memorial Harbor, the National Cathe-
dral in Washington, Old North Church in Boston, Arlington Cem-             The Society Office contacted Mr. Wunderlich and ironically enough he started
etery and thousands of churches, synagogues, state capitols, radio         ringing the same year the PSSR started sponsoring the Let Freedom Ring
stations, as well as every one of the 316 commissioned ships in the        ceremony, but as Mr. King said, he had never heard of the ceremony until Mr.
                                                                           King told him about it. Not only did Mr. Wunderlich get a certificate for his
United States Navy; and
                                                                           participation for the year 2002, but he was also sent another certificate cover-
                                                                           ing the years from 1969 to 2001 in gratitude of his patriotism and faithfulness
   Whereas, all who have the honor of being an American citizen,
                                                                           to being a bell ringer. Not to worry, Mr. King got one too!
whether by birth or naturalization, should take this unique opportu-
nity to recognize the anniversay of this great event that celebrates
our freedom, liberties and independence; as citizens throughout our
Nation prepare to join in the Let Freedom Ring National Bell Ring-
ing Ceremony, we pause to reflect and rededicate ourselves to the                              Let Freedom Ring
great ideals that motivated our Nation's founding fathers;                                   "Goes To New Heights"

   Now, Therefore, I, George E. Pataki, Governor of the State of           Robert Farling doesn't like to miss the bell ringing ceremony on July 4th so
                                                                           when he had to be on a flight from Nashville to Cleveland he decided to
New York, do hereby recognize July 4, 2002 as
                                                                           take a bell with him to ring 13 times. At the approaching hour, the Conti-
                                                                           nental Express flight crew, after talking to Bob, introduced the Let Free-
                   LET FREEDOM RING DAY
                                                                           dom Ring Ceremony to the passengers of Flight #3198 and at the 2 o'clock
                                                                           hour the bell was rung 13 times to a round of applause.
in the Empire State.

                                                                           The Society Office contacted Jeff Await at the Continental Express Air-
                             George E. Pataki
                                                                           lines Public Relations Department who provided the office with the crews'
                                                                           names and Roll of Honor certificates have been forwared to Jeff for distri-
                                                                           bution to the flight crew.
PAGE VII                                                                    2002 LET FREEDOM RING SPECIAL EDITION
             Ceremonies Across the Land
Dave Lash of Rockville, Indiana writes: For several weeks I have been            the newspapers and the story was on three television networks.
meaning to write to you and tell you what happened at our first National         Patriotism was running at an all time high in our little town of 2,
Bell Ringing Ceremony. When I first got your letter about the idea, I tossed     650 people.
it on the far corner of my desk to "think about it." I'm 60 years old, a
former band director, now a real estate agent. I thought that I just didn't      You have a great idea with your bell ceremony. I want to apologize
have time to "fool around" with a ceremony like yours. I was very wrong!!!       for tossing your letter on the backside of my desk when I first got it.
About June 1st, I found out that our local school music program is down to       I never got the band job at the high school but everybody wants me
only 3 players in the entire junior/senior high school band and just a few       to lead a community band. I believe that is what God really wants
girls in their choir; no boys.                                                   me to do. Everybody had more fun and felt so proud of themselves.
                                                                                 Success all boils down to one very important thing; Everybody needs
Next, I foolishly decided to try out for the band/choir job at the school and    some kind of encouragement. I encouraged everybody instead of
try to hold onto my position as head of my small real estate company all at      just asking them to help me.
the same time. I thought that if I could help the school that maybe I could
restore music in our schools.                                                    Keep up the good work and maybe we will be ringing our bell again
                                                                                 next year.
About the same time I again found your letter laying on my desk about the
National Bell Ringing Ceremony while cleaning up my desk. My secre-                                                    Sincerely yours,
tary encouraged me to give it a try. I called the local school superintendent                                          Dave Lash
and talked him into letting me use the local band room to build a local
community band to play for the bell ringing ceremony. He let me use the          Upon receipt of Mr. Lash's letter, the Society Office called him and
instruments, band music and the band room for only 2 rehearsals. I got the       asked permission to print his letter in the newsletter. By the end of
county commissioners to get their custodian to ring the courthouse bell 13       the telelphone conversation, Mr. Lash's “maybe” turned into a defi-
times at 1 o'clock (our time) on July 4th. I got our local chapter of the Sons   nite yes.
of the American Revolution to say the Pledge of Allegiance and give the
speech. I called up the newspapers and the local TV stations and got them        The Pennsylvania Society of Sons of the Revolution looks forward
to promote and cover the story of the ceremony on the courthouse lawn. I         to hearing from Mr. Lash after next year's ceremony to get an up-
found a little 10-year-old girl that can sing almost as good as Sandy Patti      date.
and had her sing the National Anthem and God Bless America with our
little band of 20 members.                                                                       Thanks for your participation
                                                                                                 from all of us Dave at PSSR!
Our band had young kids, middle age people as well as one old 90-year-
old clarinet player. I couldn't find a cymbal player for the crashes during           Everybody needs some kind of encouragement!!!
the National Anthem so I taught one guy off the streets how to crash the                             *************
cymbals together when I pointed at him to play. The guy had never played
an instrument nor read music in his life.

