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					          Programme at a Glance

                                                          June 29th, Wednesday
               Registration at Conference venue: Le Meridien Villon Resort & Convention Centre Room: Tilia III
9:00 – 18:00
               Registration prior to arrival at the conference and extra registration fee is required to attend any pre-conference workshop.
               Workshop 1                    Workshop 2:                  Workshop 3                    Workshop 4
10:00-16:30    Room: Lobelia                 Room: Apera                  Room: Malva                   Hotel Atrium, Pilies st. 10, Vilnius
               David Canter:                 David J Cooke, & Henrik      Anna C. Baldry:               Ed Hilterman, & Anders Tengstrom:
                                                                                                        The Assessment of youth's anti-sociality
                                                                          Spousal Assault Risk
               Offender Profiling and        One-day introductory                                       and the perception of risk and protective
                                                                          Assessment: a cross-
               Investigative Psychology      workshop on psychopathy                                    factors by clinicians
                                                                          culture approach
10:30-11:00    Coffee
12:45-14:00    Lunch
16:30-17:00    Tea
19:00-21:30                                                                 Opening
                                                                      Room: Tilia I+II+III
19:00-19:15                                                  Rita Ţukauskienė, Chairperson
                                                           Graham Davies, President of EAPL
                                               Rimantas Vaitkus, Vice Rector of Mykolas Romeris University
19:15 –20:00                                                            Plenary Lecture
                                                         David Canter "In the Kingdom of the Blind"
                                                                 Chair: Graham M. Davies
20:00–20: 15                                                  The Vilnius Quartet (Psyche et Ius)
                                          A String Quartet Specially Commissioned for the EAPL Vilnius Conference
                                                                 Composed by David Canter
20:15-21:30    Welcome Party: Buffet Dinner
                                                                   June 30th, Thursday
              Thematic Session 1                     Thematic Session 2          Thematic Session 3                            Thematic Session 4
              Room: Lobelia                          Room: Tilia II              Room: Apera                                   Room: Malva
              Chair: Rachel Wilcock                  Chair: Michelle Wright             Chair: Rita Bandzevičienė              Chair: Lorraine Sheridan
9:00 –11:00   Eyewitness Testimony                   Detective Decision Making Risk Assessment                                 Sexual Violence
9:00-9:20     Assessing the Impact of Verbal         Person Descriptions in Criminal    Risk Factors and Recidivism of         Initial findings about drug-assisted rape
              Instructions and Simultaneous versus   Investigations.                    Girls.                                 and sexual assault from information
              Sequential Lineups on Cross-Ethnic     Christianne de Poot, Roelof        Samora Day, & Catrien Bijleveld        provided by a national sample of victims.
              Eyewitness Identifications.            Bokhorst, & Peter van Koppen                                              Miranda Horvath, & Jennifer Brown
              Steven Penrod, Lisette Garcia, &
              Rommel Robertson
9:20-9:40     A comparison of real world police      Effects of Investigators‟          Identifying the sources of actuarial   Stalking: the victim‟s perspective.
              lineup presentation versus             Epistemic Motivation: Biased       superiority in violence risk           Lorraine Sheridan
              laboratory recommended lineup          Perception and Sensitivity to      assessment: Meehl‟s Clinical
              presentations.                         Criminal Evidence.                 versus statistical prediction
              Rachel Wilcock, & Rebecca Milne        Karl Ask, & Per Granhag            revisited.
                                                                                        Michael Davis, & James Ogloff
9:40-10:00    The Identification Performance of      The impact of police officers‟     Victim and Perpetrators Risk           Criminal prosecution and victim
              Forensic Eyewitnesses Exposed to       emotionality during child sexual   Factors in Recidivism of Domestic      assistance in cases of sexual
              Weapons and Violence.                  abuse investigation.               Violence Cases.                        victimization in old age.
              Paul Halford, & Rebecca Milne          Gavin Oxburgh, Thomas              Anna C. Baldry                         Thomas Goergen & Sandra Herbst
                                                     Williamson, & James Ost
10:00-10:20   Towards a Broader Perspective on       Towards a Psychology and Law       Risk Assessment in Corrections         Adapting Dialectical Behaviour Therapy
              the Problem of Mistaken                of Investigations.                 and Probation.                         for stalking offenders: Development,
              Identification.                        David Carson                       Rita Bandzevičienė, & Ilona            feasibility, and efficacy.
