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									     Volume 5, Issue 1-2                                              MJSA and JA Present
Winter 2005-Spring 2006
                                                                      New Venues for AJM’s
                                                                                    At the Bench Life
                                                    PROVIDENCE and NEW YORK                                   There, Arthur Anton Skuratowicz of
                                                                                                              Anton Nash will present two seminars,
                                                    Manufacturing Jewelers and Suppliers of                   “Working with Gemstones” and “Tool
                                                    America (MJSA), AJM Magazine, and                         Modification;” Blain Lewis of the New
                                                    Jewelers of America (JA) are joining                      Approach School for Jewelers will offer
                                                    forces to extend the reach of AJM’s At the                “Channel Setting Made Easy;” and
                                                    Bench Live in 2006 to include JA                          Karen Christians of Metalwerx will
                                                    members at events sponsored by JA and                     present “Making the Most of Your Flex-
                                                    its affiliates.  A series of interactive                  Shaft.”
                                                    demonstrations by some of the industry’s
                                                    leading professionals, AJM’s At the Bench                 Other collaborative At the Bench Live
                                                    Live will be held in several new venues                   programs are currently scheduled for
                                                    around the country throughout the course                  the Midwest Jewelry Expo in Madison
                                                    of the year.                                              Wisconsin (March 25-26), the summer
                                   The Desert Gem

                                                                                                              JA New York Show (July 30-August 2),
                                                    “By collaborating with MJSA and AJM, we                   and the Oklahoma Jewelers

                                                    are able to offer our members and others                  Association’s 100th anniversary event
                                                    a year-long opportunity to learn from                     in Oklahoma City (September 15-17).
                                                    bench jewelers working at a bench in real
                                                    time,” said JA President and CEO                                    AJM’s At the Bench Live Dates
                                                    Matthew Runci. “Jewelers can witness a                              Cosponsored by MJSA and JA
                                                    visually dynamic presentation filled with                                January 22, 2006
                                                    important tips and techniques.”                                            JA New York
                                                                                                                              New York, NY
                                                    “As in so many areas in today’s world,                                     800-650-1591
                                                    techniques and technology continue to                         
                                                    change in jewelry manufacturing —                                        March 25-26, 2006
                                                    including in bench work,” said Frank                                   Midwest Jewelry Expo
                                                                                                                               Madison, WI
                                                    Dallahan, President/CEO of MJSA.                                           877-778-3537
                                                    “Retail jewelers need to know these new                   
                                                    developments and, as important, actually
                                                                                                                            July 30-August 2, 2006
                                                    see them implemented. In At the Bench                                        JA New York
                                                    Live presentations, they can learn from                                     New York, NY
                                                    world-class jewelers how to ensure their                                     800-650-1591
                                                    bench is a profit center.”                                     
                                                                                                                            September 15-17, 2006
                                                    The first collaborative At the Bench Live                           Oklahoma Jewelers Association
                                                    program will be held on January 22, 2006,                                    Convention
                                                    at the winter JA New York Show in the                                     Oklahoma City, OK
                                                    Jacob K. Javits Convention Center.                                          913-661-0084

                                                                                    Inside This Issue:

                                                                                                                                  WE WANT
                                                     New Venues for AJM’s At The Bench Life
                                                     President’s Greeting / Advertising Rates / Officers       Page 2
                                                     Chapter News & Notes / NMJA New Members                   Page 3            NEW MEXICO
                                                     Advertising                                               Page 4        JEWELERS ASSOCIATION
                                                     Preventing Losses When Open                               Page 5

                                                     NMJA Membership                                           Page 6                The Desert Gem
                                                                                                                            is published four times per year
                                                     NMJA Associate Application                                Page 7

                                                     Bench Jewelers                                            Page 8          If you wish to be added
                                                     What People are Reading About Jewelry                     Page 9              to our mailing list
                                                                                                                                     or to join the
                                                     JANY Celebrates 100 Years / Fine Jewelry Craftsmanship   Page 10
                                                                                                                           New Mexico Jewelers Association,
                                                     Tiara Program / Bench Certification                      Page 11            please contact us at
                                                     Stone of the Month—Zircon / Advertising                    Back                      296-
                                                                                                                                    (505) 296-9525
 President’s Greeting

