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									                        Autumn/Winter 2008


• Examination Results
• Sleeping Research
• Footballers Moving Forward
• Wear What You Dare
Election Forecast Sale of Work
The first public debate of the 2008-9 season         This year’s annual Sale of Work and Fun Day
focused on the then-upcoming US Presidential         was a great success. In spite of some pretty
election. The motion ‘This House believes that       poor weather, all ten of the School’s boarding
re-electing the Republicans would spell disaster     houses and many volunteers from the village
for America’ was both keenly contested and           helped to create a wonderful atmosphere and
well-attended. Following a fine tradition at         raise lots of money for good causes. There were
Repton of inviting staff to speak alongside          traditional events like the Priory Ducking Stool
members of the Debating Society, we were             (with several members of Common Room
privileged to witness the political insight and      braving the elements to be its victims) along with
oratorical powers of Dr Nathaniel Pitts, Head of     the new (Mitre’s delicious apple pies, made
History, and Mrs Anna Parish, Housemistress          lovingly by Mr and Mrs Parish and the girls with
of The Mitre, leading the Proposition and            apples from the Mitre orchard). Charlie Twigg (L)
Opposition teams respectively.                       and Josh Moore (L) both deserve a mention for
                                                     their willingness to endure custard pies and wet
Dr Pitts was assisted by David Young (U6O) and       sponges in the name of charity on such a typical
Emily Burtwhistle (L6M), and their case offered      November day. The total raised on the day was
alarming statistics about the decline in             a quite astonishing £10,468.76. The final total,
standards of education and healthcare over the       which will include proceeds from the many
last eight years, as well as the more predictable    House dinners and cabarets, ought to exceed
arguments attacking the Iraq war and the             this significantly.
prospect of Sarah Palin being “only a heartbeat
away” from the Presidency! Mrs Parish called
on the talents of Head of School Jonathan            Brilliant New Language Centre
Ackerley (U6S) and Sam Kingston-Jones (L6S),         Friday 12th September saw the culmination      Head of Modern Languages Mr Terence Blain
who argued that the current economic crisis          of a year-long project when the new Repton     views the Centre as “a major statement of faith
facing America and the world could only be           Language Centre was officially declared        by Repton’s Governing Body in the importance
solved by a President with experience - and          open. The project involved installation of a   of language learning in today’s world, at a time
Senator McCain clearly has more of this than         state-of-the-art computer-assisted language    when many other schools are moving away
Senator Obama - and, they asserted, an               learning facility, comprising a dedicated      from full foreign language provision”. Key
“essentially conservative nation” such as            suite of 26 individual pupil terminals. This   aspects of the Language Centre’s functionality
America is just not ready for Obama. Both sides      will enable detailed interactive work on       are already accessible in Houses, and will in
argued their cases convincingly, but, just as        current syllabus materials, as well as         due course be available to pupils from their
America did in the polls, the Repton audience        independent further study and the learning     home address during
voted overwhelmingly against Republicanism.          of new languages ab initio.                    school holidays, opening
This year has also seen the launch of the Junior                                                    up exciting new
                                                     In addition to the language-learning
Debating Society, in order to foster talent in the                                                  possibilities for distance
                                                     functionality, each pupil terminal is fully
younger years, whilst another innovation will                                                       learning in the
                                                     connected to both the internet and school
see a Public Balloon Debate, in which pupils will                                                   department.
                                                     intranet, enabling instantaneous access to
adopt the persona of an Old Reptonian, and           relevant websites and online resources,
argue who deserves to be called the greatest         with voice recording and real-time audio-
of them all… The money’s on Martin Jones!            visual streaming.

New House Re-vamp
Extensive refurbishment of New House                 the House since the summer have
is finally near completion after nine                remarked that their old stomping
months of demolition, dust and paint!                ground is barely recognisable!
The boys have settled back into their
                                                     We look forward to inviting all old boys
altogether different surroundings and
                                                     back for the centenary celebrations
are beginning to enjoy the benefits of
                                                     next summer.
a new wing, common room and
spacious bedsits with brand
new furniture throughout.