              Andrew Roberts                                                            Česnienė                               Barry Rosenfeld, Michele Galietta,
                                                                                                                               Andre Ivanoff, Ricardo Martinez, Alex
                                                                                                                               Garcia-Mansilla, Joanna Fava, Virginia
                                                                                                                               Finnernan, & Debbie Green
10:30-11:00   Coffee
11:00-11:45                                                             Plenary Lecture
                                                     Amina Memon “Eyewitness Testimony: Research and practice”
                                                             Chair: Graham M. Davies Room: Tilia I+II
11:45-12:45   Thematic Session 5                     Thematic Session 6        Thematic Session 7                              Thematic Session 8
              Room: Lobelia                          Room: Arnika              Room: Apera                                     Room: Malva
              Chair: Mark Kebbell                    Chair: Ian Freckelton              Chair: Brian Ewart                     Chair: Freya Newman
              Guilt & Confessions                    Courts                             Criminal Patterns                      Sexual Violence
11:45-12:05   Mock-suspects‟ decisions to confess:   From Crime to Tort: Criminal       Moving in different directions:        Characteristics of true versus false
              The influence of eyewitness            Acts, Civil Liability and the      Commuters and Mauraders.               allegations of sexual offences.
              statements and identifications.        Behavioural Sciences.              Jasper van der Kemp, Sara              Jannie van der Sleen, & Eric Rassin
              Mark Kebbell, & Troy Daniels           Daniel Kennedy, & Jason Sakis      Pulinckx, & Karen van
12:05-12:25   How guilty am I? The relationship      Procedural justice in a court.     Sexual murder in Czech Republic:       Rape attrition and consequences for
              between different levels of causal       Gintautas Valickas, & Viktoras      Research and police application.      victims; mediation and compensation as
              relationships and ascription of guilt.   Justickis                           Veronika Polišenská, & Jirina         an alternative form of justice.
              Bianca Klettke                                                               Hofmanova, Rebecca Dillon             Jennifer Brown, & Miranda Horvath
12:25-12:45   False confessions in the lab: do         Mental State Defences in War        Armed robberies of banking            The investigation of domestic violence:
              plausibility and consequences            Crimes Trials.                      institutions in Cyprus: Patterns,     characteristics of perpetrators, victims
              matter?                                  Ian Freckelton                      issues and concerns.                  and offences.
              Robert Horselenberg, Harald                                                  Andreas Kapardis                      Keri Nixon, & David Canter
              Merckelbach, & Tom Smeets
12:45-14:00   Lunch
14:00-15:30   Thematic Session 9                       Symposium 1                         Thematic Session 10                   Thematic Session 11
              Room: Lobelia                            Room: Tilia II                      Room: Apera                           Room: Malva
              Chair: Graham M. Davies                  Chair: Keri Nixon                   Chair: Helina Häkkänen                Chair: Lynsey F. Gozna
              Interviewing                             IOPS: An Interactive                Homicide                              Detecting Deception
                                                       Offender Profiling System
14:00-14:20   An Empirical Test of the Behaviour       IOPS: Outline of the Interactive    Back to the reality: the unexciting   Adults‟ ability to discriminate between
              Analysis Interview.                      Offender profiling System.          nature of Finnish homicidal           children‟s prepared and unprepared lies
              Aldert Vrij, Samantha Mann, & Ron        David Canter                        strangulations and bomb threats.      and truths.
              Fisher                                                                       Helina Häkkänen                       Leif Stromwall, Par Granhag, & Sara
14:20-14:40   Time analysis of open and closed         Prolific and one-off offenders in   Actions of criminals found            Towards a holistic approach for lie
              questions in police interviews:          Wandsworth: implications for        irresponsible at the time of crime.   detection: An observational study.
              evidence for a structured or dynamic     scaling serial crime.               Teresa Jaskiewicz-Obydzinska,         Lynsey Gozna, & Abigail Moulton
              interviewing model?                      Freya Newman                        Ewa Wach, Maciej Szaszkiewicz,
              Trond Myklebust, & Roald                                                     & Filip Bolechała
14:40-15:00   Helping children to remember: A          Consistency as an Aspect of         Homicide crime scene behaviours       The influence of statement analysis
              cross-national survey of police          “Professionalism” in Burglary.      and offender psychopathology:         training on detecting deception in
              officers‟ self-reported practice.        Louise Goodwin, & Katie Thole       new perspectives to offender          confessions.
