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 From Scholars
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Prostate Cancer

  Jim Kidwell
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Meet Our Staff

 “We’re fighting
hoping you won’t
    need to!”
The Cancer Research Center

The Cancer Research Center in Columbia, Missouri.

  At CRC, we’re fighting cancer, hoping you         is being performed all over the world, includ-
won’t need to. Our extensive cancer research is     ing right here in Columbia, we are going way
funded in large part by the citizens and busi-      beyond poisoning, radiating and cutting out
nesses of central Missouri who, like yourselves,    cancer cells. We are developing procedures to
desire a solution to this lethal disease.           stop cancer before it ever starts and techniques
  Because of the extensive cancer research that     to treat it that avoid destroying good cells.

                                                    CRC Mission
                                            We conduct and sponsor research
                                      to reduce cancer deaths by earlier detection,
                                           novel therapies, and identification
                                      of environmental and nutritional components
                                               that reduce tumor initiation.
            Message from the Director
Dear Friends,                      have had the pleasure of work-          Hartley Banks Jr. The level of
   The year 2006 brought the       ing with some top-notch schol-          support at the event was
Cancer Research Center success     ars. We put them to work in             heartwarming to all of us who
as well as inspiration. Our        the laboratory, and they leave          knew and appreciated Hartley.
prostate cancer project is still   CRC as published scientists with        See highlights of the event on
progressing, and we are so         some very valuable experience           pages 27–38. Mark your calen-
proud of our results. Dr. Abe,     under their belts. Be sure to           dar for Saturday, April 14,
Alison, and Dr. Rob have been      read about the interns, their           when we will again gather at
working diligently in the lab,     experiences, and our scholar-           the Elks Lodge to raise funds
as well as at the computer.        ship program on pages 18–21.            for the Ray Freese Memorial
They’ve been furiously prepar-        In September, we were                Fellowship.
ing grant applications to          reminded that cancer research              We sometimes see the unex-
secure funding that will ensure    scholars come in all shapes and         pected. For example, did you
the completion of the prostate     sizes. We were treated to a             know pigs and gators can help
cancer project. The support of     visit with a student, much              fight cancer? Thanks to our
our individual donors, United      younger than our typical                generous friends at Farm
Ways, Order of the Eastern         intern. After seeing two of his         Power Lawn and Leisure and
Star, Missouri State Employee      grandfathers battle cancer, 11-         approximately 300 other gen-
Charitable Campaign, and           year-old Aaron Harris of                erous supporters, two pigs and
Cosmopolitan Club (just to         Tuscumbia, Missouri, has decid-         a gator did just that. Read
name a few) have funded the        ed he wants to do something             about the first CRC Pig Roast
research to this point. We         about the disease and the dev-          and John Deere Gator Raffle
could not have come this far       astation it causes. Read about          on page 9 and learn who pur-
without you. Be sure to read       his visit to the CRC laboratory         chased the lucky ticket!
about our prostate cancer          on page 39.                                Thank you to our donors,
research on pages 24–25.              Cancer Research Center vol-          volunteers, and dedicated
   A secondary mission for us at   unteers help us in so many              staff. You bring us success and
CRC is to train scientists.        ways, but especially in prepar-         you are our inspiration.
Internships are an important       ing for the Jim Kidwell
part of the education process      Memorial Gala. In 2006 they
for those who pursue a future      worked so diligently as we                             —Marnie H. Tutt,
in the field of research, and we   honored our long-time friend,                     administrative director

 CANCER RESEARCH CENTER      BOARD OF TRUSTEES             Mr. Brent Gibson                 PHOTOGRAPHY
     3501 Berrywood Dr.      Mrs. Charlotte Acton        Ms. Dulcenia Kidwell               L.G. Patterson
    Columbia, MO 65201
   Phone (573) 875-2255
                                Dr. Jane Armer          Mr. Steve Lee, Pres.             FRONT COVER PHOTO
    Fax: (573) 443-1202     Mr. Burleigh Arnold            Ms. Sara Lemone                  Jupiterimages
                                Mr. Garry Banks          Dr. John McEntire      
   RESEARCH DIRECTOR           Dr. Linda Bullock           Ms. Verna Rhodes
    Dr. Abe Eisenstark                                                                         DESIGN
                               Mr. Travis Burnett     Mr. Anthony Sublett, V.P.
ADMINISTRATIVE DIRECTOR    Mr. James W. Cherrington                                      Lynne Jensen Lampe
     Marnie H. Tutt             Mr. Tim Crockett
DIRECTOR OF DEVELOPMENT         Mrs. Sally Estes             Lifetime Members
      Jack Bozarth          Mrs. Lee Freese, Sec.      Executive Committee Members

                                                                       ANNUAL REPORT 2006                     1
Meet Our Staff
                            Dr. Abe Eisenstark                                 Marnie Tutt is
                         is Research Director of                            Director of the CRC and
                         the CRC. Previously, he                            has been with the
                         was Byler Distinguished                            organization for more
                         Professor and Director                             than 10 years. She
                         of the Division of                                 served as Development
                         Biological Sciences,                               Director from 1994 to
                         University of Missouri-                            1999, and was a mem-
                         Columbia. He has                                   ber of CRC’s Board of
                         served as Program                                  Trustees from 1999 to
                         Director of the                                    2001 while working at
                         Molecular Biology                                  William Woods
Section, National Science Foundation,              University. She has extensive experience in pub-
Washington, DC. His career includes years of       lic relations, is a member of Columbia Metro
collaborative research at other institutions,      Rotary, and is active in many community organ-
including universities at Copenhagen,              izations. Marnie was a 2003 recipient of the 40
Denmark; Leicester, England; Paris, France;        Under 40 in Columbia award. She earned a BFA
Leiden, Netherlands; and Brookhaven National       degree from William Woods. Marnie lives in
Laboratories. He is a native of Kansas City,       Fulton with her children Bailey and Brian.
MO. He received his BS, MS, and PhD in
Microbiology from the University of Illinois.                               Jack Bozarth is
He is married to the former Joan Ragsdell of                              Director of
Columbia and is the father of three children.                             Development at the
                                                                          Cancer Research
                            Damon Young grad-                             Center. He is responsi-
                         uated from University                            ble for fundraising and
                         City High School in St.                          public affairs. Jack is
                         Louis and earned a                               a retired Air Force offi-
                         degree in Business                               cer who was the Public
                         Administration from                              Affairs Officer for the
                         the University of                                Commissioner of
                         Missouri-Columbia. He                            Military Affairs for the
                         has worked in a variety   State of Alaska. He is married to the former
                         of social services and    Ann Freese of Columbia and has three chil-
                         nonprofits in case man-   dren and two grandchildren. Born in Kansas
                         agement and direct        City and raised in Raytown, Missouri, Jack is a
client care. Since joining the Cancer Research     graduate of Central Missouri State University
Center in 2001, Damon has been a key member        and was awarded a MS degree by Embry-
of the support staff, maintaining the CRC web      Riddle Aeronautical University. Jack is a
site and database while gaining experience in      member of the Columbia Elks Lodge No. 594,
fundraising and development. Damon is mar-         Missouri Aerie 2730 of the Fraternal Order of
ried to Sharee and is the proud father of Dasha.   Eagles, and the Columbia Kiwanis Club.

                                                   Meet Our Staff
                           Alison Fea is the                                   Dustin Newman
                         Senior Technician and                              joined the CRC in fall
                         Laboratory Manager of                              2001, working part time
                         the CRC. A New Jersey                              as a lab assistant during
                         native, Alison attended                            college and full time
                         Stephens College in                                after graduation. He
                         Columbia prior to join-                            earned his BS in Biology
                         ing the CRC in 2002.                               from Columbia College
                         During her time as an                              in 2005. Dustin is a 1997
                         undergraduate, Alison                              graduate of Hickman
                         served as the Chemistry                            High School. Upon grad-
                         Laboratory Assistant                               uation from high school,
for the college’s Natural Science Department       he earned an associate degree in welding and
and served as an officer in several honor soci-    machining technology at Ranken College.
eties. The summer of her junior year she was       Dustin has worked as a machinist for General
elected to Sigma Xi, the Scientific Research       Electric, and also as a welder. In summer 2006,
Society, for her HIV-1 research work when she      he accepted a position as a microbiologist with
was an infectious disease intern in Galveston,     a chemical company in St. Louis.
TX. Alison graduated Magna Cum Laude from
Stephens in 2002, with a BS in Biology and a                                   Dr. Robert A.
minor in Chemistry. She is the eldest of three;                             Kazmierczak is the
her family now resides in Kansas City, MO.                                  Raymond W. Freese
                                                                            fellow at the CRC. He
                           Rachel Leist concep-                             received his BS in
                         tualizes and designs                               Bacteriology at the
                         marketing and advertis-                            University of Wisconsin,
                         ing materials for the                              studying regulation of
                         CRC. She co-owns a                                 Vitamin B12 production
                         web and print design                               by Salmonella enterica
                         company called                                     (serovar Typhimurium)
                         MayeCreate Design and                              and interning at
                         has worked with the                                Upjohn Pharmaceuti-
                         CRC since 2004. She                                cals. He earned his MS
                         earned a BA in Business   and PhD in Microbio-logy from the University
                         and Professional          of Illinois, during which time he held an NIH
Communications from Central Methodist              Cell and Molecular Biology Training Grant fel-
University and is enrolled in the MBA program      lowship to research chronic viral infections. He
at Stephens College in Columbia. As a minis-       later studied at Washington University in St.
ter’s daughter, Rachel grew up all over. She       Louis. At the CRC, he is conducting research to
graduated from high school in Dexter, MO. Her      characterize and develop therapeutic
parents now live in Kearney, MO. She lives in      Salmonella enterica as a treatment for prostate
Jefferson City with Mike and their four dogs.      cancer.

                                                                 ANNUAL REPORT 2006                 3
2006 Donors by City
Alma, MO                    Blue Springs, MO               Shannon Reese                            California, MO
United Way Of Alma          Lynn Crewse                  William & Betty Richard                    C. Philip & Doris Butts
                            Boonville, MO                Chuck, Carensa & Megan                     Cameron, MO
Armstrong, MO
                            Don K. & Mary Frances Bail     Tophinke                                 Billie Goll
David & Nina Jordan
Marrietta Kinnamon          Gerald & Vickie Heisler      Bragg City, MO                             Bennie & Dolores Gordon
James & Rebecca Kurtz       John & Mary Hilden           Joe & Tommie Tidwell                       Doug & Debbie Hahn
                            Ernest L. Lammers            Braymer, MO                                Ruby Hargrave
Arnold, MO                  Mary Perrey                                                             Jack & Coleen Morgan
                                                         Duwayne & Vicki McBee
Carole Kirkpatrick          Ms. Cecil M. Yaeger                                                     Mike Scott
                                                         Breckenridge, MO                           Roy & Dawn Estes
Ashland, MO                 Bowling Green, MO
                                                         Barrie & Julie Bothwell
Carl & Lena Long            Elizabeth A Barton                                                      Canton, MO
Liselotte Nichols           Lillian Blackwell            Brunswick, MO                              Howard & Nora Stice
Harley & Clara Wright       Mr. & Mrs. Bob Cannon        Ralph & Marjorie Kennedy
                            Luther Gillum                                                           Carl Junction, MO
Auxvasse, MO                                             Cabool, MO                                 Douglas & Joyce Alewel
                            Retta Gladney
Patrick & Julia Horner                                   Ronald & Joan Haywood, Sr.
                            John & Bobbie Harris                                                    Centralia, MO
Joyce Moore
                            Mr. & Mrs. Glenn R. Lovell   Cairo, MO                                  Marjorie A. Bosworth
Mr. & Mrs. George Maroney
                            Ida Luebbers                 Cairo OES Chapter No. 180                  Mrs. Glen Bradley
Bellflower, MO              Bertha M. Marshall           Bill & Jean Cox                            Chance Foundation
William & Julia Peveler     Donald, Judy, Amanda &       Chuck & Loretta Hildreth                   Friends of Marlena Eikel

                                                                  We protect the roof over
        Congratulatons                                          your head and provide you
             to the                                                with Premier Service
    Cancer Research Center
                                                                               The Insurance Group
           44 YEARS                                                                It’s Your Family. Your Health. Your Business.

          in the fight                                                                                             Choose Well.