The Dining Room and Kitchen
have also had major facelifts
as the facilities for the boys in
the house have improved
dramatically. The old Chagger
has been replaced by
showering and washing                                                                               “Both pupils and teachers are already using the
amenities on each floor and                                                                         new Centre’s facilities enthusiastically”, adds
a new Resident Tutor’s flat                                                                         Mr Blain. “Interactive facilities such as this one
now extends into the garden.                                                                        have huge potential, and will help Reptonians
The boys are thrilled by the                                                                        develop the communication skills they need to
changes that have been made                                                                         flourish in the global environment where they
and old New Housians visiting                                                                       will be living their adult lives and working”.                                                                                                 Autumn/Winter 2008
Top Title Successes
A year of outstanding sporting achievement was brought to
a fitting conclusion with the School’s double victory at the
prestigious Daily Telegraph School Sport Matters 2008 awards.
We had been shortlisted in two categories - Independent
School of the Year and Charlotte Craddock for Student of the
Year (female) - and were delighted to be selected as winner in
each at a high profile ceremony at Twickenham, home of the
Rugby Football Union, in October.
The Independent School of the Year award was handed to our
2008 Cricket Captain, Tom Poynton, and Director of Sport,
Roger Thompson, by Bunbury cricketer David English MBE.
Our Sixth Former and GB hockey player Charlotte received
her award from Olympic Gold medallist Christine Ohuruogu.
                                                                                  Commenting, Mr Holroyd says: “Sport is a part of daily life for a
Following the presentation Tom and Charlotte were taken                           large number of our pupils and staff and, thanks to the range of
with the other winners into the England changing room where                       activities we are able to offer and the high quality coaching we
personalised rugby shirts awaited them. The Repton party                          provide, we are able to maximise the potential of students in
had had an opportunity to wander around the pitch and                             their chosen sports. We feel that the awards recognise our
changing rooms ahead of the ceremony.                                             achievement in this.”

Examination Results                                                                                        Series Opened
We were delighted with our examination                 seven A-Levels, all at grade A. Rosemary was        A new element has been added to the
results this year at both A-Level and GCSE.            awarded maximum marks in all six A-Level            highly successful Sixth Form Lecture
                                                       modules in Physics and Melanie Harrison (A)         Series this year with some of the guests
The Upper Sixth had been set a hard challenge
                                                       achieved the same feat in English Literature.       speaking twice, giving A Block pupils and
to break 85% A/B grades at A-Level for the
second consecutive year, but they responded            At GCSE we once again saw an increase in            members of the public an opportunity to
superbly and in the end achieved 54.2% A               the percentage of GCSEs awarded an A*, with         see and hear them by making an evening
grades and 85.1% A/B grades. The year group            30.8% of the examinations taken by O Block          appearance.
had been encouraged to aim high in its                 pupils gaining the top grade, compared with
selection of universities and courses, and these       28.4% last year. Eleanor Holroyd (F) and
results meant that the vast majority were able         Robert Keep (L) achieved A* grades in every
to accept places at their first choice. Fifteen        one of the ten examinations that they sat.
pupils achieved four or more A grades, most            Of all of our GCSE subject entries, 61.1%
notably Rosemary Stefaniuk (M) who passed              achieved an A* or A grade.

Rising to the Challenge
Video shoots, obstacle courses, live firing and fine dining were all enjoyed by Advanced Military from     Started three years ago by Deputy Head
the CCF Army Section at Swynnerton Training camp this Michaelmas Term.                                     (Academic) Tim Owen and an integral part
                                                                                                           of the programme designed to provide
A total of 180 pupils - all of A Block, some O Block, Lower and Upper Sixth - were involved this term in   pupils with a global perspective, the Series
the 36-hour CCF Field Exercises, which are the major set-piece opportunities in the year, to spend time    now features a wide range of speakers.
developing outdoor skills.