              Anneli Larsson, Rebecca Milne, &                                             profiling.                            Deborah Bradford, Jane Goodman-
              Par Granhag                                                                  Helina Häkkänen, & Taina              Delahunty, & Siegfried Sporer
15:00-15:20   Improving the interviewing of sex        Journey to Crime in                 Homicidal behaviour: A                Believed cues to deception in high and
              offenders: How do sex offenders          Wandsworth.                         Comparison of Homicides               low-stake situations: A qualitative
              think the police can improve?            Laura Hammond                       Investigated By Four UK Police        investigation.
              Mark Kebbell, Emily Hurren, & Paul                                           Forces.                               Rachel Taylor, & Crystal Rolfe
              Mazerolle                                                                    Michelle Wright, & David Canter
15:30-16:00   Tea
16:00-16:45                                                               Plenary Lecture
                                                  John Monahan “Mental Disorder, Violence, and Mandated Treatment”
                                                               Chair: Ian Freckelton Room: Tilia I+II
16:45-18:15                                                                                                                      EAPL Board Meeting Room
16:45-18:15                                                                Poster Sessions Room Tilia III
1. Offender Psychometrics                2 Offender Characteristics              3. Homicide & Suicide              4. Sexual Violence
1.1 Construct Validity of the two-       2.1 Characteristics of forensic         3.1 Offence and Offender           4.1 Antisocial Personality Disorder: A
factor structure of the Psychopathic     psychiatric patients admitted to the    Characteristics among Two          case report of a serial rapist.
Personality Inventory                    Lithuanian Forensic Psychiatric         Groups of Finnish Homicide         Sasan Rasi, Niloofar Ahmadi,
Katarzyna Uzieblo, Bruno                 Hospital.                               Offenders with Schizophrenia:      Mehrzad Kiani, & Anousheh Safar
Verschuere, & Geert Crombez              Laura Ustinavičiūtė, Mindaugas          Comparison of Early- and Late-     Cherati
1.2 Adaptation of the Hare               Šablevičius, Algimantas Liausėdas,      start Offenders.                   4.2 Wife Battering. A case study of 300
Psychology Checklist-Revised for         B.C.M. Raes                             Taina Laajasalo, & Helina          women in Tabriz- Iran during 2002-
the Latvian offenders.                   2.2 Depth-psychological                 Häkkänen                           2003.
Evija Strika                             peculiarities of a violent criminal     3.2 Homicide Motives (On The       Niloofar Ahmadi, Sasan Rasi, Seyf Ali
1.3 Research and Development at          persons (on the base method of a        Basis Analysis Of Procedural       Ashraf, & Mehrzad Kiani
the National Reception Unit,             frequency analysis vector's pictures    Documents).                        4.3 Study of battered wives referred to
Swedish Prison and Probation             of the Szondi-test).                    Arvydas Pocius                     Shahid Kamyab emergency hospital of
Service                                  Alexander I. Loschkin, Alexander V.     3.3 Pathology of the victims and   Mashhad.
 Henrik Andershed, Ulrika Hiscoke,       Smirnov                                 criminals of Internet mediated     Mohammad Kazemian, Haimid
Peter Johansson, Mattias Lindström,      2.3 Personal and psycho-                suicide.                           Toufani, & Hasan Razzagi
Zlatan Sosic, & Anna Trobäck             physiological characteristics of HIV-   Sung-Won Moon
1.4 Revising the hypermasculinity        infected inmates in Russian penal
inventory: an English sample.            system.
Carly Sees, & Jennifer Brown             Olga Sannikova
1.5 “Its not so bad, everyone does       2.4 Externalizing behaviour
it”: a Multiple Sorting study of anti-   problems of young criminals with
social behaviour.                        different personality types.
Natalia Wentink                          Svetlana Stupish
1.6 New Opportunities of                 2.5 School violence in Slovakia:
Rosenzweig Picture-Frustration           Bullying as the part of school-wide
Test Application in                      educational, psychological and law
Forensic Psychological Enquiry.          problem in our schools.
Sergey Shipshin, & Olga Shipshina         Zuzana Heinzova, Miroslava
1.7 Strengths and Difficulties           Simegova
Questionnaire (SDQ) as a screening       2.6 Character traits of juvenile
instrument of conduct problems in        violators of law and order.
