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					            Internal Medicine
        Computing Support Services

   Guide to Helpdesk and Computer Related
     Services For Division Administrators

Project Involvement

The Division Administrator (DA) is the primary IMCSS contact for all
major Information Systems / Technology planning and cost related
services required by each Division. We will look to you for guidance
and support to supply information and resources when resolving or
implementing all technology issues for your Division.

Updated: February 17, 2005

Purpose of this manual

This manual was designed to answer common questions from
Division Administrators about their computer / network / helpdesk

1.   Helpdesk hours and response times

2.   Services you can expect from your helpdesk

3.   Purchasing computers & peripherals through IMCSS

4.   Network data line activations / deactivations and new line pulls.

5.   E-mail accounts & Network login accounts

6.   Mail Box Space Limitations

7.   Dial in accounts for internet access from home or while traveling.

8.   Barnes Hospital systems and account access

9.   IDX Accounts for scheduling

10. University Accounts available for fees

11. Controlling costs with other Internal University Groups

12. Staff & Computer physical Moves

13. New Accounts and Employee Terminations

            IMCSS Helpdesk Contact Information
Hours of Operation:
      Monday through Friday
      7:00 am – 6:00 pm

Contact IT:
     Phone – 362-2165 (2-2165)
     E-Mail -

After Hours Emergencies:
       If you experience difficulty outside of the normal IMCSS business hours, you
       should call 362-2165 and you will receive the cell phone number of the on-call
       technician. If you call the cell phone and receive voice mail, please leave a
       message and the on call technician will return your call as soon as possible.

After-Hours Support:
       Between 6:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. weekdays and from 5:00 p.m. Friday until 7:00
       a.m. Monday IMCSS has an on-call technician. Call 362-2165 to obtain the on-
       call cell phone number. If you reach the voice mail box on the on call cell phone,
       please leave a message and the technician will return your call as soon as
       possible. He may already be on the phone with another client. The on-call person
       will attempt to resolve the issue over the phone. Resolution of the after-hour
       problem will be handled as follows if it cannot be resolved over the telephone:

   If the work stoppage is due to a server being down, the Technician will page the
    following individuals:
   System Administrator (Larry Poertner and/or Marcus Walker)
   IMCSS Technical Manager (Jill Mantia or Nancy Webb)
   Internal Medicine Business Office Executive Director

   In the case of network or e-mail outages, the on-call technician will facilitate the
    contact with Network Administration (Larry and/or Marcus) who will subsequently
    page both Jill Mantia and Nancy Webb to inform of the outage.
   If the problem is workstation related and cannot be resolved over the phone, the
    Technician will tell the client that he/she will log a trouble ticket for the problem the
    next business morning.

                              Response Times
       We attempt to resolve basic computer desktop issues and inquiries within 3
       business days. If resolution is complicated for any reason (requirement of a
       purchase, unable to successfully diagnose problem, client schedule conflicts) an
       IMCSS technician will inform the user directly of the issue and his/her path of
       resolution and targeted completion. If a technician is unable to determine
       resolution directly with the client, the IMCSS Help Desk Manager will be
       involved to determine a path of resolution.

       Standard Issue – Resolution within 3 business days if unable to resolve via
       telephone. In all cases, if a technician is available the resolution will be done
       ASAP; however, if a problem requires a technician to visit the computer and one
       is not readily available; ticket backlog would require the 3-business day time-
       frame. During large project implementations, standard issue resolution may take
       up to 4 business days due to limited resources.

       Password Changes/New User Setup – Resolution within 3 business days for
       new user setups. Password changes will be accommodated within 4 business
       hours for current clients.

       Computer Down – Priority 1 – immediate response with minimum follow up in
       3 hours depending upon group’s current workload.

We ask that you provide us with as much notice as possible for new lines, new
computers, etc… because we must coordinate these efforts with other entities (both
internally and outside of WASHU) that may add additional time to resolution. (E.g.
MSCNS requires a 2-week lead time to install a new network line. See section on
Network lines for detailed MSCNS data line policies and costs.)

       Services You Can Expect From Your Helpdesk
Core services:
Network & e-mail account setup

Network file storage space (H: drive) that is backed up nightly. Use this space
to store any files that are critical to your business.

Printing setup and configuration – to local or network printers.

Computer hardware support – systems meeting current hardware standards
receive full support. Old computers beneath current standards receive “1 hour –
good citizen” effort.

Computer software support – University standard applications receive full
support. Non-standard software packages receive 1 hour – “good citizen” effort.
NOTE: Screen savers, CHAT programs, or anything that is NOT work related is
not supported and will be removed if found to be conflicting with standard

Computer Peripherals – IMCSS will install and support any standard computer
peripheral that is related to work. This includes printers, scanners, palm pilots
etc. In some cases, we will also help with digital cameras or other hardware.
Please contact Nancy Webb (362-3080) if there are questions about what will be
supported by IMCSS.

Computer related Purchasing – IMCSS will provide recommendations, quotes
and help in ordering and installing new computers and related peripherals.

