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									Duchesne Academy
 welcomes you to
   congÉ 2010


Saturday, january 30, 2010
 embassy suites - la vista
premier donors

    A special thanks to our
  Congé 2010 Premier Donors:

         Freda & LyleBauer

Distribution Management Systems Inc.
        Karen & Cal German
  Duchesne Academy
   welcomes you to
     congÉ 2010


Saturday, january 30, 2010
 embassy suites - la vista
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From our head of school
Dear Friends and Honored Guests,

Welcome to Fairmont Fair ~ Congé 2010! This year’s state fair theme
promises to be fun, young and full of excitement! Tonight you will
experience the thrill of a fair and the enjoyment of a community drawn
together with a common aim, in a casual atmosphere of fun, games and
exciting auction bidding!

The theme this year is based on the name of the plaid that makes
Duchesne’s uniform so distinctive and recognizable!! Our students love the
red and grey plaid and they wear it with pride. While the familiar plaid
skirt immediately identifies a young woman as a Duchesne student, we
also know Duchesne women are known by so much more than the pattern
of their plaid skirts! They are recognized by their confidence and courage.
They are known for their commitment to their studies, to each other and to
making the world a better place. They are women of faith and compassion.
Tonight we celebrate all that distinguishes a student of Duchesne.

The energy and animation of this important evening is fueled by the hard
work of hundreds of people. This is an effort of many hands and untold
hours. It is truly an impressive labor of love. My heartfelt gratitude to Congé
2010 chairs: Donna and Dave Erker, Karen and Cal German and Ann and
Steve Hergenrader. I know these generous and dedicated couples join me in
thanking the many people who each played a part in making this evening
possible. We thank Meghan Rowen, the entire Development Office staff
and all the wonderful volunteers who shared their time and gifts in support
of the young women and preschool boys and girls of Duchesne. We applaud
each and every one of you!

Finally, I thank YOU for coming to Congé 2010. Your generosity makes it
possible for us to continue to offer a Sacred Heart education to our students,
the future leaders of our world. Now, after all the work that created this
evening, there is but one more thing to do: enjoy the fun, excitement and
thrill of our very own ~ Fairmont Fair!

With sincere gratitude,

Sheila K. Haggas
Head of School

from our chairs

We are delighted to welcome you to Congé 2010’s Fairmont Fair. It has truly been a privilege and joy to co-chair this
annual fundraising event. Fairmont Fair was chosen as this year’s theme not only to convey a casual party theme, but
to signify the importance of Fairmont.

Fairmont is not only the school’s uniform pattern, but a spirit and way of life made possible by the Religious of the
Sacred Heart’s foundress Saint Madeleine Sophie Barat and our school’s patron, Saint Philippine Duchesne. The
Fairmont life is one characterized by life-long friendships, a thirst for knowledge, personal and social responsibility
and a deep faith in God.

We invite you to participate in this year’s fair, which is so vitally important in raising the necessary funds to continue
providing our daughters this singular education. Our profound thanks to the many volunteers and Duchesne staff
who made this evening possible, and to all of you for your support.

Enjoy the Fair!

Your Congé 2010 Chairs,

Donna & Dave Erker
Karen & Cal German
Ann & Steve Hergenrader

class of 2010

Meghan M. Abboud       Kara M. Grasmick           Emily (Maggie) O’Connor   Rose C. Velasco
Jordan C. Anderson     Kaitlin R. Grode           Margaret M. O’Connor      Cassandra J. Wheeler
Mary D. Begley         Claire R. Hickey           Anna M. L. Odorisio       Noni N. Williams
Samantha F. Bettin     Gabriella Ibarrola         Hannah E. O’Keefe         Madeleine R. Wilson
Blaire M. Bogard       Elise M. Jarrett           Molly M. O’Malley         Sara M. Winkler
Christine A. Buehler   Aliana N. Keplinger        Sophia M. Petrow          Kathryn E. Wright
Dana Buer              Kathleen K. Kokensparger   Hilary K. Pflug           Brianne N. Wyatt
Melanie M. Buer        Katherine L. Kuhns         Laura G. Pickett          Julie M. Zaborowski
Kathleen A. Burnett    Heidi A. Kurtenbach        Jamie E.M. Porter         Julianna M. Zieno
Claire E. Burns        Theresa R. Laird           Grace A. Raynor
Abigail C. Chambers    Katherine M. Leise         Anne T. Reilly
Meredith R. Colombo    Claire M. Leuschen         Cassandra R. Rosenthal
Lauren Dahlquist       Sydney Levison             Penelope C. Rouse
Stephanie V. Diaz      Mary L. Maliszewski        Margaret J. Rubin
Kristen M. Dobleman    Maureen E. Martin          Emily A. Schulte
Ashley N. Dowd         Anne M. McCormick          Shelby M. Seier
Alexandria M. Emig     Monica V. Meeks            Jessica N. Semin
Mackenzie M. Findley   Emma J. Mulhall            Veronica J. Slavik
Lucia R. Finocchiaro   Sarah K. Murray            Meredith A. Taylor
Nicole K. Foxall       Katelyn A. Nabity          Laura M. Thayer
Carolyn L. German      Madelyn A. Nelson          Devin R. Urzendowski
Sarah Gillette         Elizabeth E. Nizzi         Kathleen L. Vazquez
Emcee: Dr. Britt Thedinger

Social Hour                                              5 - 7 p.m.

Express Banking sign-up                                  5 - 7:30 p.m.

Dinner                                                   7 p.m.

Super Silent Auction                                     5 - 9 p.m.

Silent Auction                                           5 - 9 p.m.

Live Auction and Raffle Drawing Following Dinner         Auctioneer: Jeff Post

Mass Following Live Auction and Raffle Drawing           Celebrant: Msgr. James Gilg

                                             Cold Salad Trio
                                                 Cole Slaw
                                                Potato Salad
                                    Roasted Corn and Black Bean Salad
                                           Served with Warmed
                           Corn Bread Muffins, Black Pepper Rolls and Wheat Rolls
                                          With Creamery Butter

                                      Brisket & Chicken Kabob Duo
      Hickory Smoked Beef Brisket Rubbed with Seasoning, Sliced Thin and Drizzled with Spicy BBQ Sauce
                       Paired with Herbed Chicken, Red Onion and Bell Pepper Kabobs
           Served with Boyd & Charlie’s Corn Pie and Green Beans with Sliced Roasted Red Peppers

                                              Granny Apple Pie
                             Garnished with a Duchesne Heart & Whipped Cream

Duchesne Academy’s annual auction fundraiser, Congé, started in 1976. As always, we are grateful to the past chairs of this
event for their legacy of leadership and dedication. Under their leadership, more than $5 million has been raised to date.

1977 Winter Carousel                         1990 Stars of the 90’s                       2001 Thank Heaven For Our Girls
Agnes Lempka (RIP)                           Dorene Finocchiaro                           Nancy Ries Beckwith
Pat Moore                                    Rita Hermsen                                 Margo O’Connor Bieker
                                             Michael Kelly                                Elizabeth Thurmond Brownrigg
1978 Winter Carousel                         Anne Nelson                                  Mary Cimino Dobleman
Beverly Crotty (RIP)                         Judy Tamisiea                                Janet Hollander Ferlic
Betty Gorham                                                                              Karen Witt German
                                             1991 The Tradition Continues                 Mary Ruth Tworek Jensen
1979 Winter Carousel                         Barb Greder                                  Dede Meyer Johnson
Elizabeth (Kimmy) Hartigan                   Pat and Dennis Kennedy                       Liz Beitenman Killips
Mary Ann Nipp                                Rita Welsh                                   Joan Wachter Knowles
                                                                                          Charon Pound Kupfer
1980 Congé                                   1992 Coming Home                             Anne Butkus Lang
                                             “A Silhouette of Duchesne”                   Mary Jo Haller Langdon
Tom Burke
                                             Noreen and John Frenking                     Jane Blodig Pizinger
Priscilla McNamara
                                             Mary Ellen and Leo Knowles                   Judy Enenbach Quest
Mary Ann Nipp
                                             Ann and Ken Stinson                          Ann Knowles Tjaden
1981 You’ve Come a Long Way Ladies
Betty Kaplan                                 1993 A Night in Montmartre, Paris            2002 Winter Safari
                                             Jean and Woody Egermayer (RIP)               Carol and Mike Lehan
Barbara and William Fitzgerald
                                             Barb and Jim O’Brien                         Mary and Kent Stormberg
1982 Congé                                   Ruth and Joe Sullivan
Mike Easterday
                                                                                          2003 The Stars Are Out Tonight
                                             1994 Together, Wherever We Go                Bobbi and Kevin Moran
Willow Head
                                             Sue and Mike Hall                            Wendy and Dave Treinen
Kitty O’Neil
                                             Mary Jo and Bob Langdon
1983 An Evening of Elegance                  Ann (RIP) and Jim Ortman                     2004 Heritage of the Heart
                                                                                          Donna and Michael Foley
Donna Finocchiaro
                                             1995 Passport to Success                     Kathy and Bill Gerber
Lois Kizer (RIP)
                                             Diane and Ron Andersen                       Margaret and Doug Quinn
Bill Ramsey
Fran Root                                    Susan and Jim Conroy
                                             Maria and John (RIP) Fernandez               2005 Cirque de Duchesne
                                                                                          Karen Stander and Pat Griffin
1984 Art Extraordinaire
                                             1996 The Anniversary Waltz                   Mary Lou and Mike Reynolds
Caye and Tom Fulcher
Kathy Kratochvil                             Anne and Bob Bothe
                                             Teri and Stan Teutsch                        2006 Merci Beaucoup
                                                                                          Molly and Toby Schropp
1985 La Soiree Joyeuse
                                             1997 For Our Girls                           Kathy and Jim Simpson
Kay LaMalfa
                                             Nancy and Darrell Fager                      Mary Pat and Scott Paul
Ivel and John Reed
                                             Fran and Duane Dowd
1986 To Duchesne With Love                   Terri and Terry Gerweck                      2007 From the Heart
                                             Dede and Will Johnson                        Rich and Kate Gilloon
Sharon and John Emery
                                             Mary and Bill Ochsner                        Bill and Sue Selde
Carol and Al Dvorak
                                             Ruth and Joe Sullivan
1987 Up, Up and Away With Congé                                                           2008 A Garden Party
                                             1998 The Magic Within                        Mary Heng-Braun & Bob Braun
Diane and Bob Ames
                                             Rose Mary and Richard Braun                  Anne & Steve Raynor
A.R. Grandsaert, Jr.
                                             Anne and John Haas                           Lisa & Craig Strutzel
Kathy Fitzgerald Grandsaert
                                             Cheryl and Paul Reinsch
1988 When the Saints Go Marching In                                                       2009 Sacred Hearts Around
Judy Hubbard                                 1999 Treasures and Tradition                      the World
                                             Anne and Steve Bruckner                      Leah Bauer
Dorie Mainelli
                                             Mary and Tom Dobleman                        Kathleen and Peter Langdon
Diane and E. Benjamin Nelson
                                             Melanie and Pete Ziegler                     Janie and Greg Mikuls
                                                                                          Nancy and Jim Mulhall
1989 Crystal Elegance                                                                     Judy and John Wees
Judy Harvey                                  2000 Mardi Gras, For Our Girls
Kathy Kizer                                  Debbi and John Aliano
                                             Julie and Dave Hefflinger
                                             Cindy and John Moore                                                         9
STEering committee
2010 Congé Chairs         Advertising
Donna & David Erker       Business:
Karen & Cal German                  Jim Nelson
Ann & Steve Hergenrader             Jim Conway
                                    Karen German
Congé Advisors            Attorneys:
Leah Bauer                          Laurie & Pat Barrett
Kathy & Peter Langdon     Dentists:
Janie & Greg Mikuls                 Dr. Tim Sheehan
Nancy & Jim Mulhall       Physicians:
Judy & John Wees                    Dr. Kevin T. O’Malley
                                    Dr. Robert Bonebrake
ACQUISITIONS                        Dr. Marcie Peterson Hannigan (Alumnae)

Baskets                   Auctioneer
Becky Reilly              Jeff Post
Cindy Nelson
Memorabilia               Julie Kuchta
Emily Kozlik              Megan Kuchta Christensen
Molly Meyer               Tom Hageman
                          Amy Melville
Silent Auction            Matt Modica
Carol & John Higgins      Drs. Christina & Salvatore Zieno
Molly & Joe Lang
Ann Marie Abboud          Catalog Copy-Writing
Nancy Beckwith            Amy Rouse
Mary Alice Lanspa
Jana Dworak               Catalog Delivery
Jane Beerman              Mary Dobleman
Amy Foje
Debbie Bergman            Corporate & Family Tables
Kim Alvine                Beth & Patrick Gorup
Shelley Rempe
Kelly Hickey              Decorations
Lee and Ellen Ehlers      Debbie Gillette
Janet Reuter              Chris Carlson
Carolyn Meeks             Leah Bauer
Kelly Gould               Laura Clark
Emily Jung                Christy Crnkovich
Tony and Jan Jasnowski    Rosie Dowd
Joanne Kerins             Ellen Ehlers
Nick Schinker             Donna Erker
Carol Seier               Lora Lawrence
Lisa Trummer-Clauff       Angie Malicki
                          Anne Marcotte
Super Silent              Barb Murray
Carol Lackner             Pier Mulhall
                          Carmen Quint
steering committee
Decorations (cont.)            Invitation Mailing
Mary Sheehan                   Trish Longacre
Kimberly Swassing              Laurie Barrett
Mena Varman                    Ben Barrett
Kelly Vazquez                  John Barrett
Marian Weaver                  Sean Dowd
                               Donna Erker
Emcee                          Charlie Erker
Dr. Britt Thedinger            Elizabeth Erker
                               Libby Evans
Event Volunteer Meals          Megan Hergenrader
Don & Susan Rada Wilson        Leah Kohles
                               Lauren Longacre
Silent Auction Floor Set-Up    Clare Longacre
Denise Fitzgerald              Brenna Longacre
Sue Hughes                     Marybeth Reed
Mary Classe                    Anna Reed
Sandy Draper
Jana Dworak                    Live Auction
Ellen Ehlers                   Chris Abboud
Lorin Ferguson                 Donna & Dave Erker
Maureen Halbur                 Deanna Foley
Julie Hillmer                  Karen & Cal German
Sarah and Brian Hoburg         Mark Hasebroock
Carol Lackner                  Ann & Steve Hergenrader
Madeline Linehan               Amy & Brad Knuth
Shelly Petrow                  Anne McGuire
Les and Chris Schmitz          Suzanne & Pat O’Donnell
Robyn Tait                     Meghan Conway Rowen
Lisa and Tom Whitcomb
                               Live Auction Floor
Gift Wrap-Up                   Sheryl & Matt Fitzgerald
Kathleen Burns
Casey Findley                  Live Auction Lottery
Celia Kempkes                  Barb Baxter
Cheryl Finkenbiner
Mary Anne Gerards              Logo Design – Congé 2010
Susan Ibarrola                 Kathy Mowat Scholl
Sue Knott                      Kaitlyn Sapone

Grand Finale                   Patron Events
Cathy & Roger Carroll          Amy O’Connor Chisholm
Dr. Janet Reuter & Ken Dudek   Jill Higgins Egan
                               Barb & Bill Fitzgerald
Invitation Addressing          Kate Egan Gilloon
Leah Bauer                     Kim O’Connor Leonhardt
                               Jenny Higgins Micek
                               Kyle O’Connor Nelson
                               Betsy & Bob Reed
steering committee
Patron Events (cont.)                         Underwriting
Julie Higgins Sgroi                           Anne & Matt Bogard
Rosalie & Don Stormberg                       Jill & Dan Egan
Jennie O’Connor Warren                        Donna & Dave Erker
Molly Egan Witt                               Karen German
                                              Joanne & Tom Kerins
Gina McDevitt                                 Verify & Pick-Up
John Wees                                     Denise Kreski
                                              Nancy Mulhall
Raffle Chairs                                 Judy Wees
Jim Conway
Greg Mikuls                                   Video
12th Grade:                                   Margo & Bob Bieker
        Anne & Matt Bogard
        Denise & John Taylor                  Wrap & Release
11th Grade:                                   Carol Seier
        Pier & Sean Mulhall
        Sandra Maass & Alan Thelen            Head of School
10th Grade:                                   Sheila K. Haggas
        Maureen & Tom Hoy
        Bonnie & Bob Schulte                  Director of Alumnae & Special Events
9th Grade:                                    Meghan Conway Rowen
        Teri & Tom Hamburger
                                              Director of Development
Please see our addendum for a complete list   Katie Risch Bakhit
of our wonderful raffle sellers.
                                              Duchesne Staff
Reservations                                  Joan Fangman
Marcie Colombo                                Sheryl Fitzgerald
Ann Tjaden                                    Janet Horacek
                                              Trisha Kult
Silent Auction Floor                          Barbara MacLennan
Cathy Wyatt                                   Nikki McDonald
                                              Mary Moeschler
Student Art                                   Julie Higgins Sgroi
12th Grade:                                   Bridget Wilwerding
        Barb Murray
11th Grade:
                                              Special thanks to:
        Claire Connolly & Sheila Nelson
                                              The Bedding Company
10th Grade:
                                              Boyd & Charlie’s Barbeque
        Suzanne O’Donnell
                                              Fun Services
9th Grade:
                                              Megan Gilligan and the Embassy Suites - La Vista
        Amy Carmody
                                              Mike Kotulak
                                              Omaha Photo Booth Company
Transport to Hotel & Unload
                                              Regal Awards
Nancy & Steve Beckwith
                                              Second Chance Antiques
Diane & Gary Taylor
                                              Steve & Nancy Beckwith
Rod Kempkes
Richard Knott                                 Quality Fence
                                              Tom Quest
Richard Patterson
12                                            WineStyles
Champion Ribbon Donors $5000           Tri-Color Ribbon $100
Lyle & Freda Bauer                     John & Debbi Aliano
Distribution Management Systems Inc.   Joel & Elaine Cotton
                                       Pat & Betsy Flood
Purple Ribbon Donors $2500             John & Noreen Frenking
Dave & Donna Erker                     Mike & Kathy Gross
Dave & Wendy Treinen                   John & Kimmy Hartigan
Lift Solutions Inc.                    Bob & Willow Head
                                       John & Carol Higgins
Blue Ribbon Donors $1000               Michael & Lauren Hupp
Mary T. Finnegan                       Mike & Colleen Jacoby
Bill & Barb Fitzgerald                 John & Betty Kaplan
Tom & Joanne Kerins
Jim and Becky Reilly                   Tri-Color Ribbon $100 (cont.)
Toby & Molly Schropp                   Bill Kerrey & Terry Nelson-Kerrey
Tony & Mary Seina                      Bill & Kathy Kizer
Ken & Ann Stinson                      Pat & Joan Knowles
Standard Nutrition Company             Jonathan C. Lambert
                                       Tim & Liz Langan
Red Ribbon Donor $500                  Grant Matthies
Dick & Michaela Belatti                Duke & Stacie Matz
Greg & Laura Clark                     Emmet & Fran Root
Paul & Maureen Halbur                  Tom & Kathy Rowen
Pat Griffin & Karen Stander            Greder Dental Group
Emil & Jan Sodoro                      McArdle Grading Co.
Jeff & Susie Zindel                    Nebraska Welding, LTD
Lyman-Richey Corporation               Wise Mack, Inc

