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       2 OO 8 REPORT
                            F O UN DATION UP DATE
                            On behalf of the Foundation Board of Directors, I     Rochester resident Mary Elizabeth Nicholson,
                            thank you for your generous support of Crittenton     offers our youngest community members a
                            Hospital Medical Center in 2008. It is because of     dynamic and interactive environment in which
                            our benefactors, patrons and friends that we have     to grow and learn. Providing a comprehensive
                            made great progress in continuing to shape our        curriculum for infants to school-age children,
                            vision for healthcare in our community.               Children’s Choice focuses on the well-being of
                                                                                  the whole child.
                            Generous individuals have always been at the
                            forefront of Crittenton’s success. In 1965, Howard    Although our achievements over the past year have
                            L. McGregor, Jr., donated a portion of his farmland   been many, so too are our needs for the future.
                            to build Crittenton Hospital in Rochester. With       In response to those needs, the hospital is in the
                            his dream for a community hospital realized, the      planning stages for a five-story patient tower.
Ruth Stephens-Collins,      contributions of generous individuals have            The tower will include inpatient oncology services,
President                   continued to serve as Crittenton’s foundation.        a cardiology unit and a comprehensive joint care
Crittenton Hospital                                                               center. The facility will offer services that will
Medical Center Foundation   One such gift came from Rochester resident            meet the needs of our growing and changing
                            Steve Stolaruk. Recognizing the need for cancer       community. The Foundation Board of Directors,
                            treatment services in our community, Mr. Stolaruk     led by Chairman Anthony J. Nehra, MD, has
                            generously provided the resources to build            pledged their support of the project. Over the
                            a state-of-the-art oncology center. Now under         coming months, we will share more information
                            construction at the corner of Crooks Road and         about this important project.
                            M-59, the center is a joint venture between
                            the Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute             In an age of large hospital systems and healthcare
                            and Crittenton Hospital Medical Center.               bureaucracies, I am proud to be part of a hospital
                            Demonstrating strong community support for            that remains focused on the health and well-being
                            the center, hundreds of cancer survivors signed       of our community. It is my hope that as you read
                            a structural beam at the Relay For Life event in      more about Crittenton’s role as a community
                            June, and again at a ceremonial groundbreaking        hospital and the generous individuals who help
                            this past September. The beam will be used in the     to support it, you too will feel inspired to be
                            construction of the center.                           a part of our journey. Your shared vision and
                                                                                  dedication to our mission is invaluable to us as
                            Crittenton’s Children’s Choice Learning Center        we enter 2009.
                            opened in August 2008. The center, a gift from
Dear Friends,

In November 2007, Crittenton introduced a new        “Get Better Here” also represents our philosophy
marketing campaign. Our simple message, “Get         toward customer service. Patients and visitors
Better Here,” communicates a comprehensive           are treated with professionalism and compassion.
mission and vision which drives literally every      We understand that they are more than customers;
area within our institution.                         they are our neighbors, friends and family
                                                     members. We will continue to work diligently to
For our patients, “Get Better Here” means            provide exceptional service to our patients and
achieving wellness to the greatest degree            visitors in a caring environment.
possible. With our outstanding medical staff
and the latest medical technology, we strive to      For our Foundation, whose efforts are focused
help our patients return to their families healed,   on the cultivation of philanthropic support for
whole and with the necessary tools to maintain       Crittenton, “Get Better Here” is a call to action.
their health and well-being.                         Our generous supporters overwhelmingly
                                                     answered that call in 2008, helping us as we
For our physicians and clinical staff, “Get          continued to provide our neighbors with the very
Better Here” means continued professional            best of care. Thank you for your investment in
development. In the past year, Crittenton has        Crittenton, and for your continued support.
become a teaching hospital, in partnership with
the Oakland University School of Nursing and         Sincerely,
the Wayne State University Family Medicine and
ENT Residency Programs. Clinical training of
these students at Crittenton has resulted in a
two-way educational process that has exceeded
our initial expectations for the programs.           Lynn C. Orfgen,
Students are gaining experiences vital to their      President & CEO
medical training; in turn, established physicians    Crittenton Hospital Medical Center
are able to impart their knowledge and are
renewed by an exchange of ideas. We have plans
to continue to grow these teaching programs and
to develop new programs with other institutions.
                                                   BACK ROW (LEFT TO RIGHT)
                                                   Michael P. Clark
                                                   General Counsel
                                                   Ex-Officio Member

                                                   William H. Morgan

                                                   Anthony J. Nehra, MD

                                                   Jim Lyons
                                                   Pride Philanthropy

                                                   Ruth Stephens-Collins
                                                   Crittenton Hospital Medical Center Foundation
                                                   Ex-Officio Member

                                                   Shirley Gofrank
                                                   Chair, Planned Gifts Committee

                                                   Roy Rewold
                                                   Vice Chair

                                                   Michael J. Byrd
                                                   Chair, Annual Gifts Committee

                                                   Daniel B. White, MD
                                                   Vice Chair, Special Gifts Committee

                                                   FRONT ROW (LEFT TO RIGHT)
                                                   Deborah E. McDowell
                                                   Chair, Signature Gifts Committee

                                                   Lynn C. Orfgen
                                                   President & CEO
                                                   Crittenton Hospital Medical Center
                                                   Ex-Officio Member

                                                   Don Pixley

                                                   Tim Crawford
                                                   Chair, Corporate Gifts Committee

                                                   Cynthia L. Long

                                                   NOT PICTURED
                                                   Forest Farmer

                                                   Frederick Maibauer, MD
                                                   Vice Chair, Special Gifts Committee

                                                   John Modetz
                                                   Chair, Special Gifts Committee
                                                   Lillie Smalley
Understanding the Foundation Organization                             with      the      Board    to    foster      support       for
Over     the   past     two     years,   the   Crittenton             the hospital. Like the Board of Directors,
Hospital Medical Center Foundation Board                              these committees — Annual Gifts, Corporate
of Directors has succeeded in establishing                            Gifts,     Planned      Gifts,     Special       Gifts     and
five committees to work in collaboration                              Signature          Gifts — are     led    and       populated

           T T E E S O F H O U N D AT I I O O A R R
Annual Gifts                                   Corporate Gifts                                   Planned Gifts
Committee                                      Committee                                         Committee
Building the base of support through a         Establishing a closer relationship with           Providing education, cultivation and
variety of programs which encourage            the corporate community in order to               a positive environment in which to
entry level giving                             strengthen communication, service                 encourage estate gifts
                                               programs and charitable support
Michael J. Byrd, Chair                                                                           Shirley Gofrank, Chair
Dr. Julie Byrd                                 Tim Crawford, Chair                               Brent Blankenship
Mitzi Crissman-Melstrom                        Jackie Bracken                                    Dennis LaPorte
Dr. Matthew Ebinger                            Linda Davis-Kirksey                               Howard Margolis
Quinn Kirluk                                   Dr. Kurt Doolin                                   Brian Rolfe
Katy Plummer                                   John Gaber                                        Jason Tether
Michael Sampson                                JJ Schmidt                                        Diane Young
Kathy Shelton
Marlene Smisek
      by     community             volunteers.          Meeting         bimonthly,           the
      committees          promote           specific     fundraising          and     friend-
      raising       programs         and       events.      In     preparation         for    a
      capital campaign, both the Board and its committees
      are vital to Crittenton’s growth and development.