                                                                                                           The only criteria Mr Owen sets in choosing
The outdoor fun, which has to be earned through weekly training, can include throwing oneself over         them are “someone who will inspire the
brick walls, shooting rifles, sailing a boat or navigating a two-day walk.                                 children, someone they would not normally
The Officer Commanding, Maj Gary Lawrence, says that the CCF Field weekend has plenty to offer,            hear and someone who gets them to sit up
including sheer physical fun, opportunity to develop leadership skills, and the chance to show real        and take notice.”
character.                                                                                                 Guests who have done just that this term
He says: “Outdoor work                                                                                     include Inspirational leadership expert
is a risk: a cadet could                                                                                   Humphrey Walters, BBC Natural History
choose to be slack and                                                                                     series producer Dr Martha Holmes and
aim to get away with                                                                                       Charles Tyrwhitt Shirts founder Nicholas
things, since we are in                                                                                    Wheeler, pictured above with pupils wearing
environments where                                                                                         Tyrwhitt shirts.
we give them trust and                                                                                     In addition to the lectures members of the
responsibility, and they                                                                                   Sixth Form are also offered the opportunity
are not under constant                                                                                     to enjoy tea with the guests and chat to
nannying supervision.                                                                                      them in an informal setting.
But very many Repton
pupils rise well to the                                                                                    The next open lecture will be by explorer
challenge - and it’s                                                                                       Benedict Allen in February. Keep an eye on
a risk worth taking,                                                                                       the website news pages for details nearer
I feel.”                                                                                                   the time.                                                                                                       Autumn/Winter 2008
                                                                                                    Arresting Careers
                                                                                                    The Careers Department has been busy ensuring
                                                                                                    students are aware of the many career opportunities
                                                                                                    they can explore ‘beyond the Arch’.
                                                                                                    Thankfully we don’t see too many Reptonians in
                                                                                                    handcuffs - but Calum Setterington and Joel Whittaker
                                                                                                    were duly arrested during a talk on the Police Force.
                                                                                                    Chris Fearn from the Derbyshire Constabulary
                                                                                                    highlighted the wide range of careers the Police Force
                                                                                                    can offer.
                                                                                                    Army and RAF liaison officers have also visited the
Esteemed Awards                                   Christopher Warner (N) and Hannah Dunford
                                                  (G) both received their awards, two of only
                                                                                                    School, giving several pupils interested in careers
                                                                                                    in the Services the chance to talk through their
for DT Students                                   200 across the UK, whilst Harriette Doxey (G)
                                                  was invited to present her AS Level project.
The Institute of Engineering and Technology,      Harriette was one of only fifteen exhibitors      Two future talks from visitors will include those by
Savoy Place, London once again hosted the         and her architectural models and portfolio        a Chartered Surveyor and a Psychotherapist. Any
prestigious Arkwright Scholarship presentation,   demonstrated her desire for accuracy in the       parents, relatives or family friends are encouraged to
at which Repton was well represented.             finished product.                                 get in touch with the School if they feel their career
                                                                                                    may be of interest - the wider the range the better!
                                                                                                    In addition this term saw the Lower Sixth “World Trade
A Warm Welcome                                                                                      Game” where competitors are split into House teams
                                                                                                    each representing a specific country. The aim of the
We are delighted to welcome three new                                                               game is for each team to try and meet their respective
Housemistresses to Repton this year: Mrs Jane                                                       ‘consumption targets’ by trading their natural
Mitchell to The Garden, Mrs Anna Parish to The                                                      resources and commodities in the global marketplace.
Mitre and Mrs Louise Wilbraham to The Abbey.
                                                                                                    ‘Underhand tactics’ and numerous breakdowns in
They and their families have quickly become an                                                      ‘International Relations’ created tension, but all players
integral part of School, helped to feel at home                                                     adapted to the demands of the game and showed
by staff and pupils alike.                                                                          excellent trading skills. The winning team from
History teacher Mrs Parish says: “I have been                                                       Latham (Robert Keep, Harry Brown, Oliver Dancey and
                                                  number of highlights including seeing Mitre win   Josh Moore) combined their knowledge of the world
amazed by how welcoming the Repton
                                                  the Caroline Tyler Memorial Cup, watching the     economy with great diplomacy and skill to make Egypt
community has been.”
                                                  B Blockers carve Halloween pumpkins and           the most successful nation.
One thing to which she has had to become          spending time getting to know the girls.
accustomed is the language of Repton life.
“I have spent some time getting to grips with
new terms such as boning off, pee wees and
                                                  So, is being a Repton Housemistress what she
                                                  imagined? No, is the resounding answer: “Being    Gifted and
chagger!” she laughs.