White Ribbon Donors $250               Bronze Ribbon Donors $25-$50
Doug & Chris Carlson                   Tom & Barbara Burke
Tom & Janet Ferlic                     Betty M. Gorham
Tom & Debbie Gillette                  Rawhide Chemoil Inc.
E. Lyle Kinley, Jr.
Jim & Barb O’Brien
Kevin & Sharon O’Malley
Mimi Gleason & Jeff Post
John & Ivel Reed
Mike & Mary Lou Reynolds
Kurt & Ann Tjaden
Gary & Molly Witt
Mario & Kelly Vazquez
Peter & Melanie Ziegler
Lamp Rynearson & Assoc. Inc.

patron events
Patron Event Donors                                   Patron Event Donors
Hosted by Bill & Barb Fitzgerald & Bob & Betsy Reed   Hosted by Don & Rosalie Stormberg
Tal (RIP) & Mary Joy Anderson                         Marian Bogard
Dick & Michaela Belatti                               Clayton & Irma Byam
Tom & Barbara Burke                                   Deloris Drahota
Robert & Pennie Cassling                              Frank & Jan Duffy
Dick & Mary Jo Coffey                                 Jim & Ann Egan
Leroy & Jane Crosby                                   John & Joan Fangman
M. B. & Lynette Dvorak                                John & Noreen Frenking
Mary Jane Edney                                       Justine Jeffrey
Jean Egermayer                                        Pete & Peg Jeffrey
Terrance & Toni Fangman                               John & Betty Kaplan
Tom & Janet Ferlic                                    Jean Kenny
Vincent & Doreen Finocchiaro                          Jean Knowles
Jane Flood                                            Bernard & Kathy Kratochvil
Cal & Karen German                                    Patricia Laughlin
Kathy Fitzgerald Grandsaert                           Shirley Loy
William & Mary Jane Harvey                            Jack & Shirley Marcil
Mary Honke                                            Mary Maxwell
Rod & S. K. Kestel                                    Bob & Mary Pat McKeon
James Kinnen                                          Jack & Regina Minton
Annette Mayer Kutilek                                 Mike & Sue Mooney
Clarence & Mary Landen                                Tom & Pat Moore
Mike & Suzie Lawler                                   Sheila Radford
Elaine Martin                                         Emmet & Fran Root
Donna Matz                                            Beverly Rudloff
Alice McGowan                                         Marilyn Ryan
Joseph & Suzanne McNamara                             Fritz & Dolly Simpson
Bill & Jean O’Connor                                  Jeanne Skutt
Mike & Kitty O’Neil                                   Don & Rosalie Stormberg
Emmet & Fran Root
Nancy Ryan
Bob & Lou Ann Schropp
Fritz & Dolly Simpson
Dave & Lisa Slattery
Daniel & Patricia Wagner
Anne Weaver
Steve & Brigid Wilkening

patron events
Patron Event Donors           Molly Schropp
Hosted by:                    Susan Sodoro Selde
Amy O’Connor Chisholm         Christine Shimokawa
Kimberly O’Connor Leonhardt   Mimi Markel Smith
Kyle O’Connor Nelson          Denise Martin Snodgrass
Jennie O’Connor Warren        Diane Witt Taylor
Kate Egan Gilloon             Ann Knowles Tjaden
Molly Egan Witt               Catherine Jenkins Walsh
Jill Higgins Egan
Jenny Higgins Micek
Julie Higgins Sgroi
Elizabeth Rouse Barton
Ann Higgins Batchelder
Nancy Ries Beckwith
Michaela Marcil Belatti
Genevieve Casey Bosilevac
Anne Bruckner
Julie Wear Cammarota
Carrie Conway
Michaela Betterman D’Arrigo
Mary Cimino Dobleman
Kelli Fitzgerald Draper
Johnna Marcil Eck
Ann Wachter Egan
Martha McCormick Flinn
Noreen Frenking
Karen Witt German
Ann Frenking Hergenrader
Susan Higgins Hughes
Dede Meyer Johnson
Stacy Boulay Ketcham
Elizabeth Beitenman Killips
Joan Wachter Knowles
Suzy Kratochvil
Elizabeth German Langan
Kimberly O’Connor Leonhardt
Susan Marchese
Theresa McCoy McMorrow
Jennifer Higgins Micek
Laura Micek
Anne Minton
Pier Mulhall
Kyle O’Connor Nelson
Elizabeth Bogard Pusic
Christine Kubat Reilly
Mary Lou Warner Reynolds
Meghan Conway Rowen
Kathleen Russell
Laura Roach Schnackel
professionals who
support duchsne
Attorneys:                 Physicians:                    Dentists:
Christoper W. Abboud       Dr. Gary J. Anthone            Dr. William J. Bresnahan
James W. Ambrose           Dr. Martha A. Arouni           Dr. Mark T. Chase
Jean Connolly Ambrose      Dr. B. Timothy Baxter          Dr. Len T. Higgins
Jason G. Ausman            Dr. Richard G. Belatti, Jr.    Dr. David E. Hoover
Patrick J. Barrett         Dr. Robert G. Bonebrake        Dr. Jennifer A. Greder
Laurene M. Barrett         Dr. Peter M. Cimino            Dr. Mack Greder
Sally B. Bisson-Best       Dr. John L. Colombo            Dr. Thomas M. Kiefer
Robert J. Bothe            Dr. P. James Connor            Dr. Terry F. Lanphier
Charles M. Bressman, Jr.   Dr. Denis J. Cuka              Dr. Kathy O’Brien-Ausman
Ted L. Bridges III         Dr. Thomas J. Dobleman         Dr. Timothy J. Sheehan
Tracy T. Bridges           Dr. Denise Drvol               Dr. Donald H. Stormberg
John C. Brownrigg          Dr. James R. Dunlap            Dr. Peter A. Ziegler
Stephen M. Bruckner        Dr. Mary E. Dunn
Harry L. Capadano, III     Dr. John Edney                 Veterinarians:
Robert L. Cohen            Dr. Paul W. Esposito           Dr. Sarah J. Blose
Richard D. Crowl, Jr.      Dr. Griffith F. Evans
Dale Dixon III             Dr. Jonathon E. Fuller
Thomas F. Flaherty         Dr. Michael H. Gross
Patrick M. Flood           Dr. R. Michael Gross
Patrick B. Griffin         Dr. Edward M. Kolb
Paul J. Halbur             Dr. Stephanie F. Koraleski
Willow T. Head             Dr. Steven C. Koukol
John J. Higgins            Dr. Ralph J. Kramper
Edward D. Hotz             Dr. Rudy P. Lackner
Thomas J. Kenny            Dr. Richard S. Lang
Leo A. Knowles             Dr. Thomas J. Lanspa
Mark C. Laughlin           Dr. James A. Maliszewski
J. Terry MacNamara         Dr. Lee F. McNamara
Leo P. Martin              Dr. Janie Fitzgibbons Mikuls
Patrick W. Meyer           Dr. John W. Monson
Matthew G. Miller          Dr. Richard P. Murphy
James H. Moylan            Dr. Paul J. Nelson
Robert E. O’Connor, Jr.    Dr. Cam Nguyen
Douglas E. Quinn           Dr. John P. O’Gara
Thomas M. Rowen            Dr. T. Kevin O’Malley
Karen A. Stander           Dr. Marcie Hannigan Peterson
Kurt F. Tjaden             Dr. Stephen C. Raynor
Edward G. Warin            Dr. James A. Reilly
Michael J. Weaver          Dr. Rebecca B. Reilly
                           Dr. Janet M. Reuter
                           Dr. Jean A. Saigh
                           Dr. Quinn M. Saigh
                           Dr. Thomas H. Webb
                           Dr. Christina M. Zieno
                           Dr. Salvatore A. Zieno

express check-out
Avoid the wait in line at the end of the evening. We are offering this convenience to our auction guests in addition to
our usual checkout procedure. If you choose the express option, you will pre-pay early in the evening with check or
credit card. You must choose this option before 7:30 p.m.

What’s the best part of any fair? The treats! Take home one of Laura Clark’s* signature pies in this special-edition
glass pedestal cake stand and dome, etched with the Duchesne heart logo. Half of the tables at tonight’s event will be
adorned with this very special serving piece. Perfect for entertaining, this glass plate and dome offers more than just
an elegant way to present cakes, pies and treats – it also doubles as a punch bowl. Turn the domed cover upside down
on the inverted pedestal base to create a unique serving bowl.
*Laura Clark is a Duchesne mom and Old Market Farmer’s Market Vendor, famous for her scrumptious pies.

Don’t miss out! You may purchase one of 34 of these special centerpieces for $40 using the invoice situated near the
centerpiece. Use your express banking card or take the invoice to the bank when you are ready to check out. Take
your pie to enjoy now, and the cake stand to enjoy for years to come!

Sorry, floral centerpieces are not for sale.

duchesne shoppe
Good news! No bidding necessary. This year we’re bringing the Duchesne Shoppe back! Take home any of these
unique items, created especially for Duchesne Congé 2010. Look for them under the Duchesne Shoppe tent.

Sacred Heart Charm               $40.00
Sterling silver 16” necklace with hand stamped Sacred Heart logo on a copper disc.

Embroidered Bath Wrap            $35.00
Stay cozy after your shower or even after swim practice in one of these bright, colorful bath wraps with the Sacred
Heart logo embroidered on the front. (Orange, Fuscia, Turquoise, Yellow, Lime and also White with either gold, black
or red logo.) Wraps are 32” long with velcro closure.

Logo Landscape Rock          $30.00
Engraved with the Sacred Heart logo in red, this cement grey rock can be used inside and outdoors. Approximately
18” x 10”.

Grosgrain Key Fob               $15.00
One-of-a-kind key fob (can also be used as a luggage-tag!) with embroidered Sacred Heart logo. Each key fob is
unique. No two are alike – so pick the color and design that suits you!

general rules
1. All bid sales are final. No exchange or refund on items except where specified. Payment in full is expected at the
close of the live auction.

2. Duchesne Academy is not responsible for sold items. Items must be removed the evening of Congé.

3. All certificates must be used as specified. Items sold as a package must be used together when indicated.

4. Duchesne Academy has endeavored to catalog and describe all items and services correctly, and all items are sold
“as is.” Duchesne Academy makes no express or implied warranties or representations of any kind or nature with
respect to the property or services and in no event shall it be responsible for the correctness of description, or deem
to have made any representation or warranty of description, genuineness, authenticity or condition of the property or
services and no statement in the catalog is a representation or an assumption of liability.

5. By his or her purchase, the buyer waives any claims for liability against Duchesne Academy or the donor of the
property or services and neither Duchesne Academy nor the donor is responsible for any personal injuries or damages
to property that may result from the utilization of property or services sold.

6. Contracts for Silent, Super Silent and Live Auction items will be delivered during dinner to the successful bidder,
and he/she will sign the form, keep one copy, and bring it to the Bank for payment.

7. IRS Disclosure regulations require that we place a fair market estimate value on all products and services sold
tonight. Any amount paid beyond the contract amount can be claimed as a charitable donation. Please keep your
contract as your receipt.

8. We will accept credit card sales but alert you when you use your credit card, we do incur a service charge that
comes directly out of our profits.

1. Silent Auction and Super Silent Auction will open at 5 p.m. All items will have write-in bid sheets. Each bidder
must write his/her name and table number, bid number and the amount of his/her bid on the appropriate sheet.

2. Each item is assigned a basic minimum bid. No bid under this minimum will be accepted.

3. Each bid must exceed the previous one by at least the minimum increase as stated on the bid sheet and must be
written on the top-most blank line available.

4. Silent Auction closings are staggered as noted on the program schedule.

5. The Super Silent Auction will close promptly at 9:00 p.m.

1. Live Auction items are on display from 5:00 p.m. until the end of the evening.

2. The Live Auction begins after dinner and will continue without interruption.

3. Each bidder is assigned a bid number card and is responsible for all bids made by this number.

4. Each auction item is numbered. During the auction, the auctioneer will call out the item and give a brief

5. At the call of the auctioneer’s “sold,” title to the item will pass to the highest bidder who thereupon assumes full
risk and responsibility for the item.
 Congratulations to
the young women of
Duchesne Academy.

Enjoy a bright future!

              Run better.

fairmont facts

  •Did you know that the theme for the 2009-2010 school year focuses
  on Saint Madeleine Sophie Barat, the founder of the Religious
  Society of the Sacred Heart. Throughout the year, students will
  engage in reflection, prayer, and educational lessons that encourage
  critical thinking about the Sacred Heart mission as taught by Saint
  Madeleine Sophie Barat. Please visit Duchesne’s homepage (www.
  duchesneacademy.org) to read a daily reflection about Saint Madeleine
  Sophie Barat.

  •Duchesne Academy and its students are committed to Goal 3: a
  social awareness which impels to action. The concept of serving others,
  especially the poor and marginalized, is infused in various aspects of
  curriculum throughout a student’s four years at Duchesne. Kathryn
  Lundgren, A11, who recently volunteered at Together, Inc., a local
  non-profit that provides a food pantry and financial assistance to
  needy families and individuals, said, “It was exciting to go to a place
  that many of us did not even know about. It was really fun to form a
  sustainable bond between Together Inc. and the Duchesne community.
  We all want to go back.”

  •Duchesne Academy’s rigorous college preparatory curriculum
  continues to prepare students for college including helping secure
  academic scholarships. Of 75 members in this year’s senior class, nine
  have been recognized by the National Merit Scholars Program; four
  are National Merit Semi-finalists (who now move on to the finalist
  competition), three are Commended Scholars, one is a National
  Achievement Scholar, and one is a Hispanic Scholar.
live auction index
*Indicates selections for the Live Auction Lottery
 (see page 25 for details)

DINNERS/EVENTS                                       FOR OUR GIRLS
012 Gold Coast Dinner with a Special Guest           001 Year of Free Tuition at Duchesne
017 Private Poolside Dinner with the 3 H’s           004 DASH Progressive PJ Party
018 Fr. Fangman Barleycorn Party                     006 Duchesne Memorabilia Treasure Chest
020 First National Roof Party                        009 Front Row at Graduation
027* Congé 2010 Surprise!                            014 Private Photo Shoot at Duchesne
030* Chef Kult and Fr. Doll Creighton Dinner         023 Customized Outdoor Bench on
036* French V Dinner                                        Duchesne Campus
040* Monthly French Desserts & Champagne             033* Best Lunch in Town – Gouter
039* Oktoberfest Party for 10 at Gerda’s             035* Name the Circle Drive
                                                     034* Tuition Assistance Opportunity
SPORTS                                               028*, 029* Elevator Pass – First and Second Semesters
002 VIP Husker Locker Room Tour and Lunch            037* Principal for a Day at Duchesne
003 NY Yankee’s Tickets
007, 008 Nebraska Golf I and II –                    TRIPS
         Dismal River and the Prairie Club           005 Starwood Luxury Property
013 Houston Rockets tickets                          003 New York City – Summer 2010
021 US OPEN at Pebble Beach!                         011 Belize
015 Chicago Cubs in June 2010                        015 Chicago (Cubs Package)
024* Minnesota Twins Baseball All Season 2010        019 Las Vegas – the Palazzo Getaway
025* College World Series –                          022 Santa Maria Winery
      Remember Rosenblatt Package
026* Fighting Irish Notre Dame                       FUN EXTRAS!
032* Kansas City Chiefs                              010 Diamond Tennis Bracelet
                                                     016 Thomas D. Mangelsen Print –
                                                          Wyoming on my Mind
                                                     038* Mulhall’s & McKay’s Landscape Package