Lithuanian children.                     Audronė Dumčienė, & Vida
Graţina Gintilienė, Dovilė Butkienė,     Ivaškienė
Sigita Girdzijauskienė, Sigita           2.7 Strategies of solving conflicts
Lesinskienė, & Dainius Puras             among teenagers disposed to
1.8 Parent reports of children           aggressiveness and committing
behaviour problems in multiethnic        crimes.
sample.                                   Vida Ivaškiene, & Audronė
Sigita Girdzijauskienė, Graţina           Dumčienė
Gintilienė, Dovilė Butkienė, Sigita
Lesinskienė, & Dainius Puras
5. Criminal Patterns                     7. Eyewitness & Identification          8. Police Officers                    9. Courts & Legal Issues
5.1 Predicting Recidivism in Violent     7.1 Effects of Centrality Criteria on   8.1 Risk Assessment in Intimate       9.1 Deconstructing Suicide Notes:
Offenders by Applying Crime Scene        Misinformation Results.                 Partner Violence: The                 Function and Content.
Actions and Offender                     Pedro Paz Alonso & Gail Goodman.        Perspective of Experienced Police     Susan Giles, & David Canter
Characteristics. Taija Stoat, Taina      7.2 Does emotional arousal enhance      Officers. Karin Herbers               9.2 Below the age of consent:
Laajasalo, Helina Häkkänen               resistance to misleading suggestions    8.2 Victims and Witnesses of          Influences on moral and legal
5.2 Mark X where the offender            about central and peripheral event      Crime: Police Officers                judgments of adult-adolescent sexual
resides. Jasper van der Kemp, Arjan      details?                                Perceptions of Interviewing           relationships.
Blokland, & Esther van Ruth              Lynn Hulse, & Kevin Allan               Practices. Coral J. Dando, Rachel     Miranda Horvath, & Roger Giner-
                                         7.3 “They” All Look Alike to Me:        Wilcock, Rebecca Milne 8.3            Sorolla
6. Detecting Deception                   Identifying the Cross-Race Effect in    Personality and Psychopath in         9.3 Young People‟s Knowledge and
6.1 Deceptive Behaviour, Criteria-       a Canadian Population.                  the personnel selection of the        Attitudes of the UK Criminal Justice
Based Content Analysis, and              Luke Jackiw, Katherine Arbuthnott,      Criminal Investigation Inspectors     System and their Human Rights.
Interview Style. Samantha Mann, &        Jeffrey Pfeifer, & Christian Meissner   of the Portuguese Judiciary           Janet Wilson, & Karen Barnes
Aldert Vrij                              7.4 Effects of memory distrust on       Police.                               9.4 Judges and social operators
6.2 The beliefs of police officers,      imagination inflation. Saskia van       Cristina M. Soeiro, & Rui A.          believes and parenthood
prison inmates and jury                  Bergen, Marko Jelicic, Harald           Goncalves                             representations.
representative general public            Merckelbach                             8.4 Personality, emotional            Giancarlo Tamanza, Cristina Fumi, &
regarding deceptive behaviour.           7.5 Improving the identification of     control, stress, gender differences   Ilaria Montanari.
Sarah Gillespie, Lynsey Gozna, &         facial composites by a horizontal       and shooting firearms                 9.5 Transformative result in child
Zoe Wilton                               split.                                  performance.                          custody evaluation.
6.3 Startling secrets: a pilot study     Charlie Frowd, Alex McIntyre, &         Cristina M. Soeiro, Pauleta           Giancarlo Tamanza, & Cristina Fumi
on the use of the startle eye blink in   Peter Hancock                           Ramiro, & Iris S. Almeida             9.6 The analysis of situational factors
deception detection. Bruno               7.6 How do children perceive            8.5 Personality, Moral Conduct        influencing the role of procedural
Verschuere, Geert Crombez,               interviewer‟s non-verbal                and Emotional Intelligence:           justice in civil litigation.
Armand Declercq, & Ernst Koster          behaviours?                             Gender Differences in Law             Alfredas Laurinavičius
                                         Jehanne Almerigogna, James Ost,         Enforcement Candidates.               9.7 Lithuanian parents‟ attitudes to
                                         Lucy Akehurst, & Mike Fluck             Iris S. Almeida, & Cristina M.        legal issues of corporal punishment.
