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newsletter.indd 2                                                                                               9/29/2009 3:27:42 PM
                                                                                                      President’s Message

                                                                                                     By Art Clark, GRI
                                  is the monthly publication of the                                  2009 AAR President
                                Alaska Association of REALTORS®
                                        4205 Minnesota Drive
                                                                                                     Real Estate Brokers of Alaska
                                      Anchorage, Alaska 99503
                             Phone (907) 563-7133 Fax (907) 561-1779
                                                                                                    Woo Hoo!!!
                                 AAR OFFICERS
                             PRESIDENT Art Clark, GRI                                               What a convention. If you weren’t there I am
                    PRESIDENT-ELECT Russell Joyce, ABR, CRS, GRI                                    sorry for you. Congratulations and kudos to the
                            VICE PRESIDENT Amy Krier                                                Greater Fairbanks Board of Realtors, their E.O.
                          SECRETARY Debbie Murphy, GRI
                                                                                                    Stacey Risner, President Curt Maynard; Realtor
                            TREASURER Don McKenzie
                           PAST PRESIDENT Shawn Paul                                                Melissa Bidwell and her committee and everyone
                                                                                                    that participated in the setting up and running of
                                         AAR DIRECTORS                                              the convention. As well, we need to thank all of
                                            Philip Alderfer
                                     Esther Chambers, CRS,GRI
                                                                                                    these many years. Also, as always, many thanks
                                         Kathryn Clark, GRI
                                      Helen Jarratt, ABR,CRS
                                          Anna Johns, CRS                                           without whom most of the work we do would not
                                           Keri Kaune, GRI                                          get done.
                                     Eva Loken, ABR, CRS,GRI
                                            Kirk Maynard
                                                                                                            We also want to thank the staff and man-
                                    PeggyAnn McConnochie, GRI
                                        Michael McLane, ABR                                         agement of Wedgewood Manor Resort. The ven-
                                       D’Ette Owen, ABR,GRI                                         ue was excellent and the food was great, and the
                                          Gina Pelaia, GRI                                          Antique Car Museum on site is really spectacular.
                                            Dave Somers                                             The meetings were all well attended as were the
                                       Debbie White, ABR,GRI
                                                                                                    classes. The instructors were all top notch and
                                    CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER                                         the classes all worthwhile.
                                        Sandy Eherenman
                                                                                                           While we were there we had a Board of
                                                                                                    Directors meeting and a General Membership
                                                                                                    meeting. The board meeting was routine as we
                                                                                                    are not facing any problems at this time. The

                                            Cover photo: Bull Moose                                 lost about 10% of our membership, but we bud-
                                             Denali National Park                                   geted for about 12% decline so we are well within
                    Materials reported in this publication are obtained from various                our budget parameters. The action items that we
                    sources which the Alaska Association of REALTORS® believes to be                had at the meeting were the approval of RPAC
                    reliable. Reasonable effort has been made to insure the accuracy of
                    such material. The Alaska Association of REALTORS® expressly dis-               appointments, acceptance of a bid for the 2011
                    claims any and all liability or responsibility arising directly or indirectly   State Convention and the establishment of a Re-
                    out of any discrepancy, error, mistake or omission in this publication.
                    Opinions expressed in articles by individual authors and contributors           altor Scholarship Fund.
                    REALTORS®. The acceptance of advertising by the Alaska REAL-
                    TOR® does not indicate approval or endorsement of the advertiser                             (President’s Message, continue on page 16)
                    or his product by the Alaska Association of REALTORS®.

                                                                                                                       October 2009 • Alaska REALTOR® 3

newsletter.indd 3                                                                                                                                       9/29/2009 3:27:43 PM
                          Real Estate Commission Report
                                               “September Meeting in Anchorage”

                                                                   may have an interest in serving as a public mem-
               By PeggyAnn McConnochie
                                                                   ber on the Commission, they can contact the De-
               National Director
               ACH Consulting
                                                                   to submit their name.
                                                                   Now on to the rest of the agenda:

                       he AREC meetings were held in conjunction   • Regulation Project: The Commission accepted
                       with the AAR Convention in Fairbanks on     public testimony on the regulations that are cur-
                     September 17 and 18 at the Wedgwood           rently up for comment. They later accepted and
               Hotel (actually they got it done all in one day).   adopted the regulations. I urge you to visit the
                                                                   AREC website for information on when the new
                      First on the agenda was the resignation      regulations take effect: http://www.dced.state.
               of (Floyd) Lee Sherman from the Real Estate         ak.us/OCC/prec.htm. These regulations cover
               Commission Board. Lee is/was one if the two         what it means to be an active licensed broker in
               public members and he has done a wonderful job      Alaska, legal entities, and allowing credit unions,
               throughout his tenure on the Commission – he will   if they are not prohibited by their rules, to have
               be missed. Which means if you know of someone
                                                                                       (AREC Report, continue on page 5)

                        ALASKA RIM ENGINEERING
                             COMPETITIVE * RELIABLE * FAST
                    (907)745-0222            FAX (907) 746-0222 ONLINE AT: www.alaskarim.com