Did you know...
     The preschool children go to the following
                classes every week:
      Art, Music, PE, Spanish and Computer.
live auction
ACADEMY                                                      Back by popular demand…with a twist! Eleven
Raise your paddle for a year of free tuition at Duchesne     Duchesne Girls will have the opportunity to run the halls
Academy. This is the only time you can use your credit       of Duchesne in their pajamas! All girls will be picked up
card for tuition! Raise those paddles!                       by limo service at the home of the lucky winner. From
$ONE YEAR FREE TUITION                                       there – they will have dinner at California Taco and then
                                                             meet their hosts, Miss Heck and Mrs. Haggas. for a night
002 VIP TOUR OF NEBRASKA CORNHUSKER                          of fun at Duchesne! At 11:00 p.m. the limo will take you
ATHLETIC FACILITIES                                          back to where you began. Slumber party details will be
Calling all Husker fans! This once-in-a lifetime             up to the winner!
opportunity is perfect for any Husker fan. Head down         $PRICELESS
to Lincoln and meet up with Mike Ekeler, Bo Pelini’s         Donated by Friends of Duchesne
defensive linebacker coach. Mr. Ekeler will provide
a behind-the-scenes tour of one of the nation’s most
                                                             005 STAR TREATMENT, STARWOOD LUXURY
impressive athletic facilities. Ten guests will accompany
                                                             A week of luxury – and you pick the destination! Enjoy
Coach Ekeler as he leads you through the Tom and
                                                             a one-week stay at one of twenty Starwood Vacation
Nancy Osborne Athletic Complex, The Hawks
                                                             Ownership Resorts, located in the world’s most sought-
Championship Center, and several other notable Husker
locations. All this, plus experience “what they feed these   after vacation destinations. Chose from the Sheraton
boys” as you enjoy lunch at the Performance buffet!          Desert Oasis or Westin Kierland Villas in Scottsdale,
Don’t miss your chance to experience this special access     AZ; Villas of Cave Creek in Cave Creek, AZ; the Westin
to Husker Headquarters.                                      Desert Willow Villas in Palm Desert, CA; the Westin
$ PRICELESS                                                  Mission Hills Resort & Villas in Rancho Mirage, CA;
Donated by Molly and Gary Witt                               Sheraton PGA Vacation Resort in St. Lucie, FL; Sheraton
                                                             Vistana Resort or Sheraton Vistana Villages in Orlando,
003 START SPREADIN THE NEWS!                                 FL; Vistana’s Beach Club in Jensen Beach, FL; Lakeside
In old New York…take a visit to the center of the            Terrace, Sheraton Mountain Vista, or Westin Riverfront
universe for an incredible time! Stay at the historic New    Mountain Villas in Avon/Vail, CO; Sheraton Steamboat
York Athletic Club on Central Park South for two nights.     Resort Villas in Steamboat Springs, CO; the Westin
Have a blast in the Bronx with two tickets to watch the      Ka’anapali Ocean Resort Villas on Lahaina, Maui,
world-famous World Series Champs vs. the Kansas City         Hawaii; The Westin Princeville Ocean Resort Villas
Royals at the new Yankee Stadium the weekend of July         in Princeville, Kauai, Hawaii; the Sheraton Broadway
23rd, 2010. These are prime seats located on the lower       Plantation, Myrtle Beach, SC; Harborside Resort at
level – directly inside the entrance of the stadium from     Atlantis on Paradise Island, The Bahamas; the Westin
the subway stop. Arrive early to enjoy a private tour of     Lagunamar Ocean Resort in Cancun, Mexico; the
the New York Yankees Museum and Monument Park,               Westin St. John Resort & Villas on St. John, U. S. Virgin
along with access to the Audi Club with a voucher for        Islands . This package includes a one-bedroom unit
two game-time buffet meals and a special Yankees goody       for seven days and nights, which comfortably sleeps
bag. On Day Two, head down to Wall Street and lower          four, and may be upgraded to a larger unit during
Manhattan to see where it all goes down (or up!) – use       off-peak season or for shorter stays. More popular
four passes for a private tour of the New York Stock         destinations such as the Westin St. John and Villas
Exchange. While you’re there, venture through Battery        require reservations be made eight months ahead of your
Park and maybe a ride on the Staten Island Ferry to
                                                             stay, but other resorts have availability within a month of
see our Lady Liberty. You gotta love New York! (The
                                                             your stay. Resort arrangement to be made through Mary
Yankee’s game will either be Friday evening or Saturday
                                                             Erker and travel must be completed by 12/31/2011. (Go
afternoon – a game date mutually agreed upon with the
                                                             to www.starwoodvacationownership.com and click on
$3500                                                        Resort Collections to view the possibilities!)
Donated by J. Robert Kerrey, the New York Athletic           $3000 - $6300 (depending on destination)
Club, the Geary Family, Amy and Brad Knuth and               Donated by Mary Erker
Donna and Dave Erker
CHEST                                                        The best seat in the house! The entire front pew is
Remember Duchesne forever. This one-of-a-kind                reserved for you and your family at the 2010 Duchesne
memorabilia chest would be a priceless keepsake for          Academy graduation ceremony at the Cathedral.
any Duchesne Dolly. Artist Robert Jones hand-painted         $ Priceless
images of our beautiful school and grounds on both the       Donated by Duchesne Academy of the Sacred Heart
inside and outside of this chest. Look for the archway at
the Duchesne entrance, our lovely logo and our very own      010 DIAMOND TENNIS BRACELET
soccer field gracing the surfaces of this piece. You must    Valentine’s Day is approaching fast – so men, listen
see it to appreciate just how special it is!                 up! This 14k white gold diamond tennis bracelet from
$1000                                                        Borsheim’s may just be the perfect gift for your honey.
Donated by Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jones                         It features 55 round, full cut diamonds totaling 1.00cts.
                                                             The diamonds are two-prong set between vertical bar
007 GOLF I: DISMAL RIVER CLUB – SAND                         links along the bracelet length. The 7” bracelet closes
HILLS GOLF EXTRAVAGANZA!                                     with a hidden box clasp and side snap safety. 6.77dwt.
Indulge yourself in the magic of Sand Hills golf.            $2475
Nebraska’s unique Sand Hills topography has put our          Donated by Friends of Duchesne
state on the map with its ever expanding offering of
world -renowned, links- style dunes golf courses. The        011 BELIZE BOUND
Dismal River Club’s Nicklaus designed course delivers        Imagine a beautiful, secluded, palm-fringed tropical
spectacular wilderness golf and the ranch style facilities   island with a wide, white sandy beach. Imagine elegantly
provide Five Star luxury with Wild West personality.         rustic beachfront cabanas with luxurious furnishings and
So, check your six-shooters at the door, six irons at the    island decor. Imagine the warm, crystal clear Caribbean
bag drop, and soak-up one of the best destination golf       Sea at your feet. Imagine yourself at Tranquility Bay,
experiences in the world! Package includes two 18-hole       “Where Dreams and Reality Become One”. This is a once
rounds, carts, and one night lodging for four (two double    in a lifetime chance for you and your family to spend a
occupancy rooms). Combine this with the next auction         week at the new Tranquility Bay Resort on the island
item for the Prairie Club (90 minutes north of Dismal        of Ambergris Caye, Belize, just off the tip of Mexico’s
near Valentine) to create your own multi-day Sand Hills      Yucatan Peninsula.
golf extravaganza!                                           The resort is situated on twelve acres on the Caribbean
Take a look! www.dismalriverclub.com                         Sea with one of the finest beaches in all of the Caribbean.
$2200                                                        The warm, gin clear sea in front of your beach is that
Donated by Karen and Cal German                              beautiful aquamarine color that only seems to exist in
                                                             the Caribbean, and lies just inside the magnificent Belize
008 NEBRASKA GOLF II: THE PRAIRIE CLUB –                     Barrier Reef, the longest unbroken living reef on earth.
SAND HILLS GOLF EXTRAVAGANZA!                                This package includes one weeks’ stay at a private
Be one of the first to play the hottest new Sand Hills       two-bedroom Cabana that is literally twenty steps
golf courses at The Prairie Club, located 16 miles south     from the water. Your cabana is one of eleven charming
of Valentine, Nebraska, along the beautiful Snake River.     and modern cabanas decorated in a cheerful tropical
The Prairie Club features pristine Sand Hills golf at its    design, offering a breathtaking view of the Caribbean
best with the Dunes, Pines, and Par Three Horse Courses      Sea. The cabanas include ceiling fans, air-conditioning,
from renowned architects Tom Lehman, Graham Marsh,           refrigerators and microwaves and a queen sleeper couch
and Gil Hanse. Unveiled for limited play last fall, this     for additional guests or children, queen-sized Simmons
exciting new addition to Nebraska’s legendary Sand Hills     Beautyrest beds and Egyptian cotton sheets.
golf will be in full bloom when it opens for play in the     This serene and relaxing resort offers a full-service, over-
spring of 2010. Package includes two 18-hole rounds,         the-water restaurant and bar, top-of-the-line water sports
carts, and one night lodging for four at the club’s new      equipment and an expert staff to assist with numerous
lodge (two rooms, double queen).                             adventure activities, and world-class diving and fishing.
Take a look! www.theprairieclub.com                          If relaxation is your goal, this is the perfect spot to stick
$2200                                                        your toes in the warm sand and simply watch the world
Donated by Karen and Cal German                              go by. Visit www.tranquilitybayresort.com to view this
                                                             Donated by Jane and Mark Hasebroock
GUEST                                                         DUCHESNE
You have driven by the gorgeous, historic Gold Coast          This amazing opportunity has never been offered before!
home of Mike and Anne McGuire many times on your              BE THE FIRST Duchesne Dolly to have your senior
way to Duchesne…but have you been inside? This is             pictures taken right here at Duchesne! Utilize our
your chance, and there is a twist! Get to know special        gorgeous exterior and interior, and find your favorite
guest, Archbishop George Lucas, in an intimate setting        spots to have your most memorable photos taken at your
on Saturday, September 11, 2010 at the McGuire’s home.        soon-to-be Alma Mater. Bring your own photographer
Enjoy dinner catered by Brandies Catering for ten people      and choose your backdrops. Date to be mutually agreed
at their Cathedral neighborhood home.                         upon with Mrs. Meghan Rowen at Duchesne.
$PRICELESS                                                    $PRICELESS
Donated by Anne and Mike McGuire, Archbishop                  Donated by Duchesne Academy of the Sacred Heart
George Lucas and Brandies Catering
                                                              015 CHICAGO EXTRODINAIRE
013 DEEP IN THE HEART OF TEXAS                                Who doesn’t want to see the Chicago Cubs? Use these
This may be a new experience for most, and definitely a       four tickets for any weekend game in June (date to be
memorable one! Take a weekend get-away to hot, sunny          mutually agreed upon between ticket holder and bidder).
Houston, Texas. Relax for two nights and get a true taste     Package includes a $300 gift card to stay the night at the
of Texas style and charm at the luxurious Houstonian          gorgeous Fairmont Hotel Millennium Park, a $150 gift
Hotel Club & Spa where you are welcome to lounge by           card to have a fabulous Chicago Italian meal at Topo
one of the many pools, take a yoga class or even play         Gigio in Old Town, and a giant Cubs Tub of infamous
some tennis. This exciting trip also includes four well-      Garrett’s popcorn. A middle-America classic!
located tickets to watch the Houston Rockets play the         $1500
New Jersey Nets on Saturday, March 13th, 2010. Don’t          Donated by Friends of Duchesne and Micheala
forget to use the $150 gift card to eat before or after the   Betterman D’Arrigo A85
game at the famous Vic & Anthony’s, very close to the
Toyota Center. Package also includes a guided tour of         016 THOMAS D. MANGELSEN PRINT
NASA’s Johnson Space Center – check it out at www.            “WYOMING ON MY MIND”
spacecenter.org. Please note: the timing of this trip is      Clear, glassy skies and still waters echo a final reminder
superb – it is at the tail end of Duchesne’s spring break,    that summer is coming to a close - this gorgeous image
and it will be warm in Texas!                                 depicts the center of the northern Tetons, Mt. Moran.
$2000                                                         This mountain was named in honor of landscape painter,
Donated by Molly and Phil Scioli and Jean and Jim             Thomas Moran, in 1872. He was influential in the
Ambrose                                                       creation of Yellowstone National Park as well as Grand
                                                              Teton National Parks. This 30” x 45” image is framed
                                                              with Natureview glass, signed and numbered by artist,
                                                              Thomas D. Mangelsen. This is a nearly sold-out image
                                                              which is anticipated to increase in value upon selling out
                                                              of the complete edition.
                                                              Donated by Ale and Steve Buehler

                                                              017 PRIVATE POOLSIDE DINNER WITH THE
                                                              THREE H’s – MRS. HAGGAS, MRS. HICKMAN
                                                              AND MISS HECK!
                                                              Private, poolside barbeque dinner for ten at the home of
                                                              Tom & Joanne Kerins with special guests: our beloved
                                                              Head of School, Mrs. Sheila Haggas, our Principal, Mrs.
                                                              Laura Hickman, and our Dean of Students, Miss Martha
                                                              Heck – the 3 H’s.
                                                              Donated by The Kerins Family

018 A BIT OF BLARNEY AT BARRETT’S                             020 FIRST NATIONAL VIEWS
BARLEYCORN, WITH FR. TOM FANGMAN                              Have you ever enjoyed a cocktail 40 floors above Dodge
This party package is for the leprechaun in all of us!        Street? Ten people will enjoy cocktails and dinner atop
The legendary Father Tom Fangman will play referee to         First National Tower’s 40th floor. The views are the
you and 25 of your friends at the Barrett’s Barleycorn        best in Omaha, and the catered dinner and beautiful
volleyball court. Enjoy the private party room with           surroundings will make this an evening to remember!
Barrett’s delicious food: hot dogs, chili, salad, munchies,   Hosts for the evening will be Donna and Dave Erker.
wine, soda and a keg of beer - all for you! Date to           $Priceless
be mutually agreed upon by the winning bidder, Fr.            Donated by First National Bank, Donna and Dave Erker
Fangman, and Karen Barrett.
Donated by Barrett’s Barleycorn Pub & Grill and Fr.
Tom Fangman

Vegas Baby! Pack your bags for a fun weekend in Las
Vegas! The Palazzo Las Vegas, a world-class luxury
hotel, casino and resort, will be your destination with a
two- night stay in a luxurious suite with VIP Check-In.
Enjoy dinner for two at Wolfgang Puck’s CUT; Two
show tickets to Jersey Boys or Phantom, The Las Vegas
Spectacular; Two tickets to Madame Tussauds wax
museum and a romantic gondola ride for two. Valid
February 2010-January 2011.
Donated by The Venetian and The Palazzo Resorts
Hotels Casinos





021 U.S. OPEN PEBBLE BEACH                                   023 CUSTOMIZED MEMORIAL OUTDOOR
This is a once-in-a-lifetime, can’t miss, knock your socks   BENCH - Only one!
off experience! Take your spouse or a friend and head to     This is an opportunity to forever remember or honor a
sunny California to watch your favorite golfers fight for    loved one in a unique way on Duchesne’s campus. Each
the 2010 U.S. Open Championship title at Pebble Beach.       year, Duchesne will auction one unique, custom-made,
Two tickets for the final practice round (Wednesday,         cast-iron park bench. This year’s winning bidder will
June 16, 2010) and the first day of the championship         select where they wish to have the bench permanently
round (Thursday, June 17, 2010). The Lodge Premier           placed on Duchesne’s campus. The bench will be
Ticket Package includes access to the grounds of Pebble      personalized according to your wishes. What a wonderful
Beach Golf Links as well as The Lodge at Pebble Beach,       way to both enhance Duchesne’s campus and honor
including the Terrace Lounge. (This includes access          a loved one! The cast-iron park bench is six feet long
inside the Lodge, where food and beverage is available for   and four feet deep and features straight back and arm
purchase). Also includes complimentary parking within        rests, and a beautiful laser-cut design on the back and
                                                             side panels that matches the Duchesne window design
Del Monte Forest, (this means you can park close by,
                                                             perfectly. The bench seat is wide and deep, allowing for
most other parking will be an hour or so away). Includes
                                                             comfortable seating for multiple users. The durable build
shuttle bus transportation to and from the parking
                                                             is sure to last through years of the toughest weather
area to the Championship entrance. Truly an amazing
                                                             Mother Nature has to offer.
experience!                                                  $ PRICELESS (bench value is $2250)
$1000                                                        Donated by Jane and Mark Hasebroock
Donated by Susan and Mark Hughes

You don’t have to travel far to treasure a night away at
the Santa Maria Winery in Willey, Iowa! Four people
will have an exclusive tour of the newly renovated Santa
Maria Winery, eat lunch or dinner in the café and stay
overnight at the Adams Street Bed and Breakfast. A
new and different experience for all. Take a look! www.
adamsstreetbandb.com and www.santamariawinery.com.
Donated by Ale and Steve Buehler

Did you know...
Our VERY successful Preschool Conge was held in
          the big gym on December 16th.
live auction lottery rules





                   GOOD LUCK!
      You can use cash, check or credit card to but your tickets.

lottery begins here
024 WAVE YOUR HOMER HANKIE…THIS TIME                       027 CONGE 2011 SURPRISE
OUTSIDE!                                                   Listen during the evening for more details about this very
Come April, 2010, for the first time since 1981,           special surprise!
the Minnesota Twins will play baseball outside in          $2,000
Minneapolis. Target Field is being built in downtown       Donated by Duchesne Academy of the Sacred Heart
Minneapolis in the Warehouse District and will seat
40,000 people. The stadium is sure to be a perfect blend   028 HOLD THE ELEVATOR PLEASE! (FIRST
of urban culture with historic tributes throughout.        SEMESTER)
Plenty of pubs and local restaurant vendors are on hand    You and a friend can ride the Duchesne elevator without
for “true Minnesotan” fare while at the game. Use          fear of “getting caught” for the entire first semester of the
these four tickets to experience any game during the       2010-2011 school year (August to December). The lucky
2010 Season to see the Minnesota Twins play baseball       winning student may select a different friend for each
outdoors. Package also includes dinner for four in the     ride!
Legends Club Lounge or Met Club inside the stadium.        $NO STEPS
Please understand that high demand games such as           Donated by Duchesne Academy of the Sacred Heart
opening day against the Red Sox, as well as games
against the New York Yankees, the Chicago Cubs and
                                                           029 HOLD THE ELEVATOR PLEASE! (SECOND
White Sox will not be available.
                                                           You and a friend can ride the Duchesne elevator without
Donated by Minnesota Twins Baseball
                                                           fear of “getting caught” for the entire second semester of
025 REMEMBER ROSENBLATT – VIP STYLE                        the 2010-2011 school year (January to May). The lucky
Remember Father’s Day 2010 forever. Use these four         winning student may select a different friend for each
tickets to see the afternoon game on Sunday, June 20,      ride!
2010 at the College World Series. Tickets are in the       $NO STEPS
first row between home plate and first base. Attend the    Donated by Duchesne Academy of the Sacred Heart
game and use four Pavilion Passes to the Planit Omaha
tent. Inside the tent you are able to watch the game,      030 CHEF MICHAEL KULT AND
enjoy refreshments, and share memories of Rosenblatt       PHOTOGRAPHER FR. DON DOLL, S.J.
with other fans! Package includes one parking pass.        COMBINE THEIR TALENTS ONCE AGAIN!
Remember the game with a Peggy Karr “Remember              This is a wonderful evening for friends and family to
Rosenblatt” Hometown Heritage collector’s plate.           share, and it’s back by popular demand! Enjoy an elegant
$Priceless                                                 meal prepared by Chef Michael Kult for 5-7 couples.
Donated by Rosalie and Don Stormberg, Carrie and Jim       This meal will be served in the Jesuit Community’s
Conway and Lesley Brandt of Planit Omaha                   Upper Room on the Sixth Floor of Creighton’s
                                                           Administration Building. The evening will begin with a
026 FIGHTING IRISH IN 2010                                 glass of wine in the Ignatius House and a tour of Fr. Don
Next fall, pack your bags and head to South Bend to        Doll’s Digital Photography Studio. Couples may have
root for the Fighting Irish. Spend a fun weekend in        an 8x10 portrait made by Creighton’s award-winning
South Bend, Indiana, with two nights at the South Bend     photographer, Fr. Don Doll, S.J. Date to be mutually
Marriott. Use two tickets to see Notre Dame play Utah      agreed upon by all parties. View Fr. Doll’s work at
on November 13, 2010. A new season, new coach, new         www.magis.creighton.edu.
team and a new experience for you and a friend. Don’t      $2000
forget to pack your blue and green Notre Dame fleece       Donated by Chef Michael Kult and the Creighton Jesuit
blanket to keep warm!                                      Community, Fr. Don Doll, S.J. and Friends of Duchesne
Donated by Anne and Bob Bothe, Ann and Steve
Hergenrader and a Friend of Duchesne

031 SUSHI, SASHIMI & CHOPSTICKS                              035 NAME THE CIRCLE DRIVE
Any time of year, host a private sushi dinner party for 10   This is your chance to choose the name of the circle drive
people at Blue Sushi in the Old Market. Experience the       entrance for the 2010/2011 school year! The sign will
art of rolling sushi one-on-one with a sushi chef who will   indicate the name YOU choose. A reserved parking spot
set up your party of 10. They’ll teach you tricks of the     in the student parking lot is also included.
trade that you can apply at home if you choose. The chef     $ PRICELESS
will also give you a background of the Japanese cuisine      Donated by Omaha Neon Sign Co. and Duchesne
and how it has evolved in the American culture. Make it      Academy
a fun night out on the town!
$600                                                         036 FRENCH V CLASS DINNER
Donated by Blue Sushi Saki Grill                             The French V Class is excited to once again deliver a
                                                             pleasurable evening, and everything will be French - of
032 KC CHIEFS                                                course! The class will plan and prepare a five-course
Enjoy a day in Kansas City at Arrowhead Stadium              dinner (hors d’oeuvres, main course, salad, cheese and
watching the Chiefs. You will be sitting in four perfect     dessert) for six people. Wine is included. The seniors
seats located on the 50-yard line. Two tickets in row 21     and their instructor will prepare and serve this fine meal
and two in row 22 on the visitors side of the stadium.       at your home on a weekend evening or at Ms. ver Hulst’s
Includes a $100 food voucher, and a parking pass for free    home at a mutually convenient time and location. The
parking at the game - close to the stadium. (Game date       voucher for this dinner must be redeemed before May 1,
to be mutually agreed upon with the Sodoro Family).          2010.
Package includes one night’s stay at the Aloft Hotel in      $800
Leawood. Make a trip of it!                                  Donated by Fredericka ver Hulst and the French V
$850                                                         Students
Donated by Janette and Emil Sodoro and Christie and
Mike Rowen                                                   037 PRINCIPAL FOR A DAY AT DUCHESNE
                                                             Can you fill Mrs. Hickman’s shoes? Your daughter will
033 BEST LUNCH IN TOWN                                       exchange places for a day mutually agreed upon with
Treat your student to the best lunch in town. Package        Principal Laura Hickman. Mrs. Hickman will take
includes lunches for the 2010-2011 school year, plus $50     notes in the class of your daughter’s choice and in her
worth of snack bar tickets.                                  own words “they will be the best notes ever taken!” A
$800                                                         “working lunch” may be in order to make decisions about
Donated by Gouter and the Duchesne Academy Lunch             a few pressing issues (calendar or uniform items, maybe
Ladies                                                       even designating a free-dress day?). Your daughter’s class
                                                             won’t suffer either. They will be treated to a pizza lunch
034 RAISE YOUR PADDLE FOR TUITION                            hosted by Mrs. Hickman.
ASSISTANCE                                                   $PRICELESS
In addition to bidding on our many auction items this        Donated by Mrs. Laura Hickman and Duchesne
evening, this is your opportunity to help a Duchesne         Academy
student by raising your paddle to underwrite a tuition-
assistance grant for a student in need. This 100% tax-
deductible donation will directly benefit a student during
the 2010-2011 academic year.

