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Division 7 - DIVISION 0


									                                          DIVISION 7

                         THERMAL AND MOISTURE PROTECTION

                                        SECTION 07200


1.     Stud Wall Insulation

       A.      Batt type 5½” minimum thickness, “R” value = 19 fiber glass insulation. Width
               of batt shall be sized to fit stud opening. All batt insulation shall be supplied by
               Menard, Inc. as noted on the material list.

       B.      Masonry Core Insulation: Contractor to fill all masonry cores with core fill 500.

2.     Roof Insulation

       A.      The roof insulation shall be supplied and installed by Menard, Inc. General
               contractor shall unload materials and provide coordination of installation, and
               place on the roof. Menards roofer will install roof insulation, Membrane and
               emerald green steel roof edge trim. Any excess insulation general contractor will
               stack, band and tarp as requested by Menard, Inc.

       B.      Contractor to provide dumpster for scrap insulation and roof materials.

3.     Vapor Barrier

       A.      6 Mil clear poly vapor barrier will be supplied by Menard, Inc. and installed by
               the contractor under concrete floors as noted on the plans.

4.     8” Dip White Wrap Firemain Pipe Insulation

       A.      Contractor is to supply and install white wrap insulation to meet code around the
               8” fireman ductile iron pipe (DIP) running from the main store sprinkler room
               inside the existing unheated warehouse above the bottom cord of the bar joist,
               which feeds the new detached warehouse.

                                        SECTION 07530

                              SINGLE PLY MEMBRANE ROOFING

1.     General

       A.      The single ply membrane roofing shall be supplied and installed by Menard, Inc.
               General contractor shall receive and unload materials and provide coordination of

October 13, 2007
March 30, 2006                              1                                     Division 7
         B.        Contractor to provide equipment and labor to place roof materials and roofing
                   equipment on the roof as requested by Menard, Inc. roof contractor.

         C.        General contractor to remove all debris, waste, etc. from all roofing operations
                   and provide a dumpster for the roofer.

         D.        Snow Removal: is the general contractors responsibility to remove prior to and
                   during the roof installation.

         E.        Contractor will not look to Menard, Inc. for delays in the roof installation.

         F.        Roof contractor will install all roof cap trim and flashing for same.

                                             SECTION 07600

                                   FLASHING AND SHEET METAL

 1.      Menard, Inc. shall supply the following, contractor shall provide installation, unless noted

         A.        29 gauge MM steel panels.

         B.        All MM steel trims.

         C.        All aluminum soffit panels.

         D.        All aluminum trims associated with soffit installation.

         E.        Closure strips as necessary to provide a waterproof installation.

         F.        Color coded screws for fastening MM steel panels and trim.

 2.      Materials supplied and installed by contractor:

         A.        Tape mastic as necessary to provide a waterproof installation.

         B.        All caulking as required for a waterproof installation.

 3.      Metal Roof Edge Cap shall be supplied and installed by Menard, Inc. General contractor
         shall receive, unload, place materials on the roof and provide coordination of installation.
         General contractor to install spf roof blocking for the metal cap flashing.

 4.      All materials are to be installed according to manufacturers recommendations, keeping
         cutting edges sharp, clean and providing a weatherproof enclosure with neat appearance
         and good sound mechanical connection and joints.

 5.      Contractor will be responsible for replacement and cost for material to replace any dented
         or damage steel panel or trim. If necessary predrill holes in structural steel to prevent
         damaging the panel. Fasten all MM steel panel with color coded fasteners through the
October 13, 2007
 March 30, 2006                                  2                                      Division 7
         high rib of the panel. On panels applied to vertical surfaces, apply fasteners starting at the
         top of the panel working downward. Follow lapping details per manufacturers
         requirements shown on plan.

