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                                                                                      Welcome to the Faculty of Science and Information
ORIENTATION   For details on everything happening during O Week visit
                                                                                      Technology at the University of Newcastle. Blending
                                                                                      sciences, mathematics, IT, communication, and design,
INFO ONLINE                                                                           our Faculty provides study and research programs
                                                                                      in fast-moving fields that make our world tick, at

                                                                                      the Callaghan, Ourimbah and Singapore campuses.
                                                                                      Wherever appropriate, these programs

   STUDENT    Make sure you grab a copy of the 2010 student diary,
              available from late January on campus.
                                                                                      carry professional accreditation.

                                                                                      Our Faculty is big enough to be comprehensive and small
                                                                                      enough to be personal. We care about our students, teaching,
                                                                                      and research. We take time to talk to and help students. We
                                                                                      regularly monitor and revise our degree programs, so that they
                                                                                      stay current. Our academics have won major teaching awards,
ORIENTATION   Pick up your orientation passport from the SOS mentors at
              your faculty unistart session. The passport should be used to
                                                                                      and our teaching is informed by latest developments.

  PASSPORT    navigate your way to the campus support services that are
              designed to assist you achieve your study goals.
                                                                                      Most of our academic staff are active in research, many at the
                                                                                      highest international levels. This means that students are taught
                                                                                      by experts. Students are exposed to and can participate in our
              Once you have visited the services and completed the                    research, which is focused on new concepts and technologies
              orientation passport activities, drop your finished entry into          that will form the basis of tomorrow’s world.
              the entry boxes in the student hubs. All entries need to be
              submitted by 31 March 2010.                                             Our degrees are not simply job tickets. They provide a
                                                                                      foundation of knowledge, skills and attributes that allow
              Visit www.newcastle.edu.au/orientationpassport                          graduates to move with the times and contribute actively and
              for more information.                                                   responsibly to society. We have a strong focus not just on
                                                                                      today’s careers, but on tomorrow’s. I am therefore confident
                                                                                      that you will find studying in our Faculty a challenging but
                                                                                      rewarding experience, and hope you enjoy your time at the
 WORKSHOP     15-19 March 2010                                                        University of Newcastle.

     WEEK     Register for a workshop and get help with:
              n   finding part time work
                                                                                      Professor Bill Hogarth
                                                                                      Pro Vice-Chancellor
              n   cooking on a shoestring                                             Faculty of Science and
                                                                                      Information Technology
              n   adjusting to student life…and more
              Check out the great workshops designed to help you settle
              into uni at: www.newcastle.edu.au/workshopweek

                                                                                      STRUCTURE OF FACULTY
                                                                                      The Faculty has four Schools responsible for delivering our
                                                                                      degree programs. These are Design, Communication and
                                                                                      Information Technology, Environmental and Life Sciences,
                                                                                      Mathematical and Physical Sciences; and Psychology. About
                                                                                      180 academic staff and over 100 support staff work together
                                                                                      to provide a first class educational experience for our students.
                                                                                      Most of our academic staff are recognised experts in their field
                                                                                      and produce innovative research.
4   | 2010 ORIENTATION                                                                                                                                     2010 ORIENTATION   |   5

     SCHOOL OF           This is one of the largest schools in the University,
                         and is responsible for the following undergraduate                      SCHOOL OF   This school is highly innovative boasting
                                                                                                             world-class facilities. It offers the following
ENVIRONMENTAL            degree programs:
                                                                                                   DESIGN,   undergraduate degree programs:
       AND LIFE                                                                             COMMUNICATION
                         n                                                                                   n

                         n   development studies                                                             n   information technology
      SCIENCES           n   environmental science and management                                     AND    n   natural history illustration
                             exercise and sport science
                                                                                              INFORMATION        visual communication design.
                         n                                                                                   n