        From the Jewelers Bench:
                                                            The board of NMJA
                                                                  wishes you a

                                            Happy Holiday Season
                                                                             and a

                                             Prosperous New Year!
        Victor Nemudrov, Jeweler & Engraver
        President, New Mexico Jewelers Association

 Advertising Rates
                The Desert Gem is published four                               interested in placing an ad with the New Mexico
                times per year:    Summer, Fall,                               Jewelers Association, below are the rates for various
                Winter, and Spring.          Our                               sizes which you should consider.
                membership is composed of
                dynamic individuals, enterprising                                       Business Card Size Ad $15.00
                entrepreneurs, family run                                               One-Quarter Page Ad $30.00
                businesses, and well established
multi-generational run businesses.                                                       One-Half Page Ad $50.00
                                                                                            Full Page Ad $95.00
   As working professionals, the NMJA consists of
members who grow educationally and technically as                                        If you are considering placing an ad
the jewelry industry expands and grows over time.
                                                                                            please contact Diana Howard
  Advertising space is available in our quarterly
newsletter. Should you or your business be                                             at (505) 889-8601 for more information.

 Current Officers—Who’s Who
New Mexico Jewelers Association ● Officers for 2005

President — Victor Nemudrov — Jeweler & Engraver
1st Vice President — Mara Gottlieb Lopez, R.J., AGS—Shelton Jewelers
2nd Vice President —Stephanie Johnstone — Beauchamp & Co. Jewelers
Secretary — Paula Brenton — The Silver Owl
Treasurer — Michelle Diamond-Cannaday — Mark Diamond’s Jewelers
New Mexico Jewelers Association
PO Box 3896 ● Albuquerque, NM 87190
Editor Kate D. Burgan ● Dunn To Perfection ● (505) 298-4656
Printed by The Printer’s Press ● ● (505) 342-0020

VOLUME 5, ISSUE 1-2                                                                                                              Page 2
                                   Chapter News & Notes

                                        COMING SOON
          Hotline Reporting—Store Incidents—Store Alerts
NMJA is working on setting up a broadcast fax network that will be used to alert shop owners of currently suspicious
people and other store incidents to help support each and every member of NMJA.

                                  Save the Date Now

                                 All That Glitters 2006
                                  - Rancho de Corrales -
                          Convention August 12th-13th
            All That Glitters Competition August 12th

                                    NMJA New Members

                                   NEW ASSOCIATE
                                    ROCS Enterprise
                                  Richard Sanchez
                             1130 Green Valley Road NW
                       Los Ranchos de Albuquerque, NM 87107
                                   (505) 344-7573

