Administrative Services Staff Meeting Minutes by lonyoo


									                  Administrative Services Staff Meeting Minutes
                       Moody Center Conference Room
                                 March 29, 2006
                                    9:00 a.m.
Present: Mark Jaime, Dean Topper, Carolyn Lightfoot, Wayne Matthews, Angela Bradshaw,
         Jean Sanders, Laura Balaban, Brian Benoit

I.    Dean’s Report:

      A. SACS
         The college will be addressing the following three recommendations:
          QEP Assessment: Dean Topper submitted a plan for this assessment to the SACS
            committee yesterday; the committee will review it and decide which indicators to
            use. The information submitted follows the current Institutional Effectiveness
          QEP Resources: SACS felt we had not committed enough resources, both
            manpower and money to the Quality Enhancement Plan. Dr. Ellis has addressed
            this, but the narrative is not complete yet.
          Core Assessment: Dr. Scism is working with the instructional council on this,
            plans are to implement by fall 2006 and measured in spring 2007.

          We will have our response to SACS prior to our deadline of May 3, 2006.

      B. Master Plan Update
         A copy of the 50% review that Kirksey Architects presented to the board at the March
         23 board meeting is available in the office. There are different schematics for the
         possibilities of the campus. If you are interested in the master plan and the direction
         the college will be heading, review it and send in your comments as soon as possible.
         The final briefing will be at the board meeting on April 20, 2006. Shortly thereafter,
         we should be getting guidance on proceeding with the Visual and Performing Arts
         Center, the One-Stop Shop and Cosmetology.

      C. Moler Hall Renovation
          Dr. Ellis has approved moving the bookstore out into the game room area. The
           Student Services area will be putting the computer corral into the Phyllis Davis
           room as well. The Phyllis Davis room will no longer be available for rental.
          We may have to change the delivery method for the HVAC modifications that
           support the Rebel Roost since no vendor has bid on the project.

      D. Rundell Hall
         The purchasing process is moving ahead for the College to purchase the Baytown
         Teacher’s Credit Union. The building inspection was done during spring break and
         the report is 52 pages in length. Regent Himsel does not want any major renovations,
         but we will be getting some clarification on this before taking over the building.
      E. Network Operation Center
          This project is in response to Hurricane Rita and plans are to move the ITT
            department to the second floor of the McNulty Haddick Complex. The board
            approved the delivery method and BGK as the architect at the board meeting on
            March 23, 2006.
          Tentative Project Schedule: Design April 2006-October 2006, Construction
            November 2006-May 2007, Occupancy before the 2007 hurricane season

      F. Lee College Career Center at McNair
         Design activities are underway, the current focus is on the items we need to satisfy
         the Harris County Flood Control District and the U.S. Army Corps. of Engineers.

      G. Upcoming Events
          April 06, 2006 Building Committee Meeting
          Spring Surge in grounds approaches
          April 13, 2006 Honors Day
          April 20, 2006 April Board Meeting
          April 22, 2006 HCLC Graduation

II.   Department News

          They recently established a pest and weed control program that requires Lee
            College to have a licensed non-commercial pesticide applicator and he is now
            licensed. All the grounds personnel need to be certified by attending five
            Continuing Education Credits on training that covers laws and regulations,
            integrated pest management and general studies. The current grounds staff is now
            trained. This training will be required annually.

           No report

          The ITT department has the following projects at this time: id cards, time clock,
             cameras are now deployed, they have already uploaded the People Soft demo to
             show at the next meeting, the transcript project should be complete by the end of
             the week.
          The TAC Committee has been meeting and they just did the walk of the campus
             to look at rooms needing computers, she will be turning in the list to the planning
             committee soon.

          Business has started to slow down a bit
          The Chic Fil A sandwiches are selling good, about 50 a day
          She is in the process of ordering new cash registers in an attempt to help with
             theft issues in the snack bar.
             She needs to find out where exactly the coke machines will be placed at the tennis

         He has received 20 pallets with furniture for the mall and other classrooms
         The summer schedule has arrived he will be distributing them soon

          The bookstore is sponsoring Dr. Mueller’s performance at Cobb Auditorium, the
            CDs are available for purchase at the bookstore
          The caps and gowns are in for graduation
          Asked when they would have to move bookstore items out of the Phyllis Davis
            room and Dean Topper said as soon as they could due to the computer corral
            moving in to the room.

The next meeting will be on April 19, 2006 9am-10am.

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