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                  January 28– 30, 2010
                      Toronto, Ontario

           MuseuM retAiL
        & Visitor serVices

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                                         18th Museum Retail and Visitor Services Symposium!
                                         January 28–30, Toronto Airport Hilton, Toronto, ON
The 2010
Planning                                 THREE DAYS OF NETWORKING,
Committee                                PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT
The 2010 Program Planning                AND PURCHASING OPPORTUNITIES
Committee is a group of
volunteers who work diligently           Dear Colleague:
to develop strong interactive
programming that meets                   “The times they are a changing”... global warming, the recession, the drop in tourism
your needs!
                                         and increased competition are all affecting our respective institutions and how we work.
n   John Alexander                       The 2010 Museum Retail and Visitor Services Symposium provides you with the tools
    The Textile Museum,                  and strategies you need to stay on top of your game and ahead of your competition
    Toronto, ON
                                         in this challenging and ever-changing environment.
n   Chantal Demers
    Bibliothèque du Parlement            You’ll see that we have changed our location and dates. This is in response to the
    Ottawa, ON                           Toy Fair and By Hand joining forces with the CGTA Gift Show.
n   Farrah May Gendron
                                         The 2010 program offers you one of the best professional opportunities available to
    Royal Canadian Mint
    Ottawa, ON                           museum personnel responsible for any aspect of visitor services and retail operations.
                                         As well, we’re offering you the opportunity to meet one-on-one to discuss your specific
n   Nancy Helmers
                                         needs with our experts. Please see the registration form for further details. Discover
    Burlington Art Centre
    Burlington ON                        new ideas and practical solutions, the best practices and services, and unsurpassed
                                         networking opportunities with your colleagues.
n   Robert Laidler
    Oak Hammock Marsh                    The 2010 Symposium is your opportunity to renew, re-connect and
    Interpretive Centre
    Stonewall, MB                        re-energize for the coming year with your colleagues from across Canada.
                                         Don’t miss out — register today!
n   Janet Pieschel
                                                                                                                    BES ER
    Calgary Police Interpretive Centre
    Calgary, AB                          Register before January 7, 2010 and save!
n   Sabrina Pinkerton                                                                                               OFF
    Vancouver Aquarium Marine

    Science Centre
    Vancouver, BC

    Sue-Ann Ramsden
                                         Ask Our Experts: One-on-One Consultations
    Canadian Museums Association
    Toronto, ON
                                         We are delighted to offer individual 60-minute consultation sessions
n   Donn Sabean                          with industry experts.
    Art Gallery of Nova Scotia
    Halifax, NS                          $150. Space is limited — consultations awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.
                                         Please refer to the Registration Form.
n   Andre Wattie
    Toronto Zoo

                                         SURVIVE • REVIVE • THRIVE

                      thursdAy, JAnuAry 28
8:45 am – 9:00 am         Symposium Opening

9:00 am – 10:00 am        Super Session
                          Is their a Buy Button in the Brain?
                          Selling to the Old Brain for Instant Success
                      	   Bob	Bailey,	SalesBrain™
                          Drawing from the latest findings in neuroscience, Bob Bailly provides a new, groundbreaking
                          method to influence your visitors. The SalesBrain model is proven to create and deliver
                          compelling messages that will help you attract more visitors, accelerate sales, close more
                          transactions, and trigger positive decisions. This session will:
                               • offer unique insights into how decisions are made by the human brain
                               • describe why the “Old Brain” — also commonly called the “Reptilian Brain” —
                                 is the ultimate decision-maker
                               • unveil the six stimuli that will directly impact and persuade the “Old Brain”
                               • teach revolutionary techniques that will allow you to convey your message in
                                 a unique, memorable and meaningful way
                          About Your Presenter: Bob Bailly represents SalesBrain in Canada. He develops customer
                          focused go to market programs using findings from Neuroscience that helps institutions
                          and companies improve their ACT: Accelerating sale cycle times, Closing more transactions
                          and Triggering positive decisions. Until joining SalesBrain five years ago, Bob built a career
                          that spanned over 25-years as a marketing and brand planner, manager, and director with a
                          number of international advertising agencies and design firms. Bob has worked with a broad
                          cross-section of local, national and internationally recognized clients — marketing everything
                          from packaged goods, airlines, telecommunications, tourism, educational and environmental
                          products. In the mid 90’s, Bob led and managed teams with Scali Mcabe Sloves, BBDO and
                          Karo Design on accounts including Fairmont Hotels and Resorts, Telus, Canadian Airlines and
                          the Government of Alberta. Bob received a B.Sc. degree from the University of Calgary, is a
                          past President of the Alberta Chapter of the American Marketing Association, has received
                          certification in Brand Management Principles from the Design Management Institute in Boston
                          and is the only person in Canada certified to teach Neuromarketing principles on behalf of
                          SalesBrain. He is a pragmatic, disciplined communicator that works with passion, sensitivity and