                                                                        28 North Eighth Street
        against cancer                                                 Guitar Building, Suite 200
                                                                       Columbia, Missouri 65201

                                                                  573-875-4800 • 800-752-3376
                                                           Fax 573-875-4514 •
                                                                    Allied         Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company
                                                                                   AMCO Insurance Company
       2105 Paris Road • (573) 474-9531                     A member of
                                                                                   Allied Property and Casualty Insurance Co.
                                                                                   Depositors Insurance Company
                                                                                                                                EQUAL HOUSING
                                                            Nationwide Insurance   701 5th Ave. • Des Moines, IA 50391-2000

                                     2006 Donors by City
Lois Fenton                   Brent & Mary Ann Turner      John Clark                     David & Carolyn Leuthold
Ray & Mary Lou Forsee         Dale & Tammy Davenport       Ken & Helen Clark              Mrs. Phyllis Lewis
William & Sonya Galloway                                   John C. Cleek, Sr.             Betty Littleton
                              Clark, MO
Phillip & Jill Gooding                                     Columbia Elks Lodge            Jess & Doris Lyons
                              Dorothea Barton
The Holiday Luncheon Club                                      No. 594                    David & Marcia Machens
                              New Hope Methodist
Helen March                                                Frank & Carla Conley           Caroline Maher
Gene & Vicky Marshall                                      Cosmos Luncheon                Paula, Don & Marylou
                              OES Clark Chapter No. 396
Bill Overfelt                                                  Community Funds               Mayse
                              Katherine Sharp
Meredith & Mary Reams                                      Robert & Lepha Crockett        Danny & Delores Melloway
                              Evelyn Davis
Don & Anna Ruth Rusch                                      Crockett Engineering           Mary A. Messey
Karl & Jeanne Shellabarger    Cole Camp, MO                    Consultants                Jim & Sabra Meyer
Sarah Stansbeary              John & Edna Mein             Jim & Alva Cunningham          Melvin & Susan Moore
Strother Neighbors Club                                    Lorry L. Dreier                Veta E Moyes
                              Columbia, MO
Mr. & Mrs. Chester Tidball                                 Joan DuBose                    Verna Murphy
                              Roger & Nancy Adrian
John & Dana Wade                                           Charles & Mary Dysart          Murray Brothers
                              Arnold Brothers
Mary Dell & Donald Young                                   Paul & Valerie Dysart          Brenda C. Nicholls
                              Alma Asbury
Chesterfield, MO              Larry & Marla Atterberry     Carol Eby                      Dale G. & Sharon A.
Jade Bute                     Terri Atterberry             Larry & Judith Edwards            Nicholls
Chesterfield Mall Walkers     Atterberry Auction &         Abe & Joan Eisenstark          Dan & Vanette Noll
Mrs. Sam Johns                   Realty Co.                Bill & Donna Elder             Dr. Virginia Norris
Robert Kortkamp               Virginia R. Baldwin          Nancy Toedebusch Fay           Greg & Laurie Norris
Georgia & Ron Lindsay         Dick & Mary Ann Barb         Carl & Betty Fenton            Beatrice Norton
Harry & Jean Pierce           Wanda Jean Barnes            Erma & Bob Frala               Mrs. Mary G. Oliver
Tony & Pat Vaiana             Vernon & Lela Barr           F.O.E. Aerie No. 2730          Sally Page
                              Claude Barton                Mrs. Ray Freese                Herman & Janet Page
Chillicothe, MO
                              Betty Baskett                La Verne Fulkerson             Erma Palmer
Roy & Freda Akerson
Chris & Amy Baker             Ardith Battershell           Mike & Nancy Gentzsch          Simone R. Parks
Timothy & Bonnie Bosler       Howard & Dorothy             Don & Barbara Gilpin           John & Jacqueline Pascucci
Donna Carter                     Baumgartner               Mrs. Robert N. Goodman         Terry & Erma Pauley
Oscar & Patricia Cooke        Mr. James C. Beckett         Mrs. Konnie Graham             Carol & Carthel Pendleton
Opal Drummond                 Jim L. Beckett               Grainger                       Mary Lou Perkins
Ron & Rosemary Eisaman        Harold V. Biellier           David & Sherry Griffin         Edward J. Petersheim
Donald & Mary Garrison        Charles & Karen Blackmore    Jill Gruenkemeyer              Fred & Doris Pistel
Jean Griesbach                Juanita Black-Morris         Elizabeth Ham                  Wayne & Linda Porath
Evelyn Griffith               Melinda Boice                Ed & Doris Hampton             Jim Reynolds & the Clark,
Home Improvement Service      Elger & Bennie Bolton        Sherri Hardt                      Sexton, West & Foulkes
Leman & Ruth Ann Marlay       Clifford & Agnes Boyd        Anne Himberger                    Families
William & Barbara McCoy       Mr. & Mrs. John V. Bozarth   Roberta Huffman                Martha Rhein
Walter & Ruth Miller             and Ray                   George W. Hulett               Margaret Richter
Toby & Warren Minnis          Mr. Raymond Brady            Audrey Irvin                   Mr. & Mrs. John William
Missouri Trade & Technical    Ernie & Cora Breedlove       Austin & Mary John                Ridge
   Assoc.                     Mr. & Mrs. Donald B.         Martha B. John                 Genie Banks Rogers
Darrell & Rose Pepper            Brooker                   Elizabeth Kennedy              Ms. Ann Louise Rogers
Erma Lee Pryor                Dr. & Mrs. Roger             Sandra Knight-Hatfield         Mr. & Mrs. Hartley Garrard
Stanley & D. Joanne Roberts      Bumgarner                 Corinne Koenig                    Banks Rogers and Family
Singles Together              Terry & Bessie Burnett       Gene & Fran Koepke             James L. Rogers
K. & C. Ware                  Farm Power Lawn &            Dr. & Mrs. Charles A. Kohler   Juno & Ilene Sapp
Ron & Mary Willis                Leisure                   Yvonne Kutz                    Bob Schattgen
Charles & Mary Zullig         Donna Burris                 Bryan & Dottie Leath           Terry & Barbara Schlemeier
Reid & Natalie Stephens       Mr. & Mrs. Jim Cherrington   Mr. & Mrs. Doug LeResche       John & Retha Schuder

                                                                             ANNUAL REPORT 2006                    5
2006 Donors by City
Columbia, continued        Mr. & Mrs. Joe Elliott      Gorin, MO                   Independence, MO
Bill & Jolene Schulz       Sheila Mansfield            Don D. Tague                William R. & Barbara Davis
Dan & Sandy Scotten        Don & Helen Frevert         Grandview, MO               Mark Southern
Darren Sebastian           George Frink                Pat Dominique               Thomas & Judith Taylor
Marilyn Selovich           Jerry & Michelle Hitsman                                Mrs. H.L. Vardiman
Ronald & Doris Shannon     Brenda Mansfield            Gravois Mills, MO
                                                       Bernard & Nancee Fritz      Jefferson City, MO
Shelter Insurance          Bonnie McCutcheon                                       Frank & Jean Crooks
   Companies               Jamie & Sarah Page          Green Castle, MO            Jeffery & Jennifer Isaacs
Bruce & Eunice M. Shrull   Norman & Mary Rohlfing      Ms. Maryland Long           MO State Employee
Marvin R. Sims             Patsy & John Schaefer                                      Charitable Campaign
                                                       Hale, MO
Alex Smith                 David & Wanda Teter                                     Mrs. Mary Sue Mueller
                                                       Hurricane Baptist Church
Mr. & Mrs. Billy Spry      Mark & Judith Thompson                                  Lucille Rackers
Thomas Stewart III &       Don & Barbara               Hallsville, MO
                                                                                   Alberta J. Meyer
   Cynthia Stewart            Winningham               William & Velma Crane
Sammy & Dee Stidham        Ben & Cecile Young          Cheryl, Cody & Jennifer     Jonesburg, MO
Mrs. Byron Stover                                         Hardin                   Mary Jones Eime
                           Festus, MO                                              Keith & Sharon Privett
Leo Teel                                               Clarence & Frances Jones
                           Shirley Ann Biere                                       Mr. & Mrs. Bill Taynor
Dudley & Nancy Trice                                   Harold & Betty Laroe
Helen C. Trice Trust       Florissant, MO              Alfred Lee                  Joplin, MO
Margaret Tyler             John J. Behlmann            Jackie Quick & Family       Dan & Dr. Linda Scorse
Margaret Woodruff          Fulton, MO                  Mary Sloan
                                                                                   Kansas City, MO
Helen Wulff                George M. Anderson          Jan Wilson
                                                                                   Billy & Connie Allison
Cowgill, MO                Ladies Aux. Patriarchs      Harrisburg, MO              Jerry & Margaret Baldwin
Norma L. Turner               Militant of Missouri,    Stidham Family Reunion      Bill Biggs
                              IOOF                                                 Glenn & Mary Bonner
Curryville, MO             Linda Christopher           Hartsburg, MO
Mrs. Ben Luebbers                                      Carol Stegeman              Ralph & Louise Cleaver
                           Loretta Gallatin                                        David & Marcia Devore
Defiance, MO               Georgia Haymart & the       Hazelwood, MO               Bill & Catherine Dye
John & Sharon Schultz         H&R Block Staff          Paul & Machiko Tanabe       David & Diane England
Eolia, MO                  Georgia & Darrel Haymart    Higbee, MO                  Oda & Connie Fankhauser
Mrs. Nina J. Finnerty      Cathy & Duane Haymart       Betty Andrews               Kathi Ford, Nelson Allen, &
                           Mrs. Robert Pasley          Dale & Carol Kirby             Virginia Ford
Edgerton, MO               Rance’s Carpet & Cabinets
Carol A. Riecker                                                                   Janice & Hubey Hall
                           Marnie Tutt                 Higginsville, MO
                                                                                   Linda M. Havener
Edwards, MO                                            Leland & Mary Lou Buckler
                           Gilliam, MO                                             Donna Joannes
Paul & Martha Yager                                    Scott & Lisa Buckler
                           Bill & Betty Meyer                                      Gerard & Marta Kaufmann
                                                       W. Dale Sherman
Elsberry, MO                                                                       Jean Maupin
                           Gladstone, MO               Max E. Tyler
Myrna Bailey                                                                       Dan & Carolyn Mayfield
                           Norma Adams                 High Ridge, MO
Mr. Warren Hare                                                                    Harold & Helen McDowell
                           Janice Blowers              OES-Grand Chapter of
Mary Ann Lovell                                                                    Marvin & JoAnn McIntosh
                           Jolyne Meyer                  Missouri
Emma, MO                                                                           Martha Mead
                           Audie & Judy Miller
United Fund of Emma                                    Houston, MO                 M.J & H.M Morris
                           Gertrude Odil
                                                       Bucyrus Community Club      Mary E. Narron
Faucett, MO                Charlene S. Sauceman
                                                                                   Michael & Jennifer Ort
Don & Janet Rokusek        Gregory P. Sauceman         Humphreys, MO
                                                                                   Rochelle Padilla
                                                       Humphreys Christian
Fayette, MO                Glasgow, MO                                             Lester Porter
Linda, James & Brad        Bill & Melody Daily                                     Charles & Erma Quador
                                                       Edison L. Raney
   Alexander               Mr. & Mrs. Virgil Renne                                 SBC Crew c/o John Pitts
Mildred Brand              Eldred & Marie Speiser      Huntsville, MO              Duane & Rose Ellen
Patricia Crowley           Charles & Marsha Yung       Mr. & Mrs. Elwyn Owings        Schnell

