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					                 BRC                                                    ERC                                             INSTRUCTOR
          Basic Riding Course                                  Experienced Rider Course                             PREPARATION COURSE

The BRC is designed for the beginning rider, but is       The ERC is designed for experienced riders who         The Indiana Motorcycle Operator Safety
not limited to only new riders. Riders with experience    want to increase their knowledge of motorcycle         Education Program is continuously looking for
also find the BRC to be an excellent course. Riders       dynamics and street riding strategies, practice        men and women who are interested in becoming
with more experience may consider the ERC                 advanced street riding skills on their own             motorcycle rider education instructors. The
(Experienced Rider Course - see next panel).
                                                          motorcycle in a controlled environment, and            instructor course has been described by
Courses can take anywhere from 15 to 20 hours to          obtain their motorcycle endorsement if still           instructors as one of the most rewarding
complete depending on weather, overall class              riding on a permit.                                    experiences they have had in their motorcycling
progression and other factors. The BRC consists of                                                               careers.
classroom and on-cycle training, and can be               Courses consist of 5 to 6 hours of on-cycle
completed in one weekend or 4 to 5 weekday                training with discussion sessions conducted            The 65-hour course is offered 2 or 3 times each
evenings.                                                 between riding sessions.                               year, and provides the knowledge and skill
                                                                                                                 needed to teach the BRC.
  Cost - $75.00 ($50.00 tuition and a refundable            Cost -$50.00 ($25.00 tuition and a refundable
         $25.00 registration fee. The refundable                  $25.00 registration fee. The refundable          Cost - $25.00 (Participants are responsible for
         registration fee may not be charged at all               registration fee may not be charged at all             all travel, lodging and meal costs.)
         sites)                                                   sites)
                                                                                                                   All course materials are provided.
  TRAINING MOTORCYCLES ARE PROVIDED!                        Eligibility - All participants must have a
                                                          currently valid motorcycle permit or                     Eligibility - Must have a motorcycle
  Course materials are provided.                          endorsement. All participants must have street         endorsement and a good driving record. Must
                                                          riding experience, and must ride their                 own and/or operate a motorcycle on a regular
   Eligibility - Anyone who is at least 15 years old                                                             basis. Must attend all phases of the instructor
                                                          motorcycle to the course training site. All
(under 18 requires parental consent). No permit or                                                               course and pass the course skills test, written test
license is required.                                      participants must provide proof of insurance on
                                                          their motorcycle, and their motorcycle must pass       and student teaching assignments. You must
                                                          an on-site safety inspection. To continue in the       agree to the Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s
  Successful completion of the course will waive the
                                                          course, all participants must successfully meet        (MSF) and the Indiana Department of
State skills test for licensing and may qualify you for
an insurance discount.                                    the objectives of the first riding exercise (control   Education’s rules of professional conduct.
                                                          at low speeds), and all subsequent exercises. To       Completion of the BRC as a student is
Course Graduates Have This To Say:                        successfully complete the course, participants         REQUIRED prior to taking the instructor
                                                          must pass a riding evaluation.                         preparation course and will be arranged for the
“I believe that taking this course will someday save                                                             candidates.
my life.” - Chris A.
                                                            Successful completion of the course will
                                                                                                                   Successful completion earns you national
“Best money I’ve ever invested.” - Bill Y.                waive the State skills test for permit holders
                                                          for issue of a motorcycle endorsement, and             certification to teach the BRC anywhere in the
                                                          may qualify for an insurance discount.                 United States and anywhere in the world where
“Learned more in one weekend than I thought I
                                                                                                                 the MSF curriculum is used. In Indiana,
could.” -Kathi V.
                                                            Motorcycle clubs and organizations may               instructors are paid for the courses they teach,
“I have taken this course before and I learned            arrange to take the course as a group.                 and are invited to attend state, national, and
even more the second time.” - Jeff G.                                                                            international motorcycle safety conferences.
    Why Take a Motorcycle                           Take Responsibility To Be
    Rider Education Course?                        The Best Rider You Can Be!                            Motorcycle
  Motorcycles are specialized vehicles and       Sign Up For The Course Of Your Choice
require specialized knowledge and skill to                       Now!
operate them properly and safely.
  The motorcycle rider education courses
                                                 For additional information or to register for
                                                 a course in your area contact:
offered in Indiana are designed to present
critical information and skills through
curricula developed by the Motorcycle
                                                  ISU Motorcycle Safety Program in Terre
                                                 Haute at 1-800-234-1639, or
Safety Foundation (MSF).               
  All instructors are trained according to the
MSF standards, are certified by the MSF,           ABATE of Indiana, Inc. with courses
and must meet all additional criteria required   across the state to include Crown Point,
by the Indiana Department of Education.          Evansville, Ft. Wayne, Indianapolis area,
  Nationally, more than 2,500,000 people         Lafayette, Muncie, Richmond, South Bend,
have completed a rider education course          Washington and more at:
since the first MSF curriculum was
introduced in 1974. Since Indiana’s              
legislated rider education program started in                1-800-232-2283
1987, over 50,000 Hoosiers have completed                     317-422-8474
a rider education course.                        For further information contact:
  Since the current program in Indiana
started in 1987, motorcycle accidents and        The Indiana Department of Education
injuries have dropped dramatically and have      Motorcycle Operator Safety Education
remained significantly lower than before the     Program
program started.                                 151 West Ohio Street
  Successfully completing a rider education      Indianapolis, IN 46204-2798
course in Indiana waives the State skills test   (317) 232-0893
to receive your motorcycle endorsement,
                                                 Web page:                                         Indiana Department of Education
and could earn you a discount on your
motorcycle insurance (check with your
agent).                                          Note: Schedules, cost and locations are
                                                 subject to change. Fees listed are for in-state