Did you know...
 Did you know that the Duchesne Handbell Choir
        performed for the Omaha Holiday
                Festival of Lights?
038 MULHALL’S AND MCKAY’S                                       040 FRENCH DESSERTS AND/OR HORS
Is your yard in need of a real makeover? You can get            D’OEUVRES - TIMES TWELVE
it done with these gift certificates from Mulhall’s and         If you are a dessert or appetizer lover, this item is made
McKay’s landscaping goods and services! Let Mulhall’s           for you. Fredericka can do it all! Chocolate Mousse,
designers and landscape professionals help you spruce           Raspberry Tartlets or Poached Pears – whatever your
up with this $1,000 gift card. Brighten the deal with a         heart desires. Place your special order each month for
$500 gift certificate for McKay’s Landscape lighting. The       desserts or hors d’oeuvres beginning February 2010
certificate is good for landscape services, trees, plants, or   through January 2011. Perfect for birthday, family or
any purchase in Mulhall’s store.                                dinner parties. Our very own French Chef, Fredericka
$1500                                                           ver Hulst, will prepare enough for six. She will also
Donated by Mulhall’s Home and Garden Showplace and              be happy to work with you to combine this package to
McKay Landscape Lighting                                        facilitate your event or special needs. A great deal – Trés
039 OKTOBERFEST PARTY FOR TEN AT                                $1000
GERDA’S BAKERY                                                  Donated by Fredericka ver Hulst
Sauerkraut and schnitzel, German beer, pork roast and
dumplings…get a good taste of the best German food in
town at Gerda’s Bakery. Host a private dinner party for
ten at Gerda’s and eat and drink like kings and queens.
Mutually agreed upon date with Gerda. Expires 1/30/11.
Donated by Gerda’s Bakery

                                                                          We form men of
                                                                        faith, scholarship,
                                                                          leadership and
                                                                           service in the
                                                                           catholic and
                                                                         Jesuit tradition
                                                                                  creighton prep
                                                                     call today to schedule a visit for your son!

                                                                     7400 Western ave.   omaha, ne 68114        402.393.1190

     McGrath North
        is proud
       to support

First National Tower, Suite 3700  1601 Dodge Street   Omaha, NE 68102
                 (402) 341-3070  www.mcgrathnorth.com

Super Silent Auction Index
001   Colorado Rockies Tickets        017 Notre Mater
002   Joseph Johnston Photography     018 Duchesne Print
003   Diamond Necklace                019 The Lone Cypress Print
004   Duchesne College Nightstand     020 Tulip Band Print
005   St. Louis Cardinals Tickets     021 Laurie & Charles Photography
006   Collector Jackie Doll           022 Omaha – the Movie Festival
007   Blue Fox Fur                    023 Creighton University Scholarship
008   Sacred Heart Art                024 Holy Water Print
009   Duchesne Antique Podium         025 Cox Classic Event
010   Star Experience at 104.5        026 Tiburon Golf Club
011   Brewmeister’s Dream             027 Prairie Life Fitness
012   Irish Neon                      028 Black & White Student Photography
013   Antique Mater Medal             029 Heartland Wood Floors
014 Legally Blonde                    030 Interior Design Firm
015 Smiles for Miles                  031   It’s In the Bag
016 Bob Kerrey Walking Bridge Photo   032   Opera Omaha

101 COLORADO ROCKIES TICKETS                                   106 COLLECTOR JACKIE DOLL
Four tickets to a Colorado Rockies game in the 2010            The 1997 Franklin Mint First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy
season at Coors Field in Denver, Colorado. Please see          Dress-Up Doll exhibits the style of our most elegant
certificate for restrictions.                                  fashionista first lady. This package includes a 16” doll
$140                                                           illustrating Mrs. Kennedy as she appeared in her 1961
Donated by Donna and David Erker                               inauguration gown (the original is in the Smithsonian
                                                               Museum); in addition there is a complete wardrobe
102 HOLD THAT POSE                                             trunk, which includes her France state-visit suit, the
For the master! Joe Johnston has been capturing that           Canadian Mountie Red suit; Embassy Dinner ensemble;
inner beauty with his patrons for over 30 years. And his       White House gown; Rome/Vatican Dress; and the
stylist and muse, wife Judy, will make certain that while      ensemble for her state visit to India.
every hair is in place; the subject(s) will look as natural    $800
and fresh as a candid shot. Package includes one personal      Donated by Dr. Jacqueline D. St. John
consultation, one studio session for children or families
and one 16”x16” (color or black and white) signature,          107 BLUE WITH ENVY
archival print. Please note, there is no exchange or cash      That’s what your friends will be when you strut through
value for this item. Also, this is for families or children,   the door wearing this blue fox fur wrap.
no senior portraits.                                           $500
$1000                                                          Donated by Mary Garvey
Donated by Johnston Portrait Studio
                                                               108 SACRED HEART PIECE OF ART
103 DIAMOND NECKLACE                                           Four earthenware plates stamped with a unique insignia:
This Roberto Coin diamond pave puffed heart suspends           the Sacred Heart within the state of Nebraska. Designed
on a 16” yellow gold chain. The perfect accessory for you      and crafted by Duchesne’s own art instructor Doug
or someone you love.                                           Schroeder. Food safe but far too pretty to actually use!
$600                                                           $200
Donated by Sarah Langdon David A75                             Donated by Doug Schroeder

104 A PIECE OF HISTORY                                         109 THIRD GENERATION ANTIQUE
A re-finished piece of Duchesne history! This nightstand       Lol Hollander C46 (grandmother to Christie Ferlic
once sat in our college dormitory. Our college doors           Peetz A98, Elisabeth Ferlic A00, Carolyn Ferlic A03, and
closed in 1968 which makes this item truly priceless.          Jessica Ferlic A04) offers this priceless antique: a podium
$400                                                           desk which dates to Duchesne primary school days.
Donated by Duchesne Academy of the Sacred Heart                $400
                                                               Donated by Lol Hollander C46 and Janet Hollander
105 MEET ME IN ST. LOUIE                                       Ferlic A68
Feel like you are a part of the action when you watch
a game featuring 2009 National League MVP Albert               110 STAR EXPERIENCE
Pujols and the St. Louis Cardinals’ from four seats            Do you see yourself as a DJ or Veejay in the future?
situated right on the Cards’ dugout. If you and your           Find out! Hang out in the Star 104.5 studio with radio
family are Cardinals fans, it doesn’t get much better.         personality and local celebrity, Nikki Boulay. See what
The view of the St. Louis skyline, seeing the players up       happens at Omaha’s Number One at Work radio station.
close and personal when they return to the dugout, and         $400
beautiful Busch Stadium – all pretty cool! Buyers will         Donated by Nikki Boulay Cripe and Star 104.5
have access to numerous weekend or weekday dates on
the Cardinals’ 2010 schedule. Most dates will be available
if selected in February.
Donated by Mary Erker
111 BREWMEISTER’S DREAM                                      115 SMILES FOR MILES
This Danby “kegerator” beer tap refrigerator stores up to    Your beautiful white smile will have you grinning from
60 liters of beer kegs – keeping your cold one super cool.   cheek to cheek. In-office bleaching by professional
The kegerator can also convert to a mini-fridge. With this   technologist via laser.
kegerator comes a keg of locally brewed, delicious Lucky     $525
Bucket beer!                                                 Donated by Bernie P. Dudzinski, D.D.S, Mapleview
$600                                                         Dentistry
Donated by Nebraska Furniture Mart and Dana and
Mike Meyer                                                   116 BOB KERREY WALKING BRIDGE PHOTO
                                                             AND SIGNATURE
112 IRISH NEON                                               A gorgeous framed nighttime photograph of one of
Shamrock-shaped neon light. Light up your home with          our newest attractions in downtown Omaha - the
the luck of the Irish!                                       Bob Kerrey Walking Bridge. Taken by our very own
$650                                                         Nikki McDonald. The former Senator also signed this
Donated by Susan Marchese, Omaha Neon Sign Co.               photograph.
113 ANTIQUE MATER MEDAL                                      Donated by Meghan and Tom Rowen
A gift from Genoa Italy. An antique hammered gold
mater cut-out medal. A unique and priceless Sacred           117 NOTRE MATER
Heart memento.                                               Artist and Grand Coteau Sacred Heart alumna, Paula
$300                                                         Lanuessee (1968) has created a gorgeous plaque of our
Donated by A Friend of Duchesne                              Mater Admirabilis for you to display in your home or
                                                             somewhere special. The beautiful easel is included. The
114 LEGALLY BLONDE IN OMAHA                                  plaque is a collection piece from Old Masters Classics.
Six tickets for the musical’s opening night: April 27,       $100
2010 at The Holland Performing Arts Center. Package          Donated by Schools of the Sacred Heart, Grand Coteau,
includes access to the Anne Thorne Weaver Lounge             Louisiana
before the performance and during intermission, with
complimentary wine, beer and sodas, plus admission to        118 THE ACADEMY
the cast party following the performance.                    Drawing of Duchesne Academy circa 1978 by artist Sue
$600                                                         Pospeschil Olson and copyrighted by Duchesne.
Donated by Stacie and Rob Reed and Omaha                     $500
Performing Arts                                              Donated by Barbara and Tom Burke

119 THE LONE CYPRESS                                           125 FORE!
As the title indicates, the subject of this picture, by        Attend the Cox Classic Golf Event in July 2010. Use
Duchesne French teacher Nikki McDonald, is the                 these four passes for the clubhouse all week long. (Call
famous 200 year-old Lone Cypress, located along 17-            June 15, 2010 for more information.)
mile drive near Pebble Beach on California’s Monterrey         $320
Peninsula. Originally photographed on an overcast,             Donated by Lexus of Omaha, sponsors of COX
drizzly day, a little digital darkroom magic has               CLASSIC and Gina Matt
transformed the image into a piece of black and white
graphic art. The black mat and brushed silver frame are        126 MORE FORE!
perfect for this sophisticated look. 15”x18”                   Four rounds of golf at Tiburon Golf course, four rounds
$275                                                           at River Wilde---plus a hat from Tiburon’s pro shop.
Donated by Nikki McDonald                                      $400
                                                               Donated by Tiburon Golf Club
This original photograph was taken by Duchesne French          127 START THAT FIT FOR LIFE PROGRAM
teacher, Nikki McDonald. Its bold colors are set off by a      NOW!
black background and the image is presented simply in          With this three month membership to Prairie Life Fitness
a white mat and black frame. This beautiful picture will       at any location.
provide a dramatic accent piece for your home. 14”x18”         $400
$250                                                           Donated by Prairie Life Fitness
Donated by Nikki McDonald
                                                               128 STUDENT PHOTOGRAPHY
121 SENIOR PORTRAIT                                            Duchesne student and photographer Kathleen Nelson
Laurie and Charles, perhaps Omaha’s premier portrait           shot this black and white still of a crucifix. The print has
photographers, offer a black and white photo shoot for         been professionally framed.
your senior portrait in their Old Market studio. (Please       $150
note: this covers your sitting fee only.)                      Donated by Carol and Rudy Lackner
Donated by Laurie and Charles Kay                              129 DO LOOK DOWN!
                                                               With this gift package from Heartland Floors, you will
122 OMAHA - THE MOVIE FESTIVAL                                 be enjoying the view below. First, keep your hardwood
Four all-access passes to the event on March 6-10, 2010.       floors gleaming with the Schmop floor care kit. The
Admissions for opening night (March 8), all festival films     Schmop makes cleaning easy and satisfying. Next, to
during the week (including special screenings), all festival   contrast those lustrous boards, Heartland has provided a
parties (including opening and closing nights), and the        beautiful hand-tufted wool accent rug (5’3” X 7’9”) from
awards ceremony on March 16th.                                 its Guggenheim Collection by Nourrson.
$400                                                           $675
Donated by The Omaha Film Festival                             Donated by Heartland Wood Floors

Two $500 scholarships (one per semester) for an
incoming freshman for fall 2010, 2011, or 2012
(acceptance criteria apply). Also includes a Creighton tee-
Donated by Creighton University

An 8”x10” color photograph taken in St. Peter’s Square
in Rome, during the Papal Blessing. This photograph
has a custom-made white matte with a black frame and
was taken by Duchesne alumna, Julia Odorisio. Total
dimensions 16”x20”.
Donated by Julia Odorisio A01
The professionals at The Interior Design Firm make
residential and commercial interior decorating look
so easy. “IDF promises to create the environment
that appeals to the senses and fully serves the desired
function.” IDF can provide design for your entire house
or find that one perfect piece to make a room pop, such
as this beautiful inlaid vase.
Donated by The Interior Design Firm

This collection of items is for the gal on the go. Includes
a purse, wallet, sunglasses, flip notes, purse finder, scarf
holder with three scarves, gloves, a peace necklace/
earring set, and a prayer bracelet.
Donated by Carol and Rudy Lackner

This certificate is good for either The Marriage of Figaro
(dates February 26 and February 28 at 7:30 p.m.) or
So In Love with Broadway (dates April 16th and 18th at
7:30 p.m.) This also includes a picture frame and Italian
Opera CD for your ears.
Donated by Opera Omaha

Need some help following through with your New Years’
resolutions? This glamorous basket includes spa products
and a gift certificate from One Drake Place and a gift
certificate from Old Market Habitat.
Donated by Mary Donahoo Seina, Old Market Habitat
and One Drake Place

Did you know...
 Duchesne Preschool has five graduates now in the
        Duchesne Academy Freshman class.
201 WELCOME HOME                                          205 FAIRY NICE
A beautiful welcome for your front entrance: a wreath     Mark Roberts presents a collection of themed fairies to
designed to make a statement.                             decorate your home. The Daisy Fairy adds a bit of sparkle
$50                                                       and charm wherever it sits.
Donated by Taylor Flowers                                 $100
                                                          Donated by Friends of Duchesne
Put on this fun and festive sweater and jump start your   206 TELL ME YOUR SECRET
Christmas spirit.                                         Here’s an adorable secret recipe fairy designed by Mark
$55                                                       Roberts to ensure culinary skill, or at least generate a
Donated by Terry and Ed Kult                              remark or two about your kitchen decorating!
203 REJOICE!                                              Donated by Friends of Duchesne
Decorate your home with this appealing Silent Night
Christmas print. Its soft green palette will complement   207 HOLIDAY PILLOW
most decors. Easel included.                              $50
$50                                                       Donated by Wendy and Dave Treinen
Donated by Meg Jones
                                                          208 HOLIDAY PILLOW- AGAIN!
204 PLEASINGLY PUMPED                                     $50
How about a gigantic pumpkin face to spice up your        Donated by Wendy and Dave Treinen
autumn décor?
Donated by Friends of Duchesne

209 COLLECTOR PLATE                                             213 LOVE ON THE WALL
Decorate your home for the holidays with this festive           An endearing reminder of love throughout the year, a
Peggy Karr Santa plate.                                         plaque with the words stated long ago by classic author
$40                                                             Herman Hesse: “If I know what love is, it is because of
Donated by A Friend of Duchesne                                 YOU.”
210 NUT CASE                                                    Donated by Friends of Duchesne
Enjoy these colossal cashews. This giant jar is chalk full
of flavorful protein to enjoy at your tailgate event, holiday   214 HEART SUN CATCHER
gathering, or here and there throughout the year.               Perfect door or window décor for the Valentine season or
$25                                                             to decorate for a Duchesne event. White & pink hearts
Donated by Herman’s Nut Company                                 sun catcher.
211 CROSS-STITCH SAMPLER                                        Donated by The Reilly Family
A beautiful Christmas cross-stitch alphabet framed and
handmade by our very own head of school.                        215 AMBER GLASS CAKE PLATE
$200                                                            Great for entertainment measures 7 ½” x 12” with the
Donated by Sheila K. Haggas                                     lid.
212 FUNNY AND FINE VALENTINE                                    Donated by Friends of Duchesne
Two sweet little hand-embroidered linen guest towels to
spruce up the powder room.                                      216 CARDINAL DISHES
$23                                                             Set of 2 cardinal candy dishes.
Donated by Kathy Dessonville at The Linen Gallery               $25
                                                                Donated by Friends of Duchesne

