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					                              Sign ups will begin
                                Monday, Jan. 2
                                  at 12 noon
                                             Sign up early
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                                    Tucson Treasures
                                     Preview Party
                                 Mon. Feb. 13 at 12 noon
        Every year at the end of January and beginning of February, the quiet city of
Tucson, Az, becomes a circus of beads and gems. Vendors from all over the globe come
to show their latest and greatest. Gretchen and Kris come home with a ton (almost
literally) of new beads, it’s quite mind-boggling. Join us for the grand unveiling of what
they bring back, but come early, items are on a first come-first served basis. Last year a
bunch of very cool stuff never actually made it up onto the walls. Many items are in
limited supply, and once they’re gone, we don’t know if we’ll see them again.
Mark your calendar and bring a friend!

                                      Super Sale
                                   Sat. Jan 21 at 10am
                                 through Tues. Jan. 31st
                               This year we’ve decided to make it
 bigger and better than before. As Gretchen prepares to go to the largest gem and jewelry show
 in the world, we need to work to make room for the boat load of new things she will return with.
                       To do this we are offering HUGE discounts to you!
                                         Don’t miss out.

                                          Destination Art 3
                                   Fri. March 17 & Sat. March 18
Have you done this shop hop yet? This is the third year, and it keeps getting better and more fun. If you
haven’t come, you’re in for a treat. This year we will have more special events and we have a new shop that
has joined the hop! This event is a shop hop, like many quilt shops do, but we’ve chosen to do it with shops
that have many different specialties. It’s a two day event, you will pick up your passport at the first shop you
visit and get it stamped at each shop you stop at. If you have a completed passport, you will leave it with the
last shop you’re at, and you’ll go into a drawing for one of six fantastic gift baskets filled with tons of fun stuff
from all six shops. Last years baskets were amazing! There will also be a project that you can pick up
ingredients for at each stop. All the items are free, and if you pick them all up, you’ll be able to make yourself
a souvenir of your travels! You’ll have so much fun, you won’t be able to wait for next years event!
                                    Copper Workshop Sundays
 Have you taken the Copper Centerpiece necklace class, and just dying to do more? For a
      $15 fee, returning students will have the run of the studio with Kris, learning,
                  experimenting, and having fun! Make something new!
                    Please make sure you sign up ahead of time to
                                   reserve your spot.
                                                     Dates are:
                                            Jan. 22, Feb. 19, March 19

                                                        African Helix
If you have ever seen this necklace, you have marveled how beautiful it is. This tube-like necklace can be used by itself or put a
centerpiece on it to create a completely different necklace. You will use both tubular peyote stitch and African helix stitch in
graduating color seed beads. The result is a beautiful color oriented necklace that will have everyone stopping to touch!
                                             Fee: $38 Sat. Feb. 18 & 25 10 - 12:30
                                                        Instructor: Kathi Quan

                                                    Anastasia Necklace
This traditional Russian stitch is called the Leningrad or St. Petersburg stitch. Here we will mix it with accent beads for an
easy, delicate necklace. It works great as a strap for an amulet bag and a small purse and it also makes a delicate bracelet.
                                                         Great beginner project!
                                                 Fee: $28 Sat. Jan. 21 10 - 12:30
                                                        Instructor: Kathi Quan

                                                      Art Clay Silver I
    Silver Art Clay is ground silver mixed with an organic binder that can be shaped and used along with your beading. The
finished fired product is fine silver (.999 pure). If you have always wanted to learn to work with this fascinating medium, now's
                  your chance. You will work with the clay making different objects, then fire them in the class.
                                      Fee: $72 plus a material fee of $50 (payable to Patsy)
                                                      Sat. March 25 10 - 3:30
                                                        Instructor: Patsy Silva

