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									Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Hello everyone, this is my Blog page, be sure and read all the comments that are left, and
please feel free to reply, and or make your own comments. This is also where you will
find my comments .

Tasha and I arrived in San Ignacio on Saturday, 25 August, we arrived in the middle of
the day.

After I arrived I went into partnership with David's adventure Tours and started
construction of a new cabana at David's camp ground known as "El Guacamayo". The
construction process has been slow, but we are nearing completion and the new cabana
should be ready by the end of February, 2008.

I now have internet access and will post to this Blog on a regular basis, and will post
pictures of the progress of the new cabana.

Be sure and check the photo album, . God bless you all.


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Wednesday, 18 July 2007 - 4:38 PM MDT

Name: "Larry Wellington"

Good evening friends, Greetings from Mexico, we arrived at our first destination Ciudad
Victoria at 4:30 this evening. We fought heavy rain and wind all the way from South
Padre Island, TX. to this beautiful town located at the foothills of the Madre Oriental
mountains. Not sure of name of the mountain range, but it is beautiful to look at. We
crossed the border about 12:00, and headed south, about 12:30 we were stopped by the
local police for doing 50 in a 40 zone, however all the other traffic was doing 50-60
KPH, but I had CO. Plates on the truck, not Mexican plates, that is what made the
difference. it took $100.00 US to buy him off, that has to be a full months pay for the
officer, Oh well, live and learn.

Having a wonderful time, BB is great company and a pleasure to have along. In spite of
the weather the trip has been a lot of fun and very interesting, we plan to spend the day
here tomorrow and check out the sites and points of interests
Be sure and check out the 4 pictures I uploaded, and remember, we are thinking of you
all and miss you all.

In Gods name,

Larry & BB

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Friday, 20 July 2007 - 7:28 PM MDT

Name: "Larry Wellington"

Buenos Noches amigo's, Lita and I arrived at our second destination in Mexico, San Luis
Potosi, MX. We left Victoria this morning about 10:30, and arrived here around 5 PM, I
say around because for the first hour we were hoplessly lost, the town is 625 K
population and very large. we stopped and asked a cab driver for directions, and he got us
fairly close, but still no Hotel, next we asked an elderly gentelman on the street, and he
gave us detailed directions, of course neither BB or I understood a word he said, so we
were still lost. Next we saw two police cars stopped alongside the road giving assistance
to a motorist who's car had broken down.

when we asked the police for directions they were very helpfull, and said that when they
finished with there present task, they would help us. With no doubt, the only english the
police officer knew he looked at us and waved and said " Follow Me", and with red lights
flashing, we were off, Thank God he led us, because it was about three miles to the hotel
from where we were. Ironically, we were with-in about 6 blocks about an hour earlie

The drive from Victoria was absolulely beautiful, the mountains we went through were
very heavely forested and were majestic to say the least, I would guess that we went from
about 1000 feet to about 3500 feet elevation. it took 4 hours plus to make the 200 mile
drive but it was very enjoyable.

We plan on spending about three days in this area before heading for the Yucatan, and
the down to Belize, there are many historical sites to visit in this area and we plan on
seeing as many as possible.

I will upload some pictures of our trip up here and of this area tomorrow, so be sure and
check them out.

Have a great day and know that we are safe and miss you all.
May God bless and keep us all

Larry and Lita

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Saturday, 21 July 2007 - 8:44 PM MDT

Name: "Larry Wellington"
Buenos Noches all,
What a day today turned out to be, This morning BB and I started out looking for a
local restaurant to have breakfast, and we found just such a place, the food was what the
local populace eats, and it was very good. After breakfast we started looking over the city
of S.L. Potosi, we went looking for the local tourism board to try and get a map of the
city that would allow us to drive to out lying areas.
The information we got from them was limited and not of much help, so we started
looking around for a book store to see if we could get a decent map, while we were in the
book store asking about the map a man was there and he started a conversation with us, it
turns out that he is the news anchor for the local television station channel 13, Enrique
We talked with him for about 30 minutes, and he took us to see some of the local sites,
and he also took us to the state tourism board where we got three decent maps of the area.
He than told us about the area that he was raised in, and about an old mining town near
SL Potosi, after much discussion, I asked him if he would like to go to this town, and he
said yes, The town, San Pedro is an abandoned town that has twenty people still living
there, we spent about 4 hours up there with Enrique as our personal guide, he brought his
two children with him, and we had a very informative tour. He was so willing to share
with us his pride in his town, it made for a wonderful day.
I am still not able to upload photo's, the internet connection at this hotel is very poor.
Have a great day, and may God bless you all.
Larry and Brendy
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Sunday, 22 July 2007 - 8:25 PM MDT

Name: "Kelli Veit-Gautreau"

Larry~! So glad to read the updates and know that things are going well for you on your
journey! Cant wait to see more PICTURES tho of the both of you .. Such an adventure
you are on!

Gene says "HI" too!!

Kelli Veit-Gautreau
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Monday, 23 July 2007 - 5:09 PM MDT

Name: larrywellington
Home Page:
Good evening all,
We left SL Potosi late this morning and drove across the mountains to Ciudad Valles,
about a 4 hour drive. There are waterfalls in this area we wanted to check out, also there
are some ruins we wanted to look over. We may be here for just the night or we may stay
two nights. The hotel we are in is a very nice hotel, probably the nicest one of the bunch
so far, also the most expensive of the bunch. Chuck, you would have gone down the road
to another spot, but the other hotels all seemed to be full, this is vacation time in Mexico,
and a lot of families are here.
When we leave here we are heading for the Gulf Coast and then head south towards the
Yucatan, and then on to Belize. Having a good time, Brendy and I doing very well,
except yesterday I had a problem with Diarrhea , and had to buy some Pepto but all
seems Okay now.
May God bless you all, know that we are thinking about you, Brendy's computer is down,
she picked up a virus from an email, so she is struggling with her e mail so friends of
BB, she has not forgotten you, just can't get her computer to work properly, Chip, you
will have a job to do when we return, it was a hacker using the E-Card pretext. Leisha, I
tried to Skype you this AM, so check your history, and you should be able to talk with
your Mom on my computer. hopefully the Internet here will be better that it was in SLP.
Lots of Love to everybody,
BB and Larry
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Wednesday, 25 July 2007 - 6:08 AM MDT

Name: "Larry Wellington"
Good morning everybody,
We left Ciudad Valles yesterday morning and drove to Vera Cruz, arrived quite late,
around 8:30-9:00 PM, had a hard time finding a Hotel, every one was booked for the
week, this is holiday month in Mexico. We finally found one, the Gran Hotel Diligencias,
it is a "AAA" 5 star rated hotel, very nice accomodations, right across the street from the
town square.
The drive took about 8 hours and we are both exhausted. our plan is to be in the Yucatan
for the weekend so we need to have another long day of driving. In Mexico, if you
average 25 MPH you are doing well, most of the roads here are rural roads that pass
through every small town along the way and speed limits in most towns is as slow as 20
Kph or about 15 MPH. many speed bumps along the roads in towns, and they will shake
your teeth if you are going over 1-2 Kph.
Hope to have some more pictures on the web page later this morning, have not had a
chance to take any from Vera Cruz. Plan on spending the morning looking the town over
before heading south.
All is well so far, God Bless everyone.
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Wednesday, 25 July 2007 - 8:52 AM MDT

Name: "Leish"

Hi Larry and Mommiedoodles!

I'm glad y'all are doing well. I'm in Seattle this week til Friday - training Whole Foods
and other stores - fun! It's such a beautiful city! And seagulls fly through the tall
buildings, squawking the whole way - they don't even notice the buildings in their
way! Â

I'm emailing you, Mommy - Sorry to hear bout your 'puter - that ole CHip will have to fix
that bad boy when you get back! I will check to see if Larry's online now (skype). Â

I'm off to my fun weekend in Portland on Friday - Devz is gonna come meet me Friday
night - I'm sooooo looking forward to that! ANd to the 4+ hour drive from Seattle to
Portland - it's supposed to be just gorgeous! I just might leave a little earlier Friday
morning and drive along the coast so I can get some ocean therapy on my way --- we'll

K, love you both so much! Huuuuuugz...

=) Leish
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Wednesday, 25 July 2007 - 5:45 PM MDT

Name: "Larry Wellington"
Greetings all,
We decided to spend the entire day in Vera Cruz, we walked about the historic old town
area, and went to the Museo de Ciudad Vera Cruz, it is the history museum for the city,
they also had a show of weapons of torture used during the early years of the world,
talking the early 1500 to 1900 years.
We then went to the Aquarium, it is located with-in a shopping center, we were both a
little disappointed with it, it had a good display of fish, but was small and crowded.
We found a Laundromat where we could have our clothes washed and folded, we had to
leave them overnight, you cannot do your own laundry, the price was right however, it
cost me 99 pesos for 4.3 kilo's, that's $10.00, and all I had to do was drop it off and go
back in the morning and pick it up.
We plan on leaving Vera Cruz tomorrow after we pick up our laundry and head south,
not sure just how far we will go, but we need to drive about 7-8 hours tomorrow, I seem
to be losing ground on my scheduled time frame. We have been on the road in Mexico
for 8 days now, and are about 1/2 way through the country, I need at least a week in
Belize before I head back to the U.S.
Have a great day, and may God bless you all
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Thursday, 26 July 2007 - 8:00 AM MDT

Name: "Peter Vranesh"


Hey! Just checking up on the site to see how things are going. I doubt that I'll be able to
make much progress until the weekend though. Sounds like you are having a good time
though. Seez ya!


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Thursday, 26 July 2007 - 7:05 PM MDT

Name: "Larry Wellington"
Good Evening all,
We left Vera Cruz this morning after picking up our laundry, we left about 10:00 AM, we
drove south to the delightful town of Villa Hermosa, we are staying at the Choice Hotel
Cencali. we arrived around 5:30. It has been raining and quite hard at times, so we have
not done any sightseeing, maybe tomorrow before we head up the Yucatan towards
Campeche, that is going to be our next stop.
From there we plan on touring the Yucatan and spend at least a day at the Chichen Itza
ruins. From there we will head south into Belize.
Things are going good, no problems and the weather has for the most part been very good
to us, heavy rains today, and heavy rains going into Mexico, but mostly clear other than
I will try and give you some additional information tomorrow.
God Bless you all
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Friday, 27 July 2007 - 7:50 PM MDT
Name: "Larry Wellington"
Good Evening all,
BB and I left Villa Hermosa this morning and took a leisurely drive up the Yucatan coast
to the beautiful town of Campeche, we drove past many beautiful white sand beaches
with turquoise water, what a beautiful sight it was.
Campeche is a very old community dating back to the pre Mayan era, it has cobblestone
streets, with the buildings right up to the road, very narrow sidewalks and it seems that all
the building are freshly painted in pastels, the streets are spotless, with no trash to be
seen anywhere. That is very unlike the rest of Mexico. The people here have a great deal
of pride in what their city looks like. I will have some pictures tomorrow of the town.
Tonight BB and I walked down to the gulf, and walked along their seawall, very
relaxing. We hoped to see their renowned sunset, but the weather did not cooperate, it
was rainy just before the sunset, and then very cloudy so it obscured to sunset.
All is well with both of us, having a very good time.
May God bless you all
BB & Larry
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Saturday, 28 July 2007 - 5:21 PM MDT

Name: "Larry Wellington"
Hi Everybody,
We arrived at Chichen Itza this afternoon around 3 PM, short days drive. We checked
into our hotel and then spent the afternoon swimming and drinking margarita's by the
pool. Our trip so far has exceeded our expectations. During our trip we have gone
through at least 10 military check points, have had to show our visa for the truck at least
three times.
It is a little intimidating when you approach a check point to see a dozen military men
with automatic weapons waiting for you to approach.
I do not speak sufficient Spanish to talk with them, and they do not speak English, so a
lot of sign language takes place. With what little Spanish I speak we have so far avoided
the truck being taken away from us and out belongings are still with us.
At pool side today Brendy made friends with a 6 year old from Mexico City, he was
fascinated with Brendy and really took to her. She was very pleased to talk and play in
the pool with him. His parents were very friendly and enjoyed the attention she gave the
Tomorrow we will visit the Mayan ruins and take lot's of pictures, I will post them on the
web page tomorrow night.
We will leave for Belize on Monday, and if we get to the border at a decent time, we will
cross over then, if not, we will stay in Chatumal and cross on Tuesday, going through
customs and immigration will take quite a while, and I do not want to drive down to
Corozal at night time.
Have a great evening, and I will add to this comment tomorrow.
Larry and BB
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Sunday, 29 July 2007 - 4:20 PM MDT

Name: "Larry Wellington"
Greetings all:.....
Today we toured Chichen Itza....."At the brim of the well where the wise men of the
water live": In the Mayan language this is "Chichen Itza"
This is a quote from the Archaeological Guide for this most awe inspiring site.
It is difficult to put into words the feeling you get when you look upon structures the
were built in 800 AD. The mystical feeling that pervades the air is very apparent.
I will upload several pictures of the site for your enjoyment, but first I need to add
commentary to the photo's so you will understand what you are looking at.
Tomorrow we will be leaving for Belize, from all I have heard it is about a 5 hour drive,
so I should be able to cross into Belize in the afternoon. Looking forward to seeing my
new home again.
Take care all, may God bless and keep us all.
Larry & BB
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Monday, 30 July 2007 - 6:34 PM MDT

Name: "Larry Wellington"
Hello All,
We arrived in Belize this afternoon at 2 PM, we are staying at Tony's inn, Corozal, we
will be here at least one night, possibly two, it depends on what I find while here.
We will drive down to San Ignacio after we leave Corozal. The primary purpose of
stopping in Corozal is to look at a small hotel that is for sale in town. Also, I want to
check out rental property while here.
When we get to San Ignacio I will also look for a rental and or purchase of some sort of
business property.
All went well on our trip down, $24.00 exit tax from Mexico/
 I did not have to pay any duty on the personal belongings I brought into the country, or
at least not directly, we were escorted through customs by the first entrance person, they
sprayed the truck for insects ?? at least that is what they say. then I had to buy Belize auto
insurance, one week $29.00 Belize, that's 14.50 U.S.
   The first guy said that he would act as our guide through Immigration and customs, but
that he charged a fee, when I asked his fee, he said that until he works, he does not know
the fee.!!! Bells kind of of went off,!!!.... but I said OK.
He talked us through the customs and Immigration people with out any inspection at all,
and his fee was $50.00 U.S. I think that in the grand scheme of things it was cheap,
because I should have paid about 10% of the value of the goods I had on board. In my
estimation that would have been about $200.00, so I think I am ahead of the game ??????.
I will post some pictures tomorrow, the Internet service here at the hotel is very poor and
I am not even sure I will be able to post this comment.
May God bless you all.
Larry & BB
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Wednesday, 1 August 2007 - 10:24 AM MDT

Name: "Peter/Lisa"

Go Larry go. You can do it!! Don't take any wooden peso's. And whatever you do, not
drink the water

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Wednesday, 1 August 2007 - 1:43 PM MDT

Name: "Larry Wellington"
Hello everybody,
Assuming anybody is looking at this web site, BB and I left Corozal this morning and
drove down to San Ignacio, Cayo district of Belize. It is a mountain area near the
Guatemala border in central Belize. We are staying at the San Ignacio Hotel, by far the
most expensive of all the hotels we have stayed at so far, but it is one of the nicest ones.
I have had email contact with a realtor in the town, and will try and find his office this
afternoon and start looking for a place to live.
We have been very lucky with the weather so far, no rain at all since we arrived in Belize,
and this is supposed to be the rainy season.
High Speed is very sporadic in Belize, the last place it was almost non existant, and here I
had to sign up with the local Telephone company for service, not too bad a price, $16:50
Belize for 24 hours service. I guess that is the price you have to pay to stay connected.
I will post some pictures tonight.
May God bless you all.
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Thursday, 2 August 2007 - 7:34 PM MDT

Name: "Larry Wellington"
Greetings all.
BB and I spent the day looking at property, I am here to tell you, house shopping in
Belize is very different than in the USA, I have never seen a bunch of houses that are no
where near ready to be shown to the public than I have seen today.
I would have been embarrassed for anybody to look at my house the way the houses
looked today, laundry strewn around on all the furniture, dirty dishes in the sink, and
nothing picked up an put away, beds not made, and the list goes on and on. Maybe I
should have left my house looking like that and I would still be in Fort Collins, I wish....
I found one place, they are asking 35K US., I am going to offer them 20K US and see
what happens, I figure that in order to make it look good I would need to spend another
20K. I will see what happens. The house sits on top of a hill overlooking most of San
Ignacio, it has a good breeze blowing nearly all the time and has a fantastic view, If I get
it I would move in right away and start working on it. and I sold all my tools...Oh
well.....I will post a picture of it tonight.
Hope everybody is well, May God bless and keep you.
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Saturday, 4 August 2007 - 6:30 AM MDT

Name: "Larry Wellington"
Good Morning all.
What a day yesterday was, BB and I, along with her friend David, drove into Guatemala
to visit the Tikal Mayan ruins. To say that they are magnificent would be an
I was expecting something on the line of what I saw at Chichen Itza, which was awe
inspiring, But when I saw the enormity of Tikal it was absolutely breath taking. Chichen
Itza was a small town, where Tikal was a Hugh metropolis.
The site is massive with at least 6 large temples, while some of the buildings were
restricted, you could climb the others. Brendy and I climbed up three of the temples, the
most spectacular being the "Temple of the Sun", it sits on top of a high hill and then
towers I would guess about 300 feet above the top. You can only climb to about the 3/4
mark, but the view was fantastic from this point.
Climbing this ruin was via a wooden ladder that was nearly straight up, the angle was less
than 10 degrees so that in it's self was a daunting task but well worth the effort once up
on top.
The other two buildings we climbed were not nearly as high, but breathtaking never the
less. The tallest ruin was blocked off and you could not climb on it.
We drove my truck into Guatemala, it was 150 miles round trip. The roads leave much to
be desired in Guatemala, few paved roads, and those that were had more pot holes than
you could avoid. It was a very rough trip to the ruins.
Crossing into Guatemala was an adventure, and I don't think that I would want to do it
alone, David is very well known by all the border guards, He owns a business called
"David's Adventure Tours" and he crosses into Guatemala at least two times a week, he
smoothed out many of the difficulties. The language was the biggest difficulty, although
they speak Spanish, it was a slightly different tongue than Brendy was used to. It is a
mixture of Mayan and Spanish.
I will post some pictures today.

God bless you all
Larry and BB
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Sunday, 5 August 2007 - 8:40 PM MDT

Name: "Larry Wellington"
Sunday 8/05/07 9:30 PM
Good evening all.
I left San Ignacio this morning at 8 AM, we drove back across the Yucatan to
Villahermosa. We just arrived.
On my way back to Fort Collins, hope to be in Texas by tuesday, and in Ft. Collins by
Thursday. I have not as yet found a place to call home, but I do have a commitment to
rent a home when I return to Belize, I have placed my stuff in storage at a friend's house,
and he has promissed me the rental.
I plan on spending about a week back in Fort Collins before returning to Belize.
Have a great day, More later
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Sunday, 5 August 2007 - 11:23 PM MDT

Name: "Miller"

Hello Larry,

Just a note to say, I have read your entries and am caught up now with your travels.
Hope your return trip is as scheduled for you. Sounds like it will definitely be a lot

Bye - B & J

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Monday, 6 August 2007 - 10:44 AM MDT

Name: "Peter Vranesh"


Hey! Glad that things are going okay for you. Still no real news on a good alternative for
your site though. So far everything I've seen has it's own quirks and oddities making them
no better than the current setup. I'll keep looking though.


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Monday, 6 August 2007 - 6:39 PM MDT

Name: "Karen & Rick Bennett"
Hi Larry,

Do you still have your copy of "Cordovita" that Richard sent to you last year? Our
ancester was from Guatemala. I didn't realize you were going to be so close. It could be
fun to explore some of that part of the world that we came from! I love your blog, what a
great trip you have had so far. Hope Tasha adapts to Belize. Just remember that rabies is
out of control south of the border! You both will need rabies vaccinations!

Does Bendy's daughter spend a lot of time in Seattle? Michele lives there now. Maybe
they could hook up and get acquainted.