                         n   food science and human nutrition                                                Teaching facilities available to students includes a full broadcast-
                         n   science (offering majors in biology, chemistry, geography,
                             earth sciences, marine science and sustainable resource
                                                                                               TECHNOLOGY    quality digital television studio, radio studio equipped with sound
                                                                                                             recording facilities, post-production video edit suites, audio edit
                             management).                                                                    suites and labs equipped with Apple Macs and PCs.
                         The School is highly active in research and has about 120                           Most degree programs involve work placement to ensure
                         research higher degree students gaining either a PhD or Master                      students gain invaluable experience and a thorough
                         of Philosophy degree. The School also offers postgraduate                           understanding of their chosen industry.
                         programs by coursework in:
                                                                                                             Postgraduate coursework degree programs are available in:
                         n   environmental management                                                        n   digital media
                         n   environmental and business management                                           n   information technology.
                         n   science management.
                                                                                                             Research in the School reflects the dynamic, creative and
                                                                                                             technologically oriented nature of the areas of design,
                                                                                                             communication, IT and natural history illustration.
      SCHOOL OF          This is a dynamic School offering exciting opportunities
                         at the forefront of modern undergraduate and
    MATHEMATICS          postgraduate teaching and learning in mathematics,

                         physics and statistics. The School offers:
                             Bachelor of Mathematics degree program
                                                                                                SCHOOL OF    The School of Psychology offers undergraduate studies
                                                                                                             accredited by the Australian Psychology Accreditation

                                                                                                             Council (APAC) at the Newcastle and Central Coast
        SCIENCES         n   majors for physics and photonics in the Bachelor of
                             Science program
                                                                                                             campuses. These programs and sequences are:
                                                                                                             n   Bachelor of Psychology
                         n   co-majors for mathematics and statistics in the Bachelor
                             of Science program.
                                                                                                             n   psychology majors in the Bachelor of Science, Bachelor
                                                                                                                 of Arts and Bachelor of Social Science programs.
                         These programs and majors may easily be combined with
                         other degree programs.                                                              The Bachelor of Psychology program is a four year
                                                                                                             Honours degree and is your first step towards gaining
                         The research undertaken by staff is internationally acclaimed                       professional qualifications as a psychologist. It covers all
                         and covers the areas of surface physics, space physics,                             areas of study required by the Australian Psychological
                         nanoscience, functional analysis, statistical and financial                         Society Ltd and the Psychologists Registration Board of
                         modelling and quality management. The School is actively                            the NSW Health Department.
                         involved in a range of outreach activities including the highly
                         successful Science and Engineering Challenge and the SMART                          Postgraduate (Diploma, Masters and Doctorate) coursework
                         program. The School’s goal is to bring the excitement of science                    programs offer professional training in clinical and health
                         to the broader community.                                                           psychology. The School has a very active research profile
                                                                                                             and our postgraduate research students are provided with
                                                                                                             excellent facilities.
                                                                                                             The School also operates a community psychology clinic where
                                                                                                             Honours students may observe general clinic operations and
                                                                                                             postgraduate students provide therapy sessions.
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           RESEARCH      The Faculty of Science and Information Technology has
                         a strong commitment to innovative fundamental and
                         applied research at the highest international standards,
                         and supports a wide range of research activities.
                         These attract significant external research funding and staff
                         are directly and actively involved with a number of national and
                         university research centres and institutes:
                         n   ARC Centre of Excellence for Biotechnology
                             and Development (Biological Sciences)
                         n   ARC Centre of Excellence for Integrative Legume Research
                             (Biological Sciences)
                         n   ARC Centre of Excellence for Complex Dynamic Systems
                             and Control (Mathematics)
                         n   ARC Centre of Excellence in Bioinformatics (Mathematics)
                         n   Centre for Space Physics (Physics)
                         n   Centre for Urban and Regional Studies (Geography)
                         n   Centre for Climate Impact Management
                         n   Centre for Sustainable Ecosystem Restoration
                         n   Tom Farrell Institute for the Environment.