                                                 Art Deco Steps Bracelet
 This bracelet is a perfect class to introduce students to basic right angle weave. With the way the colors are variegated among
                    the right angles of crystals, this piece has an Art Deco look to it that is a simple elegance.
                                                   Fee: $28 Sat. Jan. 21 1:30 - 4
                                                         Instructor: Kathi Quan
                                          Art Fiber Necklace 1: The Original
A fiber necklace is not only something different, but it's excellent for people with metal allergies. Using a lampwork glass bead
as a centerpiece, students will learn the ins and out's of working in this fascinating medium.
                                                   Fee $28 Wed. Jan 18 6 - 8
                                                      Instructor: Kris Buchanan

                                          Art Fiber Necklace 2: Lavish Spring
This fiber necklace will expand your knowledge and use of fibers in necklaces. Again using a centerpiece, students will learn to
make a necklace using fibers along with more beads than the original class. The finished piece is lavish like a spring day.
                                                Fee: $28 Wed. Feb. 8 6 - 8
                                                  Instructor: Kris Buchanan

                                                        Arwen's Trinket
A lacey medallion of crystal swings from a delicate necklace of seed beads and more crystal. Looking like a fairy’s plaything,
this elegant necklace is quick to make and simply lovely to behold.
                                              Fee $28 Tues. Jan. 17 6 - 8:30
                                                     Instructor: Kathi Quan

                                                     Aurora Ornament
Karen DeSousa has written five books on how to make many variations of beaded ornaments and has taught at the Bead &
Button Show. This ornament is an excellent introduction to ornament making and can be displayed all year long, because it is
heirloom quality.
                                         Fee $38 Wed. March 8 & 15 6 - 8:30
                                                Instructor: Karen DeSousa

                                                     Baubles a nd Beads
This bracelet looks like it might be juggling crystals from side to side. Using firepolish and crystals, students will construct a
                                          bracelet using a right angle weave variation.
                                                    Excellent for Beginners!
                                              Fee: $28 Tues. Jan. 24 6 - 8:30
                                                     Instructor: Kathi Quan

                                                    Beginning J ewelry
Never made jewelry before? Want to? This is perfect for you. Learn the ins and out’s of creating your own jewelry. You will
make two bracelets and a pair of earrings in class, and have the knowledge to create much more.
                                                 Fee: $18 Sat. Jan. 21 10 - 12
                                                      Tues. March 21 6 - 8
                                                   Instructor: Gretchen Schueller

                                                    Beginning Knotting
This class introduces students to knotting between beads. Although the technique is a traditional one, students will be surprised
to see the contemporary look of the necklace that is made in class.
                                              Fee: $28 Sat. Jan. 28 10 - 12:30
                                                     Instructor: Deanna Kittrell

                                                   Beginning Wirework
In the mood to try something new? Wirework will take you in a different direction with your work. Learning the ropes in basic
wirework will also give you the knowledge to go on to one of our more advanced classes.
                                           Fee: $18 Sat. Jan 28 1:30 - 3:30
                                                   Tues. March 28 6 - 8
                                               Instructor: Gretchen Schueller

                                                Bubbling Brook Necklace
This necklaces resembles tiny bubbles finding their way up to the surface. This class is a variation of the Sea Urchin class, and
                             is excellent for beginners. It can be made as a necklace or a bracelet.
                                              Fee: $28 Wed. Feb. 8 5:30 - 8:30
                                               Instructor: Patsy Silva

                             Business of Beading - 1 Finding Your Customer
OK, you’ve made some jewelry and now you want to sell it. But to who? This class covers tips for finding your niche to
                                          begin a strong customer base.
                                        Fee: $28 Wed. Jan. 18 6 - 8
                                         Instructor: Gretchen Schueller
                                                Bead Embroidered Pendant
So many of the coolest clothing and accessories out there today
have beads embroidered on them. Learn the best way to adhere beads to fabric while making a fascinating pendant that will be
just the unusual centerpiece you’ve been looking for.
                                           Fee: $38 Wed. Feb. 15 & 22 6 - 8:30
                                                   Instructor: Kris Buchanan