                                                                                                    COMMUNIT Y
                                                                                                   BENEFIT REPORT
                                                                                                        Look for Crittenton’s
                                                                                                         Community Benefit
     Special Gifts                                     Signature Gifts                                  Report arriving soon!
     Committee                                         Committee
     Developing the tools to be used                   Selectively identifying, securing,
                                                                                                         The report features:
     in the cultivation, solicitation and              and recognizing, through naming
                                                                                                      A History of Commitment
     recognition of pledges of $10,000                 opportunities, gifts of $100,000
                                                                                                         to Our Community
     to $99,999 from individuals                       and larger
                                                                                                     Assessing Community Need
     John Modetz, Chair                                Deborah E. McDowell, Chair                      Community Health and
     Jerry Collins                                     Stephen Cooper                                   Education Initiatives
     Irene Gardocki                                    Suzanne Elder
     Dr. Frederick Maibauer                            Dr. Anthony J. Nehra
                                                                                                     Meeting Your Wellness Needs
     Mary Modetz                                       Lynn C. Orfgen                              Building a Foundation that Lasts
     Darlene Stolaruk                                  Don Pixley                                     2008 Financial Summary
     Dr. Daniel B. White                               Ruth Stephens-Collins
                      JANUARY                                        of the service Crittenton physicians             live and silent auctions, a raffle, and
                                                                     provide to the hospital and our community        breakfast, lunch and dinner.
                      Crittenton received the HealthGrades®
                                                                     members. Since it was first observed in
                      Distinguished Hospital Award for the
                                                                     Georgia in 1933, Doctor’s Day has                Crittenton’s Joint Replacement Center
                      fourth consecutive year. The honor is
                                                                     become a tradition across the country.           marked its first anniversary in June
                      awarded based on achieving clinical
                                                                                                                      2008. The center offers advanced
                      outcomes in the top 5% nationally.
                                                                                                                      techniques in joint replacement surgery,

                                                                                                                      as well as preparation and recovery
                                                                                                                      programs designed to have patients
                      FEBRUARY                                       Crittenton’s Oxford Imaging and
                                                                                                                      feeling and moving better as quickly as
                                                                     Diagnostic Center opened on Washington
                      More than one hundred women attended           Street in Oxford. The center offers              possible following surgery. In its first
                      the “Go Red for Women” luncheon at             outpatient imaging services such as              year, more than 950 patients sought joint
                      The Royal Park Hotel. Dr. Samer                bone densitometry, digital mammography,          replacement surgery at Crittenton. The
                      Kazziha, Executive Medical Director of         ultrasound and general radiology as well         center has received outstanding reviews
                      Cardiovascular Services at Crittenton,         as an outpatient laboratory drawing              from patients.
                      gave a presentation entitled, “Keeping         station for blood test orders. The center
                      Your Heart Young.” Guests also                 is Crittenton’s third outpatient imaging site.
                      enjoyed a fashion show sponsored by                                                             J U LY
                      Parisian in The Village of Rochester Hills.
                                                                                                                      Crittenton’s Volunteer Auxiliary
                                                                     M AY                                             awarded four CrittenTeen volunteers
                                                                     Crittenton hosted Olympic gold-medal             with academic scholarships. CrittenTeens
                      MARCH                                          gymnast and recent hip replacement               — high school students who volunteer
                      Crittenton’s Employee Unlimited Potential      recipient Mary Lou Retton at The Royal           regularly at the hospital — were
                      (UP) Group made a donation toward the          Park Hotel for a presentation addressing         considered for scholarships based on
                      renovation of the Rochester Community          “Trends in Joint Replacement Surgery.”           their hours of service to the hospital,
                      House. The “Crittenton Employee                                                                 involvement in other community service
                      Unlimited Potential Room” in the                                                                programs, academic achievements and
                      Community House boasts views of the            JUNE                                             dedication to their duties at the hospital.
                      park and may be utilized by community          The Foundation hosted the 29th annual
                      members for special events and celebrations.   Golf, Tennis & Fun Walk Benefit at Great
                                                                     Oaks Country Club. The event raised more         AUGUST
                      Crittenton Hospital Medical Center             than $200,000 to benefit Crittenton’s
                                                                                                                      Crittenton’s Children’s Choice Learning
                      thanked its 500-plus physicians with a         Cancer C.A.R.E. (Community, Awareness,
                                                                                                                      Center accepted its first children in
                      day in their honor. The “Doctor’s Day”         Research & Education) Fund and the
                                                                                                                      August. The center offers premier
                      celebration included a specially-prepared      Adult Indigent Care Fund. Despite a
                                                                                                                      childcare to Crittenton employees and
                      breakfast and lunch for Crittenton             mid-afternoon thunderstorm, guests
                                                                                                                      members of the community through
                      physicians, prizes and cake in recognition     enjoyed a day of friendly competition,
                                                                                                                      age-appropriate programs designed to
develop the whole child. The center          Members of the Circle of Caring celebrated     hospital’s cardiovascular programs
was made possible by a gift to the           the group’s 20th anniversary at an             and services.
Crittenton Foundation from Mary              annual reception. Each year, a pencil-
Elizabeth Nicholson.                         sketch print is presented to members
                                             in acknowledgement of their commitment         DECEMBER
                                             to the hospital. The 2008 print featured       Now a Rochester tradition, the Big,
SEPTEMBER                                    Rochester’s National Twist Drill & Tool        Bright Light Show illuminated the
The Rochester Auto Dealers hosted their      Company, led by Howard L. McGregor, Jr.,       Downtown area with more than
3rd annual Special Sale for Crittenton       who donated the land on which Crittenton       one million lights. Crittenton is
employees, medical staff and volunteers.     was built.                                     a proud sponsor of the event, which
Representatives from the local dealerships                                                  draws crowds of shoppers and diners
were present to answer questions and         The Wayne State University (WSU) Family        to Rochester during the holiday season.
offer appraisals. Crittenton is proud to     Medicine Center opened on the second
partner with Rochester Auto Dealers in       floor of Crittenton’s new medical office       Crittenton again participated in the
support of our local economy.                building. The center provides a broad          Rochester Christmas Parade. A group of
                                             spectrum of services while maintaining a       Crittenton employees and professional
In partnership with the Barbara Ann          patient-centered approach. WSU Residents       entertainers marched as the “Scrub
Karmanos Cancer Institute, construction      are working with patients as an element        Corps,” performing a healthcare-
began on Crittenton’s new cancer             of their clinical training at Crittenton.      themed routine for the crowd.
center, located at Crooks Road and M-59.
In place of a traditional groundbreaking,
supporters gathered at the site of the       NOVEMBER
new center to sign a beam which will be      The Foundation hosted the 32nd Annual
used in the building. The beam was already   Gourmet Gala Benefit. Seven hundred
marked with the signatures of cancer         guests raised more than $200,000,
survivors from the June Relay For Life.      including gift-in-kind donations, to benefit
                                             Crittenton’s Cancer C.A.R.E. (Community,
                                             Awareness, Research & Education) Fund
OCTOBER                                      and the Adult Indigent Care Fund.
Crittenton’s Community Health &
Education department sponsored the           Crittenton’s Marketing & Communications
Breast Cancer Awareness Walk, themed         Department unveiled the second phase
“DeFeet Breast Cancer.” More than 100        of the hospital’s marketing campaign,
participants walked approximately two        which will expand Crittenton’s presence
miles — or 10,000 steps — each step          in television, radio, print and outdoor
representing a breast cancer survivor in     marketing. The focus will be on the
Oakland County.
                                        Two Signature Events,
                                        One Important Cause
                                        In 2008, the Foundation’s two            did not dampen the spirits of guests:
                                        annual signature events, the Golf,       the evening cocktail reception, dinner
                                        Tennis & Fun Walk and the Gourmet        and auctions were well-attended and
                                        Gala, collectively raised more than      raised additional funds.
                                        $400,000, including gift-in-kind
The Golf, Tennis & Fun Walk co-Chairs   donations. Both benefits supported       On November 2nd, a record number
                                        Crittenton’s Cancer C.A.R.E.             of guests attended the 32nd annual
                                        (Community, Awareness, Research          Gourmet Gala Benefit at the Troy
                                        & Education) Fund and the Adult          Marriott Hotel. Nearly 40 of the
                                        Indigent Care Fund.                      area’s finest restaurants and vintners
                                                                                 offered tasting portions of their
                                        The 29th annual Golf, Tennis &           specialty at the black-tie event. In
                                        Fun Walk Benefit was held on             addition to fine cuisine, guests also
                                        Monday, June 23rd at Great Oaks          enjoyed the stunning table displays
                                        Country Club in Rochester. As part       of the participating establishments.
                                        of this day-long benefit, hundreds of    The “Creative Presentation Award”
                                        guests enjoyed golf, tennis or a fun     was presented to The Royal Park Hotel.
                                        walk, a cocktail reception and dinner.   Haig’s Fine Jewelry of Rochester again
                                        Even an afternoon thunderstorm           served as the official jeweler to the
                                             The 2008 Gourmet Gala Committee