                         The Faculty also contributes to eight of the University’s ten
                         Priority Research Centres, which focus research on important
                         areas of strength and need:
                         n   Centre for Organic Electronics (Physics and Chemistry)
                         n   Centre for Reproductive Science (Biological Sciences)
                         n   Centre for Brain and Mental Health Research (Psychology)
                         n   Centre for Energy (Engineering, Physics and Chemistry)
                         n   Centre for Advanced Particle Processing
                             (Engineering, Mathematics)
                         n   Centre for Bioinformatics, Biomarker Discovery
                             and Information-Based Medicine
                         n   CARMA
                         n   Health Behaviour Research.
8   | 2010 ORIENTATION                                                                                                                                                       2010 ORIENTATION    |   9

    EXPECTATIONS         Studying at university is an exciting and worthwhile
                         experience but you need to be aware of what your
                                                                                              Program Convenors and Program Officers
                                                                                              Here to help and guide your studies
                         lecturers and tutors will expect from you, and your
                                                                                              Each degree program has an academic staff member appointed as the Program Convenor and an
                         obligations and responsibilities.
                                                                                              academic administration staff member appointed as the Program Officer. Program Convenors
                         You are entirely responsible for your study patterns and             have overall responsibility for the conduct of a program and will provide information to students
                         performance. Participation in your education involves much           on academic issues related to the program as well as decisions in relation to a range of academic
                         more than just attending lectures and tutorials. You will be         matters including credit assessments. Program Officers offer advice, assistance and support
                         expected to contribute, to actively participate, to have opinions    to students on issues such as enrolment in courses and programs; re-enrolment; applications
                         and to take part in discussions and give presentations.              for credit for previous academic work (if appropriate); program structures; leave of absence and,
                                                                                              most importantly, the requirements for you to graduate from the program you are enrolled in.
                         There are no text books which contain the whole course.
                         You may have a prescribed text book but you will need to             How much should I study each week?
                         read widely, take comprehensive class notes and gather your          Most students work part-time and it is important to properly manage time to achieve a suitable
                         own information. Essential material not covered in text books        balance between work, study and social activities. A full-time enrolment at University carries at
                         is discussed in lectures and tutorials. Lecturers may pose           least the same time commitment (40 hours or more per week, depending on your circumstances)
                         questions but not necessarily give all the answers; you will be      as a full-time job. It is expected that you will spend a significant amount of time on your studies
                         expected to find information and develop a point of view based       outside of class. Therefore, if you have extensive work commitments you should consider
                         on your reading and critical thinking. All interactions are in       reducing your enrolment. It is much better to take an extra year and do well, than to fail
                         English and a strong competence in English is assumed in             courses and still need to take an extra year. The latter will cost you more and be a much
                         all degree programs.                                                 greater strain for everyone.
                         End of semester examinations are used in many programs but           Faculty Student Guide
                         they will only form part of your overall assessment. You will have   Answers to almost all routine questions about the Faculty of Science and Information Technology,
                         to complete an assessment task such as an essay or a report or       administrative matters relating to your degree program, assessment, forms, and other general
                         a tutorial presentation, every few weeks.                            information, can be found at the Faculty’s Undergraduate Student Guide.
                         Academic integrity is taken very seriously in our University. You    When you log in to Blackboard you will probably see that several courses are available. One
                         will be required to use the referencing system recommended           of these is the Faculty Student Guide (“FSCIT Student Guide”). When you open this, a left
                         by your lecturer and will need to cite your references correctly     hand menu identifies a number of folders available to you. One of these is the Undergraduate
                         using that particular style (e.g. the Harvard style). Copying of     Student Guide mentioned above. Two others are the Academic Honesty Module, and the
                         material, including from the internet, is not acceptable. Further    Maths Diagnostic Quiz.
                         information on Referencing and Style Guides can be found on
                                                                                              Academic honesty module
                         the Library website at: www.newcastle.edu.au/service/library/
                                                                                              This module is an educational tool designed to help you avoid plagiarism, understand referencing
                                                                                              style, and hence improve your marks. Although the questions in this module do not count in any
                         How do I know in which courses to enrol?                             way for any of the courses in which you are enrolled, it is Faculty policy that you must complete
                         At University you are responsible for ensuring that you are          this module. You will be required to indicate on assessment item cover sheets that you have
                         enrolled in appropriate courses (subjects) to meet the rules of      taken this module. Your assignments may not be accepted if you have not completed
                         your degree program. To help out with this, we have provided         this module.
                         Program Enrolment Checklists (PEC’s) to guide you in what
                                                                                              Maths Diagnostic Quiz
                         you need to do to complete your degree program. Copies
                                                                                              Many degree programs assume some knowledge of mathematics. However, it is often difficult
                         of these checklists can be found on the Faculty web site:
                                                                                              for students to predict whether their mathematics background is adequate. The Maths Diagnostic
                         www.newcastle.edu.au/faculty/science-it/. From the left
                                                                                              Quiz allows you to gauge your understanding of basic mathematical concepts
                         hand menu click on degree programs then checklists. You can
                                                                                              and processes, and provides feedback to help you choose what action to take.
                         also locate your PEC from the Program Handbook located at
                         www.newcastle.edu.au/program/                                        You are strongly urged to take the quiz, no matter which degree program you are enrolled
                                                                                              in. The quiz is there solely to help you and if you follow the advice that is provided alongside
                          In addition, career pathways showing sequences of study
                                                                                              with your result in this quiz then you have a chance to significantly improve your marks and
                         leading to particular career paths are available for students in
                                                                                              outcomes from your degree program.
                         all degree programs in the Faculty. Click on pathways from the
                         degree programs link mentioned above.
10   | 2010 ORIENTATION                                                                                                                                                 2010 ORIENTATION   |   11