                                    ADEC CERTIFICATIONS
                                    WELL FLOW TESTS
                                    WATER QUALITY TESTS
                                    SEPTIC DESIGN
                                    AS BUILT SURVEYS
                                    MOST SERVICES OFFERED STATEWIDE


               4    Alaska REALTOR® • October 2009

newsletter.indd 4                                                                                                          9/29/2009 3:27:44 PM
                    (AREC Report, continued from page 5)                mandated E&O Insurance. These should be out
                    real estate trust accounts among, other items.      for public comment soon. Again, watch the AREC
                                                                        website and read and please make comments and
                    • Nancy Harris /Education Report: Nancy went ask questions when they are out.
                    over the number of courses that have been ap-
                    proved in all categories of education as well as • Michele Wall-Rood, Investigator: gave the
                    new courses recently approved. The Commission Commission an update on the 2009 statistics of
                    also spent time reviewing the DCE (designated, cases opened to date (68) and cases closed (45);
                    required) courses for renewal periods back to and for 2010 cases opened (7) and cases closed
                    1992-1994 and adopted the following for the next (1). The cases for 2009 are grouped as follows: 5
                    licensing renewal period: Licensing Relationships
                    - 2 hours; Prohibited Conduct and License Law
                    – 2 hours; Property Disclosure – 2 hours; Ethics application; 7 – unlicensed practice; 2 – practice
                    and Risk – 2 hours. I am going to ask Sharon and beyond scope. And she gave information on the
                    Nancy to provide instructors with information as
                    to what they would like to see covered in each of vast majority of calls once again were unlicensed
                    these areas as the titles alone may not give enough activity/practice and Landlord/Tenant and Prop-
                    direction to the instructors.                       erty Management questions. The Commission is
                                                                        still working on a new regulation project on prop-
                    • Web Renewal: Licensees will be able to renew erty management which includes cleaning up lan-
                    their licenses on-line this year. Yahoo! The AREC guage problems.
                    website should be set up to accept on-line pay-
                    ments early November.                               • Again they worked on a matrix which, once ad-
                                                                          opted, would provide assistance to the attorneys
                    • Veterans: Alaska real estate exams have been for sanctions. Most include education along with
                    added to the approved list of licensing tests for re-

                    the GI Bill. They will need to submit a form di- • Brad Cole was once again elected Chairman
                                                                   - of the Real Estate Commission – congratulations
                    tion on the VA website at: www.GIBill.VA.gov.    Brad!
                    • Licensing Examiner’s Report – Beata Smith: Next meeting is in Anchorage December 10 and
                    Currently there are 2,331 active licensees within 11th. That’s it! As always if you have any ques-
                    the state. And 442 are lapsed as of this report.  tions please let me know!
                    • Surety Fund Tracker and Surety Fund Fees for
                    next renewal period: As of this report there
                    is approximately $65,000 in total potential
                    surety fund liability and less than $250,000
                    in the Surety Fund itself. Remember, the
                    minimum amount that is to be maintained in
                    the Surety Fund is currently $250,000.
                    The Commission is asking for further in-
                    formation and will discuss the fee for the
                    following renewal period as we move into
                    the new E&O Insurance regulations on a
                    conference call to be held soon. They also
                    discussed the regulations that cover state
                                                                                          October 2009 • Alaska REALTOR® 5

newsletter.indd 5                                                                                                      9/29/2009 3:27:44 PM
                               2009 REALTOR® of the Year
                                              “Dave Somers, Somers & Associates”

                        ave Somers, Broker & REALTOR® at                Political Action Committee respresentative on the
                        Somers & Associates in Fairbanks, was           national level. He is the Federal Political Coor-
                        named the recipient of the 2009 REAL-           dinator (FPC) for Congressman Don Young and
               TOR® of the Year awarded by the Alaska Asso-             has held this position for several years. Prior to
               ciation of REALTORS®.                                    that he was the Federal Political Coordinator for
                                          This distinguished award      Senator Murkowski.
                                          is given annually to the
                                          individual who has dis-             Dave has served on the Alaska Real Estate
                                          played a strong sense of      Commission since 2003 and is currently the Vice
                                          REALTOR® spirit, high         Chairman of the Commission.
                                          principles, ethics and
                                          good real estate practices,
                                                                        furniture, driving his race car at oval dirt tracks
                                          leadership qualities with
                                                                        and spending time at his log cabin and his second
                                          the local, state and na-
                                                                        home in Mexico.
                                          tional association of RE-
                                          ALTORS®, involvement
                                                                               Dave has been married for 25 years to his
               in civic activities and strong business accomplish-
                                                                        Associate Broker wife Judy.
                      Dave was licensed as a salesperson
               in 1984 and opened his own independent
               banks Board of REALTORS® has ranked
               kerage for the last ten years.

                       Dave served as President of the
               Greater Fairbanks Board of REALTORS®
               in 1990 and was REALTOR® of the Year
               for the local board in 1989 and again in
               1995. He has served as a director and on
               several committees.

                       On the state level, Dave starting
               serving on the Alaska Association of REAL-
               TORS® Board of Directors in 1990. Dave
               has served as President of the Association
               in 1994 and was awarded the REALTOR®
               of the Year in 1995. He has served on the
               board of directors for several years and is
               currently the Industry Issues Chairman.

