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					                                                                                                  SLA Travel Packet ~ Page 1 of 6
                                           Purchase Requisition for Travel Packet
                                     (Does NOT constitute an authorization to purchase)

                                                                               Date of request____________

Travel Destination: ____________________                 Organization Name___________________________

Address: __________________________                      Organization Contact_________________________

_________________________________                        Contact Email_______________________________

_________________________________                        Date/time of travel___________________________

Reason for Travel:

 Item #           Travel Cost Breakdown                                 Quantity        Unit Cost           Total Cost

                                                                            Total amount requested $____________

Form must be completed and attached to a Travel Packet, and submitted at least 15 business days before the
travel begins. This form does not approve the event or request. When a Travel # has been generated, the Travel
is approved.

Officer Signature_________________________________ Date________ Phone____________________

Advisor Signature________________________________ Date_______ Phone ____________________
Office use only                                                                 Office use only

Travel Number __________________________                                        Date Received___________________

Account _______________________________                                         Date Submitted__________________

                                                                                Event Form Verification___________
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                                        DRIVER & VEHICLE INFORMATION

Please list the names and driver license number of all individuals who will drive vehicles on this trip. All
drivers MUST be employed by the college:
1.__________________________________________ 2._______________________________________
3.__________________________________________ 4._______________________________________
               Only those listed above and approved by Human Resources are authorized to drive
           the vehicle(s) on this trip. This list of drivers applies only to the travel listed in this packet.

AVIS: Cars and minivans are rented through AVIS. There are two locations to serve you, the Gainesville
Airport and the Paramount Hotel on SW 13th Street. To make reservations, call 1-800-338-8211. When making
your reservation, mention the AVIS AWD number A113400 to receive the State of FL rate. To direct bill the
College, pick up an AVIS Corporate Card from the travel clerk in the Office for Finance, F-026. The AVIS
card must be presented at the time the vehicle is picked up.

Santa Fe Ford: 15 passenger vans are rented from Santa Fe Ford, on Highway 441 in Alachua. To make
reservations, call 1-800-580-4776 and mention you are from Santa Fe Community College. To direct bill the
College, pick up a Travel printout from the travel clerk in the Office for Finance, F-026. The printout must be
presented at the time the vehicle is picked up.

Student Life: Student Life has limited vehicles student organizations may rent. To make a reservation, contact
Kathy Medlock via Email: Student organizations must request the van one month
prior to the trip to have priority over non-Student Life groups.

Type & Number of vehicle(s) reserving:

_____Small             _____Medium              _____Large              _____Mini-Van            _____10 Pass. Van

Confirmation number(s) _________________________________________________________________

Number of vehicles _______      Cost per day_______             Number of days _______           Amount $_________

Number of vehicles _______      Number of miles _______         Miles/Gallon _______             Amount $_________

Trip Advisor’s signature__________________________________________ Date_______________________
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                                          TRAVEL REQUEST WORKSHEET

ORGANIZATION___________________________________________ DESTINATION________________________

*Attach documentation stating hotel rates if requesting an advance.

Number of rooms_____ Cost per room_____ Number of nights_____                         Total $______________________


VEHICLE RENTAL:                       Direct Bill*          Reimbursement
*Avis card or Travel printout may be picked up in F-026                               Total $______________________
         FUEL CHARGE:                                                                 Total $______________________
CHARTER BUS:               Check mailed                   Reimbursement               Total $______________________
Attach supporting documentation.
AIRFARE:                   Check mailed                    Reimbursement
Attach supporting documentation.
Number of travelers __________ Cost per ticket _____________ _                        Total $______________________

REGISTRATION OR ENTRY FEE:                         Check mailed       Reimbursement
Attach supporting documentation.
Number of participants_________ Cost per person_____________                          Total $______________________

MEAL EXPENSE:             Advance                Reimbursement
Do not calculate meals that are included in the cost of the registration, hotel, or airfare.
Maximum state meal allowance: Breakfast $6.00, Lunch $11.00, Dinner $19.00.