                                                Beaded Byzantine Bracelet
This square stitch treasure feels great on your wrist. The top row is embellished with crystals for an elegant look, but is suitable
to wear with a t-shirt and jeans too.
                                             Fee: $38 Sat. Feb. 4 & 11 1:30 - 4
                                                    Instructor: Kathi Quan

                                                   Beaded Rope Necklace
Crochet like you never have done before. Using beads and a crochet hook you’ll make this slinky rope that looks great by itself
or a with a pendant.
                                           Prerequisite: Some crochet experience.
                                              Fee: $38 Sat. Feb. 18 12 - 4
                                                   Instructor: Patsy Silva

                                                   Beaded Wire Pendant
Using square wire, students will learn to make a truly unique centerpiece. Square wire adds another dimension to wirework and
makes even the simplest beads stunning
                                            Prerequisite: Wire Wrapped Cabochon.
                                                Fee: $28 Sat. Feb. 11 10 - 1
                                                   Instructor: Elaine Yamada

                                                 Beginning Chainma king
This beginners class will teach students how to properly make a double ring chain using basic jump rings. This will prepare
students for more advanced chainmaking projects.
                                                Fee: $28 Wed. Jan 25 6 - 8
                                                  Instructor: Deanna Kittrell

                                     Business of Beading - 2 Pricing Your Work
I know how much it costs me to make, how much should I sell it for? Learn to price your work, to keep customers coming
back and to maximize your profit.
                                           Fee: $28 Wed. Jan. 25 6 - 8
                                            Instructor: Gretchen Schueller

                                  Business of Beading - 3 Marketing Your Work
Now that you have identified who your customer is and you are able to keep up with sales, what can you do to make more
money? Selling strategies and inventive marketing ideas are the focus of this class.
                                              Fee: $28 Tues. Feb. 14 6 - 8
                                               Instructor: Gretchen Schueller

                                                       Butterfly Chain
This chain is a Japanese chain variation. Using two different sizes of rings and beads, students will learn to construct links that
resemble a butterfly.
                                            Prerequisite: Beginning Chain Making
                                              Fee $28 Wed. March 8 6 - 8:30
                                                    Instructor: Deanna Kittrell

                                                    Button Tassel Brooch
Love buttons but just don’t know what to create with them? This class teaches students to make a stylish centerpiece or brooch
                               from an interesting button, complete with a free flowing tassel.
                                                Fee: $28 Sat. Feb. 18 1 - 4
                                                 Instructor: Anne DeStefano

                                            By zantine Cha in Variations
 So you know how to make the Byzantine Chain, now take what you know and let it fly. This class explores several different
                            variations on the simple chain. This is a must for chainmakers.
                                         Prerequisite: Beginning Chainmaking
                                        Fee: $28 Wed. March 22 5:30 - 8:30
                                                Instructor: Deanna Kittrell
                                                 By zantine/Qu e ens Chain
The Byzantine Chain is one of the most common chains used in chainmaking. In this class you will also learn Queens Chain,
which is a variation of the Byzantine Link.
                                            Prerequisite: Beginning Chainmaking
                                            Fee: $28 Sat. March 4 10 - 12:30
                                                  Instructor: Deanna Kittrell

                                                          Ca lypso Chain
     Adding beads to a chain softens the look of the chain, and can make it more sophisticated as well. This class will teach
                                    students to manage the jumprings while adding beads.
                                              Pre-requisite: Beginning Chainmaking
                                                  Fee $28 Tues. Feb. 7         6-8
                                                       Instructor: Deanna Kittrell

                                                       Carnivale Orname nt
 This ornament, designed by Karen DeSousa, resembles a winter morning with frost on the windows. The delicate balance of
                             open space and intricate beading really makes the design pop out.
                                        Fee: $ 38 Tues. Feb. 21 & 28 6 - 8:30
                                                 Instructor: Karen DeSousa