                                    2006 Donors by City
Cindy Skidmore               Mrs. A.G. McDannold        William & Betty Potts       Prarie Home, MO
The Jones Store              Mr. William Reed           Helen Shouse & the Dowell   Karen Mehrhoff
Mary Untersee                Daney & Barbara Robinson     & Christopher Families    Raymondville, MO
Walnut Manufacturing         Irene Steers               Mr. & Mrs. Louis Smithey    Barbara Beasley
Helen Ward                   Robert A. Wahl             Wailon & Vivian White
                                                                                    Raytown, MO
Raymond & Maxine             Jesse E. Woods             Moberly, MO                 Mrs. Delores Robinson
   Wiedemann                                            Peggy Hackley
                             Macon, MO                                              Rocheport, MO
John & Martha Younger                                   OES Jacksonville Chapter
                             P. Maloney                                             Gary & Fern James
Kingdom City, MO             Lois Palmer                  No. 170
                                                                                    Earl & Helen Malizia
Clifford & Mary Ann                                     W.D. Vasse
                             Madison, MO                                            Salisbury, MO
   Borgelt                                              Montgomery City, MO
                             Roger & Betty O’Bannon                                 Mr. & Mrs. Russell Buysse
La Grange, MO                                           Mrs. Bev Mohrman            William & Mardella
St. Peters Lutheran Social   Manchester, MO             Carl Porter
                             Doug & Danette Sauceman                                  Sweeney
                                                        Monticello, MO              Sedalia, MO
LaBelle, MO                  Marceline, MO              Bank of Monticello          Betty Longwith
OES LaBelle Chapter          Mrs. Dorothy M. Foley
                                                        New Franklin, MO            Mr. & Mrs. Dean Morton
  No. 316                    Marshall, MO                                           Fritz & Bessie Strodtman
                                                        John & Lil Beaman
Laddonia, MO                 Eugene Heinzler                                        United Way of
Jerry Eastwood               W. B. Young Co.            New Hartford, MO               Sedalia–Pettis Co.
                             Doris G. Whitlock          Hazel V. Worrell
Lake Lotawana, MO                                                                   Shelbina, MO
                             Marshfield, MO             New Haven, MO               Billy & Margie Kamp
James & Joanne Reese
                             Jay & Donna Foster         Mr. & Mrs. Al Borcherding
Lake Tapawingo, MO                                                                  Silex, MO
                                                        Norborne, MO                Mr. & Mrs. Bob Alloway
Kenneth & Jean Hornick       Marthasville, MO
                                                        Grace West                  Mr. & Mrs. George Roberts
Lamar, MO                    David & Denise Meyer
                             Vernie Porter              Odessa, MO                  Smithville, MO
Treva Moyer
                                                        Mrs. Katherine McClammer    Amy Brock
Lebanon, MO                  Martinsburg, MO
                                                        Olivette, MO                Marc & Deborah Sperry
Mr. & Mrs. James E.          Wm. L. Gastler
  Baldwin                                               Mr. & Mrs. John Woodson     Springfield, MO
                             Maryville, MO
                                                          Rogers                    Francis & Bobby Wood and
Lee’s Summit, MO             Jack & Gilda Otte
                                                        Osage Beach, MO                Family
Mildred Hoover               Mayview, MO
Russ & Barbara Webber                                   John & Juda Schell          St. Charles, MO
                             Gary & Donna Craig                                     Mrs. Melba Dosenbach
Liberty, MO                                             Osborn, MO
                             Meadville, MO              Mrs. Gordon Saunders        Howard & Louise Finke
Bill & Linda Gray                                                                   Robert Phelps
                             Wendell Holcer
Tim & Tina Parks                                        Owensville, MO
                             Mexico, MO                 Charles C. Ellis            St. James, MO
Licking, MO                                                                         Mr. & Mrs. John Atkin
Ed & Margaret Decker         Jim & Glenda Angel         Ozark, MO
                             Chuck & Betty Ball                                     Mr. & Mrs. Sidney Brown
Coy L. Rodgers                                          Ray & Patricia Haynes
                             James & Helen Doyle                                    Mary Lou Castleman
Lohman, MO                                              Paris, MO                   Mr. & Mrs. Rod Edwards
                             John & Carol Elder
Edith S. Hammann                                        Mildred Menefee             Mr. & Mrs. Richard Green
                             Emmett & Bonnie Erwin
                                                        Dale & June Morgan          Essie Hale
Louisiana, MO                Charles & Jean Gish
Betty Asquith                Richard & Sharon Henke     Perryville, MO              Mr. & Mrs. Aaron Hunter
Maggie Mae Burbridge         Karen Hoover               OES St. Mary Chapter        Moreland Sisters
Glenn & Helen Carr           Jerry & Darlene Isaacs       No. 338                   Mr. & Mrs. Danny Scheel
Anna Elder                   Carol Sue McDermit and     Platte City, MO             St. Joseph, MO
Wanda Lewellen                  Family                  Don & Louise Boller         Dr. & Mrs. Acuff
Doc & Mickey Madison         Anna Mae Payton            Linda McDowell              Patricia Curnutt

                                                                           ANNUAL REPORT 2006                   7
2006 Donors by City
St. Joseph, continued        Lawrence & Betty Wortman      Doris Thompson                Menominee, MI
Richard & Joyce Gresham      Wentzville, MO                Decatur, IL                   Mrs. Robert Kahl
Dale & Dora Hoerath          Mervyn D. & Lurie A. Freels   J. Thomas & Susan Kramer      Burnsville, MN
Donald & Paula Schultz       Donald & Marilyn                                            Jane McDevitt
Ed & Connie Vollmer                                        Delong, IL
                               Miramonti                   Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Easley     Sidney, OH
St. Louis, MO                Wheeling, MO                                                Raymond Dempsey Family
Norman R. Albert                                           Elgin, IL
                             Pauline Baldwin               Arvind & Rekha Shah           Tulsa, OK
Minnie C. Albert
Bill & Alice Bauer           Winona, MO                                                  Dan Solie
                                                           Monticello, IL
H.M. Boegeman Realty         Kenneth & Deloris Hiebert
                                                           Janet Nevling                 Portland, OR
   Company                   Killen, AL                                                  Mr. H.R. Denney
                                                           Naperville, IL
Joan Davis                   John & Lynn Ingwersen
                                                           Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Hilsenbeck   Saylorsburg, PA
Gary & Nancy Haberstroh      Mobile, AL                                                  John & Lucy Stanovick
Robert & Virginia Lane       Louise H. Stephens            Oak Brook, IL
Mrs. Bernice Vuichard                                      Lou Jean Simmons              Decatur, TX
                             Hot Springs, AR                                             Evan Kirkpatrick
St. Peters, MO               Jerry & Sherry Jones          Springfield, IL
Peggy Hall                                                 R.A. Silger                   Groves, TX
                             Phoenix, AZ                                                 Dixie Nixdorf
Thelma Hanley                                              Basehor, KS
                             Isabelle Gregoire
Scott & Lori Myers                                         Norman & Susan Guy            Hurst, TX
                             Julian & Bette Henriques
Stover, MO                                                                               Alice Colleen Rolens
                             Surprise, AZ                  Eudora, KS
Bill & Sue Albrecht                                        J.C Johnson & Family          Richmond, TX
                             Roy & Margaret Sims
Sturgeon, MO                                                                             Deborah Rader
                             Granite Bay, CA               Kansas City, KS
Mr. & Mrs. Arlin K.                                        Roger H. Buford               Trophy Club, TX
  Bloemker                   Mrs. Charles K. Kemper
                                                                                         Bill & Jeanne Pratt
June Current                 Arcadia, FL                   Leawood, KS
                                                           Mike & Julie McQueeny         Weslasco, TX
                             Regina Schau
Sumner, MO                                                 Michael M. Roberts            B.F. & Verda Wilson
Floyd & Vivian Thornsberry   Citrus Springs, FL
                                                           Lenexa, KS                    Mukilteo, WA
                             Karen Braun
Tina, MO                                                   Curtis Mansfield              Ruth Ann & David Nasby
Bruce Smalley                Jacksonville, FL
                             Karen Bowling                 Olathe, KS                    Port Ludlow, WA
Trenton, MO                                                Kristi L. Rinke               Mr. & Mrs. Charles
Charles & Marilyn Davidson   Mount Dora, FL                                                Baldwin, Jr.
                             Mrs. Peggie R. Halberstadt    Overland Park, KS
Rhoda & Teresa Oyler                                                                     Amery, WI
                                                           Sherman Dreiseszun
Trimble, MO                  Naples, FL                                                  Larry & Marlene Johnson
K.L. VanDyke                 Marvin S. Wood                Prairie Village, KS
                                                           Andrea Woolcott               Marshfield, WI
Troy, MO                     Orlando, FL                                                 John L. Bixby
Jim & Judy DeLorez           Cecile Fitzhugh               Shawnee, KS
                                                           Anthony & Vicki Miano         Neillsville, WI
Vandalia, MO                 St. Petersburg, FL                                          George & Darlene Bixby
                                                           Dean & Marian Montee
Mrs. Earlene Hopke           Mrs. Mary Ann Aselage
                                                           Bill & Joni Steele
Warrensburg, MO              Floris, IA                    Cara Kelly-Tickle
Russell & Louise Elsberry    Iola Blakley
                                                           Louisville, KY                   Thanks for
                             Ollie, IA                     Lindy B. Street
Webster Groves, MO
Bernadine Bishop             Robert & Iota Jensen          Mary Lou Wollard
                             Alton, IL
Mr. & Mrs. Troy Gordon
  and Family                 Paul & Carol Bouyea
                                                           Somerset, KY                     research at
                                                           Harold & Beatrice Sampson
Wellsville, MO               Bloomington, IL               Lunenburg, MA                     the CRC!
Joe Peery                    Leonard & Charlene Maupin     Janet Bumpus

                                         Gators in Columbia

                                                          Gator TX (4x2)
                                                               Courtesy of Farm Power
                                                                       Lawn & Leisure

                Congra r
                to win

  On October 14, 2006, two pigs and a gator
joined forces to beat cancer.
   Thanks to our generous supporters and
raffle participants, our John Deere Gator
Raffle was a huge success! The 250 people in
attendance feasted on an old-fashioned
Missouri barbecue and a good time was had
by all. Jim Cherrington won the Gator and
CRC raised more than $5,000.
  This event would not have been possible
without Farm Power Lawn & Leisure, Bruce
Wilson, Garry Banks, Joel Halley, and all our
generous raffle participants. Thanks for all
you do!

In the photo at right, Marnie Tutt (left) explains the
ground rules. Kathy Freese Weishaar (right) traveled
from Charlotte, NC, to draw the winning ticket.

                                                         ANNUAL REPORT 2006         9
O.E.S. Appreciation
          orthy Grand Matron Alice Williams
          and husband Ralph from Lake
          Ozark, along with Worthy Grand
Patron Elmer Dixon and wife Ruthann from
Shelbina, are pictured with Marnie Tutt after
a luncheon July 7, 2006, at the Cancer
Research Center (CRC). After lunch the CRC
staff presented a short program on our con-
tinuing efforts to fight cancer. The staff
gave our distinguished visitors a tour of the
laboratory and discussed the results of
efforts to develop a Salmonella bacteria           Order of the Eastern Star officers and their spouses
which will kill PC-3 (prostate cancer cell line)   surround Cancer Research Center’s Administrative
cells. This very promising area of research        Director, Marnie Tutt (in red). Clockwise from lower
has great potential to treat not only              left: W.G.M. Alice Williams, Ralph Williams, Ruthann
                                                   Dixon, W.G.P. Elmer Dixon.
prostate cancer but other types as well.
   The Order of the Eastern Star is the largest    of the organization as it affects others is the
fraternal organization in the world to which       millions of dollars that have been raised
both men and women may belong.                     within the membership to support national,
Worldwide, there are approximately one             jurisdictional, and local charities. Through
million members under the General Grand            this fraternal service to humanity, the Order
Chapter.                                           strives to build a better life for all.
   While this is an order composed of people          In this spirit of service to humanity, the
of deep spiritual convictions, it is open to all   Order of the Eastern Star donated a check
faiths, except no faith. The personal welfare      for more than $25,000 to the Cancer
of members is vital to all of those in the         Research Center. The check was presented
Eastern Star and it is considered a privilege      at the 2006 Jim Kidwell Memorial Gala.
to help another member whenever they can.          Please see a picture of the presentation on
   Concrete evidence of the charitable nature      page 40.

            CANCER FACT
      Cancer can occur at any age.
  Since incidence rises with age, however,
  most cases affect adults in midlife or
  beyond. Among children ages 1–14 years,
  cancer causes more deaths in the United
  States than any other disease. Join CRC in
  our fight against cancer by remembering a
  loved one with a donation this year.