Computer moves – can be performed by your staff, movers or a local courier.
IMCSS will coordinate with you to disconnect all computers before they are
moved and reconnect and reconfigure them at their new location. IMCSS uses
J&S Express to move computers and contact info for that company can be
provided to Divisions if they wish to use their moving services.

Updates to this policy are published at

Purchasing Computers & Peripherals Through IMCSS

IMCSS will assist you with any computer related hardware or software
purchases. IMCSS will make recommendations for hardware that is compatible
with our systems and within the current standards for the University. IMCSS will
obtain quotes for you from University vendors.

The person requesting the quote needs to have it approved by their Division and
the Division purchasing person puts the order online.

Items should be shipped directly to the Divisions and when hardware or software
arrives IMCSS should be contacted to schedule the installation if needed.

Standard Quotes

IMCSS maintains 2 current quotes on new Dell systems and publish these on our
web site. This page includes a standard computer and a high-end computer.

IMCSS also posts two printer quotes, one network laser quality and one local
deskjet quality. These quotes are posted as base lines and special
configurations will be accommodated. These will be available at:

OR - You may go to the general Imcss web page at:

and click on Procedures and then click on Procurement.

 Network data line activations / deactivations and new line pulls

Network data lines are provided by a central Library group; MSCNS (Medical
School Network Computer Services). The Department of Internal Medicine has a
contract with MSCNS that allows them the following time frames and cost

New Lines Pulls & Activations
Time frame – 2 weeks - normal – fee is $150
             1 day – emergency – fee is $300

Existing Line Activations
Time frame – 2 weeks – normal – fee is $45
              1 day – emergency –fee is $90

The Division Administrator must approve all requests for new lines or activations.
If a request is submitted from a member of a division, the request is forwarded to
the DA for approval before the job is sent to MSNS for scheduling.

Ongoing Charges:
WUCON 100mg network lines - $18 per line, per month

The DA should receive a detailed bill each month from the MSCNS networking
group which details the line ID’s in use. These should be monitored carefully for
lines no longer in use.

Important note: MSCNS will NEVER deactivate any line unless they receive a
written request containing the line ID. This means if a group moves out of an
area, you must submit a request (send to IMHELP) in order to have MSNS
deactivate the line and remove the charge from your future invoices. If you do
not request these deactivations, you will continue to be billed and MSNS will not
issue credits for past months.

              E-mail accounts & Network login accounts

Internal Medicine E-mail accounts ( and Network login accounts
are provided by the Department of Medicine to all faculty and staff members at
no charge.

Network accounts
Network login accounts are needed for faculty and staff to access shared files
and directories on the network servers or for network printing to shared printers.

Each person with a network login has an H: drive provided to store files that need
to be backed up. This H: drive is a private space that no one else has access to.
We can provide shared folders on a different drive for use upon request.

The following information is requested to create accounts:

room #:
phone #:
fax #:
mail stop:

E-Mail accounts
Internal Medicine accounts ( are provided at no cost for all
department faculty and staff. You can access these accounts via the web client
from any computer on the internet. Use the address:

and when prompted, use your network login name and password. Feel free to
call our helpdesk for additional details on these options.

The following information is requested to create accounts:

room #:
phone #:
fax #:
mail stop:

Mail Box Space Limitations

Employees are limited to 50mb of active mailbox storage space. The purpose of
this limitation is to maintain storage costs as well as facilitate mailbox
maintenance for all employees and maintain backup routines to a 24 hour
window. Options are available for employees to store their old mail locally where
it will not affect the 50mb limitation. Please contact the helpdesk for assistance
setting up this offline storage.

          Dial in Accounts for Internet Access from Home or while traveling

IMCSS provides a dial up service for internet access at a cost of $10 per month
per account. There is an additional charge of 11cents per minute for 1-800
number usage.

These accounts are commonly called “SHIVA” or dial in accounts. All requests
for these accounts must be approved by the Division Administrator. All billing for
these accounts is done online via the FIS system. IMCSS cannot accept private
payments from individuals for this service.

These accounts can be used to access the internet and other University
resources from home computers or while traveling. The IMCSS web page has
detailed information on how to configure your home computer to dial the Internal
Medicine Shiva computer and login. IMCSS will also configure home PC’s for
dial in access. The PC must be brought in to the IMCSS office (4488 Forest Park
– HealthKey building) for configuration. These home configurations will be done
by IMCSS as they can be accommodated. No home visits are authorized.

           Barnes Hospital Systems and Account Access

Barnes Hospital has many patient systems that University Faculty and Staff wish
to access.

The Department’s computers have been migrated to the secure WUCON
network which means BJC systems can be accessed from Washington
University computers.

If you wish to access BJC systems from home or from any computer which is not
on the secure WUCON network you must use a secure mechanism.

CITRIX –This allows access to all hospital systems (Clindesk, MCIS etc). This is
available for both PC’s and Macintosh.