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Tuesday, 7 August 2007 - 10:50 PM MDT

Name: "Larry Wellington"

Greetings all,
Brendy and I left Villahermosa this morning around 8 AM, it is now 12:30 PM and we
are approaching Vera Cruz, hope to make it to at least Tuxpan before calling it quits for
the day, yesterday's 13 hour drive took it's toll on both of us, and I don't want a repeat
today, Tuxpan is about another 300 Km past Vera Cruz. It has been raining quite hard for
the past hour and a half, with no signs of it letting up so that slows us down quite a bit.
I started driving this morning and drove for 3.5 hours, Brendy started driving when the
rain started, so our speed has been greatly reduced, from an average of 80 Km PH to 50
Km PH.
Yesterdays drive turned out the same way, heavy rains in the afternoon, we think that it
may be the tropical depression we heard about while we were in Belize.
Need to stop in Vera Cruz and try and cash some travelers checks, it is very hard to get
businesses to accept T.C.'s, they don't like them, and the Banks in Belize charge a fee to
cash them. Next time I will probably carry cash, that seems to be the only thing that is
readily accepted.
We arrived in Tuxpan about 6:30 PM, we never did get to cash travelers checks in Vera
Cruz, and the restaurant here would not accept them. I am still running short of Peso's,
however I will be out of Mexico tomorrow night, I hope, and will not need them until I
return to Belize.
The hotel we are staying at does not have internet access, so I will be posting this when
we get back to the states.
May God bless you all
Larry and BB
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Tuesday, 7 August 2007 - 10:51 PM MDT

Name: "Larry Wellington"
Tuesday, Aug.7th.
Brendy and I left Tuxpan at 6 AM this morning hoping to make the Texas border while it
is still light, our map say that the drive from Tuxpan to Matamoros is 11 hours. The
weather this morning is much better than the past two days, the sun is shining with partly
cloudy skies, the temperature is around 95 degrees, we did run into a small rain shower
about 30 minutes after we left the hotel but it only lasted a few minutes.
We have been through three military check points so far, and they have waived us
through with out a hitch. Yesterday at one stop, they checked our luggage, Brendy's back
packs and even our ice chest.
Right now it is 1 PM and we just passed a sign that said Matamoros, 300 Km, so we are
making good time, we are averaging about 90 Km PH so we should be there around 4-5
PM. not many little towns along this route so we aren't being slowed very much,
hopefully it will stay that way for the duration.
More later.
We crossed over the border into Texas at 5:30 PM, we both were happy to be back in the
states. We felt good enough to continue on to Wimberley, and arrive here at 1145 PM,
that made for an eighteen hour day.
I will leave Wimberley in the morning and head for CO. I expect that I will be there late
on Thursday.
Have a great day.
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Thursday, 9 August 2007 - 5:09 AM MDT

Name: "Larry Wellington"
Greetings all,
I left Wimberley, and Brendy this morning at 9 AM, I stopped in Big Spring and visited
with Barbara Hall, Roxann was out of town so I didn't get to talk with her. I am
now heading to Amarillo, expect to spend the night there.
Thursday, 08/09
I spent the night in Amarillo, TX. and will be leaving in a few minutes for FC. Hope all is
well with everybody.
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Sunday, 12 August 2007 - 7:30 AM MDT

Name: "Larry Wellington"

Good Morning all,
I hope you all are well, I am sorry I have not kept you up to date on my location. I arrived
back in Fort Collions on Thursday at 3:30, that was after a hard 5 day drive of 10-11 hour
days, it took me two days to recover.

I plan on leaving Fort Collins on Wednesday with Tasha, and I plan on a 7 day trip back

I will do my best to keep you posted on the trip down.


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Sunday, 12 August 2007 - 2:42 PM MDT

Name: "Karen Bennett"

Hi Larry

Just caught up on your bloggings. What a trip! I would have loved to have seen the
ruins. The pictures are fantastic. I am glad you are in Ft Collins though. You seem a lot

I had an e-mail this morning from Vicky that was forwarded by Richard. Roy went into
the hospital yesterday. No definitive diagnosis yet, they aren't finished with all the tests.
But Vicky said that it is either related to his slow heart rate or it could be be a TIA.
Remember Mom had one. They are a warning sign of a possible stroke. Vicky will let us
know what the doctors have to say, but probably won't be until tomorrow. I'll let you you
as soon as I know something.

By the way, where are you staying in Ft. Collins?

Take care.



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Monday, 20 August 2007 - 6:07 PM MDT

Name: "Karen Bennett"

Hi Larry

Your worry wart little sister her. Last I heard you were near San Antonio and planning on
crossing into Mexico today. I hope you haven't done so. News for Belize is not good.
Dean is expected to arrive tomorrow, Tuesday. According to CNN they are evacuation in
Mexico and Belize. They say they do not have buildings in Belize that withstand a
catagory 5. Please post and let me know you are somewhere safe.


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Monday, 20 August 2007 - 6:11 PM MDT

Name: "Larry & Tasha"
Sunday, 19 Aug. 8 PM
Hi all, well, this is my second day on the road back to Belize, I left Fort Collins on
Saturday at 1045 AM, I reached Amarillo Texas at 9 PM, the hotel I stayed at was
supposed to have wireless internet but it did not work so I could not post any comment
for that day.
I then drove to San Antonio and found out that the government has most of the hotel
rooms booked for the emergency workers that they have sent to TX in case hurricane
Dean turns north into Texas.
Tasha and I continued our trek south and found a motel about 30 miles south of San
Antonio that had available rooms so Tasha and I are staying here, but, they do not have
internet access so I won't be able to post until maybe tomorrow when I hope to be in
I am about three hours from the border and I hope to cross around noon and then head
south as fast as I can. The hurricane is going to be a threat to the mainland on
Wednesday, and I should be at the south end of the Yucatan by then and the brunt of the
storm should be well to my north and won't be a problem for me. And, if it does turn
north that will be all the better for me.
Tasha is traveling very well, she sleeps most of the time I am driving, and she gets out of
the truck each time I stop for gas or whatever and snoops around. She seems to like
sleeping in a hotel, she has her own bed to sleep on.
Tasha and I did stop in Big Spring and had a chance to visit with Roxann Rich, we visited
for about an hour, and Roxann being the hostess she is, baked cookies for me and made a
pot of coffee while we visited. Thank You Roxann, you are appreciated.
I hope all is well with everyone, we are safe and secure, and I will post as soon as I can.
May God bless and keep everybody.
Larry & Tasha
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Monday, 20 August 2007 - 6:12 PM MDT

Name: "Larry & Tasha"
Monday, 20 Aug. 1830 PM
Hi All,
I crossed the border at 1130 this morning, things went without a hitch, all the leg work I
did to make sure I had all the necessary paper work for Tasha did not seem to be needed,
when I asked what I needed for her they said,.. Nothing... so I just went on through.
Tasha is taking the trip fairly well, but I can tell she is getting tired of being in the truck
all day long, she sleeps most of the time with her head on my leg or lap, which ever she
can reach.
The weather so far has been just fine, I am in Tampico, Mexico, about a third of the way
down Mexico's gulf coast, I hope to be past Vera Cruz by tomorrow night, that will put
me south of the expected path of Hurricane Dean, and then I will head east across the
southern part of the Yucatan. With any luck I should be in Belize by Wednesday night, I
may stay in Corozal the first night and then drive down to San Ignacio.
I have not seen any evacuation actions in my drive down, so far the highways have been
empty, or at least very light traffic, nobody seems to be concerned with the storm.
Tasha and I are both worn out and ready for a good nights sleep, I may go have dinner yet
tonight, I haven't had dinner per se` yet, and almost no breakfast, so it is beginning to get
to me, but when you are as tired as I am, food is just not important.
Anyway, things are OK with Tasha and I, May God bless you all
Us. T & L
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Monday, 20 August 2007 - 6:25 PM MDT

Name: "Tasha and Larry"

Hi all,

This is my second post tonight, My little sister is worried that I may be in some sort of
danger, I understand the intensity of the hurricane bearing down on Belize and the
Yucatan, however, you need to understand that the predictions are that although the
hurricane is a cat. 5, once it crosses the Yucatan it will be downgraded to a cat.2, but that
does not matter, I will be south of the storm by tomorrow night,(Tuesday) and the storm
is not expected in Mexico until at least Wednesday or Thursday, by that time I will be at
the south end of the Yucatan and heading down into Belize, what ever damage is done by
the storm will be my only problem, and I doubt that San Ignacio is going to be affected
by the storm. I am not being stupid about this trip, I have watched and studied all the
information I have been able to obtain. Tonight when I checked into my Hotel I asked
what they were doing to get ready and the reply was... Why ?? they are not worried about
what has not yet happened.
God Bless you all and may God keep us safe.

Tasha and me

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Tuesday, 21 August 2007 - 5:30 AM MDT

Name: "Tasha and Larry"
Good morning all,
Because the storm has hit so much further south than originally thought, I am going to
stay put in Tampico for a few days, I wish that I was in a nicer hotel than I am although
this one is not that bad, there is nobody else here so the restaurant isn't geared up for
serving food, last night when I went for dinner I could only have one chicken dish, and it
was in the freezer along with all the trimmings, I can just imagine what breakfast will be
Tasha and I are safe and sound.
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Tuesday, 21 August 2007 - 5:32 PM MDT

Name: "Karen Bennett"

Larry, glad to see your updates and that you are taking my advice and hunkering down
for just a little bit. Hope the food situation improve at your hotel. I guess they didn't plan
on some crazy gringo traveling in Mexico while a Cat. 5 hurricane rages across the
reagion! I finally printed out a map of Belize and imagine my surprise (and
disappointment) to find out that you are hundreds of miles from the beach! I was
counting on my brother having a beach front condo for me to visit! Inquiring minds want
to know, what is the appeal of San Ignacio!

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Tuesday, 21 August 2007 - 6:18 PM MDT

Name: "Larry & Tasha"
Good evening all,
Today has been a beautiful day in Tampico, clear skies and mild breezes, a person could
not have asked for a better day, it made me think that maybe, just maybe I had made the
wrong decision not to proceed south towards Vera Cruz.
This evening the clouds have built up, and the winds have increased, nothing
spectacular, but an increase in both none the less. I would guess that the wind speed is in
the range of 8-10 mph steady with gusts to 12-15. like I said, nothing spectacular but
noticeable none the less. I guess I will have to wait until tomorrow morning to decide if
my decision was correct or not, but I think I made the right decision, the storm has been
downgraded to a category 1, not much more than a strong breeze, but I am comfortable
with my decision of this morning nonetheless.
The reports from here are sketchy, I have to rely on CNN, and they don't have reporters
located where I am, or where I am going so I am not getting the news need, I know that
Chetumal was hard hit, but very little about Belize and Corozal Town, and I had planned
on spending the night in Corozal.
I did receive an email from my realtor in San Ignacio, he said that they escaped much
damage, very little rain and only a little strong winds, no damage that he could tell.
I plan on staying here tonight and tomorrow night, and heading south on Thursday, my
only concern will be the roads, will they be clear ??. Anyway, Tasha and I are fine, she
found out today that chasing a coconut around the grounds was a lot of fun, we played
catch with them for about two hours, wore her out I did.
May God bless and keep you all.
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Tuesday, 21 August 2007 - 6:33 PM MDT

Name: "Larry"
Hi Sis,
If you meant that 60 miles was a lot, than you are right, however the beauty of the
mountains more than make up for that, AND, Dean just showed that the beach was not
necessarily the place to be during the rainy season.
The mountain area of San Ignacio is a beautiful place to call home, and, I can be at the
best of beaches with-in two hours.
Also, I am not following your suggestion, just my intuition about the storm.
Love you, Larry
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Tuesday, 21 August 2007 - 7:14 PM MDT

Name: "The Munros"


Is the hurricane giving you any trouble???

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Tuesday, 21 August 2007 - 7:18 PM MDT
Name: "The Munros"

Hi Larry,

Disregard that last comment. I didn't scroll down far enough. Glad to hear you and
Tasha are safe and sound.


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Tuesday, 21 August 2007 - 10:00 PM MDT

Name: "Brice & Jeanne"
Home Page: http://Larry Wellington

Greetings Larry and Tasha,

Just caught up on your travels and the storm situation. Thank the Lord you two are doing
great. Glad you did stop for a couple days and get some of that needed rest, too. It has
been hot here. Brice is off to Grand Junction for some meetings and to bring us back
some of those delicious peaches. Sunday, I started making some bread and butter
pickles. Haven't done any for awhile. They do take 10 days from start to finish. Remind
me when you are back and I'll give you a jar. You continue to take care and know that
you are being prayed for lots. Hugs, J

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Wednesday, 22 August 2007 - 7:36 AM MDT

Name: "Larry & Tasha"
Good Morning all,
      Well, this is D-day, "Dean", according to the local and national reports, Dean is
expected to make landfall at a point between Vera Cruz and Tuxpan, this is about 150
miles from where I am, so, I really don't anticipate any excitement in my location. It was
raining pretty hard at 4 AM, until about 6 AM, now the skies are cloudy but no wind,
only a slight breeze. in fact for just a few minutes the sun made a brief appearance before
going behind clouds once again.
   Tasha is happy, she was able to get out to do her duty, now she is chewing on a
rawhide bone she got from Roxann.
   I anticipate that I will be leaving first thing in the morning and heading south towards
Vera Cruz, hoping to make it to Villahermosa before night fall, that should be about 11
hours of driving, I think that this is about 626, miles from here, I measure 1000 KM, not
sure if I will get that far, but will try, I need to get past Vera Cruz before quitting for the
  I will try and update you all when I get to the end of the day tomorrow, not sure if I
will find a hotel with internet, that is something that only upper class hotels offer, I was
very surprised when I saw that this hotel had it.
God Bless and keep you all.
Tasha and Larry
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Wednesday, 22 August 2007 - 4:51 PM MDT

Name: "Karen Bennett"

I imagine you haven't heard but Dean came ashore at Vera Cruz. Cat 2, winds topping
100 mph. I imagine getting updates is hard. The roads along the coast will be the big
problem-storm surge in sime areas has been high. I'll see if I can find some real solid

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Thursday, 23 August 2007 - 2:15 PM MDT

Name: "Kathy and Clyde Ramdwar"

Hi BB and LW: Great to read your comments.

Clyde and I went to Panama for five weeks and then went to Rosarito Beach, Mexico -
just 30 minutes over the border from San Diego. We really liked that area of Mexico and
are thinking of moving there for a year to "try it out". We sold the house in Florida and
will go there tomorrow from Seattle for the closing on 9/7. We have also put the Oregon
Coast house on the market for sale too.

You sound like you both are having a wonderful "adventure". Will visit here frequently
to read your latest "updates" - especially in view of the inclement weather in that part of
the world.

May the Lord keep you both safe.

Love, Kathy and Clyde

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Thursday, 23 August 2007 - 5:05 PM MDT

Name: "Karen Bennett"
Hi Larry

Wondering where you are and what you are encountering and if you can access the
internet. Hope you haven't had problems with washed out roads etc. Woul love to hear
from you.


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Friday, 24 August 2007 - 8:47 PM MDT

Name: "Tasha and Me"
Hi All.
Well, it started raining about 10 AM, it rained very hard for about 30-45 min's., then I
heard an explosion and the lights went out, I think that a transformer got too wet and
blew, not likely that the Mexican power company will be out today to fix the problem, so
I will most likely be in the dark all day, I know that some people would say," What's new
about that", but this time it is actual.
The power came back on about 1:30, it turned out that it was a problem here at the hotel,
not with the power company, however they have lost their internet connectivity so I still
cannot connect.
   I went out to look for a bank to buy some Pesos, I found three but they were all closed,
I assume it is because of the hurricane, and they didn't want their people out during the
event, even though it turned out not to be much of an event.
Thursday 5 AM.
Hi again, I am all packed and ready to head down the road, still no internet so I will post
when I have the chance. No further action from Dean, it was a pleasant night, light
breezes and no rain, looking forward to what the day has to offer.
I arrived in Cardenas, Tabasco State at 10:30 PM, been driving since 5:30 this morning,
Tasha was beginning to become spastic staying in the truck for that long a time, I was
also, I am about 45 miles north of Villahermosa, I just couldn't drive any more, in fact, I
stopped twice with the plan of sleeping in the truck except it is too hot outside for that,
then I checked two hotels and they were full, then I found this gem, $27.00 a night, A/C
and TV, what more can a man & dog ask, at least we will be cool, I plan on sleeping until
at least 8 AM, and then head for Belize, this will be my last stop in Mexico.
The trip down was depressing to say the least, about 75 miles north of Vera Cruz, in an
area they call " Costa Esmeralda", The Emerald Coast, the damage was amazing, this area
is on the gulf and was, I think, the point of landing for Dean, buildings were severely
damaged, trees were destroyed and debris was everywhere, as I approached Vera Cruz, I
saw no less than three Banana Plantations where the trees were totally destroyed, they
were laying flat on the ground with their protective bags still, over the banana bunches, I
saw two Citrus orchards that were heavily damaged, and the crop was laying on the
ground, the trees appeared to be relatively OK, a few broken branches but otherwise
intact, just no fruit left on the tree. After I passed Vera Cruz, I saw very little damage. I
have to add that the country/ people did an amazing job of clearing the roads, I had no
trouble getting through, a few close quarters where the trees were large, but otherwise, no
problems, lots of flooding debris, and swollen rivers that will take a few days to ease up,
but the roads are good, I am interested to see what I find as I approach Chetumal, this is
where the hurricane originally struck land, as a category 5 storm, this area only saw a
category 2.
More later.
Still no internet, hope all is well with everybody, Tasha and I are fine, tired but OK, of
course you won't know that until I post me report, and I will be turning off my cell phone
when I reach Belize, can't afford $3.50 per minute rates they charge
Needless to say, without internet service it may be awhile before I can file these
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Friday, 24 August 2007 - 8:59 PM MDT

Name: "Tasha and Larry"
Greetings all
Crossed the border into Belize at 16:30, what I a time that was, I had to sign my life
away and pay out $75:00 for a permit to get Tasha into the country, but that is over with
for the time being. I am staying in Corozal tonight because most of the country has no
electricity, and Tony's Inn has their own generator for power.
The destruction I saw coming across Mexico was less than I would have expected from a
category 5 hurricane, lots of damaged trees but most of the buildings looked untouched,
or minimally damaged.
Very tired tonight, so I will cut this short and update some more tomorrow, both of us are
safe and sound.
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Saturday, 25 August 2007 - 5:23 PM MDT

Name: "roxann rich"
Home Page:

dear larry, glad to hear you made it safely to belize. barb and i will leave for germany on
wednesday for 18 days if we are lucky. we are flying on a standby ticket on delta airlines
which means if there is space available we will go if not its back to a hotel and try
another day. wish us luck, good luck to you and tasha, roxann

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Saturday, 25 August 2007 - 7:18 PM MDT

Name: "Karen Bennett"
Hi Larry

So glad to hear that you and Tasha are safe and sound. I had a few tense days let me tell
you. Next time you go on a road trip try and schedule it during non-hurricane season,
OK? Sounds like Tasha did OK on the trip. Did all of you stuff come thru ok or are they
strewn all over Belize? Will Bendy be joing you soon or will she be staying in Austin?
Keep us posted ok.



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Saturday, 25 August 2007 - 8:41 PM MDT

Name: "Kevin White"

HI Larry,

Hope you and Tasha arrived safe and sound. Did you get hit by the hurricane? It appeared
to have gone right over Belize. Hope everything is well with you. How is your new
home? How is tasha adjusting? Hope to hear from you soon.