                                                  a Housemistress at Repton is much more than
                                                  I expected it to be, but as a result much more    Talented Awards
The new vocabulary has not put her off and        rewarding than I could have imagined. I would     Ten Repton Sixth Formers have been accepted this
after only a term she can identify a huge         not wish for it any other way.”                   year for residential courses at Villiers Park, a national
                                                                                                    charity providing courses for the gifted and talented.
                                                                                                    This is brilliant news as places at the Cambridge-
Sleeping Research                                                                                   based conference centre are highly sought after, with
                                                                                                    stiff competition from many applicants.
This year has seen the launch of the              at the ThinkTank and Birmingham
Sleep Society for Lower Sixth Biology             Hippodrome as well as sleep camps                 Pupils spend four days in small intensive workshops
pupils. In association with Birmingham            at the Biomedical Unit in Heartlands              gaining insight into a wide range of topics beyond
University the Society is carrying out a          Hospital. This will give them the                 AS/A2 level specification.
research project into the area of sleep           opportunity to learn some                         Laura Pinson (G) (Spanish & Spanish American
patterns in adolescents and will help             polysomnography techniques as well                Literature, Culture & Society); Jennifer Stefaniuk (M)
pupils to understand how research is              as understand more about sleep in                 & Sam Kingston-Jones (S) (Creative Writing: Finding
conducted. It will look at aspects such           general and other potential tests along           Your Voice); David Young (O) (Religion & Philosophy:
as ethics, study design, conducting and           with some common signs of sleep                   What is Truth?); Hannah Watson (M) & Anna Borup
administering a study, collecting and             disorders. The project is designed to             (G) (Classics: New Approaches to Old Ideas); Emily
analysing data, writing reports and               help develop leadership skills as well            Burtwistle (M) & Lydia Galbraith (F) (The World in
orally presenting findings. Pupils will           acting as a useful addition on UCAS               Crisis?); Paul Millington (C) & Deanna Rushton (F)
have the chance to attend sleep lectures          forms and CVs.                                    (History: Urban Britain - Medieval & Modern).                                                                                                    Autumn/Winter 2008
                                                           Poetical                                             Quality Comedy
                                                           Approach                                             The Anniversary & The Proposal
                                                                                                                Two comic, one-act plays by Anton Chekhov
                                                           “It is what you read when you don’t
                                                           have to, that determines what you will
                                                           be when you can’t help it.” Wilde

Animal Farm                                                How does one motivate a Junior school pupil
                                                           to leave the comforts of the House on a
In June 2008 the Junior Play was Animal Farm,              harsh winter’s night? The answer lies in the
presented as an ensemble piece on a virtually bare         varied and exciting programme of activities
400 Hall stage. Many juniors were fully involved,          provided by the Junior Literary Society.
the script having been divided up amongst them.
                                                           We aim to provide pupils with differing
Mark Harrison (L), Josh Benn (S) and Charlotte
                                                           angles from which to explore a variety of
Stones (F) were impressive as the leading pigs,
                                                           literature outside of the classroom, as well
Napoleon, Snowball and Squealer. To add to the
                                                           as emphasising the importance that words
experience, the audience was able to have a drink
                                                           play in our everyday lives. Our Senior
and look at two gorgeous piglets which visited the
                                                           Secretaries are F. Jemmett (A) C. Gough (F)
theatre for the last week of term, as well as taking
                                                           and A. Rodwell (F). Their enthusiasm and
home eggs from Highfields Happy Hens, each egg
                                                           support for the Society have been essential          Although best known for his plays and short
stamped with ‘Good luck Animal Farm’!
                                                           in ensuring its success, with upwards of             stories, throughout most of his literary career
                                                           forty pupils attending on occasions.                 Chekhov also practised as a doctor, saying that
                                                                                                                medicine was his lawful wife and literature was
On The Razzle                                              Pupils are able to select which meetings
                                                           they wish to attend and Ye Olde Junior
                                                                                                                his mistress. He described his five comic
                                                                                                                one-act plays, of which The Anniversary and
Once again                                                 Literarie Societie was particularly well
the 400 Hall                                                                                                    The Proposal are two, as ‘amusing trifles’;
                                                           supported, with each team facing several             however, like most of his works, they seek
was packed                                                 ‘Medieval’ challenges, including a
out for three                                                                                                   to remind us that despite its struggles and
                                                           palaeography and a translation task.                 disappointments, life has an enduring and
nights of the                                              National Poetry Day saw a unique
School Play,                                                                                                    endearingly comic quality.