                                       Pamela Dunn Legacy
    DISTINGUISHED                  Kansas City Life Insurance Co.         ADVOCATES                Boone Central Title Co.
       FELLOW                      Lexington United Campaign        A.B. Chance Company            Boone County National Bank
                                      Fund                          Norman R. Albert               Mr. & Mrs. John V. Bozarth
OES-Grand Chapter of
                                   Montgomery Area United Way       Barry Barkley                     and Ray
                                   Brenda C. Nicholls               BCNB Trust Department          Karen Braun
F.O.E. Grand Aerie
                                   Dale G. & Sharon A. Nicholls     Jim Beckett                    Robert & Janice Bross
                                   Polk Township Charity Drive      Mr. Raymond Brady              Bull Pen Annual Softball
      FELLOWSHIP                   Coy L. Rodgers                   Mr. & Mrs. Jim Cherrington        Game
J. B. Reynolds Foundation          Mary Ann Smith Estate            Columbia Auto Parts Co.        John C. Cleek, Sr.
                                   Mary M. Stuart Estate            Sue Dalton                     Jim Thurmond Cooper
    CENTURY CLUB                   United Fund of Emma              Mr. & Mrs. Woodrow W. Dunn     Martha Cooper
                                   United Fund of Odessa            Miriam A. Edmonston            Joyce Cunningham
Della Breid Estate
                                   United Way Of Alma               First National Bank & Trust    Evelyne A. Davis
Shirley E. Distler Estate
                                   Area Wide United Way                Company                     Jackie Dennis
Alma Duncan Estate
                                   United Way of Cuivre             Helen Gordon Trust Fund        Harold Duncan
A.P. & J.B. Green Foundation
                                      Township                      Donald, Ricky & Barbara        Mr. & Mrs. Ray W. Dunn
Jefferson City Area United Way
                                   United Way of Mexico Area           Green                       Howard & Lucy Eiffert
Selma Klein Trust
                                   United Way of Nodaway            Heart of America United Way    F.O.E. Ladies Auxiliary
Leona Schotte Street Estate
                                      County                        Mrs. Wesley Hill                  No. 2693
United Way Of Columbia
                                   United Way of Webb City          Humphreys Christian Church     F.O.E. Ladies Auxiliary
United Way of Higginsville
                                   Russell Walton Estate            Theresa Jones                     No. 2730
United Way of Randolph Co.
                                                                    Kermit Kneubuhler              Nancy Toedebusch Fay
United Way of Sedalia-Pettis Co.
                                                                    Wanda Lewellen                 Bessie A. Foster
                                      HALL OF HONOR                 Louse House Pig Roasters       F.O.E. Aerie No.
     BENEFACTORS                   A & B Prescription Shop          Adolf Philip Miller               2693–Jefferson City
Olive B. Curran Estate             Raymond H. Arnold Estate         Missouri Grand Assn. Intl      Frank H. Fristoe, Jr.
Lorraine Dowdy                     Mrs. Nancy Banks                    Order of Rainbow/Grand      Dr. Bill Fuchs
Dr. Ernest M. Funk                 Genevieve R. Byrne                  Cross of Color              Bonnie Funk
Glasgow Community United           Chance Foundation                Modern Mothers Club            Valorie H. Gordon
   Fund                            Cosmos Luncheon                  Dr. Virginia Norris            Mr. & Mrs. V. E. Grimes, Jr.
Kennett United Fund                   Community Funds               John F. Patton III             H.M. Boegeman Realty
MO State Employee Charitable       Rey Eilers                       Vaona Peck                        Company
   Campaign                        Fraternal Order of Eagles–MO     Roger T. Ray                   Edith S. Hammann
Mary V. Sabin Estate                  Aux.                          Sam’s Club                     Cleda A. Hanneman
Forrest & Leda Sears Trust         F.O.E. Aerie No. 2730–Columbia   Patsy & John Schaefer          Lucy L. Harris
United Way of Barton County        Mrs. Ray Freese                  Shelter Insurance Foundation   Rebecca Harrison
United Way of Buffalo              Joseph B. Fueglein               Mr. & Mrs. William Stewart     Fred V. & Dorothy H. Heinkel
   Township                        Family/Friends of Gerald         Ruth Tekotte                   Virginia Higdon
United Way of Callaway                Gentry                        Mr. & Mrs. H. Hall Trice       Leta M. Hildebrand
   County                          Bang-Orn Gira, M.D.              Trinity Evangelical Lutheran   Family of Charles Hofheins
United Way of Centralia            Greater St. Louis Combined       United Way of Southwest        Mr. & Mrs. M. L. Holdeman
VFW Dept. of Missouri                 Federal Campaign                 Missouri                    George W. Hulett
WCCP Auxiliaries                   Greek Week Committee–UMC         Audrey J. Walton Charitable    Lula Kay
                                   Georgia & Ron Lindsay               Trust                       Ernest L. Lammers
                                   Ruth Ann & David Nasby           Don & Nellie Wilhite           Linn State Bank
        BUILDERS                   O.E.S. 1963 Retirement Fund                                     The Holiday Luncheon Club
Mrs. Hartley G. Banks, Sr.         Parker B. Francis Foundation                                    R. E. Lucas, Jr.
Ruby J. Cline Trust                Edward J. Petersheim                    SPONSORS                Joyce Luntsford
Commerce Foundation                Stella Piper                     Albert Buick-Honda             David & Marcia Machens
Concordia United Funds             Iva Lee Richards                 Grace H. Allardice Estate      Mrs. Joe Marlow, Sr.
Abe & Joan Eisenstark              Berna Deane Rist                 Mr. & Mrs. Charles Baldwin,    Marie M. Mead
Homer & Lilburn Feit Trust         The Insurance Group                 Jr.                         Meadville Coyote Association
Mr. & Mrs. Reginald J.             United Way of Pleasant Hill      Mr. & Mrs. James E. Baldwin    Jim & Sabra Meyer
   Hartung Trust                   United Way of Vernon County      Pauline Baldwin                Mid-City Lumber & Supply
Ross Heady Estate                  Robert A. Wahl                   Ralph & Laura Baumgartner      Mary F. Miller Estate
Henry Co. United Way, Inc.         Phillip Zech                     Wayne Behymer Trust            John E. Moentmann

                                                                                      ANNUAL REPORT 2006                     11
Pamela Dunn Legacy
Mrs. Kenneth Morrow              Clara Branham Estate           Lucille J. Leverett             Mike Teel–Mid-City Lumber
Treva Moyer                      Jerry & Shirley Brauer         Lewis County Cancer             Kay & Dick Thomson
Veta E Moyes                     Cashier Retirees UMC               Research                    Shirley Transue
Mr. & Mrs. Henry C. Niles, III   Mr. & Mrs. Donald B. Brooker   Mr. & Mrs. George Liggett       Bill & Shirley Troth
OES 1963 Rosette Club            Bucyrus Community Club         Mr. & Mrs. James R. Linville    Mr. & Mrs. Gene Truesdell
OES Clark Chapter No. 396        Clarence & Thelma Buttman      Herbert F. Lionberger           United States Tobacco Co.
Ozark National Life Insurance    Muriel E. Byers                Betty Littleton                 Luetta D. Vardiman
John & Jacqueline Pascucci       Glenn & Helen Carr             Mary Ann Lovell                 Esther Y. Voigt
Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence S.           Mrs. John Casebeer             Mrs. Gwen Lucas                 Wappapello Eagles No. 4066
    Poyser                       Marilyn Chick                  Mrs. Ben Luebbers                   Past Presidents Club
Genie Banks Rogers               F.N. & June Colvin             Mikel & Sharon Lynch            Jack Ware
Gladys Roth                      James B. Cook                  Mary B. Lynn                    Jane Weitkemper
Lois Rulon                       Bill & Jean Cox                Jean Lyons                      Mrs. Walter White, Jr.
John & Juda Schell               Crockett Engineering           Claude & Orpha Maxwell          Mr. & Mrs. Bryan Williamson
Silvey Corporation                   Consultants                Jane McDevitt                   Dulane & John Wohlman
Mrs. Mary Frances Sneed          Frank & Jean Crooks            Dr. John E. McEntire            Wright Funeral Home, Inc.
Sue Robherds                     Mr. & Mrs. Don S. Crow         Alberta J. Meyer                Ms. Cecil M. Yaeger
Chapter Grand Cross of Color     Delta Upsilon–UMC              Millersburg Friends             Paul & Martha Yager
    KS                           Mr. & Mrs. Jay B. Dillingham   Ruby C. Montgomery              Charles & Marsha Yung
Louise H. Stephens               Alice Donaldson                Mrs. Charles Morris, Jr.
Dr. & Mrs. J. C. Tinsley, Jr.    Charles & Mary Dysart          Vivian M. Morris
Evangeline Tribble Estate        Ervin Eccles                   Mrs. Roger Motley                      MEMBERS
Dudley & Nancy Trice             Emerson Electric Company       Nauser Beverage Company         Roger & Nancy Adrian
Helen C. Trice Trust             Mildred & Calvin Emery         OES Jacksonville Chapter        Edna Adwell
Virginia Frances Truesdell       Wilbur & Nola Lee Enns             No. 170                     Minnie C. Albert
Wanda Truesdell                  F.O.E., District 3             OES Nightingale Chapter         Douglas & Joyce Alewel
Avis G. Tucker                   John & Susan Finley                No. 117                     Art & Doris Allen
Marnie Tutt                      Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Fisher       Scott & Cheryl Orr              David & Sherry Allen
Max E. Tyler                     Florence Frame Estate          Jack & Gilda Otte               Mr. & Mrs. Bob Alloway
V.F.W. Auxiliary Post 280        Ann Irene Fowle                Bill Overfelt                   George M. Anderson
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Ware              Friends of Dale R. Wood        Charles & Hazel Payne           Mr. & Mrs. Walter Angel
Willard C. Warford               Mary Ellen Frost               Hazel F. Pennington             George & Mary Alice Anglen
Grace West                       La Verne Fulkerson             Pioneer Window Works            Mr. & Mrs. Ron Anthony
Mary K. Whiteaker                Loretta Gallatin               Janice Plowman                  Jeannie Anthony
Mr. & Mrs. W.C. Whitlow          Virgil & Pauline Gargus        T. G. & Mary E. Powell          Lola Asbury
Barbara Williams                 Mr. & Mrs. W. F. Gerard        Erma Lee Pryor                  Sammie & Beverly Asbury
Maxine F. Woodward               Jewel Glasscock                Edison L. Raney                 Mrs. Mary Ann Aselage
Zeta Tau Alpha–Alpha Psi         Glenwood Garden Club           Donald & Blair Reid             Betty Asquith
    Chapter                      Richard & Elizabeth Golden     Santa Fe Friends                Athens Rebekah Lodge
                                 Grainger                       Mrs. F.S. Sappington               No. 383
                                 Marvin E. Graupman             John & Retha Schuder            The Atkins Family
         PATRONS                 Mrs. Carl Griggs               Hazel F. Schwabe                Mrs. Donald Ausburn
Burleigh Arnold                  John & Bobbie Harris           Dan & Sandy Scotten             Mary Hubbell Avery
Tom & Linda Atkins               Charles L. (Sam) Harrison      Mr. William Sheppard, Sr.       Mary & Vernie Ayers
Vernie & Mary Ayres              Georgia & Darrel Haymart       Mr. & Mrs. William Sheppard,    Joe & Elizabeth Backes
Virginia R. Baldwin              Anne Himberger                     Jr.                         Margaret Bahr
Howard & Dorothy                 Ethel Hook                     W. Dale Sherman                 Don K. & Mary Frances Bail
   Baumgartner                   Clara Hudson                   Alex Smith                      Myrna Bailey
Barbara Beasley                  John & Lynn Ingwersen          Social Order of the Beauceant   Mr. & Mrs. James R. Baldwin
Mr. James C. Beckett             Bernard & Audrey Irvin         Eunice Lacina Soper             Bank of Monticello
L. Ruth Benson                   Joe Machens Ford-Toyota        Flossie Sparks                  Mr. Garry Banks
Bethel United Church Of          Leta Kidwell                   Walter G. Staley                Dick & Mary Ann Barb
   Christ                        Corinne Koenig                 Carol Stegeman                  Ralph A. Barger
Boone County Lumber              Dr. & Mrs. Charles A. Kohler   Howard & Nora Stice             Helen Barnicle
   Company                       David & Carolyn Leuthold       Lillian Sutor                   Vernon & Lela Barr
Clifford & Mary Ann Borgelt      Betty O. Leverett              William & Mardella Sweeney      Claude Barton

                                       Pamela Dunn Legacy
Dorothea Barton                    Brown, Wright, Willbrand &     Charles & Maribelle Cohea      Lorry L. Dreier
Elizabeth A Barton                    Simon                       Margaret Cole                  Mr. & Mrs. James B. Droege
Betty Baskett                      Mack & June Brushwood          Mrs. Martha Collins            Bill & Shirley Drummond
Bill & Alice Bauer                 Mr. & Mrs. Orville Buckman     Gary & Judy Colliver           Joan DuBose
John & Lil Beaman                  Mr. & Mrs. Richard Buechler    Columbia Elks Lodge No. 594    Genevieve W. Dulle
Mildred Beane                      Peggy Buescher                 Columbia Ready Mix, Inc.       Polly Dunajcik
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Beckett          Dr. & Mrs. Roger Bumgarner     Frank & Carla Conley           Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Duncan
John J. Behlmann                   Laura Bunten                   Louise Copenhaver              Mrs. Emmett Dunstan
Merle Belcher                      Maggie Mae Burbridge           Mary M. Copher                 Mary Dysart
J.E. & Mathilde Berkley            Allan B. Burdick               Roseleen Corder                Mrs. Aurevia Eaton
Mary Ellen Bertram                 Frank Burkett                  Geraldine Corley               Mary Jones Eime
Margie Bevard                      Zetta Burks                    Monika & Tommie Coureton       Anna Elder
Harold V. Biellier                 Nancy Burnett                  Bruce & Yvonne Courtney        Bill & Donna Elder
Shirley Ann Biere                  Terry & Bessie Burnett         Mr. & Mrs. William J. Cragin   Lena Elder
Sam Bishop                         Farm Power Lawn & Leisure      Julia & Charles Cramer         Jo Ann Ellett
Betty Black & Frank Burkett        Mary M. Cahall                 Anna Cranor & Craig Gladney    Mr. & Mrs. E.G. Elliott, Jr.
Lester & Wilma Blackshaw           William Caine                  Mr. & Mrs. John Crary          Charles C. Ellis
Lillian Blackwell                  Karin & Matt Candrl            Mr. & Mrs. Fred M. Crawford    Mrs. Janice Ellis
Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Blaue            Mrs. JoAnn Cannon              Willadiane Crist               Joan Ellis
Mr. & Mrs. Arlin K. Bloemker       Mrs. Thelma Carnell            Mary Lou Crockett              Russell & Louise Elsberry
Bob’s Car Wash                     Betty Carpenter                Helen Crumpley                 Wanda Elston
Jean Bocklitz                      Mr. Cleo Carpenter             Judith A. Cunningham           Ruth Elzea
Melinda Boice                      Betty Arnold Casteel           Jim & Alva Cunningham          Hazel Engel
Lois Bojanowski                    Wallace & Betty Casteel        Pearlleta Cunningham           Rebecca Enochs
Mr. & Mrs. Gene Bottemuller        Champ Clark Memorial           June Current                   Frank & Jackie Erard
Paul & Carol Bouyea                   Post 5553                   Dorothy Davis                  Frances A. Estabrooks
Walter R. & Judy Bowles            Charlie’s Quik Chek            Evelyn Davis                   Ann Heidy
Wilma Bowls                        Mr. & Mrs. Paul B. Cheavens    William R. & Barbara Davis     Farmington Bowling Assn.
Clifford & Agnes Boyd              M.L. Cherrington               Ed & Margaret Decker           Mrs. Patty Farnham
Nova Brackenridge                  Mr. & Mrs. W.C. Cherrington    David & Mariam Decker          Don & Lou Farris
Mrs. Glen Bradley                  Helen Chester                  Jim & Judy DeLorez             Norma P. Fehrle
Ernie & Cora Breedlove             Dorothy Chilson                Raymond Dempsey Family         Mrs. Velma Fehrle
Harold Breimyer                    Les & Dorothy Chrisman         Mr. H.R. Denney                Turley Fenical
James W. Bright                    Virginia Christian             Mr. & Mrs. C.W. Digges, Sr.    Mary Fennewald
Family of Jacquelene Brooks        Mrs. Edith Christman           Darlene Dodd                   Lois Fenton
Mr. & Mrs. Charles B. Brown        Mr. & Mrs. Everly Clark, Jr.   Pat Dominique                  Carl & Betty Fenton
Edna Brown                         John Clark                     Orene Donnell                  Willie & Annie Marie
Mary Lou Brown                     Ken & Helen Clark              Mrs. Delores Dorman                Fiegenbaum
Sherman & Madge Brown              Mr. & Mrs. Bill Clemens        Phyllis Dowell                 Mrs. Nina J. Finnerty
Ruth E. Brown                      Mr. & Mrs. Fred Coats          Downtown Optimist Club         Barbara F. Fischer

