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									                            A Newsletter for the Cardinal Newman High School Community
                                                                         August 2009


      artistic expression

                                                        academic excellence

altruistic spirit

                                        athletic achievement

 faith unity spirit excellence
        Principal’s Message. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .2
        Board of Directors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .2
        ...our best, The Cooperative Campaign . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3
        President’s Message . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4
        Administration . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4
        Class of 2009 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5-6
        College Acceptances. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .6          Hunter Scott                 CN Classroom
        Senior Awards . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7-9
        Senior Scholarships . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10-13
        Underclassmen Awards . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .14
        Principal’s List & First Honors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .15
        Welcome Class of 2013 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .16
        Spring Sports . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17-21
        Scholar Athletes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .22
        Junior & Senior Retreats . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .23             Campus Ministry Class        Matt Ginn
        CBSL . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .24
        Campus Ministry . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .25
        Around Campus . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .26
        Faculty & Staff Recognition. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .27
        Alumni News . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .28
        Alumni Calendar & Reunions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .29
        Alumni Keeping In Touch . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30-31
        Named Endowments . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .31
        In Memory Of . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .32
        PEACE Program . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .32
        Tennis Tournament . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .33            2009 Valedictorians (l-r) Mac Booth, Trevor Wilkinson
        Golf Tournament . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .34          and Alex Chang-Sing
        Events. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35-26
        Ways to Get Involved. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .37            ON THE COVER:
        Admissions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .38     The photographs featured on the cover of this issue
                                                                                                         of Trinity celebrate our students and their:
                                                                                                         Academic Excellence
                                                                                                         Altruistic Spirit
                                                                                                         Artistic Expression
HOW TO REACH US                                                                                          Athletic Achievement
        Cardinal Newman High School                                                                      We extend our congratulations to the class of 2009
        50 Ursuline Road Santa Rosa, CA 95403
        Main Phone: 707-546-6470 Fax: 707-544-8502                                                       on their many successes.

        Alumni Relations/News
        50 Ursuline Road Santa Rosa, CA 95403
        Main Phone: 707-546-6470 x216 Fax: 707-544-8582
        Alumni Email:

        The Trinity is published 3 times a year by Cardinal Newman High School.
        Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy and completeness of this
        publication. Please accept our apologies for any errors or omissions and report
        them to Terri Derr at 546-6470 x 217.

        Publication Advisor: Terri Derr;
        Graphic Design: Heidi Would;
        Photographs: Dirk Bietau
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S    ummertime, and the work isn’t easy; the graders are drivin’ and the dirtpiles
     stand high. Major work continues to move forward well on two fronts: first,
the green beginning of rooms one to fifteen with new boilers, underground lines
installed, and the first classroom renovation; second, the turning of the baseball
field and placement of year round fieldturf, for all weather and multiple sport use.
These projects are under the direction of alum Mike Nonella, whose previous
work includes last year’s new Fieldhouse. Further changes include connecting the
counseling offices with a double door, thanks to the skills of alum and current
parent Pete Boschetti, putting VP Doug Kirk’s idea into practice. As Mary
Euphrat joins our Counseling team, they will all have a new setup designed for         BOARD OF DI RECTORS
greater efficiency and student options, including more computer stations. Steve
Cavalin helped with the baseball dismantling and then turned to computer lab           John Jordan - Chairman of the Board
improvements, as we now have four Graphic Design classes besides our computer                        All Committees
courses working in there. Avid Valentin, with help from Jaime, Humberto, and
new hire Ezequiel Valencia, leads the yearly maintenance work projects, whose list     Jeff Bertoli - Advancement/Alumni
is long, laborious, and necessary. We welcome Jackie Schwedhelm to the business        Pat Broderick - Mission/Curriculum/
office; she is also mother of just graduated Troy. Also coming to the office will be                   Catholic Identity
the new face and voice of Lisa Souza, mother of an incoming freshman. We are
fortunate to gain such qualified new employees who are already members of our          Hal Chouinard - Finance/Technology
community. The full sized class of 2013 will also be arriving ready to contribute,
                                                                                       Dennis Crandall - Advancement
a testament to our faculty’s work and Admission Director Pat Piehl’s guidance.
Surely, we have been blessed with the chance to continue improvements and              Carol Lowe-Drake - Advancement/Enrollment
growth, as we pursue our mission and put into practice the improvements we
targeted for last year’s WCEA/WASC. I expect our coming year to be one of              Teejay Lowe - Advancement/Alumni
excitement and achievement.                                                            Jack Macy - Buildings and Grounds

As we step into next year soon, I look forward to the continuation of some of last     Jackie McMillan - Advancement/All Committees
year’s highlights, especially our Oxford Scholar’s presentations. With the imminent    Diane Merritt - Advancement/Enrollment
beatification of John Henry, Cardinal Newman, we heard from the students how
our namesake has influenced others. The new nominees will be invited soon to           Mike Nonella - Buildings and Grounds
commit to two research papers and presentations, attended by Bishop Walsh, who
                                                                                       Roger Nulton - Finance
has even suggested this year’s first topic. These academic evenings provide not only
insight and interesting information but the opportunity to discuss and exchange        Tim Tesconi - Enrollment/Curriculum
ideas in a roundtable forum, preparing the students for the seminar methods of
top universities; this matches some of the same experiences Newman himself             Vic Trione - Finance
learned and taught at Oxford. Our highest achieving students earn this privilege       Eric Von Der Mehden - Finance
not to receive another honour but to accept a greater challenge and find a depth
of understanding beyond their classroom experience. The college preparatory path       Michael Wear - Buildings and Grounds
runs several ways; we look forward to walking those paths again with the class of
                                                                                       Mike Truesdell - All Committees
2010, ready to begin their senior year!

God Bless,

Graham Rutherford, Principal

                                                                                       TRINITY / AUGUST 2009                    —     2
                                                                             ...   our best
    …our best, The Cooperative Campaign
        Commencement is a logical time to look forward!

        During the first four years of our efforts to enhance the educational
        environment for our Ursuline and Cardinal Newman students through
        …our best, The Cooperative Campaign, we have pointed to classroom
        greening plans for the science and humanities classroom wings.

        This summer, the work begins! We commence!

        Although the fundraising continues, and new efforts are beginning
        through our Advancement Office, we are delighted that we have
        secured cash and pledges to allow for the first phase.

        Over twenty-five years ago the pipe system carrying the hot water
        from our forty-five year old boiler to the classrooms was abandoned
        due to leaks. The solution at that time was to reroute the hot water
        pipes to the roofs and then back down the exterior walls. It was                                                          Old boiler installed in 1964.
        expedient. It was also likely considered temporary.

        Technology now makes it possible for us to replace the old boiler with two
        significantly smaller units and return the service pipes below grade where they were
        originally designed to be.

        This will allow for the removal of the “temporary” pipes from the roofs in
        anticipation of the second phase which will include the installation of solar panels.

        The work this summer will be handled by IES, Indoor Environmental Services.
        Mr. Josh Kohler, Design-Build Sales Engineer has emphasized his firm’s
        commitment to improving the classroom environment for all of our students.

        As we reported in the most recent annual report with the article entitled “Two
        Down, One To Go,” this is the final element of the Cardinal Newman case
        developed by the steering committee of …our best, The Cooperative Campaign:

        n   We have exceeded the goals established for endowment growth.                        New smaller and more efficient boiler system.
        n   We have built the ACC.
        n   And now this summer, we commence with the classroom greening plans.

Every year,to pause. every graduation provides an
            every class,

n How was this year different?
n How does this class compare?
n How is this graduation special?

Whether recalling my own graduations, or those of my children, or the many Cardinal
Newman classes I’ve witnessed celebrating this success in late May, it is clear that they
are all different, they all compare well, and each one is special.
                                                                                            A D M I N I S T R AT I O N
The class of 2009 can boast over $5,300,000 in financial awards from the colleges and
universities to which they were accepted. The vast majority of this number is based on        PRESIDENT
the academic excellence demonstrated by the class.                                            Mr. Mike Truesdell
The class of 2009 was the first to fully participate in the augmented program of study
required of John Henry Cardinal Newman Oxford Scholars. As Bishop Daniel F.                   P R I N C I PA L
Walsh shared with our community, “This is a demonstration of academic excellence              Mr. Graham Rutherford
pursued by Cardinal Newman High School students.”

The class of 2009 was the first to demonstrate 100% completion of the curriculum              AC A D E M I C V I C E P R I N C I PA L
requirements associated with Community Based Service Learning. In past years one              Mr. Doug Kirk
or two would miss some aspect. This class, however, went the distance. They leave a
legacy of altruistic spirit.
                                                                                              A S S I S TA N T P R I N C I PA L

The class of 2009 pushed itself in the arts. The spring musical, the talent show at the       Mr. Stewart Clark
Wells Fargo Center, and the contribution of music in support of campus liturgies all
point to their artistic expression.                                                           COLLEGE CO UNSELI NG

The class of 2009 represented Cardinal Newman as competitors in league, section,              Mr. Ed Cutler
and state championship finals. It did not matter which sport. They all consistently           Mrs. Mary Euphrat
demonstrated athletic achievement.                                                            Mrs. Bev Fuller
                                                                                              Mr. Tony Greco
The class of 2009:

n   Academic Excellence                                                                       A D VA N C E M E N T D I R E C T O R
n   Altruistic Spirit                                                                         Mrs. Terri Derr
n   Artistic Expression
n   Athletic Achievement
                                                                                              ADMISSIONS DIRECTOR
We are proud of their successes at Cardinal Newman. We know they will continue to             Mr. Pat Piehl
do well.
                                                                                              AT H L E T I C D I R E C T O R S
                                                                                              Mrs. Mary Cooper
Mike Truesdell, President                                                                     Mr. Paul Cronin
Cardinal Newman High School
                                                                                              B U S I N E S S M A N AG E R
                                                                                              Ms. Kathy Lydon

                                                                                             TRINITY / AUGUST 2009                      —   4
               CLASS OF 2009

Carlos Augusto Duarte Adriao                   Eric Patrick Doyle                            Jordan Landaverde ( Junior)                      Robert Frederick Sautter
Wade Edwards Amaral                            Zachary Paul Dumont                           Octavius A. Lara                                 Troy James Schwedhelm
Andrew Ralph Aviles                            Travis Ferrera Falls                          Christopher Robert Lashinski                     Terex Michael Sherman
Jeffrey Scott Badger                           Joseph Carllee Ferguson III                   John William Lawler                              Nicholas Adam Shureen
Andrew Edwin Bahr                              Justin Scott Fowler                           Richard Le Roy Maloney III                       Andrew Victor Sousa
Anthony Michael Baldocchi                      Dillon Connor Fuston                          Lucas Mitchell Marovich                          Mario Ezio Spadoni
Daniel Kenneth Bauer                           Matthew Ryan Ginn                             Christian Andrew Mayo                            Jonathan Robert Steele
Philip Raymond Beiting                         Nathaniel Joseph Glab                         Martin Brian McCormick II                        Martin Loren Steever
Tyler Dustin Bertolone                         Chase Matthew Gladden                         James Nash Focha McCoy                           Nicholas Allen Stein
Daniel Arthur Binz                             Justin Scott Gleason                          Thomas Charles McEwen                            Stephen Magnus Stone
Mackenzie James Booth                          Dylan Joseph Gonsalves                        Ryan William McKeever                            Spencer William Stumbaugh
Tyler Matthew Bowman                           Jacob Frank Gowan                             Aaron Matthew Millard                            Sean Thomas Sweeney
Patrick Michael Brown                          Christopher Vincent Gregus                    Casey Daniel Miller                              Kendrick Vidal Talamantez
Justin Ross Buchanan                           Tyler Michael Guyot                           Reed Joseph Moran                                John Oliver Teem
Christopher Allen Campbell                     Daniel Phillip Hargreaves                     Brent Christopher Nelson                         Christopher John Allen Tomasin
Christopher Matthew Catelli                    David Ryan Hargrove                           Wyatt Jack North                                 Lucas Michael Topolos
Alexander Jason Koh Chang-Sing                 Ryan James Hess                               Edward George Paskal                             Tyler James Trenam
Spencer James Chovick                          Jared Steven Howard                           William Cameron Petersen                         Tyler James Trentadue
Gary Thomas Cline                              Christopher Michael Humphreys                 Taylor Sean Peterson                             Dylan Matthew Vassallo
Christopher Glenn-Davis Clipner                Bryan Alexander Jamero                        Peter Hong Phuc Pham                             Setareki Alexander Wainiqolo
Patrick Cardenas Conroy                        Alexander Joseph Johnson                      Camden David James Ramsay                        Charles Levon Welch
Evan Forrest Cooley                            Clinton Robert Johnston                       Jameson Christopher                              Trevor Dean Wilkinson
Robert Henry Mason de Lambert                  Jeong Hun Kang                                   Poppic Reeves                                 Ryan Daniel Williams
Nicholas Gerard DeLorenzo                      Michael Patrick Knott                         Corey James Robello                              Randall Lee Wright
Sean Christopher Douglas                       Karl Otto Kobler                              Ryan Jacob Rodriguez                             Daniel Jacob Zavala

CLASS                             OF              2009                    COLLEGE                                        A C C E P TA N C E S
Arizona State University                       California State University, Fullerton        Indiana University at Bloomington (Kelley        Saint Anselm College
The University of Arizona                      California State University, Long Beach       School of Business)                              Saint Mary’s College of California
Azusa Pacific University                       California State University, Los Angeles      Johns Hopkins University                         San Diego State University
Brown University                               California State University, Monterey Bay     Las Vegas College                                University of San Diego
Butte College                                  California State University, Sacramento       Loyola Marymount University                      San Francisco State University
University of California at Berkeley           California State University, San Bernardino   Marquette University                             University of San Francisco
University of California at Davis              California State University, San Marcos       Menlo College                                    San Jose State University
University of California at Irvine             California State University, Stanislaus       Montana State University, Bozeman                Santa Barbara City College
University of California at Los Angeles        University of Central Arkansas                University of Nevada, Las Vegas                  Santa Clara University
University of California at Merced             Chapman University                            University of Nevada, Reno                       Santa Rosa Junior College
University of California at Riverside          The Citadel, the Military College of          Northeastern University                          Seattle University
University of California at San Diego           South Carolina                               Occidental College                               Sierra College
University of California at Santa Barbara      University of Colorado at Boulder             University of Oregon                             Sonoma State University
University of California at Santa Cruz         Colorado State University                     Pace University, New York City                   University of Southern California
California Lutheran University                 Cornell University                            University of the Pacific                        Southern Oregon University
California Maritime Academy                    Cuesta College                                Pennsylvania State University, University Park   Stanford University
California State Polytechnic University,       Dominican University                          (Smeal College of Business)                      Truman State University
 Pomona                                        Dominican University                          Pepperdine University                            United States Air Force Academy
California Polytechnic State University,       Elon University                               Point Loma Nazarene University                   United States Military Academy
 San Luis Obispo                               Gonzaga University                            University of Portland                           Valley Forge Military College
California State University, Channel Islands   The Hartford Conservatory                     Princeton University                             Washington State University
California State University, Chico             Hendrix College                               Purdue University                                University of Washington
California State University, East Bay          Humboldt State University                     Rollins College
California State University, Fresno            University of Idaho                           Roosevelt University