                                                                   Aim Green.
                                                                   Compact fluorescent
                                                                   light bulbs last
                                                                   longer and use less

                                                                   For more energy
                                                                   saving tips, visit

for him (300’s)
301 DRESS HIM UP                                            308 GOLF FOR HIM
Head to Jerry Ryan Clothing & Sportswear and be fit         Although this is categorized in the FOR HIM section,
for a new sport coat. Every man needs a new sport coat,     don’t let that dissuade any of you ladies from buying this
right?                                                      package for yourselves! We all know Field Club is run by
$450                                                        the femmes. Gift certificate for four rounds of 18. With
Donated by Jerry Ryan Clothing & Sportswear                 carts! OH BOY!!!!!
302 GOOSE HUNT                                              Donated by Field Club of Omaha
Spring 2010 goose hunt in heated blinds, one mile
from the Missouri River and 40 miles north of Omaha.        309 RUNNERS PACKAGE
Breakfast and lunch provided. You provide guns, shells      We all know that if you are serious about comfort
and licenses. A bright sunny day, the taste of bacon and    and performance you get your athletic shoes at Peak
the smell of gun powder – perfect!                          Performance. Jam out to the iPod Nano Nike sport kit
$500                                                        while you run. To accompany the sneakers and tunes,
Donated by Michael Kozlik                                   have fun with this huge basket of goodies: Runners
                                                            World magazine, Run Log Diary and Guide, shoe
303 THY WILL BE DONE                                        deodorizers, hydration bottle, Blue Ice reusable, Cliff
By a professional attorney, namely Thomas M. Rowen,         nutrition energy bars and shoe pouches for the Nike iPod
J.D., who will assist in the composition of a husband and   sport kit.
wife’s will, including power of attorney provisions.        $160
$150                                                        Donated by Peak Performance and Friends of Duchesne
Donated by Thomas M. Rowen, Attorney at Law
                                                            310 UPWARD MOBILITY
304 JUST CHILL                                              Well, at least CLEAN mobility with this package from
The Magic Chef mini-fridge, sized for the minimalist,       Bick’s Mobile Wash. This program includes a standard
the desk jockey, or the college dorm.                       wash, which after this winter, we all will need!
$75                                                         $40
Donated by Suzy Kratochvil                                  Donated by Bick’s Mobile Wash

305 IS THIS THE RAIN FOREST?                                311 MOP, SCHMOP
No, just a happy lawn brought to its full lushness by the   This item is most definitely not placed in the correct
lads at Loveland Lawn. Package includes the Loveland        category because my HIM has never used the SCHMOP,
Five-Step Lawn Program.                                     but I have lived with and loved it since Mark installed
$70                                                         our hardwood floors 18 years ago. The Schmop kit
Donated by Loveland Lawns                                   includes a mop (called a Schmop because it is so
                                                            schmooth) plus two extra cloths, floor protective pads for
306 SOCCER CAMP                                             furniture, and pro-care hardwood floor cleaner with a
Creighton Prep hosts this one-week soccer camp where        spray bottle.
“the focus is fun!”                                         $50
$90                                                         Donated by Mark David Floors
Donated by Creighton Preparatory School
Jim Swanson, Coach                                          312 ART WITH HEART
                                                            This metal violin sculpture is a one-of-a-kind original! By
307 BRAINIACS                                               artist Sondra Gerber.
Get your extra smarts at CP’s summer school. Way cool,      $48
way smart!                                                  Donated by Sondra Gerber
Donated by Creighton Preparatory School

313 WHERE THERE’S A WILL                                     321 OUR CAPITOL - THAT’S CAPITAL!
There is a way to keep complicated business and personal     A handsomely rendered water color signed print of the
matters under control. This package includes a will for a    Nebraska State Capitol.
husband and wife along with power of attorney.               $50
$250                                                         Donated by Governor Dave Heineman
Donated by Ken Dudek
                                                             322 ORBIS MAP
314 SETTLE IN WITH A GOOD BOOK                               An antique-looking framed map for an office or den.
Doorway to Freedom, The Story of David Kaufman, is a         $130
biography written and signed by the author, Bill Ramsey.     Donated by Friends of Duchesne
Donated by Bill Ramsey                                       323 BLUE CHIP: THE CHIP OF CHAMPIONS
                                                             Enjoy a Blue Jay chip and dip platter for munchies
315 THE MEASURE OF A MAN                                     before, after or during a game. GO JAYS!
Is certainly helped when he can measure his coffee with      $50
his very own multi-colored and bejeweled coffee spoon.       Donated by Friends of Duchesne
Donated by Kathy and Jim Simpson                             324 TONE IT UP
                                                             Better Bodies prides itself on being a workout facility for
316 TEQUILA SET UP                                           every body. Since 1989, Better Bodies’ staff has committed
Two blue-rimmed shot glasses and matching glass plate        themselves to helping their clients shape up, stay trim and
are the backdrop for a smooth bottle of Jose Cuervo          enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Trial three-month membership.
Tequila.                                                     $200
$50                                                          Donated by Better Bodies
Donated by Kathy and Jim Simpson
                                                             325 GOLF DAY
317 CARRY ON                                                 One of these unseasonably lovely spring days, you are
Carry your tennis balls and accessories with this            going to be so glad you bid on this offer! A two-some for
handsome bag.                                                golf with cart at Eagle Run Golf Club.
$70                                                           $48
Donated by Centre Court, Inc.                                Donated by Eagle Run Golf Complex

318 HANDSOME AND PRACTICAL                                   326 IMPROVE THAT DRIVE, PUTT, CHIP….
And comfortable, as well. This Cutter and Buck men’s         Two simulation passes to perfect your game.
golf sweater (size XXL) features a half zip for ease of      $40
putting on and taking off.                                   Donated by Austad’s Golf Store
Donated by Susan and Mark Hughes

Can always be found at Rossi Clothiers. Make your
choice from hundreds of beautiful items with this gift
Donated by Rossi Clothiers

Have a cook-out and use this Omaha Steaks cookbook
to learn new tricks and perfect old ones. Top off the meat
with their delicious seasonings.
Donated by Omaha Steaks

327 A DISTINGUISHED GENTLEMAN….                             331 ACTION MAN BASKET
Would be a patron of this longtime clothier. Lindley        Includes two vaction cooler bag and seats (insulated bag/
Clothing Stores has been dressing gents since 1935 and in   cooler bag can convert to a seat); emergency road kit with
Omaha since 1960. Always a classic and a most generous      cables, puncture seal, tire inflator, emergency lantern;
benefactor.                                                 Eddie Bauer hydration bottle pack, PLUS two John
$100                                                        Candy flicks: Uncle Buck and Great Outdoors.
Donated by Lindley Clothing Stores                          $85
                                                            Donated by Jan Jasnowski
An 18-hole outing for four, with carts—nirvana!             332 VESTED
$152                                                        Classic black Harry Verdon lined men’s golf sweater vest
Donated by Bay Hills Golf Course                            with suede accents embroidered with Duchesne Academy
                                                            in black. Perfect for the proud DASH DAD!
329 TEMPLETON RYE                                           $110
Produced and bottled in Templeton Iowa, this little         Donated by The Kozlik Family
bottle of whiskey is one of only 50-75 bottles made each
year. Enjoy its smooth flavor.                              333 GRILL TIME!
$70                                                         The perfect Father’s Day gift for Dad: a grilling pan,
Donated by Deb Bogard                                       skewers for kabobs, lemon brown sugar sauce and a
                                                            yummy meat tub for your food.
330 CAMP ST. JOHN                                           $40
One week for one lucky boy at Mount Michael during          Donated by Carol and John Higgins
the summer of 2010. Package includes a Mount Michael
Donated by Mount Michael Abbey

    Your Potential
At College of Saint Mary, you’ll learn nothing is out
of reach. From paralegal and teaching, to science
and business – we have the program for you!

We offer a variety of student financial aid –
scholarships, grants, loans & our Marie Curie
Scholars Program for math & science majors.

Visit www.watchmebloom.com to learn more.

                                                              Apply online at www.CSM.edu
             Omaha, NE • 402-399-2355
Home and garden (400’s)
401 ARE YOU SEEING LITTLE FAIRIES?                            407 GARDEN BUTTERFLY
Maybe you thought that glass of wine made you see a           A round butterfly mosaic stepping stone for garden walk
new magical friend. It’s no apparition because a wine         or wall.
lover’s fairy truly exists. A collectible piece of art by     $25
designer Mark Roberts.                                        Donated by Friends of Duchesne
Donated by Friends of Duchesne                                408 RUBY TUESDAY
                                                              A lovely ruby red pedestal bowl to use as a candy dish, to
402 SERVE ME UP                                               hold your baubles, or as an accent piece.
This beautiful Julia Knight blush bowl combines sand          $25
cast aluminum with hand-painted pearlized enamel.             Donated by Meg Jones
This light pink, mother-of-pearl serving piece is 12”
wide and 14” deep and perfect for spring and summer           409 LONGABERGER MAIL BOX
entertainment. Julia Knight’s designs are all one-of-a-       Everyone knows the quality that comes in a Longaberger
kind.                                                         basket. This one is a large mail basket, ready to be
$195                                                          attached to a wall (hardware included.) It sports a
Donated by Kruszynski Law Firm, PLLC                          wooden lid and contains a plastic protector inside.
403 HAND CRAFTED POTTERY                                      Donated by Mary Kay Olsen
Known for its durability as well as its looks, this pottery
set of salt and pepper shakers with tray is handmade by       410 LONGABERGER BASKET
Polish artisans.                                              This beautifully made large Longaberger basket
$30                                                           features green accent weaving, a green tartan liner,
Donated by Select Polish Pottery and Pamela Huerta            plastic protector, and two swinging handles. From the
                                                              Traditions Collection.
404 BATTER BOWL                                               $160
Another beautiful and practical design from Select            Donated by Mary Kay Olsen
Polish Pottery. Safe for the oven, microwave, dishwasher,
refrigerator or freezer. Handmade by Polish artisans, it is   411 LAZY SUSAN
prized for its durability and heirloom quality.               Marble slab lazy-susan for indoor or outdoor use. The
$75                                                           perfect combination of beauty and function.
Donated by Pamela Huerta                                      $130
                                                              Donated by Friends of Duchesne
A round turtle mosaic stepping stone…to decorate a walk       412 GOLD-STUDDED HEART CHARGER
or a wall.                                                    This would be gorgeous on any table, in any hutch or
$25                                                           even on the counter as a display piece. The heart is gold-
Donated by Friends of Duchesne                                studded and off center.
406 GARDEN LADYBUG                                            Donated by Friends of Duchesne
A round ladybug mosaic stepping stone for garden walk
or wall.                                                      413 FLEUR-DE-LIS SHIELD VASE
$25                                                           A metal vase to be hung on the wall – great for dried
Donated by Friends of Duchesne                                flowers.
                                                              Donated by Friends of Duchesne

414 JURASSIC ART                                               422 PLANT STAND
Use this silver leaf-shaped tray as a service piece or as a    A red iron stand to use for a plant or as a small table.
piece of art. A conversation starter for this epoch!           Features heart motif on each side.
$60                                                            $70
Donated by Friends of Duchesne                                 Donated by Friends of Duchesne

415 EARTHY ENTERTAINING                                        423 POLE LANTERN
Set that pitcher of Kool-Aid or Cosmos on this stone slab      Rustic patina and holds a candle - beautiful for a deck.
tray and make an entrance! The slab features handles for       $90
easy conveyance - either inside or out on the patio.           Donated by Friends of Duchesne
Donated by Friends of Duchesne                                 424 VERDE CLOCK
                                                               This large round clock with green patina roman numerals
416 PRESSED TIN VASE                                           will be the focus of any room in which it hangs.
A distinctive red tin vase for use outdoors or indoors.        $150
$40                                                            Donated by Friends of Duchesne
Donated by Friends of Duchesne
                                                               425 RATTAN TRAY
417 NO ROW LOW WOOD BOAT                                       Attractive brown woven rattan tray to use for outdoor or
Conversation piece or art object, this black wooden boat       indoor entertaining.
is a stunning table topper.                                    $40
$70                                                            Donated by Friends of Duchesne
Donated by Friends of Duchesne
                                                               426 RATTAN NAPKIN HOLDER
418 DESEO I HURRICANE                                          Mathes the above tray.
Large hurricane on a scroll design base with room for          $20
large candle.                                                  Donated by Friends of Duchesne
Donated by Friends of Duchesne                                 427 MIRROR MIRROR
                                                               A stunning 10”x10” gold mirror. Perfect accent for any
419 DESEO II HURRICANE                                         room!
Large hurricane on a scroll design base with room for          $250
large candle.                                                  Donated by Friends of Duchesne
Donated by Friends of Duchesne                                 428 ROMA PICTURE FRAME
                                                               A 4”x6” Roma black and silver picture frame. A very
420 TIME PIECE                                                 distinctive piece.
This all-weather clock can be used out on the porch, by        $120
the pool or on the patio. It comes with stand.                 Donated by Friends of Duchesne
Donated by Friends of Duchesne                                 429 ROMA FRAME
                                                               A 4”x6” stately black and gold picture frame - perfect for
421 CRYSTAL CHARGER                                            shelf or mantle.
Use this beautiful silver plate encircled with crystal beads   $100
as a tray or a charger.                                        Donated by Friends of Duchesne
Donated by Friends of Duchesne

Did you know...
Did you know that 73% of our full time faculty has
 a master’s degree or greater in their content area?
FRAME                                                        Both will feel content in this green and white birdhouse
A 3”x5” picture frame for any room in your home.             on your porch. You might want to forget the birds and
$40                                                          use it for a conversation piece in the den or kitchen.
Donated by Friends of Duchesne                               $45
                                                             Donated by Friends of Duchesne
A remarkably lovely tray for entertaining.                   440 DECORATOR LAMP
$50                                                          This perfectly proportioned lamp designed by Tracy
Donated by Friends of Duchesne                               Porter will look equally charming at bedside or by the
432 INSPIRATIONAL CROSS                                      $75
This says it all – this is a gorgeous cross that you can     Donated by Friends of Duchesne
hang indoors or outdoors.
$50                                                          441 BIG VASE FOR BIG BLOOMS
Donated by Friends of Duchesne                               Fill this large, white, antique-looking vase with greens or
                                                             big flowers.
433 TOYO KOI GOLD VASE                                       $145
Gorgeous gold leaf vase featuring hand-painted koi fish      Donated by Friends of Duchesne
on its base.
$150                                                         442 PICTURE PERFECT
Donated by Friends of Duchesne                               This stunning Olivia Riegel pearl and jeweled
                                                             Elizabethan-style picture frame awaits the pretty face of
434 RECIPE BOX                                               your Duchesne Dolly.
Doesn’t everyone need to organize their recipes?! This box   $190
is colorful and perfect for just that.                       Donated by Friends of Duchesne
Donated by Friends of Duchesne                               443 RUSTIC WOODEN PAIL
                                                             This handled wooden container can be used for just
435 SERVE PASTA WITH A FLOURISH                              about anything from magazines, to knitting supplies, to
Nora Fleming pasta bowl with beach ball accessory. Use       your guest room towel supply.
this for a colorful Pasta salad—molto bene!                  $65
$60                                                          Donated by Friends of Duchesne
Donated by Friends of Duchesne
                                                             444 FESTIVE FLOWER STAKE
436 GREEN FLOWER VASE                                        To increase that curb appeal - perfect for your front or
Display a bouquet in this avocado green oval vase,           backyard.
featuring a sunflower design.                                $40
$25                                                          Donated by Friend of Duchesne
Donated by Friends of Duchesne
                                                             445 FLOWER POWER
437 SWEETS FOR THE TWEETS                                    A colorful flower stake to make your garden “pop”.
Feed the birds with this adorable woodland birdhouse.        $40
$25                                                          Donated by Friend of Duchesne
Donated by Friends of Duchesne

Hang this ruby red birdfeeder and watch the
hummingbirds flock to your backyard.
Donated by Friends of Duchesne

This flower stake is a fun piece of art to brighten your
garden or yard.
Donated by Friend of Duchesne

The LaChamba is earthen cookware created from clay
collected from Colombian farmlands. It can be used over
open fire/flame or grill, oven or microwave.
Donated by Early to Bed

Another LaChamba cooking pot, created by clay from         A decorative garden trellis – beautiful when fully grown!
Colombia, this one is a larger size.                       $50
$70                                                        Donated by Karen and Cal German
Donated by Early to Bed
                                                           451 EARTH BOX
449 SWIRLING PLANT PILLAR                                  Gorgeous hand painted ivory colored box with earth/tree
Decorative garden art for your yard.                       design.
$50                                                        $75
Donated by Karen and Cal German                            Donated by “On a Whim”, owned by freshman parents,
                                                           Christy Straka and Denise Fitzgerald

                                                           452 IMAGINE
                                                           This wall plaque can hang in any creative place you
  Winter temperature in our                                $28
     greenhouse: 70° F.                                    Donated by “On a Whim”, owned by freshman parents,
                                                           Christy Straka and Denise Fitzgerald

                                                           453 HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS
                                                           Adorable plaque to place above a door in any room that
                                                           states “It’s not the home I love, but all those who enter
                                                           through her doors”.
                                                           Donated by “On a Whim”, owned by freshman parents,
                                                           Christy Straka and Denise Fitzgerald

    Stop in to browse our selection of tropical plants
             or attend one of our seminars!
      Find out more by visiting www.mulhalls.com.