______Breakfast(s) @ $_________ for ______ participants = $ _________
______Lunch(s)     @ $_________ for ______ participants = $ _________
______Dinner(s) @ $_________ for ______ participants = $ _________                    Total $______________________


TOLLS/ PARKING______________________________                                          Total $______________________

OTHER (explain)________________________________                                       Total $______________________

         ESTIMATED TOTAL COST                                          Total $______________________

         TOTAL ADVANCE (Meals only)                                    Total $______________________
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                                           TRAVEL REQUEST FORM

NAME: _______________________________ SANTA FE ID#: ___________________________________

SFCC EMPLOYEE: Y/N _____________ ADDRESS: bldg/room____________________ ext________________

ORGANIZATION: ____________________________________________________________________________

DESTINATION: ______________________________________________________________________________

CITY OF DEPARTURE: ______________________TIME _________            AM     PM DATE ______________

CITY OF RETURN: __________________________TIME _________           AM     PM DATE ______________

PURPOSE: __________________________________________________________________________________

OTHER STAFF: ______________________________________________________________________________

COMMENTS: ________________________________________________________________________________

List all students attending – use another sheet if necessary
Name                           SFCC ID#                  Name                          SFCC ID#

_________________________________________                _________________________________________

_________________________________________                _________________________________________

_________________________________________                _________________________________________

_________________________________________                _________________________________________

_________________________________________                _________________________________________

_________________________________________                _________________________________________

_________________________________________                _________________________________________

_________________________________________                _________________________________________

I understand Santa Fe Community College’s               I give my consent for this employee to accompany
policies on student travel, and agree to follow them.   students on this trip.

_______________________________________ ___             ___________________________________________
                                                                                                    SLA Travel Packet ~ Page 5 of 6
                        COMPLETE RELEASE OF ALL RIGHTS (page 1 of 2)

ACTIVITY: _________________________________________________________________


       In consideration of receiving permission from Santa Fe Community College and the Center for Student Leadership
and Activities (hereinafter also referred to as "College") to participate in the above stated activity, I (we)
_____________________________________ the undersigned(s) agree to the following stipulations, terms and conditions:

The District Board of Trustees of Santa Fe Community College, and Trustees, employees or staff members of the College or
any other participant, organization or any subdivision thereof, any persons in any restricted area, promoters, sponsors,
advertisers, owners and lessees of the premises for anything arising out of the activities contemplated herein.

        I understand that the College does not require me to participate in this activity, but I want to do so despite the
possible dangers and risks and despite this Release because of the benefits I believe I will receive from the activity.

        In consideration of receiving permission to participate in this activity, I therefore agree to assume and take upon
myself ALL of the risks and responsibilities in any way associated with this activity. I herein release the College and all
other persons or entities referred to herein from any and all liability, claims and actions that may arise from injury or harm to
me from my death or from damage to my property in connection with this activity.

         I fully and completely understand that this Release covers liability, claims and actions caused entirely or in part by
any acts or failure to act of the College including, but not limited to, negligence, mistake, failure to supervise or any other
improper act including the intentional acts of persons with whom I will work or others. This does not release my rights to
sue any individuals who hurt me intentionally. I have, however, waived ALL my rights to sue or claim against the College
or their supervisors, employers, etc. for any thing or for any reason.

       I agree to abide by all rules and regulations of Santa Fe Community College, to uphold the college’s Student
Conduct Code and policies of the Center for Student Leadership and Activities regarding safety and the use of any and all
equipment. I understand that no drugs or alcoholic beverages of any type are allowed and that I will be asked to leave the
premises if I am suspected to be under the influences of the same.

         I recognize that there are dangers associated with this activity including, but not limited to,
____________________________________________. The fact that any specific risk may not be listed will not limit the
waiver or release I give in this Release. I recognize that this Release means I am giving up, among other things, all rights to
make any claims or sue the College and the Center for Student Leadership and Activities and is as broad and inclusive as
permitted in the State of Florida for injuries, damages and losses I may incur. I also understand that this Release binds my
heirs, executors, administrators and assignees as well as myself.

                                                                                                                                                SLA Travel Packet ~ Page 6 of 6
                                             COMPLETE RELEASE OF ALL RIGHTS (page 2 of 2)
I have read this entire Release, I fully understand it, and I agree to be legally bound by it. I have been told that if I do not understand any of this I can and should
contact a lawyer of my choice before I sign. If any sentence or part of this Release is deemed invalid, the remainder shall still be in force.

                                                                   All signatures must be in ink.

Date            Student Name (Printed)          SFCC ID#              Student Signature                  Witness* Parent/Guardian Signature                 Witness*
                                                                                                                   (if student is under 18 years of age)

                                                                                                       *Witness must be a SFCC staff member.