 6.      Contractor to Remove excess material from roof and organize the materials and make
         ready for return.

                                            SECTION 07720

                                         ROOF ACCESSORIES

 1.      Materials

         A.        Roof Hatch: Menard, Inc. will provide a “S” roof hatch, 2’ - 6” x 3’ - 0” as
                   manufactured by the Bilco Company of New Haven, CT or equal. Roof hatch
                   shall be complete with 14 gauge galvanized steel cover with 3” beaded flange, 1”
                   insulation with 22 gauge galvanized steel liner. Curb shall be 14 gauge
                   galvanized steel, 12” high with 3½” roof lange, and integral cap flashing and 1”
                   rigid insulation. Factory finish shall be prime painted. Contractor to unload,
                   install and paint with roof hatch curb, top and bottom of hatch 3 coats of safety
                   yellow paint.

         B.        Install smoke vents and smoke curtains if required and as indicated on plans.
                   Menard, Inc. to supply material. Contractor to verify with Menard, Inc. locations
                   and types of materials to be utilized and proper installation. Contractor to supply
                   and install white fire caulk as required by state or local authorities.

                                            SECTION 07900

                                    CAULKING AND SEALANTS

 1.      General

         A.        Provide elastomeric joint sealants that have been produced and installed to
                   establish and to maintain watertight and airtight continuous seals without causing
                   staining or deterioration of joint substrates. Caulking and white closure strips are
                   required at the top of masonry walls.

         B.        Provide written guarantee for all caulking and sealants against all defects of
                   material or application for a period of five years after date of acceptance. All
                   failures that may occur within this period, due to defective application or
                   materials shall, upon written notification of such failure, be repaired or
                   replaced with proper materials and labor as approved by Menard, Inc. , at
                   no additional cost to the owner.

         C.        Submit to Menard, Inc. samples of the various types (and colors where applicable)
                   of materials specified, prior to delivery of materials to the job.

 March 30, 2006                                 3                                     Division 7
October 13, 2007
        D.         Engage an experienced installer who has completed joint sealant applications
                   similar in material, design and extent that have resulted in jobs with a record of
                   successful in-service performance.

2.      Caulking Materials (supplied and installed by contractor):

        A.         Standard interior caulking compound shall be a one part acrylic latex compound
                   Pecora “AC-20”, DAP “Latex Caulk”, DeWitt Products Company “Latex
                   Caulking” or Tremco “Acrylic Latex Caulk”, “Silicone Caulk”, “Urethane
                   Caulk”, “Sonneborn”, “Polyurethane Caulk”.

                   1.     Standard caulking shall be used for interior caulking. In general, joints
                          between masonry and door frames, glazed partitions, columns, dis-similar
                          materials, millwork items, miscellaneous openings, joints between
                          buildings and sidewalks, joints in the sidewalk and joints between
                          sidewalk and pavement.

        B.         Caulking between sidewalk and precast and exterior expansion and construction
                   joints shall be a three component, highly flexable, nonpriming, polyurethane
                   sealant – NP2- as manufactured by Sonneborn or 2 component sika-flex 2C-SL.
                   Follow manufacturer instructions for installation.

        C.         Menard, Inc.’s precast manufacturer contractor will provide caulking of exterior
                   and interior of all new precast panel joints in the precast panels. Existing precast
                   panel cracks and joints are to be caulked by the general contractor.

        D.         Masonry control joints shall be caulked with a high quality urethane caulk.
                   Control depth of caulk at 3/8” to 1/2” with a continuous closed cell backer rod.
                   Submit color samples of caulk for Menard, Inc. approval.

        E.         See Section 03300 for floor joint caulking.

        F.         Fire safe white caulking if required where smoke curtains meet roof deck. Check
                   local and/or state authorities if required.

        G.         Caulking for detached yard warehouse, 54’ overhang, heated warehouse, freight
                   aisle, receiving area, garden center slabs and gate canopy slabs. (See division 3 –
                   Floor joint caulking).

        H.         Wrought Iron Fence: Contractor to caulk the base plate when it is flush to the top
                   of the retaining wall and or as directed by Menards project manager or warranty

3.                 Water Stops: When concrete is poured and a cold joint occurs at the 8” step of the
                   detached or 2 aisle warehouse, the contractor is to place a 1” x 1” continuous
                   water stop 1 inch below the horizontal concrete surface meeting the vertical 8”
                   concrete using SIKA Swell S-2 or approved equal

February 2006
March 30,2, 2008                                4                                     Division 7

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