benefit, generously donating a custom-       MARK YOUR CALENDARS
designed peacock pearl and diamond pendant
with matching bracelet, earrings and ring.   The 2009 Golf, Tennis & Fun Walk and
                                             Gourmet Gala benefits will be held on
Both benefits were organized by volunteer    Monday, June 22nd and Sunday, November
committees. The twelve-member Golf,          8th, respectively. For more information, or to
Tennis & Fun Walk Committee was led          discuss sponsorship opportunities, call the
by Chairman Tim Crawford and co-Chairs       Crittenton Hospital Medical Center Foundation
Ed Golick and John Gregorich. Gayle Rush     at (248) 652-5345.
and Patricia Sottile co-Chaired the 2008
Gourmet Gala Benefit Committee, comprised
of eleven members. These committees work
for months in collaboration with the
Foundation in preparation for the events.
GIVING TO THE                    Crittenton’s tradition of successful giving began in 1965, when Howard L.
                                 McGregor, Jr. donated a portion of his farmland to build a hospital in Rochester.
                                 Since that original gift, the support of our friends, patrons and benefactors has
 CRIT TENTON                     allowed Crittenton to thrive as a community-focused medical center.

 FOUNDATION                      You, too, can make a lasting difference as Crittenton continues to expand its
                                 facilities, clinical services and educational programs to meet the needs of our
                                 community. Charitable donations play a vital role in maintaining this important
                                 resource in our community.
 Crittenton Hospital Medical
Center Foundation invites you    For more information about making a donation to the Crittenton Hospital Medical
                                 Center Foundation, or to discuss which type of gift is right for you, call the
    to become part of our        Foundation at (248) 652-5345.
tradition of successful giving
Circle Of Caring
Celebrates 2 O Years
Crittenton’s annual Circle of Caring reception was held at the Rochester
Community House in October. The reception served as an important milestone
as the group celebrated its twentieth anniversary. More than 300 donors
comprise the group, including Rochester area residents, former patients,
business leaders, retirees, young professionals, employees and other community
members who contribute an annual donation of $100 or more to the hospital.
Since its inception in 1988, the Circle of Caring has raised more than $300,000 to
support hospital programs and services.

In appreciation for their support, members are presented each year with a pencil-
sketch print of a historic Rochester location, drawn by local artist Gerry Post.
The 2008 sketch depicts the National Twist Drill & Tool Company headquarters,
a Rochester landmark located at Tienken and Rochester roads. The company,
founded in Detroit by William H. McGregor in the early 1900s, was later led by
Howard L. McGregor, Jr., a Rochester resident who played an integral role in the
early development of the town and the building of Crittenton Hospital. Serving as
a member of the planning team for the hospital, McGregor donated the land on
which Crittenton stands today. McGregor then went on to serve as the first
Chairman of the Hospital Board of Trustees. At the reception, the print was
presented to McGregor’s granddaughter, Katie Altherr.

Today, Crittenton’s history remains an important part of the organization.
Through the vision of one local businessman and the generosity of countless others,
Crittenton has grown from a small local hospital to a regionally-recognized
healthcare institution. The Circle of Caring demonstrates that the commitment
of individuals plays a vital role in the hospital’s success and development. Even
now, 20 years after its formation, members of the Circle of Caring continue to
focus on their efforts to promote and support Crittenton.
                                       Anonymous                          William Cichowski               Patricia Fritzinger
                                       Cynthia Ackerman                   Michael & Kathleen Clark        Michael Fugle, DO
                                       Mr. & Mrs. David Aldorfer          Barbara Cliffel                 Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Gallup
                                       Mrs. Charles Allen                 Mr. & Mrs. Larry M. Cole        Candice Gannon
                                       Linda Anger                        Vernadette Cole                 Maria Garcia
                                       Jaime V. Aragones, MD              Ruth Coletta                    Rayanne M. Gardner
                                       Daniel Armstrong                   Jerry D. & Ruth                 Janell Garrison
                                       Valente Askins                       Stephens Collins              Jan Gay
                                       Dr. Robert Badalament              Susan Compton                   Jeremiah Glembocki
                                       Jeralyn Baker                      Mr. & Mrs. William Connors      Margaret Glembocki
                                       Lindsay R. Bard, Jr., DO*          Dr. & Mrs. Thomas Cook          Drs. Robert & Betty Go
                                       Dr. & Mrs. Bradley T. Barnes       Ron Cooley                      Mr. & Mrs. Edward Golda
                                                                                                          Victor Gonzales

                                       Dr. & Mrs. James S. Bartunek       Mr. & Mrs. Stephen E. Cooper
                                       Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Battaglia       Carie Coté                      Drs. Umesh & Sachi Gowda
                                       Sandra Beacom                      Mr. & Mrs. Bill Couch           Dr. & Mrs. Glenn Gradis
                                       Mr. & Mrs. Wilfred Belanger        Karen Crawforth                 Mr. & Mrs. W. E. Graessle