                                                       C hain Maille Earrings
Learn two different pairs of earrings that use chain instead of a
fancy chandelier piece to hang dangles from. They’re the perfect set with your chain necklaces and bracelets.
                                                  Prerequisite: Japanese Chain class
                                               Fee: $28 Wed. March 1 5:30 - 8:30
                                                      Instructor: Deanna Kittrell

                                                         C hained Crystals
   This chain looks like a solid cuff, but is a flexible chain that has crystals filling all of the open spaces in it. The finished
                            bracelet is modern looking and can easily go from day to evening wear.
                                                  Fee: $28 Tues. Feb. 21 6 - 8
                                                     Instructor: Deanna Kittrell

                                                       C handelier Earrings
Long earrings are hot! Using basic earring making techniques you will take a few simple beads, headpins, and some wire, you
will learn how to make these earrings without the expensive metal components.
                                   Prerequisite: MUST be proficient in making basic earrings
                                                Fee: $28 Wed. Feb. 22 6 - 8
                                                 Instructor: Gretchen Schueller

                                      Copper Centerpiece (coldworking techniques)
It’s amazing what you can do with a piece of copper, wire and some beads. Using techniques Kris learned at the Bead & Button
Show as well as her own techniques, she will teach you how to color and manipulate copper into a centerpiece that is truly your
                                                         own creation.
                                    Fee: $45 (+kit fee $5) Sat. Feb. 11 10:00 - 1:00
                                                  Instructor: Kris Buchanan

                                                   .   Crochet Wire Bracelet
Crochet is not just for Grandma anymore. Using basic crochet with wire and beads, you will learn to combine many strands to
form a beautiful bracelet that looks much more complex than it is to make.
                                           Fee: $28 Wed. March 15 5:30 - 8:30
                                                   Instructor: Patsy Silva
                                            Crystal Cra ze Charm Bracelet
With a wirework base, students will learn to embellish with head pins and various beads. This bracelet sounds as good as it
looks, and is much easier than it looks. It’s sure to garner complements.
                                               Prerequisite: Beginning Wirework
                                             Fee: $28 Sat. March 25 10 - 12:30
                                                 Instructor: Gretchen Schueller

                                                Crystal Garden Bracelet
A bracelet fit for a queen, this one uses over 200 Swarovski crystal bicones in a hexagonal pattern reminiscent of Moorish
Advanced beaders only, please.
                                             Fee $38 Sat. March 4 & 11 10 -12:30
                                                      Instructor: Kathi Quan
                                                 Crystal Zig Zag Bracelet
In this class students will learn triangular right angle weave with two different colors of Swarovski crystal. This class is an
excellent start for those who wish to take the Passion Flower bracelet.
                                                Fee: $28 Wed. Jan. 25 6 - 8:30
                                                       Instructor: Kris Buchanan

                                                       Date With Oscar
This amazing bracelet looks like diamonds. Imagine it on a starlets arm as she walks up the red carpet. This bracelet is an
extension of the Diamond Brick Road, just a little different pattern, even more beautiful.
                                              Prerequisite: Diamond Brick Road
                                          Fee: $28 Wed. March 1            5:30 - 8:30
                                                    Instructor: Lettie Larson

                                                    Dazzl eberry Bracelet
This bracelet looks like you have berries around your wrist. Only these berries are shiny! Although it also makes an excellent
                                    necklace, it sits flat on your wrist for a comfortable fit.
                                             Fee: $38 Sat. Feb. 11 & 18 10 - 12
                                                     Instructor: Lettie Larson

                                                       Debbie Bracelet
Using crystal cubes and seed beads, students will link flowery segments into an elegant bracelet. Beginners welcome!
                                               Fee: $28 Tues. Jan. 17 6 - 8
                                                    Instructor: Lettie Larson