Best of luck

Kevin & Lisa

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Sunday, 26 August 2007 - 3:04 PM MDT

Name: "anonymous"
Saturday 25 August, 1645 PM.
    Hi all, I guess I should have updated everything yesterday, when I got up this morning
the internet was down at the hotel I was staying at, so I was not able to do anything.
In the trip across the Yucatan, I was detoured across country to a little town called
Candelaria, it was a two hour plus detour across roads that would have made the roads of
Guatemala look like super highways, and talk about no signs... I had to stop and ask
about five times for directions from Candelaria up to Escarcega, finally I found a police
officer that lead me through this little town out to this "road" that led to Escarcega. it
turned out that the main highway Mexico 186 was closed at some point between Buena
Vista and Escarcega. I may have been given a reason for the closure but I never
understood a word the police were saying think that if the road had been open it would
have been about a 30-45 minute drive, versus a two hour detour.
The hurricane damage as I said was less than what I would have thought, the damage in
Corozal was extensive, all electricity was cut off, the vegetation was nearly totally
destroyed, but when I asked about water damage, nobody was aware of any storm surge,
but, Corozal is protected by an Island that covers all of Corozal Bay, that may have
prevented a surge from hitting the mainland, I saw no evidence of flooding, but, I did see
evidence of heavy rains.
The drive down to San Ignacio was for the most part uneventful, all the roads were clear
and traffic moved smoothly.
I am staying at a hotel I thought about buying, however after looking over the grounds I
think I will pass. I spent the afternoon looking for my contact, David to confirm my
rental of the house he promised, but his office was locked all afternoon, unusual for
David, I will check again tomorrow morning.
Chuck, if your reading this, I am enjoying the typical Belizean meal, R.B.& C.
Sunday Afternoon:
Hi All, Well, I rented a house this morning, not much of a house, but at least something
to live in until I find something much better. It is a 5 bed room one bath house, it comes
with water and electricity, the down side is, there is no water in the kitchen, except for a
faucet alongside of the counter, that is where the washing machine goes, there is a 5
gallon bucket under the sink in the kitchen just in case you get water in the sink.........
Why am I doing this.........., Oh well, nothing ventured, nothing gained. Maybe I can buy
this house for a song and then fix it up, I would be willing to offer 20-22 K maybe,,,,,,,
The rent is an astounding $300.00 Belize, $150.00 U.S., I guess I can live with that for a
while. I will go and buy the furniture I need tomorrow, a stove, refrigerator, stove and a
bed, with frame. Anybody have any extra money ??, this could be a fortune.....
David, Brendy's friend, is going to go with me and buy the furniture, they must give him
a major discount since he is a native, lets see what kind of deal I really get, I have already
priced out the stove and refrigerator I want while I was here last week, I did not price
bedding, Mattress and box spring, so I am in the dark about the price there.
I am going to check into getting a cell phone here, that way I can call somebody if need
be, and also a number you all can call if need be.
This has been an interesting day to say the least, I really don't believe that I am doing
what I am doing, I guess that God has plans for me yet, although I really don't see what
they are at this point.
I am going to go downstairs and see if I can get on line with my web site and download
this comment. Pray that it works.......
May God bless and keep you all.
Larry & Tasha
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Wednesday, 29 August 2007 - 6:02 PM MDT

Name: "Tasha and Larry"
Greetings all,
Whew, I would like this day to replay it's self, only at half speed if you please, Tasha and
I got moved into our new home.
    We now have running water in the kitchen, we have a place to put a washing machine,
with plumbing, electrical to follow, maybe tomorrow, or next week depending on what
schedule you are on. The person that installed the running water in the kitchen, "Lizard",
I don't know why he has this name but that is what he is called, finished installing the
plumbing that was necessary to complete the job. He was recommended by David, David
if you remember is a God amongst all people here in San Ignacio. What ever David
wants', David get's, I am continually amazed at the power of this individual, people
absolutely worship this man. He is a Shaman, and has Voodoo powers, or at least that is
what is claimed. I do know that when he speaks, people listen, and that is enough for me,
or at least for the time being. This could be the beginning of something special, I really
like David, he is truly a man amongst men, he gives freely to the people around him, and
not just when he is asked, I watched him give an elderly man $20.00 just because, the
man did not ask for the money, David gave it to him out of the kindness of his heart, he
told me.... Now he won't have to beg for any money... The man was, I would guess, about
eighty years old, David knew him from seeing him over the years, and had a special
affection for him.
I wonder if I could have this sort of love for my fellow man, it is something to think
about, he did it because he had respect for the age of this man...... I was told by a friend
of David's that he called me Sir because he respected my age, and knew that I had
knowledge that he had not yet discovered, and he wanted to show me the respect,that he
felt I deserved because of my age. I still can't get over the attitude of the people here, I
had forgotten how some people feel about the older generation.
I, as of now do not have internet connectivity, I hope to have it sometime this week, I will
go to the local cable company and inquire if I can have service this week, or maybe next
week, I can only guess, the pace of things here in Belize is not what we have come to
expect in the U.S., tomorrow is a truism here in this country, I am amazed that I got done
what was done today.
I hope that all is well with everybody, and I pray that God will keep and protect
In Christ's name,
Larry & Tasha
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Wednesday, 29 August 2007 - 6:03 PM MDT

Name: "Larry & Tasha"
Hi All,
Well, I am beginning to get settled into the place that I laughingly call home, it has taken
about $3000.00 US to replace what I already had in Fort Collins, and about another
$1000.00 to bring this house up to what we would normally expect in a house, and, NO,
the owner is not responsible for the expenses I have incurred, but that doesn't mean I
won't try and get some of it back.
Life here in Belize is as I had expected, everything can wait until tommorow, or later, and
if you ae in a hurry, well, try Belize City, about a hundred miles away.
I expect to have a phone by the end of next week, or the week after that, and then Internet
service the following week, and talk about expensive.... I need to put up a $500.00
deposit for the hone, and another $200.00 for the internet service, and they give an
astounding 126K service, barely more than dial up and they want $130.00 per month for
that, whew, I need to find a satellite service that is more reasonable.
Anyway, I am starting to get settled, and will try and keep you all posted as to my
progress ????, if that is what you call it. Tasha and I are well, trying to adjust to this new
life style.
May God bless and keep you all.
Larry and Tasha
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Thursday, 30 August 2007 - 4:34 PM MDT

Name: "Tasha and Larry"
Hi all,
Not much to report today, I spent the morning painting the kitchen and dining room
areas, they were in sad shape and needed something done. I have one more wall to paint,
and then I can start the second coat, like I said, they were in sad shape.
It has been raining for the past two days, so everything is pretty soggy, they expect the
rain to continue for the next day or so, the road to Belize city is closed due to flooding, so
no traffic to or from that city.
I think that I am getting acclimated to the climate, although it is very humid with all the
rain, and I am still perspiring quite a bit, but it does not seem to bother me as much today
as it did last weekend.
Tasha is doing very well, in fact, better that I thought she would do, she enjoys going
down to the river and jumping in and trying to drink to river dry, and she loves to run in
an out of the river chasing whatever I may through for her.
Hope all is well with everybody, May God bless and keep us all.
Tasha and Larry
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Saturday, 1 September 2007 - 8:01 AM MDT

Name: "Karen Bennett"

Hi Larry

Glad to hear things are coming together for you at you new home. Any chance of seeing
some pics of the new place. Before and after would have been fun.

Tasha sure seems tobe having fun. How far is your place from the river and how big is
it? Big enough to boat and fish on?

Take care now.


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Sunday, 2 September 2007 - 12:19 PM MDT

Name: "Peter and Lisa"

We have been watching. Sorry to hear that you found not all was as it was said to be.
I've lost your email address. If you could post it again I would like to send you a email. I
have something to ask you..


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Sunday, 2 September 2007 - 7:18 PM MDT

Name: "Larry & Tasha"
Greetings all, ??
Well, We have reached the end of oure first full week in Belize, We reach this milestone
with some trepidation. We have heard from Brendy three or four times since our move
here, and for that we are eternally thankful, at least one person is interested in our
This will most probably be my last entry on this blog, it seems that there is vey little
interest in following what I am experiencing on this great move from civilization to third
world living.
After I have posted this entry I will ask my web provider to allow the page to expire at
the end of the month, I will maintain my email address at and gmail through the
end of September, and for those that respond to me prior to that time, I will forward my
Belize email address, I should have that after I get internet access through the local
telephone company sometime within the next two-three weeks.
It's amazing what you learn about people when you travel the extremes that I have
traveled these past four weeks, I found out that a person I didn't even know three weeks
ago has turned out to be an extremely good friend, one who is willing to drop everything
on a moments notice and assist me in finding what I need, and taking the time from his
business to escort me around the country to correct things that were done incorrectly by
the local officials, I would call that a true friend.
I wish that things were different, but reality speaks for it's self. Tasha and I are doing
very well in our new environment, and we will continue to progress with the aid of our
new friends here in Belize. I wish all my acquaintances in the States the very best, and
may God bless and keep you all, as for me and Tasha, we will continue to serve the Lord
and be thankful for what he has provided us so far.
So, From Belize....... Good Bye and may God bless you all......
Tasha & Larry
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Sunday, 2 September 2007 - 9:49 PM MDT

Name: "Karen Bennett"

Larry, I am so sorry that you are giving up the blog. I have really enjoyed your postings.
I have made a few comments, maybe I could have done better. Please reconsider
abandoning it.



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Monday, 3 September 2007 - 11:57 AM MDT

Name: "Karen Anselmo"
Home Page:

Hi Larry!

 I've been following your travels.. I'm just not usually much of a public poster.. Glad to
hear you 2 are settling in, although some of your recent posts are concerning me!
(considering our move there on Nov. 1st..) Regarding the lack of concern you are
noticing: I have found, as we share our plans to move from florida to Belize with friends
and family, that people are actually somewhat "put off" by our desire to try this. Maybe
even insulted.. Additionally, for many people, if you aren't in front of them at the
moment, you are off the radar.. Sounds pessimistic, but I feel that's how many, (not all) ,
people are when they are too busy rushing around their daily lives. Enough negativity!!
Hang in there, and know you did this for a good reason.. We'll be there soon, keep in
touch! P.S. maybe you can help me quit smoking !! ~Karen Anselmo

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Monday, 3 September 2007 - 12:00 PM MDT

Name: "Peter And Lisa"

Well at lest you have Brendy. Sorry to hear after all this time you only refer to the folks
you have met as acquantences. One would think that out of the few of those you might
consider some of them as friends. It's a lonely world out there Larry and by the sound of
it it is only going to get lonelyer. Better luck with your new acquantences

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Monday, 3 September 2007 - 12:54 PM MDT

Name: "Kraig and Barbar"
Home Page:

Hi Larry and Tasha...I did leave one comment...or did I just send you an e-mail?

anyhow...I have been reading your blog every day...even though I didn't comment much!

We are thinking of you now, as another hurricane heads your way, and we are glad that
you are "up" in The Cayo, instead of on the coast! Your trials and tribulations do sound
rather taxing, but we were led to expect as much from Bill & Claire!

After my seven years living in Colombia,s.a. I know better than to expect Belize to be
just like takes while!

I recently searched some internet photographs of my hometown in Colombia, and it looks
as though nothing has changed since I left 25 years ago!

As to the fact that you are not getting many comments on the's summertime
(which in Oregon is pretty short) people are busy and/or comments doesn't
mean that no one is watching!

If it's not too late. I say...DON'T STOP THE BLOG! If it is too late, please keep us on
your e-mail list, because we ARE interested in your're the pioneer from
our tour group, but a lot of us hope to follow!

Kraig and I plan to be down that way in February...we'll be seeing you then! Don't
expect things to move too fast...don't give up! You'll feel better when your house is as
you want it. The Belizians are a helpful and friendly group...let it be! love, Barbara

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Monday, 3 September 2007 - 9:25 PM MDT

Name: "Chuck Nuckols"

Sorry you are giving up the blog

I like reading it

But I don't care to share my comments with others

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Monday, 3 September 2007 - 9:28 PM MDT

Name: "Kelli and Gene Gautreau"

Hello Larry!~ I really do hope you reconsider ending your blog! I do read it often and
even tho I only met you that one time before your move, Gene spoke of you often prior to
that. I feel like I know you better from reading your blogs and I definately enjoy reading
about your adventures!! Really hope you keep the blog going!! Thinking of you, Gene
and Kelli Gautreau Loveland Colorado

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Tuesday, 4 September 2007 - 4:14 PM MDT

Name: "Kraig and Barbara"
Home Page:

Hi Larry and Tasha...We are happy that Hurricane Felix did not hit Belize directly, even
though we are sorry for all the people that it DOES hit. I imagine you will get some wind
and rain from it, even so...?

You knew tht you were going to Belize during the worst possible time of year for
weather...Kraig and I have always wondered what it would be like there in the late
summer, but Oregon is so beautiful this time of year, that we never travel!

I hope you will find things a little easier as you go along, and that you find the right little
business to keep you engaged. Take good care of Tasha, and try to appreciate each
day...I'm sure that some will be better than others! love to you both...

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Friday, 7 September 2007 - 3:39 PM MDT

Name: "Larry & Tasha"
Greetings from Belize........ Thursday, September 6. Evening time
I have been surprised by the number of requests I have received to keep my web page
active, and to continue posting comments to my blog, to say the least, I am impressed that
so many people have actually been following my journey and for that I am thankful.
I have been asked to post some pictures of my house here in Belize, for those of you that
were on the trip in Feb. you already pretty much know what I have. It is a 5 BR 1 bath
house, made of concrete, it has a metal roof but is fairly well made, the bathroom is very
small and cramped, but the rest of the rooms are fairly spacious.
I had to buy a refrigerator, stove, washing machine, living and bedroom furniture for the
house, and that was expensive, I have spent about $4000.00 U.S. for things that I already
had in the US, and that hurt. But the cost of shipping stuff, and the import duty 34% of
value, made it not worth trying to ship everything, and, I don't know if what I had would
have fit into this house.
I will post some pictures this weekend, at least then you will see how it is to live in a
third world country, I am living what you would have to call the middle class life, I at
least have running water, most homes do not have that, I do not have hot water, almost no
homes in Belize do, I have electricity, a lot homes do not have it, I have a fenced yard,
almost no homes in my class have fenced yards. I have a covered carport, as well as a
covered patio, most homes in my class do not have them.
Tonight when I was trying to put together what I was going to post, I was sitting on my
patio talking with Tasha when a street vendor stopped at my gate and asked me if I was
interested in his wares, at first I thought No, I am not, but I asked what he had, and he
told me he has fresh steamed Tamales, steamed corn etc. I stopped him before he could
finish his list, I had not yet had dinner, and didn't know what I was going to fix. I bought
two Tamales from him, $2.00 Belize, and that was my dinner, they were very large, and
very filling, so for $1.00 US, I had a pretty good dinner.
The area I am living in is a quiet neighborhood, the retired chief of police lives across the
street from me and he had a tough reputation while he was chief, so very little vandalism
occurs in this area, the kids pretty much stay away from his house. The only issue for
me has been the insects, they are very prolific, especially the ants, they are everywhere,
and it is hard to control them, they are fire ants, and they bite if given the chance. I have
gone through two cans if insecticide so far, and just bought a new can tonight, if you drop
a piece of food on the floor they find it within, what seems like minutes, and began to
swarm over it, after just a few minutes it becomes a fuzzy ball, that is a collection of at
least 100 ants trying for the piece of food.
The weather, as you might expect is very warm and humid, I seem to be adapting to it,
because I am not perspiring like I was last week, and I am even covering up at night time
with a blanket, and that surprises me.
As most of you know, I drove down to Belize, that was not to bad a trip, from
Brownsville Texas it is a three day drive over, for the most part, pretty good roads. The
roads here in San Ignacio will challenge the most sophisticated suspension system of any
vehicle all main roads have at one time or another been paved, unfortunately they have
not been maintained so pot holes are plentiful, and most all secondary roads have never
been paved so they are very rough driving. My poor truck is starting to rattle and it's only
been two weeks.
Finally, I need to add one last comment, in my last posting I referred to my acquaintances
in the states, and my new found friend here in Belize. Some of you were offended by that
comment, if so, I am sorry that I offended you, those of you that are my true friends
should be comfortable in your position with me, and should not be offended, those of you
that are not secure in your friendship with me, well then...... I am sorry, I think that, that
is a personal problem from your end, not from mine.
Have a great day, may God bless and keep you all, Tasha and I are well and doing fine.
I will not have this posted tonight, and I will need to take pictures, so it may be a day or
two before you see this. And, I will keep the web page active for the foreseeable future.
Much Love to you all
Tasha & Larry
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Friday, 7 September 2007 - 3:55 PM MDT

Name: "Larry Wellington"

Hello All,

I just posted my latest comment for your enjoyment,Tasha and I have made the decision
to continue the Blog, and web page for the forseeable future, The connection fee by the
local phone company is quite high, $16.50 per session so my posting will be less than
what it has been in the past, I will attempt to post a comment at least twice a week, and I
will add some pictures of the house I have rented, need to finf my camera first, haven't
seen it for over a week.

Hope all is well with everyone, May God bless and keep you.

Larry & of course, Tasha

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Friday, 7 September 2007 - 5:25 PM MDT

Name: "Larry & Tasha"

Absolutely amazing, I was able to get into my web site from my house, this is a first, but
hopefully not the last.

Just had to post this comment, sitting on my patio enjoying the evening breezes.

Tasha and Larry

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Friday, 7 September 2007 - 8:42 PM MDT

Name: "anonymous"

Hey chuck, we don't know your phone number. Lets get together Mine is 970-461-0258.
I sure did like you being that you we just acquaintance.

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Friday, 7 September 2007 - 8:55 PM MDT

Name: "anonymous"


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Saturday, 8 September 2007 - 7:17 AM MDT

Name: "Larry Wellington"
 I was actually able to re-connect to my web page for the second time tonight, I can't
believe my luck.
I thought I would try and send another comment.
Tasha and I are sitting on the patio enjoying the southerly breezes, it is about 85 degrees
outside but the breezes make it feel like 70 degrees.
 I am planning on taking a weekend trip over to David's Adventure land, it is over by the
Guatemala border, and is just downstream from black rock lodge, as I said earlier, I am
thinking about investing in his venture, I will post more when I get back Sunday night, it
just may be what I am looking for, although not a turn key operation, there may be
sufficient value there to warrant a very close look.
I know that you can't tell, but my typing is severely restricted these past few days. I had a
close encounter of the unpleasant kind with my new Machete, I was trying to open a
coconut and it did not go according to plan. It seems that I tried to amputate my left hand
index finger. This happened around 9 PM on Tuesday night, when I re-dressed the
wound the next day I realized that it should have been stitched, and I would guess that it
would have taken about 60 stitches to properly close the wound. When David looked at
it all he had to say was "oh shit", and that is a quote, but it seems to be healing well, I
went over to the pharmacy and got a pretty strong antibiotic and have been taking that
since then. It is nice to be able to pick up a prescription when you know what works for
you and not need to go see a DR. first.
Anyway, I am going to try and post this tonight and see what happens.
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Saturday, 8 September 2007 - 8:59 AM MDT
Name: "Karen Bennett"

Hi Larry

I'm so glad that you reconsidered shutting down your website. I have really enjoyed
reading about your adventures (and misadventures...did you ever get stitches for your
poor hand?).

 Can't wait to see some pictures of your new home. Rick found a website about Belize
and San Ignacia in particular. Now I understand why you decided to settle where you
did. It is so beautiful! I really would love to come for a visit. Have you been to the
Iguana preserve? That looks very interesting. You may need to adopt an iguana or some
sort of lizard to battle the ants. If the fire ants bite, pour bleach on the bite, helps with the
sting. They can get infected very easily. We had them in Texas. Take care of yourself.



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Sunday, 9 September 2007 - 2:47 PM MDT

Name: "Tasha & Larry"
Sunday 09/09/07
Greetings all,
I Just returned to my place from David's hideaway, what a great place, it is situated in the
middle of the only privately owned Maya Ruins. David has not allowed anyone to open
the ruins and dig for treasures, he feels that the Gods have made him protector of these
ruins and he plans to leave them just as they are, what a magnificent site it was. To some
people it would just be huge mounds of earth spaced rather precisely in their positions.
We climbed up the western Temple and watched the sunset, what a view, I just can't
imagine what it must have been like 1000 years ago.
I am definitely going to invest in this venture with David, we plan on building a new four
family structure near the middle of the complex, and complete a two family complex
already under way, with the possible addition of two newly-wed tilapia's for the younger
set, you would have to see it to believe it.
It is a vary, I mean very rustic location, but the experience is worth the lack of comforts.
the nearest electricity is 3 miles away, lighting currently is by candle light, food is cooked
the Maya way, over wood, nothing fancy, but very tasty, last night we had beef ribs, fresh
made tortilla's, and salad, all very tasty.
There is no bar at present, but maybe later on, with no electricity is is had to serve a cold
beer, but I sure would have liked to have one last night.
Last night there was no moon, you can't imagine how dark it gets with no moon, and with
no outside lights to spoil the view it is very hard to move around, especially one my age
who is mobility impaired as it is. I would not have given up the opportunity to stay there,
I was that impressed.
There are a few things I want to change about the camp, but they are minor and David
agrees they are needed.
Anyway, I am going back one day next week, I will take pictures and try and make a
drawing that shows the layout, and scan it to an email able document, and then post that
as well.
Hope all is well with everyone, Tasha and I are fine.
In God's name I wish you well.....
Larry & Tasha
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Sunday, 9 September 2007 - 5:54 PM MDT

Name: "Kraig and Barbara"

I'm so glad to hear that you are keeping the blog!

 ...sorry to hear about the finger-machete encounter, though...having lived in south
america, I have experienced several such injuries... "first hand" so to speak!...(and a
couple in the leg!)...Do be careful of infections.

The rustic jungle adventure camp sounds amazing and just the kind of thing we enjoy on
vacation! We stayed in Cabanas Copal in Tulum, Mexico, with no electricity in the
rooms, and it is one of our favorite memories!