VOLUME 5, ISSUE 1-2                                                                                           Page 3
VOLUME 5, ISSUE 1-2   Page 4
                            Preventing Losses When Open
                                                                   after re-recording 10-12 times.
                                                               11. Install holdup buttons, including the wireless type. (Know
                                                                   how and when to use them.)
Losses that occur when businesses are open account for         Security and Your Staff
two-thirds of the claims submitted by Jewelers Mutual          1. Have regular security meetings with your employees.
policyholders. Shoplifting, grab-and-run theft, employee          View Jewelers Mutual’s security videos. Train staff to be
dishonesty, messenger losses, and armed robberies are             constantly alert to the possibility of being cased.
among the most common types of crimes jewelers suffer          2. Review Jewelers' Security Alliance bulletins with
during daytime hours.                                             employees and have employees initial the bulletins after
                                                                  reading them.
Over 60 percent of jewelry-related losses are preventable.     3. Train employees how to deal with armed robbers:
The following recommendations can help you prevent losses         cooperate completely, remain calm, strictly obey
that occur while you are open for business.                       robber’s orders (don’t even raise your hands unless
Opening and Closing                                               instructed to do so).
1. Alternate your times and routes when you go to and from     4. Exercise proper key control: never leave keys on hooks;
   work, the bank, lunch, etc.                                    limit the number of duplicate keys; restrict the number of
2. Never open or close your business alone; someone               employees authorized to have access to keys; and use
   should watch from a safe distance and have rapid access        wrist key holders.
   to a phone, preferably a cellular phone.                    5. Always ask salespeople, delivery people, etc., for proper
3. As soon as you enter the business, relock the door.            identification before doing business with them.
4. With the doors locked, remove valuables from safes or       6. Use pre-established code words to alert other
   vault and arrange in displays.                                 employees of suspicious situations.
5. Never open your doors to anyone who is not an               7. When discussing jewelry business, assure that your
   employee while you are preparing to open or have               conversation cannot be overheard by others. Never
   closed. Robbers sometimes dress as employees of                discuss business with strangers or acquaintances who
   delivery companies, such as UPS, Federal Express or            could use the information against you.
   the Postal Service.                                         8. Immediately report all suspicious activity, including being
6. When it’s time to close, first clear the business of all       cased, to the police.
   customers, lock your doors, and place as much               Selling With Security
   merchandise as possible in safes or vaults.                 1. Station at least two employees on the sales floor at all
Securing Your Store                                               times.
1. Install pick-resistant locks on all showcases, wallcases    2. Wait on one customer at a time.
    and show windows. Don’t use universal keys.                3. Show only one item at a time to a customer.
2. Secure showcase glass with metal clips and adhesive.        4. Never turn your back on a customer.
3. Inspect your showcases several times daily to be sure       5. Strive to be constantly alert and don’t be fooled by
    they haven’t been tampered with.                              distractions, such as arguments, commotions, or people
4. Keep all display cases and windows keylocked during            dressed in official-looking uniforms.
    business hours.                                            6. Keep every slot in display trays filled with merchandise
5. Install a chime on your entrance to alert employees of         or markers.
    customers entering and leaving your store.                 7. Require identification before showing high-value items.
6. Consider installing a one-way mirror in your store.         Statistics show that more than 60 percent of the daytime
7. Design your floorplan so that employees have a clear        claims submitted to Jewelers Mutual were reported by
    view of the entire showroom.                               businesses which did not have surveillance equipment. This
8. Don’t permit the public to use your restroom.               equipment can be a deterrent to robberies and other theft.
9. Do not display all of your high-value merchandise in one
    place; distribute precious items throughout the store in   Camera systems are effective in deterring grab and run,
    strategic areas away from entrances. Excess high-value     sneak theft and employee dishonesty losses. They also are
    items may be locked in a drawer or cabinet to remain out   a great way for jewelers to prove how a "unexplained loss"
    of sight during an armed robbery.                          really happened.
10. Install surveillance equipment: either a closed circuit    Adopting the prevention procedures outlined in this
    television with a videotape recorder or a surveillance     brochure will prevent loss of profits for you. Discuss the
    camera with recording capability. Change tapes routinely   techniques with all store personnel. Feel free to call
    and keep them for at least four weeks before re-using      Jewelers Mutual at 800-558-6411 if we
    them. Continuous videotaping is preferred to time-delay    can be of help.
    systems. Consider taping 24 hours a day. Replace tapes

VOLUME 5, ISSUE 1-2                                                                                                     Page 5
                                    NMJA Membership
                                          — MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS —
 Members in this statewide group come from a broad range of various fields including: Jewelry Manufacturers,
 Precious Metal Supplier/Refiners, Jewelry Wholesalers, Non-jewelry Suppliers to the Industry, Watch Companies,
 Trade Publications, Diamond Dealers, Trade Associations, Colored Stone Dealers, Educational Institutes, Pearl
 Dealers, Sales Representatives, and Antique & Estate Jewelry Dealers. Membership can enhance your business’s
 growth through networking, learning new marketing ideas, stimulating creativity, and helping you improve the quality
 of your services.
 By joining the New Mexico Jewelers Association you will begin receiving the benefits of being a member with other
 professionals in your field. Some of these benefits include:
          ♦ Seasonal newsletters keeping you abreast of current events locally and nationally
          ♦ Reduced advertising rates in the NMJA Newsletter
          ♦ Seminars and training programs presented by nationally recognized experts
          ♦ Availability of scholarship money for further education
          ♦ Association with other professionals in the jewelry industry
          ♦ Annual events to exchange ideas and see jewelry designs by various artists
          ♦ Membership allows you to enter the annual statewide design competition
          ♦ Telephone accessibility to the NMJA Hot Line with current notices by fax
          ♦ Access to the New Mexico Jewelers Association library of books & tapes
          ♦ Updated listing of fellow NMJA members around the state
 You can be a part of the most dynamic organization representing the jewelry trade in New Mexico. Learning from
 other professionals both locally and nationally becomes an integral part of being a member in the New Mexico
 Jewelers Association. Each member makes our group stronger and more diverse. As we continue to bring
 wonderful jewelry to the southwest and enhance the expression of southwest art through jewelry, don’t forget that
 your membership in the New Mexico Jewelers Association is a dynamic part of your professional life.
 We look forward to having you as a member, and enjoying the contribution of your unique ideas in the coming year.