                       Dave starting serving as a Nation-
               al Director in 1995 and continues to serve
               in that position. He is also the Alaska

               6    Alaska REALTOR® • October 2009

newsletter.indd 6                                                                                                             9/29/2009 3:27:48 PM
                                         CI Intro Introduction to Commercial Investment
                                                       Real Estate Analysis
                                                            October 19-20, 2009 Anchorage, Alaska

                    Accelerate your rise to success in commercial investment real estate. This introductory course teaches you the
                    fundamentals of the commercial investment real estate industry and demonstrates how to apply these skills using real-
                    world examples and ca
                    and plan for their needs when you have a solid commercial foundation from which to start.

                    After this course, you will be able to:                         Course location
                        Solve investment problems using a financial calculator.     BP Energy Center
                        Understand basic real estate investment analysis tools.     1014 Energy Ct.
                        Perform basic mortgage calculations using compounding       Anchorage, AK 99508
                        and discounting techniques.                                 Phone: 907-943-4270
                        Know how to compare similar properties, project
                        vacancy rates, and estimate absorption figures.
                        Identify other ways to make a profit in commercial real     Recommended lodging
                        estate besides brokerage.
                                                                                    Embassy Suites Anchorage
                                                                                    600 E. Benson Blvd.
                    Course credits
                                                                                    Anchorage, AK 99503
                    For complete information regarding CPE credit for your state,
                                                                                    Phone: 907-332-7000
                    please visit the CCIM website at web.ccim.com/continuing.

                    Required equipment
                                                                                    Class hours
                    Hewlett-Packard financial calculator: HP-10BII model is
                                                                                    First-day check in: 7:30-8:30 am
                    highly recommended
                                                                                    Class: 8:30 am-5:30 pm

                    Register for CI Intro Today!

                    Call (800) 621-7027

                    Fax this registration form to (312) 321-4530

                    Mail this registration form to CCIM Institute, 430 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 800, Chicago, IL 60611-4092

                    Student Information                                        Tuition
                    Name:                                                      [ ] CCIM Candidate Rate $275

                                                                               Payment Information (Please check one)
                    Address:                                                        Visa          MasterCard            AMEX         Check

                    City/State/Zip:                                            Credit Card No.:

                    Phone:                                                     Expiration Date:

                                                                               Authorized Signature:
                                                                                                                       Market Code: SPONSOR

                                                                                                           October 2009 • Alaska REALTOR® 7

newsletter.indd 7                                                                                                                             9/29/2009 3:27:49 PM
                                          Association News
                              2010 AAR Officers                                  Do All Your
                                                                         Continuing Education Online
               The following members were elected to leader-
                                                               The Association now has online courses approved
               ship positions at the recent annual convention.
                                                               for continuing education credit. All 8 hours of des-
                                                               ignated credit (DCE) along with 28 hours of elec-
               President               Russell Joyce
                                                               tive credit (ECE) are offered online. All courses
                                       Prudential Jack
                                                               are in 6 hour segments.
                                       White Vista RE
                                                                              Property Disclosures
               President-Elect         Helen Jarratt
                                                                         2 hrs DCE/4 hrs ECE = 6 hours
                                       RE/MAX Properties
                                                                              Buyer Representation
               Vice President          Joni Schneider
                                                                         2hrs DCE/4 hrs ECE = 6 hours
                                       Heartland Realty
                                                                      Ethics in Today’s Real Estate World
               Secretary               Kathryn Clark
                                                                         2 hrs DCE/4 hrs ECE = 6 hours
                                       Dynamic Properties
                                                                                Mortgage Fraud
               Treasurer               Don McKenzie
                                                                         2hrs DCE/4 hrs ECE = 6 hours
                                       RE/MAX Properties
                                                                            Electronic Transactions
               Directors at Large      Amy Krier
                                                                                  6 hours ECE
                                       Advantage Alaska Realty
                                                                   Property Management & Managing Risk
                                       Dan Lee
                                                                                 6 Hours ECE
                                       RE/MAX Properties
               National Director       PeggyAnn McConnochie
                                                               NAR Launches Right Tools, Right Now
                                       ACH Consulting
                                                                 The current state of the economy and housing
                        2010 Leadership Conference
                                                                 market presents REALTOR® members with
               The Alaska Association of Realtors® 2010
               Leadership Conference will be held Monday -       to their association for help in addressing them.
               Tuesday, January 11-12, 2010 at the BP Energy     Members need valuable tools that can help them
               Center in Anchorage. Adorna Carroll with          in their daily efforts - today.
               Dynamic Directions will be conducting leader-
               ship training on Monday.                          How? The National Association of REALTORS®
                                                                 has developed an initiative that will provide a va-
                             E-Pro Elective Credit               riety of publications, education, services, resourc-

               The Alaska Association of Realtors® has reduced pricing.
               obtained approval from the Alaska Real Estate
               Commission for 12 hours elective continuing Watch for monthly additions to the products and
                                                             services. All the details and downloadable mate-
               2008-2009 licensing renewal period.           rials are available at www.realtor.org/RightTools.

               apply for your CE credit by sending a copy of

               8    Alaska REALTOR® • October 2009

newsletter.indd 8                                                                                                       9/29/2009 3:27:49 PM
                    You live and work
                     in a great community.
                     Alaska USA Mortgage Company
                     is right around the corner
                     with local originators, local
                     underwriting, and local service.

