BOSTIK MARINE by pengxuebo


                                              TECHNICAL DATA SHEET

 DESCRIPTION                                                                                                INFORMATION

BOSTIK MARINE SILICONE SEALANT is a clear waterproof and weatherproof                         Appearance       : Clear homogeneous
sealant, which can be used for watertight sealing. It gives a permanently flexible seal,
which will not shrink, crack or crumble and withstands temperature extremes of                Water
-50oC to +150oC.                                                                              Resistance       : Excellent

                                                                                              Skin over Time   : Approx. 10 minutes
                                                                                              Curing Time      : 24 hours per 2mm
BOSTIK MARINE SILICONE SEALANT is used for heavy-duty marine work, and is                     Temperature
also suitable for aquariums and assembling of fish tanks. Excellent for use when                                    o         o
                                                                                              range in service : -50 C to +150 C
waterproofing external fittings. Adheres to glass, fiberglass, wood, ceramics, canvas,
rubber, painted surfaces and metals.                                                          Slump
                                                                                              NF P 855016      : 0mm

 DIRECTIONS FOR USE                                                                           Movement
                                                                                              Factor        : 20% when cured
 Surfaces must be clean and dry.
 90 ml - Remove cap from tube and pierce film with reverse side of cap to break seal.        Bead Length
 Cut tip off nozzle to achieve the desired bead size and screw nozzle onto tube.             Tube             : 4 metres
                                                                                                                 (5mm x 5mm joint)
 Squeeze tube and apply silicone at a slight angle in the direction of use.
 After use, remove nozzle and replace cap firmly to avoid air entering the tube.             Cartridge        : 12 metres
 310 ml - Cut tip off cartridge and screw nozzle onto cartridge.                                                (5mm x 5mm joint)
 Cut tip of nozzle at an angle to achieve the desired bead size.
                                                                                              Shelf life       : 12 months in a
 Apply silicone with a caulking gun in a continuous bead to prepared joint.                                     sealed cartridge.
 Smooth after application (within 3 to 5 minutes) before skin formation by using a flat,                        To prolong life of
 wet instrument or finger - applying a little dishwashing liquid prevents sticking to skin.                      used cartridge, place
 Remove unwanted silicone immediately by wiping with a paper towel.                                             piece of plastic, over
                                                                                                                 opening of cartridge
 Sealant “skins” in 10 minutes, dries to touch in 1 hour, reaches full cure after 24 hrs.                       and screw nozzle
 On clothing, use a clean cloth, dampened with a non-flammable cleaning fluid or                                back on.
 paint thinner. Check colourfastness of fabric first.
 When fully-cured, sealant can be trimmed with a sharp knife.                                Cleaning         : Use of thinners is not
 During application, a vinegar-like odour will be noted - odour disappears as seal                              Cured silicone can
  cures.                                                                                                         only be removed by
                                                                                                                 mechanical means.
If area to be filled requires painting, apply paint and allow to dry completely before                       PACKAGING
sealing  Do not use on lead, copper, zinc, galvanised iron and tin  Not suitable for
                                                                                                             90 ml Tubes
alkaline surfaces such as cement, asbestos, concrete, plaster, etc.  Will not adhere                       310 ml Cartridges
to some plastics.
It is advisable to wear gloves in order to avoid contact with skin  If skin or eye contact
occurs, flush thoroughly with water  If irritation continues, seek medical attention

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