                                         — MEMBERSHIP INCENTIVES —
 NMJA is for everyone. So help others become a member. You might not be aware of the NMJA Incentive Program
 so here are the easy-to-learn details. Give another jewelry professional an edge by encouraging them to join
 NMJA. Have your yearly dues paid if someone you refer becomes a member.
         ♦ Refer a new Associate member that is paid in full.
         ♦ You receive your own fully paid Associate membership.
         ♦ Refer a new Full member that is paid in full
         ♦ You receive your own fully paid Full membership.
 Make NMJA an organization that works for you and others. Encourage others to join today. You will receive your
 own just rewards.

                                              — CODE OF ETHICS —
         ♦   To do our full share in promoting all activities that are for the good of this community.
         ♦   To conduct ourselves in a professional manner and perform competently at all times.
         ♦   To deserve the patronage of this community by rendering service based upon the highest standards of
             truth and honor.
         ♦   To learn, establish and maintain a reputation for giving maximum values at a fair price.
         ♦   To render prompt and efficient service to our customers.
         ♦   To adjust promptly any cause of dissatisfaction and endeavor to make very purchaser a satisfied

VOLUME 5, ISSUE 1-2                                                                                             Page 6
                      NMJA Associate Application

VOLUME 5, ISSUE 1-2                                Page 7
                                                 Bench Jewelers
Passion Award Decision Competition                                   Bench Jewelers Trivia
The 2005 Bench Jewelers Passion Award Design                         1. When repairing jewelry it is common to coat the jewelry
Competition was a great success. 69 pieces of jewelry or             in Boric Acid. This coating is to:
CAD renderings were entered from 5 countries. The                        A. To clean dirt off the jewelry.
winning pieces were announced at the Bench Jewelers                      B. To prevent oxidation when heating the jewelry with a
Conference & Expo April 22nd in Atlanta GA. All 69 entries                    torch.
were displayed in a slide program during the banquet and                 C. To protect the stones from heat.
the winners were announced during the program. All 16                    D. To seal out oxygen raising the temperature diamonds
First & Second Place pieces were displayed during the                         will burn at.
                                                                         E. Both B & D
Conference & Expo in the Passion Award Gallery on the
show floor.                                                          2. Diamonds burn at what temperature?
     Jewelers Choice Award                                                A. 6,000 degrees Fahrenheit
                                                                          B. 1,560 degrees Fahrenheit
                                                                          C. 2,120 degrees Fahrenheit
                                                                          D. Diamonds are a stone and therefore do not burn.
                                                                     3. Which one of the following does not fit in the group?
                                                                         A. Ruby
                                                                         B. Baguette
                                                                         C. Emerald
                                                                         D. Princess
                                                                     4. When setting Tanzanite you need to be careful of:
                                                                         A. Scratching the stone, they are soft.
     Karen Olsen Ramsey                                                  B. Chipping the stone, they are fragile.
Jewelers attending the Bench Jewelers Conference & Expo                  C. Both of the above.
voted for their favorite among the 16 First & Second Place               D. Neither of the above.
Winners. The Jewelers Choice Award was presented at the              5. The purpose of the White Gold Taskforce is:
Gala Reception during the Bench Jewelers Conference &                    A. To promote the advantages of white gold jewelry to
Expo.                                                                        consumers.
                                                                         B. To lobby congress to get legislation passed to
Advisors to Small Businesses. Helping Retail Jewelers                        eliminate nickel alloyed white gold.
become more                                                              C. There is no such thing as a White Gold Taskforce.
EFFICIENT and PROFITABLE                                                 D. To establish standards for the color of white golds.
Visit the web at:                                                   Answers in the next newsletter