2010                      Unistart orientation days are being held for each degree
                          program to step you through the key things you need
                          to know before commencing your studies. Find your
                          degree from the page opposite and we’ll see you at your
                          unistart day. A BBQ lunch will be provided on the day.
                          Sessions will be led by our Student Mentors and include:

                              Q&A sessions with your Program Convenor and
                              Program Officers – A chance to ask any questions about
                              your degree, courses and participate in a general discussion.
                              An introduction to learning development and
                                                                                              Are you studying one of the
                                                                                              following programs at the
                                                                                              Callaghan campus?


                                                                                                  Bachelor of Biotechnology
                                                                                                  Bachelor of
                                                                                                  Information Technology
                                                                                                  Bachelor of Mathematics
                                                                                                  or a combined
                                                                                                                              Are you studying one of the
                                                                                                                              following programs at the
                                                                                                                              Callaghan campus?


                                                                                                                                  Bachelor of Psychology
                                                                                                                                  Bachelor of Environmental
                                                                                                                                  Science and Management
                                                                                                                                  Bachelor of
                                                                                                                                  Development Studies
                                                                                                                                                              CENTRAL COAST
                                                                                                                                                              Are you studying one of the
                                                                                                                                                              following programs at the
                                                                                                                                                              Ourimbah campus?


                                                                                                                                                                  Bachelor of Exercise
                                                                                                                                                                  and Sports Science
                                                                                                                                                                  Bachelor of Food Science
                                                                                                                                                                  and Human Nutrition
                                                                                                                                                                  Bachelor of
                              the University’s online learning environment                        mathematics program                                             Information Technology
                                                                                                                              n   Bachelor of
                              Information regarding university systems and support            n   Bachelor of Natural             Communication.              n   Bachelor of Psychology
                              services for students.
                                                                                                  History Illustration                                            Bachelor of Science.
                                                                                                                              Your unistart day is
                          n   Social activities – Get to know other students enrolled in      n   Bachelor of Science
                              your program, make some new friends.                                                            Wednesday 24 February –         Your unistart day is
                                                                                              n   Bachelor of Visual
                          n   Campus tours – Familiarise yourself with our campus,                                            Callaghan                       Wednesday 24 February –
                                                                                                  Communication Design.
                              get to know your way around.                                                                                                    Ourimbah
                                                                                                                              From 9am
                                                                                              Your unistart day is
                          For further information and activities during O Week, check out                                     Venue: CT 202, CT Building      From 9am
                          our Orientation website: www.newcastle.edu.au/orientation           Tuesday 23 February –                                           Venue: LT2
                          Campus maps can be found in your Student Diary or visit             Callaghan
                                                                                              From 9am
                                                                                              Venue: CT 202, CT Building
12   | 2010 ORIENTATION                                                                                                                                                             2010 ORIENTATION   |   13