We love the extra-dark darkness! Are there fireflies? We saw them in Toledo district,
when we stayed a few nights in a Mayan village!

We will be buying our tickets soon for a visit to The Cayo in February, and we want to
check it out your camp, for sure!

In Colombia, if you want a cold beer, you take one from the case that is sitting on the
bottom of the stack, preferably in a corner...the cement floor and walls having chilled it to
a temperature that's called "a clima"...( at the climate) get used to it! Beer tastes
better at that temperature than Coca-Cola!

That's all for now, but we really enjoy your posts! keep up the good work!

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Sunday, 9 September 2007 - 7:30 PM MDT

Name: "Brice & Jeanne"

Larry, Larry, Larry and Tasha,
You continue to amaze me. Glad to hear your made it. Here we are all snug and comfy
in our US home in CO. I am constantly reminded of you by the wind chime. It is must
cooler today. Definitely feels like Fall. AS I sit at the computer, Rudy likes to snuggle
up and get my attention. He usually wins. I enjoy reading your travel tales. You write
quite well. Wish I could kiss your bo-bo and make it well. Hope it is healing well. All
for now. J

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Tuesday, 11 September 2007 - 4:19 PM MDT

Name: "Tasha and Larry"
Hi All,
Tuesday afternoon, I took a trip to the capitol city of Belmopan, stopped at a health food
store to pick up some of the stuff I need to keep this old frame functioning. I also stopped
at a hardware store, I am trying to find a kitchen cabinet that I can put between the
refrigerator and the stove, a place to store my silverware, knives, those sorts of things.
this house has no cabinets, zero, the only shelves there are, are what I had built to put
things on. Like I said earlier, I am living the middle class Belizean life style, get used to it
Wellington.... that is what I keep telling myself.
It is amazing the things that you just can't buy here in Belize, I tried to find decent
bandages, not to be found anywhere, the drug store only carries silk tape and cotton,the
make your own approach, the stores carry very little in this line of goods,,,,,
frustrating...... I tried to buy a ream of paper for my printer......ha ha ha, not in San
Ignacio, Belize City, about 100 miles away.
I asked my friend Chuck from Fort Collins to buy me a box of the type I like and mail
them to me, if he takes them out of the box and puts them in an envelope maybe I won't
have to pay import duty on them.
David and I are going over to a nearby settlement, called Spanish Lookout, we will go
over tomorrow morning, we need to price some things we want for the camp, and I want
to check some of their prices, David thinks they are more reasonable than here in town or
in Belmopan.
I have not forgotten the pictures I promised, in fact I was going to take them yesterday
but David showed up and we got involved with other things and the pictures went by the
wayside, but I promise I will post them, along with some pictures of the camp.
On the down side, Tasha is not feeling well, not quite sure what is going on, I plan on
taking her to a Vet tomorrow when we get back from Spanish Lookout, she has been off
schedule for about two days now......has me worried.....
Spanish Lookout is an Mennonite community, we visited there when we were on the tour
last February, didn't see much of the community, only their home building facility, none
of us were impressed with the quality of their work, it was not what you would expect
from them.
Anyway, that is life in Belize this 11th day of September, 2007, hope this finds you all
well, and may God continue to bless us all.....
Larry &..... my best friend, Tasha
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Thursday, 13 September 2007 - 5:33 PM MDT

Name: "kraig and Barbara"

I hope Tasha is feeling better by are lucky if there is a vet near
Placencia the vet only comes through on a rotating basis, once a month, I think... and
only then because some of the ex-patriot ladies have formed a "Humane Society".

 One of our friends here in Oregon has just purchased property near Spanish Lookout,
and hopes to be living there in about three years...she wants to do animal welfare work in
The Cayo.

Let us know how your finger is healing, up, too...did you ever decide to get some
stitiches? We've been thinking of you, so give us an to you both!

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Friday, 14 September 2007 - 6:57 AM MDT

Name: "Larry & Tasha"
Friday, 14 Sept. 2007
Hi all,
Just a few lines to update you all as to what's been going on. Nothing exciting, but a lot
of different things, David's truck broke down and we have been busy getting parts for it,
two or three trips to Spanish lookout, and a couple of trips over to Guatemala along with
about $500 dollars and it seems to be on the mend, the front end tie rods failed, luck that
Dave was not driving it when they broke, could have wrecked the truck and killed him,
he is not the slowest of drivers in the world.
Sorry I haven't posted the pictures yet, but I promise that I will get it done this weekend,
we have a true paying customer coming to stay at the camp this weekend, so there are
many things I am trying to get done before he arrives, (this afternoon) so I will be busy
all day long.
You asked if I ever got stitches for my finger, no, after one day the healing process has
already started, and it was three days before I realized that it should have been stitched
up, but it is healing, not as fast as I would like, but healing none the less, there will be an
impressive scar however.
Tasha seems to be doing better, she is back to pretty much her old self, but keeping a
close eye on her. She loves to go down to the river and run around, but the other day she
cut the pad on her right foot, probably on some broken glass, so she is being kept down
for the next day or two to give it a chance to heal.
Not much more to report at this time, but I will try an do better on my postings.
May God bless and keep you all.
Larry & Tasha
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Friday, 14 September 2007 - 11:11 AM MDT
Name: "Karen"

Hi Larry

Do you have a good supply of antibiotic ointment in your first aid kit. Smear some of
that on Tasha's pad and your finger. Would go a long way in preventing an infection in
either species! If you don't have any and can't find it in Belize let me know and I will
send you some.

I really want to see some pictures! Hope to see them soon.

Are you enjoying your adventure or is every day a struggle?

We have a new e-mail address. Rick has probably sent it to you. I will check with him

Michele is home for a few days. Waiting for her primping to be complete. She said
that she can't leave the house unless "she looks hot"!

Bye for now.



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Saturday, 15 September 2007 - 12:52 PM MDT

Name: "Larry Wellington"

I have just posted some pictures for you to look at, as I said, I am living the life of the
middle class Belizean, nothing fancy, just the basics.

Enjoy, and be thankfull for what you have at your home.


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Saturday, 15 September 2007 - 6:28 PM MDT
Name: "roxann"
Home Page:

dear larry, glad your finger and tasha are both on the mend. you might want to look for
the herb wormwood to take for both you and tasha. it is good for parasites of which you
probably have both been exposed to, either in the food or the water. lavender oil will also
help the finger heal. glad you are not doing away with the blog. now that i am home from
germany, i will make more effort to email. take care, roxann

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Wednesday, 19 September 2007 - 8:28 AM MDT

Name: "Kraig and Barbara"

Thanks so much for the pictures of your house...It gives us a real insight into your
circumstances, and also about what we might expect if we come to live in Belize!

Now we're ready to see photos of the adventure camp! We always like a rustic touch, so
we're hoping to stay a few nights at the camp when we come to The Cayo in January!

Keep up the good work. Big changes are never easy, but I think you are well prepared
and well equipped to handle whatever you might fnd there!

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Wednesday, 19 September 2007 - 7:54 PM MDT

Name: "Larry & Tasha"
Home Page:
Hi all,
I just posted the first 4 pictures of the camp ground, just the basics right now, but there
will be many more I promise.
Larry & Tasha
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Thursday, 20 September 2007 - 5:11 PM MDT

Name: "Larry & Tasha"

Well folks, Tasha and I spent the afternoon cutting down trees and making room for the
new residence we are building at David's camp. I have posted a few more pictures of the
camp, just to give you an Idea of whats ahead. Lots of work to be done, but the end result
will be worth the effort.
Construction starts tomorrow, 09/21/07, or for the locals, 21/09/2007, I am excited about
the new beginning and looking forward to a fun next few months.

May God bless and keep us all

Tasha and Larry

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Friday, 21 September 2007 - 1:00 PM MDT

Name: "Karen Anselmo"
Home Page:

Thank you for the photos Larry! Glad to hear you have found something so interesting
and beautiful to take part of. We can't wait to see it... ~Karen and Ron

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Tuesday, 25 September 2007 - 7:15 AM MDT

Name: "Tasha and Larry"
Hi All, Tuesday,            09/25/2007
I have been lax these past three days, I should have updated you all on Sunday. But I was
exhausted and spent the day just relaxing... I know, that's no excuse.
Tasha and I spent the day Friday clearing the area for the new Cabana, we worked until
about two in the afternoon, the contractor was supposed to be there with his crew to start
the foundation, but he never showed up, Friday was a holiday for Belize, it was their
Independence day, but he assured me that the crew would be there, well....... that never
They showed up on Saturday, and we spent the morning outlining the frame for the
foundation and getting it square and level, they cut down two more coconut trees because
they felt they would interfere with the roof, they positioned the base more towards the
north than I had wanted, and that is going to create a rather high foundation on the south
side of the building, David agreed to this location, so I guess I will have to accept it, the
work was already well under way when Tasha and I got there, or else I would have
insisted it be moved back.
The foundation framing was complete about 12 PM, we broke for lunch and then spent
the afternoon clearing out the Jungle, "not an easy task" behind the building to provide
access for the trucks to deliver the materials on Monday, the access is an old road, not
used in over twenty years, so it was very overgrown, but it allows access without having
to carry materials over the river by canoe, and right now the river is running very high
and fast, so an overland route was necessary.
On Monday the crew did not show up because of a death in the family, so nothing was
accomplished. I took this opportunity to have my passport extended for another two
month at a cost of $100.00, and I had to go to Belmopan to do this, I will have to do this
every two months until I have been here a year, then I can apply for citizenship.
I also took the opportunity to travel back to the Guatemala border and pay the import tax
on my truck so I could register it in Belize, that took an amazing 6 hours to accomplish,
and a tax of $2,109.70, I also had to pay a fine of $250.00 because they issued me a
tourist pass at Chetumal, and it stated I could not transfer the vehicle with-in Belize, the
fine should have been $500.00 but in talking with the man in charge, he waived half of
the fine. He also waived the tax on the stuff I brought with me, my clothes, pots and pans
etc. so I didn't have to pay the $171.00 tax that would have been due on that.
All in all, a very hectic day.
Today the construction crew is supposed to be on site, I need to go and license my truck
in Belize first, then go over to the camp and supervise what ever they are doing, and then
take some pictures to document the progress.
My internet has been flakey for the past three days, but I am going to try and post this this
morning. May God bless and keep you all.
Tasha & Larry
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Thursday, 27 September 2007 - 11:39 AM MDT

Name: "Karen Tavasci"

Hello everyone!

I just found out about the blog! Hope it is there. I really enjoyed reading "mail" from
everyone. Kraig and Barbara-my husband and I will be there in Feb. also. Hope
everyone can get together for dinner and visit!

Looking forward to seeing everyone.

Karen T.

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Thursday, 27 September 2007 - 10:56 PM MDT

Name: "Kraig and Barbara"
Home Page:

Kraig and I just made our airline reservations...We'll be arriving in Belize on Monday
Jan. 28th and going directly up to stay near Ron and Karen, in The Cayo, for a week.

We're staying in a bungalow at Cahal Pech Resort...we hope to spend one night at Larry's
Adventure Camp, too, if possible...maybe Sunday night, Feb.3rd!
We plan to go overnight to Tikal...(Monday the 4th)...

Then we have two nights "un-planned" but possibly we'll do Maya village homestays in
Toledo...(Toledo Eco-Tourism Assoc.) We've done the Maya village at San Miguel and
it was one of our most exciting and culturally rewarding trips ever! I recommend it!

There are several small ruins in Toledo that I would like to see, and they have very few

We will spend our last week on the Placencia Penninsula...most likely in the Maya Beach
area. We're leaning towards The Green Parrot, but we don't have any reservations
yet...(we're waiting for responses on availability at Captain Jacks and Casa At Last...also
Village Inn which is right in Placencia Village!)

We may (or may not) rent a car to drive to Placencia. We've always flown before, and
the Hummingbird Highway is supposed to be spectacular.

We're really looking forward to seeing everyone! Keep in touch! You can all e-mail
me...I hope you have time to check out our photo blog!

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Saturday, 29 September 2007 - 6:46 AM MDT

Name: "Larry & Tasha"
Saturday,          29/09/2007
Good morning all,
One week has passed since we started the construction of the new Cabana, and still
nothing visual has been done. The frame and form for the foundation is in place, but that
was done last Saturday, the weather has not been very co-operative since then, it has
rained most every day.
Our biggest obstacle is getting the material to do the construction up to the site, as I said
the road we cleared is long, and steep at points, and of course, not surfaced, it is jungle
floor and that can become very muddy during the rains, it dries quite quickly, but with the
ruts from the tractor, it has ample places to puddle.
We have gotten about 1/3rd of the material up to the site, the rest remains at the base of
the road, it was a beautiful day yesterday, and I had hoped that today the road would be in
good shape, but at about 2 AM, the skies opened up and it poured for about 30 minutes
the edge of my street is in standing water, and I am sure that the road at camp is going to
be the same.
I will go over this morning and check it over before we call for the tractor to come and
pull things up to the top.
Frustrating is the best description I can use for the weeks activities, but, on the other
hand, quite a bit of logistical work has taken place during the week, so once we have all
the supplies on top there should not be any further delays,(tongue-in-cheek) and things
should move right along, and the completion date of November 15 might still be
I will finish building the hand rails at the canoe landing his morning, that will make it
easier for people to get into and out of the canoe going to/from the camp, I am going to
also carry some muriatic acid with me to wash the steps going up to the camp, they are
marble and granite, and get covered with mildew and become very slippery, I hope the
acid will clean them good enough to prevent the new growth of mildew for at least a
short period of time. Any body have any better suggestions ?
There is also a walkway from the eating area to the kitchen that has the same stones, and
I will wash them as well, all of the stones are from the ruins, and most of the steps are
original Maya work, David has reworked a lot of the steps using the same stone, so they
have been there for many years, I suggested we add some concrete to the steps and David
shuddered, he wants things as "rustic" as possible, and I guess I totally agree, but I think
of the liability side, and worry about the customers safety and convenience. I know that I
slipped on the steps more than once, and I am aware of them, anyway, that is work to be
I don't remember if I mentioned in my previous entry, but David and I bought a new rain
water recovery tank, 300 gallons, and I am going to plumb it to the shower so we can
have running water and also, we have been looking for an on-demand water heater so we
can have hot showers. The thing we worry about the most is that water is in short supply,
and conservation is a must, that is why we are not putting showers, bathrooms etc. in the
new cabana. My thought is to do as they do in Europe, have a basin and pitcher in the
room for washing up before retiring.
Lots of things in the works, including the possibility of some solar lights for the cabana's
for inside lights only, no outside lights, we don't want to spoil the beauty of the night. If
anybody has any suggestions, now is the time to mention them, in about two weeks it will
be too late to implement changes, or at least I hope too late.
Tasha and I are doing well, she seems to have adapted to her new home quite well, and
enjoys barking at all the little kids in the area and at all the stray dogs that wander the
Hopefully I will have some pictures to post later today.
May God bless and keep us all.
Larry & Tasha
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Saturday, 29 September 2007 - 2:10 PM MDT

Name: "Ron Anselmo"
Home Page:


We've been following your blog, and have enjoyed the commentary, glad to see you're
doing so well and getting involved in something positive and constructive.
A suggestion for cleaning your steps, might include using trisodium phosphate (TSP) (if
locally available), 1-1/2 cup to 1 gallon of hot water, scrub with a stiff brush, let sit 15-20
minutes and rinse. Acid and bleach serve to remove mold and mildew, but don't kill
the remaining spores.

TSP serves to open the pores and help eliminate regrowth. However, I would guess that
in a moist, shady environment, recleanings will be somewhat frequent.

It sounds like the ultimate problem you're faced with is traction and/or friction. A
mechanical solution may be to 'groove' the tread surfaces with a small grinding wheel.
Maybe an 1/8" deep, from front to back of the treads, parallel grooves maybe 1/2" apart
for an overall width of 18" on each tread. (picture a typical escalator tread)

Philosophically, David may disagree and consider this as 'defacing' the original
stonework. In addition, the front end work is a little more laborious, but may
save 'continual routine maintenance' in the long run.

Kraig Bartel may also have some good suggestions, given his building background and
creative thinking.

Hope this finds you well and we look forward to seeing you after we arrive in November.
Keep up the good work.

Best regards,

Ron Anselmo

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Saturday, 29 September 2007 - 3:57 PM MDT

Name: "Kraig Bartel"

Hello Larry & Tasha,

  Greetings and salutations! I too have been following your blog and in regards to the
mildew on the steps, Ron Anselmo is correct that TSP is the least expensive (should have
it at the Mennonite "Super" store we all visited), most effective (it will indeed kill the
present growth) and least labourious ( other than doing nothing at all :). As with most
human activity there are draw backs. Due to the properties of phosphorus, it is slow to
break down in the environment which leads it to penetrate the water table where it
becomes somewhat residual. However, if you use it judiciously it is quite effective. Ron
is also right that muriatic acid (diluted hydrochloric acid if I am not mistaken) is not
nearly as effeceint at "slime" control as the TSP but it IS used to etch and clean the
surface of concrete and softer stone. Marble and granite are obviously quite hard stones
but if any of the work is Mayan, I believe for building purposes in your area they worked
almost exclusively with sandstone and limestone which are soft stones and it may be
possible to "roughen" or otherwise provide some texture to the surface of the stone with
Muriatic Acid. This also is a strong chemical and should be used prudently. Ron's
grooving idea would most likely be the most effective long term fix and have the least
impact on nature. But as usual, from an environmental stand point, the best solution to the
problem is the most labor intensive.

Good luck and best wishes, Kraig Bartel

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Saturday, 29 September 2007 - 7:43 PM MDT

Name: "Larry & Tasha"
Saturday,         29/09/2007 7 PM.
Hi all,
We spent a very long day at the camp today, we built a hand railing at the mainland side
of the canoe landing to make it easier to board and exit the canoe. We need to add one
more post and chain, but we need to wait for low water before we sink the post and add
the chain. We want to add a concrete slab at the bottom of the steps and we want the post
set into the concrete.
We cleared the area where the new water tank will set, and we hauled rocks up to the area
for the foundation, they use rocks to fill in the foundation, and then add concrete to
smooth out the surface, this saves on concrete and makes for a stronger foundation, so
they say...
No construction work was completed today, and they did not move anymore supplies up
to the storage area, as I had feared, the rain last night made the road from our staging area
very muddy, and I don't think a tractor would have been able to climb the road, there is
about, and I am guessing, a 1500 foot climb from the staging area to the storage area, and
about 1 & 1/3 miles of dense jungle, almost no areas see the sun, I did take a picture of
one area that saw the sun, about 100 feet long, but the rest of the road is in the dark.
I uploaded 14 or 15 photo's tonight for your enjoyment, and I found out I have not
been uploading them in the proper sequence, I was wondering why the were not in the
order I had anticipated, well, tonight I found out why, so, the first set are out of order and
the second set are in order. Please enjoy them, and I hope you can get as excited as I am
becoming over this project.
Tasha had a great time at camp today, she ran around all day long, and near the end of the
day she tried," and succeeded" at making her a nest to lay down in and catch some sleep,
she worked very hard for about 20 minutes digging through rocks and soil to form a bed,
she was put out when I called her to join me in another task at a different location. She
has already gone to bed tonight, and I am not far behind her, I need a shower first, and
then crash, but I am waiting for David to show up, he has some supplies in the back of
my truck to pick up, then I am gone.
Hope this note finds everybody well, Tasha and I are doing fine, May God bless and keep
you all.
Tasha & Larry
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Saturday, 29 September 2007 - 8:05 PM MDT

Name: "Larry Wellington"

Ron and Kraig,

Thanks so much for your input, I had not thought about TSP, you are both right, this may
be a better alternative than acid, and also, I need to correct my previous statement, the
stone is primarily sandstone, with some granite, no marble, most of the stone is
sandstone, and TSP should work well, thanks a bunch for this suggestion.

I will look for TSP on Monday, nothing is open here on Sunday, only the local
convenience stores, but I may check there, if not I will go to Spanish Lookout and look
for it.

As far as grooving the steps, there is no electricity available so this would be a tough task
to do, Ron, what is your suggestion ? a battery operated grinder would work, but, there
are 160 steps, and when the battery went down, a trip back to town would be needed, and
it is a 30 minute trip each way across some pretty rough roads.

Kraig, you are right, sometimes the best route is the hardest route, Sooo, pack your bags
and get down here to help out......

Just kidding of course, although I could use the help.

Thanks again for your input, it IS appreciated.


