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      Xerox Job Ticket

Initial Login/Password Reset
Go to XJT –
  Enter your company email address in the user name field.
            Now click “Forgot your password”.
When prompted re-enter email address in the second user name field and click “Submit”.
You should notice a system message informing you a password was sent to your email.
                                                  You should receive a temporary password via email.
                    If you don’t receive your temp password within 3 hours notify your Xerox contact.

Return to XJT login screen. Enter your email address in the user name field and the
    temporary password (that was emailed to you) in the password field and click “Login”.
You will be prompted to create your new password. Enter new password and “Save”.
  Your email address and new password will be your login from this point forward.
                 You should now see XJT (Xerox Job Ticket) Home Page.


                     *                      *
                     *                      *


Home Screen Icon -
New Order – create & submit a job ticket to Copy Center
Reuse an Order – use an existing job ticket to submit
Operating Hours – Copy Center hours.
Contact Info – Copy Center phone number.
   Xerox Job Ticket

Creating New Orders
           Go to Xerox Job Ticket login page .

         User Name: your email address

       Password: your personal password
From the home page select “New Order”.
       Choose the source of your originals ex: hard copy or electronic file.
For instructions on how to attach files see pages 4-7, hardcopy jobs continue on
                                      page 8.
 Enter number of copies requested in “Quantity” field continue to make desired

                                        You can “Cancel” a job ticket at any stage by selecting the
                                                                                   “Cancel” option
       To attach electronic files to the ticket.
Select “Upload File” then Browse to select your file.
Locate the file you would like to attach highlight and click “Open”.
                                                                    Select “Upload” to attach the file.

FYI - XJT will allow only one line entry per ticket (one file name). If you need to submit multiple files in
one order you should zip the files first. You may add detail instructions in the “Add Special Instructions”
Your file will be attached here. The Copy Center Operator will be able to open, print and
                                  save the file from XJT.
   You may Add Special Instruction to any page of the ticket.
This is a free text field you can type anything you wish in this field.
Enter number of copies requested in “Quantity” field continue to make
desired selections.

                                                  Use the scroll bar to navigate up
                                                  & down the page.

                                                                 Click Next to proceed

  Select media/paper (to change type, color, and weight select the drop
                             down arrow).
On this page you can select your finishing options, staples, folding, etc.
               To select an option simply point & click.

                                                                Click Next to proceed
                            In the “General Details” tab you will:
                                   Enter the “Order Name”
                               “Requested Due Date & Time”.
                                Choose the “Delivery Method”
                   Designate the recipient (if someone other than yourself).

If you request a
due date earlier
than the
turnaround you
will be prompted
to tag job as a
                                                                               Click Next to proceed

  Click on calendar to enter date
   The Order Summary page is an opportunity to review & edit your request before
final submission. The pencil to the right of each section is your edit option it will take
          you directly to the labeled section so you can make corrections.

                                                                        edit option

      If you are satisfied with the order click “Submit Order”.
      After you submit the order you will be directed to the Order Summary Page. The Order
                               Summary is your actual Job Ticket.
           This page should be printed and delivered to the operator with your originals.

You can also:
Cancel the order
Add the order to your
Reuse the ticket
Or Return to your Orders
                                                                   Back to Orders page
      When you return to the home page you will notice your new request/job in your the
                                  “Current Orders” View.


                                  *   *

Order # - this is system generated number.
Status – current status of job.
Operating Hours – Copy Center hours.
Contact Info – Copy Center phone number.
    Xerox Job Ticket

Using Your Favorites
Your favorites is a convenient place to store frequently used tickets or high priority jobs.
                     From the home screen go to your favorites tab..
                            You can add jobs to your favorite by:
       Double clicking the desired order then select “Add to Favorites” in the left pane.
            Select the “add to Favorites” option from the Order Summary page.

Home Screen                                                            Order Summary Page
Create a unique name for the job then select apply and save.
The job ticket will now appear in your Favorites.
        To Reuse a job from your Favorites click on the    icon.
        To Delete a job from your Favorites click on the    icon.

To Delete select Remove & Yes.
  Xerox Job Ticket

Reusing Job Tickets
From the home page select “Reuse an Order”.
         Select the desired job ticket and “Continue”.
XJT will create a new ticket using the info from the old ticket.
  There are certain fields you must update when reusing an order.
*   If using electronic files you must reattach the files to the new job ticket.
                                                 Then go to “General Details”
                          If using Hardcopies go straight to “General Details”.

       *                                                *
             You must also Request a new Due Date & Time.
Click “Next” to proceed and follow instructions on page 12-13 to complete

                                                            Click Next to proceed
                          Xerox Job Ticket

Where do I go for Help?

                 XJT Help Files

Veronica Johns 215-651-9799 (Xerox Op Support Rep).

Jerry Styons 302-218-9525 (Xerox Trainer)

Amanda Williams 856-232-2700 ext 323
(Xerox Copy Center Operator)

Technical Problems Links Helpdesk 888-899-0180