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The Edward Don Employee Newsletter                                                                                                    Spring 2008

A Message from Steve Don
 The theme of Edward Don & Company’s 2008 Supplier Expo held in March was “Riding the Wave.” The concept of the Supplier
Expo was that we had accomplished record sales several years in a row and what does the company need to do to “Ride the
Wave” of success in the future? This was a timely theme, as the external environment has brought a host of new challenges that
will force us to work harder than ever to satisfy our customers and maintain our successful track record. The talk of “recession,”
higher gas prices, the housing downturn, and lack of consumer confidence has meant that our customers have seen some decline
in their sales. In order to hit our goals in 2008, we are aggressively pursuing opportunities to sell additional categories to existing
customers and actively searching for new accounts. Edward Don & Company recently introduced our “Green” Advisor of
sustainable products to help our customers meet this growing trend in the market place.

We are off to a good start in 2008 and will react to the changing market place. It is crucial that we all go the extra mile to satisfy
our customers.

Edward Don a Finalist for Illinois Family Business                                                 Table of Contents
of the Year Award
                                                                                                   Message from Steve Don................. 1
Edward Don and Company was one of three finalists in a field of hundreds of
nominees for the Family Business of the Year Award. Started in 1994, the awards come               Illinois Family Business Award ........ 1
from Loyola University Chicago’s Family Business Center for family-owned companies
                                                                                                   Notable Business ............................... 2
in Illinois. Edward Don was nominated in the Large Business category and reviewed by
a panel of family business owners and Loyola faculty. The awards recognize companies               Promotions at Don ........................... 2
with positive family and business links that
contribute to industry and community,                                                              Don Kirshner Retirement ............... 2
have innovation in business practice,
                                                                                                   George Biewer Retirement ............ 2
ethics and values in operations, and strong
management planning. Loyola Family                                                                 National Supplier Expo .................... 3
Business Center Executive Director
Andrew Keyt presented the Finalist                                                                 Sales Awards ....................................... 3
Award to Bob Don on December 7, 2007.
                                                                                                   Catersource Show ............................ 4
Coming from a nationally recognized
organization, this award is a prestigious                                                          Milestone Anniversaries ................... 4
honor that is shared by all Edward Don
employees. Well done and keep up the                                                               SAP Update ........................................ 4
good work!
                                                                                                   New Don Employees ....................... 4
                                                          Photo credit: Bruce Powell Photography
                                        NOTABLE BUSINESS AT DON
 Fontainebleau                                                      Anderson Japanese Gardens
                                                                    Led by Jason Levan, Jeff Weiland, and Roy Rahning, the Don team
 The Florida Team of Eleni Hassiotis, Jay Pinilla, and Patrick
                                                                    in Rockford scored a major victory with an extensive opening
 Pantano were awarded the lucrative supplier business to
                                                                    at Anderson Japanese Gardens. Owned by John Anderson and
 the Fontainebleau Hotel, beating out six other competitors.
                                                                    designed by Hoichi Kursu, the Anderson Japanese Garden was
 The Fontainebleau has been a landmark hotel in Miami for
                                                                    built starting in 1978; it has since become one of the world’s
 over 60 years. Part of
                                                                    most renowned authentic Japanese gardens. On May 1, Anderson
 a $1 billion renovation
                                                                    Japanese Garden will have their restaurant grand opening, and
 in the area, the hotel
                                                                    Edward Don is their primary supplier. First contact between the
 will have over 1,500
                                                                    companies was in the summer of 2006 to solve furniture needs
 guest rooms, three
                                                                    for the planned restaurant. Jason began making daily contact in
 signature-name chef
                                                                    mid-November, 2007 and steadily succeeded in adding more lines
 restaurants, chic
                                                                    of supply. Edward Don
 nightclubs, a spa,
                                                                    will now supply all the
 and an expansive
                                                                    restaurant’s kitchen,
 poolscape. Working
                                                                    equipment, and china
 closely with Corporate VP of Procurement Darleen Ghirari,
                                                                    needs. Jason said the
 Director of Food & Beverage Jeff Kline, and Executive Chef
                                                                    client was very impressed with the team approach that Edward
 Sean O’Connell, the Edward Don Florida team began the
                                                                    Don took to the account. The good vendor relationships and the
 main work with Fontainebleau in January, 2008 and was
                                                                    exclusive products that Don offers were also cited as reasons
 awarded the business in March, 2008. The multi-million dollar
                                                                    why Don beat out competitors for the business.
 business promises to be lucrative with vendor partners
 Steelite, WMF, Vollrath, Lincoln, and Service Ideas. Jay credits   Congratulations to Jason, Jeff, Roy, and their
 the multi-level communication between the companies and            support teams on their great success!
 Edward Don’s technology leverage as major advantages over
 competitors that helped secure the Fontainbleau business.
 Congratulations to all on their fine work!