 CARING                                Mr. & Mrs. Richard Bermingham
                                       Dr. Bartol & Mrs. Lillian Biocic
                                       Heidi Blizzard
                                                                          Mrs. Charles L. Crissman
                                                                          Katy Crissman
                                                                          Mitzi Crissman-Melstrom
                                                                                                          Marion Green
                                                                                                          Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Greve
                                                                                                          Mrs. Richard Gross
                                       Jeanne Boose                       Anne Cushing                    Judy Gula
                                       Dr. Susan Borenstein               Cheryl Dassow-Chapman           Marc Guzzardo
The Circle of Caring is a program of                                                                      Nancy Hacker
                                       Dr. & Mrs. Peter M. Boruta         Teresa Davis
 the Annual Gifts Committee of the     Howard Bosworth                    Marie Dempsey                   Margaret Haglund
   Crittenton Foundation Board         Mr. & Mrs. Mark Botkin             Dr. Jeffrey H. DeClaire         Paul & Diane Haig
                                       Laurie Boutorwick                  Mr. & Mrs. Raymond deSteiger    Arch H. Hall, MD*
  of Directors. Led by Chairman                                                                           Regina Hanby
                                       Valerie Bradley                    Dr. Anna Luisa DiLorenzo
  Michael J. Byrd, the Committee       Amy Braun                          Debra Dimaggio                  Mr. & Mrs. Jack Harman
works on behalf of the Foundation      Debra Brecht                       Mrs. Charlie Donaldson          Arrine Hay
                                       Lori Brooks                        Mr. & Mrs. A. Charles Dorando   Douglas F. Hegyi, DO
   to cultivate donors in support                                                                         Janet Heuerman
                                       Patricia Brooks, MD                Cynthia Douglas
          of the hospital.             Mary L. Burr                                                       Dr. & Mrs. Keith Hinshaw
                                                                          Danialle Downer
                                       Jennifer Byers                     Dr. & Mrs. Peter Duhamel        Lynn Hoagland
For more information, or to join the   Glenda Byers-Raye                  Jamie Duke                      Dana Hodge
                                       Julie A. Byrd, MD                  Debra Eastham                   Mr. & Mrs. James C. Holmes
   Circle of Caring, contact the
                                       Mr. & Mrs. Michael Byrd            Matthew & Lynn Ebinger          Michelle Hornberger
Crittenton Hospital Medical Center                                                                        Mrs. Betty Houghton
                                       Dr. & Mrs. Roger C. Byrd           Dr. & Mrs. William Ebinger
  Foundation at (248) 652-5345.        Rick & Melinda Callahan            Mr. & Mrs. Henry Eckfeld        Bernie Hung
                                       Thomas Cardarelli                  Kristina El-Chemor              Mr. & Mrs. Allan Jacob
                                       Sandra Carone                      Suzanne Elder                   Michael Jagels
                                       Mr. & Mrs. James Carr                                              Debra James
                                                                          Mr. & Mrs. Hugh Elliott
                                       Theresa Carter                                                     Elizabeth Janiga
                                                                          David Elliott
                                       Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Carvey                                           Cynthia Jenkins
                                                                          Mr. & Mrs. Forest Farmer
                                                                                                          Karen Johns
                                       Thomas & Janet Cattel              Dennis Farrell
                                                                                                          Kathy Johnson
                                       Mr. & Mrs. Timothy J. Caughlin     H. Aubrey Feiwell, MA
                                                                                                          Mr. & Mrs. Paul Johnson
                                       Colleen Cavanagh                   Dorothy Fisher
                                                                                                          Heather Jones
                                       Mr. & Mrs. Carroll Chapman         Steven J. Fishman
                                                                                                          Mr. & Mrs. Richard Jositas
                                       Dr. Merle A. Childers              Mr. & Mrs. Michael Flannery
                                                                                                          Dr. Al & Mrs. Ewa Juocys
                                       Sandra Chmiel                      Sherry Fleming
                                                                                                          Marisa Jurczak
                                       Soo Cho                            Dr. Kevin & Lynn Florek
                                                                                                          Albert Justice
                                       Maureen Cholewka                   Connie Fordyce                  Mary Kalinski
                                       Mr. Henry & Dr. Cynthia Chow       Mr. & Mrs. Bill Fox             Marilyn Kaucheck
                                       Mr. & Mrs. James Church            Mr. Skip Freese                 Dennis & Cindy Keat
Ms. Virginia H. Keragis         Andrea McKinzie                   Dr. & Mrs. Harold D. Portnoy    Diana Soper                   Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence H.
Helen Knoblock                  Mr. & Mrs. Russell V. Meloche     Dr. & Mrs. Arturo Prada         Karen St. Dennis                Weting
Bonita Koch                     John & Violet Melstrom            TJ & Judie Pratt                Kathleen Stevens              Dr. & Mrs. Daniel B. White
Dr. & Mrs. Peter Korda          Mary Jo Mensing                   Preceptor Psi                   Mr. & Mrs. Steve Stolaruk     Mr. & Mrs. Harry White
Bruce A. Kresge, MD             Dr. & Mrs. Bradford Merrelli      Roger Preede                    Dr. & Mrs. Thomas Storen      Kathy White & Bill Wonfor
Diane Kreitler                  Marilyn Messina                   Dr. & Mrs. Allen R. Prince      Barbara & Larry Stringer      Sandra Williams
Clayton Kubacki                 Debra Miller                      Veronica Prise                  Dr. Yau-Liang Su              Thelma Williams
Dr. & Mrs. Walter Kubinski      Dr. & Mrs. Moufid Mitri           Therese Puglia                  Mrs. Louise C. Sutherland     Nancy Wittstock
Carl E. Kuntzman, MD            Mr. & Mrs. Bradley Mitzelfeld     Michele Randolph                Dr. & Mrs. T. L. Tan          Karen Wood
Stanley Kwolek                  Mr. & Mrs. William A.             Duane Rayford                   Dr. Elaine Tan                Cynthia Woodhull
Elizabeth Labick                  Mitzelfeld                      Drs. C. S. & Ila Shah Reddy     Mr. & Mrs. Robert Tancredi    Judith Wright
Nancy Landa                     Mr. & Mrs. John Modetz            Drs. Gopal & Kala Reddy         Dr. Edward A. Tashjian        Mr. & Mrs. Steven Yax
Mr. & Mrs. James R. Landis      Mrs. Bruce Monica                 Nancy Redmer                    Lisa Tennant                  Drs. David Klionsky &
Mrs. Robert Laurie              Linda Monks                       Richard Rehner                  Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Ternan      Eva Youshock
Beverly Layman                  Jane Monterosso                   Dr. & Mrs. Alan A. Reidinger    Helen Thomas                  Judith Yrjanainen
Cheryl Ledesma                  Dr. & Mrs. Michael Moon           Dr. Steve Reynolds              Shaina Thurman                Karen Zasada
Gloria Leonetti                 Mr. & Mrs. William H. Morgan      Michael Rhodes                  Dr. & Mrs. Eugene A. Timm     Barbara Zimmerman
Kenneth & Judith Lian           Mr. & Mrs. Gale D. Morrell        Mr. & Mrs. Paul Riemer          Dr. & Mrs. Keith Tom
Anne Lippert                    Ann Morris                        Cynthia Riparip                 Rayann Tomanek                Corporations
Ann Listerman                   Mae Morrissey                     Georgia Roberts                 Barbara Travsky
                                                                                                                                ArvinMeritor, Inc.
Michelle Litkouhi               Laurie Murray                     Rosemary Rojas                  Mr. & Mrs. Mario Trescone
                                                                                                                                Bordine Nursery Ltd.
Gerald & Jacquelyn LoDuca       Susan Murray                      Michael Rossi                   Beth Trimark-Connor
                                                                                                                                Church & Church, Inc.–
Amy Lombardo                    Laura Nagaitis                    Dr. Robert & Michalene Roy      Mr. William Triplett*
                                                                                                                                   Mr. & Mrs. James H. Church*
Cynthia L. Long                 Dr. & Mrs. Anthony J. Nehra       Karen Rutkowski                 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Tvrdovsky
                                                                                                                                Dillman & Upton, Inc.–
Cynthia S. Long                 Mr. & Mrs. John J. Nelem          Lillian Sakmar                  Tom & Jan Tyler
                                                                                                                                   Mr. & Mrs. Terrance Upton
Dr. & Mrs. Rene Loredo          Kathleen Nelson                   Dawn Savarino                   Sharon Ulep
                                                                                                                                Evans-Sherratt Company
Mr. & Mrs. Thurley Love         Sherry Nelson                     Thomas M. Schaden               Mrs. Alexander S. Ullmann
                                                                                                                                King Pharmaceuticals
David Lowell                    Joyce A. Nicholson*               Joann Schirmacher               Mr. & Mrs. Victor Ulrich
                                                                                                                                Masco Corporation
Carol Ludwicki                  Ray Nicholson, Sr.                Lori Schmeck                    Mr. & Mrs. Terry Upton
                                                                                                                                Mellon & McCarthy, PC–
Steven Lundmark                 Cheryl Nowacki                    Ken & Carol Schwark             Susan Valdez
                                                                                                                                   James T. Mellon
Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Lytle      Monte & Devera Oberlee            Janice Schwartz                 Cecille Vanbibber
                                                                                                                                Potere-Modetz Funeral Home–
Mr. & Mrs. John A.              Mr. & Mrs. Terrence J. O’Connor   Karol Schwartz                  Kathleen & Dennis
                                                                                                                                   Mr. & Mrs. John Modetz
  MacDonald                     Peggy O’Dean                      Jonel Scott                       Van Wagoner
                                                                                                  Kanak Varde, MD               Frank Rewold & Son, Inc.
Mr. David Machin                Mr. & Mrs. Tom O’Masta            Julie E. Seaman
                                                                                                  Cynthia Villani               Rochester Radiology, PC
Robert Mackstaller              Mr. & Mrs. Lynn C. Orfgen         Mr. & Mrs. Louis Seno
Dr. & Mrs. Russell F. Mahoney                                                                     Mr. & Mrs. Herman Walker      Sanyo Machine American Corp.
                                Kristen Owczarek                  Eleanor Shaffer*
Dr. & Mrs. Frederick Maibauer   Anita E. Page                                                     Ann Wallace                   Smith Group
                                                                  Dr. M. S. Shah
Paul Malik                      Paula Palazzolo                   Linda Sheets                    Christine Watkins             Sodexo
Ralph Mangold                   Linda Paradiso                    Dave & Kathie Shellenbarger                                   Solaronics–
Melissa Mannino                 Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Partamian      Russell M. & Kathleen Shelton                                    Mr. & Mrs. Richard Rush, Sr.*
Karin March                     Kathy Partrick                    Larry & Mary Shepard                                             and Mr. Richard Rush, Jr.
Mr. And Mrs. John Markes        Sharon Paswater                   Kelsey Shugar
Catherine Mason                 Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. Peters       Emily Simunic                                                 *Deceased
Janice Martin                   Judi & Tom Petterson              Jim & Lillie Smalley
Sharon Matkosky                 Mr. & Mrs. Chet Pietrzak          Ron & Marlene Smisek
Catherine May                   Gail Pietrzyk                     Beverly Smith
Lynn M. McCabe                  Kenneth G. Pinder                 Dawn Smith
Bonita McCardy                  Jane Pitchford                    Mr. & Mrs. Raymond A. Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Paul McDowell        Mr. & Mrs. Don G. Pixley          Tammie Smith
Christine McGee                 Chris & Katy Plummer              Troy Snoddy
Barbara McElreath               Mr. & Mrs. George Poffenberger    Dr. & Mrs. Frank D. Sottile
Mrs. Howard L. McGregor, Jr.*   Anna Pollack                      James Stansburry, Jr.
                                       YO U N G D O N O R S
                                       In a time when the classroom is merely a       Like Katie, Anna Friederich of Macomb
                                       portal into a global educational community,    Township also has a generous spirit. In
                                       our youngest generation is acutely aware       2008, Anna donated the gifts she received
                                       of the hardships of others. Watching their     for her fourth birthday, including a Polly
                                       parents address these hardships through        Pocket Doll, games, coloring books and
                                       gifts of time and money, many young            markers, for Crittenton’s pediatric patients.
                                       people have decided to contribute their
                                       own ingenuity, elbow grease or piggy bank      Young adults are contributing to the
                                       savings to make a difference, too.             hospital as well. Crittenton’s Volunteer
                                                                                      Auxiliary includes more than 100
                                       Five-year-old Katie Stozicki knows             CrittenTeens, local high school students
                                       her grandmother, Katherine Dzuirman,           who regularly give their time to greet
                                       volunteers regularly at Crittenton through     patients and visitors, assist with tasks
                                       the hospital’s Auxiliary. Her mother,          throughout the hospital, and offer their
                                       Tiffany, worked to promote a program in        time at Crittenton’s offsite facilities.
                                       partnership with Haig’s Fine Jewelry of
                                       Rochester in support of Crittenton’s Women’s   The generosity of young community
                                       & Children’s Services Fund. For her part,      members serves as a reminder that
                                       Katie utilized a classic entrepreneurial       donations, no matter the amount, are
                                       idea: the lemonade stand. Selling more         important to maintaining Crittenton’s role
                                       than eighty glasses of lemonade one summer     as a not-for-profit hospital. Undoubtedly,
                                       day, Katie donated $8 of her earnings to       these young donors will grow to be
                                       Crittenton’s Women’s & Children’s Fund.        philanthropic leaders in our community.
      “Katie and Anna are
    outstanding examples of
 selflessness and compassion.
We are humbled by their generous
   and thoughtful donations.”

