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Schools’ ndFrysy 18 September, 2009
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               2009 Royal MelbouRne Show

Dear Teacher/ Coordinator,
Welcome to the 2009 Royal Melbourne Show Teachers’ Guide!
This Guide outlines how the Show can link your students’ classroom learning to an exciting and
interactive education experience.
The Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria (RASV) conducts the Royal Melbourne Show and is
committed to providing a first class interactive education program for schools. The program is
known as Schools’ Days and delivers students an experience of rural life while developing more
general skills in map reading, interpersonal learning and communication.
The Schools’ Days program is a great opportunity for your class to have some ‘hands on’
experience related to:
      	 	Subjects	including	geography,	history,	science	or	agriculture
      •	Studies	in	sustainability,	environment	or	Victorian	industry
      •	Students	with	special	needs	that	would	benefit	from	an	interactive	experience.
The RASV understands that the Victorian Essential Learning Standards (VELS) is your planning tool
and has worked with education professionals to develop worksheets to complement our program
(available on our website www.royalshow.com.au).
The RASV trusts the 2009 Teachers Guide will help you kick-start your Show planning. The 2009
Teachers’ Information Booklet, providing timetables and comprehensive Show information, will be
made available to you prior to the Show. If you require any further assistance please contact the
The RASV looks forward to seeing you at the 2009 Royal Melbourne Show!
Kind regards

Kate Ellis, BA (Hons) DipEd
Interactive Education Coordinator
Ph: (03) 9281 7432
Email: education@rasv.com.au

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Welcome                                                                                     2

Education-based Activities                                                                  4

Farm Discovery Trail                                                                        5

VELS and the Royal Melbourne Show                                                           6

ESL and Special Needs Students                                                              9

Contacts                                                                                   10

Cost and Booking Instructions                                                              10

Booking Form                                                                               11

Please note:
Prior to the Show the 2009 Teachers’ Information Booklet will be available. This will include
maps, timetables and information about buses, parking, safety and planning your day at the
Show. This will be available on our website www.royalshow.com.au

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              eduCation-baSed aCtivitieS

The Royal Melbourne Show is proudly conducted by the Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria
(RASV) and is Victoria’s longest running annual public event. The 154th Show will host some of
the largest and most prestigious exhibitions of animals in the Southern Hemisphere. Offering an
educational experience linked to these exhibitions is one of the core goals of the RASV.
The educational highlights of this year’s Schools’ Days Program includes a range of
interactive activities:
    	 	The	Farm	Discovery	Trail
    •	Patting	pens	in	the	NAB	Animal	Nursery	
    •	Potting	plants	in	the	Children’s	Gardening
    •	Hand	milking	a	cow	in	the	Milking	Barn
    •	Talking	to	a	farmer	in	the	Livestock	Pavilion
    •	An	opportunity	to	see	lambs	being	born	in	the	Lamb	Birthing	Centre
    •	Storytelling	on	the	Animal	Nursery	Lawns
    •	Live	shearing	demonstrations	with	Kids	Bush	Band	participation.
Other Show highlights include:

    	 	Horse	in	Action	Competitions
    •	Dog	Competitions	and	demonstrations
    •	Poultry	&	Alpaca	Pavilion
    •	Entertainment	displays	on	the	Town	Square
    •	Wonderful	World	of	Pets	Pavilion	&	stage	show
    •	Agricultural	competitions	in	the	Livestock	Pavilion
    •	Art,	Craft	&	Cookery	Pavilion.

    	 	Produce	showcase	in	the	Grand	Pavilion
    •	The	Victorian	Government	Expo	Centre
    •	Home,	Living	&	Garden	Pavilion	
    •	Vintage	Machinery	display
    •	Woodchop	competitions.

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Farm discovery Trail
The	Farm	Discovery	Trail	takes	students	around	the	Show	to	various	Stations	where	they	learn	about	
a particular agricultural industry, engage in an activity and answer a question in their Trail Passport.
The Trail is most suited to primary aged students. Building your excursion program around the
Trail is a great way to see all that the Show has to offer, while developing map reading skills and
encouraging student participation.
The	first	year	of	the	Farm	Discovery	Trail	in	2008	saw	up	to	20,000	young	people	participate.	
Taking into consideration feedback from teachers, the RASV has refined the Trail to have fewer
activity stations so that students get the most out of each Trail activity.

Following the Trail
Students	collect	a	Farm	Discovery	Trail	showbag	from	a	starting	point	near	a	Show	entrance.
Inside the showbag is a Passport that includes:
   	 	A	map	with	the	locations	of	Trail	stations
   •	Questions	to	answer	or	activities	to	complete	at	each	of	the	stations
   •		 nce	students	have	completed	the	Trail	they	return	to	a	finish	point	to	have	their	passport	
      stamped and enter a draw to win a prize
   •		 ore	information	about	the	Farm	Discovery	Trail	will	be	provided	in	the	2009	
      Teachers’ Information Booklet.