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Sunday, 30 September 2007 - 7:15 AM MDT
Name: "Larry Wellington"
Sunday,        30/09/2007
Good morning all,
We had another disappointing night last night, after a beautiful day yesterday, and hopes
that the road would have a chance to dry out, the skies opened up again, around 2 AM,
again, it rained very hard for about one hour, the roads around my house are mud bogs, so
I can only guess what they are like up at the camp.
The main reason I am writing this comment however is not because of the rain, but
because of 4 little kids, I would guess they are in the 6 to 10 year group. I have been
watching them play for the past three or four days, they have a (what appears to be)
remote controlled four wheel drive ATV, like a blazer or Bronco, that kind of toy. the
interesting thing about their play is that they have no batteries for the truck, and I have
not seen the remote, but they pull it around the block with a string, they take turns pulling
the truck, and they run just as fast as they can around the block laughing as they go.
This morning, as I said the roads are mud bogs, but they were out there again, this time
they stopped in front of my house to clean the mud and rocks off of the tires, and then off
they went, running down the road having a good time, although I have not seen them
come around for a second trip, maybe they felt all the mud was not worth the effort.
It is heart breaking in a way to watch them, but at the same time, I am struck that they
have such a good time with only half of a toy, what would they do if they had all that was
needed to make the truck run like it should ???.
Any way, that is why I entered this comment. God bless all the little children.
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Sunday, 30 September 2007 - 3:56 PM MDT

Name: "Karen Anselmo"

Hi Larry,

  In response to your last comment about the children, " what would they do or want?"
They would want more.. Just like all the other children in the U.S. , who have it all, and
don't realize it, and don't know how to have such fun with less.. That is my inital

 Take care and Enjoy.. ~Karen Anselmo

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Sunday, 30 September 2007 - 11:11 PM MDT

Name: "Barbara"
Home Page:

Larry, we are so glad that you kept the are just getting to the "good" part!
Kraig and I will be there in February (we have our reservations) and we'd like to stay at
your camp the night of Sunday, Feb. 3rd...if that's possible. Have you made a website for
the camp yet? Adventure travelers will find you!

We have stayed in a Mayan Village, arranged by a group called the TEA...(Toledo
Ecotourism Assoc.) You can find out what they have to offer by visiting: Project Plenty does a lot of good work in Toledo. If you contact them,
maybe they would refer adventure travelers to your camp in The Cayo...

The Mayan Village overnight stay is one of our best memories, and belive is
VERY "rustic". A lot of people love to have that kind of experience when they are

I'm sure you remember when Bill and Claire said it rains everyday during this time of
year? I guess you are finding that to be true! One of the reasons we prefer The Cayo is
that it rains less than StannCreek and Toledo! also...It's raining here in Oregon, right

We are thinking about you, and we're happy that both you and Tasha are adapting so
well. The blog gives us a real insight into your adventure!

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Wednesday, 3 October 2007 - 7:08 PM MDT

Name: "Tasha & Larry"
Good evening all:
We spent the day at the camp site moving materials from the staging area to the storage
area, David and I took 7 loads of lumber and cement blocks from the bottom to the top,
my poor truck, the road was in very bad shape, and now it is a little worse for the wear, I
lost a bolt that holds one of the skid plates in place, so it banged all afternoon, I stopped
at a mechanics place tonight and he had one that worked.
Tomorrow we are also going to pick up 300 feet of PVC pipe to run down to the shower,
and to our back up water tank from our new tank, that should take most of the day, and
there is still lumber to be brought to the top, however, the contractor will be there to do
that part.
I added a picture to the folder that showed the foundation and water tank in place, well,
the foundation is about 5 feet too far to the south, and the shelter they built to provide
water run-off is also to far to the East about three feet, and the front of the roof, (the
highest point) is below the top of the water tank, the object of the shelter is to provide a
surface area to funnel the water to a point where it can be guided into the storage tank,
not a complex function, most any person with a small amount of knowledge should
understand what needs to be done, but for what ever reason, that did not happen.
One of the problems is that I do not speak Spanish, and the workers only speak Spanish,
when I told David about what needed to be done he talked with Rigoberto about it,
Rigoberto was upset because he tried to get the other worker, Justice, to do what I
wanted, but was not successful. Anyway, Rigoberto is going to tear down the structure
and move it where it need to be...( I hope) It seems that I need to be there 24 hours a day
to make sure things are done like they need to be. Justice is an old friend of David's, and
that makes it hard, David is sure that Justice did what he thought was right, but,,,,,, all he
had to do was look at the end result and he should have known that is was not correct.
I am planning on going over to Guatemala to a place called Bio-Itza ,
they offer a one week total immersion Spanish class, with six hours a day of Spanish
lessons, and, you live with a local family that only speak Spanish, maybe that way I will
understand what is being said, and not having to rely on David to translate. The only
problem I have is what to do with Tasha, I am waiting to find out if I could bring her with
me, I can't leave her at the camp, because the camp dogs do not like her, and they attack
her when they get the chance, so she needs to be somewhere else when I am not around.
It was another beautiful day in Paradise today, not a cloud in the sky and slight breezes
all day long. I am on the patio right now, and it is about 75-76 degrees and very pleasant,
Tasha is asleep on the rug by my side, she is exhausted from the days activities, she ran
up and down the mountain about 10-12 times today, she absolutely loves being up at the
camp and running around the Jungle, I think that if she could talk she would say, " thanks
for bringing me here dad", she gets excited each time we go there, by canoe or by truck,
she is just as happy.
No new pictures today, but maybe by Thursday or Friday there will be some signs of
progress that warrant a picture. Have a great day, and may God bless you all.
Tasha & Larry
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Thursday, 4 October 2007 - 4:02 PM MDT

Name: "Larry & Tasha"
Hi All,           Thursday 04/10/2007
I am back at the house early today, had some errands to do back in town, one of the
errands was to go by the registry's office and pick up my Belize plates for the truck, I
guess I am a Part resident of Belize.
I uploaded a few pictures today, not much, just getting ready for a canoe trip, and we
loaded 4 canoes into the back of my truck, my poor truck, it is getting abused and used
down here.
The construction crew did start digging the foundation for the new cabana today,
hopefully by tomorrow they will start making cement and form the foundation, we'll see.
Tasha is worn out again today, when we got back down she wanted to go to the river, so
we walked down and she promptly laid down in the water for about 10 minutes, she
drank her fill, got up and was ready to leave, what a dog she is.
I broke down and bought a microwave today, I just can't seem to keep up with things as
it is, and re-heating foods is a hassle, plus it gives me more pans to wash, this way I hope
it will be a little easier.
In a suggestion from Ron and Kraig, they said to use T.S.P. for cleaning the steps at the
camp, well,,,,,I have searched every store in San Ignacio as well as Spanish Lookout, and
nobody here has heard of the product, so I am open to alternative suggestions....
Have a great day, and may God bless and keep you all...
Larry & Tasha
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Sunday, 7 October 2007 - 5:45 PM MDT

Name: "Larry & Tasha"
Sunday, 07/10/2007         5:30 PM
Hi All,
Tasha and I got back to the house around 3 this afternoon, it has been a very long and I
might add, hard week, but we finally got all of the materials to our storage area, we got
the cement mixed and the block foundation started, we/they should have the foundation
finished by the end of the day tomorrow, and be ready to pour the floor. At least, I hope
they will.
My internet service these past two or three days has been very bad, I can't rely on it at all.
I am still sponging off of my neighbors wireless, but it has been down more than it has
been up. I don't know if my neighbor is playing with me or if the service is really that
I still can't get my own phone here at the house, so I have been relying on my cell phone,
but at $3.50 a minute I try and stay off as much as possible. But, for those of you that
need to call, it is my old Fort Collins cell number, I have used Skype while here, but the
local phone company blocks all outgoing calls, they want the revenue, and don't want to
share it with anybody. This country is full of monopolies, the phone company is one, the
local brewery is another, and the local cable company is yet another. The way the
government is structured it is virtually impossible for another company to come on scene.
I have posted a few more pictures for you all to look at, you can now actually see some
progress, and hopefully things will really start to take off now that the basics are out of
the way. Not really much more to report, but I will try and keep you all as up to date as I
Have a great evening, God bless you and keep you all.
Larry & Tasha
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Saturday, 13 October 2007 - 6:07 PM MDT

Name: larrywellington
Home Page:
Saturday, 13/10/07
Hi all,
      Well, another week has passed and I wish I could report fantastic progress on the
cabana, but all I can say is that some progress has taken place, but nothing outstanding.
In my last posting I told you that the foundation was started, well, that part of it is still
true, in fact the foundation is complete, but we have a very large hole that needs filling,
and the crew has been working for three days to get it ready to pour the floor, but right
now, it looks like it will be next Wednesday before they can start pouring, Monday is a
holiday (Day of the Americas) here in Belize so nobody will be working I have no idea
what the holiday celebrates.
 The weather has been a hindrance to us, rain every day or night and many of the showers
are very hard downpours, that has not helped the situation at all. Pray for us that the
weather will improve.
All of the material is down at the construction site just waiting to be put to use, we
already have a reservation for the second week of November, so things had better start
moving a little faster, or they will be sleeping on the ground.
I have posted a few pictures of the past weeks efforts, enjoy.
In Christ's name,
Larry & Tasha
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Sunday, 14 October 2007 - 3:04 PM MDT

Name: "Larry and Tasha"

Hi All,

Sunday afternoon and all is quiet for the time being. Had a very hard shower last night
after I posted, I took a couple of pictures from my patio, I posted them this afternoon,
thery didn't turn out as good as I would have liked, but I think you can see the intensity of
the storm from the pictures, those of you from Texas would probably say " no big deal, it
rains like that here every day", but the rest of you folks haven't seen that kind of rain. I
don't think.

All is well on this side of the world, hope all is well with you all.

Larry and Tasha

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Thursday, 18 October 2007 - 7:25 PM MDT

Name: "Tasha and Larry"
Thursday, 18 October, 2007 PM.
Hi All,
      It has been five days since my last post, and the reason is, there was nothing to post,
construction on the Cabana has been painfully slow, and I might add, painfully
expensive, 8 hours labor times 6 workers, 48 hours per day, and right now we are looking
at 7 days and not much to show for the work.
Today the support posts were set in place and concrete poured around each post to a
depth of 48 Inches, most of the backfill has been completed, but not all. We were
supposed to pour concrete tomorrow, but now it looks more like Saturday and Sunday, if
they will work on Sunday ??, or Monday. It started to rain this afternoon, late, it poured
hard for about 45 minutes not sure if this will be a problem or not, tomorrow will tell.
I bought a generator for the camp yesterday, it will be used for powering some
appliances, maybe a refrigerator/freezer, with no way to protect fresh food everything has
to be brought in daily, and being 30 minutes plus a canoe ride from town, Ice is almost
out of the question, and they don't know what dry ice is down here. I talked with a
contractor yesterday about working on the road that comes into the back of the camp, it
needs to be widened, and it needs brush placed in the road to provide a base to drive on,
right now the road is passable with four wheel drive and a lot of guts, but that is very hard
on my truck, and I don't want to destroy it before we finish the cabana.
As I have said before, the new cabana is a work in progress, and things change everyday,
I am constantly thinking of things to change to make it more enjoyable for the guests,
subsequently the cost keeps going up I need to stop thinking and go back to my original
thoughts of something rustic and beautiful and forget all the extras. Anyway, I posted
three new pictures tonight that show the support posts and floor. Enjoy.
Tasha and I are doing fine, Tasha does indeed love the forest and all the new smells, and
completly wears herself out each time we go over to the camp.
May God bless and keep you all.
Larry & Tasha
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Friday, 19 October 2007 - 3:39 AM MDT

Name: "Karen Anselmo"
Home Page:

Hi Larry! Just wanted to say thank you for continuing to post.. It is super interesting to
check in and see what you are up to at this point. We will be in your area in 2 weeks, and
will be looking forward to seeing you sometime soon. ~Karen Anselmo

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Friday, 19 October 2007 - 8:12 PM MDT

Name: "Kraig and Barbar"

Well... we've been pretty busy, putting our garden to bed for the winter.

Usually our wet weather doesn't start until well into November, but it's arrived early this
year...we've had wind and rain nearly every day so far in October! Luckily it hasn't been
too cold, yet.

I added a weather channel tool to my desktop, and it tells me that it is 86 in Belize right
now...about 56 now I DO feel cold!
We're bringing in the last of the apples...Asian pears, and Comice pears...We still have
tomatoes in our greenhouse,and peppers...but that will be the end of it for this year!

Needless to say, we'll be more than ready to travel by the time our departure date rolls
around in January!

 We are so excited and pleased that we will have several friends visiting Belize at the
same time we are there...We'd love to have a reunion with everyone together...even
though we know the logistics of that might not be possible!'re a pioneer...stick with the plan...we're not surprised that there are set-backs,
but we know you'll be a success! (...and, by the way...we DO see a LOT of rain in
Oregon, too...)

Ron and Karen...we're thinking about you every day...what an adventure you are about to will surely change your life! We can't wait until you start posting to your blog!

That's about all I have time for now...never forget that we're here following your
progress, even if we don't comment! love, Barbara

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Saturday, 20 October 2007 - 6:09 PM MDT

Name: "Larry and Tasha"
Saturday 10/20/07        PM
Hi All,
      Well, the rain let up this morning and we were able to start pouring the concrete for
the floor, by 1:30 this afternoon 1/2 of the 30' X 30' floor had been poured and 1/2 of that
had been finished, hopefully by Monday afternoon the entire floor will be done, and we
can get started on the support for the thatch roof.
The Thatch workers have been hired and are just waiting for the full moon to start cutting
thatch, they can only cut thatch for six days out of the month, 3 days before and 3 days
after the full moon, I don't quite understand the reason for this rule, but insects are a
problem if you cut outside of these days, also you cannot cut the timbers for the roof
rafters outside of these days, and the contractor has to cut about 35 more roof rafters for
the roof, I see a big conflict on the horizon for this part of the schedule.
After the thatch is cut it must be installed while it is still green and not wilted or you have
problems with it as well and the thatch crew can't start until all the rafters are on site and
installed. a 30' X 30' roof is quite massive and very heavy so all rafters must be in place
before they start placing the thatch. We have 10 men ready to start the roof so any lost
time will be expensive.
I didn't take any pictures today, I thought I would wait until the floor is complete.
That is about all for today, no work tomorrow, and it looks like it will rain again tonight
so the road will be in bad shape come Monday, I could not get up the road today, too
muddy and wet, so I had to take the canoe ride over to camp.
Have a great weekend, may God bless us all
Tasha & Larry
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Sunday, 21 October 2007 - 1:09 PM MDT

Name: "Chuck Nuckols"

Larry & Tash, I enjoy your page and the pictures

Althogh I prefer to write via email I thought I would post something on your blog today.

I'm glad Tasha is adjusting to the tropic I know it was a concern for you wondering if she
would be OK down there.I think of her every morning when Pearl and I walk by the field
where we let her run while we were sitting her

It looks like things are begining to shape up a little for you in your business adventure. I
would love to be there helping you out. I could hand you a hammer or a nail.

I broke down my garden yesterday and used the rototiller I got from you to to till it up. It
is now ready for winter. and just in time. Yesterday was nice but cool Today it snowed a
little and is in the low fourties. Tomorrow we warm up and will be in the sixtys for the
rest of the week. I hope to get a load of mulch and put it around the house and in the
flowerbeds while it's warm.

I hope things continue to go well for you and hope to see you in the near future


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Sunday, 21 October 2007 - 3:25 PM MDT

Name: "roxann rich"
Home Page:

dear larry, i am in total agreement with all the others, that i totally enjoy your blog and
the pictures. sounds like there will be several people from the belize relo tour of 07
comming your way. brendy , barbara and i are all planning to visit again in austin on
december 1-2,07 and attend the health freedom expo during this sister and her
friend from california are flying in and we are going to celebrate her 50th birthday in
austin also. gaylord caught a bad staph infection 2weeks ago and has really had a hard
time. his father was in the hospital for several weeks and we think thats where he picked
it up.he is on the mend now but had 2 bad weeks.wish i had apples like kraig and
barbara!! its been very windy and still warm here. wish i was on the ocean in belize!! take

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Tuesday, 23 October 2007 - 3:13 PM MDT

Name: "Tasha and Larry"
Good morning all,
   Well, the cement floor is complete, and now we just need to wait for it to cure before
going further, the contractor is going today to cut the remaining roof timbers and will be
gone for two days, the thatch crew is ready to start cutting thatch.
   The magical three days before and three days after the full moon is here and things
should start happening pretty fast...... Fast in Belizean terms anyway.
   I have not been able to get into my web site on a regular basis the past few days,
something to do with Solar flares I think, my friends that own the lodge next to our camp
have satellite internet and they have been having a hard time as well. I thought it was
because I am using my neighbors wireless, but I guess that is not the case.
   I was able to post two pictures yesterday, but couldn't post any comments.
   David and I went over to Spanish Lookout yesterday and I bought another water tank,
this one is 600 gallons, twice as big as the last one, and with three tanks we should have
enough water to run the camp during the dry season.
I have decided to put in a new bathroom, both a his/hers with flush toilets, and a sink.
Doing this requires additional water supply which is why we bought the new tank.
I was wrong in my previous posting that the new tank I bought was a 600 gallon, it was
on a three hundred gallon, I need to engage the brain before making statements like that,
1100 liters is not 600 but closer to 300 gallons, and the new tank is 2500 liters.
I hope to have some pictures later in the week showing the construction of the roof,
should be interesting to watch, I have never seen a thatch roof being built and am looking
forward to it.
Today will be a slow day, I need to go over to camp and make sure that clean up gets
done, there has been a lot of resource damage with the concrete work, and I want the
grounds looking the best they can as soon as possible, things grow rapidly in the jungle
so things should look pretty good in a sort period of time.
One of the areas we are most concerned about is the original pathway used by the Mayan
people, it runs right next to the Cabana and has been criss-crossed with construction paths
that need to be cleaned up to restore the original ground.
Our plans are to have a map made of the original complex and have it posted at a central
location with-in the campgrounds, this will take some effort, but it will be worth it in the
That's about all for now, hope I can get this posted this morning.
God Bless you all
Larry & Tasha
Couldn't get into the site until this afternoon, then I got kicked off, hope this isn't a
duplicate posting.
I will add some pictures this afternoon, maybe.....
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Thursday, 25 October 2007 - 3:38 PM MDT

Name: "Barbara and Kraig"

I just had a chance to look at your most recent photographs and they are very exciting...I
love the ones you took during the rainstorm...even though the rain was not good for your
progress! The new cabana is finally taking shape...I'm sure you are glad! The camp and
grounds look good least from what we can see! I'm sure you are not recording the
messy bits! We are looking forward to checking everything the way...flush
toilets will be nice to have...even though not absolutely essential! SOME adventure
tourists do like to have a few small comforts! Love to you and Tasha...

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Friday, 26 October 2007 - 7:41 AM MDT

Name: "Tasha and Larry"
Good Morning:
      Well, after two very long 12 hour days I am finally getting a chance to add another
post. We have been cutting leaf, (thatch), it is thought that we will need about 1000 leaf
to cover the roof, and as of last night we have 700 on the ground. Each leaf weighs, I
would guess, about 35 pounds, that's 35 thousand pounds of leaf on the roof. It takes a
very heavy support system to support that much weight
I have a crew of six people, (four didn't show up) doing the cutting. It is very impressive
watching them climb the palm trees and doing the cutting, I know that I wouldn't want to
be the one in the tree doing the work, I did do a lot of hauling the leaf down to the
construction site, and that wore me out, Tasha spent the first day running up and down
the mountain with me, each time I went up she went ahead of me, and then ran down in
front of as if to protect me, she barked at anybody that got in my way, it was really quite
funny to watch her.. The second day however, she just kind of laid around, too tired to
run up and down. As a matter of fact, so was I
It was very cool this morning, my weather station said it was 68.2 degrees, I was wishing
I had a furnace to light, I was actually cold until the sun came up, right now it is around
75 degrees and the sun is very bright with clear skies.
It has rained both days we were cutting so the sun is a welcome visitor. I told you all that
I had bought an additional water storage tank, 600 gallons, well, it is now completely full,
that is how much it rained, the collection roof for the tank is about 14 feet by 20 feet.
That is about all for right now, David has a tour group in town and I need to go and take
three canoes down to the river for the tour, my poor truck, another load like the last one. I
posted a few new pictures of the cutting, enjoy.
Have a great day, and may God watch over all of us.
Tasha and Larry
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Friday, 26 October 2007 - 12:01 PM MDT

Name: "Kelli and Gene Gautreau"

Hello Larry. Greetings from Loveland Colorado! Still reading your posts and just amazed
at the work you are doing down in Belize! Thought you were retired!?? The pictures of
Tasha resting are great. She is a beautiful dog! So glad to hear how much she is enjoying
the wilderness!! Gene has been in VA all week for more Xerox training. He comes home
today, Ill have to let him know how youve been doing! Take care. Kelli Veit Gautreau

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Friday, 26 October 2007 - 10:32 PM MDT

Name: "Chuck Nuckols"

Just wanted to let you know the pigs ears are on the way.