                                                           collaboration with the Chamber Choir, in
Tom                                                        which we explored differing connotations of          It was with this in mind that Ian McClary set
Stoppard’s                                                 the term ‘work’. Readings from poets such            about directing a cast of O Block and Lower
hilarious                                                  as Herbert, as well as haunting pieces               Sixth pupils in what he hopes will become an
farce, On                                                  inspired by Shakespeare sung by the                  annual event in the Society’s calendar. In the
the Razzle.                                                Chamber Choir, challenged the audience to            first half, The Anniversary told the tale of a
When two young shopkeepers, played by Sixth                think about how people are defined through           vainglorious bank manager, on the eve of a
Former Joe Knight (O) and fourteen year old                their work.                                          party to celebrate a highly successful career
Andrew Richardson (N), desert their posts and ride                                                              as self-aggrandising fat cat, brought low by
to Vienna, no end of fun and confusion occurs.             Recently we enjoyed the opportunity to take          the interference of women of little sense.
What’s worse, they keep bumping into their boss,           a B Block Chapel Service, in which pupils            The hilarity continued after the interval with
the excellent John Price (S) in his last school play,      considered the influences that words can             The Proposal , which explored another
who is trying to: marry his fiancee, stop his ward         have on their lives, illustrated by a lively         manifestation of human pride, the desire always
‘Sarah Cotterill’ (A) from marrying Sonders ‘Charlie       game of ‘Chinese Whispers.’                          to be in the right, however trivial the issue.
Pass’ (L) and deal with his cheeky new servant             Forthcoming meetings include a Hallowe’en            What was supposed to be a touchingly romantic
‘Blair Dunlop’ (S) who thinks everything is ‘Classic’.     themed evening, exploring ‘Haunted Repton’           event descended quickly into squabbling,
All the elements of farce were superbly handled            (followed by ghostly literature) and a               insults, bitterness and apoplexy as the audience
by director Guy Levesley, from complex scene               Creative Writing Workshop. The JLS Debate            was sprayed with more than the actors’ words!
changes - a living room becomes a garden in                will enable Juniors to learn how to craft and        The Literary Society is now engaged in writing
thirty seconds! - to constantly flapping doors and         present an argument. With such                       next year’s play- no mean task but one that will
mistaken identity. With a cast and crew of over            enthusiasm being shown since its launch,             hopefully result in as successful an event for
fifty this was certainly Repton Drama at its               there is no doubt that the Society will              October 2009.
professional best.                                         continue to thrive.

State of the art Music School
Over the last sixth months the Music School has been transformed into a state of the art department. Incorporating the latest acoustic science the building now
offers pupils an environment equal to any UK school or music conservatoire, much of the work has been carried out in between the walls, floors and ceiling.
Every practice and teaching room offers different acoustics designed to make practice rewarding while not disturbing the player next door. Each room has its
own air system, so players can create their own micro-climate, ensuring the conditions are exactly to their taste. We have created a new computer room,
kitchen, staff room and large teaching room, and for the first time there are two ensembles rooms, for our smaller groups.
The two most obvious changes are the creation of a state of the art recording studio and the complete upgrading of the main concert hall. With music now
firmly in the electronic age we can offer our bands the chance to record and mix their own tracks and we can record all our classical concerts; several rooms
are wired for sound and vision. Coming into the newly designed foyer, the glass and oak stairs lead you in to the Beldam Hall. It has been turned round by
90 degrees and has new raked seating, a new acoustic ceiling and a wonderful new air system. With an adjustable acoustic we can ensure that the sound is
perfect, whether for a full orchestra or a string quartet.
John Bowley, Director of Music said ‘We have a wonderful facility which will be the envy of most schools. Our musicians have a terrific building which will
surely support and inspire them in their musical journeys at Repton. Lucky us!’                                                                                                             Autumn/Winter 2008
More Motoring                                        Charlotte Craddock, what the
Success                                              papers don’t say...