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 velS and the Royal MelbouRne Show

Victorian essential Learning Standards                            2009 Royal Melbourne Show

Strand             domain          dimension                      Related Activities

Physical,          Health and      Movement and physical          Farm	Discovery	Trail	–	walking	
Personal and       Physical        activity; Health knowledge
                                                                  Grand	Pavilion	–	fresh	food	showcase
Social Learning    Education       and promotion
                                                                  Milking Barn
                                                                  Children’s Gardening (TBC)

                   Interpersonal   Building social relationships; Farm	Discovery	Trail	–	interactive	
                   Development     Working	in	teams               participation and group work

                   Personal        The individual learner;        Selecting points of interest to visit
                   Learning        Managing personal learning     at the Show
                                                                  Show Day time management

                   Civics and      Civics knowledge and           Victorian Government Expo Centre
                   Citizenship     understanding;
                                   Community engagement

Discipline based   The Arts        Creating and making;           Arts,	Craft	&	Cookery	Pavilion
Learning                           Exploring and responding

                   English         Reading;	Writing;	Speaking	    Farm	Discovery	Trail	
                                   and listening                  –	answering	questions
                                                                  Storytelling, Sheep Shearing and
                                                                  Milking Barn demonstrations

                   The             Economics knowledge and Agricultural industry exhibitors
                   Humanities-     understanding; Economics
                                                                Victorian Government Expo Centre
                   Economics       reasoning and interpretation
                                                                Resource management

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 velS and the Royal MelbouRne Show
Victorian essential Learning Standards                              2009 Royal Melbourne Show

Strand              domain           dimension                      Related Activities

Discipline          The              Geographical knowledge         Giant Map of Victoria (TBC)
based Learning      Humanities-      and understanding;
                                                                    Farm	Discovery	Trail	–	map	reading
(continued)         Geography        Geospatial skills

                    The              Historical knowledge and     Vintage Machinery display
                    Humanities-      understanding; Historical
                                                                  Storytelling (Australian history)
                    History          reasoning and interpretation

                    Languages        Communicating in a           Victorian Government Expo Centre -
                    Other Than       language other than English; Multicultural display
                    English (LOTE)   Intercultural knowledge and
                                     language awareness

Discipline          Mathematics      Number;	Space;	                Working	with	maps,	timetables	
based Learning                       Measurement, chance and        and schedules
(continued)                          data;	Structure;	Working	

                    Science          Science knowledge and          Agricultural Exhibitors
                                     understanding; Science at
                                                                    Farming	&	food	production

Interdisciplinary   Communication Listening, viewing and            Schools’ Days Program
Learning                          responding; Presenting
                                                                    NAB	Animal	Nursery	patting	pens
                                                                    Wonderful	World	of	Pets	Pavilion
                                                                    Post show possibilities for classroom

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 velS and the Royal MelbouRne Show
Victorian essential Learning Standards                               2009 Royal Melbourne Show

Strand              domain            dimension                      Related Activities

Interdisciplinary   Design,           Investigating and designing;   Children’s Gardening (TBC)
Learning            Creativity and    Producing; Analysing and
                                                                     Arts,	Craft	&	Cookery	Pavilion
(continued)         Technology        evaluating

                    Information and  ICT for visualising thinking;   ICT is used by many of the exhibitors
                    Communications ICT for creating; ICT for         across the Show, including interactive
                    Technology (ICT) communicating                   touch screens

                    Thinking          Reasoning, processing          Inquiry based learning can be
                    Processes         and inquiry; Creativity;       undertaken using Exhibitors as
                                      Reflection, evaluation and     resources
                                                                     Post show possibilities for reflection

Source: The Victorian Essential Learning Standards                   TBC: some activities are still to be
(Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority)                      confirmed for the 2009 Show at time of
http://vels.vcaa.vic.edu.au/essential/index.html                     publication (July 2009)

                                                                                                      Page 8

        eSl and SpeCial needS StudentS

eSL Students
For	students	with	English	as	a	second	language,	especially	those	who	have	recently	arrived	in	
Australia, the Royal Melbourne Show is a great way to introduce them to Victorian industry and
The	showcase	of	Victorian	industry	and	activities	such	as	patting	animals	in	the	NAB	Animal	Nursery	
will, for some students, be a first-of-its-kind experience.
For	any	assistance	planning	an	excursion	for	ESL	students	contact	the	RASV	Interactive	Education	