                                         7.7 Children and young adult‟s          Soeiro                                Roma Jusienė, & Jurgita Mikšytė
                                         person descriptions and ability to                                            9.8 Interpretation of criminal
                                         identify female targets.                                                      mediation in the conceptual
                                         Kristjan Kask                                                                 framework of analytical psychology.
                                         7.8 The situation of the abused                                               Jolanta Sondaite
                                         children in a pre-trial process:                                              9.9 Psychological attributes of
                                         analyses of the specialists‟ opinions                                         mediation in criminal justice
                                         Virginija Ribakoviene, & Zita                                                 formulated in the conceptual
                                         Tomiliniene                                                                   framework of Transactional Analysis.
                                                                                                                       Judit Magyar
                                                                          July 1st, Friday

9:00-10:30    Thematic Session 12                        Symposium 2                             Symposium 3                             Thematic Session 13
              Room: Lobelia                              Room: Apera                             Room: Malva                             Room: Tilia II
              Chair: Natalia Wentink                     Chair: Henrik Andershed                 Chair: Henk Elffers                     Chair: Graham Davies
              Intervention Strategies                    Psychopathy in Youths and               Judge, Media, Public                    Face Recognition
                                                         Adults: Risk, Protection, Co-
                                                         morbidity, and Subtypes
9:00-9:20     Assessing Psychological Change in          Psychopathic personality in young       Open justice: communication             Caricature and Facial
              Residents of a Prison Therapeutic          people and its associations with        between citizens, media and the         Composites.
              Community.                                 early behavioural characteristics       criminal justice system.                Charlie Frowd, Bruce Vicki, &
              Sarah Miller                               and parental rearing practices.         Marijke Malsch                          Peter Hancock
                                                         Rita Ţukauskienė
9:20-9:40     A review of interventions with arsonists   Psychopathy and co-morbidity:           The impact of a factual newspaper       Disguise and distinguishing
              and young fire setters in England and      Identifying typical constellations of   column on crime on readers of a         features in video line-ups.
              Wales.                                     multiple psychiatric problems           local newspaper.                        Allan McNeill, & Smith Fraser
              Laura Caulfield, Emma Palmer, & Clive      among male violent offenders.           Martina Feilzer
              Hollin                                     Anna Trobäck, & Henrik
9:40-10:00    Juvenile delinquency and substance use:    Sex offending, psychopathy and          Media-friendly judges: reluctant        Regional Bias in Facial
              Data from a Portuguese study.              criminal lifestyle                      manipulators of public opinion?         Composite Production.
              António Castro Fonseca, José Silva         Rui Abrunhosa Gonçalves                 Lieve Gies                              Charlie Frowd, Vicki Bruce, &
              Rebelo, Maria Silva Damião, & Marta                                                                                        Peter Hancock
10:00-10:20   Neighbourhood and community factors:       Identifying more homogeneous            The public‟s paradox: leave it to the   Crossing the borders: Matching
              Effects on antisocial behaviour and        subgroups of psychopaths through        judges to punish harsher than they do   faces of different ethnic groups.
              social competence.                         cluster analysis of multiple            now.                                    Siegfried Sporer, & Juergen
              Francisca Fariña, Ramón Arce, &            personality dimensions.                 Henk Elffers, & Jan de Keijser          Gehrke
              Dolores Seijo                              Henrik Andershed, Sandra Kunnari,
                                                         Jannica Nilsson, Peter Johansson,
                                                         & Jennifer Skeem
10:30-11:00   Coffee
11:00-11:45                                                            Plenary Lecture
                                   David J Cooke “Psychopathy as an Important Forensic Construct: Past, Present and Future”
                                                         Chair: Henrik Andershed, Room: Tilia I+II
11:45-12:45   Symposium 4                         Thematic Session 14            Thematic Session 15               Thematic Session 16
              Room: Apera                         Room: Malva                    Room: Lobelia                     Room: Tilia II
              Chair: Clive Hollin                 Chair: Aldis Putniņš           Chair: Donna Youngs               Chair: Avraham M. Levi
              Offending behaviour programmes Offender Psychometrics              Expert Issues                     Face & Voice Recognition
              I: Issues in evaluation
              Symposium Organiser: Clive Hollin
11:45-12:05   Introduction to the Symposium: The        The relationship between personal     Criminal Profiling Evidence in the       Expert witnessing as an
              National Pathfinder Project: Evaluating   responsibility and remorse, guilt     Courts.                                  important contributor to
              Offending Behaviour Programmes in the     and shame in a sample of mentally     Ian Freckelton                           eyewitness research.