Tips for Jewelers Who Do Repairs                                     the border intact. Flow solder into the recessed area and then
From Alan Revere—Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts                      file the surface, so that the solder and the surrounding edge
NO SWEAT: Sweat Soldering Made Easy                                  are perfectly flat. Place the monogram in position on the clean
Nearly every bench jeweler who has tried it finds soldering a        backing and trace it with a pencil. Flux within the traced
small piece of sheet cleanly and perfectly onto a larger one         outline, then flux and position the monogram. Heat from
exceedingly difficult. Soldering a pierced monogram onto a           below—and watch with delight as the monogram settles gently
sheet, for instance, is no simple matter. Most bench jewelers        into place, with a perfectly even seam all around. Once you
would sweat solder the pieces together (i.e. solder them in          have tried this, you will never attempt sweat soldering any
stages) by first flowing solder onto the back of the monogram        other way!
and then placing it onto the sheet. The assembly is heated,
                                                                     This Tip is from 101 Bench Tips for Jewelers, written by
and the two pieces join when the solder flows for a second
time.                                                                Alan Revere and published by MJSA/AJM Press.
                                                                     Alan Revere—acclaimed designer, author, and educator—now
The trick is to have just the right amount of solder in the right
                                                                     shares his most valuable bench tips and tricks in 101 Bench
places. Too often, not all areas of the seam are soldered
                                                                     Tips for Jewelers. Based on the monthly column in AJM, this
completely, or they are flooded with too much solder (or both).
                                                                     book will help any jeweler speed production, improve quality,
To sweat solder with accuracy, you must first properly prepare
                                                                     and raise profits at the bench. Filled with helpful illustrations,
the top piece to receive the solder, by routing out metal from
                                                                     this publication covers all aspects of bench work, from
the back.
                                                                     soldering to stone setting, piercing to final polish. This book is
Use a pair of dividers to trace the outline onto the back, leaving   sure to be a resource you will reference for years to come. For
an inscribed border about 0.5 mm inside the edge. Now, with a        more information, visit
ball bur, carve away the surface about 0.2 mm deep, leaving