BRIDGING COURSES                                                                                         NEWCASTLE (CALLAGHAN) BRIDGING COURSE TIMETABLE
                                                                                                         Course name                       Course dates                     Venue
Why do a bridging course?                            Please note that the bridging courses start on      Writing Academic Essays           1-12 February 6pm - 8pm          V02 Mathematics Building
Get a head-start on your studies this year by        the day and time published on the Registration      Code: EPSB080 A                   (20 hours)
enrolling in a bridging course. These courses        System and, in most cases, run over a number        Writing Academic Essays           8 -19 February 2pm - 4pm         VO2 Mathematics Building
are designed to provide the knowledge and            of consecutive days.                                Code: EPSB080 B                   (20 hours)
skills necessary or desirable for students
                                                     Be sure to avoid timetable clashes. Please note     Writing Academic Essays           15 - 26 February 6pm - 8pm       VO2 Mathematics Building
entering various courses of tertiary study.
                                                     that there are optional times (day or evening)      Code: EPSB080 C                   (20 hours)
Studies indicate that the first year of university
                                                     for some courses and some courses require           Introduction to Human Biology 8 - 11 February 9am -12noon          HPE2-03 Health and
is the most critical period in determining the
                                                     attendance at two sessions in one day.              Code: EPSB096 A               (12 hours)                           Physical Education
success of your career as a student. If you
believe that you could do with assistance in         Costs                                               Surviving Stats:                  8 -12 February , 1pm - 4pm       V103
your studies at university or beyond, or wish        There are no charges for the undergraduate          Statistics for Tertiary Studies   (15 hours)                       Mathematics Building
to improve your academic interests and skills,       bridging courses in Summer 2010.                    Code: EPSB095 A
you may find a selection of courses from this
                                                     Course cancellations                                Surviving Stats:                  22 - 26 February, 4pm - 7 pm     V103
program useful.
                                                     Please note that if there are insufficient          Statistics for Tertiary Studies   (15 hours)                       Mathematics Building
How to enrol – Online registration                   enrolments in any course(s), the course may         Code: EPSB095 B
Registrations open on Wednesday, 20 January          be cancelled. Students will be notified of any      An Introduction to                10 -17 February, 1pm - 4pm       SRLT1
2010. Enrol in advance, preferably at least          course cancellations by email.                      Undergraduate Physics for         and 18 February, 1pm - 3pm       Social Sciences Building
5 days before the commencement of the                                                                    Health Science, Sciences          (20 hours)
course(s).                                           Enrolment confirmation
                                                     The record of your enrolment can be found           and Engineering
1. Log in at http://webapps.newcastle.               under current registrations on the left hand        Code: EPSB091
   edu.au/rego/index.cfm                             menu of the registration system. If, after          An Introduction to                15 - 19 February, 9am -12noon    V101
                                                     registration, you find that are unable to           Undergraduate Mathematics         (15 hours)                       Mathematics Building
2. Click on ‘Other Registrations’ on the left
                                                     participate in the bridging course(s) please        Code: EPSB093 A
   hand menu
                                                     drop your registration on the registration system   An Introduction to                15 -19 February , 6pm - 9pm      V10
3. Look under English Language and                   immediately so that your place can be allocated     Undergraduate Mathematics         (15 hours)                       Mathematics Building
   Foundation Studies Centre and identify            to another student.                                 Code: EPSB093 B
   the EPSB course code and course name –
                                                     Further information                                 An Introduction to                15 -19 February, 1pm - 4pm       SRLT2
   click ‘Register’
                                                     Full details and course                             Undergraduate Chemistry           (15 hours)                       Social Sciences Building
4. Identify the ‘Session’ you wish to attend –       descriptions can be found at:                       Code: EPSB094
   click ‘Book’.                                     www.newcastle.edu.au/bridging
                                                                                                         Rediscover Grammar                15 - 19 February, 9am - 12noon   MC132
5. This will return you to your home page and        T: 02 4921 5558                                     Code: EPSB082 A                   (15 hours)                       McMullin Building
   a message will appear in a box at the top         E: enabling@newcastle.edu.au                        An Introduction to Academic       15 -18 February, 5pm - 9pm       MCTH
   of the screen indicating that you are now                                                             Research Skills and Writing       (16 hours)                       McMullin Theatre
   registered for this activity.                                                                         Code: EPSB090
                                                                                                         Computer Literacy                 8 - 11 February, 9am - 12noon    MCG63
                                                                                                         Code: EPSB084 A (day)             (12 hours)                       McMullin Building
                                                                                                         Computer Literacy                 8 -11 February, 6pm - 9pm        CT314
                                                                                                         Code: EPSB084 B (evening)         (12 hours)                       CT building
                                                                                                         Computer Literacy                 15 - 18 February, 1pm - 4pm      MCG63
                                                                                                         Code: EPSB084 C (day)             (12 hours)                       McMullin Building
                                                                                                         Computer Literacy                 15 - 18 February, 6pm - 9pm      CT314
                                                                                                         Code: EPSB084 D (evening)         (12 hours)                       CT building
14   | 2010 ORIENTATION                                                                                                                                              2010 ORIENTATION    |   15