              Probation Service in England and          ill offenders.                                                                 Avraham M. Levi
              Wales.                                    David Whittingham, & Don
              Charlotte Bilby                           Thomson
12:05-12:25   Treatment Delivery and Outcome.           Screening young offenders: The        Interconnections between face            „They all sound alike to me‟: the
              Targeting: Appropriate Risk Allocation    need to assess ADHD signs.            composite research and police            language effect in voice
              and Reconviction Outcomes: An             Aldis Putniņš                         practice. The case of the South          identification.
              Analysis of Structured Offending                                                African Police Service.                  Axelle Philippon, Julie
              Behaviour Programmes in the UK.                                                 Heike Schmidt                            Cherryman, Aldert Vrij, & Ray
              James McGuire                                                                                                            Bull
12:25-12:45   Treatment Delivery. The Importance of     A New Type of Pedophile? Contact      Processing of possible asylum-           Meta-Analyses of the Effects of
              Completion: Treatment Completion:         and Internet Sex Offenders Against    seekers at ports of entry in the U.S.:   Estimator and System Variables
              Impact on Evaluation Design and           Children Compared by Kerry            The impact of Expedited Removal          in 469 Eyewitness and Facial
              Outcome.                                  Sheldon and Dennis Howitt.            practices on legal rights and            Recognition Studies.
              Clive Hollin                              Kerry Sheldon, & Dennis Howitt        psychological distress.                  Steven Penrod, Brian Bornstein,
                                                                                              Barry Rosenfeld, Andrew                  Kenneth Deffenbacher, Kiernan
                                                                                              Rasmussen, Kim Reeves, & Allen           McGorty, & Meera Adya
12:45-14:00   Lunch
14:00-15:30   Symposium 5                               Symposium 6                           Symposium 7                              Symposium 8
              Room: Apera                               Room: Lobelia                         Room: Tilia II                           Room: Malva
              Chair: Clive Hollin                       Chair: Ed Hilterman                   Chair: Becky Milne                       Chair: Peter J van Koppen
              Offending behaviour programmes            Antisociality in European             Investigative interviewing:              Lie Detection
              II: Programme outcome                     Youth: Risk factors and               Applying psychology to the               Developments in Western
                                                        Assessment                            real world.                              Europe
14:00-14:20   General Offending Behaviour               Perceived relevance of risk and       Public perception of police              The use of the polygraph in
              Programmes. Offending Behaviour           protective factors by clinicians      interviewing.                            Belgium.
              Programmes in the Community: A            assessing risk in delinquent youths   Becky Milne, & Sinaed Scott              Marc van de Plas
              Comparison of the Effects on              in Catalonia.
              Reconviction of Three Programmes.         Ed Hilterman, Marta Ferrer, &
              Emma Palmer                               Manel Capdevila
14:20-14:40   Programmes for Substance Abusing          Predicting violence among             Can you see the pattern ? – A new        The danger of ambiguous
              Offenders. Addressing Substance-          adolescents: Predictive accuracy of   way of looking at the use of questions   questions in lie detection.
              Related Offending: A Reconviction         the SAVRY in a group of               Andrew Griffiths, & Becky Milne          Peter van Koppen
              Study.                                    adolescents referred for substance
              Juliet Hounsome.                          use treatment.
                                                        Anders Tengstrom
14:40-15:00   Programmes for Violent Offenders:         Risk factors vs. styles of social     Strategic use of evidence during         Psychopathy and physiological
              Aggression Replacement Training: A        functioning and juvenile criminals    police interrogations: When training     responding on the concealed
              Reconviction Analysis.                    interpersonal relations.              to detect deception works.               information polygraph (“lie
              Ruth Hatcher                              Jozef Gierowski, Agnieszka Idziak,    Maria Hartwig, Pär Granhag, Leif,        detector”) test.
                                                        & Stoigniew Rumszewicz                Strömwall, & Aldert Vrij                 Bruno Verschuere
15:00-15:20                                                                                     The use of SCAN to detect deceit in      Detecting concealed information
                                                                                                police interviews.                       using brain wave activity.
