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The International
Justice and Public
Safety Information
Sharing Network

Nlets and Information Sharing

 • State owned system connecting all 50 states,
   territories along with every federal agency with a
   justice component.
    550,000 devices in U.S. and Canada
       Running over 51 million transactions each month
 • 40 years sharing data – the hub for interstate
   exchange for justice and public safety
 • Nlets “dictates” the standards for use of the
Nlets Past…
 • Proprietary data formats mandated to
   connect disparate state and federal
    Causing extensive/expensive custom
     programming at each Nlets interface user
 • Nlets and FBI formats – oh so different
    Causing the states to write a second
     interface, driving up costs and maintenance
     issues – not the customer service the two
     national systems want to give our mutual
Nlets today…

 • Still supporting proprietary data formats - but
   new services will be limited.
 • All Nlets services and responses to GJXDM
   3.0.x - all schemas are completed
 • Currently accepting 1 million FBI-CJIS CCH
   transactions per month in GJXDM 3.0
 • Doing hundreds of thousands of bidirectional
   transformations (Legacy – XML – Legacy) daily
Nlets today…

 • Kentucky, Maine and Wisconsin are
   sharing sending and receiving XML
   rapsheets across Nlets
    Several other states pending
 • Tennessee has every Nlets transaction
   coming and going in XML
 • NY is passing all drivers records in
   CANDLE XML formats
Efforts to proliferate XML and
 • Nlets has held three XML developers
 • Nlets awarded multiple NIJ grants – most money
   passed through to multiple states
 • New services are obtained using XML and
   webservices (or we would never have gotten to
 • Multiple states are adopting Nlets specification
   and planning upgrades to interface
Ongoing efforts

 • Accelerated Information Sharing for Law
    Third iteration underway AISLE, AISLE plus,
     AISLE 2 with NY, DE, WI to share GJXDM
     3.0 end to end between these states
 • SRFRS Project, in support of the NCISP –
   sharing GJXDM 3.0 using Nlets between
   regional information systems.

 • Nlets has been linked and partnered with FBI-
   CJIS Services for nearly 40 years
    We carry all III response traffic
    Hit Confirmation transactions
 • FBI Advisory Policy Board unanimously
   approved motion: “That Nlets and FBI take
   immediate steps to adopt the same specification
   versions for GJXDM 3.0.x, web services and
   MQ Series
    This is a very large (entire) population of justice
     practitioners in the U.S. and Canada
 • Operation Respond
        Hazmat, RailCar I.D., Chemical Name
        Future Hazardous truck tracking and notification via nlets
           • All using XML/Webservice
 • Interpol
     Roadside access to USNCB (Interpol) via Nlets
        Lyon France
 • InsureNet
     Roadside access to live proof of insurance on
      vehicles using XML/Webservices via Nlets
 • Public record data (in pilot) to provide access to
   justice an public safety via Nlets for “free” –
Nlets Futures
 • Moving towards a service oriented architecture
    Prove within our community that we can share
     information among a trusted group using XML and
     web services
       Delve into the local data where data resides and is managed
    Create an Nlets portal to allow access flexibility,
     access to fire and EMS when approved, create an “all
     search” or “noogle” type capability
    Create analysis capability of Nlets communication
     logs for appropriate law enforcement officials
Nlets Major Initiatives

 •   XML Message Router (XMR)
 •   XML Rap Sheet
 •   AISLE Plus
Nlets XML Message Router

  • Fully operational XMR “switch” (XML Message
      GJXDM V3.0.x support for all Nlets transactions
      Bidirectional transformation from legacy to XML and
      New transport services – Web services and MQ
      50+ million transactions per month
  • Positioning Nlets infrastructure to support
    Internet type technologies
      Provide access to information AT THE SOURCE!
       Service Oriented Architecture
XML Rap Sheet

 • Interstate Criminal History Transmission
   Specification V3.0 available
 • Complies with GJXDM V3.0.x
 • Nlets will support XML Rap Sheet V3.0
   and V.2.2x but no transformations will
   occur between 3.0 and 2.2 - V2.2x will
   only be delivered as text
XML Rap Sheet Progress

 • Wisconsin, Maine and Kentucky sending
   all rap sheets as XML to Nlets; currently
   forwarded as text
 • FBI sending all III rap sheets through Nlets
   in XML V3.0.x format; Nlets converts to
   text for delivery to all states at present
 • Several others approaching

  Collaboration between AAMVA and Nlets
         for Driver License Exchange
          National Institute of Justice
          Bureau of Justice Assistance
          Nlets, The International Justice and
            Public Safety Information Sharing
            Network (Awardee)
          American Association of Motor
            Vehicle Administrators

• No uniform interstate DMV responses for
  public safety officers
   Inefficient
   Potentially dangerous
CANDLE Project

 • Pilot project to exchange standardized
 • Leverages standardized AAMVA code
 • First step toward standardized
   transactions for law enforcement and
   AAMVAnet services
Pilot States

 • DMV and public safety partnership to
   deploy national standard XML response
 • Pilot states: New York, Iowa, Wisconsin,
   Maine, Delaware
CANDLE Progress

 • Collective effort defined DMV person and
   vehicle XML specifications
 • New York has implemented CANDLE
   support for all public safety transactions
In-state vs. National Standard
 • States generally are implementing in-state
   presentation format to avoid retraining; may use
   national view for all out of state requests
 • National standard view will be very familiar to later
   adopters because all interstate CANDLE
   messages will be converted to the national
   standard view for delivery as text
 • States will be advised to be have the capability to
   render in either view for interstate collaboration
Moving from Five to Fifty States

 • Need for adoption at the DMV
 • Much closer alignment with AAMVA
 • Need for adoption by leading Nlets
   “switch” providers
    Potential switch provider contracts to provide
     one time cost for all states supported by
     switch provider

             Steve Correll
             Executive Director
             (602) 224 – 0744

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