I still had to send them priorty mail the lady said it is the cheapest way.

It's good to see things are starting to move along on the cabans

It has to be frustrating when so many men fail to show for work

Is the custom there to take off whenever you feel like it

no matter how much work is to be or how much they need

the money

I hope to come see your camp in the near future

Come up when you can


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Saturday, 27 October 2007 - 6:36 PM MDT

Name: "Larry and Tasha"
Hi all,
  Another very long day at the camp trying to get things done, some progress has been
made with the construction, the outside wall frames are up, and most of the leaf has been
cut and split, 740 leaf has been cut and split, another 260 is required.
I will not be posting anymore pictures for a while, it seems that somebody needed my
camera more than I did, they took it from the truck when I was waiting for David at his
office. My fault, I didn't lock the truck and today was market day with lot's of people
wandering around the street in front of David's office. Tasha was in the office with me
and they just helped themselves. This is the second time I have had something stolen
while in Belize, those of you that were on the relocation tour in Feb. remember that my
room was broken into and they stole jewelry and money and my cell phone. The people
of Belize would rather steal than work.
I am a little bitter right now, and have lost a lot of respect for the Town of San Ignacio
and the people of the town. I did file a police report, but like Placencia, I don't expect any
results. So, it will be a while before I can get somewhere where I can buy a new camera.
I will do my best to give a verbal description of what is happening with the site. That is
about all for now, May God bless and keep us all, except for the thief.
Tasha and Larry
P.S., Kellie and Gene, send me your email address, thanks
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Saturday, 27 October 2007 - 8:36 PM MDT

Name: "Karen Anselmo"

Hi Larry,

 Would you like us to pick you up a new digital camera, as we're on the way next week?
I keep trying to impress upon Ron the need to keep track of important things, and lock
doors, but he trusts everyone, until proven guilty. I, on the other hand, being originally
from NY, know better.. Let me know if you'd like a small digital, and it'll be on the way
with us.. ~Karen

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Saturday, 27 October 2007 - 9:26 PM MDT

Name: "Chuck Nuckols"

Larry, sorry to hear about all the stress with the workers and the loss of your camera It's
nice of Karen to offer to bring you another.

Are you going to be able to have your construction done in time for the tourist. What is
considered the tourist season there.

Why don't you post here on your page what services and facilities you will be offering
when you are up and in full operation. Will you be offering tours ect.

I seen Pam Williamson at the church yesterday, she asked about you, where you were
and how you are doing.
I gave her your web page and e mail address Hopefully she will check out your page and

Update on the Rockies they lost games 1&2 in Boston and are behind 6 to 0 in the
bottom of the sixth in Denver.

Pearl says hello to you and Tash

I continue to pray for you


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Sunday, 28 October 2007 - 7:02 AM MDT

Name: "Larry and Tasha"
Hello all, Sunday, 28/10/2007
   I want to thank all of you that expressed concern over the lost camera, and I want to
especially thank Karen and Ron for their generous offer to bring me a new one when they
re-locate to Belize, it is a big relief since I wasn't sure I could find a comparable one
down here.
   Getting ready to go back out to camp this morning to try and get the leaf cutting done
so we can start the roof on Monday.
   For information sake, we had a web designer out to camp yesterday taking pictures for
our new web site that should be up and running in about two weeks, he took 200 pictures
of the camp and the Ruins, and I am excited about what he has planned for the web site.
The URL should be, , I will let you all know as soon
as it is up and running. It will show all of the areas that David offers tours, as well as an
on-line reservation form for everybody's use, we also are going to offer a multi-language
version of the web page, sounds really exciting.
   That's all for right now, I have to run. Have a great day and may God bless you all.
Tasha and Larry
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Sunday, 28 October 2007 - 6:29 PM MDT

Name: "Kraig and Barbara"
Home Page:
Well, we were so sorry to hear that your camera was stolen...but since that's the first thing
you've lost since you moved down's not TOO bad. If all the people of Belize
were theives, you would have lost a lot more by now!

When I lived in Colombia during the '70's they all told us that "EVERY Colombian lies,
cheats, and steals." It's their greatest cultural pride. ("You mean even your
GRANDMOTHER lies, cheats, and steals??? Oh, yes...all the time!")

In their society you are honored by how much you are able to take from others. I
was quite sick of it by the time I moved back to the USA...but it DID teach me to look
out for my "stuff".

It's hard for people who are very poor to observe how fortunate that Americans appear to
be...They don't realize that most of us have to work very hard for the opportunities we
have! They can't imagine what life in our country is like.

 At least the person who stole your camera probably didn't use it to buy drugs...which is
often the case in the USA!

I try to keep an open heart in those situations and pity the person who has to steal from
others...even if it is just someone who stole out of malice, their life must be awfully
bleak...and I am blessed in so many ways!

 The lack of work-ethic will be one of the hardest things for us to adjust to...we both have
that training that says "Go to work, no matter what..." It seems kind of pathetic, but it
gets things done! How much better if they would just tell you in advance..."I can't come
that day." At least you could work around it!

We're looking forward to seeing the web-page when it gets up-and-running. We've been
so curious to see what you will offering to the public. We been trying to be patient, but
we're excited to be seeing it all soon! I remember one of your first posts, you commented
how dark it was at the camp...We are hoping that there will be fireflies!

I've got to get back outside for more leaf raking! We finally got a stretch of dry weather,
so we're trying to do all the yardwork in a very short time before the long Oregon winter
sets in...

Your rainy season should be ending any day now, though I know it can rain anytime in
the tropics! You will be seeing a LOT more tourists in San Ignacio soon...that's for sure.

Keep up the hard work, but don't overdue it! The thatching project sounds amazing!
Give Tasha a big hug from us. We'll be seeing you soon! Don't be discouraged, you're
doing a great job!

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Sunday, 28 October 2007 - 6:34 PM MDT

Name: "Kraig and Barbara"
Home Page:

PS: That picture of the moon-rise is pretty cool...I'm glad you are planing to get another
camera! Love to you, Larry!

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Monday, 29 October 2007 - 5:59 PM MDT

Name: "Larry and Tasha"

Hello all,

Just a few lines to give you all an update.

The walls are up, and the roof support beams are in place, David has gone up to the
border to pick up the roof builder. so we should start putting the roof together tomorrow,
I hope.....The leaf is all cut and almost all of it is split, stacked and ready to be put up.
most of the leaf has been cut for four days now,so we are running out of time there as
well.... And me without a camera.

The most dramatic pictures of all would have been taken these past two days, but the
good news is that our friend Karen and her husband Ron have already picked up a camera
for me and it will be in Belize this Thursday. Thank you so much Karen. your are very
much appreciated.

That is all for now, it is late and these 12 hour days are getting to me , I am worn out,
May God bless you all.

Larry & Tasha

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Monday, 29 October 2007 - 7:11 PM MDT

Name: "roxann rich"
Home Page:
dear larry and tasha, sounds like help is on the way with karen and ron on there way to
belize. i know it will lift your spirits to see some familiar faces.i cant wait to see pictures
of the completed cabana. the weather here is cool in the morning but close to 80 in the
afternoons. we are working on flooring contracts with the us postal system and have just
finished panther junction which is in big bend national park.sure was in the middle of
nowhere!!! just thought big spring is desolate.gaylord is on the mend and was off this
weekend. we spent most of the day in midland at home depot and stuffing ourselves with
fattening food. sure enjoyed our time together.take care, and anchor your stuff down!!

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Tuesday, 30 October 2007 - 6:47 AM MDT

Name: "Larry and Tasha"
Good morning all,
      Well, it has rained very hard most of the night, and it is pouring right now. I would
guess that about two inches fell last night, and I would think that another 2 inches has
fallen this morning, that is going to make the road up to the camp impassable, and it had
just begun to dry out.
I don't know if David contacted the roof workers last night or not, but it may be as mute
point if we can't get there except via canoe, with everything being soaked it makes it
much harder to work, and if it continues to rain, I don't want people climbing up smooth
timbers, too dangerous.
I will post again tonight and let you know what happened, this is not what I needed at this
point, I guess the bright side is that it seems to be clearing to the north, but still looks
very threatening to the south and east.
I also am very tired, and this may be a chance for me to rest for the day, and try and get
some things done that need to be taken care of.

My water tank was about half empty, but now it is full again, also the tanks at the camp
were down and this will refill them so that is the up side to the rain, I only wish that I had
gotten the plumbing done to the third tank, that would have been nice, another 300
gallons of water is always a good thing to have. So that is on my "things that need to be
done" list, go buy the pipe and fittings.
     Have a great day, and may God bless us all.
Tasha and Larry
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Wednesday, 31 October 2007 - 5:52 AM MDT

Name: "Larry and Tasha"
Good evening all,
Tasha and I wound up going to the camp today, I picked up the pipe I needed, and got the
300 gallon tank connected to the 600 gallon tank, it took 120' of pipe to reach the tanks,
we now have a total rain water capacity of 1200 gallons. It rained very hard this morning
and again this afternoon, Tasha didn't seem to mind, she ran around checking on the other
guys and myself, and at one point when it was really pouring she came to me and looked
at me like,"are you nuts, come in out of the rain" I thought it was funny.
No other work got done today, the contractor was trying to fix the uneven floor but had to
quit due to the rain, I don't think I mentioned this before, but when he did the floor it
came out concaved and had about 2 inches of water in the middle, so I made him re-pour
the middle of the floor, he is about 3/4 complete with it. The roof workers were not on
site for the same reason, rain, maybe tomorrow ??, I really don't need the rain, even
though it will fill our tanks, I could use a few more dry days.
That's about it for now, no new pictures, but maybe on Friday I will have some for you to
look at.
God bless you all.
Tasha and Larry
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Thursday, 1 November 2007 - 5:51 AM MDT

Name: "Larry and Tasha"
Good morning all,        01/11/07
   We did not get the roof started yesterday, the roof master was out of town and would
not be back until last night, I am picking him up this morning about 6:30, so possibly we
will have some action today, AND, Karen and Ron should be here tonight with my new
camera so I can re-start taking pictures of the "progress", I put that in quotes because I am
learning to not count on anything.
   Speaking about pictures, I went through all of the ones I have posted, and I found 23
spelling mistakes, please don't think that I am illiterate, I just have fumble "fingers" when
it comes to typing.
   I am looking forward to seeing Ron and Karen this evening, it will be good to have
some old acquaintances in town to converse with and socialize with as well.
   Tasha just got out of bed, she came to me to tell me it was time for her morning treat,
thanks to Chuck Nuckols she has her Pigs Ears for her morning ritual, she finished it
already and has gone back to bed. These past few days have been hard on her, she is not
as active as she normally is, I left her home yesterday afternoon, and I will leave her
home this morning, she, as well as I, need her rest. I have to come back into town this
morning to go to the bank and the electric company and will pick her up then. Yesterday
morning she just laid around the camp, and several time she came to me wanting to leave,
she kept heading towards to steps down to the river and looked back at me as if to say,
"lets go", when I finally said OK, she bolted down the steps.
   The steps down to the canoe landing are in desperate need of re-working, and the hand
railing is falling down, hopefully we will get started on them next week, I have already
bought about 500 feet of Bamboo to rebuild the railing, still looking for an effective
means of cleaning the steps, they are very slippery. I also need to re-build the steps on
both sides of the river leading to the canoe landing, the river has not as yet gone down
enough to add the last post and chain, and I need to go buy some timbers to re-do the
steps, so much to do, and so little time, and so little energy left.
   That's about all for now, may God bless you all.
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Friday, 2 November 2007 - 12:15 PM MDT

Name: "Larry and Tasha"

Hi All

    A million and ten thanks to Karen Anselmo and her husband Ron, they brought me a
new camera yesterday and I couldn't wait to post some new pictures, so, check the photo
album, I uploaded a few I took this morning. They show some of the construction as well
as the mess associated with the construction

Tasha is a little off herself these past two days so I have been leaving her home to get
rested up, I will leave her home this afternoon as well.

That's all for right now, I will try and post again this evening, and add a few more

God bless you all

Larry and Tasha

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Sunday, 4 November 2007 - 5:33 AM MDT

Name: "Tasha and Larry"

Good morning all,

It is Sunday morning and I have just posted some more pictures of the roof frame
construction. It is now complete and we are ready to start putting up leaf on Monday.

Justice, the roof construction manager thinks it will take about two days to hang the leaf.
It has been a long road to this point and I wish I could say that the end is in sight, but,
there have been so many delays thus far that I just don't want to predict the end, because
as sure as I do, something is bound to pop up and delay things again.

As soon as the roof is complete, I will have to have the contractor return and finish the
floor, and start putting up the walls and the finishing of the inside, maybe.
After the contractor delivers the remaining materials I have already paid for, I am
thinking of letting him go. His work ethic is so poor that I can't trust him to do as he says
he will do, also, I talked with one of the his men that worked on the foundation yesterday,
and the contractor still has not paid him for his work, and that concerns me. Even though
they don't have the same labor laws we have in the states I don't need this sort of

Justice is willing to finish the job for me. and from what I have seen so far, he has a very
good work ethic, he starts early and ends late without having to take long breaks in
between, and the quality of his work is very good.

That is about it for now, I have to go and pick up two men to start getting things in place
for tomorrow.

Have a great day and may God be with us all.

Larry & Tasha

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Sunday, 4 November 2007 - 6:18 PM MDT

Name: "Karen Bennet"

Hi Bro,

The pics of the roof are amazing! Are the workers part mountain goat? The rafters look
like bamboo? Am I right? Really looking forward to seeing the thatch put on. Wish I
could be there to see it go up.

I wish that you would take it just a little easier though. It sounds like you are really
wearing yourself out. I think that Tasha wouldn't mind a few days off too.

Take care of yourself.


Your Sis, Karen

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Monday, 5 November 2007 - 6:28 AM MST

Name: "Larry and Tasha"
Good morning all,
   It is Monday morning and today we start putting up leaf, I can't be there this morning,
my truck needs to go in for some work, the front brake pads are just about shot and need
to be replaced, one of the tribulations of the rough driving it has been through these past
two months, it's hard to believe that over two months have passed since I arrived in
Belize, and the ton of miles I have driven since my arrival.
My sister asked what kind of wood we used on the roof rafters, the wood is Sapodilla, a
very hard and resilient wood, expected to last up to 50 years, termites excluded, we will
treat the wood for them, that will keep them at bay for a period of time (I hope).
   I should be at the camp this afternoon, and I will take a few more pictures of the leaf
crew ( 8 people) working on the roof, with any luck, they might be done by tomorrow
night, or maybe Wednesday afternoon. I need to go and buy groceries for them to have
their meals, down here part of their wages include food and lodging," Mas Comida" as
they say in Spanish. Finding enough people trained in the leaf we are using has proved to
be difficult, the leaf "Cahoon" not sure of the spelling, is a different type of leaf than
normally used on thatch roofs, the Bay leaf is the most common, also the most expensive,
we have plenty of Cahoon Palms on the property so the leaf was free, except for the labor
to cut and split and stack, it is said that the Cahoon leaf sheds water as well as metal
roofs, and lasts for up to 20 years if installed correctly, thus the need for experienced
   That's all for now,more later, I hope.
Tasha and Larry
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Monday, 5 November 2007 - 5:09 PM MST

Name: "Tasha and Larry"
Good evening all,
   Just returned from the camp, and the roof leaf project is proceeding at a typical
Belizean pace, after one full day, they are about 1/5th complete, and it was estimated to
take two- three days, at the pace they are going it will be more like 5 or 6 days. I am
going to have a meeting with them tomorrow at lunch time and tell them I will only pay
them for two days work regardless of how long they take, one crew had nearly the
complete west side done, the other crew only had a few leaf hung in the same amount of
I posted a few pictures tonight showing the progress.
I just went over to Ron and Karen's house, and unfortunately they are leaving Belize,
their house was broken-in-to the other night and they went into their bedroom while they
were sleeping and stole things from Karen's purse, she also lost her new camera and cell
phone plus some cash, it is a shame that this is the Belizean mind-set, steal what you can
and don't bother working.
   I was so looking forward to showing them the camp, and around town, but that is not
meant to be, they are leaving to go back to Florida tomorrow AM.. Good luck to them
both, and I will miss them.
   That's about all for tonight, hopefully I can get into my web site to post this tonight.
May God bless you all.
Tasha and Larry
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Tuesday, 6 November 2007 - 4:16 PM MST

Name: "Tasha and Larry"
Hello all,
          Well, I did it, I fired 4 of the workers from a town near here called Bullet Tree,
they turned out to be the laziest most argumentative people I have ever met, they argued
with me when I said that I was not satisfied with the progress they were making. When I
arrived this morning they were hanging around doing nothing, they told my manager of
the roof construction that they would do things their way, not his. Justice, the manager
told David that he could not work with them, so I stepped in and told them that I was the
boss, and that Justice was the manager and if they didn't like that they could please leave
the property.
   So, anyway, I now have only 5 workers doing the leaf, David is picking up two more
tomorrow. The progress is little more than what I already posted yesterday in the photo
album, but I will take more pictures tomorrow.
   When I left this afternoon they were about to finish up the east side of the building, and
are about ready to start the north side.
   I spent the morning taking out my frustrations by hauling the slash leaf out to our trash
pile, it is getting very large, it is amazing the amount of leaf they can't use, and the trim
ends, I hauled about 25 wheel barrow loads over to the pile, it should make for a good
bon-fire when it dries.
   I finally talked with the programmer that is doing David's web site, and we lost .com,
so the web site will be , I hated to lose the .com
extension, but it has been taken by some other individual, so some advertising is going to
be needed, the web site should be up next Monday.
That's about it for today, Tuesday, 06/11/07
God bless you all.
Tasha and Larry
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Wednesday, 7 November 2007 - 3:49 PM MST

Name: "Kraig and Barbara"

Well, Larry...I have to say that you are holding up amazingly must be very
frustrating to have the work progressing at such a slow pace. But in truth...more of the
world works on a slow going timetable than at the furious pace we are used to here...

As you are there longer, you will find more dedicated workers, I'm sure.

After Karen and Ron's experience, I hope you have given some thought to security
issues! I appreciate the protection of having even a small dog. I bet Tasha's presence has
saved you more trouble than you know!
 Kraig spoke to Karen on the phone last night, and they got home safely. We are
planning to cancel our reservation at Cahal Pech on principle, so we will be more flexible
when we are there in San Ignacio.!

 Friends of ours from here in Estacada are in Belize now for a few weeks. I'm hoping
you will get to meet them, and show them around your camp. They bought some acres of
land at Black Man Eddy on the Belize River, and hope to develop it for lodging in about
three years, so I am certain they would be interested to hear about your adventures.

The new pictures are amazing...we follow along with the blog, even though we've been
too busy to post much! We'll see you in February, and I think Rob will be there by then
as well!

Keep up the good work...don't get discouraged! Love to you both.