                                                                                                Andrea Shawyer, & Becky Milne            Ewout Meijer
15:30-16:00   Tea
16:00-16:45                                                               Plenary Lecture
                                             Claudia Kestermann “Prison Life: Factors Affecting Health and Rehabilitation”
                                                                Chair: Craig Haney Room: Tilia I+II
16:45-17:45   Thematic Session 17                         Thematic Session 18                   Thematic Session 19                      Thematic Session 20
              Room: Malva                                 Room: Apera                           Room: Lobelia                            Room: Tilia II
              Chair: Anett Galow                          Chair: Susan Giles                    Chair: Keri Nixon                        Chair: Graham Davies
              Intervention                                Sexual Attitudes                      Police Officers                          Influences on Interviewer
16:45-17:05   Juvenile Delinquency Prevention in the      Media portrayals of sexual            Use of The Enhanced Cognitive            I don‟t remember it like that: The
              Czech Republic and Lithuania:               offenders: Implications for           Interview to debrief police informants   effect of delay and a misleading
              Designing an Efficient Strategy of Social   correctional psychology.              and undercover officers.                 fellow eyewitness on children‟s
              Intervention.                               Jo Thakker, & Russil Durrant          John Potts                               testimony.
              Egle Havrdova                                                                                                              Lucy Akehurst, & Natalie Burden
17:05-17:25   Artificial neural networks for criminal     Investigating the effects of rape     Police decision-making when              Autobiographical memory
              recidivism prediction.                      myths, just world beliefs and         detecting deceit: An exploration of      retrieval of people with and
              Anett Galow                                 gender role on rape victim blaming.   the wider investigative context.         without a history of childhood
                                                          Emma Sleath, & Ray Bull               Lynsey Gozna, & Koonti Dhanani           sexual abuse.
                                                                                                                                         Beatrijs Hauer, Elke Geraerts,
                                                                                                                                         Ineke Wessel, & Harald
17:25-17:45   Mental health of incarcerated               Women‟s attitudes towards sexual      Gender differences among police          Patterns of Malingering and
              adolescent offenders in Northwestern        harassment: an in-group               candidates in the School of Police of    Compliance in Measures of
              Russia.                                     identification perspective.           Catalonia during 2003/2004: Setting      Interrogative Suggestibility.
              Roman Koposov, Martin Eisemann, &           Afroditi Pina, & Garcia Viki          a psychological and professional         Stella Bain, Rhiannon Woolston,
              Vladislav Ruchkin                                                                 profile.                                 & James Baxter
                                                                                                Sílvia Martínez, Mónica Montero,
                                                                                                Juliana Vilert, & Lola Vallès
                                                                             EAPL Business Meeting
17:45-18:15                                                                        Room: Tilia I+II

19:30-22:00   Conference Dinner at Contemporary Art Centre (CAC), Vokiečių str. 2, Vilnius
                                                                       July 2nd, Saturday

9:00-10:30    Thematic Session 21                        Symposium 9                      Symposium 10                          Symposium 11
              Room: Lobelia                              Room: Malva                      Room: Tilia II                        Room: Apera
              Chair: Gérard N. Labuschagne               Chair: David Carson              Chair: Susan Dixon                    Chair: James McGuire
              Structuring Criminal Actions               Missing IS the point:            Current trends in Eyewitness          Therapeutic Jurisprudence,
                                                         Missing, and trafficked,         Research.                             Psychology and Law:
                                                         people as a Psychology and                                             Opportune Moments and
                                                         Law issue.                                                             Enhanced Perspectives.
9:00-9:20     How Does Crime Pay? The                    Missing persons: Issues for      Eyewitnesses‟ perceptions of risk     Multifactor Offender Readiness
              Differentiation of Criminal Specialisms    Psychology and Law.              from potential crime scenarios.       Model: Responsivity, readiness
              by Fundamental Incentive.                  David Carson, & Francis Pakes    Susan Dixon, Amina Memon, &           and rehabilitation.
              Donna Youngs, & David Canter                                                Kathryn Mearns                        Astrid Birgden

9:20-9:40     Dimensions of Burglary Modus               Risk assessment and missing      ”I saw the man who killed Anna        The assessment of general
              Operandi: A Disaggregated Approach.        persons.                         Lindh” A case study of witnesses‟     readiness for rehabilitation in
              Brian Ewart, & Giles Oatley                Charles W. Hedges                offender descriptions.                offenders.