 Course name                       Course dates                    Venue
                                                                                     LIBRARY TOURS
                                                                                     The library is an important resource that you’ll use regularly whilst at uni. There are extensive
                                                                                     book and journal collections held in each library, as well as a range of online resources and
 Introduction to Human Biology 8 -11 February, 2pm - 5pm           CS218             services that you’ll need to be familiar with as you commence your studies. The library tours
 Code: EPSB096 B               (12 hours)                          Classroom South   introduce you to the services and study spaces available. Please meet in the library foyer
 Surviving Stats: Statistics       8 - 12 February, 6pm - 9pm      CS218             10 minutes before the tour commences.
 for Tertiary Studies              (15 hours)                      Classroom South
 Code: EPSB095 C
                                                                                      ORIENTATION WEEK
 Rediscover Grammar                15 -19 February, 9am - 12noon   CS218
 Code: EPSB082 B                   (15 hours)                      Classroom South                                  Auchmuty Library         Huxley Library
 An Introduction to                15 -19 February, 9am - 12noon   CS203             Tuesday 23 February            2pm
 Undergraduate Chemistry           (15 hours)                      Classroom South
 Code: EPSB094 B                                                                     Wednesday 24 February          2pm                      3pm

 Academic Survival Skills          15 -19 February, 1pm - 4pm      CS219             Thursday 25 February           11am and 2pm             11am
 Code: EPSB076                     (15 hours)                      Classroom South   Friday 26 February             11am and 2pm             3pm
 An Introduction to                15 -19 February, 1pm - 4pm      CS218
 Undergraduate Mathematics         (15 hours)                      Classroom South
 Code: EPSB093 C
 Writing Academic Essays           8 -19 February, 10am -12noon    CS219              WEEK ONE
 Code: EPSB080 D                   (20 hours)                      Classroom South
                                                                                                                    Auchmuty Library         Huxley Library        Ourimbah Library
 Writing Academic Essays           15 - 26 February, 6pm - 8pm     CS219
 Code: EPSB080 E (evening)         (18 hours)                      Classroom South   Monday 1 March                 11am                     11am                  2pm
                                   (No class Tues 23 February)                       Tuesday 2 March                2pm                      11am
 Surviving Stats:                  22 - 26 February, 4pm - 7pm     CS218
 Statistics for Tertiary Studies   (15 hours)                      Classroom South   Wednesday 3 March              11am                     11am                  11am
 Code: EPSB095 D                                                                     Thursday 4 March               2pm                                            10am
 Computer Literacy                 8 -10 February, 9am-12noon      IT Lab 2          Friday 5 March                 11am
 Code: EPSB084 E (day)             plus 1-4pm on 9 Feb
                                   (12 hours)
 Computer Literacy                 16 -19 February, 2pm - 5pm      ITLab 2
 Code: EPSB084 F (day)             (12 hours)                                         WEEK TWO
 Computer Literacy                 15 -18 February, 6pm - 9pm      IT Lab 3
 Code: EPSB084 G (evening)         (12 hours)                                                                       Auchmuty Library                               Ourimbah Library
                                                                                     Monday 8 March                 11am                                           10am
                                                                                     Tuesday 9 March                11am                                           3pm
                                                                                     Wednesday 10 March             11am
                                                                                     Friday 11 March                                                               11am
16   | 2010 ORIENTATION                                                                                                                                                 2010 ORIENTATION   |   17