                      Convenient office locations near you.
                              Anchorage/    Elmendorf AFB/
                                 Dimond     Ft. Richardson
                                563-3033    689-3246
                              Eagle River   Soldotna
                                694-7030    714-4395
                                  Palmer    Kenai
                                761-5201    395-4501
                                  Wasilla   Homer
                                352-8300    226-8805
                               Fairbanks    Juneau
                                455-4400    789-2735
                                    (800) 737-3033

                       People you know. A name you can trust.

                                                                October 2009 • Alaska REALTOR® 9

newsletter.indd 9                                                                            9/29/2009 3:27:50 PM
                       Home Valuation Code of Conduct
                                                 “Navigating the New Landscape”

                       he home valuation Code of Conduct tion, including ordering or managing an appraisal

               T       (HVCC) establishes standards for solicita- assignment.

               interest and appraiser independence. It became
                                                                   impact on appraisal practices as lenders must now
               effective May 1, 2009, for any mortgage that will
               be sold to Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. Federal       comply with the new requirements of the Code in
               Housing Administration (FHA) and Federal Home       order to sell their mortgages to the government-
               Loan Bank (FHLB) mortgages are not covered in       sponsored enterprises (GSPs).
               the agreement.
                                                                           The following are some frequently asked
                       Mortgage brokers and real estate agents questions from NAR to help our members navi-
               are prohibited from selecting appraisers. Lend- gate this new appraisal landscape.
               ers are permitted to use “in house” staff appraisers
               to conduct appraisals. However, the loan produc- Does this agreement concern only mortgages in
               tion staff is prohibited from (1) selecting, retain- certain states?
                                                                    No, this agreement applies to mortgages across
               of an appraiser for an appraisal assignment or for the country. Starting May 1, 2009 the GSEs will
               inclusion on an appraisal roster and (2) having not purchase single-family loans from mortgage
               any substantive conversation with an appraiser or originators in any state that do not agree to adopt
               appraisal management company regarding valua- the Code.
                                                                         Does this agreement apply to all lenders?
                                                                         Lenders not selling their loans to Fannie
                                                                         Mae or Freddie Mac are not obligated to
                                                                         adhere to the HVCC.

                                                                         Who is responsible for applying the
                                                                         The GSEs apply the new code to lenders
                                                                         selling mortgages on the secondary mort-
                                                                         gage market.

                                                                         What does this agreement mean for the
                                                                         independent appraiser?
                                                                         Independent appraisers, appraisal compa-
                                                                         nies, and appraisers managed by lenders
                                                                         or settlement companies must continue to
                                                                         meet appropriate standards of appraiser in-
                                                                         dependence, including the Uniform Stan-
                                                                         dards of Professional Appraisal Practice
                                                                         (USPAP) and maintaining relevant state

                                                                                           (HVCC, continue on page 11)

               10    Alaska REALTOR® •October 2009

newsletter.indd 10                                                                                                       9/29/2009 3:27:53 PM
                     (HVCC, continued from page 10)                     Are lenders required to work through appraisal
                                                                        management companies?
                     What does the agreement mean for REAL- No, lenders may order appraisals directly from an
                     TORS?                                              individual appraiser. Lenders that utilize in-house
                     Individual REALTORS and licensed real estate appraisers can still order appraisals as long as
                     agents cannot serve as a third party between a
                     lender and appraiser. This includes selection, re-
                     tention, and compensation of an appraiser.
                                                                                                                   More Than 70% of NAR Appraiser
                     Broker REALTORS that offer services as a lender                                               members reported that consumers
                                                                                                                   were paying higher fees since the
                     comply fully with the HVCC is there is an expec-                                                HVCC rules went into effect
                     tation that their loans will be purchased by Fannie
                     Mae or Freddie Mac after May 1, 2009.
                                                                                                            they are independent of the loan production staff
                     Are real estate agents prohibited from communi-
                     cation with appraisers?                                                                manages loan production.
                     No, A third party, including Realtors and real es-
                     tate agents, can still ask appraisers for additional                                   Does the Code apply to all mortgage?
                     information, provide additional information to an                                      No, the code applies to 1-4 unit single-family
                     appraiser, or ask for corrections of factual errors.                                   loans sold to Fannie Mae by mortgage origina-
                                                                                                                                    (HVCC, continue on page 14)

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                        HomeChoice™ seminars educate Alaskans on the process, programs, lenders, real estate
                        professionals, budgets and terminology.
                        HomeChoice™ seminars help potential buyers assess their goals and needs. Whether
                        they are buying their first home, their tenth, or simply refinancing, attending a HomeChoice™
                        seminar helps them make sure they are making the right choice.
                        HomeChoice™ seminars are offered throughout Alaska, and we are coming
                        to your area soon. Pre-registration is required. Visit www.ahfc.us/workshops for
                        statewide seminar schedules, or email: register@ahfc.state.ak.us.