                                                                                                                       TRINITY / AUGUST 2009                                       —   6

         Mackenzie James Booth            Alexander Jason Koh Chang-Sing         Robert Henry Mason de Lambert
    Walter C. Hulsman Highest GPA Award   Walter C. Hulsman Highest GPA Award           John Henry Newman
                                                                                      Christian Gentleman Award

         Stephen Magnus Stone                  Trevor Dean Wilkinson                    Randall Lee Wright
     Mary Ellen C. Walter Service Award   Walter C. Hulsman Highest GPA Award   John M. Fitzgerald Scholar/Athlete Award

2 0 0 9 S I N G L E Y E A R AWA R D S

    Jameson Christopher             Andrew Ralph Aviles            Dylan Matthew Vassallo         Kendrick Vidal Talamantez
       Poppic Reeves                  CNHS All-Around                   CNHS All-Around              CNHS Leadership Award
     CNHS Service Award                Student Award                     Student Award

                      Andrew Victor Sousa           Aaron Matthew Millard           Christopher Humphreys
                   John Henry Cardinal Newman      John Henry Cardinal Newman      Most Improved Student Award
                    Christian Gentleman Award       Christian Gentleman Award

Ba n k o f A m e r i c a C e rt i f i c at e s
Corey Robello – Athletics      Seta Wainiqolo – Fine Arts         Troy Schwedhelm – Mathematics   Jameson Reeves – Liberal Arts
Jeff Badger – Athletics        Wyatt North – Fine Arts            Lucas Marovich – Service        John Teem – Social Sciences
Tony Baldocchi – Athletics     Jordan Landaverde – Theater Arts   Nick Shureen – Service          John Lawler – Social Sciences
Chris Humphreys – Athletics    Trevor Wilkinson – Mathematics     Justin Fowler – Service         Spencer Stumbaugh – Art
Eric Doyle – Theology          Jacob Gowan – Science              Steve Stone – Liberal Arts      Chris Clipner - Music

                                                                                  TRINITY / AUGUST 2009                    —      8
2 0 0 9 S E N I O R AWA R D S
Bank of America Plaques

        Alexander Jason                 Camden Ramsay                      Kendrick Talamantez                             Dylan Vassallo
        Koh Chang-Sing                          Fine Arts                         Science & Math                             Liberal Arts
         Science & Math

Senior Honor Medals                                                           (Special recognition – 15 of 15 quarters*)
Wade Amaral                      Chase Gladden                         Jameson Reeves                         Lucas Topolos
Andrew Aviles*                   Jacob Gowan                           Corey Robello                          Dylan Vassallo*
Mackenzie Booth*                 Michael Knott                         Troy Schwedhelm                        Charles Welch
Christopher Catelli              Jordan Landaverde                     Nicholas Stein                         Trevor Wilkinson*
Alexander Chang-Sing*            John Lawler                           Stephen Stone*                         Randall Wright
Robert de Lambert                Richard Maloney                       Spencer Stumbaugh
Eric Doyle                       Lucas Marovich*                       Kendrick Talamantez
Dillon Fuston                    Camden Ramsay                         John Teem*

Exchange Bank Doyle Scholars
Carlos Augusto Adriao     Evan Cooley                   Ryan Hess                     Aaron Millard                   Jonathan Steele
Wade Amaral               Robert de Lambert             Jared Howard                  Casey Miller                    Nicholas Stein
Andrew Aviles             Nicholas DeLorenzo            Christopher Humphreys         Reed Moran                      Stephen Stone
Jeffrey Badger            Sean Douglas                  Bryan Jamero                  Brent Nelson                    Spencer Stumbaugh
Andrew Bahr               Eric Doyle                    Alexander Johnson             Wyatt North                     Sean Sweeney
Daniel Bauer              Zachary Dumont                Jeong Hun Kang                Edward Paskal                   Kendrick Talamantez
Philip Beiting            Travis Falls                  Michael Knott                 William Petersen                John Teem
Tyler Bertolone           Joseph Ferguson III           Karl Kobler                   Taylor Peterson                 Christopher Tomasin
Daniel Binz               Justin Fowler                 Jordan Landaverde             Peter Pham                      Lucas Topolos
Mackenzie Booth           Dillon Fuston                 ( Junior) Octavius Lara       Camden Ramsay                   Tyler Trenam
Tyler Bowman              Matthew Ginn                  Christopher Lashinski         Jameson Reeves                  Tyler Trentadue
Christopher Campbell      Nathaniel Glab                John Lawler                   Corey Robello                   Dylan Vassallo
Christopher Catelli       Chase Gladden                 Richard Maloney               Ryan Rodriguez                  Setareki Wainiqolo
Alexander Chang-Sing      Dylan Gonsalves               Lucas Marovich                Robert Sautter                  Charles Welch
Spencer Chovick           Jacob Gowan                   Christian Mayo                Troy Schwedhelm                 Trevor Wilkinson
Gary Cline                Christopher Gregus            Martin McCormick II           Nicholas Shureen                Ryan Williams
Christopher Clipner       Tyler Guyot                   James McCoy                   Andrew Sousa                    Randall Wright
Patrick Conroy            Daniel Hargreaves             Ryan McKeever                 Mario Spadoni                   Daniel Zavala

2 0 0 9 S C H O L A R S H I P S - To p 2 0 S c h o l a r s h i p O f f e r s

          Wade Edwards Amaral                          Jeffrey Scott Badger                      Tyler Dustin Bertolone
   Appointment to the United States Military         Sacramento State University                  DeMeo Family Scholarship
      Academy at West Point $440,000                 Athletic Scholarship $9,000                  for Performing Arts $1,000
          Total Awarded: $440,000                      US Air Force Academy            Pace University President’s Scholarship $68,000
                                                    Athletic Scholarship $400,000         Rollins College Centennial Award $32,000
                                                      Total Awarded: $409,000       Roosevelt University Theater Award Scholarship $20,000
                                                                                      University of Hartford Talent Scholarship $28,000
                                                                                                   Total Awarded: $149,000

    Robert Henry Mason de Lambert                 Nicholas Gerard DeLorenzo                       Joseph Carllee Ferguson III
Abbot Bertrand Dolan OSB Scholarship $20,000    Menlo Academic Scholarship $44,000                   Truman State University
Hendrix College Academic Scholarship $52,000   St. Mary’s Academic Scholarship $68,000             Athletic Scholarship $40,000
   Miller Center Service Scholarship $8,000      University of Portland Grant $24,680                Total Awarded: $40,000
     Odyssey Distinction Award $12,000                Total Awarded: $136,680
           Total Awarded: $92,000

                                                                                    TRINITY / AUGUST 2009                     —    10
2 0 0 9 S C H O L A R S H I P S - To p 2 0 S c h o l a r s h i p O f f e r s

                                                                                                                Jacob Frank Gowan
                                                                                                      Stanford University Academic Scholarship $208,000
             Justin Scott Fowler                         Dillon Connor Fuston                               Brown University Scholarship $200,000
Dominican University Dean’s Scholarship $11,000         Four year NROTC Marine                              Cornell University Scholarship $200,000
                                                                                                           Princeton University Scholarship $200,000
     Dominican University Grant $8,850                 Option Scholarship $110,000                          UC Davis Athletic Scholarship $100,000
St Mary’s College Academic Scholarship $15,302          Total Awarded: $110,000                   Sacramento State University Athletic Scholarship $100,000
     University of Portland Grant $7,910                                                    University of Nevada Las Vegas Athletic Scholarship $100,000
           Total Awarded: $43,062                                                                    US Air Force Academy Athletic Scholarship $400,000
                                                                                            US Military Academy at West Point Athletic Scholarship $440,000
                                                                                                                  Misc. Scholarships $38,800
                                                                                                               Total Awarded: $1,986,800

            Jared Steven Howard                          Bryan Alexander Jamero                                  Michael Patrick Knott
     UNR Video Coordinator Stipend $43,000            Arizona State University Grant $2,500              Cal Lutheran Academic Scholarship $44,000
           Total Awarded: $43,000             Arizona State University Sun Devil Scholarship $26,000      Chapman Academic Scholarship $81,000
                                                 Gonzaga University Dussault Scholarship $32,000            LMU Academic Scholarship $20,000
                                                         Gonzaga University Grant $8,060                 Santa Clara Academic Scholarship $16,000
                                                Indiana University Recognition Scholarship $8,000
                                                                                                          St. Mary’s Academic Scholarship $57,000
                                                        Marquett University Grant $6,400
                                              Marquette University Ignatius/Magis Scholarship $34,000             University of San Diego
                                                 University of Arizona Excellence Award $16,000                Academic Scholarship $44,000
                                                 University of Oregon Dean’s Scholarship $16,000                 Total Awarded: $262,000
                                                     University of San Diego Grant $14,000
                                                           Total Awarded: $162,960

2 0 0 9 S C H O L A R S H I P S - To p 2 0 S c h o l a r s h i p O f f e r s

           Karl Otto Kobler                  Jameson Christopher P Reeves                 Stephen Magnus Stone
  UC Davis Athletic Scholarship $40,000   Daughter’s of the Revolution Good Citizen            ASHRAE $2,000
      UC Davis Fee Grant $700                 Award and Speech Winner $500            Cabrillo Civic Club Scholarship $500
     UC Davis Scholarship $10,000          Santa Clara University Arts and Science     Montana State Academic $20,000
      Misc. Scholarships $6,000                  Dean’s Scholarship $4,200            UOP President’s Scholarship $26,000
       Total Awarded: $50,700                Univ of Portland Academic $64,000        USD 4 year ARMY ROTC $140,000
                                              University of the Pacific $40,000              USD Trustees $70,000
                                                 Total Awarded: $108,700                   Total Awarded: $258,500

       Sean Thomas Sweeney                        Kendrick V. Talamantez                     Lucas Michael Topolos
   Menlo Dean’s Scholarship $48,000        Air Force Academy Nomination $403,000           University of Portland Academic
    Saint Mary’s Scholarship $14,750              NROTC UCLA $180,000                           Scholarship $52,000
   University of Portland Grant $5,850             Total Awarded: $583,000                    Total Awarded: $52,000
          UOP Grant $12,000
        Total Awarded: $80,600

                                                                                TRINITY / AUGUST 2009                  —     12
                                                           $5,315,244 in Cardinal Newman
                                                 Scholarships Awarded to the Class of 2009!


                                                                                                     Principal Pins
                                                                                                            Wade Amaral
                                                                                                            Andrew Aviles
                                                                                                          Mackenzie Booth
                                                                                                        Alexander Chang-Sing
                                                                                                          Hank deLambert
                                                                                                            Dillon Fuston
                                                                                                            Jacob Gowan
                                                                                                             John Lawler
                                                                                                           Lucas Marovich
                                                                                                           Camden Ramsay
                                                                                                           Jameson Reeves
           Trevor Dean Wilkinson                             Randall Lee Wright
              Dominican Grant $36,000                                                                       Corey Robello
                                                               UC Davis Athletic
 Dominican University Trustee Scholarship $68,000             Scholarship $96,000                         Troy Schwedhelm
   Dominican Valedictorian Honorarium $12,000
           Johns Hopkins Grant $104,000                      Total Awarded: $96,000                         Stephen Stone
              UCLA Alumni Association                                                                   Kendrick Talamantez
             Scholarship programs $4,000                                                                      John Teem
  UCLA Scholarship Recognition Award $24,000
     UCSB New Freshmen Scholarship $5,000                                                                   Lucas Topolos
        UCSB Regents Scholarship $24,000                                                                    Dylan Vassallo
             UCSB Scholarship $13,000
                UCSD Grant $17,000                                                                        Trevor Wilkinson
       University of California Grant $17,000
       University of the Pacific Grant $24,000
 University of the Pacific Powell Scholarship $60,000
            Total Awarded: $408,000

SAT Results                                              Press Democrat                         Senior
2008                                                     Community Service                      Safe School
CNHS Top 40% SAT Scores in 2008
                                                         Award Nominees                         Ambasadors
Reading – 596 Math – 639 Writing – 599
                                                         Steve Stone –Agricultural/Vocational   Jeff Badger
Top 40% Combined Average SAT Score – 1834
                                                         Andrew Bahr – Arts                     Tyler Bertolone
                                                         Aaron Millard – Athletics              Danny Binz
Schoolwide Average SAT Scores 2008
                                                         Jameson Reeves – Community Action      Hank deLambert
Reading – 527 Math – 548 Writing – 523
                                                         Lucas Topolos – Ecology                Joseph Ferguson
Schoolwide Combined Average SAT Score 1599
                                                         Edward Paskal – English/Foreign Lan-   Christian Mayo
                                                         guage/Education                        Martin McCormick
National Average SAT Scores 2008
                                                         Hank deLambert – Health Sciences       Reed Moran
Reading – 502 Math – 515 Writing – 494
                                                         Mackenzie Booth – Journalism/Media     William Petersen
National Combined Average SAT Scores 1511
                                                         Matt Ginn – Mathematics/Technical      Setareki (Seta) Wainiqolo
(National information retrieved from

Annual CN Underclassmen Awards                                 History Fair
Most Improved
Forrest Granzotto – 9th
                                 Christian Gentleman Award
                                 Simon Gathuru – 9th             Honors
Dante Dedrick - 10th             Byron Reins – 9th                       Junior Awards
Tyler Mellor – 10th              Henry Trione 10th
Garrison Mann-Taylor – 11th      Richard Dobbins – 11th
                                                             Michael Johnson            5th Place
Service Award                    All Around Student Award    Garrison Taylor            5th Place
Alexander Drake – 9th            Andrew Dobbins – 9th        Rob Gingras                Honorable Mention
Frank Euphrat – 9th              Bryan Nunez – 9th           Matt Patin                 Honorable Mention
Will Tesconi – 10th              John Calhoun – 10th         Russell Van Anda           Honorable Mention
Charlie Neal – 11th              Hunter Scott – 11th         Mason Zhao                 Honorable Mention