10:00 am – 10:15 am       Networking break

10:15 am – 11:15 am       Educational Sessions
                      1. The Art and Science of Retail Design
                      	   Presenter:	Bruce	Smith,	DMD
                          Where stores were once simply the end of the line in the distribution chain, they are more and
                          more the point where customers educate themselves, compare features, socialize and gain pleasure
                          and entertainment from their purchasing experience. During this session, you will learn how retail
                          environments influence customer behaviour, impact their impressions on the brand and encourage
                          them to buy. You will be exposed to the tools of environmental design including layouts, graphic
                          communications, finishes, lighting, merchandising, displays and more. Above all, you will learn
                          about the art and science that makes some retailers successful and how their organization can
                          leverage this important expertise.
                          About DMD: DMD Inc. is an award-winning firm that creates design solutions for retail clients. With
                          more than 20 years of experience, DMD brings together a multidisciplinary team of interior, industrial,
                          graphic and architectural designers. The DMD methodology consistently delivers unique and inspiring
                          results for the company’s clients including AT&T, T-Mobile USA, Bell Canada, Limited Brands, Canon
                          Canada, Nike Canada and Loblaws Company Limited.

                      2. What do we Know? We do you Know?
                         What Can we Learn from Each Other?
                      	   Presenters:	Vito	Curalli,	Hilton	Hotels	Canada	and	Lisa	Tompkins,	CN	Tower
                          What can museums teach hotels and other attractions about the visitor/guest experience and what
                          can museums learn from hotels and other attractions? Join speakers from three diverse fields as
                          they explore each entity’s approach to setting, managing, and exceeding visitor/guest expectations.

11:15 pm – 12:15 pm       Educational Sessions
                      1. The Art and Science of Retail Design Case Study:
                         Toronto Zoo
                      	   Presenters:	David	Milne	and	Mark	Stinson,	DMD;	Andre	Wattie,	Toronto	Zoo
                          In 2009, the Toronto Zoo and DMD Retail Design worked together to rejuvenate the Zoo’s flagship,
                          three thousand square foot retail boutique. Attendees will learn how the team created a new brand and
                          environment that meets all of the Toronto Zoo’s performance objectives while taking into consideration
                          organizational values such as sustainability and a commitment to the lives of the animals that make the
                          zoo their home. Attendees will learn how the to create your own design program and how if
                          done successfully the program can set the stage for future growth.

                      2. We Get By with a Little Help from our Friends:
                         Big Ideas...Little Bucks
                      	   Facilitators:	Jacques	Bourgeois	and	Cathy	Wasserman,	Oak	Hammock	Marsh		
                      	   Interpretive	Centre	
                          Big ideas don’t have to cost big bucks to promote and market your facility! Looking for new and
                          innovative ideas to attract visitors at the same time as helping to promote your facility? Are there
                          times when your facility is under-utilized and too few visitors are coming through your front door?
                          Learn new ideas and refine old processes to create opportunities for increasing sales and traffic at
                          your institution. This interactive session will show you how a little creativity can go a long way toward
                          increasing visitation and positively affecting your bottom line.

12:15 pm – 1:15 pm        Lunch
                          Supported by: St. Joseph Printing

1:15 pm – 2:15 pm       Information Exchanges by Institutional Type
                    • Museums & Historic Sites — Budgets <$250,000
                    • Museums & Historic Sites — Budgets >$250,000
                    • Art Galleries
                    • Parks, Zoos, Aquariums and Nature Centres

2:15 pm – 3:15 pm       Educational Sessions
                    1. Half as Long...Twice as Smart
                    	   Presenters:	Don	Beaubier,	Colony	of	Avalon	and	George	Hartlan,	Friends	of	Riding		                           	
                    	   Mountain	National	Park
                        If you are a small, seasonal operation facing what you believe are overwhelming issues — you are
                        not alone! These institutions are very different. What they have is common is the need to meet their
                        challenges head on. This session will provide you with great tips and ideas on how you too can meet
                        your challenges head on.

                    2. How Can Web 2.0 Help Your Institution — Part 1
                        Your Website, your online boutique, Newsletter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Yahoo answers, Wikipedia,
                        Twitter…and so many more are ready to be discovered! This session provides an introduction to the
                        various aspects of Web 2.0, the importance of social media and some practical ways to use the new
                        Web and technology as an effective communications tool.