GET FAMILIAR WITH BLACKBOARD                                                                     FAMILIARISE YOURSELF
Enrol in a Building Familiarity with Blackboard workshop.
Tuesday 23 February           Callaghan      3pm - 3.30pm, 3.30pm - 4pm
                                                                                                 WITH THE FORUM
                                                                                                 Make the most of your time at uni by
                                                                                                 joining in the fun at The Forum.                   ENQUIRY
Wednesday 24 February         Callaghan      2pm - 2.30pm, 2.30pm - 3pm, 3pm - 3.30pm
                                                                                                 There are heaps of sporting clubs to get
Wednesday 24 February         Ourimbah       12pm -12.30pm, 12.30pm -1pm                         involved with including cricket, baseball, rugby
Friday 26 February            Callaghan      11am -11.30am, 11.30am - 12pm, 12pm -12.30pm        and hockey as well as a 50 metre indoor
                                                                                                 heated pool and 18 metre high climbing wall.
                                                                                                 Have a go at indoor netball, basketball,           The Enquiry Centre is your first
                                                                                                 touch football, squash and indoor soccer           point of contact with the Uni via
LANGUAGE SUPPORT FOR                            HOW TO REGISTER IN                               in The Forum’s social sporting competitions        phone or email between 9am –
INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS                          THESE ACTIVITIES                                 each semester.                                     5pm, Monday to Friday.

Diagnostic testing                              To enrol in these sessions log into              You can access all of The Forum’s facilities       Call 02 4921 5000 or email
The Diagnostic Academic English Language        http://webapps.newcastle.edu.au/                 at the University and Harbourside close to the     EnquiryCentre@newcastle.edu.au
Test (DAELT) is an English language test        rego/index.cfm                                   Newcastle CBD for the whole semester for
designed for International students with                                                         only $299*.
                                                When you enrol please note the venue
non-English-speaking backgrounds.                                                                For an even sweeter deal purchase a semester
                                                for the activity.
Workshops                                                                                        membership or 12 month Forum Passport
                                                Go to the section called “To register for a      membership before 15 March 2010 and go in
These workshops follow on from the
                                                non enrolment based activity, click here”.       the draw to win one of three 16GB iPod Nanos*.
diagnostic testing and aim to target areas
in need of improvement and give you an          You will see several frames including            Score yourself a free 7 day membership at
opportunity to develop your reading,            “Learning Development – Callaghan” and           The Forum by taking a tour of our facilities.
listening and writing skills.                   “Learning Development – Central Coast            Meet at reception at The Forum, University at
                                                Ourimbah Campus”.                                2.30pm each day of O Week. Visit The Forum
The diagnostic testing sessions are being
offered at both the Callaghan and Ourimbah      Look for the titles Blackboard and Online        stall at the O Week Expo to find out more.
campuses from February 16 - March 26.           DAELT testing. Both of these sections are on     Tours of the Forum at the University’s
Dates and venues are listed in the              the one page.                                    Callaghan campus run daily at 2.30pm
registration system.                                                                             during O Week from February 22-26
                                                Select register on the right of the screen for
                                                the category you want. You will see a list of    Free 7 day membership for all attending
                                                activities, times and dates. Register by         the tour
                                                clicking book.
                                                                                                 Forum stall will be at the O Week Expo
                                                You will receive a confirmation email.           *Conditions apply
                                                Further information
                                                T: 4921 5350
                                                E: ctl-ld@newcastle.edu.au
 18   | 2010 ORIENTATION                                                                                                                                                                         2010 ORIENTATION   |   19