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Wednesday, 7 November 2007 - 4:47 PM MST

Name: "Larry and Tasha"
Greetings all,
      I only spent about five hours at camp today, most of that time I spent hauling leaf
pieces to the slash pile, it's getting pretty big, we had to move over to the side of the pile
because it was starting to get too high to throw the slash on top, I have never been so
dirty, I have to change clothes every day.
      I uploaded seven more pictures of the roof thatch installation tonight, it took 20
minutes to upload them, my web server gets slower and slower each time I upload.
      The east and west walls are complete, and I would imagine that the north wall will
be complete tonight before they call it a day. What a difference with cooperative
workers, they are moving along at a reasonable clip, and no arguments between them,
Justice, the roof manager, is very happy with the crew he has today, unlike the other
people I had to fire, no talking, just working and working smoothly I might add.
      Tasha spent the day running around as usual, only one incident, one of the camp
dogs has a puppy, and she keeps wanting to,sniff Tasha, well, Tasha doesn't want any dog
sniffing her, so once, she went after the puppy for sniffing, and the mother dog went after
Tasha. The camp dogs are wild dogs that have been taken in by David, so they have a
different attitude than Tasha does. The dogs know me, and Tasha, and they great me
when I arrive, and accept Tasha with reservation, they know she belongs to me, so they
tolerate her, but that's about it. She has to watch her P's & Q's with them, but they now
listen to me when I stop them from going after Tasha.
   The roof thatch should be done by tomorrow evening, and we can start cleaning up the
mess they have made, I just didn't think that there would be that kind of scrap from the
leaf, it just amazes me the amount we are throwing away, I keep looking for a use for it,
but haven't found one yet, one of the things I want done, in the short term, is to add
additional leaf to the sides of the necessary room, there is very little siding on the
building at present, and until I get the new bathroom built I need to add additional leaf to
the existing building, (privacy you know).
  The next project is going to be the shower building,I hope to start on that by the end of
the month, and I hate to predict how long that is going to take, should be only a few days
but........ one never knows.
  That's about it for tonight, more later, I hope.
God bless you all.
Tasha and Larry
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Saturday, 10 November 2007 - 5:48 AM MST

Name: "Larry and Tasha"
Good morning:
      It is now Saturday morning and I am sitting on the patio shivering. Another cool
morning, 62 degrees with clear skies, no sign of rain yet, hoping for some this weekend.
the water tanks a just about done so it has to rain soon or we will have to start pumping
from the river, and right now the river is pretty dirty looking, muddy, don't know why, no
rain in the mountains so you would think that it would start to clear up.
      The roof thatch is complete, all that remains is the final trimming of the bottom edge
to clean it up a bit. I talked with the owners of the adjacent lodge, and they have a well to
draw from when their tanks run low, I guess I need to think about that also. The problem
is, we are about 500 feet higher than they are and it would be extremely difficult to get a
well drilling rig into the camp, if even possible. Remember the back road is a four wheel
drive road,?? need to give this some thought.
      The next thing to be done with the cabana is to have the contractor come in and
finish the walls, I am also thinking of having an electrician come in and wire the new
cabana for electricity, we do not have electricity yet, but, pre-planning is better than after
the fact work.
      I have been exhausted these past two days and just didn't have the energy to post any
comments, sorry about that, but I am taking this weekend off to rest and get some things
done at the house I am living in, it is in desperate need of cleaning, and laundry needs to
be done, or go around without any clothes on, and I don't think that the neighbors would
appreciate that. One of the things I don't think I have mentioned before is that there are 5
roosters in my neighborhood and they start crowing around 3:30 each morning, and you
need to have open windows at night to cool the house down sooo, I get woke up every
morning even before the crack of dawn
   I posted some pictures this morning, and just after I did, I lost my internet connection,
my neighbor, the one whose connection I use has turned his wireless router off, so I may
need to go over to the hotel and log into the "hot-spot" and send this post, I hate to do that
though, it costs $16.00 for the connection. Hopefully the connection I use will come back
later today, I will keep trying.
   Not a lot more to report, I plan on going down to Belize city sometime this week with
the owner of the adjacent lodge, he has told me of several places to buy equipment at
better prices than I can get in this area, they even have a Home Depot type of store that
has much better prices than anywhere else, I also need to look for a refrigerator that runs
on Butane. I want to be able to offer a wider variety of foods when we start having
guests, and without refrigeration that is impossible..
      I have looked into several internet services that advertise for the resorts around the
world, and many of them specialize in the Belize area, it is somewhat expensive, but for
the first year I nee all the exposure I can get, so I think it will be worth it in the long run.
Having lost the .com extension, when David's web site comes up on Monday it won't
have much impact on our business so I need to advertise elsewhere, and travel websites
offer the best exposure for the money.
      When I do list with them I will post the links for you to review and comment on, any
input I receive from you all is appreciated. Some of the sites I am looking at are, Bed &
Breakfast and Lanier Travel guide, My Belize adventure and Peace If anybody has other sites in mind, let me know.
      That's it for today, God bless you all.
Larry and Tasha
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Thursday, 15 November 2007 - 4:06 PM MST

Name: "Tasha and Larry"

Hi All,

 Just a short note to let you know that I posted 3 new pictures today, 15/11/07. We have
started construction on the new shower, we poured the cement floor and ran the water
pipe to the building.

It will be 5x5 when finished, and have hot and cold running water, we had some extra
cement left over, so we added some steps, and a small porch, might put a small bench on
the porch.

I am still waiting for the contractor to come back and finish the cabana.

I am going to go and pick up the lumber and fixtures for the shower tomorrow. with any
luck it will be complete by Tuesday or Wednesday. I am not holding my breath however.

The one good thing about the shower, the people building it are my crew so I have some
control over what happens.

That's all for now.

Larry & Tasha
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Saturday, 17 November 2007 - 8:14 PM MST

Name: "Karen"

Hi Larry

It's been a few days since I had looked at your photo album and I was really surprised
how much has been completed. The thatching is very interesting.

Sorry to hear about the misfortune of your friends. The people in Belieze are so bold.
Sounds like they don't have too many morals either. How do you keep them out of your
casita? You seem to be away from there for hours at a time.

Take care of yourself and lock up your valuables!


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Wednesday, 21 November 2007 - 5:27 AM MST

Name: "Larry and Tasha"
Good Morning all,
       It has been a few days since I last posted so I thought I had better let you know what
was happening, and what progress has been made.
   Monday was a holiday in Belize, it was Garifuna Settlement Day, not quite sure just
what it celebrated, but everything was closed for the day so no work was accomplished,
Tuesday it rained nearly all day long, so again not much was accomplished. The shower
still stands as it did last Saturday, and my roof manager is not available today, so now it
will be Thursday before anything more gets done.
       My hopes that the shower would be completed by today have come and gone, that is
the way it is here in Belize, never bet on anything, except that you have to continually
watch your belongings, I had another theft from my truck over the past two days, not sure
when, but I noticed it yesterday. I had an old worn-out saw blade for my skill saw in the
bed of my truck and somebody helped themselves to it. The ironic part of it is that the
blade was worthless, and I was going to throw it away, but the thieves here in Belize
WILL steal anything not locked-up or tied down, and I am not sure of the tied down part
of that statement.
       I still cannot get in contact with the contractor to finish the cabana, so today I am
going to go to court and file suit against him for breech of contract and theft of monies,
he still owes me over $1800.00 in materials that I have already paid him for.
  Tomorrow, is of course Thanksgiving, but it is not a holiday here in Belize, so it is just
another workday, I will miss the festivities of the family gathering and the big meal, it
was one of Joyce's favorite holidays.
     I hope that you all have a very happy Thanksgiving, and know that I will be envious.

Larry and Tasha
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Wednesday, 21 November 2007 - 11:30 AM MST

Name: "Karen T."

Wishing you a most Happy Thanksgiving Day.Know that you will be thought of.

Glad to see so much progress lately. Can't wait to see it for myself.


Karen T.

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Thursday, 22 November 2007 - 2:27 PM MST

Name: "roxann rich"
Home Page:

dear larry, sounds like you have made some progress. i have found in any undertaking it
always takes more money and moves at a snail's pace. if you were in bs today, you
would think you were in colorado. it has been snowing for the last 6 hours. i have not
seen this much snow here in 10 years. on sunday i was laying in the hammock by the
pool and basking in the sun , a pleasant 85 degrees. i had planned on meeting my sister
and her family in lubbock for thanksgiving today, but the roads are to bad to travel. so it
lookes like gaylord and i will be eating the 10 pounds of mashed potatoes i was to carry
to lubbock for the next week. my sister has the turkey with her!!! hope you have a good
thanksgiving day. you are in our prayers. roxann

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Sunday, 25 November 2007 - 4:11 AM MST

Name: "Tasha and Larry"
Good morning all,
    It is Sunday morning and another week has passed, and still the roof is not up on the
new shower and the cabana still sits as it was last Sunday.
   I talked with the contractor earlier this week and he will not come back to finish the
job nor will he supply me with the materials I have paid him for, come to find out, this is
his normal way of doing things, I have talked with several people,"which I should have
done before I hired him", and they all stated that he was known for doing this type of
thing, that is, getting paid and then not completing the job. When I talked with him be
was very belligerent and when I told him that he left me no choice but to take him to
court he said, and I can't use his exact words, "go ahead, I don't give a ----".
   So, I was going to file on him last Friday, but didn't have the time, but I will do it on
Monday, perhaps I can mess up his Christmas as he has messed up mine.
      The new roof for the shower won't be done until, " I hope" Tuesday of this week.
The roof manager, Justice, is an alcoholic, and when I paid him last week he went on a
drinking binge and was not able to work. I already knew about his drinking problem, and
it was suggested that I give his pay to his daughter whom he lives with, but I do not feel
comfortable giving a mans pay to somebody else. This time however, it really won't
matter as this is the last work I will have for him, and it should only take 1-2 days to
complete, and he will live on-site until the roof is done, and he won't have access to any
      I talked with a different contractor yesterday, and I will take him out to the camp
and have him look at the job that remains with the cabana, and this time I will have him
sign a written contract for a fixed fee to complete the cabana and it will include a set time
frame, with penalties for failure to complete. The old saying of "once burned, twice shy"
really applies to me now.
      Tasha had a scary experience yesterday, we were down at the river and she chased a
lizard across the ground and into the river, except the lizard went across a vine thicket at
the river bank and she didn't know that the vines would not support her weight, she went
down in about 3 feet of water and was underwater and not able to get back out or get her
head above the water level, I had to jump in to pull her out, she looked like a drowned rat
when I pulled her to the bank. Her collar was too lose, and it almost came off of her
before I got her above water, maybe it is time to think about putting a harness on her, it
was just as scary for me as it was for her. It took her about 3-4 minutes before she
stopped shaking.
      We have had some rain this past week, but not enough to fill the water tanks, I am
hoping for some more this week. I have bought the materials to finish the inside of the
new shower, I am going to use Formica paneling for the walls, I chose a light cream color
with a swirl pattern to it, I bought a shower valve from the hardware store in Belmopan,
and after the roof is up I will install the paneling and valve inside the shower. I want to
use a metal door on the shower but have not yet found one locally, I will probably have to
go over to Spanish Lookout to find one, just a small inconvenience considering all the
other problems.

      I talked with the web designer last week, and he had been waiting for David to pay
him for the fees for doing his web page, I paid him the ISP fee and he told me the site
would be up last Thursday, well........ Still no web site, I have to try and find him again
tomorrow and find out why, I can't list the camp ground on the travel web sites until the
web page is on-line as that is the link to it. I wish that I were three people, that way I can
be in three places at the same time, it seems like that is what I have to do, and I have not
been able to count on David to help me cover some of the bases as he has been busy with
tour groups and is not very available, The town is beginning to see a lot of tourists, and I
am missing out on a lot of potential business.
     It is very foggy this morning and that means that it will be another sunny and warm
day in San Ignacio, good, I can get my laundry done, I can't do it if it rains, no dryer, sure
do miss those small conveniences.
     I have not been able to get into my web page access this week, so I have not posted
any new pictures, hopefully that will change this week and I will post some pictures of
the completed shower,AND, hopefully some pictures of the cabana being finished......
     That's about all for this morning, I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving, I didn't do
anything except work that day, and later I found out that several of the local restaurants
offered a thanksgiving meal, so I missed out on that also, but that's OK, I was too tired to
go out when I finally got back to the house, and too dirty to go to a restaurant before I got
     Have a great week, and I will post again later this week.
Tasha and Larry
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Monday, 26 November 2007 - 5:04 AM MST

Name: "Larry and Tasha"

Hooray, the web site is up, well, almost, now when you go to you will no longer get a re-direct. the site is still under
construction, but at least you will find something,

Check it out, and keep watching for updates.

Larry and Tasha

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Wednesday, 28 November 2007 - 12:57 PM MST

Name: "margaret & Jim"

Good luck Larry

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Wednesday, 28 November 2007 - 1:01 PM MST
Name: "margaret & Jim, Scotland"

We are so enjoying your blog page Larry. Where do you get the energy?

Just back from 3 weeks vacation in Costa Blanca, Spain. please let us have your postal
address - also I can't access your e-mail address, it has been changed???

Good luck and God bless xxx

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Wednesday, 28 November 2007 - 4:41 PM MST

Name: "Tasha and Larry"
Hi all,
       Just a few short lines to say hello and let everybody know that we are alive and
almost well, not really, we are very well all things considered.
       The new shower, outside is now complete,( I will post pictures tomorrow ), I didn't
take my camera today, tomorrow I will start finishing the inside and find a door for it this
weekend, I hope.
       We started putting the outside paneling on the cabana today, and have nearly 1/3 of
it up as of 4 PM today, I have been waiting for the electrician to come and start the wiring
of the new cabana, no electricity as of yet, but being ready for it is much better than
trying to add it later. I ordered the windows for the cabana this afternoon, and they may
be ready for me by next Thursday, a week from tomorrow. I also ordered the drywall for
the inside of the new cabana today, should be here sometime next week, but need the
electrician to finish his part before I can hang the it.
       The web site for David's tours is up and running, it
shows a small part of the camp area and the south temple of the ruins, I hope to have a
web site up sometime next week that lists the campgrounds with reference back to
David's tours, once that web site is up I will list it with the travel sites I mentioned earlier.
       For those of you that don't know, the last posting from Margaret and Jim, they are
good friends of mine from Scotland, they gave me a fantastic tour of Scotland when I was
there last year, Thank you M & J for following my adventure, and hopefully I can return
the favor in Belize.
       It has been raining the past two days and that has slowed things down a bit, but the
outside work is now finished, and all that remains is inside work, so, let it rain, I need to
fill the water tanks.
       That's about it for now, I promise I will post more pictures tomorrow night, and they
will include the paneling on the cabana.
God bless and keep you all.
Tasha and Larry
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Thursday, 29 November 2007 - 5:53 PM MST

Name: "Tasha and Larry"
Hello all,
         As promised, I have uploaded 8 new picture tonight, they are on page 12 of the
photo album, there are now 197 pictures of the adventure, please enjoy.
      The construction of the cabana is now again underway, we should finish the siding
this week, perhaps even by tomorrow night, but I am not holding my breath. Now I have
to wait for the interior drywall to ne delivered, it should be here next week, as well as the
windows for the rooms.
      One of the pictures taken from the inside shows two of the windows and one of the
doors, there are two doors and two windows in each room, plenty of cross ventilation.
      I have some exciting news to report tonight, I signed papers with the owner of the
land the camp sits on, and I am now the owner of the property, I don't know if I
mentioned previous to tonight, but there have been some problems with the family of the
owner and there have been quite a few conflicts over the use of the land. I started
negotiations with the owner about three weeks ago, and we finally came to terms on
Tuesday, we both signed the paperwork tonight transferring ownership to me.
      Buying property in Belize is a rather complex procedure, but with his signature on
the paperwork tonight I have become the owner of the land. Tomorrow I will write the
check to him, and it will be a done deal, partially, a land survey needs to be completed as
well as a title transfer from the Country, this is expected to take about three months, at
that time I will need to pay a stamp fee equal to 15% of the sales price, and a $50.00
registration fee to register the title with-in the country of Belize.
      Needless to say, I am excited over this new development in my continuing adventure
in Belize.
      Anyway, that's about all for tonight, I will try and update again this weekend, have a
great evening, and may God guide and keep us all.
Tasha and Larry
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Saturday, 1 December 2007 - 8:51 AM MST

Name: "Karen"

Great progress Larry! I think it is teriffic that you were able to purchase the land. I'm sure
that gives you a lot of peace of mind.

Has Tasha gone "swimming" again? A long time ago, our cocker spaniel, Freddie Mac,
ran off the end of a dock and the look of panic in his eyes as he dog paddled back to
shore made us all feel so sorry for him. Then we started to laugh. That is until we got a
whiff of the 'wet dog' perfum and knew we had an hour long drive home!

Take care.

Your Sis, Karen

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Sunday, 2 December 2007 - 5:30 AM MST

Name: "Tasha and Larry"
Good morning all,
      It is Sunday morning and it has been raining very hard for the past two hours and
that is a good thing, hopefully we will receive enough rain to fill the main water tank at
the camp. There is not a lot more to report on the construction of the cabana, except to
say that all of the siding is up, and the doors are framed ready for us to build the doors,
and wait for the windows which may be here on Thursday, the drywall for the interior
will be here tomorrow, hope there is no rain then, if it is raining we will have to wait until
it clears before they deliver it. We have to stage the drywall and carry it across the river
on the canoe and if it is raining it would destroy it.
      Dave and I are picking up the electrician this morning so he can measure for the
electrical materials, and then I will pick it up next week so he can wire the new cabana,
then we will install the drywall and start painting. We are looking a completion date of
the third week of December, about one month past the original completion due date.
      It has been a long and expensive project so far, over 32 K invested and more yet to
go, but in the long run Dave and I should be able to re-coup that money in about 5 years,
I hope.
      Dave and I talked yesterday about trying to buy some additional acreage to the south
side of the existing acreage, this would offer us better access to the property, and not have
to use the four wheel drive road and allow us to build a small parking lot for the
customers. We have to wait until the survey is done to determine the exact boundaries,
and the amount of land needed, then we will talk with the father about it. Things seem to
be moving at light speed compared with the past activities.
      That's about it for now, hope to have some more pictures today, that is if we get the
shower finished.
God bless you all.
Tasha and Larry
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Sunday, 2 December 2007 - 3:40 PM MST

Name: "Cherie"

Wow Larry - so much progress. Looks amazing.

When can we come and stay?

We spent the last 2 weekends skiing in Austria - been tons of fun.
Miss you.

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Wednesday, 5 December 2007 - 3:38 AM MST

Name: "Tasha and Larry"
     I posted a few pictures this morning, they are on page 12 & 13 of the photo album.
The installation of the Formica paneling is now underway, the electrical installation is
complete and the drywall is here and we will start installing it sometime today,
     We had guests on Monday, a couple from Belgium, they were a delightful couple
and we enjoyed their visit.
More later.
Tasha and Larry.
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Sunday, 9 December 2007 - 4:24 PM MST

Name: "roxann rich"
Home Page:

dear larry , greetings from big spring. looks like you are making some real progress,and
have already had your first customers-guests. the pictures are great. have you seen many
snakes?? barb and i met up with brendy last weekend in austin and had a great time. i
was planning on returning to austin this friday, but i tripped over my own shoes last night
and think i have broken some bones in my left foot. i am going to try and get in to see big
springs only foot doctor tomorrow. keep up the good work. roxann

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Monday, 10 December 2007 - 4:42 AM MST

Name: "Tasha and Larry"
Good morning all,
     Well, I wish that there was lot's of new information I could share with you about the
progress at the camp, and about the drywall installation, but unfortunately there is not
much good news to pass on.
     It turns out the David's cousin that was supposed to know all about drywall, knew
nothing about it. I spent two nights at the camp so that I would be there first thing to
direct the installation, and it wound up that I had to do the work myself. I did get all the
inside walls covered, and still need to do the interior divider walls.
     I have a new man coming today to finish hanging the drywall, and start the seam and
screw hole filling and sanding, hopefully that will be done in about three more days.
     The windows did not arrive on Thursday as promised, now it will be this Thursday,
the shower is finished on the inside, still need to find a door, maybe this week, it is
looking more and more like I will need to hang a shower curtain for the time being.
     David and I need to go to Belmopan today for a meeting with the Belize tourism
board, it is a meeting of all the tour operators to discuss what is, and is not being done by
the government of Belize to help promote tourism in the country, and to vote on new by-
laws of the tourism board. It will most likely be an all day affair.
     I do have a few new pictures to post, but I am waiting until I can show a more
complete picture of the cabana and shower.
     We have discovered a slight problem with the foundation on the new cabana, we are
getting wicking of the moisture from the ground, and the cement floor is constantly
damp, I am going to have the workers dig a perimeter drain around the foundation and
then apply waterproofing to the foundation, hopefully this will cure the problem.
     One thing after another, but I guess it is all in a days work. I should have known of
the wicking issue and had the drain installed when they poured the foundation, but I left it
to the contractor to do the proper job, silly me, now I know better. If you don't do it
yourself, it won't get done properly.
     Anyway, things are back to a snails pace, and it is looking more and more like it will
be the very end of December, or the first of January before it is 100% complete.
     The weather has been very nice, warm and dry until last night, it started to rain about
midnight and is still raining lightly this morning, but other than the wicking issue, the
rain will not stop the work on the inside. I have the wood for the cabana doors, and
David's cousin will start to make them this morning, and should be nearly done by the
end of the day, I say should be because I know how they work when we are not there to
oversee what they are doing.
     That's about it for today, I will try and update again in a day or two. May God bless
and keep you all.
Tasha and Larry
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Saturday, 15 December 2007 - 4:33 AM MST