                        Toll Free 1-800-459-2921 | 907-330-8437 | register@ahfc.state.ak.us | www.ahfc.us

                                                                                                                             October 2009 • Alaska REALTOR® 11

newsletter.indd 11                                                                                                                                          9/29/2009 3:27:53 PM
                            2009 Convention Highlights
                                              Thank you to ev-                Kachemak Board of Realtors®
                                              eryone who at-                     Most Improved Board
                                              tended the 2009
                                              Alaska Associa-                         RPAC Auction
                                              tion of REAL-           The Realtors Political Action Committee (RPAC)
                                              TORS® Conven-           raised $19,735.00.
                                              tion in Fairbanks,
                                              Alaska. Chairman                Major RPAC Donors ($1,000)
                                              Melissa Bidwell
                                              and her commit-         Art Clark            Uli Johnson
                                              tee did a fantastic     Kathryn Clark        Eva Loken
               job on the Convention. Thank you, Fairbanks!           Lisa Connor ($5,000) Joe Rogers
               Here are a few highlights from the Convention.         Sandy Eherenman      Jackie Rosenthal
                                                                      Beverly Floerchinger Carla Sanders
                          RPAC Traveling Awards                       Roger Floerchinger   Dave Somers
                                                                      Glenda Feeken        Judy Somers
                         Kodiak Board of Realtors®                    Helen Jarratt        Janice Strong ($4,500)
                                                                      PeggyAnn McConnochie
                        Highest Percentage Over Goal

                        Kachemak Board of Realtors®
                      Highest Percentage of Participation

                            Hartig Rhodes Hoge & Lekisch, P.C.
                                                        Attorneys at Law

                                   Proudly Serving Alaska for Over 36 Years
                                    Commercial and Residential Transactions,
                               Leasing, Litigation, Commercial Real Estate Lending,
                                               And Condominium Law
                                                      Chris Hyatt     Todd Timmermans
                                                   Michael Jungreis    Catherine Rogers

                                                         717 K Street
                                                     Anchorage, AK 99501
                                              (907) 276-1592 fax (907) 277-4352

               12 Alaska REALTOR® • October 2009

newsletter.indd 12                                                                                                     9/29/2009 3:27:54 PM
                             Dave Feeken Scholarship Fund                               Ruth Blackwell
                      The Association is creating a Dave Feeken Schol-                $300 – Auction Item
                     arship Fund. Items were auctioned off to raise
                     funds for the scholarship.
                                                                                      $250 – Auction Item
                     The following have donated to the Dave Feeken
                     Scholarship Fund:
                                                                         The following people contributed items to the
                           Greater Fairbanks Board of Realtors           auction for the scholarship fund:

                                       Terry Bryan                                      Dave Somers
                                 $2,000 – Auction item.                                 Debra Leisek
                       Terry purchased an antique piece of furniture              Kachemak Board of Realtors
                          and donated it back to the Association.                      Glenda Feeken
                                                                                        Janice Strong
                                       Roger Porto
                                  $1,300 – Auction Item                  Thank you to everyone who donated items and to
                                                                         those who purchased items at the RPAC auction
                            Kenai Peninsula Board of Realtors            and the Dave Scholarship Fund. Your efforts are
                                         $1,000                          greatly appreciated.
                                      Mark Korting
                                   $450 – Auction Item

                                                                                         October 2009 • Alaska REALTOR® 13

newsletter.indd 13                                                                                                     9/29/2009 3:27:55 PM
               (HVCC, continued from page 11)                      No. Lenders may choose to use a pre-approved
                                                                   list or panel but are not required to do so by the
               Does the HVCC apply to FHA loans?                   Code. Lenders choosing to use a pre-approval
               No. Only Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have list or panel must ensure the (1) employees of the
               agreed to adopt the code. The HVCC does not lender tasked with selecting the appraisers are in-
               apply to FHA loans and the Federal Home Loan dependent of the loan production staff and (2) loan
               Banks are not participating.                        production staff is not involved with selecting ap-
                                                                   praisers from the list for particular assignments.
               Does the HVCC prohibit borrowers from pro-
               viding payment directly to appraiser?               Appraiser misconduct action will be conducted
               Yes, only the lender or a third party authorized to by state licensing agencies. What is new?
               select and retain the appraiser can provide com- The Code is primarily directed at regulating banks
               pensation to the appraiser.                         and other mortgage lenders and promoting ap-
                                                                   praisal independence.
               Does the borrower get a free copy of the apprais-
               Yes, the Code requires the lenders to provide the
                                                                               Resources can be found at
               borrower a free copy of the appraisal report. The
               lender must provide the copy of the appraisal no
               less than three business days prior to closing.
                                                                          NAR Research: The Impact of HVCC
                                                                               HVCC Myth and Fact Flyer
               Are lenders required to use a pre-approved ap-
                                                                            Complete Language of the HVCC
               praiser list or panel?