                                                  Don Kirshner Retirement
                                                  Don Kirshner retired from Edward Don after 49
                                                  dedicated years of service in Chicago and Florida
     Promotions at Don                            Street Sales. Don was the sole Adam Don Award
                                                  recipient this year and his positive presence will be
              Candi Harris                        missed. We are grateful to Don for all his time with us
         National Account Manager
                                                  and wish him the best for his retirement.
             Justo Ramirez
            Operations Manager
                                                  George Biewer Retirement
          Casandra Sherman
                                                  George Biewer retired from Edward Don after a
         National Account Executive               distinguished 44 years of service in Chicago Local Street
                                                  Sales. George’s signature item, a brightly colored push
              Dana Singer
         National Account Manager                 cart, was named for him as a memento of his time with
                                                  Edward Don. The cart will remain at Edward Don as a
                                                  reminder of a familiar face. We thank George for all his
                                                  time with us and wish him well in all his
                                                  future endeavors.

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          DON REUNION 2008

Steve Don and Don Kirshner                                                            Steve Don

                               Happy Reunions in Florida                                          Adam Don
                               The Don Reunion was a fun-filled time with                         Outstanding
                                                                                              Achievement Award
                               shining lights, drums, and distinguished awards
                               throughout the nights in Orlando, Florida.                           Don Kirshner
                               There was plenty of catching up to do and
                               much to celebrate. Here’s to the continued                         Rookie of the Year
                               success of Edward Don and its partners. See                     Atlanta: Jess Logan
                               you at the next Don Reunion in three years!                 Chicago Local: Jamie Snydel
Jeff Weiland and Mark Burden                                                                Chicago Longhaul: Peg Lane
                                              Sales Awards                                      Dallas: Rick Gaido
                                        Chairman’s Sales Excellence Award
                                                                                               Dallas: Lisa Sheehan
                                  Ann Adger, GA              Larry Layton, GA                  Dallas: Emily Tumis
                                Rick Applebaum, IL            Jen Maloney, IL                    FED: Sue Petzel
                                  Clark Aiken, TX             Mike Maple, FL            National Accounts: Brian Benitz
                                Megan Behrends, IL          Ricky Meakin, GA          National Accounts: Laurie L’Esperance
                                 Brian Benitz, CA             Lori Miceli, NJ                Philadelphia: Mike Paoli
                                 Kerry Blagsen, IL         Mark Montanarella, FL            Philadelphia: Frank Lord
                               Angelo Capobianco, NJ         Dennis Morley, FL
Holli Hall and John Seefeldt     Chris Colovos, NJ             Bill Murray, FL                     DSM of the Year
                                 Kim Coppock, NJ              Maureen Papa, IL                Atlanta: Paul Brown
                               Armando Costoya, FL              Al Parcell, TX          Chicago Local: Mark Garoufalis
                                 Price Fielden, TX            Mike Paulson, TX         Chicago Longhaul: David Reynolds
                                   Holli Hall, FL              Mike Perrino, IL               Dallas: Mark Burden
                                 Candi Harris, GA           Bernadette Phillips, IL      Ft. Lauderdale: Robert Miller
                                  Fred Getzik, NJ           Nestor Rodriguez, FL         Philadelphia: Kevin McCarthy
                                   Karen Isky, NJ             Sean Roussel, TX
                                 John Koehler, FL            Kelly Saltsman, CA         NA Field Manager of The Year
                                 Vievia Lanoux, IL            Tony Serignet, TX                      Gerri Katz
Rick Wiley and Ann Adger
                                 Wesley Lantz, FL             Giselle Torres, FL                    Berle Powless