Leadership Award
Daniel Pham - 9th                                                      Sophomore Awards
Robert Sharp – 10th
Jack James – 11th
                                                             Peter Dietzen              1st Place
                                                             Austin Hegg                2nd Place
Scholar Performing Arts                                      Brandon Calos              3rd Place
                                                             Billy Lytle                4th Place
Andrew Dobbins    9      H. S. Musical and Charley’s Aunt    Trevor Drake               5th Place
Jason Lawler      9      H. S. Musical                       Garrett Guanella           6th Place
Connor Williams   9      H. S. Musical and Charley’s Aunt    Christian Rencken          7th Place
Daniele Citti     10     H. S. Musical                       Will Tesconi               8th Place
Joseph deRutte    11     H. S. Musical                       Ryan McCandless            9th Place
Richard Dobbins   11     H. S. Musical and Charley’s Aunt    Will Shupe                 10th Place
Max Friedauer     11     H. S. Musical                       Cole Durden                Honorable Mention
Dominic Hebert    11     H. S. Musical                       Jonathon Fisher            Honorable Mention
Hunter Scott      11     H. S. Musical and Charley’s Aunt    Nate LeBlanc               Honorable Mention

                                                                  2009 TLT Participants
                                                                                   Parker Briggs
                                                                                 Harman Dhillon
                                                                                 Brendan Forghani
                                                                                 Daniel Gallagher
                                                                                   Evan Merritt
                                                                                 Chris Morehouse
                                                                                 Andrew Owenson
                                                                                  Robert Schwing
                                                                                   Trey Wilkins

                                                             TRINITY / AUGUST 2009                    —     14
SENIORS P RINCIPAL’S LIST                Marshall        Scott         10    4.27   Ford           Arthur         11    3.73
NAME                        GRADE GPA    Wu              Steven        10    4.27   Decker         Kyle           11    3.60
Booth         Mackenzie     12    4.53   Shupe           William       10    4.15   Mills          Christopher    11    3.60
Chang-Sing    Alexander     12    4.53   Albin           Brian         10    4.13   Neal           Charlie        11    3.60
Wilkinson     Trevor        12    4.46   Legoski         Luke          10    4.13   Smith          Cole           11    3.60
Amaral        Wade          12    4.40   Murphy          Lucas         10    4.13   Zhao           Mason          11    3.60
Talamantez    Kendrick      12    4.40   Parry           Ryan          10    4.13
Vassallo      Dylan         12    4.40   Tesconi         William       10    4.13   SOP HOMORES FIRST HONORS
de Lambert    Robert        12    4.31   Trent           Oliver        10    4.13   NAME                          GRADE GPA
Reeves        Jameson       12    4.31   Burwell         Reece         10    4.00   Brown         Randall         10    3.87
Teem          John          12    4.31   Fowler          Spencer       10    4.00   Darrall       Ryan            10    3.87
Aviles        Andrew        12    4.27   Galbraith       Kyle          10    4.00   Drake         Trevor          10    3.87
Lawler        John          12    4.27   Haskell         Sean          10    4.00   Ivancovich    Luka            10    3.87
Marovich      Lucas         12    4.27   LeBlanc         Nathan        10    4.00   Piasta        John            10    3.87
Robello       Corey         12    4.27   Moreno          Timothy       10    4.00   Trione        Henry           10    3.87
Schwedhelm    Troy          12    4.27   Segre           Peter         10    4.00   Benjamin      Daniel          10    3.73
Stone         Stephen       12    4.27                                              Bertolero     Alan            10    3.73
Gowan         Jacob         12    4.15   FRESHMEN P RINCIPAL’S LIST                 Christian     Alex            10    3.73
Conroy        Patrick       12    4.13   NAME                          GRADE GPA    Citti         Daniele         10    3.73
Fuston        Dillon        12    4.00   Dobbins         Andrew        9     4.13   McCandless    Ryan            10    3.73
Millard       Aaron         12    4.00   Lawler          Jason         9     4.13   Meckler-Pacheco Will          10    3.73
Ramsay        Camden        12    4.00   Chang           Andrew        9     4.00   Ordaz         Antonio         10    3.73
Stumbaugh     Spencer       12    4.00   Gathuru         Simon-James   9     4.00   Romano        Jacob ( Jake)   10    3.73
                                         Hanley          William       9     4.00   Bertoli       Lucas           10    3.60
JUNIORS P RINCIPAL’S LIST                Hargrove        Jacob         9     4.00   Boschetti     Peter           10    3.60
NAME                        GRADE GPA    Ingebrigtsen    Drake         9     4.00   Guanella      Garrett         10    3.60
Dobbins       Richard       11    4.53   Peterson        Mark          9     4.00   Holly         Jordan          10    3.60
Friedauer     Maximilian    11    4.53   Pham            Duchoang      9     4.00   House         Jeremy          10    3.60
King          Brian         11    4.53   Reins           Charles       9     4.00   Kent-Dotson Charles (Chase)   10    3.60
Le Baudour    Jordan        11    4.53   Scharfen        James         9     4.00   Nead          James           10    3.60
Morehouse     Christopher   11    4.53   Skelly          Connor        9     4.00   Tiernan       Joseph          10    3.60
Greinke       Daniel        11    4.40   Zepponi         Anthony       9     4.00
Hurd          Brandon       11    4.40                                              FRESHMEN FIRST HONORS
Orozco        Oscar         11    4.40   SENIORS FIRST HONORS                       NAME                          GRADE GPA
Owenson       Andrew        11    4.40   NAME                          GRADE GPA    Cain           Sean           9     3.87
Scott         Hunter        11    4.40   Ginn            Matthew       12    3.87   Ceja           Andres         9     3.87
deRutte       Joseph        11    4.27   Humphreys       Christopher   12    3.87   Greinke        Davis          9     3.87
Forghani      Brendan       11    4.27   Jamero          Bryan         12    3.87   Guyot          Mitchell       9     3.87
Goodwin       John          11    4.27   Landaverde      Jordan        12    3.87   Williams       Connor         9     3.87
Marcus        Maxwell       11    4.27   Stein           Nicholas      12    3.87   Drake          Alexander      9     3.80
Kim           Christopher   11    4.13   Topolos         Lucas         12    3.87   Jacobs         Austin         9     3.73
Mullen        Michael       11    4.13   Welch           Charles       12    3.87   McGowan        Kevin          9     3.73
Baluyut       Juan Miguel   11    4.00   Catelli         Christopher   12    3.73   Miksis         Hannibal       9     3.73
Ellis         Aldric        11    4.00   Doyle           Eric          12    3.73   Palmer         Courtland      9     3.73
Revelle       Alexander     11    4.00   Gladden         Chase         12    3.73   Zhao           Michael        9     3.73
Vyenielo      Daniel        11    4.00   Badger          Jeffrey       12    3.60   Anderson       Tyler          9     3.67
                                         Cooley          Evan          12    3.60   Granzotto      Forrest        9     3.67
SOP HOMORES P RINCIPAL’S LIST            Douglas         Sean          12    3.60   Miller         Elliott        9     3.67
NAME                        GRADE GPA    Knott           Michael       12    3.60   Moreno         Christopher    9     3.67
deRutte       Peter         10    4.53   Nelson          Brent         12    3.60   Tiernan        John ( Jake)   9     3.67
Dotti         Peter         10    4.53   Shureen         Nicholas      12    3.60   Lawson         Keller         9     3.60
Lee           Jonathan      10    4.53   DeLorenzo       Nicholas      12    3.54   Maggio-Hucek   Dylan          9     3.60
Bigham        Dustin        10    4.40   Lara( Junior)   Octavius      12    3.54   Prassas        Thomas         9     3.60
Davison       Ian           10    4.40                                              Smith          Ryan           9     3.60
Dietzen       Peter         10    4.40   JUNIORS FIRST HONORS                       Carpenter      Tyler          9     3.53
Hegg          Austin        10    4.40   NAME                          GRADE GPA    Colen          Donovan        9     3.53
McDonell      Patrick       10    4.40   Briggs          Parker        11    3.87   Forghani       Nolan          9     3.53
Monraz        Anthony       10    4.40   Gallagher       Daniel        11    3.87   McKeever       Kyle           9     3.53
Calhoun       John          10    4.27   Cousins         Ryan          11    3.73
Calos         Brandon       10    4.27   Dumont          Bryson        11    3.73

Dakota Albaum         Johan Eide                  Erik Leidl               Juan Ramirez
Hugh Alden            Aidan Eljumaily             Matthew Leinen           Zachary Reyes
Arnoldo Anguiano      Ridge Etchell               Robert Lindee            Andrew Robertson
Waed Atallah          Kyle Evans                  Michael Lockwood         Joao Paulo Rodrigues
Nicholas Bailey       Zachary Faber               Kenneth Love             Sebastian Rodrigues
Justin Beach          Carson Falls                Darik Lovvorn            Jack Ryan
Simon Bell            John Fleming                Jalon Luque              Zane Schlichting
Nathan Bentham        Zachary Fontanes-Halliday   Benjamin Lyle            Zachary Schreeder
Dalton Bertolone      Alfredo Garcia              John Lytle               Nolan Sheahan
Michael Bianchi       Gradin Garvin               Joseph Magill            Andrew Shupe
Harrison Biddulph     Alex Genung                 Taylor Marshall          Pablo Skaff
Lucas Bilbro          Matthew Gibson              Sean Martin              Hunter Sikes
Matthew Boschetti     Zavier Ginella-Eierman      Patrick McCormick        Cody Sousa
Jack Bowlby           Joshua Gluch                Tim McCullough           Christopher Steele
Kyle Bradley          Luke Goldschmidt            Christopher McDonell     Walker Stephen
Darren Bradley        Travis Gordonoff            Joseph Messoria          Matthew Straka
Martin Bramhall       Jonathan Gruber             Michael Mitchell         Peter Strauch
Jordan Buechler       Gregory Gschwend            Luke Molitor             Connor Stumbaugh
Tariq Burton          Dylan Hamilton-Smith        Joseph Moore             Gabriel Swint
Benjamin Buse         Cory Hammell                Jacob Moses              Will Talty
Austin Calos          Burke Hanford               Tyler Moses              Giancarlo Tarantino
Kenneth Carter        Taylor Harrison             Beau Muster              Paul Tiernan
Daniel Catelli        Isaiah Henderson            Nolan Nagle              Julian Torres
Charlie Chenoweth     William Hoge                Jarron Nunez             Nick Verity
Marc Chicoine         Devon Holmes                Cody O’Brien             Anthony Vu
Richard Clark         Clayton Hurst               Brandon O’Rourke         Aaron Walker
Benjamin Codding      John “Jack” James           Erik Owenson             Winston Weinberg
Sean Corder           Jake Janowczyk              Alex Paiz                Mitchell Wilhelmsen
Gabe Dailey           Ian Kennedy                 Randall Palmer           Andrew Winter
Dean De La Montanya   Theodore Kennedy            Colin Patty              Philip Wright
James Del Curto       Charles King                Travis Peccorini         Andrew Yu
Matthew Derner        Kyle King                   Matthew Phelps           Tomas Zegarra
Rob Roy deRutte       Brandon Knepper             Jake Popoff
James Eakin           Derrick Kobrin              James Proctor

                                                                  TRINITY / AUGUST 2009           —   16

                               2009 Varsity Golf Team
                               Mike Jonas, Jeff Euphrat, Alex Johnson, Brent Nelson, Charlie Welch, Corey Robello, Alex Revelle, Chris Gregus, Alex Reno,
                               Matt Vukicevich

  Newman Golf Team Sets New Records!
                                    The Cardinal Newman Golf Team just completed a record setting season. The
                                    team three-peated by winning the NBL Championship, repeated as NCS Champions, and
                                    won the Northern California Championship! The State Championship held June 10, 2009
                                    at Poppy Hills in Pebble Beach unfortunately eluded the Cardinals, placing fourth in the
                                    overall competition.

                                    The team placed all 8 members on the all-League First Team, led by Player of the Year Corey
                                    Robello, Chris Gregus, Alex Reno, Alex Revelle, Charlie Welch, Alex Johnson, Brent Nelson
                                    and Jeff Euphrat. The Team also set an Empire scoring record by shooting even par as a
                                    TEAM during a match at Santa Rosa CC. The team is coached by 20 years Head Coach
                                    Mike Jonas and 9 years Head Coach Matt Vukicevich, who have led the Cardinal in two
                                    back-to-back NCS Titles and CIF State Championship appearances. Congratulations to all
                                    on your outstanding efforts and accomplishments.

                                    The Athletic Department would like to congratulate coach Vukicevich on his new position
                                    as Principal of St. Francis Solano Elementary School in Sonoma.

Luke Legoski

                          spring sports
JV Golf
  The 2009 Junior Varsity Golf program had a successful season
  going 12-1 in match play and winning the 8th Annual CN JV Golf
  Tournament held in Windsor. The team shot a 393 in tournament
  play. The Junior Varsity team was led by sophomores Nate LeBlanc,
  Scott Marshall, Anthony Bolander, Connor O’Neal, Luke Legoski and
  freshman Frank Euphrat. These gentlemen will be making an impact
  on future Cardinal Newman Varsity Golf teams. 13-year veteran Frank
  Guillen coaches the CN Junior Varsity Golf team.

  The Cardinals 2009 Tennis team finished their season with a 10–4
  league record and a 10–8 overall record ranking third in the North Bay
  League. Led by senior Aaron Millard, the young Cardinal team was
  comprised mostly of juniors and sophomores. The 2010 team has a
  promising future.