               14 Alaska REALTOR® • October 2009

newsletter.indd 14                                                                                                       9/29/2009 3:27:56 PM
               (President’s Message, continued from page 3)            Director: Amy Krier, AAR Director; and Dan Lee,
                                                                       AAR Director.
                       The new RPAC appointees are Denny Wood
               of Anchorage, Joni Schneider of Fairbanks and Ruth              At the General Membership meeting we
               Blackwell of Southeast. They replaced Cody Gib-         also acted upon some By-Law changes. Those
               son, Judy Somers and Carole Winton. All the new         are discussed elsewhere in this newsletter.
               appointees have been very involved with Realtors
               on the State and local levels, and we thank the de-     Another high point of the Convention was the
               parting members for their time and commitment.          RPAC auction. Once again this was an outstanding
                                                                       success. I wish to thank the RPAC Committee for
                       The Kachemak Board of Realtors submit-          all of their hard work on the auction, but I wish to
               ted a proposal for the 2011 State Convention. They      express a special thank you to Terry and Jonathan
               intend hosting us once again at Land’s End Resort.      Bryant and First American Title. For the 14th year
               The Board was delighted to approve the proposal         they have been the sponsor for this event and have
               and we are all looking forward to being in Homer        always been a valued partner in everything we do as
               again.                                                  Alaskan Realtors.
                       As many of you know we lost long time                   At the event we raised in excess of $19,000,
               Realtor Dave Feeken to cancer last year. We had         and additionally we raised $4,500 for the Dave
               many requests to start a scholarship fund to honor      Feeken Scholarship Fund. We especially want to
               Dave’s long commitment to Realtors on both the          thank the people that reached the major donor level
               state and national level. At the Board meeting there    (in excess of $1,000 in contributions). Many of
               was a presentation of a committee report that has       these people have been major donors for years, but
                                                                       we were especially pleased to see some new people
               the Scholarship Fund has not been determined, but       realizing the importance of what RPAC does and
               there was a motion to proceed with the Scholarship      stepping up their contribution level.
               Fund which was seconded and approved. There
               have already been donations to the fund in excess of            Once again I wish to thank everyone in Fair-
               $10,000.                                                banks for a great convention. You have certainly
                                                                       posted a high bar for the next convention. However,
                       I just want to say that it has been my privi-   I am sure that the 2010 convention in Juneau will
               lege working with this Board of Directors. They are     be as great as this one and I am looking forward to
               all dedicated and hardworking individuals working       seeing you all there.
               with great integrity on your
               behalf. I also look forward to
               working with the incoming
               Board of Directors.

                       The new Board was
               voted on at the general mem-
               bership meeting. Congratu-
               cers: Russell Joyce, President;
               Helen Jarratt, President-Elect,
               Art Clark (me) Past President,
               Vice President Joni Schneider,
               Kathryn Clark, Secretary; Don
               McKenzie, Treasurer; Pegg-
               yAnn McConnochie, NAR Di-
               rector; Dave Somers, NAR

               16 Alaska REALTOR® •October 2009

newsletter.indd 16                                                                                                            9/29/2009 3:27:59 PM
                     News Bites from Around the
                               Anchorage                  Fairbanks would like to say a huge
                                                          thanks to everyone who came to
                     ABR hosts forums for brokers only,   the convention this year! We had
                                                          a great time hosting the conven-        was announced at the annual Gen-
                     every two months. Sharon Walsh
                                                          tion and are looking forward to         eral Membership Meeting. We
                     of the Alaska Real Estate Commis-
                                                          next year in Juneau. As we wind         raised $9,706.71! Thank you all
                     sion provides updates on AREC is-
                                                          down from the convention, we are        who donated their time, money and
                                                          gearing up for our annual meeting       goods to this event.
                     ABR continues to meet on a quar-     and elections, which will be held
                                                          on October 1. We are also in the        Our Annual General Member-
                     terly basis with Anchorage Home-
                                                          planning stages for next year, and      ship Meeting was in August and
                     builders Association, AAR, and
                                                          are very excited to be able to work                                       -
                     Mortgage Bankers Association to
                                                          together with the Anchorage Board       rectors: President Stacie Krause,
                     coordinate mutual legislative is-
                                                          of Realtors to be able to hold two      Freedom Realty; President–Elect
                                                          CRS courses in 2010.                    Glenda Feeken, RE/MAX of the
                                                                                                  Peninsula; Vice – President – Les
                     – an introduction to e-pro. One                    Kenai                     Crane, Crane and Associates; Trea-
                                                                                                  surer/Secretary – Ginger Ribelin,
                     20-hour CE education marathon
                                                          We currently have 86 REAL-              Preferred Realty and Management;
                     is scheduled for December 7, 8, 9.
                                                                                                  Director at Large A – Steve Stenga,
                     Additionally, 8 hours of DCE will
                                                       third quarter was busy with Lead-          Stenga Real Estate Group; Direc-
                     be offered on January 20, 2010.
                                                       ership in Chicago and our annual           tor at Large B – Marty Radvansky,
                     All ABR courses are conducted at
                                                       General Membership Meeting and             Soldotna Realty; Director at Large
                     the BP Energy Center.
                                                       Convention in Fairbanks. The last          C - Jo Poindexter, Five Star Re-
                                                                                                  alty; Director at Large D – Linda
                     The Anchorage Board’s annual quarter should be great as we go to
                                                                                                  McLane, Ron Moore Company;
                     meeting will be held at the BP San Diego for the National Con-
                                                                                                  Past President – Esther Chambers,
                     Energy Center on November 2nd vention and host our Awards Ban-
                                                                                                  Freedom Realty. We also passed
                     from 1-3 PM. The Nominating quet in December.
                                                                                                  several changes in our bylaws and
                     Committee has prepared a slate of
                                                       On June 1st our RPAC Committee             did some more housecleaning on
                                                                                                  our Policy and Procedure Manual.
                                                          tennis bracelet valued at $500.         Our REALTOR® of the Year was
                     ABR continues to provide arbi-
                                                          Tickets were the Alaskan Fairshare      also revealed: Glenda Feeken, RE/
                     tration services to our members
                                                          of $25 each or 5 tickets for $99.       MAX of the Peninsula received that
                     and mediation services to REAL-
                                                          We increased our participation          honor from our 2008 REALTOR®
                     TORS®. One ethics complaint
                                                          rate to 82% and raised $3215. The       of the Year Anna Johns, Preferred
                     was resolved through mediation
                                                          lucky ticket was pulled at our An-      Realty.
                     prior to a full professional stan-
                                                          nual General Membership Meeting         The Kenai Peninsula Associa-
                     dards hearing. One arbitration
                                                          and the winning ticket holder was       tion of REALTORS® would like
                     hearing is pending.
                                                          Matt Davis from Five Star Realty.       to thank the following people for
                     ABR has created an entirely new      Our goals were to increase our 99       helping the Dave Feeken Scholar-
                     website. Please visit us at www.     club to at least 40% of the mem-        ship Fund get off the ground and
                     ancboard.com                         bership and 100% participation;         off to a GREAT start: Greater
                                                          we still have a little bit of work to   Fairbanks Board of REALTORS®
                                                          do and hope to get it in before the     for their generous donation; Dave
                                Fairbanks                 October deadline!
                                                                                                     (News Bites continued on page 18)
                                                          Our Annual Hospice Fundraiser
                                                                                                  October 2009 • Alaska REALTOR® 17