I expected about 15 to 20 people to show up for the program. Over 250
people came to hear the speech, hear the band play, hear the little girl sing,
listen to the 13 gun salute and listen to the 13 chimes at 1 o'clock from the
old courthouse.

Several little things went wrong (i.e. the color guard lost count of the shots
and the speechmaker became bedazzled when he found out that he was
"On Television:). All in all it was a colossal success. Everybody wants to
do it again next year.

The guy who played the cymbals couldn't believe that he played in a real
band. The color guard promised me that next year "it will be RIGHT!"
Everybody was so proud of themselves and the people who came said the             David Lash with his trombone at Rockville's first
speech was as good as any they had ever heard. Our pictures were all over                  Let Freedom Ring Ceremony
                                                                                                           (see above story)
PAGE VIII                                                              2002 LET FREEDOM RING SPECIAL EDITION
                                                  PSSR Captain Smith Retires the Colors
                                                        Until Next Year's Ceremony
     The Pennsylvania Society of Sons of the Revolution
          sincerely thank the following for a great
             2002 Let Freedom Ring Ceremony:

                    Let Freedom Ring Committee                                            Liberty Bell Tappers & Families

        Captain Richard Dana Smith and the PSSR Color Guard                Joseph Torsella, President & CEO - National Constitution Center

    Rev. William Preston Proctor, PSSR Chaplain & Rabbi Ira Stone                             TR Malone Gospel Choir

          Leroy Moody Lewis, III, PSSR Vice President & MC                                      New Life Industries

 Benjamin Charles Frick, PSSR Vice President & D. Weston Darby, PSSR         Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson & Mayor John Street

                         President Emeritus                                                  Dennis L Hangey, Bagpiper

   Acting Superintendent Dennis Reidenbach & Independence National             Second Pennsylvania Regiment of the Continential Line

                        Historical Park Staff                                            Nathan Hale Fife and Drum Corps

        Richard Hanson Stromberg, DSDI President-General &                                        Hermitage Press

          Philip Schuyler Pyne, DSDI Past President-General                U.S. Military Personnel Participants Here and Around the World

                        Rev. Dr. Peter Lillback                              Bell Tapper Participants & Sponsors Here Around the World

                     Captain Scott Bethman, USN                                      Ira Rosen, Entertainment On Location, Inc.

                  Ambassador Edward Ridley Finch

Pennsylvania Society of Sons of the Revolution                                                                              NonProfitOrg
                                                                                                                         U.S. POSTAGE PAID
215 South 16th Street - Suite 27                                                                                           Philadelphia, Pa
Philadelphia, PA 19102                                                                                                    PERMIT NO. 5147

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