Name: "Tasha and Larry"
Good morning:
      It is early Saturday morning, and I was finally able to get into my web page and
upload a few pictures. My internet has been non-existent for the past week, I have not
been able to receive any emails all week long. don't know what is going on, when I
attempt to get on-line I have a connection for a few seconds, or maybe a minute, then it
goes away, don't know if it is my computer or the provider, but it has been very
      The windows finally arrived yesterday, Friday, and to my dismay, they are not the
size promised, I will have to remove some of the drywall and re-size the window
openings, I need to make then 1 1/2 inch larger top to bottom, fortunately the drywall
man never came this week, ( he had a death in his family ??) so nothing is finished inside
and we only need to remove the screws holding the drywall in place, not a major task, but
frustrating to say the least.
      We did get the block foundation plastered this week, and two of the doors are hung,
I had to have the carpenter re-do the doors because he didn't build a door frame before he
hung them,. "he is supposedly a trained carpenter".
      These are the types of problems that have been constant throughout the entire
building project, it seems like the workers are only partially trained in their supposed
specialty, I keep having to show them what and how to do something, there is no way I
could go away for a couple of days and rely on what they would do, I have zero faith in
their abilities
      The new pictures are on page 13 of the photo album, and after I uploaded them, the
report back from my provider is that there are now 187 photo's in the album, wow, I
didn't think there were that many.
      Hopefully my internet will be more reliable this week, and I will be able to post
more pictures and comments, lets hope so.
      Tasha had a run-in with one of the camp dogs the other day, and was bitten on the
flank by it, it got infected, so I had her at the Vet's office yesterday afternoon, he gave her
a shot and some antibiotics to take for the next week, I hope that this will take care of the
infection. She seems better this morning although she is very sensitive in that area and
cries when I touch it, but it does look better. At first we" the workers from the area"
thought she might have gotten a "beef-worm" in her skin, but the Vet said No, it was just
a puncture wound that had become infected, I don't know what would have been worse ??
beef worms can be removed rather easily by squeezing the tissue and forcing them out,
and then apply a local antiseptic to the wound site.
      Anyway, that is life in the Jungle, and will be a part of our life from here on out.
Nothing more to report at this time, but I will try again tomorrow to update.
      God bless you all.
Tasha and Larry
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Saturday, 15 December 2007 - 3:54 PM MST

Name: "Phil P"

Hi Larry and Tasha,

        I am enjoying the pictures and stories immensely. Was that visitor a poisonous
coral snake ? It has finally gotten cold in Fort Fun. Not nearly as bad as last year . We
have had snow(4-6 in ) down for about 10 days. It was like summer when I went to
Michoacan two weeks ago and the arctic when I returned. ..... I know that you are
frustrated with the construction , but what a beautiful place you have picked ! I am
hoping to build in Michoacan. in a few years and know there will be challenges galore.
All is well here... the store is busy with shoppers for the holidays. Always good to hear
from you ! Take care and God Bless . Feliz Navidad !             Peace............... Phil

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Saturday, 15 December 2007 - 4:22 PM MST

Name: "Chuck"

Larry it's good to hear you are making progress on the camp. The pictures help me see
how things are built there I hope to get back down there and spend a few days with you
What would you have done if you hadn't know something about the building trade.
Maybe after you train the locals when you need some work done you can find a person
that knows what they are doing.

I really enjoy hearing about your adventure. You ability to navagate the road blocks can
encourage those of us that are considering moving to Beilze.

I think you are wise to buy the extra land to get better acess to the camp. And stop
another from cutting your camp off in wet weather


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Monday, 17 December 2007 - 9:05 AM MST

Name: "Barb "

Loved the photos. I am impressed with the finished product. As a certified interior
designer I give you "10" considering all of the challenges you have had. Since it is cold
here also, the thatched, open rooms say warmth and are very inviting.

I admire your courage and faith to press forward. Who knows who you might inspire to
follow in your steps. How are you going to celebrate Christmas. Please send photos....In
my prayers and In His Love, Barb Hall

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Monday, 17 December 2007 - 3:03 PM MST

Name: "Al Vautier"


I so enjoy reading about your adventure. You really looked trim in the ONLY picture of
you in your photo album. Please post more pictures with you in them. Let me know
when you have the camp open for visitors. I would like to visit and have a happy hour
with you at the camp.

Al Vautier

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Saturday, 22 December 2007 - 7:44 PM MST

Name: "Karen"

Hi Larry

Haven't heard anything from you in a few days. It's almost Christmas and wonder what
you will be doing. Rick and I will be going to Indiana to spend the holiday with Jeff and
our sweet granddaughter, Elle. They were here for Thanksgiving. Hope to see a posting
from you soon.


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Thursday, 27 December 2007 - 3:35 PM MST

Name: "Tasha and Larry"

Surpiise, I was able to get into my web page, so I will post the email I just sent out for
those not included in my email list.

Hi All,
      Well, yesterday was also a holiday here in Belize, they celebrate Boxing Day,? not
sure just what it is for, but I think it is a day set aside to recover from the heavy drinking
they do on Christmas Day, it is an English holiday, also celebrated in Canada.
      Christmas in Belize is celebrated like we would celebrate the 4th of July, lots of
fireworks, all night long, I finally fell asleep around three in the morning, and got up
around 5, and I heard fireworks at 5;30, I guess they never sleep.
      I had a very nice Christmas, in fact I had two Christmas dinners. My neighbor across
the street brought me a plate of food around 12, and I was invited over to a friends house
for dinner at 4:30, so I was well fed that day.
      I didn't feel good on Wednesday, I felt weak and dizzy most of the day so I stayed
home and tried to catch up on the sleep I lost on Christmas Eve, David picked up my
truck at 6 PM, I took my shower and was in bed by 7 PM, I took a sleeping pill and didn't
wake up until 2:30, I went to the bathroom and went back to bed until 4:30, so today I felt
pretty good.
      I went out to camp and started doing the drywall installation myself, I should finish
it by about noon or so tomorrow, I would have stayed longer today and done more, but I
needed to buy more blades for my utility knife, the worker I had took the two spare
blades I had on hand, Thanks a lot Ellis.
      Christmas day was a beautiful day, it was about 83 degrees, with only a few white
puffy clouds in the sky, a very pleasant day to say the least, and today was near perfect,
partly cloudy and about 82 degrees, a slight breeze from the north, this morning however
was very chilly, 62 degrees with a breeze out of the north, I needed my sweater sitting on
the patio.
      I had to stop this morning and buy more hardwood to trim out the doors, and I think
I will need to buy more hardwood to rebuild the doors the "carpenter" made, he did an
absolutely horrible job on them, and I don't have enough extra wood on hand to rebuild
them, and he wonders why I don't have anymore work for him to do......
      My internet is still very flakey and I am not able to get into my web server to post
any comments, but I will keep trying, I do have a couple of new pictures to post, so I will
try again in the morning.
      I hope every body had a great Christmas, and are looking forward to a fantastic New
Year, I know I am. God bless you all.
Tasha and Larry
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Thursday, 27 December 2007 - 3:57 PM MST

Name: "Karen Bennett"

Hi Larry

So glad to hear that you were able to get into your blog and post a message. I have
missed hearing about your progress. We are back from Indiana. We had a ral nice time.
We went to a beautiful hotel/casino in Frndch Lick for a wonderful buffet for Christmas
Day dinner. Jeff then took us to West Baden Springs Hotel for a tour. It is an astounding

I looked up David's tourism web ite. Very interesting. Hope to see more pictures of your
site in the future.

Take care and we wish you a prosperous New Year.



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Thursday, 3 January 2008 - 3:36 AM MST

Name: "Larry & Tasha"
A note to my sister Karen,

I have tried to reply to your emails but you are not receiving them, I sent a test to my
mailing list, and most have replied back, so they are receiving them.


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Thursday, 3 January 2008 - 4:30 AM MST

Name: "Larry and Tasha"
Good Morning all,
               I spent the day yesterday, Wednesday, over in Spanish Lookout having my
truck worked on. The roads out to the camp have taken their toll on the front-end, I had to
have the ball joints on the left front replaced, and we discovered that the right front also
needs to be replaced, so I made an appointment to have them replaced next Monday,
there was not enough time left yesterday to take care of the right side, it takes about three
and a half hours to replace the ball joints and they were backed up with previous
appointments. I was lucky to get the worst ones taken care of as it was, there was
supposed to be another customer there, but he never showed up so they took my truck in
his spot. I left there at about three in the afternoon.
      Also, about two months ago I had the front brakes replaced but they were making a
lot of noise, when they pulled the left front wheel off they discovered that the pads were
cracked, and that was what was making the noise, so I had to replace the pads as well.
Over-all, the work cost me $333.00 Bz, that is $166.50 U.S., a bargain I think, I would
hate to think what it would have cost in the states for the same job.
      I really hate to make this next statement considering what is happening in Colorado,
but, it has been cold here the past two days, it never reached 70 degrees yesterday, the
high was only 68, and this morning it is 61. I have my heaviest jacket on and am still
cold. I talked with my sister Karen, from MO.yesterday and she said it was 6 degrees
there Brrrr.
      I am supposed to have a contractor out to camp today to help finish the interior of
the cabana, again, I am not holding my breath, but just maybe it will happen today. With
any luck at all, it should be done in about three days, that includes taping and sealing all
the seams on the drywall, and sanding and finishing, next we will paint and then I can go
and pick-up the beds for the rooms, I already have the small tables for each room, just
need to buy the rest of the furniture. I still need to install four more windows, but that
should only take one day to finish, and then I have screens to put over the windows on
the outside, something that can wait until spring when insects may become a problem. It
seems kind of strange to install window screens when the roof is open all around the
cabana, but for customer satisfaction and comfort and peace of mind, it makes sense.
      That's about all for today, More later.
Tasha and Larry
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Saturday, 12 January 2008 - 4:34 AM MST

Name: "Tasha and Larry"
Good morning all,
         I started doing the finishing on the drywall yesterday, I have applied the rough
finish coat to one room and with any luck I will be able to sand it today and apply the
finish cover, not just quite sure how I an going to apply the texture coat, but one thing at
a time, I will cross that bridge when I get to it.
      We have a couple from Czechoslovakia visiting us, they came to spend one night,
and enjoyed the campground so much they stayed for an additional night, they have
particularly enjoyed the river and have spent most of their afternoons in it. He is a
contractor and had lots of stories to tell me about all of his labor problems back home, he
faces the same problems I face getting good workers, and how they really don't know
their job. Kind of refreshing in a way, at least I know that it is not unique to this area.
      The weather has been quite nice these past two days, very warm in the afternoons
with lot's of sunshine, hopefully that will continue, it is still very cool in the mornings, in
the high 60's, but around 9 or so it clears up and gets warm, I can live with that.
      I hope all is well with you, I think of you all often, and pray that all is well, have a
great day.
Tasha and Larry
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Saturday, 12 January 2008 - 7:22 PM MST

Name: "Karen Bennett"

Larry is was so good to hear from you. Loved the phone calls but glad we have the e-mail
thing worked out. Evidently Embarq thought that since your e-mail originated from
Belize that you must be a spammer. Rick was able to set them straight so now I should be
able to receive all of your e-mails. Haven't looked at the latest pictures yet but I'm sure
they are awesome. Take care of yourself.



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Tuesday, 15 January 2008 - 4:54 PM MST

Name: "Tasha and Larry"
Hello all.
        Well, David and I spent the entire morning in court waiting for our case to be
heard, it turns out that the defendant has filed a counter suit against me for labor he has
never completed, he filed the counter suit last Wednesday, the day we were originally
scheduled for trial.
      He told David he was going to try and delay the suit as long as he could. The
Magistrate rescheduled out date to next Wednesday, the 23rd, at 11 AM, I am ready for
him, and will press even harder now that he has done this. The Magistrate commented
that it was strange that his counter suit was for the exact amount of my suit Hmmmm.....
      I went out to camp this afternoon, and the drywall contractor has finished the rough
coat for all four rooms, and hoped he could start the sanding this afternoon late, he has
accomplished a lot in the 8 hours he had to work, he needs to leave tomorrow afternoon,
but he said that his son-in-law would come out and finish what he does not.
         It feels good having a worker that really knows what he is doing for a change, and
is willing to work without constant supervision, wish I could find about six more just like
         I posted a new picture on my web site, be sure and check it out.
      More tomorrow, I hope.
Tasha and Larry
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Tuesday, 15 January 2008 - 9:22 PM MST

Name: "Bob Meyer"

Hey Larry

Just wanted to say hi, and I wish you'd quit picking on all of those poor folks just needing
to put in a good day's work and get paid for it (good grief !!). Isn't the old saying
often so too true...??? two steps forward ?

Persistence will get you where you want to be soon now. I've been very busy at work
with a complete demo and rehab of our office space while at the same time I maintained
workstations with LAN and was a very big pain, but you're the only one I
probably can't complain to. It's 90% done now, and I'm now in catch-up mode.

 Your pics look great...hopefully soon you'll be able to sit back, take it all in, and be
proud of what you've accomplished.

FYI snow's coming in tomorrow, now that we finally got rid of our glacier ice around

Take care. Bob

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Monday, 21 January 2008 - 5:05 PM MST

Name: "Karen Bennett"
Hey Bro

I sure hope that 'no news is good news'. Are you still having trouble getting on the
internet? Miss hearing about your continuing saga. Hope to hear from you soon.


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Monday, 28 January 2008 - 3:56 PM MST

Name: "Larry and Tasha"
Hello all,
        Well, first things first, I finally have my own internet connection and am not
relying on somebody else for service, the service I have is not the greatest, 128k, but it is
better than what I have had in the past so from now on I will post my comments on the
web page instead of using email.
     Second thing, David and I were in court from 10 this morning until 3 this afternoon,
we argued and discussed all things pertinent, the contractor lied about most everything,
including the price he quoted me for the construction of the cabana, I think that the
Magistrate saw thru his lies, but I won't find out her decision until NEXT Monday at 11
AM, she sure has a way of dragging out things.
     I have not been out to camp since last Saturday, so I don't have a lot more to report,
the worker that is doing the finish and painting for me did come back to work today so
hopefully things will begin to happen.
     I promises that I will start updating on a more regular basis, and I will post more
pictures as I go along. I am looking forward to a visit from Barbara and Kraig Bartel from
Oregon this week, in fact they should be arriving any time now, they are due in S.I. this
afternoon, can't wait.
     Have a great day, and may God bless you all.
Tasha and Larry
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Tuesday, 29 January 2008 - 11:08 AM MST

Name: "Karen T"


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Thursday, 31 January 2008 - 4:41 AM MST

Name: "Tasha and Larry"
Good morning all,
      As promised, a new update.
     The painting of the new cabana is proceeding somewhat on schedule, a little slower
than I had hoped, but proceeding none the less.
     The shutters look good painted the light green color, and it blends well with the
Apricot color of the first room, and the texturing looks, a splatter pattern, looks good with
the paint. The worker was just starting the second room, in light blue, when I had to leave
yesterday, but it should be painted by this morning, then he will start the third room, he
told me that he would have all the rooms painted by the end of the week, but he had
better hurry if expects to get it all done.
     Barbara and Kraig are in San Ignacio, I have not had the time to get together with
them as yet, but I plan on picking them up on Friday, mid-morning and taking them out
to camp, they are staying with us on Friday night, I am looking forward to their visit.
They will be leaving early Saturday for southern Belize, the Toledo district, where I
believe they are meeting up with Rob.
     The weather has cleared up considerably, although still quite cool in the mornings,
yesterday ( Wednesday ) it was 57 degrees at camp, but it warmed up to the 80's in the
afternoon and was very pleasant, and today looks like it will be a repeat, this morning it is
64 degrees on my patio, so I would expect it to be about 61 at camp, still cool, but better
than yesterday.
     I will be taking some new pictures tomorrow when Barbara and Kraig are at camp,
and will get them posted on Saturday or Sunday morning.
     Hope everybody is having a great 2008, may God bless you all.
Tasha and Larry
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Thursday, 31 January 2008 - 4:04 PM MST

Name: "margaret & jim"

Hi Larry, great time you are having!!! Jim had his hip surgery and is fine tho' in some
pain. It will be worth it tho'. (Surgery yesterday 30 Jan).

Did you receive our new year card sent to address you gave us?

Hope you get a permanent e-mail address so we can e-mail direct.

We are in the grip of winter - freezing, wet, cold with heavy sleet. Yeah!!!!

Keep well

love to you and tanya M & J

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Saturday, 2 February 2008 - 4:03 PM MST
Name: "Tasha and Larry"
Hi All,
         We had two guests with us at camp last night, our friends Barbara and Kraig
Bartel spent the night at camp, and they appeared to enjoy the visit. Unfortunately they
only had one night left in their San Ignacio visit and had to leave for the Toledo district
this morning.
     The weather was beautiful, about 80 degrees and the river is very warm, and they
spent about a half hour bathing in the river before dinner time.
     I posted some new pictures of both Barbara and Kraig as well as some pictures of
the painted rooms in the new cabana, the light apricot color did not show very well on the
pictures, but both Barbara and Kraig thought it looked very nice.
     Three of the rooms are painted, and two of them are all cleaned up and ready for the
furniture, I may order and pick up most of it this next week, I really need to wait until the
worker finishes all the rooms before I start bringing in furniture, but I am getting anxious
to get it finished so I can move out there....... I need to control my anxiety and
     Tomorrow, Sunday, I am to meet with the land surveyor so he can get started on the
survey, I didn't expect him to want to work on a Sunday, but it needs to get done so we
can finalize the land sale.
     Not much more to report, but I will update again in a day or two. Have a great
weekend and may God bless you all.
Tasha and Larry.
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Sunday, 3 February 2008 - 3:28 AM MST

Name: "Larry & Tasha"

Good morning all,

I have received emails from some of you that tell me you are unable to post a comment
on my blog.

If you are having the same problem, please email me at and let me
know about it.


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Sunday, 3 February 2008 - 8:54 AM MST

Name: "Karen Bennett"
Hi Larry

I am surprised to hear that you are planning on moving to the camp. Will you have your
intenet connection at that site?

I think it is wonderful that your friends are coming to stay at the camp. Sounds like a fun
place to vacation.


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Tuesday, 5 February 2008 - 3:15 AM MST

Name: "Larry & Tasha"
Good morning all,
         Yesterday was our final court day, David and I spent about 4 hours in court. Our
scheduled time was 11 AM, however the Magistrate did not get to our case until 12:30,
after all the review and discussion she made her decisions around 3 PM,
      I was mostly successful with my law suit, the magistrate disallowed just over
$700.00 in claims, but gave me judgment on the balance, just over $2000.00, she also
did not allow me to collect on the cost of repairing the cement floor of the cabana, I have
not as yet completed the repair, and she would not accept the estimate I had for
completing it, had I already spent the money and had a receipt for the work she would
have allowed it, maybe grounds for taking him back to court...... I don't know...... it was a
very long and drawn out process that demanded many hours of lost time, I don't know if I
want to proceed with another suit.
      I don't remember if I told you that he had filed a counter suit asking for just over
$4000.00 for labor he claimed was due him, the Magistrate dismissed his case
completely, she realized that it was a thin attempt at countering my suit.
      Things are just about the same at camp as I reported the other day, my worker that is
doing the finish work did not show up yesterday, don't know the reason why, will look
for him again today and see what's going on.
      That's about all for this morning, will update again when things develop more.
      Have a great week, and may God bless you all.
Tasha and Larry
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Wednesday, 6 February 2008 - 3:51 AM MST

Name: "Larry & Tasha"

Hi All,

I forgot to mention in my last comment that when the Magistrate asked the contractor
how he was going to repay the amount, he stated that he could only pay $10.00 per
month, the magistrate asked me if this was acceptable with me and I, of course, said NO,
with the reputation the contractor has, he would default on his payments.

After just a few seconds, the magistrate ordered him to pay $500.00 per month, starting
Feb. 15, and that he was to pay the court, not me directly.

If he fails to make the required payments, a bench warrant will be issued for his arrest. I
WILL be at court on the 18th to collect my money, or file a complaint that he has failed
to comply with the court order.

On another note, the worker that did not show up on Monday, he had to take his daughter
to the doctors, she has asthma, and requires monthly treatments, he appologized, and said
he forgot to tell me. Anyway, he is back at work and finishing the two remaining rooms.
Perhaps the cabana will be complete soon.

    That's about it for today, God bless and guide us all.

Tasha and Larry

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Thursday, 7 February 2008 - 5:15 PM MST

Name: "Karen Bennett"

Gosh, Larry. Is all this hassle worth it? I just can't imagine doing all of this. Sure hope
everything is completed soon. Do you have any hope of collecting the money awarded to
you by the court. Best of luck on that.



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