  Partnership for Survival

                                                                                    ANNUAL REPORT 2006                      13
Pamela Dunn Legacy
Carol L. Fisher                Mabel Goodpasture                 Mr. & Mrs. Noble Hawkins      Barbara R. Janke Bedingfield
Robert & Shirley Flake         Mrs. Robbie Gordon                Dennis Haymart                Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Jenkins
Terrence & Bronna Flanagan     Mr. & Mrs. Troy Gordon &          Cathy & Duane Haymart         Pauline Jennings
Mrs. Dorothy M. Foley              Family                        Ronald & Joan Haywood, Sr.    Austin & Mary John
Foley Construction             Dorothy J. Gordy                  Mary E. Heathman              Martha B. John
Dorothy Forbes                 Geraldine Gore                    Arleta Hedges                 Mrs. Sam Johns
James & Natalee A. Forward     Wilma & Ray Grace                 Urai S. Heding                Deloris Johnson
Marilyn Fountain               Eidel Altman Gramlich             Roxie Renner                  Mary M. Johnson
Erma & Bob Frala               Winfred & Victoria Groff          Eugene Heinzler               R.D. & Marguerite Johnson
Jane Marie Frank               Mr. & Mrs. Art Grossglauser       Gerald & Vickie Heisler       Wilma Johnson
Elmer & Mary Frank             Mrs. Angie Grote                  Doris Hemphill                Mrs. A. H. Jones
Harry & Rose Franken           Jill Gruenkemeyer                 Ted & Joyce Hesse             Mrs. Izola Jones
Mervyn D. & Lurie A. Freels    Mary Jane Grundler                Hickman H.S. Class of 1952    Gladys Jones
Friends of the Community       Clara Guilford                    Kenneth & Deloris Hiebert     Arlen & Carol Juergens
Laura Mae Frising              Lois Guilford                     Mary Hildebrandt              Mrs. Robert Kahl
Bob & Harriet Frost            Jane Ann Hackett                  Chuck & Loretta Hildreth      Billy & Margie Kamp
Mary Frances Fulkerson         Margaret Ann Haddix               Mr. & Mrs. Richard Hill       Mr. & Mrs. A.E. Keeton
Mrs. Genevieve Gallihugh       Dale & Dottie Haddix              Anna Mae Hillsman             Mike B. Keim, Jr
Almeda Galloway & Family       Marcella Haerle                   Gertrude Hines                Jackie & Dave Keller
Edna Gamm                      Melva S. Hagan                    Mrs. Emil Hirschman           Mrs. Stanley Kelley
Vernon & Joyce Gamm            Mr. & Mrs. Cyril Hagedorn         Dorothy Hitzeroth             Beverly Kelliker
Marvin & Ann Garrett           Mary Rose Hagedorn                Jack Hoepf                    Ralph & Marjorie Kennedy
Robert & Georgia Garrett       Alice Hahn                        Juanita Hoeppner              Elizabeth Kennedy
Jo Gaston                      Fred & Jerre Hahn                 Wendell Holcer                Irvine Kerr, Jr.
Mrs. Wayne Gaw                 Jeff & Jenny Hallam               Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Holland      Ruth B. Kersey
Leo George                     Sam Hamilton                      Mrs. Earlene Hopke            Dale Ketcham Associates
Daisy Gilley                   Ed & Doris Hampton                Joe & Shirley Horacek         Josephine V. Keyton
Gilliam Friends                Mr. Warren Hare                   Jerry & Willene Hubbard       Professor Elmer Kiehl
Elizabeth Gillum               Dorothy Harlan                    Linda & James Hubin           Ruth A. Kimbrough
Retta Gladney                  Carol Harlow                      Dick & Liane Huckfeldt        Lawrence & Sandra Kipping
Barrett L. Glascock            Floyd & Winifred Harmston         Henry A. Hueffner             Delmar & Patsy Kissiar
Mrs. Gary Glaser               Dora Wells Harness                Bob & Nada Hunt               Margaret Klug
Margaret & Anne Glasgow        Lowell & Maurine Harness          John William Hussey           Sandra Knight-Hatfield
Martha Golden                  Jim & Donna Harrison              Kenneth & Helen Huth          Harold Knox
Billie Goll                    Harrison Farm Women’s Club        Garrell Iddings               John Knox
Mrs. Mary M. Gooch             Harwood Royal Neighbors of        Audrey Irvin                  Leona & Virgil Koch
Beatrice Goodin                    America                       Harriet Irwin                 Gene & Fran Koepke
Mr. & Mrs. Ervin N. Goodman    Hatton Ladies Community           Dorothy M. Jacob              Robert L. Kolks
Mr. & Mrs. James Goodman           Club                          Everett & Lucille Jacobs      Mr. & Mrs. J. Warren Kuntz
Mrs. Robert N. Goodman         David & Rhoda Lee Hawkins         Kenneth & Betty Jaeger        Mr. & Mrs. Don Kurtz

                                            BOONE COUNTY MILLWORK
                                             BOONE COUNTY LUMBER
                                                        are proud
                                                      to support the
                                               Cancer Research Center
                                                       of Columbia           “Cancer is a word, not a sentence.”
                                                  ~ John Diamond, Journalist

                                   Pamela Dunn Legacy
Phyllis Kurtz                  J. H. & Lois Long                Robert & Darlene McCown       Mrs. Louise Niekamp
B.K. & Verna Kurtz             Almyrta Faye Long                Bill & Jo Ann McCray          Clara Niemeyer
Robert Kvam                    Ms. Maryland Long                Mrs. A.G. McDannold           Dixie Nixdorf
Lady Elks Auxiliary No. 2075   Betty Longwith                   Goldie McGlasson              O.E.S. Schell City Chapter
Ben & Dorothy Lamb             Mr. & Mrs. Glenn R. Lovell       Robert & Pat McGrath              No. 253
Anthony W. Lampe               Eugenia Lovell                   Thomas & Judith McKenney      Gertrude Odil
Don Lance                      Ida Luebbers                     Frances McKinstry             OES Josepha Chapter No. 63
Ralph & Connie Lander          Francis & Mary Luke              Tim & Leanne McKnight         OES LaBelle Chapter No. 316
Mrs. Verne Leach               Mr. & Mrs. Orma E. Mackey, Jr.   Georgia McLean                OES Naomi Chapter No. 296
Frances E. Lees                Doc & Mickey Madison             Joyce J. McRoberts            OES Paris Chapter No. 216
Goldie LeFevre                 Ken & Betty Madlin               Karen Mehrhoff                OES St. Marys Chapter
Wayne Leistritz                Marilyn J. Magley                John & Edna Mein                  No. 338
Mr. & Mrs. Doug LeResche       Earl & Helen Malizia             Frank Meizler                 District Club of the Leaves &
Fred & Jean Lewis              Dr. & Mrs. Roy Manning           Marvin & Wanda Melton             Trees of ’93
Mr. & Mrs. John Lewis          Marberry, Miller & Bales         Mildred Menefee               Kate V. Ogden
Mrs. Phyllis Lewis             Helen March                      Mr. & Mrs. Myrl Messer        Mrs. Mary G. Oliver
Ms. Willa Liggin               Mr. & Mrs. George Maroney        Mary A. Messey                Fern O’Malley
Agnes Lindsey                  Dorsey Martin                    Mr. & Mrs. James D.           Shirley Ott
Paul Lineberry                 Mary A. Martin                       Messinger                 Bob & Helen Ousley
Freda A. Link                  Norene Martin                    Helen Meythaler               Evelyn Owings
Bonnie & Orville Livingston    Jean Maupin                      David Miles                   Mrs. Charles Padgett
L. M. & Marguerite Lohman      Family of Helen & Clinton        John & Mildred Miller         Sally Page
Mrs. Edmond S. Long               McClary                       Catherine Miller              Herman & Janet Page
                                                                Thelma Miller                 Bill & Ruth Painter
                                                                Lena Miller                   Emma Palmer
                                                                Raymond & Betty Miller        Jeanetta J. Palmer
                                                                Raymond & Katherine Miller    Lois Palmer
    “There are no                                               Mrs. Vernon Milne
                                                                Irene Minnick
                                                                                              Ray Pargeon
                                                                                              Simone R. Parks
    such things as                                              Marguerite Mitchel
                                                                Melody & Tom Mitchell
                                                                                              Marjorie Partridge
                                                                                              Mrs. Robert Pasley
                                                                Mr. & Mrs. Hubert W. Moehle   N. Gentry & Alberta Patterson
      incurables;                                               Mrs. Bev Mohrman
                                                                M. M. Montgomery
                                                                                              Mr. & Mrs. Sam L. Paul
                                                                                              Mrs. Pat R. Paxton
    there are only                                              Mrs. Lillie Moore & family
                                                                Melvin & Susan Moore
                                                                                              James P. Payne
                                                                                              Anna Mae Payton
                                                                Aimee Nott Moore              Robert & Janece Peabody
       things for                                               Willard Moreau
                                                                Fay Morgan
                                                                                              Joe Peery
                                                                                              Iola Pemberton

    which man has                                               Dale & June Morgan
                                                                Mrs. Adalene Morris
                                                                                              Gene & Charlotte Perry &
                                                                                                  Debra Glover
                                                                Mary Ann Morris               William & Julia Peveler
       not found                                                Norma Morris
                                                                Mrs. Carlisle Morrison
                                                                                              June Pfefer
                                                                                              Robert E. Phelps

        a cure.”                                                Lucille Motley-Bishop
                                                                Max & Betty Moyer
                                                                                              Patricia Piekas
                                                                                              Mr. & Mrs. David Pierson
                                                                Mrs. Mary Sue Mueller         Mr. & Mrs. Edgar Pietzschke
     – Bernard M. Baruch                                        Ed & Jean Muff                Mr. & Mrs. Peter Pihana
                                                                Mary E. Narron                Fred & Doris Pistel
                                                                Irene Neale                   Pleasant Dale Club
                                                                Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Nelson       William H. Plott
                                                                New Hope Methodist Church     Ronald & Barbara Pohlman
                                                                Betty Newland                 Wayne & Linda Porath
                                                                Mrs. Derby Nichols            Hattie Porter
                                  Mr. & Mrs. J. M. Nichols      Richard & Janet Porter
                                                                Liselotte Nichols             Shirley & Frank Potter