                                                    Diamond Brick Road
This bracelet is a petite jewel that Dorothy would have loved. Swarovski crystals are framed by seed beads in this bracelet that
uses a non-specific beading pattern. Beginners Welcome!
                                              Fee: $28 Wed. Feb. 8 5:30 - 8:30
                                                    Instructor: Lettie Larson

                                                  Double Debbie Bracelet
Debbie bracelet out of control. Students will learn to make this wide cuff style bracelet with the same ingredients as the basic
Debbie bracelet, and a whole new twist.
                                                  Prerequisite: Debbie Bracelet
                                                 Fee: $28 Sat. Feb. 4        1-4
                                                     Instructor: Lettie Larson

                                                     Double Spiral Rope
 This stitch can be done as a necklace or a bracelet. In class, students will learn the basics of creating a simple spiral rope that
                           looks like twice the work of the original, but isn’t. Beginners Welcome!
                                            Fee: $28 Tues. March 7 5:30 - 8:30
                                                      Instructor: Patsy Silva

These cuffs give the illusion of multiple piercing, but you don’t even have to have pierced ears to wear them! An accessory that
goes with everything.
Prerequisite: Beginning Wirework or equivalent experience
                                              Fee: $28 Tues. Feb. 28 5:30 - 8:30
                                                     Instructor: Elaine Yamada

                                              Embellished Peyote Cabochon
Looking for a way to bead a cabochon even thought it doesn't have any holes to string through? In this class you will learn to
surround a cabochon with seed beads, then learn to form layers of embellishment to enhance the look.
                                     Pre-requisite: Some seed bead experience necessary
                                         Fee: $38 Tues. March 21 & 28 6 - 8:30
                                                     Instructor: Kathi Quan

                                                Flat Chain Maille Bracelet
This cuff style bracelet looks like something worn in the middle ages, but with our modern additions, it is a bold but elegant
statement for your wrist. This is a versatile chain to learn.
                                            Prerequisite: Beginning Chainmaking
                                               Fee: $ 28 Sat. March 4       1-4
                                                  Instructor: Deanna Kittrell

                                                      Flat Wire Cuff
This wire cuff is made of square wire which makes it shimmer like nobody's business. Students will learn to secure the pieces of
wire and make it one solid cuff. The finishing techniques you learn will be helpful in other wirework projects as well.
                                            Pre-requisite: Wire Wrapped Cabochon
                                             Fee: $38 Sat. March 11        10 - 1
                                                  Instructor: Elaine Yamada
                                                  Flower Fringe Necklace
  This playful necklaces uses basic stringing techniques along with fringe making to create a necklace that floats on the neck.
                Once the basic design is mastered, experiment with all the possibilities! Beginners Welcome!
                                            Fee: $28 Tues. Feb. 7        5:30 - 8:30
                                                  Instructor: Anne De Stefano

                                            Freeform Peyote Stitch Bracelet
Using different colors and sizes of seed beads you will peyote stitch them together to make this “show stopper” bracelet. It is
the type of bracelet that will demand attention. Come in and see the examples as soon as possible.
                                           Fee $38 Tues. Jan. 17 & 24         5:30 - 8:30
                                                      Instructor: Patsy Silva

                                                      Gloria’s Bracelet
Are you right angle weave challenged? This bracelet eases you into it with enough repetition to help you learn the stitch but
without the complexity of a larger project. Quick and beautiful!
                                             Fee: $28 Sat. Jan. 28 10 - 12:30
                                                    Instructor: Kathi Quan

                                                    Great Wall Necklace
 This micro knotted necklace uses a slab of serpentine at it’s center that is enhanced by the dangles of beads that drape onto it.
                                       Each piece is as different as the person making it.
                                            Fee: $ 38 March 15 & 22           6 - 8:30
                                                 Instructor: Kristine Buchanan