                                                                                                                       page 3
 Edward Don created a successful showcase at the Catersource show in Las Vegas on February 26, 2008. We received an overwhelmingly
 positive response to the buffet, catering, and green products on display. The success was well-earned and we’re definitely looking forward
 to next year’s show.

                                                                              Milestone Anniversaries
40 Years                                                                    10 Years                                                           5 Years
Elliot Stein - Feb. 26, Chicago - Mgr. Product Information                  Maxwell Blitzer - Jan. 12, Ft. Lauderdale - Sales Rep              Megan Behrends - Apr. 7, Chicago - Sales Rep
                                                                            Alan Burstein - Jan. 26, Philadelphia - District Sales Manager     Angelo Capobianco - Feb. 24, Philadelphia - Sales Rep
35 Years                                                                    Gerald Cavalier - Feb. 16, Ft. Lauderdale - Warehouse Assoc.       Hugo Flores - Mar. 4, Chicago - Warehouse Assoc.
Ronald Satenstein - Mar. 28, Chicago - Sales Rep                            Anthony Forté - Feb. 16, Ft. Lauderdale - District Sales Manager   Jamiland Fortenberry - Jan. 20, Dallas -Warehouse Assoc.
                                                                            David Hamilton - Feb. 16, Chicago - Sys. Devel. Mgr.               Teri Glasscock - Mar. 31, Los Angeles - National Acct. Spec.
30 Years                                                                    Charles Henry - Mar. 16, Atlanta - Sales Rep                       Lee Goldberg - Apr. 21, Ft. Lauderdale - Sales Rep
Cindy Bredell - Jan. 30, Philadelphia - Senior Buyer                        Arlene Lelingis, Mar. 16, Chicago- Purchasing Clerk                Lisa Hill Jones - Apr. 28, Chicago - Customer Service Rep
Mariellen Norris - Mar. 27, Chicago - Sr. NA Associate                      Charles Morgan - Jan. 7, Chicago - Warehouse Assoc.                Erika Kersh - Jan. 6, Ft. Lauderdale - International Coord.
                                                                            Christine Preto - Apr. 27, Chicago - National Acct Coord.
20 Years                                                                    James Rich - Dec. 9, Chicago - Warehouse Assoc.
Thomas Darden - Mar. 1, Ft. Lauderdale - Sales Rep
Brenda Graves - Mar. 15, Chicago - Stock Buyer
                                                                            Kelly Saltsman - Feb. 16, Los Angeles - Nat. Acct. Spec.
                                                                            John Sawyer - Feb. 13, Atlanta - Inventory Control Mgr
                                                                                                                                                 SAP Update
John Lawless - Feb. 22, Chicago - Sales Rep                                 Claudia Yarber - Mar. 16, Chicago - Quoter                           From Maryann May and Eileen Mitchell:
John McCormick - Mar. 21, Dallas - Sales Rep                                Rosa Maldonado - Feb. 17, Ft. Lauderdale - Dist. Center Coord.
                                                                            Larry Mathis - Mar. 3, Chicago - Project Coordinator
                                                                                                                                                 The next phase of the SAP project,
15 Years                                                                    Roosevelt Mayfield - Jan. 7, Chicago - Warehouse Assoc.
Brian Baade - Apr. 13, Atlanta - Inventory Control Spec.                    Gary Merriman - Mar. 31, Dallas - Proj. Manager                      called Personalization, will begin to
Alan Yan Ming Chow - Jan. 11, Dallas - Sales Rep                            Erick Nordelus - Feb. 10, Ft. Lauderdale - Warehouse Assoc.
                                                                                                                                                 implement business requirements and
Anna DeLeon - Mar. 22, Chicago - Lead A/P Researcher                        Melvin Porter - Apr 28, Dallas - Warehouse Assoc.
Karen Isky - Mar. 8, Philadelphia - Sales Rep                               Airease Porter - Apr. 21, Chicago - Sales Support                    develop training modules for Edward
Nestor Rodriguez - Apr. 12, Ft. Lauderdale - International Sales            Roy Rahning - Jan. 13, Chicago - District Sales Manager              Don employees. See the latest SAP
Robert Stefanski - Feb. 16, Chicago - Senior Telecom Spec.                  Eric Seeley - Jan. 6, Philadelphia - Sales Rep
Darlene Swiatek - Feb. 15, Chicago - Stock Buyer                            Lisa Ursherly - Apr. 7, Chicago - Customer Service Rep               newsletter for more updates.
                                                                            Jennifer Warner - Apr. 7, Dallas - Sales Rep
                                                                            David Wroblewski - Mar. 10, Chicago - Distr. Sales Mgr.
                                                                            Thomas Wydra - Mar. 10, Chicago - Corp. Fleet Mgr.