Jordan King (C) continues to secure impressive       Charlotte’s (A) eventful,
results in his blossoming motor sport career.        Olympic year was
He finished 2nd overall in the Super 1 event and     widely reported in both
6th in the BRDC Stars of Tomorrow competition        local and national
- the same series that first set none other than     papers this summer
a certain Lewis Hamilton on the fast track to        but here are some
future Formula 1 glory.                              interesting details of
Jordan comments on his current success: “It’s        her personal
been a good season overall. It’s only our third      experience.
year of racing and we finished 2nd in the British
                                                     Even before leaving,
Championship, won the pre-final at Kartmasters
                                                     each member of the
and in the ‘0’ Plate, finished 6th in BRDC Stars
                                                     team was presented
of Tomorrow and won three finals in Super 1”.
                                                     with 92 pieces of kit
                                                     and during the process
                                                     Charlotte had her own
                                                     personal shopper.
                                                     Amongst the 92 items
                                                     were top quality suits,
                                                     tracksuits, sunglasses and gifts including a Panasonic camcorder and a Links of
                                                     London bracelet. This was the start of the exciting world of a competing Olympian!
                                                     The Hockey team was one of the first to arrive in the Olympic village and this meant
                                                     they were part of the incredible opening ceremony - an evening never to forget
                                                     (see photo).
                                                     The Olympic village was huge but Team GB was fortunate to be allocated a great
                                                     location - near to the transport links and to the food! There was a really diverse
World Chess                                          range of food on offer, including a MacDonald’s and it was surprising how many
                                                     athletes ate there - including Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt and American basket-

Champions                                            baller, Kobe Bryant. One strange fact is that the boxers didn’t appear to eat at all
                                                     as they had to be very careful to maintain their fight weights.
                     Craig Whitfield (O) and         At previous Olympics, Team GB had been surveyed very carefully about what they
                     his chess partner               missed from home while they were away. Thanks to this the lucky 2008 team found
                     Brandon Clarke (formerly        themselves in specially kitted out flats, including comfy sofas and TVs supplied by
                     of Foremarke) won the           sponsor B&Q.
                     Summerscale World
                     Exchange Chess                  Charlotte also enjoyed a visit to the British Embassy in Beijing where she met the
                     Championships held in           Princess Royal, Lord Moynaham and Clive Woodwood. Charlotte returned home
                     London on 4th October,          on the same BA flight with Team GB medallists. Those who won medals received
thus becoming the Summerscale World Junior           some extra star treatment on the flight, gold medallists flew First Class and Bronze
Chess Champions. This type of chess is much          or Silver medallists were treated to Business Class. Charlotte was also on the
more rapid than the standard game, is played in      open-topped bus parade through London, but she says her trip to Buckingham
a team of two and any pieces that your team          Palace has been the real highlight since returning to the UK. As the youngest
mate captures, you can place on your own board.      member of the Hockey team, she was lucky enough to be introduced to the Queen.

Success                                                                                                  from 2007. Torrie was also placed well in the
                                                                                                         143cm Working Hunter Pony event, finishing
                                                                                                         in a strong 7th place with her 10 year old grey
For Young                                                                                                gelding, Carnsdale Mighty Mouse. Both have
                                                                                                         big plans for future events and continue to
Equestrians                                                                                              train hard.

We are lucky to have two budding young
equestrians, Torrie Leavesley (M) and Tiffany
Woodhead (F) at Repton. Torrie and Tiffany
train together, both putting in a lot of hard
work and long hours with their horses, and
their talent and strong levels of commitment
are really paying off!                               show when just qualifying to compete is difficult
                                                     and is an achievement in itself.