                                                  Japanese Lace Bracelet
 This chain bracelet is a variation of the classic Japanese Chain. It is a narrower band of links that has a pattern that resembles
                                  the open weave of lace. Prerequisite: Beginning Chainmaking
                                                Fee: $28 Wed. Feb. 15 6 - 8:30
                                                      Instructor: Deanna Kittrell

                                                    Josephine Necklace
A delicate necklace woven with seed beads, this piece sparkles as it drapes on your neckline. This piece is made with seed beads
using a modified netting technique. Prerequisite: Seed bead experience required
                                           Fee $38 Sat. Feb. 18 & 25 1:30 - 4
                                                    Instructor: Kathi Quan

                                                    Kumihimo Braiding
Kumihimo is the ancient art of Japanese braiding. These highly decorative braids have strength and flexibility and have always
been admired for their usefulness and beauty. In class you will learn round Kumihimo, the most basic of the Kumihimo braids.
This is a beginner class, no experience necessary.
                                                Fee: $48 Sat. Feb. 25      12 - 4
                                                     Instructor: Karen DeSousa

                                                    Medieval Medallion
This 3-D flower pendant and matching bail will make you feel like a queen when you wear it. Use it at the center of a multi-
stand necklace or a simple strand of pearls, it looks great however you decide to use it.
                                              Fee: $38 Sat. March 4 & 11 1:30 - 4
                                                       Instructor: Kathi Quan

                                                      Minoan Bracelet
Named for Minoan royalty, this bracelet is fit for a queen or at least a bead princess! You will learn two layer right angle weave
and finishing techniques. Experience with right angle weave required.
                                           Fee: $38 Sat. Feb. 4 & 11          10 - 12:30
                                                       Instructor: Kathi Quan

                                                          O h Domino
Looking for something truly unique to use in your work? Why not make your own centerpiece? Using average dominoes
students will learn to use different dyes, inks, stamps and more to transform a domino from ordinary to extraordinary.
                                             Fee: $28     Tues. March 7       6 - 8:30
                                                  Instructor: Gretchen Schueller

                                                     Passion Flower Bracelet
This delicate looking bracelet with flowers made of crystal is a triangular right angle weave variation. It is delicate on the wrist,
                       but makes a big statement. Prerequisite: Crystal Zig Zag or equivalent experience
                                        Fee: $28 Tues. Feb. 21 & 28            6:00 - 8:30
                                                     Instructor: Kathi Quan
                                                     Polka Dot Bracelet
  This bracelet dances across your wrist with dots of color held together with a web of seed beads. There are so many different
    color combinations you can use with this bracelet to make each one very different from the last. Prerequisite: Seed bead
                                                        experience required
                                               Fee $28 Sat. Jan. 28         1-3:00
                                                      Instructor: Kathi Quan

                                                         Poppy Slider
  This slider can be added to just about any necklace you have that doesn’t already have a centerpiece. Students will learn to
                                    create a base and then embellish it with a variety of beads.
                                             Fee: $38 Wed. Feb. 15 & 22 6 - 8:30
                                                 Instructor: Nanette Young-Greiner

                                                    Round Chain Maille
   This chain has been around since the time of King Arthur. It's taking chain maille to the next level, a new shape, round!
                                            Prerequisite: Beginning Chainmaking
                                            Fee: $38 Sat. Feb. 25 10 - 12:30
                                                 Instructor: Deanna Kittrell

                                               Serpentine Ndebele Bracelet
Delica beads wind in and out of accent beads in this bracelet to create a piece that’s sparkling and looks a bit like snakeskin. If
you look carefully, you can see this is an Ndebele variation.
Prerequisite: Seed bead experience required.
                                            Fee: $38 Tues. Feb. 7 & 14          6 - 8:30
                                                     Instructor: Kathi Quan

                                                Spanish Dancer Kumihimo
This advanced flat Kumihimo braid is accentuated by the strand of beads that shows off it’s shape. The ruffle this creates looks
like the dress of a Spanish dancer. Add an interesting focal bead and the piece really takes off.
                                                Fee: $48 Sat. March 25 12 - 4
                                                    Instructor: Karen DeSousa