  The following highlights the accomplishments of the team:
                                                                           Frank Euphrat setting up for a putt.
  North Bay All-League - Singles
  Chris Kim
  Michael Kuhlman

  North Bay All League - Doubles
  Aaron Millard
  Greg Shaw

  All Empire First Team
  Chris Kim
  Michael Kuhlman

  Most Valuable Player
  Michael Kuhlman

  Most Inspirational
  Chris Kim

  Most Improved
  Michael Zhao

  Coaches Awards
  Aaron Millard
  Jamie Ford
  Ryan Cousins

  Tennis is coached by 15 years Head Coach Tony Greco and 12 years
  Assistant Coach Father Alvin Villaruel. Congratulations on a great
  season.                                                                                  Alec Hurst

                                                                              TRINITY / AUGUST 2009               —   18
                                                                                           L AC R O S S E
                                                                                           First Team
                                                                                           Sean Douglass       Defense    12
                                                                                           Evan Merritt        Attack     11
                                                                                           Second Team
                                                                                           James Burton        Attack     10
                                                                                           JJ Nathan           Defense    11
                                                                                           Taylor Peterson     Midfield   12
                                                                                           Honorable Mention
                                                                       name here           Chris Lashinski     Attack     12
                                                                                           Nick Stein          Defense    12
                                                                                           Ryan Williams       Goalie     12

                                                                                                                               ALL LEAGUE SPRING SELECTIONS

Lacrosse                                                                                   First Team
                                                                                           Frank Euphrat                  11
In its 4th official season, the Cardinals played in the Bay Area Conference. The           Chris Gregus                   12
Cardinal Newman Lacrosse program had several team highlights this season while             Alex Johnson                   12
compiling an 11 – 6 overall record. They had the opportunity to participate in the         Brent Nelson                   12
prestigious St Ignatius Tournament, defeating Bellarmine H.S. 9 – 5 in the opening         Alex Reno                      11
round. The Cardinals also defeated nationally ranked University H.S. in league play 3      Alex Revelle                   11
                                                                                           Corey Robello                  12
– 1, losing to them in the league championship game at Kezar Stadium for a second
                                                                                           Charlie Welch                  12
place finish in the BAC. The lacrosse team will be competing in the Marin County
Athletic League next year.                                                                 TENNIS
                                                                                           First Team
The lacrosse program had 45 players on the roster this year and is looking forward to      Chris Kim                      11
fielding full varsity and JV teams for the 09/10 season. Thank you to returning 3rd year   Michael Kuhlman                11
coach Patrick Miller and assistant coaches Chris Malone, Dick Handal, Jim Burton,
Devin Weatherly and Blake Abate for an exciting and successful season.                     First Team
                                                                                           Tyler Trenam        Infield    12

Club Ice Hockey                                                                            Nick DeLorenzo
                                                                                           Hank deLambert
                                                                                           Michael Knott
                                                                                                               1st Base
In its first season, the Cardinal Newman Club Ice Hockey team was very successful.
                                                                                           Karl Kobler         Outfield   12
The team started off the year going 6-0 playing in the HP High School Hockey League        Sean Sweeney        Pitcher    12
run by Sharks Ice at San Jose. All of our games were played in San Jose and Oakland.       Jason Alexander     Pitcher    10
Overall, the team finished 9-6, falling just short in the Semi-Final playoff game to the
eventual league Champion by a 2-1 score. We played against other prominent South           Honorable Mention
Bay schools such as Arch Bishop Mitty, Bellarmine Prep, and Valley Christian. Of note      Danny Binz          Infield    12
is that our team was comprised almost entirely of single “A” players where most teams in   Tyler Bowman        Outfield   12
                                                                                           Steve Stout         Pitcher    12
the league are made up of “AA” and “AAA” players; so we were able to do very well from
a competition stand point in our first season.                                             SWIMMING AND DIVING
Every player on our team (except for the goalies) registered at least one point over the   Matt Ginn                      12
                                                                                           Spencer Corley                 11
season. Our main strength was that we were able to have four solid lines and be a better
team top to bottom than many of our opponents.                                             CLUB RUGBY
We are planning to expand the program and have both a JV and a Varsity team next           First Team
                                                                                           Blake Ratto                    11
season. Further information on the tryouts and other general information can be
found on the Santa Rosa Junior Hockey Club website at or by        Second Team
contacting me at                                               Seta Wainiqolo                 12
                                                                                           Tyler Laron                    11
The CN Club Hockey team is coached by 2000 CN alum Mike Kovanis. Mike is a
2004 graduate of Mercyhurst College in Erie, PA and has a degree in Sports Medicine.
                                                                                           Honorable Mention
                                                                                           Christian Alvarez              10
He currently attends USF where he will graduate with a Masters Degree in Sport
                                                                                           Russ VanAnda                   11
Management this December.

2009 Baseball
Varsity Baseball
Cardinal Varsity Baseball completed an excellent ‘09 season. They were the
North Bay League Co-Champions, defeating Ukiah and Montgomery to win
the NBL tournament for an automatic bid in the North Coast Section playoffs.
Losing in the semi final round, they had a 13 and 1 record finishing 22 – 6
The Cardinals opened their season with their bi-annual weeklong trip to
Arizona, catching some spring training games and playing their initial 3 games
vs. teams from Phoenix and Glendale, AZ, finishing with a 1-2 record. The
players returned from their team-building trip sporting team Mohawks for the
new spring season.
                                                                                     Jason Alexander
The team was led by senior captains Hank deLambert and Nick DeLorenzo
both All League and All Empire selections for the North Bay. Senior Michael

Knott led the league in hitting followed by Karl Kobler. The team’s chemistry,
                                                                                            FRESHMAN COACHES AWARDS
leadership and work ethic of the 12 seniors contributed to the success of the
season. The Cardinals ended the year ranked 8th in the state by ESPN – Cal Hi
                                                                                            MVP                Nolan Formway
Congratulations to 3rd year varsity coach TJ McMahon on being selected as
the Empire Coach of the Year. The Varsity coaching staff includes 9-year varsity            Cy Young           Byron Reins

assistant veteran Lou Goring, CN class of ’86 alum Brian McGee and associate                Silver Bat         Wyatt Lopez
for the Cincinnati Reds Dick Adams. Thank you all for your work ethic and
dedication to Cardinal Newman Baseball.                                                     Mr. Baseball       Mark Peterson
                                                                                            Most Improved      Michael Osborne
JV Baseball                                                                                 The freshmen team was coached by 2006
The 2009 the JV Baseball Team put together an excellent season finishing 11-3               Alum Head Coaches Brian Meyer and Kelly

in league play and 16-8 overall. The team played very well at the end of the year,          O’Brien.
winning 7 of their last 8 games. They were led by a an excellent pitching staff of
JJ Jamerson, Lucas Murphy, Sean Haskell, DeShawn Harper, Kevin Pilar, and                   Congratulations to our freshmen who are the
Jordan Holly. The team’s top hitters were Nick Hanson .400, JJ Jamerson .382,               future of Cardinal Newman.
Dylan Swank .333, Phil Ramos .328, and Brian Albin, DeShawn Harper and
Chris Filice batting .324.
As a team, these ball players and will make an impact in future Cardinal
Newman baseball programs. The coaching staff is very proud of the way these
student athletes performed on and off the field. This was a great group of
student athletes that can look forward to next season. Cardinal Newman’s Junior
Varsity coaching staff included first year Head Coach Eric Gil, Assistants Ron
Rodriguez and Joe Filice.

Freshman Baseball

The CN baseball program had a successful season finishing 11 – 6. The talented
team won the Analy Freshman Tournament defeating Ranch Cotate, El Molino
and Petaluma for the Championship.

                                                                                          Hank deLambert

                                                                                             TRINITY / AUGUST 2009                        —   20
Track & Field
The Track and Field team had a successful, competitive season with over 50
participants representing Cardinal Newman. They completed the season with
senior pole-vaulter Andrew Aviles placing 1st in the NBL 13-0, All City 12-6
and El Molino Relays 11-0. Andrew placed 11th in the North Coast Section         BASKE T BALL SELECTONS
Meet of Champions 13-0. He is an All Empire 2nd Team Selection.                  CO – MVP                     Honorable Mention
The 400-relay team of seniors Jeff Badger, Wyatt North, Steve Stone and junior   Tony Baldocchi               Randy Wright
Bryson Dumont won 1st All City 44.18, 1st NBL 44.10 and 3rd at the NCS           First Team                   Co-Coach of the Year
Meet 44.16.                                                                      Danny Binz                   Tom Bofigli
                                                                                 Second Team

                                                                                                                                       ALL EMPIRE SELECTIONS
Cardinal Newman always put forth competitive track and field athletes under      Xavier McCall
the direction of veteran Head Coach Pat LaFortune and his coaching staff, Lynn
Meister (shot put and discus), Rich Kingsborough (Pole Vault), Elaine Cavalin,   BASEBALL SELECTONS
’73 Alum Curtis Byrd who still holds the CN track records for the 440m and       First Team
1600m relay, ’03 UHS Alum Jen Clouse, ’08 Alums Aaron Zavala and Anthony         Karl Kobler. Nick DeLorenzo, Michael Knott,
Fernandez. Congratulations and thank you for your time and dedication.           Jason Alexander, Sean Sweeney
                                                                                 Second Team
                                                                                 Danny Binz, Tyler Trenam, Hank deLambert
                                                                                 Honorable Mention
                                                                                 Tucker Maggio-Hucek
                                                                                 Co-Coach of the Year:
                                                                                 TJ McMahon

                                                                                 T ENNIS SELECTONS
                                                                                 First Team
                                                                                 Michael Kuhlman, Chris Kim

                                                                                 GOLF SELECTONS
                                                                                 Player of the Year
                                                                                 Corey Robello
                                                                                 First Team
                                                                                 Alex Reno, Chris Gregus, Alex Revelle, Alex Johnson

Swimming & Diving
                                                                                 Honorable Mention:
                                                                                 Brent Johnson, Jeff Euphrat

The Cardinal Newman swim team completed its season with an overall record        T R AC K A N D F I E L D S E L E C T O N S
of 6-2, placing second in the North Bay League. The team placed 2nd in the       Second Team
NBL Championship meet. Senior Matt Ginn was a double league champion             Andrew Aviles           12             Pole Vault
in the 100 and 50 Freestyle swimming events and went on to compete in the        Honorable Mention
North Coast Section. Junior Spencer Corley earned honors as the NBL Diving       Jeff Badger             12             400 Relay
Champion and placed 3rd place overall in the North Coast Section Diving          Joe Derutte             11             Pole Vault
                                                                                 Bryson Dumont           11             110HH
                                                                                 Jacob Gowan             12             Shot Put
                                                                                 Dan Grienke             11             Pole Vault
S W I M M I N G A N D D I V I N G AWA R D S F O R 2 0 0 9
                                                                                 Wyatt North             12             100, 200, 400 Relay
MVP Swimmer                 Matt Ginn                                            Steve Stone             12             High Jump
MVP Diver                   Spencer Corley
Senior Award                Chris Humphreys                                      SWIMMI NG SELECTONS
Most Improved Swimmer       Austin Unruh                                         Second Team
Coaches Award               Peter Dietzen                                        Matt Ginn
Head Coach Mark Hartman and Asst. Coach Jeff Scharfen coach the swim
team. Cari Hogan coaches the Diving Team. Congratulations to all participants    SO CCER SELECTONS
on a successful season.
                                                                                 Andrew Owenson          Defender
                                                                                 Second Team
                                                                                 Bryan Jamero            Defender

FROSH BASEBALL                         VARSI T Y GOLF                                                 T ENNIS
NAME                      GRADE GPA    NAME                                      GRADE GPA            NAME                      GRADE GPA
Andres     Ceja           9     4.00   Brent              Nelson                 12          3.57     Aaron         Millard     12       3.86
William    Hanley         9     4.00   Corey              Robello                12          4.29     Ryan          Cousin      11       3.71
Drake      Ingebrigtsen   9     4.00   Charles            Welch                  12          3.86     Jamie         Ford        11       3.57
Bryan      Neuerburg      9     3.50   Alex               Revelle                11          4.14     Christopher   Kim         11       4.29
Mark       Peterson       9     4.00                                                                  Max           Marcus      11       4.29
Charles    Reins          9     4.00                                                                  Peter         deRutte     10       4.43
Eamon      Shine          9     3.50   JV LACROSSE                                                    Peter         Dotti       10       4.57
John       Tiernan        9     3.67   NAME                                      GRADE GPA            Peter         Segre       10       3.71
Matthew    Wheeler        9     3.67   Daniel             Vyenielo               11          3.86     Greg          Shaw        10       3.57
Connor     Williams       9     3.55   Jordan             LeBaudour              10          4.43     William       Shupe       10       4.17
                                       Anthony            Monraz                 10          4.43     Steven        Wu          10       4.29
                                       Matthew            Moyers                 10          3.57     Michael       Zhao        9        4.00
JV BASEBALL                            James              Bordin                 9           3.54
NAME                      GRADE GPA    andrew             Dobbins                9           4.14
Brian      Albin          10    4.29   Kevin              Green                  9           3.69     T RACK & FIELD
Brandon    Calos          10    4.14   Austin             Jacobs                 9           3.86     NAME                      GRADE GPA
Sean       Haskell        10    3.86                                                                  Andrew        Aviles      12       4.29
Jordan     Holly          10    3.86                                                                  Mackenzie     Booth       12       4.57
Lucas      Murphy         10    4.14   VARSI T Y LACROSSE                                             Chris         Catelli     12       3.86
Philip     Ramos          10    3.57   NAME                                      GRADE GPA            Patrick       Conroy      12       4.00
Jake       Romano         10    3.71   Justin             Fowler                 12          3.86     Jacob         Gowan       12       4.33
                                       Bryan              Jamero                 12          3.71     Jameson       Reeves      12       4.33
                                       Chris              Lashinski              12          3.71     Stephen       Stone       12       4.43
VARSI T Y BASEBALL                     Nicholas           Stein                  12          3.86     Juan Miguel   Balayut     11       4.00
NAME                      GRADE GPA    Christopher        Mills                  11          3.71     Joseph        deRutte     11       4.29
Hank       deLambert      12    4.50   Chase              Kent-Dotson            10          3.71     Bryson        Dumont      11       3.71
Nick       DeLorenzo      12    3.67                                                                  Daniel        Greinke     11       4.29
Dillon     Fuston         12    4.14                                                                  Brandon       Hurd        11       4.43
Michael    Knott          12    3.71   SWIMMING & DIVING                                              Brian         King        11       4.29
Richard    Maloney        12    3.57   NAME                                      GRADE GPA            Russell       VanAnda     11       3.57
Max        Peterson       11    3.57   Matthew            Ginn                   12          4.00     Alan          Bertolero   10       3.83
                                       Christopher        Humphreys              12          3.71     Randall       Brown       10       4.14
JV GOLF                                Brendan            Forghani               11          4.29     Alex          Christian   10       3.71
                                       Peter              Dietzen                10          4.43     Timothy       Moreno      10       4.00
NAME                      GRADE GPA
                                       Kyle               Galbraith              10          3.86     Oliver        Trent       10       4.43
Nathan     LeBlanc        10    4.00   Henry              Trione                 10          3.86
Luke       Legoski        10    4.14                                                                  Davis         Greinke     9        3.85
                                       James              Scharfen               9           4.00     Hannibal      Miksis      9        3.50
Scott      Marshall       10    4.43   Connor             Skelly                 9           3.85
Frank      Euphrat        9     3.58                                                                  Elliot        Miller      9        3.75
Forrest    Granzotto      9     3.58
Duchoang   Pham           9     4.00

                                                 Recognized for a combined team
                                                     GPA of 3.0 or greater.