VPN – is provided by the Library at no cost. This allows access to Clinical
Desktop and other BJC systems. This is only available for PC’s, although a
Macintosh option is being researched at this time.

Obtaining Logins & Passwords to BJC systems:

BJC uses the “ISR” Request system. IMCSS (or BJC) can provide you with the
paperwork needed to make this type of request. This paperwork must be filled
out by both the Division Administrator (to provide billing information) and by the
person requesting (who needs to sign confidentiality agreement). The form is
then faxed to BJC at the fax number indicated at the top of the form.

                       IDX Accounts for Scheduling

IDX accounts are requested by completing a form on their web page at:

click on IDX Application
click on Dictionary & Security Forms
click on IDX Security Request Form

You may download the form to fill out & fax back to them. You may call the IDX
helpdesk directly at 935-0909 for questions relating to these forms. You may
also call your regular helpdesk (362-2165) and we can conference you in with the
IDX helpdesk to have your questions answered.

Only certain people in each Division are authorized to request these accounts.

            Other University Accounts Available for Fees

Other Departments and groups offer fee based services to University Faculty and

MSCNS Library Group:

Lotus Notes e-mail accounts – ( or
Available for $8 per month per account. There is also a quarterly surcharge if
your account grows too large. Charges must be approved by the Division
Administrator before request is processed by IMCSS.

IPASS dial in accounts –
Used for dial in access from home or while traveling. Same service as Internal
Medicine SHIVA account. Cost is the same for both, $10 per month per account.
Charges must be approved by the Division Administrator before request is
processed by IMCSS.

       Controlling Costs from Other University Departments

Many fee-based services are available from other University Departments.
Some of these services are available to you at no cost from Internal Medicine.

1 – E-mail : Accounts from Internal Medicine are free to faculty & staff members.
There are other e-mail services on campus that IM clients must pay for. These
include the Lotus Notes accounts supported by the Library. Their cost is $8 per
month per account. If you faculty member has a role in the Course Master
program they may be required to have a Notes account, but it should be provided
free of charge by Central Admin.

2 – BASIC Accounts: The Library provides “BASIC” accounts for $10 per
month per account. These provide a login name to the network and access to
network printers and shared space on file servers for workgroup’s use. All of
these services are provided to Internal Medicine faculty and staff for free.

3 – Network Lines: Network lines are provided by the MSCNS Library group.
Their monthly cost is $18 for a standard network line. MSNS NEVER deactivates
an inactive line unless we send in a WRITTEN request with a line ID number. If
you move from a building or suite you will continue to pay for the network lines in
that area until you submit a list of line ID’s to be deactivated. MSNS does not
issue credits for lines missed or unused.

Nancy Webb is available to help you with analyzing your Interdepartmental
charges for computer related issues. You may contact her at 362-3080 with
questions or concerns.

                 Staff & Computer Physical Moves

When you have staff moving their offices or computers, IMCSS is available for
the following services:

1 – IMCSS will visit a few hours prior to the actual move & disconnect computer

2 – After Equipment is delivered, you may page your technician assigned to the
move and they will setup the equipment in the new area. If they are working on
another client’s computer there may be a few hours delay to setup. The
technician should be paged as soon as the computers arrive in the new

You will need to obtain or provide the services below:

1 – Physical Move of equipment. Your own staff may do this or you may use
professional movers. IMCSS uses J&S Courier service to move PC’s and will
provide you with their contact information if your Division would like to setup an
account with them. They charge $4.50 to move any PC anywhere on campus.

2 – Network line Identification. You will need to check the new locations for
available network lines. The line ID’s are written on the wall face plates. If you
are not sure if the lines are active, you may call our helpdesk (362-2165) and
they can look up the line ID number in the Library’s database. If the line needs to
be activated, the Division Administrator must approve. MSCNS has a contract
with us that allows them up to two weeks to activate a line or pull a new line.
Please let us know the port ID’s early in order to avoid delays. “Emergency”
service is available from MSNS but the fees are twice the normal amounts for 1-2
day turnarounds.

          New Accounts and Employee Terminations

New Faculty and Staff members
Please notify IMCSS of new employees account needs as early as possible. We
have a standard 3 day turnaround to create new e-mail and network login

Requests for new account should be made in writing via e-mail to Please verify the spelling of all names to avoid confusion

The following information is required for all new accounts:

room #:
phone #:
fax #:
campus box #:

Exiting Faculty and Staff members
You will need to inform IMCSS when Faculty or Staff leave the Department of
Medicine. We will forward their e-mail accounts to their new addresses for 30
days and then disable.

Faculty and Staff with IDX or Barnes accounts (MCIS, EMTEK, Clinical Desktop)
etc. must also be notified of an employee’s termination. IMCSS can help guide
you to the correct group to terminate access.

IMCSS receives termination reports from the University HR group. These are
reviewed and anyone on the termination list will have their accounts disabled. If
you need to have someone kept active you should let us know as soon as
possible. Last printed 5/8/2010 8:29:00 PM


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