       –Ruth Stephens-Collins,
      President, Crittenton Hospital
       Medical Center Foundation
Individuals                        Dr. & Mrs. Peter Korda             Dr. Elaine Tan
Anonymous                          Bruce A. Kresge, MD                Mr. William Triplett*
Dr. & Mrs. Jaime V. Aragones       Carl E. Kuntzman, MD               Mrs. Alexander S. Ullmann
Lindsay R. Bard, Jr., DO*          Kenneth & Judith Lian              Kathleen & Dennis Van Wagoner
Anthony V. & Marcia R. Battaglia   Gerald & Jacquelyn LoDuca          Patricia Walker
Dr. Bartol & Mrs. Lillian Biocic   Cynthia L. Long                    Dr. & Mrs. Daniel B. White
Mr. & Mrs. James F. Carr           Dr. & Mrs. Russell F. Mahoney      Kathy White & Bill Wonfor
Timothy J. & Mary C. Caughlin      Dr. & Mrs. Frederick Maibauer      Mr. & Mrs. Steven Yax
                                   Mr. & Mrs. Paul McDowell           Drs. David Klionsky &

                                                                                                            CRIT TENTON
Mary G. Chapman
Dr. Merle A. & Joyce O. Childers   Mrs. Howard L. McGregor, Jr.*         Eva Youshock
Michael & Kathleen Clark           Dr. & Mrs. Bradford Merrelli