newsletter.indd 17                                                                                                                 9/29/2009 3:27:59 PM
               (News Bites continued from page 17)                        Porto, additional education has been offered through-
               The Kenai Peninsula Association of REALTORS®               out the year, exceeding the required courses for li-
               would like to thank the following people for helping       cense renewal this period. The board was pleased to
               the Dave Feeken Scholarship Fund get off the ground        offer low cost, relevant and current education to the
               and off to a GREAT start: Greater Fairbanks Board of       members. For those who missed those opportuni-
               REALTORS® for their generous donation; Dave and            ties, PeggyAnn McConnochie will offer the tradi-
               Judy Somers for a beautiful Oak Secretary; Debra Lei-      tional marathon sessions as follows:
               sek for a unique Ivory and Soapstone hunter in a Kay-                      Sitka October 8 through 10
               ak; the Kachemak Board for a beautiful hand turned                    (deadline to sign up October 1)
               bowl; Glenda Feeken for a Framed Laurel Carnahan
               Gielee of a sled dog team; Janice Strong for a bottle of               Ketchikan October 15 through 17
               2003 Silver Oak Cabernet; Terry Bryan for his win-                    (deadline to sign up October 8)
               ning bid of $2000 on the secretary and then gave it
               back to the Fund; Ruth Blackwell for her winning bid                    Juneau October 22 through 24
               of $300 on the Kayak Hunter; Mark and Julie Kort-                    (deadline to sign up October 15)
               ing on their winning bid of $450 on the hand turned
               bowl; Roger Porto on his winning bid of $1300 for the      SEBR will have their annual meeting on October 23
                                                                          and the annual celebration will be held on October
               her winning bid of $250 for the Cabernet. The Schol-       24. The masquerade ball will offer live entertainment,
               arship is in its infancy and details will be available     RPAC and charity auctions, and promises to be a fun-
               soon! Thank you for your support and generosity!
                                                                          members from AAR to attend. RSVP to sebr@gci.net
               We are still raising money for Danielle Rehm, in mem-      or contact any member for more information.
               ory of her parents. Please donate by either going to
               our website: www.kenaipeninsularealtors.org and by         In September, SEBR donated $250 to Love, Inc.
               giving via PayPal, or going to your local Wells Fargo,     (http://www.loveincjuneau.org)
               account #7758546811. Thank you for your support.
                                                                          Several members attended the AAR Convention in
               You can visit Kenai Peninsula Association of REAL-         Fairbanks and the entire board looks forward to host-
               TORS® many ways! We twitter – KenaiRealtors (still         ing the convention in Juneau for 2010!
               not very well yet), we Facebook – www.fbook.me/
               KPAR, and then there is
               KPAR’s website www.ke-
               naipeninsularealtors.org and                                      ALASKA ESCROW AND TITLE
               our email is kpar@alaska.net                                       INSURANCE AGENCY, INC.
               . Become a friend or follower.
               Support your local RPAC and                                                      2030 SEA LEVEL DRIVE, STE 201
                                                                                                PO BOX 5040
                                                                                                KETCHIKAN, ALASKA 99901
                                                                                                (907) 225-9077 FAX: (907) 225-9076
                                                                                                8800 GLACIER HWY, STE 102
               The Southeast Board of RE-                                                       JUNEAU, ALASKA 99801
               ALTORS® was pleased to                                                           (907) 789-1161 FAX: (907) 789-1159

               offer continuing education by
               Claudia Wicks (www.rebase-
               camp.com) during the month
               of August. Over a period of
               three days, 13 hours of con-
                                                                          COMPLETE TITLE INSURANCE
               tinuing education was of-                                  AND ESCROW SERVICES FOR
               fered. With the assistance of                                 SOUTHEAST ALASKA
               Ruth Blackwell and Roger
               18 Alaska REALTOR® •October 2009

newsletter.indd 18                                                                                                                   9/29/2009 3:28:00 PM
                                     Alaska Chapter Council of Residential Specialists
                                                      3340 Arctic Blvd. Suite 101 • Anchorage, Alaska 99503
                                                                   Earn the CRS Designation

                                                  offered by the Council of Residential Specialists. The CRS Designation is the highest

                                                  than 5 percent of all REALTORS® hold the CRS designation.