VOLUME 5, ISSUE 1-2                                                                                                              Page 8
                 What People are Reading About Jewelry
                                                                 settings, utilizing new gemstones that chandeliers are still
                                                                 interesting to consumers. The chandelier for many women
                                                                 is still the best way to add glitz for a fancy evening and also
IN STYLE—AUGUST 2005                                             to add chic to jeans and tee's.
A less aggressive way to get attention is to throw an            Wedding rings that stack have become a huge trend.
unbroken circlet of polished, quarried stone or carved wood      Women love stacking rings for so many reasons - getting
over your head: a strand of big ones [beads]. Wilma              rings as gifts on important occasions, versatility when
Flintstone never left home without hers.                         dressing, stacking them together for glitz, or wearing a
Surfaces are beaten to create fascinating textures or tricked    single ring when being active.
up with link chains that move seductively. Flaunt your true      Not only is children's jewelry gaining traction, but so are
metal.                                                           "push presents". This is a term commonly used in England,
HARPER'S BAZAAR—AUGUST 2005                                      and refers to women getting presents for the birth of a baby.
The glitz and glamour of chandelier shapes make a                BABY GUND is creating fine jewelry for mothers and
comeback.                                                        babies. FUFOO, a line of jewelry for teens and tweens is
The exotic stone tiger's-eye continues to add refined flair.     also very appealing to this arena. This is a trend that is
Go for one necklace encrusted with tiger's-eye stones,           growing by leaps and bounds. Retailers should catch this
decked with velvet and pearls or beaded with jet.                segment of the market while they are young and watch their
MODERN BRIDE—AUGUST/SEPTEMBER 2005                               customer and sales grow!
Why stop at one wedding ring? Jewelers say a new trend is        DOROTHY VODICKA—THE GEM COLLECTION;
the stackable band: a platinum or gold ring, with or without     TALLAHASSEE, FL
diamonds, that can be paired with identical or similar ones.     The trend for fall is beautiful simplicity. Clothing styles
FOX NEWS                                                         continue to be soft and feminine with Victorian and Russian
Today's parents of means can't seem to get enough jewels         influence. Jewelry that flows will suit this look best.
for their little gems. From tennis bracelets to two-carat        Wonderful multi-colored gemstone necklaces like those
diamond stud earrings, pint-sized jewelry has become             from designer LAURA GIBSON, simple hammered gold
almost as common as diaper rash.                                 necklaces in leaf designs from CAROLINE BALLOU or
If your junior wants a little Western flair for back to school   vibrant colored stone chandelier earrings and necklaces
fashion this fall but isn't ready for a cowboy boot bonanza,     from sources like COLOR CRAFT will liven up the fall
look for collections that have tamer Western styles, like        clothing colors of burgundy, black, and dark blue.
patchwork skirts, cropped jean jackets and turquoise             MICHELLE ORMAN AND JENNIFER MILSTEIN—LÜP
jewelry.                                                         Big beaded jewelry, especially in necklaces, will continue to
NEWSWEEK—JULY 25, 2005                                           be as hot for fall and winter as it was all summer. Updates
With his bold (some might say flashy) pieces, Jacob Arabo,       on the look will include warmer-toned stones such as citrine
owner of Jacob & Co. helped transform diamonds from a            and smoky quartz as well as jewel tones such as multi-
stuffy blueblood accessory to an indulgence of choice            colored tourmalines. Also, instead of "plain Jane" strings of
among the young, hip and moneyed.                                beads, looks for fall and winter will be much more metal-
WALL STREET JOURNAL—JULY 15, 2005                                intensive - as in opera-length necklaces with gold chains
Bloomingdale's, which offered only a few styles of wood          spacing out colored gemstones.
jewelry last summer, now has more than 100 styles for sale.      Hammered and textured surfaces provide the perfect
DUVALLl O'STEEN—WORLD GOLD COUNCIL                               complement to some of the rich, embellished fabrics, such
Fall fashion is bringing a gypsy, romantic flair. And with it    as brocade and tweed, that were popular on the fall 2005
returns the chandelier ... with a twist. Chandeliers are now a   runways.
bit more ethnic, more Bohemian in nature -, and, overall,        Tiger's eye is not only a relatively affordable stone, but its
simply more interesting. They work well with the flowing         rich color lends itself to some of Fall 05's hottest looks.
skirts and ruffled sleeves and peasant blouses so popular        Also, cabochon is the cut-du-jour for fall and winter 2005 ...
now. They also provide a big look for the ear to complement      which perfectly highlights tiger's eyes' inherent mystery.
many of fall's higher necklines.                                 SHAYE STRAGER—STUDIO PR
Tiger's-eye is definitely making a big place for itself beside   I do think that TEEN jewelry is definitely on the rise in the
many of the fall chocolate browns and denim inspired looks.      fine market. We have found that editors from Teen Vogue,
ROBERTO COIN and DI MODOLO have some beautiful                   ElleGirl, Seventeen and CosmoGirl have loved the
examples.                                                        Rembrandt Charms "design your own charm bracelet"
HELENA KRODELl—JEWELRY INFORMATION CENTER                        online program. Each of them have tried it and loved the
After many seasons of being "in" and "out", it is finally safe   "do-it-yourself" aspect they can share with their readers.
to say that chandelier earrings are here to stay. They are       Now, charms are more popular than ever as an element in
now considered a classic of sorts. Designers have become         bracelets, layered necklaces, or even statement-making
so innovative and creative when coming up with new               single charms on a cord.

VOLUME 5, ISSUE 1-2                                                                                                       Page 9
                  National Jeweler / Jewelers of America

   JANY Celebrates 100 Years                                     Fine Jewelry Craftsmanship
JA New York show celebrates 100 years                          An Illustrated Reference Guide for Jewelers