                                               GET CONNECTED ON CAMPUS                                              UNIVERSITY –                                       WELCOME TO RURAL AND
                           PRESENTATIONS AND
                                               How will I manage my study?
                                               What about writing essays?
                                                                                                                    WHAT’S IT ALL ABOUT?                               OUT-OF-AREA STUDENTS
                                               How do I find accommodation?                                         New students who have recently left school         All rural and out of area students are
                                                                                                                    and their families are invited to attend a         welcome to attend a settling-in session
                                               If you are asking these questions, come to one of these sessions     presentation to learn more about university        which will provide an opportunity for you to
                                               and discover strategies to help you find answers. You will also      administrative and student support systems.        meet other rural and out-of-area students,
                                               find out about all the student services that are designed to         This informal discussion will include a panel      both Australian and International. There will
                                               make your life easier while you are studying.                        of lecturers, staff members and students           be sessions run at both the Central Coast
                                                                                                                    who will be able to provide you with a             and Newcastle campuses, with student
                                               Newcastle (Callaghan)
                                                                                                                    realistic perspective on your new and exciting     mentors and staff on hand to answer
                                               Each day of Orientation week between
                                                                                                                    endeavour. They will also be available to answer   questions, in a friendly informal atmosphere.
                                               1pm and 2pm in PG13 – physics building
                                                                                                                    any specific questions you might have.
                                                                                                                                                                       Newcastle (Callaghan)
                                               Central Coast (Ourimbah)
                                                                                                                    Newcastle (Callaghan)                              Friday 19 February
                                               Monday 22 February 12-1pm
                                                                                                                    Tuesday 16 February                                3.30pm to 5pm in GP 201
                                               Tuesday 23 February 1-2pm
                                                                                                                    5.30pm - 7pm in GP1.01
                                               Wednesday 24 February 1-2pm                                                                                             Central Coast (Ourimbah)
                                               in AV3 in the library                                                Central Coast (Ourimbah)                           Friday 19 February
                                                                                                                    Tuesday 16 February                                2pm to 4pm in CN1 104
                                               Port Macquarie
                                                                                                                    5.30pm - 7pm in Lecture Theatre 1
                                               Port Macquarie Orientation day
                                               25 February 2010
                                               See www.newcastle.edu.au/orientation for details.
                                                                                                                    STUDYING FOR SUCCESS                                 For more details about these
                                                                                                                    FOR STUDENTS WITH A                                  sessions, please go to the
                                               HAVEN’T STUDIED FOR A WHILE?                                         DISABILITY OR LONG-TERM
                                                                                                                                                                         orientation website at:
                                               Why not register for our Back to
                                               Study Survival Skills workshop?                                      MEDICAL CONDITION
                                               Mature age students bring to university studies many valuable        Students with a disability or chronic medical
                                               skills and life experiences. At the same time, they face specific    conditions are invited to attend the Disability
                                               challenges, including the need to juggle work and domestic           Support Service ‘Study for Success’ workshops.
                                               responsibilities with study. This program is designed to orientate   These workshops will focus on services and
                                               you to university life, develop confidence and provide practical     support available at the university as well as
                                               personal and academic survival skills. You will meet experienced     strategies for successful study.
                                               mature age students, fellow commencing students and                  Newcastle (Callaghan)
                                               university staff.                                                    Tuesday 16 February
                                               Newcastle (Callaghan)                                                10am - 12pm in HA145
                                               Monday 15 February                                                   Repeated on:
                                               9.30am - 11.30am in Nursing Theatre                                  Wednesday 17 February
                                               Central Coast (Ourimbah)                                             2pm - 4pm in HA145
                                               Monday 15 February                                                   Central Coast (Ourimbah)
                                               12pm - 2pm in Lecture Theatre 1                                      Thursday 18 February
                                               Numbers are limited. Please register by Thursday 11 February         11am - 1pm in CN2:106
                                               2010 online at: www.newcastle.edu.au/service/counselling
                                               or by calling the University Counselling service on
                                               (02) 4921 5801
20   | 2010 ORIENTATION

Student Hubs
                                                   Hunter Hub – Callaghan
The Student Hubs provide a one-stop shop
                                                   Student Services Centre
for you to access essential student services at
                                                   Monday to Friday: 8.30am – 5pm
four of our campus locations. Each Hub offers
a place for you to work on, submit and collect
your assignments, meet friends, buy something      City Hub and
to eat and get advice and referrals from trained   Information Common (CHIC)

                                                                                             UoN 2009/1599 I CRICOS Provider 00109J
staff about issues relating to your studies.       University House, King Street
                                                   City Hub: Monday to Friday: 9am – 6pm
Shortland Hub – Callaghan
Shortland Building                                 Student Hub –
Monday to Friday: 8.30am – 5pm                     Central Coast (Ourimbah)
                                                   Opposite the main Cafeteria
                                                   Monday to Friday: 8.30am – 5pm

                                                   9am – 5pm
                                                   Newcastle (Callaghan) – 02 4921 5000
                                                   Central Coast (Ourimbah) – 02 4348 4030

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