Both competed in the 2008 Horse of the Year
Show, a highly prestigious event described as        Tiffany competed on her two ponies in the
the finale to the showing year and the climax to     Working Hunter Pony classes, 133cm with
the domestic show jumping year. The event has        Pebbly Hornblower and 143cm with Oscar
been taking place since its establishment in         Charles, and did incredibly well finishing in
1949. It is a great feat to have two pupils in the   second and fourth place, matching her results                                                                                                      Autumn/Winter 2008
Fitting End                                            Hard Work
To Season                                              in the Heat
Our magnificent 2008 cricket season came               Repton hockey teams made the most
to a fitting end with victory in the National          of the summer holidays by getting in
Independent Schools Twenty/20 Cricket                  some important pre-season training
Championship during the summer holiday.                via two intensive trips into Europe.
School took the title by beating the holders,          A tour party of fifteen girls visited Gross
Dulwich College, at J.P. Getty’s Wormsley              Flottbeck GTHC in Hamburg and found
ground in Buckinghamshire.                             a high standard of opposition awaiting
                                                       them. The trip ran to a tight (and
Repton had beaten Rugby, Shrewsbury and                gruelling!) schedule, including four
King’s College, Taunton to reach the big day,          games as well as training in just three
producing some brilliant cricket along the way.        days. The girls were pushed very hard
                                                       and were able to demonstrate their battling qualities. Shopping and sightseeing
                                                       in Hamburg’s city centre was a well earned treat and completed the tour.

                                                       A twenty-six strong party of U15 boys and girls travelled to Barcelona for warm
                                                       weather training at Junior H.C. in August. Training for four hours a day in sweltering
                                                       heat gave the group some good experience. As well as building up their heat
                                                       tolerance, plenty of new skills were introduced and time was also spent reinforcing
                                                       some old ones. The visit was a success with the standard of play increasing
                                                       significantly over the course of the long weekend. All on the tour put in their best
                                                       efforts and a trip to the local water-park was really deserved and helped to cool
                                                       everybody off before the return journey.

Dulwich won the toss and chose to field.               Seven in a row! Tennis Win
Captain Tom Poynton (S) and the hard-hitting           Our U18 girls’ hockey team is                  Andrew Brigham, Repton’s
Charles Sindrey (C) took the score to 80 after         through to the National Schools                resident tennis star and Head
10 overs following the early loss of Hamza             Championship finals after they                 of House at The Cross, was
Siddique (S). Tremendous hitting by Richard            took the Midlands title for a record           one of six boys selected to
Lawrence (P) (33* off 19 balls) and Tom Cosford        seventh consecutive time at Rugby              represent the Independent
(L) saw the score rise to an eventual 143-8.           School at the end of November.                 School’s Tennis Association
Like Repton the holders lost an early wicket and       The structure of the competition has           for a match against the
with left-arm spinner Tom Eldred (P) producing         been changed this year, with an extra          All England Lawn Tennis
a superb spell of 4-0-17-3 and Luke Lacey (C)          “zone” round being added. In the               Associated. The event was
4-0-21-3 the Dulwich innings was soon in               Midlands Zone Round Repton’s First             held in July at Wimbledon,
tatters at 39-6. Repton cantered to victory,           XI didn’t concede a single goal and            and playing with recent OR
                                                       managed to hit the back of the net             George Hudson (S), Andrew
dismissing Dulwich for just 87 in 13.3 overs.
                                                       20 times!                                      helped the ISTA win the
Frank Watson, Master in Charge of Cricket said:                                                       match 5-4. Andrew plans
                                                       The play at Rugby was equally
“This magnificent result was a fitting way to end      accomplished, securing a coveted               to continue and build on his
a great season which has seen the boys win             place in the national finals which             tennis career and is currently
18 matches and also marks the last season for          take place on Sunday, March 8 at               applying for a tennis
Mike Kettle, who has been groundsman/coach             St George’s College in Weybridge.              scholarship at American
at Repton for 30 years.”                                                                              universities.

An Impressive Start for School Footballers
As we are over halfway through Michaelmas Term, the football season is well underway and some superb performances have been seen.
The 1st XI managed to reach November unbeaten in school fixtures, achieving a host of victories against old rivals Bradfield, St.Bede’s, King’s Chester
and Wolverhampton Grammar School in the process. They also returned after the break to beat the Cambridge United Academy side 1-0 on The Square.
Nduoma Chilaka (P), Luke Duggan (O) and O Blocker Sam Graham (S) have been among the goal scorers.