                Mulhall’s has it all!
          120th & Maple • (402) 496-0700
treasures and children (500’s)
501 ANTIQUE NEEDLEPOINT (WOMAN)                              508 FINE PATINA
This beautiful needlepoint piece was completed many          Silver never goes out of style or service. Enjoy these
years ago. Framed by Marshall Field’s in a stunning          beautiful antique silver trays for display or for serving.
golden frame.                                                $60
$500                                                         Donated by A Friend of Duchesne
Donated by Genevieve Christ Flagg C60 & Richard
Flagg                                                        509 SIP WITH ZIP
                                                             Champagne served in Waterford crystal somehow just
502 ANTIQUE NEEDLEPOINT (MAN)                                tastes soooooooooo good!
This beautiful needlepoint piece was completed many          Enjoy your next bottle of Cristal in these two crystal
years ago. Framed by Marshall Field’s in a stunning          flutes.
golden frame.                                                $65
$500                                                         Donated by A Friend of Duchesne
Donated by Genevieve Christ Flagg C60 & Richard
Flagg                                                        510 FAMILY VAULT
                                                             Be safe and feel safe with this wonderful home safe. Place
503 TABLE TOP TRIUMPHS!                                      all your treasures and beloved belongings in this fire-safe,
Enjoy this fun Shuffleshot game on your dining room (or      burglar-proof home safe.
kitchen) table. Games by Crossley Shuffleshot.               $275
$100                                                         Donated by Janet Hollander Ferlic A68 and Lol
Donated by Donna and Louis Finocchairo                       Hollander C46

504 WINTER SCENE WATERCOLOR                                  511 FOR WORK OR DISPLAY
Original watercolor winter scene painted by Wisconsin        A beautiful Margarita Carreras 8” square tray can be
artist, Marie Blend, circa 1980-1985.                        used in countless ways.
$350                                                         $80
Donated by Geraldine Carolus Lawhon C48                      Donated by A Friend of Duchesne
                                                             512 KEEP COLLECTING
United States Mint Proof Sets – a great gift for the first
                                                             Another Margarita Carreras plate, 10” square.
time or established coin collector. Years 1973, 1974,
1976, 1978, 1980 and 1982.
                                                             Donated by A Fiend of Duchesne
Donated by Noreen and John Frenking
                                                             513 THIRD PLATE
                                                             The last in a trilogy of Margarita Carreras collector
                                                             plates, 12” square.
An antique collection of 12 bone china plates – the
Franklin Mint First Edition. (1989-1991)
                                                             Donated by A Friend of Duchesne
Donated by a Friend of Duchesne
                                                             514 PURPLE WAVES
507 ST. MARGARET MARY CHURCH                                 A stunning array of silk flowers arranged in a unique
A beautifully framed Judith Welk print of St. Margaret       vase - a splash of color to brighten your mood.
Mary Church in Omaha. Judith Welk is a well-known            $35
local artist who has portrayed almost every Omaha            Donated by Mary Ann Belford C51
historic landmark to-date. This particular print is no
longer available. It is 108/175 and was screen-printed in    515 STEEP YOUR TEA
the spring of 1994. Very special.                            In this clever little teapot masquerading as a watering
$400                                                         can.
Donated by Anne and Mike McGuire                             $50
48                                                           Donated by Mary Ann Belford C51
516 OMAHA CHILDREN’S MUSEUM                                 524 BABY BOY KNIT CAP
A whole lot of fun and a family favorite. For some of us,   A hand- knit cap for a baby boy, created in blue, gray and
a sweet memory of our Duchesne girls as toddlers and        green. Fits 10-15 months.
pre-schoolers, and for others, an on-going, ever-evolving   $40
event! Gift certificate.                                    Donated by Jane Cetrone Monnich A66
Donated by Omaha Children’s Museum                          525 TO THE POOL! TO SWIMTASTIC!
                                                            A children’s beach towel, swim goggles, flip-flops and a
517 BLESSINGS PICTURE FRAME                                 picture frame. With these accessories (minus the picture
Any baby picture could be put in this gorgeous Blessings    frame!) take your child to Swimtastic Swimming School
frame – babies are a blessing!                              for fantastic swim lessons.
$30                                                         $200
Donated by Meg Jones                                        Donated by the Hillmer Family and Swimtastic
                                                            Swimming School
Very sweet for the bedroom of a future Duchesne Dolly.      526 CLASSIC NAVY COACH HOBO BAG
$30                                                         Navy blue vintage patent Coach purse with gold snap
Donated by Meg Jones                                        closure and ivory plaid lining.
                                                            Donated by a Friend of Duchesne
Hand-crocheted pink sweater, blanket, and bonnet for a
baby girl, class of 2027?
                                                            527 SADDLE BROWN HOBO BAG
Donated by Caye Fulcher                                     Vintage saddle brown hobo with light pink lining and
                                                            adjustable handle.
520 HEART PHOTO FRAME                                       $150
Whimsical musical frame for a 4”X6” photo. Plays,           Donated by a Friend of Duchesne
“Someday, My Prince Will Come.”
$18                                                         528 PERFECT DASH BAG
Donated by Carolyn Meeks                                    Red and khaki vintage traditional Coach bucket bag.
                                                            Perfect for all ages.
521 FOR A FUTURE DUCHESNE DOLLY                             $200
Cute pink sweatshirt (youth-sized Medium) with              Donated by a Friend of Duchesne
Duchesne logo.
$25                                                         529 IVORY BANGLE
Donated by A Friend of Duchesne                             Gold and ivory Coach brand bangle.
522 BOOK LOVER’S DILEMMA                                    Donated by a Friend of Duchesne
So many volumes, so much selection, so little time!
The Bookworm in Countryside Village beckons you to          530 GOLD STUD BANGLE
browse the stacks in this well lighted, cozy bookshop.      Wooden and gold studded bangle.
Gift certificate.                                           $40
$30                                                         Donated by a Friend of Duchesne
Donated by Kelly Hickey
                                                            531 STRIPE BANGLE
523 BABY GIRL KNIT CAP                                      Colorful stripe and gold bangle bracelet made by Coach.
A hand-knit 100% cotton stocking cap, created in pink,      $40
purple and green for a baby girl. Fits up to 15 months      Donated by A Friend of Duchesne
Donated by Jane Cetrone Monnich A66

entertainment (600’s)
601 ALL SHOOK UP!                                          605 A FOCUS ON FOOD
Two tickets to see “All Shook Up” at the Omaha             Food that is wholesome, fresh and simple and a plentiful
Community Playhouse. These tickets are for the opening     menu which keeps folks coming back. Gift certificate.
weekend, March 5-7, 2010. Must be used for one show        $50
March 5-7, 2010.                                           Donated by Le Peep
Donated by The Omaha Community Playhouse                   606 AN OCTOPUS’ GARDEN PLUS GREAT
602 A NIGHT WITH JULIA KNIGHT                              Enjoy the colorful backdrop of the Yellow Submarine
Julia Knight purple oval platter made of sand cast         while you dine at Saddle Creek’s famous Sgt. Peffer’s,
aluminum and hand painted enamel. This bowl is one-of-     where the sandwiches are major, the pizzas are
a-kind, hand-sculpted and painted by an artisan. Use for   abundunza, and the décor harkens to the golden age of
appetizers, bread or even household décor. 15”x7.5”x2”     John, Paul, George and Ringo (Dining also available at
$100                                                       the Millard location as well.) Gift certificate.
Donated by Angela Haggas Kruszynski & Richard              $50
Kruszynski                                                 Donated by Sgt. Peffer’s Café Italian

603 KID TIME                                               607 CINE & DINE
Enjoy these four tickets for any public show at the Rose   At Omaha’s new Marcus Midtown theater! Enjoy four
Performing Arts Theater. Must use before 5/16/10.          passes to the new movie theater on Farnam Street at
$64                                                        Midtown Crossing. Enjoy pizza, a burger and more while
Donated by The Rose Performing Arts                        watching your favorite show. Gift certificate.
604 A MASTERPIECE                                          Donated by Marcus Midtown Theaters
Use these two tickets to see a Masterworks Performance
with the Omaha Symphony. There are many masterpiece        608 KEEP IT REAL AT THE DELL
concerts and performances to chose from for adults, as     With this gift card, grab a drink, burger, or even some
well as family fun. Certificate expires 6/6/10.            delicious fish & chips any ol’ day of the week at the cozy,
$110                                                       neighborhood hot spot, the Dundee Dell.
Donated by The Omaha Symphony                              $50
                                                           Donated by the Dundee Dell

                                                           609 DURHAM, THEN DELL
                                                           A day of fun for the family! Take the fam for burgers
                                                           and fries on a snow-or-summer day with this $50 gift
                                                           card to the Dundee Dell. Before or afterwards, stop at
                                                           the Durham Western Heritage Museum with two family
                                                           day passes, to examine artifacts and displays depicting
                                                           the culture of Omaha and our great plains, as well as
                                                           traveling exhibits from the archives of the Smithsonian,
                                                           Chicago’s Field Museum and the Library of Congress.
                                                           Donated by the Dundee Dell and the Durham Western
                                                           Heritage Museum

610 TUNES FOR YOU                                               619 NORA FLEMING PLATTER
This is a portable iHome speaker system for all MP3             This designer round platter features a bluebird accessory.
players with JVC headphones included. Use the iTunes            $48
gift card to crank up the tunes!                                Donated by Friends of Duchesne
Donated by Denise & Phil Kreski                                 620 COPPER LEAF TRAY
                                                                Unique copper tray with three leaves that can be used for
611 LUNCH ON US                                                 nuts, candies or delicious appetizers.
Come to Goldberg’s for comfort food and exceptional             $65
service. Plus, the proprietor’s sisters are Duchesne Dollies.   Donated by Friends of Duchesne
BONUS! Gift certificate.
$25                                                             621 FLOWER POWER
Donated by Goldberg’s                                           Cute floral plate for spring, Easter or birthday party
Proprietor: Gene Dunn                                           cookies.
612 CARAMEL APPLE PIE                                           Donated by Friends of Duchesne
Mere words cannot express. Why try? Gift certificate.
$10                                                             622 A TRUE TASTE OF MEXCIO IN OMAHA
Donated by Wheatfield’s Catering Co.                            Can’t get away to Mexico this winter? You’ll find a south
                                                                of the border retreat at Rivera’s right here in Omaha.
613 GET FIT                                                     Once you taste Jesus Rivera’s flavorful dishes from his
Starting with a purchase from a purveyor of exceptional         native state of Puebla, in the southern part of Mexico,
fitness products. Body Basics features quality fitness          you will become a Rivera regular. Gift certificate.
equipment for home or commercial use.                           $50
$50                                                             Donated by Carol & John Higgins
Donated by Body Basics
                                                                623 BREAK FOR BRUNCH
614 WORK OUT!                                                   Enjoy a delectable Sunday brunch at The Market Basket,
The Greater Omaha YMCA is a great place to take the             a unique destination for diners since 1986. Located in
family for exercise, activities, and community. This three-     Countryside Village, The Market Basket offers a bakery,
month trial membership can be applied at any Y location         deli, café and gourmet market. Gift certificate.
in the metro. See certificate for details.                      $60
$260                                                            Donated by The Market Basket
Donated by the YMCA of Greater Omaha
                                                                624 BEAUTIFUL MUSIC
615 MARIPOSA TRAY                                               The Tuesday Musical Concert Series was established in
Use this beautiful silver tray for display or for serving.      1892 and continues as one of Omaha’s finest venues for
Mariposa is classic and timeless.                               classical music performances by internationally known
$98                                                             artists. Two concert tickets.
Donated by Archdiocese of Omaha                                 $125
                                                                Donated by Tuesday Musical Concert Series
616 NORA FLEMING TRAY                                           and Fredericka ver Hulst
A perfect piece for entertaining all throughout the year!
Donated by Karen & Cal German

There’s no confusion when you use this tray. It is a bright
addition to any party with the dipping bowl divided
from the veggie tray.
Donated by Friends of Duchesne

Fun for any party - tailgate, birthday or graduation. This
chip and dip platter and bowl will brighten your table.
Donated by Friends of Duchesne                                                                                           51
625 AND TWO MORE CONCERT TICKETS TO                                  628 OLD MARKET FAVE
TUESDAY MUSICAL                                                      Eat at the Old Market staple with friends, co workers or
$125                                                                 family. Gift certificate.
Donated by Tuesday Musical Concert Series                            $40
and Fredericka ver Hulst                                             Donated by Spaghetti Works

626 A WALK IN THE WOODS                                              629 WINE TOTE
Two family day passes to Fontenelle Forest.                          Great for Jazz on the Green, a picnic in the park or any
$56                                                                  place you want to take a bottle of vino! Deluxe, insulated
Donated by Fontenelle Nature Association                             wine tote holds one bottle, two shatter resistant glasses,
                                                                     two napkins, a bottle opener and stopper and one bottle
627 YOGA FOR FITNESS                                                 of delicious Estancia 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon.
Enjoy a ten-time pass and get that total body glow only              $60
yoga can create. Water bottle included.                              Donated by Molly & Joe Lang
Donated by One Tree Yoga

                                        THE FINEST SPINE CARE
                     The Nebraska Spine Center specializes in
                     treatment of work-related injuries, spinal
                     diseases and disorders of the cervical,
                     thoracic and lumbar spine.

                     13616 CALIFORNIA STREET, SUITE 100                DR. H. RANDAL WOODWARD
                     OMAHA NEBRASKA 68154                              DR. MICHAEL LONGLEY
                     (402) 496.0404                                    DR. ERIC PHILLIPS
                     NEBRASKASPINECENTER.COM                           DR. JOHN MCCLELLAN
                                                                       DR. JONATHAN FULLER
                                                                       DR. TIMOTHY BURD
                                                                       DR. J. BRIAN GILL
                                                                       DR. JAMES DEVNEY
                                                                       DR. ALICIA FELDMAN
                                                                       DR. COREY CAMPBELL
                                                DR. JONATHAN FULLER, SPONSOR


                                      Evaluation & Treatment of Spinal Conditions

                                      Chiropractic Care

                                      Physical Therapy

                                      Custom Bracing

                                      On-Site Imaging

jewelry (700’s)
701 CROSS OF DISTINCTION                                    We gratefully acknowledge the generosity of Marianne
A handsome yellow and white gold cross pendant on a         Keevins for the following jewelry donations. (#707-#726)
yellow gold chain.                                          Please note that the descriptions are based on appraisals that
$195                                                        were submitted by the donor, dated from 2003-2005.
Donated by Borsheim’s                                       ALL JEWELRY IS OFFERED AS IS.

702 TRES BIEN!                                              707 One 14k white gold art deco style by-pass ring set
Sterling Silver Très Bien medal on a sterling silver 18”    with one round 7 mm light blue stone in 4-prongs with
cable wire necklace.                                        twenty bead set 1.0 mm single cut I clarity diamonds
$105                                                        that total 0.20 ct in the shank. The ring is 3.3 grams.
Donated by Suzy Kratochvil A75                              $725

703 STUNNING NECKLACE                                       708 One14k yellow gold ring with an 18 mm faux coin
Three strand necklace comprised of turquoise, mother-of-    design. The ring is 8.5 grams.
pearl and sterling silver.                                  $225
Donated by Carol and Rudy Lackner                           709 One 14k yellow gold 3.0 mm, 2.9 grams, band set
                                                            with one 2.2 mm, 0.04 carat, rbc diamond and four 2.2
704 CUSTOM BEADED BRACELET                                  mm round colored stones. The stones are all burnish set.
Custom-made sterling silver and Swarovski crystal black     $250
& red bracelet with a heart charm attached.
$40                                                         710 One 18k yellow gold ring with a 19.5 mm round
Donated by Molly and Joe Lang                               beaded design with a 2.0 mm dark blue bezel set sapphire
                                                            in the center. The ring is 8.0 grams.
705 ANOTHER STUNNER FOR YOUR NECK                           $250
Beautiful sterling silver and gold necklace paired with     711 One Invicta model 2325 Lady Lupah stainless steel
matching cross earrings.                                    watch with a blue mother of pearl face and blue leather
$120                                                        strap.
Donated by Carol and Rudy Lackner                           $200

706 STERLING SILVER AND DIAMOND RING                        712 One 14k white gold 5 mm wide eternity band with
This sleek sterling silver & diamond ring is made by        thirty 2.0 mm round medium green tsavorite garnet type
Hot Diamonds. It is bathed in highly polished rhodium,      stones in two rows alternating with round gold circles.
with a hint of matte brushing. The ring is garnished by a   5.0 grams
brilliant cut diamond.                                      $450
Donated by a Friend of Duchesne                             713 One 18k yellow gold 11 mm wide band with beaded
                                                            edges. There are four sections of 1.5 mm round colored
                                                            stones. A green section and blue section each contain six
                                                            stones in floral design. A pink and yellow section each
                                                            contain five stones in an abbreviated floral design. There
                                                            are seven 1.0 mm rbc diamonds interspersed throughout.
                                                            All stones are pave set. 10.9 grams

714 One 18k yellow gold 7.5” 10 mm wide curb link             721 One multi-colored gold ring comprised of nine
bracelet that is 12.6 grams.                                  interlocking bands that measure 1.5-3.0 mm wide each.
$500                                                          The piece is 9.0 grams.
715 One 6.5 mm platinum band with an off-center ring
of 18k yellow gold. The ring is 8.3 grams.                    722 One 16” 14k yellow gold 2.5 mm wide flat flexible
$650                                                          choker with an intertwined doubled center section. 17.3
716 One sterling silver cuff bracelet that is 1.5” wide and   $650
26.7 grams.
$85                                                           723 One 7” 18k white gold 7 mm wide etched rollo
                                                              bracelet that is 9.7 grams.
717 One 1x1” sterling silver cross with four 5x3 mm           $450
oval dark blue sapphires and one 4.5 mm round pearl.
There is a rope design on each end and around the center      724 One 14k yellow gold 18” 9 mm wide weaved rope
set pearl. The piece is on a 16” black cloth chord and        choker that is 17.9 grams.
weighs 18 grams.                                              $650
                                                              725 One 14k white gold 13 mm round pendant on an
718 One 7” long 7 mm wide 14k yellow gold bracelet            18” chain. There is a center bezel set 3.5 mm dark blue
with twelve 5 mm white gold screw heads. 9.0 grams            sapphire ¾ surrounded by thirteen bead set 1.0 mm rbc
$275                                                          diamonds. The bale contains three 1.0 mm rbc diamonds
                                                              and one 1 mm round sapphire. Total diamond weight is
719 One 14k gold 7” long 7 mm wide chain bracelet             0.16 carat. The piece is 10.1 grams.
that is 9.4 grams.                                            $750
                                                              726 One Mauboussin ladies stainless steel watch with a
720 One 14k two tone gold ring with three rbc 1.0 mm          stainless steel band. There are fifty-four rbc diamonds on
diamonds. 2.5 grams.                                          the side and face that total approximately 0.54 carats.
$125                                                          $1600