                                                                                 ANNUAL REPORT 2006                      15
Pamela Dunn Legacy
William & Betty Potts          Mr. & Mrs. Donald H.                John & Lucy Stanovick           Mrs. Bernice Vuichard
Mr. & Mrs. Earl L. Proctor        Schlemmer                        Irene Steers                    Lola M. Waddell
Charles & Mary Proffitt        Mr. & Mrs. Albert Schmid            Mrs. Edna Steffens              Barney Wainscott
Bernice Prost                  Mr. & Mrs. John F. Schmitt          Mrs. Edward Steiman             Anna L. Walker
David & Elizabeth Pruett       Raymond Schooler                    Mr. & Mrs. S. C. Steinberg      Wayne & Linda Walker
Katherine Purk                 Emil & Judy Schulte                 Robert & Ruth Stevens           Mrs. B. D. Walters
Velma Quade                    John & Sharon Schultz               Thomas Stewart III & Cynthia    Phil & Judy Walters
Mrs. Woodrow Rader             Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Schwartz               Stewart                     Dorothy M. Walton
Myrtle & Billy Rapp            Dan & Dr. Linda Scorse              Howard & Nora Stice             Jean Watson
Mrs. John H. Rasse             Bob & Eva Scott                     Mrs. Byron Stover               Richard & Joan Lee Watson
Mr. William Reed               Dr. & Mrs. John E. Scott            Jean Stringer                   Mrs. Louis G. Weathers
Susan Reed                     Mr. & Mrs. Russell Scott            Mr. Charles P. Strom            Robert T. & Viola M. Weis
Bernadine Renne                Wilbur & Catherine Scott            Strother Neighbors Club         Mrs. Claudia Wells
Mr. & Mrs. Virgil Renne        Scottish Rite Lodge of Perfection   Paul D. Sturgeon                Lois Anne Welsh
Gerlee Reynolds & Family       Jane Scrogin                        Jerry Sudbrock                  David E. Wendell
Dr. & Mrs. V. James Rhodes     Charles & Patty Sebastian           Mr. & Mrs. Frank Swisher-Biz    Ernest & Vivian Weston
Dan & Norma Rice               Darren Sebastian                    Don D. Tague                    We-Tu Club
William & Betty Richard        Charles & Marjorie Selbach          Clay & Marilyn Taliaferro       Betty Whalen
William N. & Ruby Riggs        Gretchen Shackelford                Herb & Terry Taylor             O.V. & Ginger Wheeler
Mr. & Mrs. George Roberts      Mark & Linda Shade                  Jean & Louise Taylor            Alton & June Whetsell
Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Roberts     Marceline Shamberger                Mr. & Mrs. Bill Taynor          Doris G. Whitlock
Daney & Barbara Robinson       Mr. & Mrs. Larry E. Shaner          TCI Southeast Inc.              Patsy & Robert Whittenburg
Mrs. Delores Robinson          Ronald & Doris Shannon              The Teague Family               Mr. & Mrs. Homer Wille
LeRoy Robinson & Family        Katherine Sharp                     Leo Teel                        Mrs. Ruth Willett
Gertrude Roebuck               Mr. & Mrs. Robert Shaw              David & Wanda Teter             Beverly Williams
Ms. Ann Louise Rogers          Patti Sheets                        John & Kay Tevis                Bernice L. Williamson
Mr. & Mrs. Hartley Garrard     Janet Shelby                        Gary & Sharon Thoma             Bessie E. Wilson
    Banks Rogers and Family    Shelter Insurance Companies         Mr. & Mrs. Earnest Thomas       Mary A. Wilson
James L. Rogers                James E. & Ellen J. Shipp           Mr. & Mrs. Melvin Thomas        Mrs. L. E. Wilson
Mr. & Mrs. John Woodson        Bruce & Eunice M. Shrull            Mildred Thomas                  Vicky & Willy Wilson
    Rogers                     R.A. Silger                         Floyd & Vivian Thornsberry      Jan Wilson
Eileen Rohr                    Mildred K. Simhiser                 Joe & Tommie Tidwell            Robert Wilson
Lashley & Joyce Rohrbach       Lou Jean Simmons                    Joanna Todd                     Mary Wise
Alice Colleen Rolens           Marvin R. Sims                      Mrs. Evelyn Toedebusch          Mary Lou Wollard
Mrs. James S. Rollins          Erma M. Sisson                      Margaret C. Travis              Barbara Wood
Arch & Mary Ronimous           Mr. Emery M. Slater                 Nelson & Lorene Trickey         Edyth Wood
George & Lois Ross             Beatrice Smith & Family             Tri-County Trust Company        Francis & Bobby Wood and
Selvin & Shirley Royal         Cecil M. Smith                      R.L. & Betty Trimm                 Family
Irene Rudloff                  Mr. & Mrs. Franklin Smith           Richard & Gail Truesdell        Mary Woodruff
Glenn Ruoff                    Lydia Smith                         Dr. Frank Tull                  Bob & Jan Woods
Eglentyne B. Russell           Mercedes D. Smith                   Dr. James R. Turk               Kenneth & Donna Woods
Elizabeth E. Russell           Neal & Bette Smith                  Norma L. Turner                 Jesse E. Woods
Mr. & Mrs. Harold Rutherford   Richard & Mary Smith                Jimmie & Helen Turpin           Nancy Woodward
William S. & Mabel G. Salfen   Larry Smith                         Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Ubl           Frankie Woody
Mr. & Mrs. R.E. Sanders        Mr. & Mrs. Louis Smithey            United Church of Christ–Adult   Hazel V. Worrell
Mr. & Mrs. Willard Sanders     Mrs. Frances Smothers                   Class Boonville             Bettie Worthington
Bonnie Sandker                 Todd, Kirstie & Dylan Snapp         Margaret Van Valkenburg         Lois Worthington
Helen Santee                   Snell Propane Gas Company           Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Vance          Lawrence & Betty Wortman
Mrs. Gordon Saunders           Mary Sochinski                      Mr. & Mrs. Sam Vantellman       Bamber H. & Marcella Wright
J. E. Savage                   Allen B. Soper, Jr.                 Cleta Mae Van Tress             Harley & Clara Wright
Alice Schachtele               Donna Sorenson                      Mrs. H.L. Vardiman              Helen Wulff
Jeff & Kim Schaefer            Mark Southern                       W.D. Vasse                      Josephine C. Wynn
Bob Schattgen                  Opal Spence                         Lela Vestal                     Alta Yaeger
Regina Schau                   Pamela Springsteel                  VFW Ladies Auxiliary No. 4195   Rhonda Young
Mrs. John Scheperle            Juanita Sprinkle                    Dr. & Mrs. T.J. Vogelweid       Mary Dell & Donald Young
Stephen & Lucy Scherder        J.W. Stafford                       Eleanor Vowles                  William & Michell Young

           CRC Community Outreach
                            Education Mission
 “My work in Dr. Eisenstark’s laboratory was an exceptional introduc-
              tion to the biological laboratory setting...”
                                                      —Cathy Miller, PhD and former CRC scholar
    The Cancer Research Center, in conjunction with its research mission, engages students in
order to enhance their scientific backgrounds. There are several support categories, depend-
ing upon other academic arrangements.
    1. Students can gain experience at CRC while earning undergraduate credit at University of
Missouri-Columbia or other local colleges. Students are assigned a semester project. For each
hour of credit, the student is expected to be in the laboratory approximately three hours per
week. A term paper is submitted at the end of the semester. Since it may be necessary to have
a car, CRC provides $100 compensation for each of four months per semester.
    For additional compensation, students are encouraged to apply for scholarship funds. UMC
students should contact Linda Blockus, Tucker Hall. Preference is given to students who have
applied for scholarship funds.
    If an arrangement is made to have the student work additional hours in the laboratory,
the student is compensated $8 per hour for the additional hours.
    2. If a student desires an intern arrangement without college credit, CRC has limited schol-
arship funds for this. The student should submit a resume to the CRC’s Research Director,
including a list of college science courses. The stipend for this type of internship is usually
$800 for the semester. Again, preference is given to students who have applied for scholar-
ship funds.
    3. As grants are obtained, CRC may employ technicians who have backgrounds in
Microbiology and Biochemistry.
    4. CRC also welcomes graduate students to perform rotations in our laboratory. In such
cases, since it will be necessary to have a car, CRC will provide $100 compensation for each of
four months per semester.

                       CANCER RESEARCH CENTER
               We’re Fighting Cancer... Hoping You Won’t Need To.
                  When people want to honor a loved one and fight cancer,
                  the family suggests that memorial contributions be made
                               to the Cancer Research Center.
      Together, we can put an end to cancer and the devastation it causes!

  3501 Berrywood Drive • Columbia, MO 65201 • (573) 875-2255 •

                                                               ANNUAL REPORT 2006             17
From Scholars to Scientists
                   Shelly Erickson
 Fort Zumwalt North High School • O’Fallon, Missouri
   Shelly Erickson, a CRC               Shelly has completed two
Director’s Scholar, graduated in     semesters of research on the
2006 from the University of          competitive fitness of archived
Missouri-Columbia in Biology         Salmonella. In the summer of
and is now pursuing a gradu-         2005, she won a prestigious
ate degree in Microbiology at        undergraduate research intern-
St. Louis University in St. Louis,   ship from UMC.
MO.                                     Shelly is senior author of a
   She graduated from Fort           scientific paper that has been
Zumwalt North High School.           submitted for publication.

                                                           Rula Khreis
                                          Rock Bridge High School • Columbia, Missouri
                                       Rula Khreis, a CRC Director’s     ate of Rock Bridge High School.
                                     Scholar, is a senior at the             Rula worked nine hours per
                                     University of Missouri-Columbia.    week at the CRC on our
                                     She is working on a major in        prostate cancer project. During
                                     Biochemistry and a minor in         her sophomore year at UMC,
                                     English. After graduation, Rula     she presented a term paper and
                                     plans to attend medical school;     received three hours of academ-
                                     currently, she is interviewing at   ic credit. Rula worked under the
                                     various institutions.               supervision of Dr. Abe Eisen-
                                       She was a 2003 honors gradu-      stark, CRC research director.

                    Crystal Dreyer
     Fort Zumwalt High School • O’Fallon, Missouri
   Crystal Dreyer, a CRC             O’Fallon, MO.
Director’s Scholar, graduated          While an undergrad, Crystal
from the University of Missouri-     worked in our lab for four
Columbia in 2006 with a degree       months on the prostate cancer
in Biology. She is now in a grad-    project under the direction of
uate program at the University       Dr. Abe Eisenstark, CRC
of Chicago, studying to be a         research director. Then she
physician assistant.                 presented a term paper and
   Crystal is a 2002 graduate of     received three hours of aca-
Fort Zumwalt High School in          demic credit at UMC.

         From Scholars to Scientists
                                                         Cathy Miller
                                    Jefferson City High School • Jefferson City, Missouri
                                     Cathy Miller, spent two years       Microbiology and Molecular
                                  working at the CRC and is now an       Genetics at the UM Medical
                                  assistant professor of Microbiolo-     School. Her CRC research resulted
                                  gy at Iowa State University.           in a published scientific paper.
                                     She graduated from Jefferson           Cathy’s achievements include
                                  City High in 1984. After earning a     a postdoctoral fellowship at
                                  BS in Microbiology at the              Harvard Medical School, the
                                  University of Missouri-Columbia in     publication of several first-
                                  1992, Cathy went on to graduate        author manuscripts and the
                                  school in the Department of            receipt of many grants.

                Breca Starr Tracy
            Ada High School • Ada, Oklahoma
   Breca Starr Tracy, who will       Breca is a 1998 graduate of
receive her PhD in Biochemistry   Ada High School in Ada, OK.
and Molecular Biology from the       Breca is the senior author of a
University of Oklahoma in May     scientific paper that described her
2007, was awarded a CRC           CRC research. She is the first
Director’s Scholarship in 2000.   author on several other articles,
Breca graduated from Stephens     the most recent in the Journal of
College in Columbia, MO, with a   Biochemistry. Breca also has pre-
degree in Biology and Health      sented current research findings
Sciences.                         at an international symposium.

                                                      Joey Ransdale
                                        Hickman High School • Columbia, Missouri
                                     Joey Ransdale, a senior at the      ing those for his end-of-course
                                  University of Minnesota majoring       poster and abstract. For CRC lab
                                  in Neuroscience, was awarded a         research, Joey received three
                                  CRC Director’s Scholarship while       credit hours. He worked with
                                  at the University of Missouri-         archived Salmonella strains to
                                  Columbia. He also received             determine the extent of muta-
                                  UMC’s prestigious Life Sciences        tions and survival strategies.
                                  Undergraduate Research                    After he graduates in 2007,
                                  Internship. The CRC scholarship        Joey will pursue an advanced
                                  paid a stipend and fees, includ-       Neuroscience degree.

                                                                        ANNUAL REPORT 2006              19
From Scholars to Scientists
                Swathi Bhaskaran
       Hickman High School • Columbia, Missouri
   Swathi Bhaskaran, a CRC            Engineering Dean’s Scholarship
Director’s Scholar, is a freshman     from UMC.
at the University of Missouri-           At the CRC during the summer
Columbia majoring in Chemical         of 2004, Swasthi studied changes
Engineering. The Hickman High         in archived Salmonella bacteria,
graduate was salutatorian of the      investigating whether a specific
Class of 2006. Swathi has been        gene accounts for survival under
awarded the prestigious               harsh conditions. She learned
Siemschens Advanced Placement         basic lab techniques and how to
Scholarship, as well as an            analyze and record her findings.

                                                          Emily Schupp
                                        Jefferson City High School • Jefferson City, Missouri
                                        Emily Schupp is a junior at          Salmonella collection. Emily’s
                                      the University of Missouri-            work was supervised by Dustin
                                      Columbia pursuing a degree in          Newman.
                                      Microbiology.                             Emily is a recipient of the
                                        While working in the Cancer          CRC Director’s Scholarship. This
                                      Research Center laboratory, she        outstanding program helps
                                      studied various phage (virus)          support top students who work
                                      samples to determine their             alongside experienced scien-
                                      relationship to the mutations          tists at the Cancer Research
                                      observed in our archived               Center.

         Your donations help CRC scholars become respected researchers.