                                          JV Golf ....................................... 3.44
                                          Frosh Baseball ............................ 3.39
                                          Varsity Golf ................................ 3.32
                                          Tennis ......................................... 3.30
                                          Swimming .................................. 3.23
                                          JV Baseball ................................. 3.22
                                          Varsity Baseball........................... 3.14
                                          JV Lacrosse ................................. 3.12
                                          Varsity Lacrosse .......................... 3.00

                                                                                                  TRINITY / AUGUST 2009              —    22
Cardinal Newman and Ursuline junior and senior
retreats were once again wonderful spiritual experiences. All retreats
were held in Occidental – juniors attended Alliance Redwoods and seniors
attended Westminster Woods. Students returned from their retreat experience
renewed and refreshed with a greater sense of respect for themselves and their
commitment to faith in God.
Juniors participated in a two day retreat. Students worked together in small
and large groups on activities which allowed them to search deep within their
personal convictions dealing with moral issues and faith in God. Teachers and
staff of both Cardinal Newman and Ursuline led the students through these
exercises with the help of Campus Ministry students. Various reflections, small
and large group discussions allowed students to discover what is important and
meaningful in their lives. Typically in the junior year, students begin the process
of making important decisions for their futures and this retreat experience gives
students the time away from school and home to evaluate the method in which
they make moral decisions. The retreat exercises give students an opportunity
to consider effective methods for moral decision making while remembering to
strengthen their faith in God.
In addition, our juniors participate in recreational activities such as basketball,
volleyball, hiking and just hanging out with friends in a relaxed atmosphere
under the redwoods. Juniors were very thankful for their retreats experience
and look forward to their senior retreat next year.
Our senior retreats were held at Westminster Woods where students
IMMERSED within themselves and life experiences. Seniors were guided by
Cardinal Newman and Ursuline teachers along with Campus Ministry students
on a three day retreat. Seniors explored the fundamental foundations in their
lives. They were guided to immerse within themselves in order to recognize the
core values by which they live, the importance of family and friendships which
support them, the responsibilities and challenges they face daily in life and how
God is ever present to uplift and support them in all times.
Activities dealing with prayer, values, trust, and communication help the
students process where they have been in life, where the are in their senior year
and where they are about to journey to beyond their high school experiences.
Seniors took the time to discuss, in both large and small groups, the fears
they face in preparation for life outside of high school. Seniors shared their
excitement for their futures and offered advice to one another as they took the
time to publically affirm each other. As the retreat came to an end, students
dedicated their retreat experience to a loved one in a heartfelt night prayer
experience. Many seniors expressed their thankfulness for parents, siblings,
teachers, coaches, and friends. The final day, seniors took the time to write
letters of advice and encouragement to themselves which will be mailed off
to them this coming August. It is important to add that seniors were able to
spend some down time enjoying the outdoors and beauty of nature under the
redwoods of Westminster Woods – something that is very important in this
busy world in which we live!
Overall, all the junior and senior retreat experiences were some of the best we
have had in recent years. Thank you to the ministry efforts of both Cardinal
Newman and Ursuline High Schools for their commitment to these retreat
experiences. Our students are blessed to have such an opportunity to allow
God into their lives. The value of retreats is beyond words!

Community Based Service Learning 2008-2009
This year was yet another amazing year of service.                              London Charter, Village Charter, Archbishop Hanna High School, Mattie
Our entire school community has put for forth great effort in support of        Washburn, Steele Lane Elementary and Head Start Pre-School programs.
our local and global communities. Through the guidance of Mrs. Anne
DelMonte, CBSL Coordinator for grades 9, 10 and 11 and respective
                                                                                Project winners for 2008-2009 include:
religion teacher, our students have gained a greater appreciation for serving   Jameson Reeves – Jameson was dedicated to the Vineyard Workers
others. This year some of our freshmen students worked toward support of        Services in the Sonoma Valley and helped raise awareness of their needs
a village in Africa. Students, parents, teachers and community supporters       and funds for the agency and he also supported the CBSL program of
joined efforts in raising more than $2,000.00 to fund the purchase of           Cardinal Newman and Ursuline. Jameson created a CBSL Documentary
livestock for a village in Kenya, Africa. This project was dear to the hearts   by interviewing various CN and UHS seniors about their service work and
of a couple of our freshmen who are originally from Kenya.                      the CN and UHS CBSL coordinators John Contreras and Judi Greaney.
                                                                                Jameson served over 100 hours.
In addition, our junior students took the time in their Ethics and Social
Justice classes to investigate “social issues” that might be of interest in     Hank deLambert – Hank was dedicated to multiple projects. Hank
developing their own CBSL projects. The majority of our junior students         served with the American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life program helping
have committed to a project for their upcoming senior year, 2009-2010.          to plan, promote and run the annual Relay For Life walk. He volunteered

Habitat For Humanity Service Project Team   Jameson Reeves                            Justin Fowler
Our freshmen and sophomores are also beginning to develop their ideas           with Marin County’s Junior Fire Fighter Program, and in the Memorial
and some would like to commit to a two year project beginning in their          Hospital emergency room. Hank served over 150 hours.
junior year and working through their senior year. Eventually, we hope
                                                                                Aaron Millard – Aaron was dedicated to the guys out at Archbishop
to have all students based in CBSL “project” work their four years. begin
                                                                                Hanna High School – formerly know as Hanna Boys Center. He served
during their freshman year and work on their CBSL projects throughout
                                                                                to develop developing a Tennis program for the students of Hanna which
their four years at Newman.
                                                                                became a true source of confidence building - not to mention a good source
During the course of this school year, our seniors and their CBSL project       of health and exercise. Aaron served over 150 hours.
efforts generated nearly 5,000 hours of service. From working with local
                                                                                2008-2009 PROJECT OF THE YEAR:
grammar school programs, Boys and Girls Clubs, YMCA youth programs,
and retirement communities to global efforts with the impoverished              Steve Stone – Steve was dedicated to our local chapter of Habitat
in New Orleans, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua and the               for Humanity. Steve not only volunteered at two construction sites
Philippines, our seniors have come to understand and hear the call of the       in Sebastopol, but also served on various committees to help recruit
Gospel message to serve.                                                        more volunteers for Habitat and promote the overall efforts of the
                                                                                organization. Steve hosted a few Cardinal Newman work days
Some outstanding partnerships CN and UHS continued to develop
                                                                                bringing a number of junior students from CN to help learn about
this year include: The YMCA, Boys and Girls Clubs of Santa Rosa and
                                                                                Habitat and volunteer at the two construction sites in Sebastopol.
Windsor, Habitat for Humanity Sonoma County, Patchworks Farm,
                                                                                Steve served more than 300 hours – truly amazing!
Catholic Charities Santa Rosa and New Orleans, The American Cancer
Society, Special Olympics Sonoma County, Brighton Gardens and Down              Let us all remember the words of John Henry Cardinal Newman:
Syndrome Sonoma County/Becoming Independent. In addition, we have
many partnerships with local schools, such as Lincoln Elementary, Jack          God Shall Call on Me and I will Hear the Lord…

                                                                                                      TRINITY / AUGUST 2009                      —     24
May Crowning of Our Lady Seat of Wisdom
By Father Alvin

         “In Roman Catholic tradition, the                              of the image of
         month of May is traditionally dedicated to the Blessed         Mary as Seat of
         Mother. The honor bestowed upon Mary during the                Wisdom, friends
         month of May centers on recognizing her as the Queen of        of Cardinal
         Heaven and Earth, as well as being the Mother of Church        Newman High
         and of the Faithful, coinciding with the celebration of        School from the
         Mothers’ Day. The veneration of Mary leads us to a deeper      different parishes
         relationship with Jesus Christ, the Savior of humankind. In    of the diocese
         crowning Mary, we give honor to God who created Mary           placed crowns of
         – for it was the God the Father who chose her to become        flowers on her.
         “theotokos,” mother of God’s only Son. In observing the        We recognize all
         commandment to “honor your mother and father,” Jesus           who honored the
         perpetually honors Mary as his loving and caring mother.       Blessed Mother
         Through the power of the Holy Spirit, the Christian            by bringing her a crown of beautiful and colorful flowers
         community is called to make Mary as model of faith, hope       everyday during the month of May 2009. Some of them
         and love.                                                      even did it twice. Thank you for the following kind and
         A year has passed since Cardinal Newman High School,           devoted friends of CNHS: Kay Brady, Randy Coleman
         led by Bishop Walsh, dedicated the statue of Mary under        Reese, Lynn Peter, Savannah, Judy Dieter, Lynn Dillerman,
         her title as “Our Lady Seat of Wisdom” next to the school’s    Alicia, Vintage Commons Catholics, Mike Brady, Jacky
         library. The class of 2009 is the first graduating class to    Schalich, Ellen Moore, Phyllis Bazzano, Helen Higgins,
         have been placed under the maternal care of the Blessed        Patty Edson, Avid, Charlene, Sr. Judy, Margaret Trembly,
         Mother before the CN Grotto. We keep our graduates             Ana Geiser, Trish Weber, Fran Harrigan, Laurie Schleyer
         in our prayers, always and forever, especially in their        and Kathy Emery.
         educational pursuits. Throughout May, the month of CN’s        Mary, Seat of Wisdom – pray for us!
         graduation, and also during the first year of the dedication

         Campus Ministry Class

Permits Issued!                                                    WCEA/WASC –
Work Has Begun!                                                    Full 6 Year Term of
All-Weather Turf Coming!                                           Accreditation Received!
                                                                   On March 8 – 12, 2009 Rev. Thomas Elewaut, C.J., Mr. Jeremy Beck,
                                                                   Ms. Ginny Davis and Mr. Michael O’Toole served as the visiting
                                                                   committee from WCEA (Western Catholic Education Association) and
                                                                   WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges.) At the end of
                                                                   their visit we were awarded a full 6 year term of accreditation. We will
                                                                   enjoy a brief one day visit within the next three years to confirm our
                                                                   continuing progress towards our goals. This honor is the culmination of
                                                                   18 months of extremely focused assessment, review and enhancement of
                                                                   every program our school offers. This preparation involved every member
                                                                   of our Board of Directors, our faculty, staff and student body and
                                                                   numerous parents and community members.

                                                                   Beginning in October of 2007 the faculty and staff reassessed and
                                                                   revised the Schoolwide Learning Expectations to more completely
                                                                   describe what a Cardinal Newman graduate ought to have achieved in
                                                                   his academic, personal, social and spiritual development. These revisions
                                                                   were submitted to the parents and students for comment and fine tuning.
On June 19, 2009 Cardinal Newman board member                      Finally they were reviewed and approved by the Board of Directors. This
Mr. Jack Macy completed the delicate process of shepherding        process took the entirety of the 2007 -2008 school year and included the
through PRMD of Sonoma County the permit applications              development of an assessment rubric grounded in observable student
for grading and drainage. As you read this article, work           behaviors. This rubric is the first of its kind for schools within WCEA/
has begun to rotate the Clyde Smith Baseball diamond 90            WASC.
degrees in the counter-clockwise direction. In addition to         During the 2008 – 2009 school year we assessed each and every program
the expansion of the space to 140,000 square feet, all students    our school offers. Guided by the ten key result areas of our Strategic Plan
involved in baseball, lacrosse, soccer, football, cross country,   and the four major criteria of the WCEA/WASC Focus on Learning
track and PE will enjoy the benefit of an all-weather playing      model, we thoroughly reviewed what we want to achieve, how well we
surface.                                                           reach these outcomes and what we might do to more completely reach
Commitments of cash and pledges toward this project                these goals. This process involved members from every group in our
exceed $750,000. Mr. Mike Nonella, CN ’81, Jack’s fellow           school family. The resulting self-study remains available on our website
board member and chairman of the Buildings and Grounds             under governance in the mission tab. Copies of the visiting committee
Committee, is guiding the project with some gifts-in-kind          report are available for review by contacting an administrator.
helping to bridge the difference between the donations in          Our entire school community deserves hearty congratulations for a job
hand and the estimated cost of $950,000 to $1,000,000. Feel        well done. We look forward to our mid-term visit as we continue to
free to offer your support of any kind. We hope to raise the       enhance our efforts to partner with parents in the raising of Christian
funds to build dugouts, stands, and to relocate the batting        Gentlemen.
cage before the next season, as well.

                                                                                      TRINITY / AUGUST 2009                          —     26
     Years of Service                   Most Influential
                                         Teacher Award
                 5 years

               Kathy Lydon
             Rory McNamara
               Katie Hahus
            Jaime Torres Garcia
              Mike Truesdell

                 10 years

              Avid Valentin

                 15 years

                                              Class of 2009
              Edwin Cutler               Most Influential Teacher
                 20 years                    T.J. McMahon

               Tom Bonfigli            Teacher of the Year

                 30 years

            Noel Schumacher

            #1 Club Honorees

           Jesse & Geri Amaral
            Gary & Janna Stein
              Rhonda Wright
               Kathy Badger
                Vicki Binz
               Cecile Focha
            Tom Schwedhelm
               Ralph Aviles                Bernadette Calhoun
               Liesl Ramsay

          On Friday, January 30, 2009, Cardinal Newman
          honored the 1989 Basketball Team with a celebration and
          halftime presentation of all the team members attending.
             It is always difficult to compare great teams of different
          eras. I have seen the great Cloverdale Teams of the 1980’s
          and the great Montgomery teams of the late 1960’s. I also
          watched the great Cardinal Newman teams of 1975 (25-1)
          and 1969 (23-2) and I captained and played on the great
          1970 team (21-4) that won the first Top of the Bay Classic
          (forerunner of the Sectional Tournament, by 23 pts).