Mr. & Mrs. Larry M. Cole           Dr. & Mrs. Moufid Mitri            Corporations
Jerry D. & Ruth Stephens Collins   Mr. & Mrs. William A. Mitzelfeld
                                                                      ArvinMeritor, Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen E. Cooper       Dr. & Mrs. Michael Moon
                                                                      Bordine Nursery Ltd.
Mrs. Charles L. Crissman           Mr. & Mrs. William H. Morgan
                                                                      Church & Church, Inc.–
Ms. Katy Crissman                  Mr. & Mrs. Gale D. Morrell
                                                                         Mr. & Mrs. James H. Church*          The Crittenton Builders
Dr. Jeffrey H. DeClaire            Dr. & Mrs. Anthony J. Nehra
                                                                      Dillman & Upton, Inc.–
Mr. & Mrs. A. Charles Dorando      Joyce A. Nicholson*                                                      are benefactors who make a
                                                                         Mr. & Mrs. Terrance Upton
Dr. & Mrs. Peter A. Duhamel        Monte & Devera Oberlee                                                    commitment to contribute
                                                                      Evans-Sherratt Company
Ms. Suzanne Elder                  Mr. & Mrs. Terrence J. O’Connor
                                                                      King Pharmaceuticals                   $10,000 or more over time.
David Elliott                      Mr. & Mrs. Lynn C. Orfgen
                                                                      Masco Corporation
Mr. & Mrs. Forest Farmer           Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Partamian
                                                                      Mellon, McCarthy & Pries, PC–
Mr. H. Aubrey Feiwell, MA          Mr. & Mrs. Don G. Pixley
                                                                         James T. Mellon
Mr. Steven J. Fishman              Dr. & Mrs. Harold D. Portnoy
                                                                      Potere-Modetz Funeral Home–
Dr. Kevin & Lynn Florek            Dr. & Mrs. Arturo Prada
                                                                         Mr. & Mrs. John Modetz
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Fox                Drs. C. S. & Ila Shah Reddy
                                   Drs. Gopal & Kala Reddy            Frank Rewold & Son, Inc.
Mr. Skip Freese                                                       Rochester Radiology, PC
Drs. Robert & Betty Go             Dr. & Mrs. Alan A. Reidinger
                                   Thomas M. Schaden                  Sanyo Machine America Corp.
Mr. & Mrs. W. E. Graessle
                                   Eleanor Shaffer*                   Smith Group
Paul & Diane Haig
                                   Dave & Kathie Shellenbarger        Sodexo
Arch H. Hall, MD*
                                   Russell M. & Kathleen Shelton      Solaronics–
Dr. & Mrs. Keith A. Hinshaw
                                   Jim & Lillie Smalley                  Mr. & Mrs. Richard F. Rush, Sr.*
Mr. & Mrs. James C. Holmes
                                   Ron & Marlene Smisek                  and Mr. Richard Rush, Jr.
Mrs. Betty Houghten
Michael Jagels                     Dr. & Mrs. Frank D. Sottile
Dr. Al & Mrs. Ewa Joucys           Mr. & Mrs. Steve Stolaruk
Dennis & Cindy Keat                Mrs. Louise C. Sutherland
                              Planned Giving:
                              Making An Indelible Difference
                              Crittenton Hospital Medical Center has touched        from the applicable estate tax are available for
                              so many people throughout the years. As a result,     gifts to qualified recipients such as Crittenton.”
                              many would like to give back to the hospital —
                              but may not know how. One way is through a            Donors also may include the hospital as a beneficiary
                              planned gift to the Crittenton Hospital Medical       of part of an IRA, life insurance policy, or annuity.
                              Center Foundation. Planned giving occurs when         “This is one method to help reduce the taxes on an
                              a person leaves part of their estate to an            estate while benefiting the hospital,” says Dennis
                              organization when they pass on. This type             LaPorte, CPA. As always, be sure to consult a
                              of giving allows the Foundation to continue           financial professional for advice regarding how to
                              its work for many years to come.                      best structure your strategy to ensure that your
Diane Young                                                                         goals and needs are met.
Planned Gifts Committee,      It is a common misconception that a planned
Crittenton Hospital           gift must involve a large amount of money.            Those who have designated Crittenton as a recipient
Medical Center Foundation     In reality, even small bequests can have a lasting    of a planned gift will receive special recognition
President, The Athena Group   effect on the Crittenton Foundation. “Planned gifts   through membership in the Heritage Society,
                              of any amount are welcome and may be directed         Crittenton’s planned giving club, and on a
                              to the hospital program or service of the donor’s     permanent display within the hospital. Requests
                              choosing,” says Shirley Gofrank, who is a CPA         for anonymity are always respected.
                              and Chair of the Crittenton Foundation’s Planned
                              Gifts Committee.                                      Planned giving allows donors to consider the type
                                                                                    of legacy they wish to leave. Giving to Crittenton
                                            So how does one leave a bequest?        leaves a legacy that will ensure the continuation of
                                             According to Brent Blankenship, a      quality healthcare in our community.
                                              Rochester attorney, “There are
                                              many ways to make a bequest           For more information about making a planned
                                               to Crittenton: through a will or     gift to Crittenton Hospital Medical Center, please
                                               trust, or by an amendment to an      contact the Foundation at (248) 652-5345.
                                             existing will or trust. Deductions

There are many tools necessary to the delivery    in the Rochester Community House, which        The intensive two-week membership drive, themed
of quality healthcare: the latest technological   can be used by community members for           “UP, UP & Away,” will promote Unlimited
equipment, surgical instruments and testing       meetings and special events. In November       Potential’s many hospital and community
apparatus. However, the most essential            2008, UP collected 9,566 pounds of food to     programs. The primary focus will be the Tower
element for the delivery of quality healthcare    benefit the Gleaners Community Food            Project, slated to begin in the coming months.
is, of course, the people. At Crittenton, a       Bank of Southeastern Michigan through          “As employees, it is essential we demonstrate
staff of nearly 2,000 works daily to ensure       Crittenton’s employee-led Harvest Food         to the community our support of the hospital,”
your healthcare needs are met.                    Gathering. UP also annually funds six $1,000   said Steve Yax, Chairman of the Employee
                                                  educational grants, five for employees and     Unlimited Potential Executive Committee.
But dedication to Crittenton goes beyond the      one for the dependent child of an employee.    “We want to be leaders in the campaign to
operating room, the patient room and the                                                         support Crittenton’s future.”
conference room. The Employee Unlimited           As Crittenton develops plans to grow its
Potential (UP) Group facilitates employee         programs and services, UP decided it was       In showing overwhelming employee support
giving, primarily through a payroll deduction     time to “go big.” Successful annual            of the hospital, the group hopes to lead by
program. Funds generated by the group are         membership drives in the past led UP’s         example, thereby increasing community
used to support the hospital, its employees       Executive Committee to consider the            support as well. With a goal of one hundred
and the community.                                impact of a far-reaching, three-year           percent participation from employees, UP has
                                                  membership drive. The three-year drive         again demonstrated their belief that an
In 2008, UP continued to carry out its            will allow Crittenton employees to pledge      investment in Crittenton — an investment in
mission through the support of more than          long-term support to the hospital’s plans      our families, our health and our community
30 hospital and community programs. The           for growth and improvement.                    — is indeed a wise one.
group sponsored the renovation of a room
                                             Cynthia Ackerman -      Corey Brymer                   Cynthia Douglas -*      Paula Grube
                                             Mary Adler              Judith Buchanan                Danialle Downer -*      Judith Gula -
                                             Stephanie Anderson      Cecilia Burger                 Susan Drause            Denise Gunderson
                                             Joan Andree -           Judith Buxar                   Sandra Drennen          Marc Guzzardo –
                                             Nancy Anschuetz         Jennifer Byers -               Marybeth Dugan          Cynthia Hadden
                                             Daniel Armstrong -      Tina Cadreau                   Jamie Duke -            Margaret Haglund -
                                             Kathryn Ashby           Thomas Cardarelli -            Larry Dziedzk           Angela Hall
                                             Valente Askins -*       Sandra Carone -                Beverly Dziurda         Regina Hanby -*
                                             Cynthia Aspinall        Theresa Carter -*              Debra Eastham -         Kimberly Hart
                                             Marcia Atkinson         Colleen Cavanagh -             Kristina El-Chemor -    Arrine Hay -*
                                             Margaret Atkinson       Marie Chapman                  Lisa Estes              Rekha Haynes
                                             Shonna Back             Donna Cheshire                 Susan Fantin            Nancy Heilig

  UNLIMITED                                  Rosie Baggayan
                                             Halina Bainter
                                                                     Nahla Chirco
                                                                     Sandra Chmiel -
                                                                                                    Dennis Farrell -
                                                                                                    Cynthia Faulkner
                                                                                                                            David Heiss
                                                                                                                            Irene Herman