                                                                                          Pär Granhag, Karl Ask, & Anna         Sharon Casey

9:40-10:00    The role of the Investigative Psychology   Missing Persons: Where Do They   Exploring Eyewitness Identification   “With Faces Hidden While the
              Unit of the South African Police Service   Go?                              Decision Processes.                   Walls Were Tightening”:
              in the investigation of psychologically    Karen Shalev                     Brewer Neil, Anna McKinnon,           Applying International Human
              motivated crimes.                                                           Matthew Palmer, & Nathan Weber        Rights Standards to the Practice
              Gérard Labuschagne                                                                                                of Forensic Psychology.
                                                                                                                                Michael Perlin

10:00-10:20   The influence of personal experience of    Missing or Trafficking?          Crime seriousness and eyewitness
              Internet crime on psychological            Juliet Singer                    identification decisions.
              predictors of Internet use for financial                                    Amina Memon, James Bartlett, Sarah
              transactions                                                                Vahedipour, & Lynn Hulse
              Ann Knowles, Trevor Barr, & Sue

10:30-11:00   Coffee
11:00-11:45                                                            Plenary Lecture
                             Viktoras Justickis "Does The Law Use Even a Small Proportion of What Legal Psychology Has to Offer?
                                                           Chair: Mandeep K. Dhami Room: Tilia I+II

              Thematic Session 22                       Thematic Session 23                       Thematic Session 24                     Thematic Session 25
              Room: Lobelia                             Room: Malva                               Room: Tilia II                          Room: Apera
              Chair: Rachel Taylor                      Chair: Mandeep Dhami                      Chair: Ray Bull                         Chair: Ed Hilterman
11:45-13:05   Malingering and False                     Making Sense of Legal Issues              Eyewitness Research                     Offender Psychometrics
11:45-12:05   Detection of feigned psychosis with the   Judicial Interpretations of the           Validity in judgments of eyewitness     Developing the Personal
              Structured Inventory of Malingered        Standard of Proof for Denying Bail.       credibility: The role of witness        Concerns Inventory for
              Symptomatology (SIMS): A study of         Mandeep Dhami                             ingroup/outgroup status and             Offenders: Reliability and
              coached and uncoached simulators.                                                   testimony presentation mode.            Validity
              Marko Jelicic, Annemarie Hessels, &                                                 Torun Lindholm                          Joselyn Sellen, Mary McMurran,
              Harald Merckelbach                                                                                                          Eleni Theodosi, & Miles Cox
12:05-12:25   Development of a multi-mode method for    Evidence concerning the disparate         Could we trust eyewitnesses effect of   Bullying in Prisons: the
              the detection of malingered cognitive     impact of outcomes versus                 stereotypes and cognitive busyness on   Importance of Perceived Social
              symptoms in mental illness.               procedural justice among                  the accuracy of eyewitness              Status, Prisonization and Moral
              Adrian Coxell, & Jelena McMennemin        authorities versus subordinates           testimonies?                            Disengagement.
                                                        Larry Heuer, Steven Penrod, Ayelet        Catherine Greffeuille, Magali Ginet,    Catherine Rebecca South, & Jane
                                                        Kattan, &Stacey Gottesman                 & Serge Guimond                         Wood
12:25-12:45   An experimental study on effects of       Meanings of Law in a Cultural             Children's knowledge of criminal        Intensity of psychoticism and
              "legalese" on comprehensibility and       Context.                                  court terminology.                      hostility in juvenile and adult
              memory.                                   Shulamith Kreitler                        Ray Bull, & Emma Crawford               offenders.
              Masahiro Fujita, & Yukio Itsukushima                                                                                        Tomasz Rajtar, Jozef Krzysztof
12:45-13:05   Assessing the ability to fake on the      Forensic Linguistic Analysis as           Gender Differences in Accuracy of
              MMPI-2 the consequence of                 Poison.                                   Preschool Children Memory for
              psychological injury of a motor vehicle   Susan Giles, & David Canter               Eyewitnessed Event.
              accident in non-accident victims                                                    Ilona Česnienė, & Rita
              Ramón Arce, Francisca Fariña, &                                                     Bandzevičienė
              Mercedes Novo
13:15-13:45                                                                               Close