et cetera (800’s)
801 EXPERT DESIGN ADVICE                                    808 BOTTEGA VERDE
Look no further when the best is nearby. Joan Sorensen      An 8”x10” color photograph matted in a 16”x20” frame.
Ronan and her associates have been designing and            Photo was taken in Tuscany, Italy by Dr. Frank Odorisio.
decorating homes in Nebraska and Iowa for over 40           Burts of purple and green could warm up many a room
years. Her team includes 14 professionals who bring you     in your home.
an eclectic blend of taste, savvy, and experience. This     $150
package includes two hours with the maestro herself.        Donated by Julia Odorisio A01
Donated by Interiors Joan and Associates                    809 TIMELESS ELEGANCE IN DRY CLEANING
                                                            That’s the motto of the Armstrong family who has
802 FLOOR DRESSING                                          been serving Omaha families since 1918. The experts
Delicious textures and colors and more, all guaranteed to   at Armstrong’s do everything from ordinary laundry,
dress up your floor!                                        to executive shirts, tricky stain removal, sequined ball
“You’ll like the way they do business!”                     gowns, and suede and leather cleaning - plus they offer
$300                                                        alterations and wedding gown preservation.
Donated by Kelly’s Carpet Omaha                             This gift certificate will come in handy TODAY!
803 ECLECTIC STYLE FOR TEENS AND OTHER                      Donated by Armstrong Cleaners
This sweet boutique offers a variety of fashion-forward     810 PRECISION AND SPARKLE
apparel and accessories. Gift certificate.                  That’s what a cut and color gets you at Russell’s in
$25                                                         Countryside Village. Gift certificate.
Donated by Roots and Wings - Rockbrook Village              $65
                                                            Donated by Russell’s Beauty Salon
Chic fashion, jewels, handbags, accessories and more –
                                                            811 XTRAS
shopping for teens and moms! Gift certificate.
                                                            Having a bad hair day? This $75 gift card is good for any
                                                            service by Lori Norris at Hair Care Xtras at the 130th and
Donated by Déluré Boutique
                                                            Center location. Have a highlight, manicure, pedicure,
                                                            haircut or brow-shaping.
Satisfy your longing for beauty and utility created by      $75
your own hands. Come into one of Omaha’s favorite           Donated by Lori Norris & Hair Care Xtras
places for the handcrafter. When it comes to quality,
color, and selection, String of Purls has a yarn to sell!   812 VERTICAL TRAINING
Gift certificate.                                           If it doesn’t kill you, it will make you stronger! All
$20                                                         kidding aside, you will feel the burn, it will be a
Donated by Robyn Hubbard and String of Purls                challenge and you will feel stronger and fitter after six
                                                            performance training sessions.
806 TOOL ESSENTIALS FOR THE LADY FIXER-                     $115
UPPER                                                       Donated by Matt McKay of Going Vertical
A fun and stylish way to be handy. A leopard-print tool
kit.                                                        813 TOOL ESSENTIALS FOR THE LADY FIXER-
$40                                                         UPPER II
Donated by Friends of Duchesne                              A fun and stylish way to be handy. A polka-dotted tool
807 GET BEHIND THAT WHEEL                                   $40
Learn to drive, or maybe to drive better. Valid for one-    Donated by Friends of Duchesne
and-a-half hour private lesson.
Donated by Omaha Professional Driving School                                                                            55
814 SUPPORT THE CAUSE PILLOWCASES                            822 WALKING ON THE MOON
Two girlie pillow cases to “support the cause”.              Make your next party a bit more distinctive…what a
$20                                                          great idea for a girls’ night out or a couple’s anniversary
Donated by Maryanna Hergenrader                              event…. why should kids have all the fun? This certificate
                                                             entitles you to the use of a 15’X15’ MOONWALK.
815 SMILE!                                                   Subject to availability. Expires Dec. 2010.
A professional portrait session with renowned                $120
photographer, L.C. Moore, which includes an 11”x14”          Donated by Fun Services
$200                                                         823 ANSWERING ALL YOUR UNIFORM NEEDS
Donated by L.C. Moore Exceptional Portraits                  Where our girls have been coming to get their school
                                                             wardrobe for generations. Dennis Uniform offers service
816 MORE SMILES                                              and selection for every private school, elementary
Another session with L.C. Moore, combined with an            through secondary, in Omaha. Four $25 gift certificates.
11”x14” print.                                               $100
$200                                                         Donated by Dennis Uniform Shop
Donated by L.C. Moore Exceptional Portraits
                                                             824 MY PAPER
817 GOT THE PICTURE?                                         Enjoy personalized gifts, stationery, and stamps from a
Enjoy viewing your favorite snaps via the ease and clarity   boutique stationer. Gift certificate.
of a digital photo frame.                                    $50
$150                                                         Donated by My Paper and Sarah Carver
Donated by The Scoular Foundation
                                                             825 TRULY MOM DAILY PLANNER
818 TOTE ‘EM                                                 A fun way to plan each day, or each month through the
Vibrant cotton broadcloth woven fabric was used to           year. Truly Mom Daily Planner is a chic and modern tool
create this exquisite tote and pouch. Thick shoulder         for the busy woman.
straps make it comfortable for toting and the color makes    $60
you smile with style.                                        Donated by My Paper by Sarah Carver
Donated by Meg Jones                                         826 ADVENTURE IN ART
                                                             Find your creative edge, explore your artsy side. You and
819 LADYBUG BRACELET                                         a friend (mom? sister?) can enjoy jewelry making, glass
Wear this darling little bracelet featuring a ladybug for    fusion, pottery and more in this eclectic hands-on studio.
luck. It was created by the volunteers at Circle of Hope,    $40
a not-for-profit group committed to fighting cancer. This    Donated by Adventure in Art
bracelet was donated by a Duchesne College alumna.
$35                                                          827 OUR LADY OF KIBEHO
Donated by Betty Risk Hindes C61                             Read the third novel from the infamous Imaculeé
                                                             Ilibagiza. This personally signed copy is titled Our Lady
820 DIVA DUFFLE                                              of Kibeho and it discusses the vision of the Virgin Mary
Travel in style with this rolling black bag with heart       and Jesus Christ to eight people eight years before the
motif.                                                       horrifying Rwandan genocide. Imaculeé is an inspiration
$100                                                         to all.
Donated by Diva Girl Enterprises, LLC                        $20
                                                             Donated by A Friend of Duchesne
Out the door you go, with a Berlin Velvet bag in arm.        828 FIRM UP WITH PILATES
Delicious brown velvet evening bag completes any look,       Get in shape using the most effective means: Pilates. Five
and to make sure that look is good, a little mirror rides    mat sessions to help you find your core.
along within.                                                $50
$80                                                          Donated by Pilates Fitness-Rockbrook Village
Donated by Friends of Duchesne

829 MITT KNITS                                             836 REAL “CORK” BOARD
These adorable hand-knit hand warming mitt-knits are       Never miss an appointment or be late again. Keep track
100% wool. They are red and grey fingerless mittens        of your invites, messages, recipes and photos on this one-
which would go charmingly with a Duchesne uniform.         of-a-kind bulletin board. Made with much enjoyed fine
$38                                                        wine corks, neatly tucked into a vintage frame. Hang in
Donated by Jane Cetrone Monnich A66                        your home, office, near your phone, calendar or even in a
                                                           mud-room. 30”x26”
830 MORE MITT KNITS                                        $200
Keep your hands warm and look super stylin’ in these       Donated by Nancy and Jim Mulhall
hand-knit fingerless mittens. Gives a new look to that
everyday school girl skirt and polo!                       837 A KNEADED MASSAGE
$38                                                        Two 1 ½ hour hot-stone massages at nearby Aksarben
Donated by Jane Cetrone Monnich A66                        studio.
831 ADD SOME COLOR TO THOSE CHEEKS                         Donated by Cathy Thayer, LMT at Aksarben Massage
A session on the tanning bed to perk up your melanin.      Associates
Gift certificate.
$25                                                        838 FACES
Donated by Ashley Lynn Tanning                             Enjoy this gift card to pamper yourself at Faces Spa at
                                                           Countryside Village.
832 MY LITTLE COMPANION                                    $50
Handmade porcelain figurine by Nao.                        Donated by Faces Spa
Donated by Bergan Mercy Auxiliary Gift Shop                839 GIRLFRIEND TIME
                                                           Two cute handbags for you and a girlfriend to hit the
833 FAMILY PORTRAIT                                        town – use the Visa gift cards inside for lunch and some
A location shot for a family sitting, including a proof    shopping!
book and one 8”X10” print.                                 $200
$70                                                        Donated by Carol and John Higgins
Donated by Tammie Dickens, Imagery Photography
                                                           840 WELCOMING SPIRIT
834 PICTURE THIS                                           Willow Tree wooden figurine of a Welcoming Spirit.
Joe Mixan, a fellow Catholic, grew up the youngest of      $42
nine boys. Joe knows the sacrifice Cathoic parents make,   Donated by Gloria Deo
you deserve a break! You’re in good hands with Joe
Mixan Photography. $200 off a $400 Senior Photography      841 FLEURES
package. Package includes 10 units of Senior portraits.    This gorgeous French street scene was done by artist
one unit = one-8x10 or two-5x7 or four-4x6 or 23           Donny Finley. Framed beautifully in white antiqued
wallets, mix and match the 10 units however you wish.      frame and is copy 147/800.
No hidden extra fees for session, retouching, black &      $250
white, etc. It’s all included!                             Donated by a Friend of Duchesne
Donated by Joe Mixan Photography

Two matching ruby Crystal D’Arques votives - beautiful
for any place in your home.
Donated by Teri and Ron Quinn

Did you know...
The preschool has children from 21 different zip codes.

 The Family of Meredith Pentzien A09
          is honored to support
        Duchesne Academy’s
      Congé 2010: Fairmont Fair
baskets (900’s)
901 FAIRMONT FAIR BASKET                                     906 A BETTER BREW
A basket of county fair items: a handmade queen-size         Find it at Herman’s Nut Company. This package includes
nine-patch quilt & pillow handspun with wool yarn (in        eight 8 oz. containers of delicious Colombia Supremo
true Fair Fashion!), two bars of homemade olive oil soap     coffee.
(very gentle) and assorted canned goods.                     $50
$200                                                         Donated by Herman’s Nut Company
Donated by Friends of Duchesne
                                                             907 ONE CUP WONDER!
902 AFTER-SCHOOL SNACK BAG                                   The one-cup coffee maker is perfect for the dorm room
Are you hungry after school? We understand. Use this         or your office. This set-up includes the coffee maker, a
after-school snack bag and its gift cards inside to grab a   mug, plenty of delicious coffee pods, and tasty syrups to
bite at local hot spots such as Jimmy Johns, California      sweeten the brew!
Taco and Mama’s Pizza. Enjoy.                                $45
$60                                                          Donated by Judy Rowen Johnson C59
Donated by Carol & John Higgins
                                                             908 GIANT COFFEE!
903 IN THE PINK!                                             For all of you coffee lovers – here is a giant coffee mug
A pink apron adorned with Sacred Heart insignia and a        great for storing coffee and condiments on your kitchen
pink oven mitt and towels to match complete this cuisine     counter, in your dorm room or even in your office. This is
de la Coeur!                                                 full of delicious Colombia Supremo coffee, as well as the
$62                                                          fixins for an incredible sweet treat.
Donated by Meghan Conway Rowen A97                           $45
                                                             Donated by a Friend of Duchesne and Herman’s Nut
904 OFF TO COLLEGE                                           Company
This basket includes essentials for your daughter’s
dorm room: a comforter, pillow sham and sheet set, a         909 TINKER BELL DOGGY BASKET
toss pillow, laundry bag, wash cloth and many other          Tinker Bell black & white basket full of fun goodies for
necessities.                                                 your pup! Crystal dog bowl, Hallmark digital scrapbook,
$100                                                         paw print and plaid throws, a red plaid collar (perfect for
Donated by Judy and John Wees                                the Fairmont Fair!), Kwigy Bo Fleece coat, gold crown
                                                             leash hook, black photo album and a Swarovski crystal
905 THE GIFT OF COFFEE                                       leash. Chalk full of fun for man’s/woman’s best friend!
A large basket filled with two pounds of City Brew           $210
Coffee, two mugs and sweet treats to warm up your day!       Donated by Anne Tierney
Donated by City Brew Coffee                                  910 GOURMET BASKET
                                                             Filled with delectables.
                                                             Donated by Jennifer LaMontia

                                                             911 MAMMA MIA
                                                             Cook your favorite Italian meal with this pasta dish,
                                                             plenty of pasta, and while you are cooking – don’t forget
                                                             to wear your Fairmont plaid apron!
                                                             Donated by Susan and Jeff Blumel

912 MUSIC BASKET                                               920 MOM’S DESK BASKET
An assortment of CD’s for your musical delight.                A colorful collection of items every Mom needs: note
$100                                                           cards, file folders, To-Do lists, a dry erase board, and the
Donated by American Gramaphone                                 pens/pencils/markers to go along with them.
913 BREAD BASKET                                               Donated by Becky Reilly
Bread for you!
$140                                                           921 VERA BRADLEY BASKET
Donated by Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Ghacek                          Delightful Vera Bradley accessories including a bag, coin
                                                               purse, photo album, headband and a note cube in a new,
914 GOURMET FOOD AND FORKS                                     bright pattern.
A basket full of delicious goodies for party time or visitor   $140
drop-ins.                                                      Donated by Kathy and Mark Wilson
Donated by Friends of Duchesne                                 922 SPRINGTIME IN THE KITCHEN
                                                               After you are finished cooking, smell the roses with this
915 PUPPY TIME                                                 rose-scented candle. This basket also includes adorable
Goodies for your puppy: food, collar, a bowl, many toys        and durable pink & green Williams Sonoma dishtowels,
and grooming supplies. Your pup is sure to be happy.           a pink cutting board and brightly colored scrub brush –
$150                                                           all to brighten up your kitchen for spring.
Donated by Marybeth and Tim Goddard                            $100
                                                               Donated by Meghan and Tom Rowen
This basket is full of bright Vera Bradley accessories: a      923 PHOTO FUN FOR THE GIRLS
pencil bag with pencils and highlighters, binder clips, a      A basket which includes a red Polaroid digital camera
note cube and peppermints. These items are combined            loaded with memory card and various fun frames for all
with a gift card to Periwinkles where you can add to your      your memorable girlfriend moments!
Vera collection if you’d like!                                 $175
$100                                                           Donated by Carol and John Higgins
Donated by Susan and Jeff Blumel
                                                               924 APPAREL FOR WOMEN AT CREIGHTON
917 FOR THE COOKIE MONSTER                                     PREP?!
A coffee and cookie program for two. Includes gourmet          Indeed! CP offers women’s athletic attire, and we have an
coffee for two with a handled container; flavored syrup        assortment here including a pair of CP running shorts
for two, two mugs, candy, two scarves; gourmet hot             (medium size); a CP long-sleeve tee shirt (medium) and a
chocolate; an owl cookie jar and a travel mug to share.        small pair of CP boxer shorts.
PLUS: one dozen large homemade cookies per month for           $60
one year.                                                      Donated by Jan Jasnowski and Amy Foje
Donated by Carol and Rudy Lackner

Family game night basket has something for everyone
and every age! Board games, snacks and cards galore for a
fun night with the entire clan.
Donated by Joan and Rick Crowl

Enjoy movie passes and fixins for a great popcorn treat.
Donated by Terri Honke Bush A80

925 BEARY SPECIAL BASKET                                    929 SANFORD WINERY BASKET
A collection of TY Beanie Babies™ bears and an              A perfect picnic basket for two – complete with a bottle
assortment of chocolates from around the globe.             of wine, and essentials for the date.
$25                                                         $75
Donated by a Friend of Duchesne                             Donated by Teri and Tom Hamburger

926 BEST SELLERS                                            930 COFFEE SPECIALIST NEED ONLY APPLY
Enjoy this basket of “best sellers” by the fire or on the   Here you can indulge your love for the best coffee on
beach. Hours of enjoyment with wonderful books for          the planet - KONA!!!
your pleasure.                                              $165
$100                                                        Donated by Lisa and Craig Strutzel
Donated by Joan and Rick Crowl
                                                            931 WATCH YOUR GARDEN GROW
927 COZY DAY BASKET                                         A basket of wonderful delights for the dedicated
Here’s a collection of items to enjoy when you can just     gardener.
get comfy on the sofa or hug the seat by the fireplace: a   $200
Sacred Heart embellished red fleece blanket, a journal to   Donated by Anne and Steve Raynor
write in, a coffee mug, a bookmark and treats.
$50                                                         932 ICE CREAM YOU SCREAM
Donated by Carol and John Higgins                           Who doesn’t love ice cream? Tub of dishes, spoons and
                                                            scoopers for a night with the girls (or kids!). Toppings
928 MEZZACORONA WINE BACKPACK                               for the best sundae and a gift card for ice cream if you’d
This backpack is fully equipped for four people –           rather go out.
complete with Mezzacorona wine, cheese and serving          $60
pieces. Great for a night on “the Green” with Jazz or       Donated by Barb and Dan Bohi
$125                                                        933 HAPPY EVERYTHING BASKET
Donated by Teri and Tom Hamburger                           This basket will make you happy! Cute plates, dishes,
                                                            candies for every holiday throughout the year.
                                                            Donated by Laurie Barrett

                                                            934 IT IS EASY BEING GREEN
                                                            Make an effort to go green and stay green with these
                                                            ecofriendly products including laundry soap, dish soap,
                                                            bathroom and all-purpose cleaner, paper plates, plastic
                                                            cups, sponges, wipes and even light bulbs.
                                                            Donated by Becky and Jim Reilly

memorabilia (1000’s)
1001 SACRED HEART NEON                                         1008 BIG RED BUDDHA BAG
Sacred Heart Neon Sign to light up your life! Or room!         A great everyday bag with flair. Its gold interior adds
$375                                                           panache and a cute little makeup pouch completes the
Donated by Gaby Olson Ryan A86                                 look.
1002 SIT FAIRMONT STYLE                                        Donated by Meghan Conway Rowen A97
Mission style black side chair. Perfect as a desk chair. The
seat is upholstered in our beloved Fairmont Plaid and          1009 MEMORY KEEPER
painted black.                                                 Archive your Duchesne memories in this home-made
$200                                                           scrapbook, bound and clad in the Fairmont tartan.
Donated by Laurie & Patrick Barrett                            $30
                                                               Donated by Elizabeth German Langan A01 and Karen
1003 QUESTWARE                                                 Witt German A75
Made with love by our very own, Tom Quest, this 13”
ceramic bowl is hand carved with impressions of the            1010 ANNIE GLASS HEART
Sacred Heart. Glazed with tan and waterfall brown, this        A special pinkish-red glass heart, guaranteed to warm
piece is perfect for any kitchen.                              your heart.
$120                                                           $50
Donated by Duchesne’s own, Tom Quest                           Donated by A Friend of Duchesne