                                             Jeralyn Baker -         Soo Cho -                      Patricia Fisher         Dana Hodge -
                                             Julie Barnes            Maureen Cholewka -             Elaine Fitzpatrick      Michelle Hornberger -
                                             Susan Bauer             Mary Chopp                     Sherry Fleming -*       Julie Anna Hosbein
                                             Sandra Beacom -*        Cheryl Ciske                   Kevin Florek, DO -*B    Linda Hotton
                                             Purita G. Bernardez -   Michael Clark -*B              Constance Fordyce -     Sunny Howe
The mission of the Employee Unlimited        Debra Bertin            Robert Clark                   Barbara Frantz          Bernie Hung -
Potential (UP) Group is to promote and       Kathleen Bielicki -     Barbara Cliffel -              Sherry Frazer           Cheryl Hung
                                             Pamela Birchmeir        Vernadette Cole -              Patricia Fritzinger -   Michael Jagels -*B
   support employees, the hospital           Tracey Bird             Vickie Collett                 Antoinette Futo         Debra James -*
          and the community.                 Elizabeth Bishop        Susan Compton -*               Candice Gannon -        Jennifer Jamrog
                                             Heidi Blizzard -*       Felecia Cook-Giles             Maria Garcia -          Elizabeth Janiga -
  Dash (-) denotes Circle of Caring Member   Jennifer Boerner        William Corby                  Janell Garisson -       Vicki Janisse
                                             Christine Bojanczyk     Rhonda Costanzo                Judith Garrison         Jill Jeffers
 Asterisk (*) denotes Hour-A-Month Member
                                             Laraine Boomer          Carie Coté -                   Glenn Garwood           Cynthia Jenkins -
    B denotes Crittenton Builder Member      Jeanne Boose -          Mary Ann Cox                   Gail Gates              Christian Jensen
                                             Jacqueline Borland      Karen Crawforth -*             Janice Gay -            Peter Johns, Jr.
                                             Kimberly Bosek          Lisa Craze                     Alyse Genaro            Karen Johns -
                                             Howard Bosworth -       Mrs. Charles L. Crissman -*B   Valerie Gibala          Kathy Johnson -
                                             Laurie Boutorwick -*    Katy Crissman -*B              Jeremiah Glembocki -*   Heather Jones -*
                                             Matthew Boutorwick      Donald Crites                  Margaret Glembocki -*   Marisa Jurczak -
                                             Cheryl Bradley          Cheryl Dassow-Chapman -        Debra Glennan           Cheryl Jusela
                                             Valerie Bradley -       Teresa Davis -                 Victor Gonzales -       Albert Justice -
                                             Brian Brandt            Clifton Dawley                 Sheeja Gopalakrishnan   Marilyn Kaucheck -
                                             Amy Braun -             Diane Debbs                    Michelle Gordon         Diane Kensett
                                             Debra Brecht -*         Angela Delpup                  Natasa Grabovac         Katherine Kinkade
                                             Renee Brennan           Sharon Demeyere                Jaime Graebner          Cynthia Kinker
                                             Patricia Brooks, MD -   Marie Dempsey -                Linda Grantham          Susan Klaas
                                             Lori Brooks -           Nancy Denton                   Linda Greenberg         Margaret Klempay
                                             Beverly Browning -      Debra Dimaggio -*              Carla Greer             Linda Klucznik -
                                             Ann Bryan               Janet Dodge                    Ghislaine Grifka        Edwin Klusman
Susan Kniespeck        Janice Martin -         Anna Pollack -          Vicki Smith                 Josephine Walker
Susan Knight           Judith Martin           Kathy Poplawski         Jennifer Snable             Ann Wallace -
Helen Knoblock -       Catherine Mason -       Cheryl Poulin           Diana Soper -               Christine Watkins -*
Evelyn Knodle          Sharon Matkosky -*      Veronica Prise -        Frank Sottile, MD -*B       Patricia Watkins
Bonita Koch -          Laura Mattox            Therese Puglia -        Marcel Soubayi -            Paula Waugh
Amy Kogelman           Patricia Mauro          Colombe Radovic         Laura Sowinski              Keeley Weber
Bonnie Kort            Catherine May -         Saroj Raisoni           Karen St. Dennis -          Lynn Weeks
Charles Kowaleski      Bonita McCardy -        Stephen Rakowicz        James Stansburry Jr. -      Maray Weirauch
Linda Kowalski         Michael McCormick       Michele Randolph -      Leigh Starr                 Jennifer White
Diane Kreitler -       Catherine McCotter      Duane Rayford -         Janice Steeland             Sandra Williams -*
Julie Kress            Deborah McDonald        Shiella Razon-Lumetta   Ruth Stephens-Collins -*B   Thelma Williams -
Catherine Kroll        Barbara McElreath -     Nancy Redmer -*         Susan Sterner               Nancy Wittstock -
Clayton Kubacki -      Christine McGee -       Cynthia Reed            Kathleen Stevens -          Karen Wood -*
Amy Kurrle             Andrea McKinzie -       Richard Rehner -        Sally Stone                 Cynthia Woodhull -
Mary Kurschat          Marilyn Messina -       Darlene Reifel          Margaret Strehl             Judith Wright -*
Carolyn Kwiek          Debra Miller -          Charnita Rhodes         Sharon Szymanski            Sharon Yax
Stanley Kwolek -       Jane Monterosso -*      Michael Rhodes -        Patricia Tack               Steven Yax -*B
Elizabeth Labick -     Ann Morris -            Cynthia Riparip -       Guy Taylor                  Judith Yrjanainen -
Nancy Landa -          Rosetta Mullen          Georgia Roberts -*      Jennifer Taylor             Diane Zanke
Meg Laurie -*          Laurie Murray -         David Robins            Kathryn Taylor              Karen Zasada -
Beverly Layman -       Laura Nagaitis -        Annemarie Rodriguez     Lisa Tennant -              Barbara Zimmerman -
Cheryl Ledesma -       Linnea Nani             Rosemary Rojas -*       Helen Thatcher
Mary Leggett           Kathleen Nelson -       Michael Rossi -*        Helen Thomas -*
Gloria Leonetti -      Sherry Nelson -         Dianna Samann           Tracy Thomas
Amy Lesausky           Sheila Nettle           Dawn Savarino -         Nicole Thomsen
Steven Levesseur       Robert Nicks            Dawna Schmalzel         Linda Thrasher
Anne Lippert -*        Cheryl Nowacki -*       Lori Schmeck -          Shaina Thurman -
Anne Listerman -       Peggy O’Dean -          James Schocke           Catherine Tingley
Michelle Litkouhi -    Monte Oberlee -*B       Lisa Schocke            Rayann Tomanek -
Gerald LoDuca -*B      Lynn C. Orfgen -*B      Irene Schultz           Barbara Travsky -*
Amy Lombardo -         Judith Orlowski         Janice Schwartz -       Beth Trimark-Connor -
Cynthia L. Long -*B    Kristen Owczarek -*     Karol Schwartz -        Sharon Ulep -
Cynthia S. Long -      Paula Palazzolo -       Jonel Scott -           Tammy Vackaro
Patricia Losey         Linda Paradiso -        Julie Seaman -          Susan Valdez -
Dana Loudermilk        Gregory Partamian -*B   Smita Shah              Brenda VanAlstine
David Lowell -         Kathy Partrick -        Beverly Shapiro -       Cecille Vanbibber -
Carol Ludwicki -       Sharon Paswater -       Catherine Shevnock      Shelly Vanmeter
Steven Lundmark -      Jessica Pawelek         Carolyn Schoemaker      Kathleen Van Wagoner -*B
Linda MacCourtney      Daun Pensavecchia       Kelsey Shugar -         Tom Ventimeglia
Robert Mackstaller -   Karen Pfeffer           Emily Simunic -         Cynthia Villani -*
Paul Malik -           Adele Phipps            Diella Sinishtaj        Sydney Villerot
Lisa Manke -           Gail Pietrzyk -*        Beverly Smith -*        Tina Vires
Melessa Mannino -      Jane Pitchford -        Dawn Smith -*           Liana Voss
Karin March -          Gary Plagens            Tammie Smith -          Marcia Walainis
           T H A N K YO U
           The following donations               Mr. & Mrs. Roger Cregg                  Shelby Enterprises, Inc.         Ms. M.A. Pinky Lat
                                                 Katy Crissman                           Mr. & Mrs. Russell M. Shelton    Ms. Andrea Lynne
           have generously been
                                                 Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Driscoll              Beth Singer Photographer, Inc.   Mr. Dennis Mahoney
           given to support programs                                                     Mr. & Mrs. J.A. Tackett          Mr. & Mrs. Ray Nicholson, Sr.
                                                 Dr. & Mrs. Richard Duff
           and services at Crittenton            Mr. & Mrs. James Frontero               V Alexander, LLC                 Mr. Albert Salib
           Hospital Medical Center:              David Michael Johns                     Van Jaarsveld Decorating         Huntington Ford
                                                 Kent Upholstery, Inc.                      Center, Inc.                  Rochester Area Optimist Club
                                                 Larry S. Feigelman                      Mr. Stanley C. Wondolowski       Mrs. Debra Stepaniak
          Ms. Barbara L. Brown
                                                    & Associates, Inc.               Rochester Hills Chrysler Jeep        Ms. Katie Stozicki
          Ms. Donna Chaskin
                                                 Dr. & Mrs. Frederick P. Maibauer    Mr. Bill Fox                         Saturday Night Al-Anon Group
          Mr. Dan Eller
                                                 Daniel Martini                      Mr. John Fox                         Ms. Susan Thorpe
          Crissman Lincoln Mercury
                                                 Mr. & Mrs. William Morgan           Mr. Andrew Gautreau                  Trinity Lutheran Church
          Crittenton Hospital Medical
                                                 Dr. & Mrs. Anthony J. Nehra         Crestview Cadillac                   Mr. Sal Viviano
             Center Auxiliary
                                                 Lawrence J. Pocza                   Mr. & Mrs. Paul Haig– Haig’s of      Wal-Mart Foundation
          Ms. Nicole Dery
                                                 Rosemary Rangi                         Rochester Fine Jewelry
          DMJ Interiors Benefit for Crittenton
                                                 Risk Managers                       Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Herberger
              Mr. & Mrs. Garrett Anderson
                                                    Insurance Agency                 Dr. James & Ruth Huebner
              Denise L. Arremony
                                                 Melinda Whiting Renshaw             Ms. Laurel Intrieri
              Mr. & Mrs. Michael Belesky
                                                 Mr. & Mrs. Paul Sakmar              Ms. Lori Klose
              Jerry D. & Ruth Stephens Collins
                                                 Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Sass              Ms. Kathleen Kripke
              Coppola & Associates, Inc.

