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					From: Claire Reynolds
Sent: 25 March 2004 10:34
To: BBC Charter Review
Subject: Your BBC Your Say Leaflet

Further to your leaflet, here are my responses

What do you value most about the BBC?

The BBC is a long-standing British broadcasting corporation that offers a wide
range of subjects ranging from everyday real life dramas to up to the minute
news and political information.

How Should the BBC Adapt to cope with the changes in technology and culture?

My personal opinion is that the BBC needs a re-vamp. It is still old fashioned
in certain respects and I think it needs to move with the times and the
technology that is available now. I think people are heading towards digital
and the Internet because of the broad spectrum that it can offer. People with
internet can view different information all over the world and people with
digital TV compared with people who haven’t got it have hundreds of TV channels
to choose from which offers a broad range to match everyone’s tastes. If you
only had BBC has your channel then you can only watch what the programme
schedule is for the day/evening.

What do you think of the television, radio and online services the BBC provides?

I think BBC online is very good and informative. I used to enjoy listening to
Radio 1 but I feel that it is more for the younger generation 18-20 yrs whereas
radio 2 and 4 are for people older say 35 + so there is no in-between for people
in the middle 20’s to early 30’s. I feel that the old radio 1 with the likes of
Simon Mayo, Janice Long, and Simon Bates etc was a lot better and more
interesting and cover all ages whereas I don’t feel it does now. BBC television
has some excellent programmes, drama and factual. Some examples include In Deep,
Waking the Dead, Life of Grime, East Enders etc but I think it needs more.
Another thing is that these programmes get repeated on other channels i.e. UK
Gold, UK Horizons etc so really if you don’t see them on BBC you do a chance to
see them on another channel.

Should the BBC run commercial services?

Yes and no. I think Commercial Services are an excellent way in generating
revenue into the company but I sometimes think that there are too many
commercial services at inappropriate times. I think that commercial services
should be at the end or beginning of each programme and not beginning, end or in
the middle of a programme. If there is a need to be commercial services in the
middle of a programme then ensure that it is not in the middle of a film or
drama. I get annoyed when you get involved with a gripping drama then it goes
to a commercial break. An excellent example of a programme ruined by Commercial
services is 24. Now that the programme is on Sky you get commercial services
that are inappropriate for the programme.

Used correctly commercial services can be excellent revenue for the corporation
but I think that it needs to be looked at in-depth initially.

How should we pay for the BBC?

The Licence fee is a terrible way of getting the services especially in a day
and age when you have new technologies and people may not watch the BBC but are
still paying a licence fee which pays for the BBC. There are 3 suggestions I
can make –

  a.. Have the BBC as a pay as you go channel so if you want to watch BBC then
you have to pay to do so. This would then allow people who don’t watch the BBC
not having to pay for the fee. All funds generated from the pay as you go
scheme would then be ploughed back into the corporation. You could offer a pay
as you go service, or a monthly fee like some channels are offered on Sky and
Cable. The licence fee could then be abolished.
  b.. Halve the Licence fee and add more commercial services
  c.. Use Commercial services and abolish the Licence fee

Is the BBC organised in the most effective and efficient way?

I don’t think the BBC is organised in the most effective and efficient way. I
think that the BBC needs to have a major overhaul and maybe somebody else come
into the BBC review its procedures, programmes everything and make changes.
Existing people at the BBC may not be able to see ahead and see what changes
need to be made, but someone else can come in and say “wouldn’t it be better if
it was done this way”.

How Should the BBC be run?   How should it be regulated?

I think a third party – not internally like it is being at the moment should
regulate the BBC. I think it needs to be regulated on behalf of public interest
but I don’t feel this should be done in-house. I feel that a third party should
be involved.

How do we ensure that the BBC is properly accountable to the public and
I think as we may the licence fee I think the public should have a greater say
and influence on the BBC. My suggestion is that the BBC runs workshops across
the country for each region and invites say 20 people from each region to attend
the workshop. The group would have an agenda drawn up by the BBC and from that
a brainstorming session. All ideas from each region are collated and put
towards a committee that has been selected to take part in the changes at BBC
and together with the public input and the BBC input we could come up with a
channel that is moving forward and developing into the future.


Claire Reynolds

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