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Jeep Safari


									Tour Type : Limited participation

                                                                                                              Jeep Safari

 Tour Duration :
 5,5 - 6 hours

 Min.# of guests :
 4 guests

 Max.# of guests :
 24 guests

 Meals :

 Refreshments :

 Walking Level :
                            Excellent minutes full of excitement in the tourism city of the world is waiting for you. On one hand
 Dress Code :Comfort-       while traveling the cool caves, which are 7 layers under the surface of the earth that Christians had
 able walking shoes with    excavated 1700 years ago; on the other hand you can drink tea with the villagers in the neighborhood
 rubber sole and a hat with village and discuss how the best speckled trout is cooked. You can travel Rome Ruins in Antalya,
 sunshade are reccom-       learn the old pots and pans art in Göreme.The most important principle of Safari Turkey is to present
 mended.                    the safest and the best jeep safari tours to our valuable clients. For this reason, in the safari time
                            yourselves use the jeeps. Our jeeps are Suzuki Vitara or Suzuki Samurai. Since we consider about
                            the best for you, all our vehicles have clima. Our tours are flexible, do not address to a specific age
                            and do not need experience. And please do not forget that there is certainly existence of international
                            guides and technical staff in all groups.

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