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          From Scholars to Scientists
                                                                Gloria Lee
                                                  Hickman High School • Columbia, Missouri
                                            Gloria Lee, a CRC Director’s      CRC’s Raymond W. Freese fel-
                                         Scholar and Hickman High             low.
                                         School senior, has accomplished        Gloria sings and plays both
                                         much in the sciences and arts.       violin and piano; she performs
                                            At the CRC, Gloria has stud-      with the Missouri Symphony
                                         ied the growth curves of differ-     and various quartets. Gloria,
                                         ent strains of Salmonella bacte-     the daughter of Mink-Kyu and
                                         ria using transferents of DNA.       Hyoshin, is a Columbia native
                                         She worked under the direction       and is fluent in Korean, French,
                                         of Dr. Robert Kazmierczak, the       Japanese, as well as English.

                    Jennifer Mink
     Rock Bridge High School • Columbia, Missouri
  Jennifer Mink, a CRC Director’s           At the CRC, Jennifer studied
Scholar, is a freshman at the            the growth curves of different
University of Missouri-Columbia          strains of Salmonella bacteria
majoring in Biochemistry. She            using transferents of DNA. Her
graduated from Rock Bridge               work was supervised by Dr.
High School in 2006, where she           Robert Kazmierczak, the CRC’s
was in the color guard. Jennifer         Raymond W. Freese fellow.
participates in the Mizzou color         Jennifer also learned about
guard as well. Her ambition is to        basic lab procedures and lab
continue on to medical school.           safety.

        Thanks to your contributions, the CRC can support these scholars.

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                       ❖   1903 Business Loop 70 E
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                                                                            ANNUAL REPORT 2006              21
2006 Memorials
         HONORARIA          Richard T. Bentley            D                           Grace D. Graupman
Jim & Mindy Cherrington     Frances Black                 Maxine Darwent              Corrine Gregory
Josh & Mae Davenport        David Blackmore               Imogene Davidson            Curtis Gregson
Abraham Eisenstark          Wayne Blackmore               Faye Davis                  Howard Griggs
Maxine Grote                Evelyn Boeschen               Rosa Lee Davis              Irene Grogger
Tina Heimbaugh              Ruth Boeschen                 Susan Davis                 Melba Jean Grote
Mark & Linda Krysl          Sharon Boeschen               Mary Davison                Betty Gruenkemeyer
Millie Long                 Cathy Bohring                 Mary Degraffenreid          H
Austin Parrish              Helen Hennig Boice            Merritt C. Denney           Francis Haley
Dan Scotten                 Mrs. Rita Boston              Gary Dixon                  Oscar Hampton
Dudley Trice                John C. Bradley               Marilyn Dowell              Ernest Hansgen
Marnie Tutt                 Susan L. Richardson Bradley   Henry Edward Drewry         Billy J. Harper
Glenda Wohlt                Raymond Braun                 Charles Eugene Drummond     Betty Sue Harpert
                            Marian Brendel                E                           Mildred Harvard
                            Linda Brennan’s mother        Larry Eggleston             Richard A. Heath
A                           Karen Lee Brower              Sandra Eichenberger         Irene Heidrich
Ruby Adams                  Edna Buescher                 Marlena Eikel               Oren Lee Helms
Susan M. Albert             Mike Bumpus                   Ethel M. Eisaman            Joseph Himberger
Jack Alexander              Maggie Mae Burbridge          Archie D. Ellis             Billy Jack Hopke
Riley Alexander             Wilfred Burham                Henry Bruce Ellis           Jefferson W. Hopke
Charles Apel                Marilyn Burnett               Ralph Epperson              Steven Ray Hopke
Charles E. Arnold           Gene Burris                   Robert Epple                LeNora Hovde
Dottie Atkins               T.W. Burris                   Betty Estes                 Julia Bell Howell
Lois Atkins                 John Buttrey                  Edwin “Bud” Estill          James W. Hudson
Gayle Atterberry            C
Richard P. Atterberry                                     F                           Hugh Hulen
                            William Andrew “Dub”
                                                          Charles W. Finnerty         I
B                              Caruthers
                                                          Frank Fletcher              Joe Ingrum
Donal Baldwin               George and Nelly Castle
                            William Chadwick              Ray Freese                  H. Bernard Irvin
Bobbie Ball
Hartley Garrard Banks Jr.   Helen F. Christopher          G                           J
Bill Barbour                Merton Cole                   Bonnie Mae Gaines           Mrs. Dorothy Jackson
Margaret M. Barker          Mrs. Lee Colson               Barbara K. Gallatin         Diana Lynn Javier
Larry Barr                  Ernest and Ruby Cottle        Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Gentry   Carter Jeffery
A. Clay Barton              Ruby Cottle                   Florence Giacomozzi         Hanley Jennings
Charles W. Barton           Helen Cox                     Jo Gillespie                Robert Lynn Jennings
Clay Barton                 Helen Craighead               Gary Glaser                 Charles Johns
Warren W. Barton            Sharon L. Cross               Gene G. “Jeanie” Glenn      Samuel Johns Jr.
Duane Beal                  Tom Cross                     June Gooding                Roy Donald Johnson
Doris Gayle Beasley         Bobby Crowley                 Emma Rose Spears Gordon     V. Joann Johnson
Helen Beckett               Clellie Crump                 Max Gossick                 Carl Price Johnson
George Benson               Betty Anne Cullen             Kim Graham                  Winnie Jones

                  porting dreams. Su pporti

                                                           2006 Memorials
  Tullie Ben Jones             Harold A. Mehrhoff Jr.       Donald L. Pugh            Harley J. Talley
  K                            Mrs. Hirst Mendenhall        Nick and Freda Pyle       Zeda Teel
  Billy A. Kamp                Gary Menefee                 R                         Jerry Tillman
  Jennifer Kamp                Irvin Meyer                  Jane Ray                  Frank & Alberta Toedebusch
  Melody Kamp                  Mrs. Augus Meyer             Kenneth Reed              Mark Tophinke
  Dorothy Kane                 Thelma A. Miller             Lois Richter              Mrs. Barbara Tull
  Jeanette Kelley              Don Mohrman                  Mary Lou Robertsm         Ben Turner
  Don T. Kirkham               Charles G. Morgan            James L. Robinson, Jr.    Louise Turner
  Bessie Mae Kirkpatrick       Lola C. Morris               Coy L. Rodgers            Elmer Tyler
  Edward Kirkpatrick           Orland E. Moyer              David Rogers              V
  Ron Klemp                    Donald R. Mueller            Glenn Ervin Ross          Richard Venturilla
  Mr. and Mrs. Walter Kosacz   Bill Muhs                    Rosa L. Rupard            Harold K. “Buck” Volle
  Jon Kroencke                 Laurie Bishop Mullins        Harry Ryan                W
  Ray Krull                    Rosalee Murr                                           Martha Wahl
  Burdette Kurk                Louise Murray                                          Lee R. Walden
                                                            Rhonda Safir
                               H. Kent Myersm                                         Peggy J. Walker
  L                                                         Irma W. Sagen
                               Mae Myers                                              Eileen Walls
  Rachel Virginia LaBruh                                    Gordon Saunders
  Rosemarie Lampton            N                            Florence Schambach        Jessie Rose Weaver
  R.H. Lange                   Dorothy Nicholas             Sue Schipfmann            Benita Weitzel
  Mrs. Elaine Lehr             Derby Nichols                Wilma Ruth Schnuck        Ann White
  Marilyn Stanton Lewis        Don Nieters                  Leonard G. Schreck        Cleo Whitesides
  Pauline E. Little            O                            Orba Scott                Randall Whitesides
  Cecil Glenn Long             Alfred Oldham                James Scrivner            Eugene Whitley
  Robert D. Longwith           Richard Oliver               Donald Shelton            Margaret Will
  Fred Love                    Sylvia Olshan                Mary Lee Sherman          Norma Willingham
  Ben Luebbers                 Ken Otto                     Shipman                   Bill Wilson
  Phyllis Lumb                 P                            Sandy Shreves             Mr. F. M. Wilson
  M                            J.T. Page                    Walt Skinner              Cora E. Wilson
  Paul Marshall                Henry Dale Palmer            Virginia Wilson Slater    Paul Wilson
  Carol Beth Martin            Jimee Peasel                 Irene Smith               Woodrow Wilson
  Connie B. Martin             Phyllis J. Peyton            Pete Smith                Bruce Winfrey
  Phyllis Martin               Ralph Pfremmer, Sr.          William Southern          Mark A. Wollard
  Veleta Martin                Jo Phelps                    Rachell Stice             Daisy Woods
  Charles E. Maupin            Rawls Henry “J.D.” Phelps    Marvin Stock              Vicky Lynn Woods
  Patricia McClelland          Dee Pitcock                  Raymond Stone             Bettie Belle Worthington
  Archie Gaylord McDannold     Lucille Pollard              Byron Stover              Y
  Darrel Lee McDowell          Bonnie J. Porter             Norma Swartz              Cecil R. Yelton
  Dr. Glen L. McElroy          Dorothy Jean Porter          Doris Mae Sweeney         Tim Yung
  Goldie McGlasson             Georgia Pratt                T                         Z
  Earl McKee                   Mary Ann Prenger             George W. Tallen          Audrey Zorn

          pe. Sup porting life.
r ting ho
                                         Proud supporter of the Cancer Research Center.

                                                                               ANNUAL REPORT 2006              23
Current Research
      rostate cancer is associated with aging and
      occurs in a latent or clinical form in 30–40%
      of men by age 40–50, increasing substan-
tially in men over 50 years of age. Prostate can-
cer mortality in men is now second only to lung
cancer, and as life expectancy increases so will
the number of men affected. While hormone
therapy is often effective during the initial
stages of cancer development, most men devel-         Slide 1 (above): Electron
op hormone-resistant cancer within two years          microscope picture of
                                                      CRC2631 attachment and
after onset of the disease. This is why the first     invasion into PC-3M cells.
line cancer treatment—chemotherapy utilizing          Slide 2 (right, all three
taxol—has met with only partial success. Many         images): Comparison of
patients develop taxol resistance and alternative     VNP20009 and 1674 cell
treatment and new approaches are needed to            lysis vs. non-lysis.
arrest tumor cell growth.
   Recently, genetically engineered non-toxic
Salmonella have been utilized as a weapon
against prostate cancer. These strains prefer to                                   Slide 3 (left): Electron
attach and invade tumor cells to normal cells at                                   microscope picture of
                                                                                   mitochondrial degradation
ratios of >1000:1 while not causing the toxic                                      in PC-3M by CRC2631.
effects normally seen in systemic Salmonella
infections. A number of these strains                 our most promising candidates. These changes
(VNP20009, AR-1) have inhibited or eliminated         were made to meet the following objectives: 1)
prostate cancer and breast cancer tissues grown       Reduce the natural toxicity of our therapeutic
in mice. However, clinical studies using these        Salmonella further; 2) Allow survival of the
strains have shown unacceptable toxicity levels       Salmonella in the cancer tissue only, not the cir-
in human patients.                                    culatory system; and 3) Encourage killing of
                                                      cancer tissue by Salmonella. We are excited
Development of the Therapeutic                        about our genetically engineered strain
Salmonella Strain CRC2631                             CRC2631 (a genetic descendant of our 1674
  The Cancer Research Center has a unique             Salmonella described last year) that has been
opportunity to achieve the balance necessary to       shown to attach, invade, and specifically destroy
turn Salmonella into a dedicated but gentle           the energy-producing mitochondria in PC-3M
cancer killer in human patients. Our laboratory       cancer cells (Slides 1, 3). Mitochondria are
has thousands of Salmonella samples that differ       essential for supplying power to cancer cells;
from each other genetically but retain the natu-      their destruction leads to death of the cancer
ral tumor-targeting ability described above.          cells. CRC2631 kills PC-3M prostate cancer cells
These strains have been allowed to age for            without breaking the cells open and spilling
more than 40 years and have naturally mel-            their contents into the surrounding area. Such
lowed into non-toxic variants. We have focused        spilling is a very strong immune system trigger
our efforts into direct genetic engineering of        that produces undesirable toxic side effects in

                                                  Current Research
                                                          cells. Once we know which genes Salmonella
                                                          needs to exert its anti-cancer effects, we can
                                                          amplify these genetic functions while reducing
                                                          or eliminating other functions that might cause
                                                          toxic side effects. We are currently working
                                                          with Drs. Michael McClelland and Steffen
                                                          Porwollik at the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center
                                                          to identify which CRC2631 Salmonella genes are
Slide 4 (left): CRC2631 attaches to PC-3M cells within    turned on when co-incubated with PC-3M
the first 20 minutes of co-incubation. Slide 5 (right):
                                                          prostate cancer cells. We expect this work to be
PC-3M cancer cells show blue, CRC2631 shows red.
                                                          completed in the first half of 2007.
cancer patients. All the strains previously tested           In order to track Salmonella attachment and
in human patients broke cancer cells open after           invasion, we have inserted a gene into our
five hours, and this may have been responsible            Salmonella strain that makes it glow red or
the unacceptable toxicity levels during therapy           green under a fluorescent microscope. This
(Slide 2).                                                allows us to easily quantify how quickly
   We are currently raising mice that naturally           Salmonella can attach to any particular cancer
develop prostate tumors to confirm CRC2631                cell. We have identified that our CRC2631
non-toxicity and measure how much Salmonella              strain attaches to PC-3M prostate cancer cells
is required to destroy solid prostate tumors in           within the first 20 minutes of co-incubation,
mice. Upon completion of the mouse toxicity               demonstrating that our therapeutic Salmonella
experiments, we plan to move forward to clini-            can quickly recognize and attach to cancer cells.
cal testing.                                              (Slides 4, 5) These red fluorescent strains can
                                                          also be used to identify where Salmonella pref-
How Does Therapeutic Salmonella Target                    erentially invade and persist within solid
and Kill Tumors?                                          tumors, characteristics that may determine how
   In addition to development of new therapeu-            fast a particular Salmonella strain destroys can-
tic Salmonella strains, we are focusing our               cer within the body. We are collaborating with
efforts to discover answers to the following              Professor Cheryl Nickerson of Arizona State
questions: 1) Why is Salmonella specifically              University who has experience at growing large
attracted to cancer cells? 2) How does our                numbers of three-dimensional solid tumors in
Salmonella attach to and invade solid tumors?             reactors that simulate the physiological condi-
3) How does our Salmonella kill cancer cells by           tions found in the body. Observing the way our
degrading mitochondria? Answering these                   CRC2631 and other therapeutic Salmonella can-
questions will tell us what functions are impor-          didates attach, invade, persist, and destroy
tant during each stage of Salmonella-based can-           these solid tumors will tell us how Salmonella
cer therapy and enable us to improve our thera-           performs these functions and allow us to quick-
peutic strains.                                           ly screen out superior cancer-killing strains.
   One way to determine which characteristics                Thanks to our generous supporters and a lot
of Salmonella are important for cancer therapy            of hard work, our Salmonella strains are well on
is to measure which genes are activated when              their way to becoming a potent yet gentle
Salmonella is allowed to attach, invade, and kill         treatment for prostate cancer.