                                                                                                                                         1989 VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM
Honoring and                                                                                              1989 Varsity Basketball Team

Celebrating the 1989                                                                                      Coach: Tom Bonfigli, ‘71

Basketball Team
                                                                                                          Coach: Jerry Bonfigli,’69
                                                                                                          Coach: Orville Hubbard
                                                                                                          Coach: Charlie Dahl
                Fans always have their favorite team, - believe me - the 1989 team was very
            special. Possessing great size (a frontline of Tom Welborn 6’7”, Mike Hostetter               Coach: Jack Fitzgerald, ‘72
            6’7” and Jake Johnson 6’6”) and exceptional 6’4” shooting guard Sheldon Silver                Mgr: Craig Zmarzly, ‘89
            and 5’10’ point guard, Ryan Vice; the 1989 had all the right pieces. They also had
                                                                               a great bench led by       Scorer: Noel Pyatt
                                                                               Tony Hardina, Dan
                                                                               Zabatta, Dave Fouts        #12 Ryan Vice, ‘90
                                                                               and Brad Monahan.
                                                                               The team won its first
                                                                                                          #13 Billy Briscoe, ‘90
                                                                               19 games - winning         #23 Mike Hostetter, ‘89
                                                                               the Sonoma County
                                                                               Classic and Rose City      #15 Dan Zabatta, ‘90
                                                                               Tournament titles. The
                                                                               1989 team defeated         #35 Tom Wellborn, ‘89
                                                                               a great De La Salle
                                                                                                          #34 Tim Weed, ‘90
                                                                               team at De La Salle
                                                                               (featuring the “Barry”     #24 Brad Monahan, ‘90
                                                                               brothers - who went
                                                                               on to star in the NBA)     #21 Jake Johnson, ‘89
Tom Bonfigli presented each player with a 1989 team picture and a piece of the 68-65. The team was
Cardinal Newman gym floor where they had played and made basketball shots
                                                                               the North Bay League       #25 Malcolm Duerod, ‘89
back in high school. The gym floor was resurfaced during the summer of 2008.
                                                                               Champions and              #32 Dave Fouts, ‘89
                                                                               Northern California
            Champions (with a tremendous 62-57 victory over Archbishop Mitty at Arco                      #11 Adam Peacocke, ‘90
            Arena) and they played undefeated (35-0) Santa Clara (Oxnard) very close (who
            were led by California State Basketball Player of the Year - Shon Traver) before              #33 Sheridan Silver, ‘89
            falling 62-48 in the State Final. They finished 31-4 (still a large - school record
            for wins; 20 years later.) I’ve seen them all - I’d take this team - against any other.
                                                                                                          #14 Andre Boustany, ‘90
            It is truly an honor to have this exceptional team back on our campus.                        #31 Chris Stafford, ‘90
                                                                      Tom Bonfigli, Class of 1971
                                                                                                          #22 Tony Hardina, ‘89
                                                                        Varsity Basketball ‘70, ‘71
                                                                CN Head Basketball Coach in 1989

                                                                                                        TRINITY / AUGUST 2009            —        28

Alumni Calendar                                                          2009 Reunion News
                                                                         At the heart of every successful Cardinal Newman &
August                                                                   Ursuline Reunion are groups of alumni brought together to
                                                                         celebrate the anniversary of their graduation. These groups
8          Class of 1984 – 25 Year Reunion at CN                         are organized by class reunion volunteers who contact their
                                                                         class members with the help of the Alumni Relations Reps
15         Class of 1969 – 40 Year Reunion at                            from both schools. Make sure that your classmates hear
           Petey Buttitta-Cargile Home                                   about their class reunion! Help us find alumni that we have
                                                                         lost touch with. If you have contact information for alumni,

September                                                                please send the information to Chrystie Prokopakis
                                                                         at Ursuline (707) 524-4640 ext 112 or cprokopakis@
                                                                or Roisin Lindsay at Cardinal Newman
19         Class of 1999 – 10 Year Reunion at The Hilton
                                                                         (707) 546-6470 ext 216 or
2          Homecoming Football Game & Alumni Hospitality Tent            Cardinal Newman & Ursuline Class
                                                                         Reunion Celebrations
14         Career Day, hosted by Cardinal Newman Alumni
                                                                         CLASS OF 1969 - 40 YEAR REUNION
17         Alumni Hosted CN Tennis Tournament                            Saturday, August 15, 2009. Contact: Randy Destruel at
                                                                or Petey Buttitta-Cargile at
24         Fun in the Fall & Alumni Hosted Wine Tasting        

                                                                         CLASS OF 1979 – 30 YEAR REUNION
November                                                                 At Cardinal Newman in the Athletic & Convocation
                                                                         Center – Saturday July 25, 2009 – Contacts: Jesse Amaral
13         Honoring of Alumni Veterans at CN Football Game
                                                                         CLASS OF 1984 – 25 YEAR REUNION
                                                                         Saturday, August 1, 2009 at Cardinal Newman in the
                                                                         Athletic & Convocation Center – Contact: Paige Mazzoni

                                                                         CLASS OF 1989 – 20 YEAR REUNION
                                                                         Friday, July 24, 2009 at Cardinal Newman in the Athletic
                                                                         & Convocation Center – Contact: Contact: Ann-Marie
                                                                         Curran at or Kevin Sprenger at

                                                                         CLASS OF 1999 – 10 YEAR REUNION
                                                                         – September 19 2009 at Hilton Hotel
                                                                         Contact: Erika Copenhaver -
                                                                         Interested in planning a reunion not mentioned? Please contact
                                                                         Roisin Lindsay at Cardinal Newman (707) 546-6470 ext 216

Career Day - Allan Henderson ’74 David Devencenzi ’77 Jeff Bertoli ‘77

Patrick Vaughan, Class of 1983 is an                  Conference players, six conference MVPs, three        year later joined CRPE (Center of Race, Poverty
American historian and scholar, currently             regional MVPs, and 17 All-Americans over              and the Environment) as a summer legal intern.
teaching at the Institute for American Studies        the past decade. Much of that success can be          During that summer, he did the legal and factual
and Polish Diaspora at the Jagiellonian               attributed to the wide-open offense, a version of     research that helped CRPE embark on a multi-
University in Kraków, Poland. He specializes in       which he intends to bring with him to Hartnell.       year campaign to regulate animal factories. After
the history of the Cold War and America’s use         Our offense will be very similar to the one we        graduating, Brent joined CRPE as an Equal
of “soft power” to achieve its foreign policy aims    ran at Santa Rosa -- a wide-open, high-profile        Justice Fellow in CRPE’s Delano office to work
in the 1970s, which helped turn the tide of the                                                             on a project to help rural communities protect
Soviet-American conflict. Among his numerous                                                                themselves from unregulated animal factory air
responsibilities, Patrick is a professor and thesis                                                         pollution. In 2003, Brent established the San
adviser for the MA program in Transatlantic                                                                 Joaquin Valley Air Quality Project to provide
Studies, Jagiellonian University. After graduating                                                          legal and community organizing assistance to
from Cardinal Newman in 1983 Patrick attended                                                               communities struggling for healthy air in the
California State University, Chico and pursued                                                              nation’s most polluted air basin. Brent lives in
graduate education at West Virginia University.                                                             the Bay Area and works at CRPE in their San
Vaughan first visited Poland with a friend during                                                           Francisco office.
a stay in East Berlin. He would later return to
the country thanks to the Fulbright Program.                                                                Jaime Stich, Class of 1992 has joined the
In 1999 Vaughan published an article in the                                                                 Board of Redwood Empire American Institute
Polish Review examining Zbigniew Brzezinski’s                                                               of Architects. Jaime graduated from Humboldt
role in helping the Carter Administration deter                                                                                   State University after
a potential Soviet invasion of Poland in late                                                                                     studying Marine Biology
1980. This work won the Southern Historical                                                                                       and Zoology. After
Association’s John Snell Memorial Award and           passing attack that has led the nation in a variety                         graduating he worked
quickly opened a number of doors for the scholar.     of categories during the years I’ve been there,”                            in Alaska and winters
Brzezinski wrote Vaughan a personal letter            he said. “There also will be some running-game                              through-out the Pacific
offering him exclusive access to his personal         wrinkles that I won’t elaborate on right now.                               Northwest with the Fish
archives should he wish to expand the article into    We’ll save those for game day.” After graduating                            and Wildlife Service doing
a Ph.D. dissertation. Vaughan came to Poland on       from Cardinal Newman he went on to play wide                                marine surveys. After about
a Fulbright grant and has studied in Brzezinski’s     receiver at Santa Rosa JC, then played baseball                             5 years of seasonal work
archives at the Library of Congress courtesy          at Sonoma State, where he was a member of                                   he decided to go back
of multiple grants from the George Kennan             three consecutive Northern California Athletic                              and get his Masters in
Center and Woodrow Wilson International               Conference championship teams. His career             Architecture from the University of New Mexico
Center for Scholars. In 2003 Vaughan’s work           as an assistant football coach included stints at     in Albuquerque. His interest lies somewhere in
won the Kazimierz Dziewanowski Award                  Mendocino College, where he coached receivers         between his two degrees, with the hope of one
sponsored by the Polish Institute of Arts &           and special teams, Sacramento City College,           day be able to design buildings that improve their
Sciences of America (PIASA) and the Polish            where he coached outside linebackers, strong          environments.
Embassy in Washington D.C. to honor                   safeties and special teams, and American River        Tony Keefer, Class of 1999 will be
America’s best dissertation pertaining to Poland.     College, where he was in charge of the defensive      entering his first year as head coach at Santa Rosa
Polish Ambassador Przemsylaw Grudzinski               secondary and special teams.                          high school. Tony served as the head coach at
presented Vaughan with this award during a                                                                  Tamalpais high school for the past two seasons.
banquet held in conjunction with PIASA’s 62nd         Brent Newell, Class of 1988, earned
                                                      a degree in Economics in 1992, from                   Prior to that, he coached at College of Marin,
Annual Meeting at Northeastern University,                                                                  Maria Carrillo high school, and Northern Arizona
Boston, MA. Dr. Thaddeus V. Gromada,                  the University of California, Santa Cruz,
                                                      which included a year studying abroad at              University. In 2003 Northern Arizona won the
Executive Director of PIASA, stated in the                                                                  big sky conference championship and went on to
press release “Vaughan’s work will make a major                                                             upset number one ranked Mcneese State 35-3 in
contribution to the historiography of the Cold                                                              the first round of the playoffs. Last year Tamalpais
War by redefining Brzezinski’s place in it and                                                              high school made the playoffs for the first time
in the public and controversial debates over the                                                            since 1994, where Coach Keefer was named
direction of U.S. foreign policy from the 1950s                                                             San Francisco 49er coach of the week during
to the present.” Vaughan is preparing to publish                                                            the season. He also was an honorable mention
first-ever full, authorized biography of Zbigniew                                                           San Francisco Chronicle coach of the year. Tony
Brzezinski in 2009.                                                                                         is a high school graduate of Cardinal Newman
Matt Collins, Class of 1986 is now                                                                          high school in 1999, then moving onto Santa
entering his third year as the Panther Head                                                                 Rosa Junior College and from there to Northern
Coach at Hartnell College in Salinas, CA. At                                                                Arizona University where he graduated with a
Santa Rosa Junior College, Collins was part of        the Wirtschafts Universität Wien and the              Bachelors degree in health promotion. Keefer and
a tradition-rich program that, under head coach       Universität Wien in Austria. In 1997, he enrolled     his wife Sarah, have a daughter, Kennedy
Keith Simons, has produced 85 All-NorCal              at the University of Oregon School of Law and a       (1 month), and two dogs, Tiger and Texas.

                                                                                                     TRINITY / AUGUST 2009                            —     30
Louis Capuano III, Class of 2000, has                 from the University of Southern California. He      Giants announcers Dave Glass (1987-88) and
been around the Geysers and geothermal drilling       worked one season with the Potomac Nationals        Dennis Higgins (1993-94, 2003-04). Of the
rigs his whole life, thanks to his father Louis       of the Class-A Carolina League and in addition      previous 13, two went on to Major League
Capuano Jr. Louis III moved to Louisiana where        to his broadcasting duties was responsible for      Baseball, five moved to the Double-A or Triple-
he attended Louisiana State University. After         various media relations duties including print      A level and three advanced to NCAA Division I
graduating with a B.S. in Petroleum Engineering,      and website design. Chris was also heavily          sports upon leaving the Willamette Valley.
                      Louis was offered several       involved in the P-Nats community relations
                      opportunities with major        efforts in the Woodbridge, Virginia area. With      Patrick Lee, Class of 2005 was honored
                      oilfield service companies.     the Trojans, Fisher worked for ESPN Radio 710       at a dinner by the Sonoma County Sheriff ’s
                      Though those opportunities      in Los Angeles as the Pre-Game Show host for        Department in May 2009, for his heroic response
                      were enticing, he wanted to     USC Men’s Basketball games. He also produced        to a very intense situation which ultimately
                      work alongside his father       a weekly feature on USC women’s athletics           assisted in the apprehension of a wanted felon
                      as a Drilling Engineer at       during Trojans football broadcasts. From 2005-      and escapee from the Sonoma County Jail. In
                      ThermaSource. He currently      07, Fisher had the opportunity to do play-by-play   April 2008, Patrick saw a police officer chasing
                      oversees drilling operations,   for all Trojans football games, home and away, on   a suspect that was fleeing on foot, after a routine
                      designs well programs and       KSCR 1560-AM, USC’s student radio station.          traffic stop. Without hesitation, Patrick drove
                      performs project management     With KSCR, Fisher was able to broadcast four        ahead of the suspect and detained him until
at the growing geothermal drilling firm. He looks     Rose Bowl Games. In 2006-07 Fisher broadcast        the deputy could apprehend him. The suspect
forward to a long career in the ever growing          all Trojans baseball games, home and away, via      continued to struggle and the deputy had to
market of Geothermal Energy.                          the internet at Fisher becomes      use his taser in order to place the suspect into
                                                      the franchises 14th broadcaster since 1982.         custody. Patrick was commended for his unselfish
Chris Fisher, Class of 2003 was hired in              Notable Emeralds play-by-play announcers            contribution to the Sonoma County Sheriff ’s
Eugene, Oregon by the Eugene Emeralds as the          include current Oregon State University football    Department and citizens of Sonoma County.
organization’s new play-by-play announcer for         and men’s basketball announcer Mike Parker
the upcoming season. Chris graduated in 2008          (1983-86), along with former San Francisco

     Named Endowments & Memorializing a Loved One
     Cardinal Newman High and Angela Merici John Henry Newman Foundation (AMJHN) have developed the following Named En-
     dowments for tuition assistance and faculty support:

             •   Thomas Aquinas Scholarship Fund                                   •   Quock Family Endowment Fund (AMJHN)
             •   Bertoli Family Scholarship Fund                                   •   Ragsdale Family Endowment Fund
             •   Carinalli Endowment Fund (AMJHN)                                  •   Fr. Francis Ralph Memorial Fund
             •   Dennis Crandall Scholarship Fund                                  •   The Mark D. Robeson Fund
             •   Charles W. Dahl Fund                                              •   Shapiro Family Endowment Fund (AMJHN)
             •   Thomas DeMeo Memorial Fund                                        •   Millicent A. Stephens Memorial Fund
             •   DeMeo Family Theatre Arts Scholarship Fund (AMJHN)                •   The Trione Family Fund
             •   Dyer Family Endowment Fund (AMJHN)                                •   Truesdell Family Faculty Endowment (AMJHN)
             •   Farkas Fund                                                       •   Thomas Walters Fund
             •   Peter N. Eiermann Fund                                            •   Winters Family Endowment Fund
             •   Gary Heck Fund                                                    •   Paul V. Wright Fund
             •   Mrs. Richie Heck Fund                                             •   Cardinal Newman Scholarship Fund
             •   Molinaro Family Endowment Fund (AMJHN)

     These Named Endowments were begun with gifts that exceeded a total of $10,000 for the endowment. If you wish to establish a
     Named Endowment please contact the CNHS Advancement Office.