SEPTEMBER 28, 2005 - New York -- When the JA New               The JA Professional’s Guide to Fine Jewelry
York Winter Show returns to the Jacob K. Javits Convention     Craftsmanship is an illustrated reference guide to help sales
Center January 22-24, 2006, a special milestone means it       associates, store managers, and bench jewelers easily
won't just be business as usual.                               communicate accepted professional standards with each
                                                               other and with consumers.
In addition to providing the jewelry industry with its first
major jewelry show of the calendar year, JA New York will      A necessity for any jewelry
be celebrating 100 years of jewelry trade shows. Already,      store, the guide promotes
show organizers are projecting more than 1,000 exhibitors      the importance of quality
and 9,000-plus attendees from around the world, converging     workmanship           and
on the Manhattan show to get down to the business of           professional skill in the
buying, according to a JA New York release.                    industry. The spiral-bound
                                                               guide is laminated and
"This year marks the centenary for the JA New York shows,      designed to stand on the
and we are thrilled to have returned year after year to New    sales counter, next to the
York to service the jewelry industry in such an important      work bench, or anywhere
capacity," said Drew Lawsky, JA New York show director.        else as needed.
"The success of the JA New York shows is a testament to
our colleagues and partners who have been incredibly           The guide is divided into
supportive, and return to New York every year."                five sections

Features of the show include the International Pavilions,        1.   Repair
showcasing product from Italy, Thailand, Turkey, Japan,          2.   Stone Setting
Brazil, Hong Kong, Singapore and the United Kingdom, as          3.   Fabrication and
well as the Inner Circle and Collection Showcase, the New             Assembly
Product Gallery and other targeted arenas within the show.       4.   Casting
                                                                 5.   Finishing
Notably, the show will include the Couture Pavilion once
again, following its successful debut at the 2005 JA New       Each segment contains clear depictions and explanations of
York Winter Show. Intended to provide JA New York              specific topics such as ring sizing, prong settings, shank
attendees with a couture-level, exclusive environment in       assembly, cast porosity, and applied finishing styles.
which to conduct their high-end business, the pavilion will    With articulate descriptions and many illustrations, the JA
gather some of the world's finest jewelry collections.         Professional’s Guide to Fine Jewelry Craftsmanship can be
"We are thrilled at how successful the Couture Pavilion has    used as a visual aid to help train new employees, educate
been since its debut at JA New York," said VNU Expositions     consumers, and enhance sales presentations. The guide can
Jewelry Group Vice President Nancy Robey. "The Couture         also be used as a convenient reference tool for bench
Pavilion truly brings an element of the Las Vegas couture      jewelers, owners, managers, sales associates, and
experience to New York, with an upscale, elegant setting in    appraisers.
which to conduct business. The success of the Couture          Besides depicting proficient workmanship, the guide also
Pavilion is indicative of JA New York's growth and reflects    illustrates causes and results of common problems and
how the show continues to respond to the needs of our          structural flaws in jewelry pieces. In doing so, the guide helps
industry colleagues."                                          industry professionals identify needed repair work. It can also
                                                               help sales associates explain to consumers the need for, and
Those interested in attending can contact the show's
                                                               process of, jewelry repair. The front of each page features
registration department at
                                                               large illustrations consumers can view while sales associates
(800) 650-1591 or (972) 349-5953,                              explain jewelry repairs, while the reverse side suggests
while those interested in exhibiting should contact            talking points for associates to communicate.
Drew Lawsky at (646) 654-4983.
                                                               The JA Professional’s Guide to Fine Jewelry
                                                               Craftsmanship is $49.99 for JA members and $69.99
                                                               for non-members. Orders of 10 or more copies are
                                                               $41.99 per copy for members and $59.49 for non-

VOLUME 5, ISSUE 1-2                                                                                                     Page 10
                                        Jewelers of America