3:15 pm – 3:30 pm       Networking break

3:30 pm – 4:30 pm       Educational Sessions
                    1. The Need to Read
                        In lean times are books a luxury or an imperative? In this interactive session you’ll hear the perspective
                        of both the “seller” and buyer of books. Topics include:
                              •   what motivates visitors to buy books?
                              •   how much of your product mix should be books?
                              •   are book sales strong?
                              •   which genres are selling best
                              •   how can you work successfully with publishers to strengthen your book sales.

                    2. How Can Web 2.0 Help Your Institution — Part 2
                        In the continuation of this session, attendees will learn how your museum can create personal
                        connections, and establish ongoing relationship with visitors, helping to create lifelong customers.

4:30 pm – 7:00 pm       Meet & Greet at the 2010 CMA EXPO
                    Reconnect with old friends and a make a few new ones at the 2010 CMA Expo. Connect with tried and true
                    vendors as well as meet new suppliers who offer a wide variety of products and services especially for museum
                    shops. The evening is topped off with our annual ice breaker — Whose Line Is It Anyway?

                      FridAy, JAnuAry 29
8:30 am – 9:30 am         General Session
                          Tough Year for Tourism
                          Recession, passport rules, the dollar’s rise and poor weather in central and eastern Canada — it’s the
                          recipe for what has been the toughest year for tourism sine the SARS epidemic struck in 2003. There’s
                          little doubt that given these conditions your visitors are re-examining how they spend their money, and
                          they’re hanging back. Don’t despair — your institution can thrive during these challenging times if you
                          implement the correct strategies. More than survive the economic downturn, you’ll find out how to revive,
                          thrive and energize your staff and institution.

9:30 am – 6:00 pm         Off-Site Study Tour to the Niagara Region

                      sAturdAy, JAnuAry 30
9:00 am – 10:00 am        Super Session
                          What do They Want?
                          A Journey Towards Becoming ‘Visitor-Centred’
                      	   Tim	Willis,	Director,	Exhibits	and	Visitor	Experience,	Royal	British	Columbia	Museum
                          In today’s fast-changing world, understanding your visitors can make a real difference to the ‘bottom line’
                          and to staying relevant. Don’t assume you know your market and the needs of your visitors. Seek out the
                          information — you may be surprised at what you find. Fortunately, the information needed to unlock this
                          success is often right in front of us. Tim takes us on an journey of strange twists and turns as he explores
                          one museum’s experience in the search for what the visitor wants.

10:00 am – 10:15 am       Networking break

10:15 am – 11:15 am       Educational Sessions
                      1. Case Study: Transforming the Gift Shop Into a Museum Store
                      	   Presenter:	Brian	McAlonie,	Thinking	Outside	the	Square
                          Are you looking for ways to create a one-of-a-kind destination? Are you concerned about increasing your
                          traffic levels and keeping visitors in your store longer? Looking for ways to gain a competitive edge and
                          increase your shops’ revenues in these challenging times? This session will help you understand how to
                          brand your store, making it a one-of-a-kind destination by extending the museum experience into your
                          retail space; how you can successfully work with educators and curators to access the tools needed to
                          execute this approach and finally to create and implement an “interpretive” plan for your store.
                      2. Keys to Engaging Visitors with Food services
                      	   Presenter:	Geoff	Wilson,	fsStrategy
                          Food services can add significantly to the visitor experience in today’s cultural facilities. Unfortunately,
                          they can also be a flashpoint for visitor dissatisfaction. This session will highlight actionable keys to
                          engaging visitors with food services. Topics include:
                          • Food services: a service or a revenue generator?
                          • Successful positioning of food services:
                               • Food service needs of your target market
                               • Selecting the right concepts
                               • Integrating food services with the overall visitor experience
                          • Delivering on key trends in food service
                               • Dining out trends, including healthy food options
                               • Green initiatives
                               • Sustaining a high level of food and service quality
                               • Branded versus in-house food service concepts
                          • Maximizing the benefits of catering
                          • Selecting the right food service management option — self-operation, management contract, lease
                          Be sure to come with questions to ask our expert!
                          About fsSTRATEGY: fsSTRATEGY is an alliance of senior consultants focusing on business strategy
                          support — research, analysis, design and implementation — for the food service industry. The team
                          has extensive consulting experience in food services in all sectors of the food service industry including
                          commercial restaurants, hotels and resorts, institutions (healthcare, education, business and industry),
                          attractions and the retail sector. In 2008, fsSTRATEGY was granted the Premier’s Silver Award by the
                          Premier of Alberta along with its Alberta Agriculture client representatives for excellence in the Alberta
                          Foodservice Value Chain Initiative. Founded by Bill Dover and Geoff Wilson. fsSTRATEGY has a number
                          of sub-consultants with a variety of skill sets and expertise that work with us as determined by the
                          client needs

