2.4GHz WIRELESS DVR SYSTEM by pengxuebo


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     www.jesmay.com.hk                   2.4GHz WIRELESS DVR SYSTEM

        Model 2034T/R              With USB 2.0 output port
        Model 2036T/R              With BNC output port
        Model 2036ST/R             With SCART output port

                                                                                                PC media player interface(Model:2034T/R)

                                                                                      Use the 2.4GHz ISM band without messy cables
                                                                                      Solid aluminum housing for camera
                                                                                      Weather resistant camera for indoor or outdoor usagege
                                                                                      4 channels can be arranged by yourself
                                                                                      Easy plug and play installation take only minutes
                                                                                      4 CH 2.4GHz system, built in removable HDD rack
                                                                                      Real time recording and compressing video signal
                                                                                      4 Wireless cameras and 4 wired cameras input

           ITEM                                2034T, 2036T, 2036ST               ITEM                                 2034R, 2036R, 2036SR
           Transmission Range                300 feet clear line of sight         Receiving Frequency             2.4~2.4835GHz
           2.4GHz Antenna                    Omni-directional antenna             Sensitivity                     -80dBm
           Transmit Power                    0dBm/ FCC, 10dBm/CE                  2.4GHz Antenna                  Omni-directional antenna
           Frequency Band                    2.400~2.4835GHz                                                      NTSC/PAL 4CH Input
                                                                                  Video Input/Format Output
           Channel Mode                      Manual: slide switch                                                 NTSC/PAL 2CH Output
           Image Sensor                      1/4″ color CCD                                                       NTSC: 120 fps (4x30 fps)
                                                                                  Display Frame
           Lens                              F1.8/f3.6mm 90 wide angle                                            PAL: 100 fps (4x25 fps)
                                             582(H) x512(V) PAL,                  Recording Frame Rate            NTSC: Max. 30 fps (Quad)
           Picture Element
                                             or 512(H) x 492(V) NTSC                                              PAL: Max. 25 fps (Quad)
           Scanning System                   2:1 interlace                        Recording Frame Rate            NTSC: Max.7.5 fps (Each)
                                             CCIR:15625Hz(H) 50Hz(V)                                              PAL: Max.6.25 fps(Each)
           Scanning Frequency
                                             EIA: 15734Hz(H) 60Hz(V)              Compression Format              Modified MJPEG
           Sync. System                      Internal synchronization             (Each Channel)                  (12-20K Bytes/frame)
           Resolution                        420 TV lines                                                         Over 200G Byte,
           Min. Illuminations                0 LUX at night (LED ON)                                              ATA-100 Interface
           Auto Iris                         1/60(1/50)~1/100,000sec                                              14 days with 120GB HD@7fps
                                                                                  Recording Time
           S/N Ratio                         More than 48dB (AGC off)                                             70 days with 40GB HD@1fps
           Emitter Wavelength of LED         850nm                                Sensors, Alarm                  4 Input, 1 Output
           Operation Condition               Waterproof for outdoor                                               115VAC/ 5VDC 3A, 12VDC 2A or
                                                                                  Power Supply
           Power Supply                      12VDC, 500mA                                                         230VAC / 5VDC 3A, 12VDC 2A

                        High Speed Dome Camera
                                                                                                            Camera 1                  Camera 2

                                                             Digital Video Recorder                         Camera3                   Camera 4


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