                                                        Sugared Donut
Capture a Pi or donut bead in a Swarovski crystal cage, then hang it as a pendant to make a lovely necklace. The crystals and
seed beads create a bezel that adds to the beauty of the stone.
                                        Pre-requisite: Some seed bead experience necessary
                                            Fee: $38 Tues. March 7 & 14 6 - 8:30
                                                       Instructor: Kathi Quan

                                                       Tennis Anyone?
At a glance, this bracelet can be mistaken for a diamond tennis bracelet. It’s delicate and sparkly, and if you look close, you’ll
see that it is a right angle weave variation with crystals.
                                                 Fee: $28 Sat. Feb. 4 10 - 12:30
                                                       Instructor: Lettie Larson

                                                Top & Bottom Tango Braid
This sultry necklace is an advanced Kumihimo Braid that explores the use of multiple lengths of cording, drop beads, and a
different pattern altogether.
                                             Prerequisite: Kumihimo Braiding
                                           Fee: $48 Sat. March 11         12 - 4
                                                 Instructor: Karen DeSousa

                                                      Twisted Wire Cuff
This wire cuff is made from loosely braided square and round wire. Although it looks freeform, it is actually a well controlled
Prerequisite: Beginning Wirework or equivalent experience
                                             Fee: $38 Sat. March 4 10 - 12:30
                                                   Instructor: Elaine Yamada

                                                       W edding Knot
The Wedding Knot chain looks like the design in wedding knot quilts. The rings create a flexible chain that can be worked into
            a bracelet or longer for a necklace. Pre-requisite: beginning chainmaking or equivalent experience
                                            Fee: $38 Tues. March 14 6 - 8:30
                                                 Instructor: Deanna Kittrell

                                                Wire Sculpture Necklace
This necklace combines basic and freeform wire work with an eclectic assortment of beads. This necklace goes from industrial to
earthy with a switch of your beads.
                                          Fee: $38 Wed. March 1 & 8 5:30 - 8
                                                 Instructor: Anne DeStefano

                                                     Wire Textile Cuff
Using multiple strands of wire, students will learn to weave this cuff including accent beads and a centerpiece. Looking for
something new in wire? This is it.
                                         Fee: $38 Tues. March 14 & 21            6 - 8:30
                                                   Instructor: Catherine Cerna

                                                Wire Wrapped Cabochon
This class will teach you how to do a basic border wrap of a glass or stone cabochon. You will learn how to set bindings around
3 or more strands of sterling silver wire that will form a bezel around your choice of cabochon.
                                              Fee $38 Tues. Jan. 24         5:30 - 8:30
                                                   Wed. March 22        5:30 - 8:30
                                                      Instructor: Elaine Yamada
                                 Bead Buddies
                        Have you been to a Bead Buddies meeting?
We started this group a little over 5 years ago to bring the beaders in the area together to
  share ideas, thoughts, and the love of beads. It is open to anyone who loves beads,
    regardless of skill level. Come to a meeting and have fun with us! The more, the
                 We meet the second to the last Thursday of each month.
                            Jan. 19, Feb. 16 & March 23
                                See our website for location.

                   Class Registration Policies
                             Please read carefully
                   Your space in a class is not secure until paid in full.
                      Class sign ups can be done in person or by phone.
                          Class sign ups are first come, first served.

 A supply list will be given to you when you sign up for a class. Supplies are not included in
 the class fee unless specified. Please arrange to come in prior to the class to pick out your
                   supplies since there will not be time during class to do so.

                                 Cancellation Policy
                 72 hours notice is required for cancellation of a class to
receive a store credit. Less than 72 hours notice will result in forfeiture of class fee. If
           you cannot make it to a class, you can send someone as a substitute.