11:15 am – 12:15 pm       Educational Sessions
                      1. Interactive Workshop: Cost-Effective Museum Store Design
                         — Planning in These Uncertain Times
                      	   Workshop	Leader:	Brian	McAlonie,	Thinking	Outside	the	Square
                          Is you store looking tired but you’ve been told that there are no funds for a comprehensive makeover
                          or redesign? Brian will share some cost effective design solutions that can easily be integrated into your
                          retail store incrementally that will in turn help you increase sales? Brian will help attendees identify
                          and discuss floor plans and traffic flow, wall, ceiling and window treatments, floor coverings, lighting,
                          fixturing, visual merchandising, signage, graphic treatment, as well as your merchandise mix. Additionally,
                          you’ll learn how to make design change without breaking the bank!

                      2. Hiring and Firing — All in a Day’s Work!
                      	   Presenter:	Erica	Lewis,	Toronto	Zoo
                          “New” and experienced managers are often faced with having to hire, discipline, and sometimes
                          terminate staff, often with little guidance or training. Managers must also enforce policies and procedures
                          unique to their institution’s environment, such as what to do about budding summer romances among
                          seasonal staff. Do front-line managers really understand the implications arising out of these human
                          resource functions? This session will not only explore how legal issues and human resource functions
                          are intertwined, but will also provide practical tips for managers to help them avoid potential pitfalls.

12:15 pm – 1:15 pm        Lunch

1:30 pm – 2:30 pm       General Session
                        Museum Consortium Buying Program
                    	   Presenters:	Robert	Laidler	and	Sue-Ann	Ramsden	with	cameo	appearances	by	institutions		
                    	   who	have	participated	in	the	program

2:30 pm – 2:45 pm       Networking break

2:45 pm – 3:45 pm       Educational Sessions
                    1. Museum Retail — Beyond Your Four Walls
                    	   Presenters:	Catherine	Dempsey,	Newfoundland	Historic	Sites,	Sabrina	Pinkerton,		 	                       	
                    	   Vancouver	Aquarium	Marine	Science	Centre	
                        Don’t be constrained by the four walls of your institution! It’s easier than you think to move outside
                        your four walls. Two seasoned professionals share with attendees the do’s and don’t of having a retail
                        presence beyond your institution.

                    2. Passes, Programmes and Promotions
                       — Weighing the Pros and Cons of Participation.
                        There are many opportunities to increase your visibility in the marketplace. When do you participate,
                        and when do you pass? A case history presentation followed by a discussion regarding partnering,
                        programmes and opportunities will help you determine what’s best for your institution. Please come
                        prepared to share your own experiences.

3:45 pm – 5:00 pm       General Session
                        What Now? What Next?
                    	   Moderator:	Michael	Wallace,	the	Theatre	Museum	of	Canada	
                    	   Panelists:	Ted	Silberberg,	Lord	Cultural	Resources;	Tom	Smart,	McMichael	Canadian		
                    	   Art	Collection
                        Canada’s current economic state continues to be top of mind and everyone from front of house staff
                        to the directors’ office is feeling the pressure. But what goes down must eventually go back up and
                        when it does, you need to be ready! This session will discuss the current economic situation and
                        provide projections for the future. The panelists will examine:
                             • The impact of the recession on consumer behaviour now and in the future
                             • The performance of sectors of the economy that impact the cultural community and
                               what this means for our levels of visitation and our bottom line
                             • The opportunities that exist in the midst of the downturn and how our institutions
                               can take advantage of them
                        The final session of the 2010 Symposium is a session you will not want to miss!

5:00 pm – 7:00 pm       Closing Reception
                        Supported by: Concepts 401

                                                 18th Museum Retail and Visitor Services Symposium
                                                 Toronto Airport Hilton, Toronto, ON
                                                 January 28 – 30, 2010
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The CMA reserves the right to cancel or change any of the sessions or events published.

  hoteL AccoMModAtion
  The Hilton Toronto Airport has been selected as Host Hotel for the Symposium. To make your reservation, please call 905-677-9900.
  Please specify you will be attending the CMA’s Museum Retail and Visitor Services Symposium when you reserve your room.
  The room rate for a premium room is $125 (plus taxes) for single or double occupancy and will be extended for three extra days
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