                                                                                    Again, I want to thank our many wonder-
                     The View From Here                                      ful sponsors. You are a very special group to us
                                                                             and our mission would lack if not for this gener-
                     By Denny Wood, CRS,GRI                                  ous support. Corporate level, First American Title
                     Alaska CRS Chapter President                            and Residential Mortgage; educational sponsor,

                                                                             Homestate Mortgage, Alyeska Title, Homes and

                            all is in the air and winter is just around
                                                                             Land Magazine and our many luncheon and event
                            the corner. It is time to button up your real
                                                                             sponsors, Stewart Title, The Home Book, Advan-
                            estate business and start making plans for
                                                                             tage Mortgage, Commercially Clean, Housemas-
                     your 2010 business. A great place to start is plan-
                                                                             ters, and JCT Services. I would ask that you give
                     ning what you will do to increase your business in
                                                                             our sponsors some of your business as a way of
                     2010. Plan to attend CRS 205 Financing and Tax
                                                                             saying thank you.
                     Course with Tina Daniel, CRS in February and
                     CRS 201 Listing Course with Gee Dunsten, CRS
                                                                                   If you are not a CRS and would like
                     in October. Make yourself stronger and ready to
                                                                             more information, go to www.AlaskaCRS.
                     attack the market. Also, go back through the books
                                                                             com or feel free to give me a call at (907) 337-
                     from the past CRS courses you have taken and
                     resurrect those skills and build upon them. The
                     remainder of 2009 will be a great year for us all.
                     Don’t forget what CRS training can do for your             Service you can count on.
                     Residential Specialist designation but earn 25%
                     of the commissions. The difference…education!

                            The 2009 Convention was a resounding
                     success. CRS Senior Instructors Marcie Rogow,
                     CRS and Pat Zaby, CRS, CCIM were there pre-
                     senting classes. The CRS lunch sponsored by
                     First American Title was the start of our largest
                     fundraiser to date for our charity “Kid’s Kitchen.”
                                                                                      Title and escrow services for
                     The Alaska REALTORS® raised enough to pre-                       residential, commercial, and
                     pare over 1000 healthy meals for needy children.                    investment properties.
                     Thank you for your generosity.

                             When you see Dale Lamoreux, congratu-                          (907) 646-6498
                     late her as the 2009 CRS of the Year. She is very               (877) 646-6498 toll free outside Anchorage

                     the Alaska CRS Chapter over the years.
                                                                                                  October 2009 • Alaska REALTOR® 19

newsletter.indd 19                                                                                                                   9/29/2009 3:28:01 PM
                               Special Thanks To All Our
                              2009 Convention Sponsors
                     First American Title of Alaska     Sunrise Bagel & Espresso
                       RPAC Night, RPAC Reception             Coffee Service

               Alaska USA Mortgage Company
                 Keynote Speaker Troy McClain               Convention Bags

                         Yukon Title Company             Residential Mortgage
                             Ice Breaker                   Wine with Dinner

                 Alaska Multiple Listing Service      Alyeska Title Guaranty Agency
                   Opening Ceremony, Breakfast               Neck Lanyards
                   Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

                         Mt. McKinley Bank              Wednesday Entertainment
                      Past Presidents/ Realtor® of
                          the Year Luncheon
                                                        Spirit of Alaska FCU
                                                       Wednesday Entertainment
                        Fairbanks Title Agency
                                                       Wells Fargo Home Mortgage
                        Title Insurance Agency
                               Awards Night              Thursday Entertainment

                                                        State Farm Insurance
                     Alaska Housing Finance Corp.
                             Trade Show
                                                           Hospitality Room

                         HSA Home Warranty
                                                           Denali State Bank
                                                             Photo Booth

                                                      Fairbanks Board of Realtors®
                              Friday Lunch              Marcie Roggow & Pat Zaby
               20 Alaska REALTOR® •October 2009

newsletter.indd 20                                                                    9/29/2009 3:28:01 PM
                     October 2009 • Alaska REALTOR® 21

newsletter.indd 21                                 9/29/2009 3:28:55 PM
newsletter.indd 22   9/29/2009 3:28:57 PM
newsletter.indd 23   9/29/2009 3:28:59 PM
                                        PRSRT STD
                                    U.S. POSTAGE PAID
                                       PERMIT #262
  Alaska Association of REALTORS®
  4205 Minnesota Drive
  Anchorage, Alaska 99503
  (907)563-7133 (907)561-1779

newsletter.indd 24                                9/29/2009 3:29:00 PM

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