Planned Estates Aiding Catholic Education – PEACE
Congratulations to Mr. Dennis Crandall! Dennis completes a two-             There are many experts in the field, including Cardinal Newman
year term as Chairman of the Cardinal Newman Board of Directors.            alumni, who can help structure a PEACE gift. You may wish to:
PEACE is among the many contributions Dennis has made to
                                                                            n Provide funds to Cardinal Newman for a certain number of years;
Cardinal Newman. Several years ago Dennis created the first program
to encourage supporters of Cardinal Newman to consider perpetuating         n Shelter potential growth in assets from additional taxes;
their support of Cardinal Newman through their estates. He selected
the acronym PEACE.                                                          n Leave a comparable value in assets to your heirs;

Planned giving is a marvelous tool to support and preserve strong           n Make a direct bequest of securities or property;
academic institutions and to protect a family’s legacy.                     n Create a charitable remainder trust;
Dr. Stanley Quock, CN ’68 represents several important firsts. Not only     n Consider a deferred gift annuity.
is he a member of the first class to graduate from Cardinal Newman, he
is also the first generous supporter who has signaled his support of his    We extend our gratitude to Dennis Crandall for his foresight. We
alma mater through a PEACE gift. Many years ago Stan designated             also thank Stan Quock and others who have made their PEACE
Cardinal Newman as both the owner and the beneficiary of a paid             commitments.
up life insurance policy. It is his plan that his estate will augment a     PEACE gifts can provide significant benefits to you and your loved
generous six-figure endowment providing tuition assistance in the name      ones now and in the future, while offering financial support for
of his parents forever.                                                     Cardinal Newman for generations to come.
Others have also named Cardinal Newman as beneficiaries of their            Feel free to contact Terri Derr, Director of Advancement at
estates by incorporating into their wills the simple language found on      707-546-6470 ext 217.
our Website under Ways of Giving to CNHS.

In Memory Of                                                                                  A L U M N I M EM O RY
In Memory of Dwayne May
Richard and Flora Adachi
                                In Memory of Ed Monahan
                                Irene and Louis Martin
                                                               In Memory of Lyle Caster
                                                               Gloria Leandro                   In Loving Memory
Oscar Barragan
Richard and Katherine Blechel
                                Bob and Kitty Angell
                                                               In Memory of Ree Truesdell       of our Alums
Frank and Bernice Crump         In Memory of Father Ted Hill   Lance and Kathy Badger
Steve Cummings                  Robert and Louisa Maria        Jim and Terri Derr               Richard Trenam, Class of 1968
John and Carol Drake            O’Brien                        Carl and Mary Euphrat
Marilyn Gillis
                                                                                                 11/15/1950 to 03/23/2009
Shirley Gordon                  In Memory of Gary Lee Apel     In Memory of Robert Dupret
John and Charlotte Gunter       Gloria Leandro                 Frances Dupret                   Charles Placek, Class of 1969
Mary Hampton-Johnson                                                                             07/18/1950 to 04/15/2009
Tony and Pam Hebner             In Memory of Germano           In Memory of Rose Forni
Claudine Hilliard               Ramazzotti                     Eugene Toschi
Karl and Cindy Jacque           Gloria Leandro                                                  Thomas Lowney, Class of 1973
Hajime and Vina Kawamoto                                       In Memory of Steve Dillon         05/17/1955 to 03/05/2009
James and Tonia Macdonald       In Memory of Hazel Atwood      Andrew and Carol Carciere
George Martinucci               J. L. Barham                   John Consiglieri                 Dwayne May, Class of 1980
John and Rose May                                              Tom and Ingrid Dunlap
Norm and Caroline Nielsen       In Memory of Joan Richardson   Kenneth and Linda Escobar         10/28/1961 to 05/29/2009
Gerald and Patricia O’Brien     John Richardson                Michael and Diane Keefer
Joyce Petrov                                                   Irene and Louis Martin           Benjamin Hauptman, Class of 1996
Ron and Leanne Retana           In Memory of Karen Mancine     John and Stephanie Peterson      01/30/1978 to 01/01/2009
Brantly and Nancy Richardson    Peter Boschetti                David and Lynn Saccomano
Christian Schirmer                                             Donald and Linda Stephan
Paul and Marilyn Schirmer       In Memory of Lee Devencenzi                                     May He support us all the day long, till the
Philip and Sara Stanz           Anthony and Pat Devencenzi     In Memory of Steve Piazzo        shadows lengthen and the evening comes and
McNary Stewart                  David and Char Devencenzi      C “Ting” Guggiana
Richard and Jacqueline Tucker
                                                                                                the busy world is hushed and the fever of life is
Bessie Williams                 In Memory of Lily Ghielmetti   In Memory of Tom Lowney          over and our work is done - then in His mercy
                                Michael and Diane Keefer       Frank and Lorraine Castelli      - may He give us safe lodging and a holy rest
In Memory of Bob Cox                                           Jack and Judy DeMeo              and peace at the last. AMEN
C “Ting” Guggiana               In Memory of Lois Del Querra   Harry and Alicia Leras
                                C “Ting” Guggiana                                                                  John Henry Cardinal Newman
                                John and Janice Jordan

                                                                                             TRINITY / AUGUST 2009                         —        32

                                         2009 CN Tennis Tournament-
                                         My Experience
                                         By Kyle Rousseau, Class of 2005
                                         After being swept out of the inaugural CN tennis tournament in 2008, I’d be lying if
                                         I said that I didn’t have slaying demons on my mind. My friend and doubles partner,
                                         Alex Perry, and I had practiced all spring only to lose consecutive matches and leave
                                         early. By 11 AM, we were off hitting baskets of serves to let off steam. By the time
                                         May 16, 2009 rolled around, we had one goal in mind: Win a single match.
                                         We were greeted with an 8 AM start time, a larger bracket, and what was, at the time,
                                         the hottest weather of the year. After a typical 7-5, 7-5 victory to open the day, we were
                                         ecstatic at accomplishing our only goal, (but we were sucking down water like it was
                                         beer). We played well enough to earn two more matches that day, even though at times
                                         I found myself crouching in the thin shade of the cyclone fence in an effort to escape
                                         the heat. The thrill of playing in front of a small crowd was enough to carry us through,
                                         however, and we found ourselves in the finals.
                                         We’d played three matches and I had an eight hour work shift looming in the near
                                         future, so Coach Greco was accommodating enough to postpone the last match until
                                         Sunday morning. When morning rolled around, sunburned and sore, we had to be
                                         ready to run for cover at a moment’s notice as wayward baseballs rained on us from the
                                         adjacent field. After moving to center court, our net game wasn’t enough to overcome
                                         the unrelenting barrage of lobs and veteran savvy as Kevin McCullough and Greg
                                         Spaulding came away with the win.
                                         I couldn’t believe we had almost won the thing, and I owe a huge thanks to all of Greco’s
                                         former players that didn’t sign up for the tournament who could have made our road to

   3nd Annual                            the finals much more challenging, especially considering our criminal lack of practice. If
                                         you stay home again, Alex and I might even take home first next year.
  Alumni hosted                          In the other divisions the winners and finalists were:

Tennis Tournament                        Men’s Singles – Andres Leal defeated Luis Ramos
                                         Women’s Doubles – Tess Pickett & Amanda Ramos defeated Jeanne Stout &
             SAVE T HE DAT E                                     Yvonne Adams

     Saturday, October 17 , 2009         Mixed Doubles - Luis Ramos & Tess Pickett defeated Lori Dapello & Jeanne Stout
     Cardinal Newman Tennis Courts       Men’s Doubles – Kevin McCullough & Greg Spaulding defeated Kyle Rousseau &
                                                             Alex Perry
              For more information
                                         On behalf of Cardinal Newman, I would like to thank everyone who supported the
            Contact Roisin Lindsay at
                                         CN Tennis team by playing in or donating to the tournament. Special thanks go out or
                                         to Coach Tony Greco, Father Alvin, Roisin Lindsay, Terri Derr and Kathy Badger for
               (707) 546-6470 x216
                                         putting on the tournament.
                                         See you at the next CN tournament on Saturday, October 17, 2009.

‘Around the World on the Green’
The Cardinal Newman Alumni Golf                                                                            Thank You Volunteers
Tournament on May 28th was once again sold                                                                 and Hole Sponsors!
out and held under perfect weather conditions                                                              Kathy Lydon, Diane Merritt, Rhonda Wright,
at Oakmont Golf Club. The camaraderie                                                                      Trisha Marshall, Carolyn Magliulo, Monica
and enthusiasm were as lofty as ever as 148                                                                Harrison, Lisa Skelly, Kimberly Henderson,
golfers enjoyed a taste of food from around                                                                Terri Rook, Lauren Schwing, Phyllis Callahan,
the world on eight of the eighteen holes of                                                                Maggie Martin, Father Alvin, Jessica Hickman,
golf. Volunteers served up authentic foods                                                                 Rajvir Singh, Cherie Granzotto of Maverick
from places such as, Jamaica, Germany, India,                                                              Media, Jim Derr, Jeff Bertoli, Mary Cooper,
Philippines, Mexico, Italy, New Orleans, and                                                               Dirk Bietau, John Jordan, Gonnella Family of
America. Passport photos, cigars and layover        John Inschweiler, Suzanne Murphy, Joanne Bridges,      the Union Hotel, William Tamayo of La Tortilla
holes made for a great day!                         Warren Murphy                                          Factory, Linda Squire of The Squire, Kalwinder
                                                                                                           Singh, Hurbax Singh, Mangal Dhillon, Paramjit
On behalf of the Alumni Association we want         Flag Sponsor                                           Dhillon, Union Hotel, Mickey and Charlie Head
to thank all who participated in the event as       ALPHA Fire Suppression Systems                         of Eagle Distributing, Jim Fisher of Culligan
we raised nearly $30,000.00 for the students           – Jack Gale ‘84                                     Water and Jim and Scott Silveira of Silveira
of Cardinal Newman.                                 Angel Motors – Angel Ochoa                             Pontiac Buick GMC.
                                                    Clover Organic Farms – Mike Keefer ‘72
                                                    Golf USA – Brad Ingram
                                                    LisRobin Farm – John Shine                             Congratulations to the
                                                    Northbay Corporation – Louis Ratto ‘91                 2009 winners!
                                                    Stan Johnson Pool Construction                         First Net: Bill Rousseau ’75, Ed Hamilton,
                                                      – Stan Johnson                                       Ken Churchill and Gerry Ausiello
                                                                                                           First Gross: Jim Fisher ’78, Tom Hakel ’78,
                                                    Tee Prize Sponsors                                     Dan Garcia ’78 and Jim Ryan
                                                    Playa Del Sol Resorts, Golf Head Covers                Second Net: Warren Murphy, John Inschweiler,
                                                       Alma and Ken Molinari ‘72                           Suzanne Murphy and Joanne Bridges
                                                    Merrill Lynch, Nike Golf Balls                         Second Gross: James Brown ’80,
                                                       Stuart Crandall ‘98                                 Dennis Wilkinson, Gil Robello, and
                                                    Nike Golf, Nike Golf Balls                             Jonathon Delano
Chris Sigler, Angel Ochoa, Fred Taylor, CJ Sigler      Jeff Wear ‘93                                       Third Net: Mike Keefer ’72, Tom Gamber ’72,
                                                                                                           Mike Arnold ’72, and Ed Elordi ‘72
                                                    Tee/Green Sign Sponsors                                Third Gross: Doug Derner, Hank Derner,
Golf Tournament Committee                           Abbey, Weitzenberg, Warren & Emery                     Jeff Young and Greg Biagi
                                                      – Sue Hoge                                           Closest to the Pin: Angel Ochoa and
Justin Richardson ’98 – Co-Chair
                                                    Atech Warehousing and Distribution                     Suzanne Murphy
Stuart Crandall ’98 – Co-Chair                        – Jesse Amaral ‘79
Jeff Bertoli ‘77                                                                                           Longest Drive: Jim Brown ‘80
                                                    Columbini Construction – Dick Columbini
Bill Rousseau ‘75                                   Costeaux French Bakery & Café
John Jordon ‘98                                       – Will Seppi ‘93
Scott McMillan ‘01                                  Jordan and Associates Retirement Services
                                                       - James Jordan ‘98
                                                    La Tortilla Factory – William Tamayo
Thank You 2009                                      McMillan & Shureen, LLP – Don McMillan
                                                    Moss Adams, LLP – Ty W. Pforsich ‘79
Golf Tournament Sponsors                            Passalacqua, Mazzoni, Gladden, Lopez &
Cardinal Red Sponsor                                  Maraviglia, LLP – Mark Gladden
American Solutions For Business –                   Robert O’Brien/ Arent Fox LLP
Michael Werle ‘99, Nick Werle ‘97, Matt               – Robert O’Brien, ‘84
Werle ‘92 and Stephen Werle                         Shapiro, Galvin, Shapiro & Moran
                                                      – Dan Galvin ‘72
Corporate Sponsor                                   Smith Barney - E. John Evans
                                                    Spaulding, McCullough & Tansil LLP                     Hank Derner, Greg Biagi, Doug Derner, Jeff Young
Vimark, Inc – Mark Trione
                                                      – Kevin McCullough
                                                    State Farm Insurance – John C. Wehde
                                                    Wells Fargo Mortgage – Dan Stevens ‘84