Special Needs Students
The	Royal	Melbourne	Show	provides	Special	Needs	students	an	opportunity	to	interact	with	
animals and take part in a range of interactive activities which can have many positive effects
including benefits for communication, movement and self esteem.
The	RASV	is	pleased	to	offer	one	complimentary	ticket	per	Special	Needs	student	for	a	
teacher or licensed carer.
All Pavilions at the Royal Melbourne Show are wheelchair accessible.
Disabled toilets are located in various locations throughout the Showgrounds.
On	Schools’	Days	Gate	5	(Langs	Road)	will	be	open	for	drop	off	/	pick	up	of	Special	Needs	
students. This must be arranged prior to Show and further details will be available in the 2009
Teachers’ Information Booklet.
For	any	assistance	planning	an	excursion	for	students	with	disabilities	and	special	needs	contact	
our Interactive Education Coordinator.

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RASV Reception: 03 9281 7444 Website: www.royalshow.com.au
interactive education Coordinator: Kate ellis
Phone                03 9281 7432
Email                education@rasv.com.au
Location             Melbourne Showgrounds,
                     Epsom	&	Langs	Roads,	Ascot	Vale	(Melways	Ref:	28	E12)
Show Opening Hours (Schools’ Days) Thursday 17:              9.30 am - 6.00 pm
                                   Friday	18:		              9.30	am	-	9.30	pm	

Ticket information
Student	tickets	for	the	Schools’	Days	are	$9.00	each	and	are	only	valid	for	Thursday	17	or	Friday	
18 September 2009. Every booking of ten students entitles the school to one complimentary adult
ticket.		Additional	adult	tickets	for	use	on	Thursday	17	or	Friday	18	September	2009	can	also	be	
purchased at a discounted rate of $20.00 each.
One complimentary ticket per student is provided for teachers or licensed specialist carers of
students with special needs.
Booking Instructions
School groups must be pre-booked and tickets are on sale from 1 June 2009 through Ticketek

1.   Read through the information contained in this Guide.
2.   Read the Activity summary on Page 4 and mark your interests.
3.   Decide on the date/s to visit the Show (Schools’ Days 17-18 September).
4.   Visit www.royalshow.com.au
5.   Email the Education Coordinator at education@rasv.com.au or call 9281 7432
     for any assistance.
6.   Use the booking form on the next page and post, fax or email with payment to Ticketek
     (please visit www.royalshow.com.au for additional forms).
7.   Bookings	close	Friday	4	September	2009	and	all	payments	must	be	finalised	by	this	date.

                                                                                        Page 10
                                    ols’                                                days.
                     rne Sh ow Scho
          a l Melbou
  the Roy

booking form
School name

date/s attending                 thu 17              Fri 18

teacher / Coordinator name

postal address

phone                                                                 Fax

Mobile                                                                email

age of students or year levels

  train              tram               bus             Chartered/private bus                   Car            other

Special needs

                                                                                                              no. of tickets         Sub total
 number of students ($9 each)
 number of complimentary teachers (1 per 10 students)
 or number of licensed specialist carers (1 per student)
 number of additional adults thu 17 & Fri 18 ($20* each)
 express post tickets charge ($7.95)                                                                                                    $7.95
 processing fee ($4.95)                                                                                                                 $4.95
 total payment
* Reduced admission prices on thu 17 & Fri 18 September only. Cheque payments must be received no later than Monday 7 September, with your
booking received by Friday 4 September. please retain a copy of this booking form for your records.
all school bookings must be finalised by Friday 4 September 2009.

Method of payment
   Cheque (please attach, made payable to ticketek pty ltd)
   Credit Card – visa, Mastercard, bankcard, amex, diners

Cardholders name

Card number

expiry date                                                          amex id or CvC no.

total amount $                                                       abn

tick here if you require a tax invoice*                 y       n        *please ensure you provide an email address for the invoice to be sent to.

Cardholders Signature

important information                                                                                   booK beFoRe 4 SepteMbeR 2009
For program enquiries please contact                     tickets cannot be collected in person at       Complete this form and post to:
                                                         the Show on the day of entry.                       ticketek Groups department
RaSv education department on:
                                                         ticketek respects your privacy. if you              Gpo box 2940
(03) 9281 7432 or education@rasv.com.au                  would prefer not to receive anything from           Melbourne viC 3001
please allow 3-4 working days for your tickets           ticketek again, please tick here .             or Fax: (03) 9640 0030
                                                                                                        or email: groupsmel@ticketek.com.au
to be delivered. if required sooner, you will need       the Royal agricultural Society of victoria     enquiries: (03) 9299 9030
to organise to pick them up from ticketek.               limited (RaSv) abn 66 006 728 785

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