                                                                                    Welcome to Don!
                                         Say hello to these new associates who just started their careers with Edward Don & Company.
  CA - Robert Colcord, National Accounts                     IL - Bruce Blake, Maintenance Mechanic             IL - Jason Levan, Sales Rep                          TX - Danielle Dobbs, Sales Rep
  CA - Lesley Galer, National Accounts                       IL - Aaron Bork, P.C. Support Technician           IL - Tony Locascio, Credit Manager                   TX - Dan Dunigan, Sales Rep
  FL - Michael R. Adams, Driver                              IL - Eugene Dorsey, Warehouse Assoc.               IL - Gabriel Mejorado, HRIS Analyst                  TX - Camille Hartmann, Sales Rep
  FL - Chantelle Delgado, Sales Assistant                    IL - Kevin Ferguson, Driver                        IL - Paul Mino, Sales Rep                            TX - Deborah Matwijiw, Sales Rep
  FL - Mark Fejedelem, Project Manager                       IL - Joe Fiumara,Warehouse Assoc.                  IL - Edyta Mowrer, Human Resources Mgr.              TX - Brandy Petersen,Traffic Coordinator
  FL - Eduardo Flores Miranda, Sales Trainee                 IL - Timothy Glos, Cust Service Supervisor         IL - Anna Ortiz, VAS
  FL - William A Hayward Jr., Warehouse Assoc.               IL - Camille Hartmann, Nat’l Acct. Manager         IL - Juan Rocha, Warehouse Assoc. Union
  FL - Robert Logan, Sales Rep                               IL - LaToya Hayes, Reverse Logistics Clerk         IL - Rachel Rosenthal, Sales Rep
  FL - Kermit McCray, Inventory Control Spec.                IL - Antonisha Hodrick, Credit Representative IL - Jermaine Saunders, Warehouse Assoc.
  FL - Tiffany Stover, Sales Rep                             IL - Christopher Hudson, CAD Operator              IL - Shawn Sheridan, Sales Rep
  GA -Dennis Barefoot, Installation Supervisor               IL - Matthew Jankiewicz, Purch. Supervisor         IL - Janice Skorniak, Accounting Clerk
  IL - Jackie Ayers, Operations Manager                      IL - Victor Justiniano, Driver                     IL - Plez Thompson, Maint. Mechanic
  IL - Ben Baron, Sales Rep                                  IL - Susan Kozens, Credit Representative           NJ - Amelia Broderick, Sales Rep

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