                                                                                                        TRINITY / AUGUST 2009                          —      34

                                                                                         09 LEGACY GALA
                                                                                                 thank you 2009 sponsors
                                                                                                           Karen & Victor Trione
                                                                                                       Alma & Ken Molinaro, CN ‘72
Fabulous food, wonderful music, beautiful flower arrangements,                                        Kathryn Koh & Peter Chang-Sing
great friends and an evening ‘under the stars’. That describes this year’s Legacy Gala                          John Sabatte
held at the Mary Agatha Furth Center in Windsor. Park Avenue Catering shared                              Sheila & Mike Truesdell
their culinary delights while David Martin’s House Party entertained the sell-out                             ChromaGraphics
crowd. The floral arrangements donated by The Tremeroli Family of the Greenery
were spectacular.
The newly named John Henry Newman Award recipients, Mr. Paul V. Wright &
                                                                                                      final paddle raise
                                                                                             T HANK YO U TO O UR D ONORS
Mr. Dan Stevens, CN ’84 here honored at the gala for their continued and lasting
contributions to Cardinal Newman throughout the years.                                           2009                                 2008 GREENING
                                                                                          ALL WEATHER FIELD                          OF CLASSROOMS
The winner of this year’s raffle prize, an E. R. Sawyer Jeweler’s diamond and            Mr. and Mrs. Jesse E. Amaral           Mr. and Mrs. Steven A. Azevedo
ruby tennis bracelet went to Michael & Michelle Neal. Thank you to Doug Van              Mr. David J. Carciere                  Mr. and Mrs. Mike Bartlett
                                                     Dyke, CN ’81 for continually                                               Mr. Greg Biagi
                                                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Carciere           Mr. and Mrs. James Burton
                                                     supporting your alma mater.         Ms. Julie Carver                       Mr. David J. Carciere
                                                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Crandall           Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Crandall
                                                    Thank you to all of our volunteers
                                                                                         Mr. and Mrs. John DeMeo                Mr. and Mrs. Craig Delles
                                                    whose efforts allowed us to raise                                           Mr. and Mrs. John DeMeo
                                                    over $160,000 clear of expenses      Mr. and Mrs. John F. Geary             Mr. and Mrs. Carl Euphrat
                                                    in support of the fine programs      Mr. and Mrs. Storm Goranson            Mr. and Mrs. A.J. Ford
                                                    at Cardinal Newman. Because of       Mr. and Mrs. John Grace                Mr. Ryan D. Gilliam
                                                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hanley            Mr. and Mrs. Chris Glab
                                                    our strong volunteer community                                              Mr. and Mrs. Storm Goranson
                                                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Hayden
                                                    at Newman, we were able to                                                  Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Hinde
                                                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Hegg               Mr. Will Ivancovich
                                                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Allan A. Henderson        Mr. Jack Killeen
                                                                                         Dr. and Mrs. Stanley Jacobs            Mrs. Kathy Lydon
                                                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Leo Larkin                Mr. and Mrs. Frank R. Marshall
                                                                                                                                Mr. and Mrs. Les McLea
                                                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Craig M. Maffei           Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. McMahon
                                                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Alan McCandless           Mr. and Mrs. Donald McMillan
Above: Genie Delles & Linda
                                                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Donald McMillan           Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Meister
Viani strumming to the music
                                                                                         Mr. and Mrs. John Merritt              Mr. and Mrs. John Merritt
Right: Fords, Merritts, Reuters &                                                                                               Mr. and Mrs. Warren Murphy
                                                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Gary Miksis
Briggs                                                                                                                          Mr. and Mrs. Gary Negri
                                                                                         Mr. Patrick Miller                     Mr. and Mrs. Roger Nulton
                                                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Molinaro       Ms. Josefina Ordaz
host this year’s Gala with an                                                            Mr. and Mrs. Warren Murphy             Mr. and Mrs. Jesus Ordaz
overall expense ratio of 20%.                                                            Mr. and Mrs. Roger Nulton              Mr. and Mrs. Brian Reeves
That means for every dollar                                                              Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Personeni
                                                                                                                                Mr. and Mrs. J. Stephen Reuter
raised through the Legacy                                                                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Rick Rubattino
                                                                                         Mr. and Mrs. J. Stephen Reuter         Mr. and Mrs. Tom Schwedhelm
Gala, $.80 went directly to                                                              Mr. and Mrs. Steven A. Smith           Mr. and Mrs. James Silvestri
our school programs! Thank                                                               Dr. and Mrs. Gary A. Stein             Dr. and Mrs. Paul Tiernan
you for all your hard work and dedication.                                               Mr. and Mrs. Warren C. Stephens, Jr.   Ms. Rayanne Truesdell
                                                                                                                                Mr. Kerger Truesdell
                                                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Daniel A. Stevens         Mr. and Mrs. Matt Vukicevich

     Spring Legacy Gala 2010
                                                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Rick Tigner               Mr. and Mrs. Lance Wright
                                                                                         Dr. and Mrs. John Tomasin              Dr. and Mrs. John Young
                                                                                                                                Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Young
                                                                                                                                Mr. and Mrs. Louis Zanardi
                        MARK YOUR CALENDARS!                                                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Lorenzo Zunino

                     Saturday, March 20, 2010                                                             Thank you for your support!

                   Family Movie Night                                               R        A          F        F        L           E
  C N F O O T B A L L F I E L D O N J U M B O -T R O N S C R E E N

                   Saturday, August 22, 2009                                            2009 Seabourn
                           Gates open at 6:30pm                                         Cruise Raffle
                        Movie begins approx. 9:00pm                                     …and the winner is Arthur Matney
                    $10 pre-sale tickets – $15 at the gate                              of Santa Rosa! Congratulations to Arthur
             Tickets include addmission, movie and bbq dinner!                          for being selected among the 220 raffle
     Purchase your tickets by calling the Advancement Office at (707) 546-6470          tickets purchased for a chance to win a 14-
              Kathy Badger x244 Roisin Lindsay x216 Terri Derr x217                     day cruise for two anywhere in the world
                                                                                        Seabourn Cruise Line travels!
                Dancing Under the Stars                                                 Thank you to all who supported our raffle
DANCE LESSONS WITH NORDQUIST DANCE TEAM                                                 which brought in $22,000 to Cardinal
                                                                                        Newman! Thank you to our school family,
                   Saturday, August 29, 2009                                            Lisa & Charlie Palmer of Dry Creek
                          Cardinal Newman ACC                                           Kitchen in Healdsburg for generously
                              7:00pm – 9:30pm                                           donating this cruise opportunity for our
                  Appetizers, Wine, Beer & Dance Lessons                                school. Thank you to G&G Markets and
                               $100 per couple                                          Freidman Brothers for donating Press
                                                                                        Democrat advertising for our raffle which
                Register online at under the
Advancement Tab/Advancement Events/2009 Legacy Gala or contact the Advancement          allowed us to run this raffle with $0
  Office at (707) 546-6470 Kathy Badger x244 Roisin Lindsay x216 Terri Derr x217        expenses. Thank you to Cherie Granzatto
                                                                                        of Maverick Media for donating radio air
                           Festa Italiano                                               time through KSRO to further advertise
                                                                                        our raffle. Thank You! Thank You! Thank
                       B O C C E & B B Q PA R T Y
                 Sunday, September 13, 2009                                             Visit our CNHS website to view the video
                      Brutocao Cellars in Hopland                                       of the actual raffle ticket drawing where
                           4:00pm – 8:00pm                                              alum Jeff Badger, CN ’09 pulls the winning
                 Music, Wine, BBQ Dinner, Bocce & Fun!                                  ticket.
                             $50 per person
                Register online at under the
Advancement Tab/Advancement Events/2009 Legacy Gala or contact the Advancement
  Office at (707) 546-6470 Kathy Badger x244 Roisin Lindsay x216 Terri Derr x217

                          Fun in the Fall
                    MARK YOUR CALENDARS!

                  Saturday, October 24, 2009
        Cardinal Newman ACC for Alumni Hosted Wine Tasting
     And Cardinal Newman Gym for buffet dinner, dancing and FUN!
                                                                                         Bon Voyage!
Register online at under the Advancement Tab/Advancement
  Events/2009 Fun in the Fall or contact the Advancement Office at (707) 546-6470
                 Kathy Badger x244 Roisin Lindsay x216 Terri Derr x217

                                                                                    TRINITY / AUGUST 2009                      —      36
Are you new to the Cardinal Newman community? Do you wish you              Cardinal Newman Boosters:
knew more of our fabulous parents and students at the school? Well,
we want to get to know you! There are many great ways to get involved      The Boosters objective is to supplement Cardinal Newman’s philosophy
here at Newman, and you don’t need to chair a large fund raiser or         in developing the whole person: “spiritual, moral, intellectual, physical
head up a large committee to do it. Take a look at the many groups         and social development of the student” through its long standing
that make up our volunteer community at Newman and see if anything         tradition of athletic excellence. In this effort, we are committed to
appeals to your talents and interests:                                     supporting our student-athletes, coaches and the Athletic Department
                                                                           with consistent hands-on involvement primarily through volunteering
Cardinal Newman Parents’ Association:                                      and fund raising efforts. The cost to field (22) teams in (12) sports far
                                                                           exceed the revenue generated from gate receipts, concessions, player
The mission of the Cardinal Newman Parents’ Association is to              fees and CN logo wear sales. Ongoing fund raising include advertising
produce events, which will build community and underscore the overall      opportunities (athletic fields, gym and seasonal programs) Gold Cards,
school pursuit of developing the wholeness of mind, body, and spirit       game sponsorships, and personalized engraved tiles on the Athletic
through the teachings of Jesus Christ. This year, our board is expanding   Field House. We are expanding our FUNd raising efforts this year.
its membership to twelve members for the 2009-2010 school year             Here are a few new ways to support all CN sports teams:
(please refer to web link for a list of board members and their contact
information). We are already fast at work planning for the upcoming        • Family Movie Night on Saturday, August 22nd
back to school events! We are adding some fun filled family activities     • Purchase preferred parking at home football games
and working collaboratively with the Advancement, Alumni, Athletic
Boosters, Dad’s Club, and others as we strive to work as a team, on        • Purchase squares in the Super Bowl or March Madness pool
behalf of our school.                                                      • Purchase raffle tickets for kids to compete in a free throw shooting
                                                                             contest during half time at home basketball games
Each event chair and committee will foster a sense of community
through the involvement of parents, students, faculty, alumni, friends     • Purchase raffle tickets for kids to compete in a field goal kicking
and local businesses. We will strive to do this with Christian values of     contest during half time at home football games
charity and respect for our fellow volunteers. As the Cardinal Newman
                                                                           If you are interested in being a Booster Committee Member or for
Parents Association works toward building a community within our
                                                                           more information,
school, we are always looking for creative and energetic parents to work
on committees. It is a great way to meet new parents and be involved in    Contact:
our wonderful community. Thank you in advance for serving our school       Lee Ann Reuter at
and for all of your contributions throughout the school year!
                                                                           CN Website:
If you are interested in being a Parent Association Member or for more under Athletics Tab/Boosters
                                                                           Cardinal Newman Alumni Association
Mary Poppenheimer-Hanson at
                                                                           Committee (AAC):
                                                                           As each student graduates from Cardinal Newman, they automatically
CN Website:                                                                become a member of the Alumni Association. Last May we welcomed under Parent Tab/Parent Association                 in 99 new alums from the class of 2009. The Alumni Association
                                                                           Committee meets monthly to discuss ways of involving our alums
                                                                           of all ages, and ways to support the school through the Association.
Ursuline & Newman Dads’ Club:                                              Many events are supported through this association including our
The UHS & CN Dads’ Club is open to all dads, grads, grand-dads             annual Career Day, our annual Golf Tournament, our annual Tennis
and friends of either or both schools. Monthly Dads’ Club dinners are      Tournament, our Quarterly Alumni Luncheons, and our Homecoming
announced through Mr. Rutherford’s weekly email and are highlighted        festivities.
on our CN website. If you are a dad, grad, granddad or friend, you are     If you are interested in being a Alumni Association Committee
already a ‘member’ of the Dads’ Club! So plan to join them for the next    member or for more information,
Dads’ Club dinner!
Contact:                                                                   Jeff Bertoli at
Allan Henderson at
                                                                           CN Website:
CN Website:                                                       under Alumni Tab/Alumni Association under Parent Tab/UHS & CN Dads’ Club                Committee

                                                              Admissions Process
                                                              Cardinal Newman High School
                                                              Admissions for the School Year 2010-2011
                                                              5 Steps to Becoming a Student at Cardinal Newman
                                                              1. Call or email Pat Piehl, Admissions Office to get on our mailing list.
                                                              (707) 546-6470 ext. 220 or
                                                              2. Visit our campus - Come to an Admissions Event or schedule a
                                                                Shadow Day (to RSVP for an event or to schedule a Shadow Day, contact The Office
                                              Link Day 2008    of Admissions)
                                                              3. Take the STS Placement Exam (This exam is only for applicants for the 9th grade)
                                                              4. Complete an application
                                                              5. Interview - Parents and student meet with a member of the CN faculty
Engraved Tile Fund Raiser –
Support the Charlie ‘Tuna’ Dahl
Athletic Field House
                                                              Admissions Calendar
Don’t miss the opportunity to have a personalized             RSVP’s are required for all of the following events. Please contact Pat Piehl in
                                                              the admissions office (707) 546-6470 ext. 220 or
Engraved Tile placed on the walls of our new Charlie
‘Tuna’ Dahl Athletic Field House. Many personalized           Student Visitation Day
options are available. You may order tiles online or get      Monday, October 26, 2009
a tile Order Form by visiting          8:15am - 1:15pm
under the Athletics Tab then select Boosters.                 Prospective 8th Grade Students
                                                              Begins and ends in the CN Gym - Lunch will be provided
                                                              Fall Open House
                                                              Sunday, November 1, 2009
                      OF 2009                                 11:00am - Athletic and Convocation Center (ACC) near Gym
                                                              Admissions Information Night
                                                              Thursday, November 19, 2009
                                                              7:00pm - CN Library
                                                              Placement Exam
                                                              Saturday, December 5, 2009
                                                              Exam and Application Fee $100
                                                              Application for Admission and Financial Aid Deadline
                                                              (for questions regarding financial aid, please call our business office
                                                              (707) 546-6470 ext. 205).
                                                              Monday, January 11, 2010
                                                              Makeup Placement Exams
                                                              Saturdays, January 9th, February 6th, March 6th and April 10th, 2010
                      N EWMAN 0                               9:00am - 12:30pm
                           201                                Exam and Application Fee - $120
                                                              Acceptance letters mailed in March. Information on acceptance and Financial
                                                              Aid awards will be included in this letter.

                 2010-2011                admissions calendar
                                             Non-Profit Organization
CARD I NA L N EW M A N H I G H S C H O O L        U.S. Postage
50 Ursuline Road
Santa Rosa, CA 95403                                PAID
707-546-6470 Fax 707-546-8502                    Santa Rosa, CA                           Permit No. 286

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