Further down the age groups the U14A have won every match so far this season. This is
a team of real potential with Patrick Tuffy (P), who has just joined Leicester City, grabbing
15 goals so far. He has been ably supported by Will Hughes (N) and James Gough (S) on
9 goals each, while the defence has been superbly marshalled by Keiran Fenton (C).
Elsewhere the U15 side has reached the last 16 of the Rensburg Sheppards U15 Cup, facing
Bury Grammar School for a place in the last eight. The 2nd XI also remained unbeaten until
Half-Term whilst at the same time introducing at least six O Blockers to senior football.
With some tough fixtures coming up, including two games against a Manchester United
Academy XI, the boys will have to remain fit and focused for the rest of the term. However,
there is no doubt that this is quickly turning into the most successful season for a good few
years and with the talent we have coming through, Repton football should be seriously
challenging for silverware very soon.                                                                                                      Autumn/Winter 2008
Wear What You Dare                                                                       Chaplain Casts
                                                                                         Vote for Strictly
                                                                                         Come Dancing
                                                                                         Many people have been following BBC TV’s
                                                                                         Strictly Come Dancing and there has been
                                                                                         additional interest in the School this year
                                                                                         because of the involvement of Old Reptonian
                                                                                         Tom Chambers.
                                                                                         One member of the Repton staff was able to
                                                                                         cheer him on from the studio sidelines as
                                                                                         School Chaplain Adam Watkinson was invited
                                                                                         by actor Tom to watch the live show in London
                                                                                         - before taking part in his wedding ceremony
                                                                                         the following day.

                                                                                         Rev Watkinson said he was overcome by how
                                                                                         seriously the contestants took the competition
                                                                                         and how fearful of rejection they were.
                                                                                         He thoroughly enjoyed the experience, which
                                                                                         provided him with a chance to chat with
                                                                                         celebrities including John Sergeant, Rachel
                                                                                         Stevens and Lisa Snowdon. He says it also
A Gapper’s Life in Dubai                                                                 gave him an intriguing insight into how the
                                                                                         programme is put together.
                                            finished for September 2009, and that
                                            each one could potentially be at full        The following day Tom was married to Clare
                                            capacity of over a hundred pupils.           Harding, also an Old Reptonian, in the School
                                            As a gap student the lifestyle can be        Chapel.
                                            extremely hectic, but we have come           Commenting on the wedding, for which he
                                            to learn that everything in Dubai will       read two sermons, Rev Watkinson said:
                                            seemingly happen ‘tomorrow’. The             “It was wonderful to see two people so
                                            School and its fabulous facilities are       committed, there was real emotion in the
                                            still under construction, but every day      exchanging of vows and I respect Tom for
                                            a further area is completed. The             recognising the importance of the ceremony.”
                                            currently ever-changing environment
                                            of the School makes it a very exciting       Tom was still in the Strictly running when we
Having arrived here nearly three                                                         went to press and the Chaplain said he was
                                            place to be living.
months ago, only to be immersed into                                                     still voting for him!
an atmosphere similar to that of an         I am working in the P.E. Department,
overheating sauna even at midnight,         and spend my days teaching seniors
I have now become accustomed to             and juniors and also helping out with
the scorching heat, golden sands            activities such as skiing at Ski Dubai,
and bustling malls of Dubai.                girls’ football and the Duke of
                                            Edinburgh Award. Each day brings
Repton Dubai is located quite literally
                                            something new, be it from the opening
in the middle of the desert, and about
                                            of the indoor swimming pool yesterday,
a twenty minute drive from the centre
                                            to the arrival of former England Rugby
of the city. The boarding house was
                                            internationals Mike Catt and Martin
eventually finished just a day before
                                            Bayfield tomorrow.
term started and is now home to
Housemaster Nigel Kew, Matron               Repton Dubai is certainly one of the
Rowena Gordon, a resident tutor, four       most thrilling prospects in Dubai and
gap students and the first twenty-three     as one of the first ever gap students at
boarding boys of the Middle-East. It is     the School, I can safely say I couldn’t
planned that a further two houses (one      imagine spending my gap year
girls’ and a further boys’ house) will be   anywhere else!       Sophie Griffiths F’03                                                                                     Autumn/Winter 2008

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