                                                 In Honor of Pamela D. Johnson, MD   In Memory of Kenneth Maedel          In Honor of Helen Strempel
                                                    Ms. Jan Anderson                    Mrs. Alice Maedel                    Mr. & Mrs. Richard F. Rush, Jr.
                                                 In Memory of Anna Bodnaruk             Mr. Dave Maedel                   In Honor of Nancy L. Saxon
                                                    Ms. Vera Bodnaruk                   Mrs. Debra Sheridan                  Ms. Eleanor C. Saxon
         A gift…In Tribute expresses
                                                                                        Mrs. Kathy Turpel
         gratitude for acts of kindness,         Mother’s Day Tribute                                                     In Memory of Theresa Reardon
                                                   Mr. William Bowman                In Memory of Florance Wilson            Ms. Karen Slanczka
         recognizes joyous occasions or                                                 Ms. Marye Miller
                                                 In Memory of Sue Caughlin                                                In Memory of James C. Brooks
         honors those who are deceased.             Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Caughlin      In Honor of Dona Moon                   Ms. Sue A. Zunker
                                                                                        Dr. & Mrs. Michael Moon
                                                 In Honor of Dorothy Daly                                                 In Memory of Richard Zunker
                                                    Ms. Margaret Fealk               In Honor of Helen Morgan                Ms. Sue A. Zunker
                                                                                        Mr. William Morgan
                                                 In Memory of Robert O. Sausser
                                                    Mr. & Mrs. James C. Kaufeld      In Memory of Carol Mumford
                                                    Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Sausser        Emily & Natalie Cochran
Achatz Handmade Pie Co.             Michelle Hornberger               Greg & Charlotte Partamian
American Healthcare Services        HOUR Media, LLC                   Pei Wei Asian Diner
Andiamo                             Huntington Ford                   Picano’s Ristorante Italiano
Audi of Rochester Hills             Mike Jagels                       Alison Picot
Aurum Design Jewelry                Janet Varner                      Gail Pietrzyk
Auxiliary Gift Shop                 Michelle Koehneke                 Portofino On The River
Big Boy Restaurants International   Kohl’s Department Store           Prestige Stamping &
Bill Fox Chevrolet                  Kona Grill                           The Rink Family
Brio Tuscan Grille                  Kosch Catering                    The Purple Pear
Caribou Coffee                      Kruse and Muer on Main            Rangoli Indian Cuisine             Members of the Heritage Society are
Charley’s Crab of Troy              Kruse and Muer in The Village     Rochester Chop House &
Christ the Redeemer Catholic        Meg Laurie                          Oyster Bar                         individuals who have designated
   Church of Lake Orion             LeConte Men’s Clothing            Rochester Hills Chrysler Jeep     Crittenton Hospital Medical Center as
Christine’s Cakes & Pastries        Lifetime Fitness                  Rochester Regional Chamber
                                                                                                        a beneficiary of a planned gift in their
Mike Clark                          Lil’ Monica’s Gourmet             Roosevelt Lodge
Cintas                                  Cakes & Pastries              Charlie Sanders                       will, trust or financial plan.
Jerry D. & Ruth Stephens Collins    Loccino Italian Grill             Schakolad Chocolate Factory
Cookies By Design                   Cindi L. Long                     Shelton Pontiac Buick GMC
Costco                              Manny’s Liquor & Fine Wine        Shula’s Steakhouse
Tim Crawford                        McCormick & Schmick’s             Sir Speedy Printing–Rochester
Crestview Cadillac                     Seafood Restaurant             Sodexo                                           Anonymous
Katy Crissman                       McEntire Pilates                  The Sottile Family                        Evelyn (Betty) Drinkard*
Crissman Lincoln Mercury            Meadowbrook Dodge                 Specialists in Rehabilitation         Dr. & Mrs. Edward J. Drogowski
Crittenton Medical Equipment        Meadow Brook Theatre                Medicine                             Dr. & Mrs. Peter A. Duhamel
Crittenton-Karmanos                 The Melting Pot                   Spring Hill Cleaners                       H. Aubrey Feiwell Trust
  Radiation Oncology Center         Mercedes Benz of Rochester        St. Thomas Presbyterian                 Mr. & Mrs. William B. Giles*
Design Works Flowers                Michigan Opera Theatre              Church                                    Dr. Irwin Gutenburg*
Detroit Pencil Company              Mitchell's Fish Market            Starlight Children’s Foundation                Alex H. Hepfner
Dick Bourez Group                   Modern Food Management              Midwest                                   William Kernan, Jr.*
Dick’s Sporting Goods                   Systems, Inc.                 Stoney Creek High School                Phillip R. Mahoney, JD, CFP
DMJ Interiors                       Mary Morrissey                      Golf Team                            Dr. & Mrs. Russell F. Mahoney
Downtown Café                       Mr. B’s Roadhouse                 Sumo Sushi & Seafood                   Mr. & Mrs. George Marquart*
Eastside Mario’s                    Napa Ridge Winery                 Sweet Appreciations
                                                                                                                Dr. & Mrs. Arturo Prada
Edible Arrangements                 Nestle Toll House Café            The Royal Park Hotel
                                                                                                               Jessie Castle Roberts Trust
Field of Dreams                     Oakhurst Golf & Country Club      Thelma Williams
Fox Toyota                          The Oakland Press                 Townsend Hotel                             Mary L. Riggle Rogers*
Fox Volkswagen                      Oakland University Credit Union   Trevarrow, Inc.                              Loy M. Sutherland*
Anna Friedrich                      O’Malley’s                        United Methodist Church of                  Mr. William Triplett*
Glitz Salon                         Lynn & Jane Orfgen                  Lake Orion                               Mrs. Edward Warnica*
Grand Hotel                         Orthodox Christian Women          Updog Yoga                                   Mrs. O.S. Wessels*
Great Oaks Country Club                of Michigan                    Kathleen Van Wagoner                             Cora Wilcox*
Haig’s of Rochester Fine Jewelry    P.F. Chang’s China Bistro         Whole Foods                                    Lula C. Wilson*
Michelle Hess                       Parisian–The Village              Karen Wood
Home Health Outreach                   of Rochester Hills             Steve Yax                                        *Deceased
           (248) 652-5345



           KATY CRISSMAN


           LISA TENNANT