1004 QUESTWARE GREEN                                           1011 MOM AND DAD LOVE DASH
Made with love by our very own, Tom Quest, this 13”            2012-2013 sweatshirts perfect for “fans” of their
ceramic bowl is hand carved with impressions of the            Duchesne Dolly.
Sacred Heart. Glazed with brown wim and transparent            $50
green, this piece is perfect for any kitchen.                  Donated by Hauff’s Sporting Goods
Donated by Duchesne’s own, Tom Quest                           1012 MOM AND DAD SWEATSHIRTS PART
1005 I HEART DUCHESNE                                          For the devoted Duchesne parents a.k.a. the “mega-
A 10” Peggy Karr heart-shaped tray entitled “Live,             fans”. One Mom and one Dad Duchesne 2012-2013
Laugh, Love”. Perfect memorabilia for a Duchesne Dolly.        Sweatshirt.
Inscribed “Duchesne Congé 2010”, signed by the artist.         $50
$65                                                            Donated by Hauff’s Sporting Goods
Donated by Judy and John Wees
                                                               1013 SIT ON IT!
1006 GLOWING HEART                                             A comfy folding camp chair, suitable for tailgating and
Glow By Design. A light gray oval glow vessal made from        sitting up close for those soccer games, sporting the
wax for a votive candle. Sacred Heart inspired with our        Duchesne logo.
gorgeous logo on the side. 7”x6” oval shape.                   $30
$26                                                            Donated by a A Friend of Duchesne
Donated by Marcy Odorisio
                                                               1014 TOOL ESSENTIALS FOR THE DUCHESNE
1007 BIGGER GLOWING HEART                                      DOLLY
Glow by Design. A light gray oval glow vessal made from        A fun and stylish way to be handy! A red-painted flower
wax for a votive candle. Sacred Heart inspired with our        tool kit to take to college. Trust us, you’ll need it!
gorgeous logo on the side. 7”x9” oval shape.                   $40
$28                                                            Donated by Friends of Duchesne
Donated by Marcy Odorisio

1015 BE SEATED!                                            1021 ST. MADELEINE SOPHIE
Another comfy folding chair for viewing the pageantry of   This is the year of our beloved St. Madeleine Sophie
sports or the parade on your block.                        Barat. Remember her with this beautiful statue for your
$30                                                        home, bedroom or office.
Donated by A Friend of Duchesne                            $60
                                                           Donated by Janet Hollander Ferlic A68 and Lol
1016 HAND-EMBROIDERED TOWELS                               Hollander C46
You won’t want to dry a dish with these sweet little       1022 FAIRMONT MEMORY BOARD
hand-made embroidered dish towels; they’re too cute for    A handcrafted board covered with the DASH Fairmont
practical applications.                                    tartan. Great way to keep photos and notes organized.
$50                                                        $25
Donated by Mary Margaret Smith                             Donated by Mary Gordon of Educational Outfitters

1017 HAND-EMBROIDERED TOWELS & TUB                         1023 VASE FOR A HEART
Again, you won’t want to dry a dish with these sweet       A beautiful hand-cut lead crystal vase embellished with
little hand-made embroidered dish towels; they’re too      the Duchesne name and hearts.
cute for practical applications.                           $150
$50                                                        Donated by Regal Awards and Advertising Specialties
Donated by Mary Margaret Smith
                                                           1024 MATER NECKLACE
1018 DUCHESNE POSTAGE STAMPS AND                           A custom-designed beaded necklace created by Paula
SACRED HEART NOTE CARDS                                    Bastian using your Duchesne student’s own Mater
So cool! A sheet of twenty 44¢ US postage stamps and       Medal. Paula and you will choose the color scheme and
note cards boasting the Sacred Heart logo.                 beads to design this one-of-a-kind pendant.
$35                                                        $50
Donated by Fredericka ver Hulst and the Alumnae            Donated by Paula Bastian
                                                           1025 MOSAIC BIRD BATH
1019 DUCHESNE POSTAGE STAMPS AND                           One-of-a-kind Sacred Heart mosaic art.
SACRED HEART NOTE CARDS                                    $350
Round II. A sheet of twenty 44¢ US postage stamps and      Donated by Leah Bauer, Bauer Design
note cards boasting the Sacred Heart logo.
$35                                                        1026 DESIGNER PEWTER DISH
Donated by Fredericka ver Hulst and the Alumnae            A heart-shaped candy dish, designed by Julia Knight. Fill
Association                                                with treats for your Duchesne valentine or graduate.
1020 DUCHESNE TOWEL SET                                    Donated by The Kozlik Family
Set of three Ralph Lauren white towels (bath, hand and
washcloth) embroidered with hot pink Duchesne logo.        1027 COACH HEART KEYCHAIN
$50                                                        Perfect keychain for the new or established Duchesne
Donated by Friends of Duchesne                             driver.
                                                           Donated by The Kozlik Family

Did you know...
 Did you know our ninth grade class comes from 25 different grade
   schools and in that class we have nine daughters of alumnae, 12
sisters of alumnae, 14 girls with siblings currently in attendance, and
         five girls who “graduated” from Duchesne Preschool?
1028 IT’S IN THE BAG                                            1037 RED EURO SHAM IN RED
A blue and green laundry bag embroidered with the               Red bloom Euro pillow sham embroidered with white
Sacred Heart logo.                                              Duchesne insignia.
$20                                                             $45
Donated by The Kozlik Family                                    Donated by Friends of Duchesne

1029 HARDY HEART                                                1038 ANOTHER PILLOW CASE!
The luster of silver, the density of iron - that is the metal   Nautica brand white pique pillow sham embroidered
alloy called Nambe. Here it is rendered in a beautiful          with Sacred Heart logos. Perfect for a girl’s bedroom.
little heart-shaped bowl.                                       $60
$90                                                             Donated by Friends of Duchesne
Donated by Meghan and Tom Rowen
                                                                1039 DRYING OFF
1030 UNE FAIRMONT SWEATER                                       Set of three red Tommy Hilfiger towels (bath, hand and
Gray sweatshirt cardigan trimmed in the tartan                  washcloth) embroidered with white Sacred Heart logo.
Duchesne girls claim as their own: Fairmont. Size Small.        $50
$20                                                             Donated by Friends of Duchesne
Donated by Maryanna Hergenrader
                                                                1040 DON’T FORGET TO WASH AND DRY
1031 ENCORE: FAIRMONT SWEATER                                   YOUR HANDS
The Fairmont-tartan trimmed cardigan - this time in             Set of two Ralph Lauren light pink hand towels
medium size.                                                    embroidered with the Duchesne logo in hot-pink
                                                                stitching. These are great for students, alumnae and
                                                                dollies who are on their way here!
Donated by Maryanna Hergenrader
1032 FINI: FAIRMONT SWEATER                                     Donated by Friends of Duchesne
Red and gray and cute once more, this time in a size
large.                                                          1041 HAND TOWELS PART DEUX
$20                                                             Set of two hot pink Tommy Hilfiger hand towels
Donated by Maryanna Hergenrader                                 embroidered with our Sacred Heart logo in purple
                                                                stitching. Very girlie!
1033 STUDY BLANKET                                              $35
Fuzzy red throw blanket for your bed or couch time –            Donated by Friends of Duchesne
embroidered with the Duchesne logo in white.
$35                                                             1042 CUDDLE TIME
Donated by Friends of Duchesne                                  Beautiful white fluffy throw blanket embroidered with
                                                                the traditional red Duchesne logo.
1034 LOOK WHAT SANTA LEFT UNDER THE                             $35
TREE                                                            Donated by Friends of Duchesne
Beautiful burgundy red velvet & satin Christmas tree
skirt embroidered with three gold Sacred Heart insignias.       1043 DA BLANKIE
Wonderful for starting a tradition!                             A very cozy, soft white throw blanket with a hot-pink
$75                                                             Duchesne logo embroidered on the front.
Donated by Kissey Fedman-Zalkin A75                             $35
                                                                Donated by Friends of Duchesne
White pique Nautica Euro pillow sham embroidered                1044 DANS LE BAIN
with a coral-colored Duchesne insignia.                         Or rather après le Bain, a sweet little heart-printed
$30                                                             hooded white robe, embossed with the Sacred Heart
Donated by The Kozlik Family                                    logo.
                                                                Donated by Kathy Rowen
Red silk euro sham embroidered with Sacred Heart logos.
Donated by Emily Cunningham Kozlik A70

1045 WARM ME UP                                               1053 GO RED! TEE SHIRT
Cozy pink throw blankie embroidered with the Sacred           A fun little tee in crimson donated by a sister school of
Heart logo in white stitching.                                the Sacred Heart.
$35                                                           $15
Donated by Friends of Duchesne                                Donated by Country Day School of the Sacred Heart,
                                                              Bryn Mawr, PA.
Don this sporty red and black fleece jacket, complete         1054 MONEY MANAGER
with Duchesne logo embroidered on front. Size medium,         Hold your bills in this money clip featuring the school
but we can exchange it for any size you might require.        logo from our “brother” school of the Sacred Heart in
$60                                                           Houston, Texas.
Donated by Carol and John Higgins and Family                  $30
                                                              Donated by The Regis School of the Sacred Heart,
1047 IRON PROMISE CROSS                                       Houston TX
16” artistically designed iron cross encircled by an iron
heart by artist Patrick Neuwirth.                             1055 JUNIOR YEAR SCRAPBOOK
$65                                                           All ready to use for your junior year Ethics Class with
Donated by Kim and Doug Alvine                                Mr. Gruber. Black faux leather tote bag with a 12”x12”
                                                              memo board and two black and white toile fabric
1048 SACRED HEART CREST                                       scrapbooks. Use one for class project and other for photos
Hang this framed, embroidered, traditional Sacred Heart       of friends and family.
insignia on your wall for years to come.                      $65
$100                                                          Donated by Nancy and Jim Mulhall
Donated by Richard Wilwerding
                                                              1056 HANDMADE WITH LOVE
1049 HEART PILLOW                                             A 16” x 28” floral print cotton hobo bag with button
An 18” heart pillow upholstered in our beloved Fairmont       closure and inside zipper.
plaid.                                                        $50
$60                                                           Donated by Katie Ortman A00
Donated by Magnolia Custom Sewing
                                                              1057 BLACK RUFFLED CLUTCH
1050 MATER FIGURINE                                           This is a handmade, black satin, kiss lock, clutch purse
Thanks to our sister school in St. Charles, MO for this       with ruffled ribbon. The interior is lined in black and
lovely statuette of our Mater Admirabilis.                    white zebra cotton.
$60                                                           $40
Donated by Academy of the Sacred Heart /St. Charles           Donated by Jeanne Haske A98

Duchesne girls cherish their Fairmont tartan with its
classic combination of red, black and grey. In this basket,
your Duchesne student (or alum) will enjoy a contoured
headband, a coin purse, a lanyard with hook and key
ring, and a picture frame decked in that familiar design
we love so well.
Donated by Educational Outfitters

Black Callaway men’s golf shirt, embroidered in white
stitching with Duchesne Academy on the left chest.
Perfect for the proud Duchesne Dad. Size Large.
Donated by Friends of Duchesne

1058 FAIRMONT CLUTCH                                          1063 FAIRMONT TOTE
Handmade, Duchesne Fairmont plaid, kiss lock, clutch          Use this adorable sturdy tote for anything!
purse. The interior is black and white polka dot cotton.      $40
$40                                                           Donated by Chadra Massoline and the Omaha Religious
Donated by Jeanne Haske A98                                   of the Sacred Heart

1059 MEDAL HEART                                              1064 FAIRMONT FUN
Gorgeous medal sculpture of the Sacred Heart.                 Sturdy plaid tote for books, computer or anything you
$50                                                           need to carry.
Donated by Diane Mattern                                      $40
                                                              Donated by Chadra Massoline and the Omaha Religious
1060 DASH ARCHITECTURE                                        of the Sacred Heart
Local Omaha photographer, Licia Downard,
photographed pictures of Duchesne and incorporated            1065 RED JEWELRY BOX
them into this wonderful masterpiece.                         Perfect for any age – this red leather, Pottery Barn jewelry
$35                                                           box is great for a dresser or dorm room.
Donated by Laurie and Patrick Barrett                         $60
                                                              Donated by Emily Cunningham Kozlik A70
This painting features a centered heart that says “Trust in   1066 DA YARD ART
the Lord with all your Heart,” Proverbs 3:5.                  This stunning bowling ball catches the sun and creates a
$65                                                           red glow for your landscape. Place this anywhere in your
Donated by “On a Whim”, owned by freshman parents,            yard and remember Duchesne everyday!
Christy Straka and Denise Fitzgerald                          $50
                                                              Donated by Susan & Don Wilson
Creative Memories makes memories for a lifetime.              1067 DASH GOLF
Scrapbook, pages, supplies, etc…                              For the Duchesne golfer or golfing mom – a women’s
$75                                                           small DA golf shirt, three Duchesne-logo golf balls, an
Donated by Aimee Ketcham                                      umbrella to keep your clubs dry and a bright red towel
                                                              for your golf bag.
                                                              Donated by Friends of Duchesne

                             HAVE FUN AT THE FAIR!
                                            Compliments of
                                     Elaine Martin & Ed Pohren

                Smith, Gardner, Slusky Lazer, Pohren & Rogers, LLP
                        8712 West Dodge Road, Suite 400
                            Omaha, NE 68114-3431
                                  (402) 392-0101
1068 DAD’S LOVE DUCHESNE                                        Junior Class of 2011 Student Art Project
Men’s half zip sweater for dad. Black with black                Director’s Chair I
embroidery.                                                     This Director’s chair showcases Sacred Heart pride and
$50                                                             many Junior Class memories. This will delight any
Donated by Friends of Duchesne                                  member of the Junior Class! And the lap quilt and pillow
                                                                made from Fairmont Plaid are perfect for cozying up.
Red throw blanket with dark red Sacred Heart logo.              Director’s Chair II
Cozy!                                                           There’s one more chair! Enjoy a second Director’s chair -
$40                                                             this chair has different memories but will make you smile
Donated by Friends of Duchesne                                  just as much!
                                                                Both chairs Presented by the Junior Class with special
1070 THANKFUL HEARTS                                            thanks to Sheila Nelson and Claire Connolly
Reed & Barton “Grateful/Thankful” Hearts bowl.
$25                                                             Senior Class of 2010 Student Art Project
Donated by Emily Cunningham Kozlik A70                          “UNFORGETTABLE”
                                                                Simple, yet unforgettable, this set of two mirrors will
1071 FAIRMONT WOODEN TRAY                                       forever keep you and your daughter filled with fond
Fairmont plaid wooden tray to hold items bedside or on          memories of the most excellent view of Duchesne
an ottoman. Glass lined for beverage or snacks. Contain         Academy. These mirrors are adorned with the
your clutter – phone, tv clicker, mail, magazines, etc…         “unforgettable” photography work of one of our very own
12”x16”                                                         seniors!
$20                                                             Presented by the Senior Class of 2010 with special
Donated by Nancy Mulhall                                        thanks to Barb Murray

1072 FAIRMONT DENIM BOX                                         ONE OF A KIND
This box can hold all sorts of goodies – on your desk,          Each year, a special, one-of-a-kind group photo is
dresser or in an office. Put pencils, camera accessories,       taken of each Duchesne Academy class. Photographed
stationery, or even your passport in this adorable denim        by Omaha World Herald photographer and former
looking box, belted Fairmont plaid.                             Duchesne Dad, Jim Burnett, each class is captured in a
$25                                                             candid, yet beautifully styled shot. This year, we chose
Donated by Nancy Mulhall                                        the Chapel as our location. Be the LUCKY parent in
                                                                your daughter’s class who bids and wins this extremely
Freshman Class of 2013 Student Art Project                      priceless memento!
Create a “legacy of love” with this modern hope                 Donated by Duchesne Academy of the Sacred Heart
chest. This hope chest will be an accumulation of the
best of the previous generations and a collection of goods,     Duchesne Academy Class of 2010
knowledge, skill and hopes for tomorrow. Your daughter          $150
has obtained so many memories and has so much hope.  
Give her this chest to start a personal collection of items     Duchesne Academy Class of 2011
saved and other items kept in anticipation of her future        $150
Presented by the Freshman Class of 2013 with special            Duchesne Academy Class of 2012
thanks to Amy Carmody                                           $150

Sophomore Class of 2012 Student Art Project                     Duchesne Academy Class of 2013
You are sure to please your Dolly with this lovely one-of-      $150
a-kind mosaic tile table. The base is a beautiful iron scroll
pattern and the stunning mosaic top accents the Sacred
Heart logo in red glass beads. Perfect for a daughter’s
room, the deck or a patio.
Presented by the Sophomore Class of 2012 with
special thanks to Suzanne O’Donnell

index of advertisers
Aksarben Heating, Cooling & Plumbing    46
Alamar Uniforms                         59
B & G Tasty Foods                       Bookmark
Bauer Design                            58
Beringer Ciaccio Dennell Mabrey, Inc.   61
Children’s Hospital & Medical Center    Tab page
College of Saint Mary                   43
Creighton Prep                          32
Déluré Boutique                         38
Deniz Shoe & Accessory Salon            36
Distribution Management Systems Inc     19
Dobleman Head & Neck Cancer Institute   Outside back cover
Dundee Orthopedic                       39
Egan Supply Co.                         26
Fun Services                            49
GIKK Ortho Specialist                   27
Lutz & Company, PC                      54
Mama’s Pizza                            50
McGrath North Mullin & Kratz, PC LLO    33
Mulhall’s Nursery & Landscaping         47
Nebraska Spine Center                   52
Neon Products Co, Inc.                  53
OH-K Fast Print                         47
Omaha Neon Sign Company                 34
Omaha Public Power District             40
The Orthodontic Group PC                25
The Pet Clinic P.C.                     51
Rowen Law Office                        42
Second Chance Antiques                  37
Smith, Gardner, Slusky Law              66
T & K Painting -Tom Harwood             60
Tax Help LLC                            65
Village Needleworks                     28
Ear, Nose & Throat – Head and Neck Surgery, P.C.
 Board Certified Surgeon - Advanced Fellowship Training - Adult and Pediatric Care

              Director of Head and Neck Surgery at Creighton University School of Medicine
                                 Fellow - American College of Surgeons
                             Fellow - American Academy of Otolaryngology
               Fellow - American Academy of Facial, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
                          Fellow - American Society for Head and Neck Surgery
                               Fellow – North American Skull Base Society

                                  Bergan Mercy Professional Building
                                     7710 Mercy Road, Suite 328
                                         Omaha, NE 68124

                                 Outpatient Surgical Specialties Center
                                   11704 W. Center Rd. Suite 110
                                          Omaha, NE 68144


OUR MISSION: The Dobleman Head & Neck Cancer Institute is dedicated to the diagnosis
and treatment of cancerous and benign tumors of all kinds in the head and neck area.

   •   State-of-the-art cancer services, ranging from diagnosis to treatment, reconstruction to rehabili-
       tation, with special attention given to appearance and functional needs to    enable the patient
       to resume daily activities.

   •   Free screenings for head and neck tumor patients.

   •   Diagnostic work-ups and timely, comprehensive evaluation by a multi-disciplinary team of spe-
       cialists, ensuring optimum communication between team and patient, family and referring physi-

   •   Treatment plan development involving patient and family, assuring that information is sent to the
       referring physician within 48 hours of the clinic visit.
   •   Access to clinical trials, education, and comprehensive cancer support services.

                                   Creighton University Medical Center
                              601 N. 30th Street, Suite 3705, Omaha NE 68131

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