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					                                     is your total warehouse solution provider
     Layout & Design • New & Used Equipment
                                                                                        W A R E H O U S E
Moving & Installation Services • Temporary Manpower

          PALLET RACKING &                                         D OC K E QU IPME N T
          SHELVING                                                 SPI Systems carries a full line of dock
          From high density to hand stack systems                  equipment from elevating dock platforms,
          SPI Systems has the expertise to configure               pit levelers, dock enclosures and dock
          the most efficient configuration to                      ramps. Portable concrete ramps are the
          maximize your storage capabilities.                      most cost effective and durable.

          LIFT SOLUTIONS                                           MOD U L A R OF F ICE S
          SPI Systems offers a variety of lift solutions           Choose from a variety of wall and core
          such as forklifts, pallet jacks, lift tables,            types for a perfect combination of
          rolling ladders, work platforms, personnel               aesthetics and durability, with sound
          baskets, scissor lifts, ramps and vertical               deadening and fire protection built to fulfill
          conveyors.                                               your exact specifications.

          MEZZ ANINE SYSTEMS                                       LOC K E R S
          Utilize existing overhead space and gain                 Our lockers are available in 25 standard
          valuable work, office, storage or                        colors and hundreds of styles and size
          manufacturing areas at a lower cost than                 combinations to suit your specific needs.
          new construction - with minimum
          interruption to your existing work flow area.

          CONVE YORS                                               S YS TE MS F U R N IT U R E
          An essential part of any efficient material              The alternative to high cost modular
          handling system, conveyors range from basic              workstations-our preowned
          skate wheel gravity type to complex high                 remanufactured components look like new,
          speed automated order-sorting systems.                   but save you thousands of dollars.

          INSTALL ATION & MOVING                                   WA R E HOU S E S C A LE S
          SERVICES                                                 Floor Scales
                                                                   Pallet Jack Scales
          To include all or some of the following:
                                                                   Forklift Scales
          Breakdown racks/shelving
                                                                   UPS/FedX Scales
          Pack it up (palletize it)                                Counting Scales
          Load it up (trucks)                                      Cubing Systems
          Move it to your new location                             In Motion Weighing Systems
          Reassembly at your new location                          Stretch Wrap Scales
Why choose                                                                ?
  National reputation for design, supply and installation of
  material handling systems

  Layout and design services

  Turnkey permits and Professional Engineering Stamps

  25 years experience

  In-house installation crews

  Turnkey moving services

  We can purchase your used racking, lift equipment,
  mezzanines or shelving

                                      New and Used Equipment
              PALLET RACKING & SHELVING                                   MODUL AR OFFICES & FURNITURE
                 MEZZ ANINE SYSTEMS                                           WAREHOUSE SC ALES
                 PACK AGING SUPPLIES                                            DOCK EQUIPMENT
                    LIFT SOLUTIONS                                              CUBING SYSTEMS
                      CONVE YORS                                                    LOCKERS

We design, supply and install Coast-to-Coast
   At SPI Systems world class service is our goal and we achieve that by being a customer centric, quality
   driven organization.
   From layout and design to product systems we are your turnkey
   partner for complete cost effective, coast-to-coast warehouse
   In today's economy you have to choose wisely how to spend your
   dollars so our approach is simple, finding you the right product for
   the right application.                                                                                               SPIWHSYS PB RE V 1.4 • 12-2009

                                                                     9693-D Ger wig Lane, Columbia, Mar yland 21046

      W A R E H O U S E                                              Phone: 301-595-5880 Toll Free: 1-800-296-2001
                                                                     Email: • Web: SP I-SY S T.COM

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