                Tiara Program                                              Bench Certification
Tiara Program                                                   Bench Jewelry Certification
JA Members Can Donate Three Tiaras Per Year at No               Evaluating the Skills Inventory of Bench Jewelers
                                                                JA created the Bench Jeweler Certification program as a
The JA Tiara Program is an                                      standardized method of gauging the skills of bench
excellent way for retailers to                                  jewelers, who can attain certification with one of four
reach out to their community                                    designations:
while generating some local
publicity for their businesses.                                                                    JA Certified Bench
Through the Tiara Program,                                                                         Jeweler Technician
JA provides the means for                                                                          (CBJT)
individual stores to donate
tiaras to fairs, pageants,                                                                         JA Certified Bench
homecomings, and other                                                                             Jeweler (CBJ)
local events.
                                                                                                   JA Certified Senior
JA members are entitled to three tiaras per year, per store,                                       Bench Jeweler (CSBJ)
at no charge. The JA Tiara Program allows jewelers to
sponsor local events at no cost to them or to the event                                            JA Certified Master
organizers.                                                                                        Bench Jeweler (CMBJ)
By donating a tiara to a local event, jewelers can interact     JA Certification is not a course; it’s an exam process that
with the general public outside their establishment, creating   assesses the skills inventory of jewelry professionals.
valuable name recognition among those who are not aware
of their store and reinforcing an existing image among those    Each level requires both a written test and a practical bench
who are.                                                        test. The written test consists of questions on technical
                                                                topics. The practical bench test incorporates tasks such as
Perhaps the most outstanding feature of the JA Tiara            repairing, sizing, and soldering, and is taken at the
Program is that it enables jewelers to donate tiaras every      candidate’s own bench.
year. This way, each recipient (pageant winners,
homecoming queens, etc.) can keep her crown as a unique         JA allows bench jewelers to enter the Bench Jeweler
memento of her achievement, and the jeweler will have           Certification program at any level. The only prerequisite is
tiaras to give the following year.                              for the Master Bench Jeweler designation. To take the
                                                                certification test for the Master Bench Jeweler level without
Since its beginning, the JA Tiara Program has been              previously passing the Senior Bench Jeweler tests,
tremendously popular, producing many success stories            participants must take a prerequisite exam.
around the country. JA has received inspiringly positive
feedback from jewelers, event organizers, and recipients.       Certification gives bench jewelers identifiable status within
Participating jewelers have been more than satisfied with the   the trade and enables them to easily communicate their
amount of publicity generated by this opportunity, and          level of professional skill to colleagues and consumers
people in their communities have been extremely thankful        alike. A certified bench jeweler can promote their
for the donations.                                              accomplishment with an official certificate, distinctive lapel
                                                                pin, and a press release for their local newspaper, all
The tiaras are made to order in one of three sizes — small,     courtesy of JA.
medium, and large. Additional tiaras can be ordered for $18,
$30, or $36, depending upon the size.                           The Bench Jeweler Certification program is to open to all
                                                                bench jewelers in the industry, but fees are reduced for JA
              Please note: When requesting tiaras, please       members. Prices vary for each level of certification. JA
              give JA 30 days notice to allow for delivery in   provides a free Bench Jeweler Certification Program Guide,
              time for the event that is to receive the         which describes the subject matter covered in each
              donation. Those jewelers who do not give 30       certification level, pricing, selection of an exam
              days notice will incur a $10.00 expedited         proctor, the grading procedure, and other
              shipping fee.                                     information.

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         Stone of the Month—Zircon
Zircon comes in a wide variety of colors — blue, green, yellow,
orange, red and brown, in addition to colorless. Zircon is prized
                                                                       Robert Hazeltine’s
for its brilliance and fire as well as being a very “clean” stone,
displaying very few inclusions.
The yellow “hyacinth” zircon was associated with the zodiac
                                                                           Jewelry School
sign of Leo, thus with lions and courage. Rare red zircon was
said to be the cure for all insomnia. From ancient times
through the Middle Ages, a zircon was considered a must for
                                                                     Classes for all levels of jewelry makers
travelers because it was a powerful protection against wounds
and plagues. It was also said to increase its wearer’s riches
because it gave him wisdom with which to conduct his                  One and two week intensive courses
finances. Someone bewitched by evil spirits was encouraged to
rub zircon over a cross cut into a fresh-baked loaf of bread,
recite a chant, and eat the bread. The spell would soon vanish.         Wax Carving and Casting
Zircon is one of the accepted birthstones for December.
                                                                            Basic Stone Setting
To clean, immerse in a jewelry cleaner or in lukewarm soapy
water and use a small bristle brush. Do not use a home
ultrasonic machine.       Avoid abrasives and extreme                    Advanced Stone Setting
temperature changes.
As part of the customary fashioning process, various shades of                    Soldering
brown zircons are heated to produce colorless tones or
beautiful shares of blue and red.
                                                                            Call (505) 400-3274
Zircons are found today in Sri Lanka, Thailand and Cambodia.

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