                                                                        ANNUAL REPORT 2006               25
Research Director’s Message
      his has been a significant                                    (Therapeutic Nanoparticle
      year of cancer research                                       Attachment), Dr. Tom Phillips
      progress at CRC!                                              (Colon Cancer Therapy), Dr.
   We are fully aware that                                          Michael Calcutt (Salmonella
our generous supporters are                                         Characterization), and Dr. Bill
an important factor in this                                         Caldwell, Cancer Research
progress. In January 2006,                                          Center Curator Professor.
Dr. Robert Kazmierczak was                                             We expect that our annual
appointed as the Raymond                                            report for 2008 will outline
Freese Fellow and has made                                          plans to move from mouse
important contributions to                                          experiments to human clini-
our research program.                                               cal trials. Also, although our
   With your continued confi-      Dr. Abraham Eisenstark, CRC      current model deals with
                                   Research Director.               prostate tumors, we also plan
dence in our program, we
are optimistic that 2007 will      less to mice. This will be       to demonstrate the effective-
be a year in which CRC will        accomplished within the next     ness of this new therapy for
develop a novel approach to        few weeks. Step two will be      other types of cancers.
extending the lives of cancer      to inject mice that have vari-      In addition to our in-house
victims. Progress may be           ous stages of prostate cancer,   research, CRC is proud of its
reviewed in this annual            and to follow the reduction of   student scholarship program.
report. In particular, our         tumor size, and hopefully,       As in the past, our high
exciting accomplishment has        complete cure.                   school and college under-
been to genetically engineer          Our research accomplish-      graduate trainees, with their
the bacterial organism             ments would not be possible      passion for careers in cancer
Salmonella typhimurium so          without collaborators from       research, are destined for
that it will maximally destroy     other laboratories. We           positions in the best of labo-
tumor cells without harming        express our appreciation to      ratories. Five undergraduate
normal cells. A dozen              Drs. Michael McClelland and      students will be part of our
genetic changes were made          Stephen Porwollik                research team in 2007. The
to rid the attacking bacteria      (Salmonella microarrays);        scientific progress of our
of its toxic properties, while     Sidney Kimmel Cancer             recent trainees is included in
enhancing its tumor destruc-       Center, San Diego; Dr. Cheryl    this annual report.
tion properties.                   Nickerson (Solid Tumor              Thank you so much for
   Although we have succeed-       Experiments), Arizona State      your continued confidence in
ed in demonstrating prostate       University; Dr. David Smith      our experiments aimed at
tumor cell destruction by spe-     (Salmonella-Cancer attach-       reducing cancer mortality.
cial microscope observations,      ment), Emory University; and     We could not continue this
we will soon extend our stud-      especially to our colleagues     research without you!!!
ies to include experiments         at University of Missouri-           With our best wishes for
with mice. During 2007, step       Columbia, Dr. Heide Schatten     your good health,
one will be to verify that our     (Salmonella Invasion), Dr.          Sincerely,
therapeutic bacteria are harm-     Raghuraman Kannan                   Abraham Eisenstark

                          2006 Gala Committee
    Our Thanks to the 2006 Jim Kidwell
   Memorial Gala Planning Committee:
Garry Banks           Reuban Lucas
Nancy Banks           Carole Newman
Ann Bozarth           Myrtle, Billy & Lisa
Emily Brady             Rapp
Nancy Burkett         Shelley Sigholtz
Travis Burnett        Tony Sublett
Jim Cherrington       Marnie Tutt
Tara Chiles           Damon Young
Tim Crockett          Events Planning Class
Denise Falco            at Stephens College
Alison Fea            Halley E. Taylor        Ann Bozarth makes a point.
Lee Freese            Amanda Hunter
Brent Gibson          Megan Gregory
Dulcie Kidwell        Kate Yu
Steve Lee             Erika Tournear
Rachel Leist          Edith Pederson
Barbie Lindner

                                              Above: This meeting was just one of many held to
                                              plan the 2006 Gala. Without our volunteers, this event
                                              could not take place.

                                              Left: Jack Bozarth and Garry Banks share a laugh.

                      We are proud to
                    support the efforts of
                 the Cancer Research Center.                          Member FDIC

                                                              ANNUAL REPORT 2006                  27
2006 Gala
     Special Thanks to:
Atterberry Auction & Realty Co.—Larry Atterberry,
  Sr. & Family
Ken & Melissa Applegate
Crockett Engineering—Bill Crockett & Family
Fraternal Order of Eagles, Mizzou Aerie No. 2730
Juanita Kidwell, Brenda Baker & Andi Baker
Steve & Suzy Lee
Boone Central Title Company—Karen Brown
University of Missouri Cheerleaders
Delta Chi Chapter of the Alpha Phi
  Sorority–William Woods College
Premier Bank—Barbie Lindner                         Fred Parry (left) and Dan Corkery co-hosted the event.
The Frame Shop at Brady's Glass—The Raymond
  Brady Family
Superior Garden Center
Columbia Elks Lodge No. 594
Mike Roberts
Mrs. Retha Felkner & her officers of the Order of
  the Eastern Star
Jack & Ann Bozarth
Farm Power Lawn & Leisure—The Bill Burnett
The Ray Boothe Family and Woody Woodson
Mike & Sharon Lynch
Marnie Tutt
Mike Moyneur & The St. Louis Rams Football Team
Bob & Sara Lemone
Garry & Maury Banks
                                                    Hartley’s poker-playing buddies shared a table.
Dan Keller—Joe Machens Toyota, BMW & Scion
Dave Hetzler
Dulcie Kidwell
Pat & Bernie Lensmeyer
Dr. Paul Lineberry
Brett Burri—Regions Financial
David Keller—Bank of Missouri
Bley & Pfeiffer, P.C.
Star Heating & Cooling
Emery Sapp & Sons
Dwayne Carey, Bruce Wilson, Dan Knight & J.E.
Comfort Suites—Shelley Sigholtz
The Events Planning Class at Stephens College
Hartley's Poker Buddies (Hinshaw, Wilkerson,
  Galloway, Blakemore & Stewart)                    The Mizzou cheerleaders helped sell raffle tickets.

                                                                        2006 Gala
                                                                Event Sponsors
                                                         Mrs. Hartley Banks
                                                         Boone County Lumber
                                                         Boone County National Bank
                                                         Ken & Agnes Uplinger
                                                         Abe & Joan Eisenstark
                                                         First National Bank & Trust Co.
                                                         Mrs. Ray Freese
                                                         Little Dixie Construction LLC
                                                         The Rock Bridge Picnic
                                                         UMC Healthcare
                                                         Howard & Lucy Eiffert
                                                         IDP Group
Jennifer Banks Hallam, Garry Banks, and Nancy Banks      Cathy Clinkinbeard
enjoy the evening dedicated to the late Hartley Banks.   Albert Buick-Honda-GMC
                                                         Columbia Ready-Mix
 Purchasers of Tables                                    The Millersburg Lions Club
                                                         Mid-City Lumber
Star Heating & Cooling                                   Brent & Lisa Gibson
Crockett Engineering
Garry & Maury Banks
Dan Keller—Joe Machens Toyota-BMW-Scion
Dulcie Kidwell
Pat & Bernie Lensmeyer
Mr. & Mrs. Steve Lee
Mid-America Realty
Paul Lineberry
Brett Burri—Regions Financial
Marnie H. Tutt
David Keller—Bank of Missouri
Bley & Pfeiffer, P.C.
Mike Roberts
Premier Bank
Elks Lodge No. 594
Farm Power Lawn & Leisure
                                                                                  The women from Mid-
Hartley's Poker Buddies (Hinshaw, Wilkerson,                                      America Realty shared a
  Galloway, Blakemore & Stewart)                                                  table. From left: Billie
Boothe, Woodson, Wright & Gastler                                                 Hussey, Josie Hussey,
Jack & Ann Bozarth                                                                Ruth Montgomery, and
Emery Sapp & Sons, Inc.                                                           Denise Payne.
Mike & Sharon Lynch
Dwayne Carey, Bruce Wilson, Dan Knight & J.E.                                     At left, Nancy and Ben
  Frost                                                                           Galloway.

                                                                       ANNUAL REPORT 2006                  29
2006 Gala
Purchasers of Tickets
Warren D. Welliver      Daniel & Linda A.
Cleek's Rent To Own       Landon
Bottom Ranch            Ruby D. Marsden
   Construction         Christopher & Kelly
L.T. Dozier               Pascucci
Karen M. Miller         Melinda Lee Boice
B & H Constuction       Mayecreate Design, LLC
   and Remodeling       Rachel Leist
S/B Painting Co.        Edwin W. Orr
A.R.C., Inc.            Marian Lee Freese
Betty L. Black          Stephen F. Wendling,
Ruby D. Marsden           Realtor                  Denise Falco, Shelley Sigholtz, and Mona Lucas Smith
Daniel J. & Rachel J.   John E. & Vicki M. Ott     smile for a picture.
   Rau                  Margot T. Patterson
John L. Peters            Lubensky
William A. & Kathy R.   Marsha Mitchell
   Black                Boone Tavern &
Ila & Billy Ray           Restaurant
   Crockett             Anthony T. & Julie B.
James W. & Melinda L      Sublett
   Cherrington          Harry J. & Phyllis B.
Herbert M. Foote          Wulff
J.W. & Jolene Schulz    The Callaway Bank
Donald M Rowland        Mr. & Mrs. Thornton
Cynthia S. Mustard        D. Jenkins               From left: Hartley Banks Rogers and his mother Genie
Don & Lou Farris        Meir & Gail Lazar          Banks Rogers are here with Garry and Maury Banks.
Dr. David W. & Dr.      Terry L. & Lynn M. Dally
   Linda F.C. Bullock   Ralph Pfremmer
Keith & Sandra L        Denise L. Falco
   Schnarre             Commerce Bank
Joseph J. Treacy        Albert Buick-Honda-
Nancy W. Banks            GMC

Tiger John and Ann      Sharon Lynch gives Terry   Nancy Wilson enjoys visiting with friends at the Bill
Cleek.                  Dally a hug.               Burnett table.

                                                                      2006 Gala
        Contributors to the 2006 Jim Kidwell
                  Memorial Gala
Burleigh & Rebecca           Tech of Missouri)
   Arnold                 Mr. & Mrs Thornton D.
Billy B. & Bettie L.         Jenkins
   Asbury                 Mrs. Gwen K. Lucas
Tom & Linda Atkins        Rick McMillian
Boone-Central Title Co.   Nemow Insulation Co.
Boone National S & L      Leland & June Pfefer
Phillip H. & Penny R.     V. James & Verna
   Bozarth                   Adwell Rhodes          Mr. and Mrs. Ed Calvert        Aaro Froese entertains
Columbia EDP Center,      Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth        enjoy the festivities.         with some magic tricks.
   Inc.                      Sanford
Columbia Glass &          Juno & Ilene Sapp
   Mirror, Inc.           Dan Scotten
Conley-Myers              Gretchen Shackelford
   Insurance Agency,      Mrs. Luanna O. Shively
   Inc.                   Karen H. & Larry Slates
Bill & Betty Crigler      Gary L. & Carol Smith
Roy & Jeannine            Mary Frances Sneed
   Eichelberger           Frieda A. Bozarth
James R. & Sally Estes       Snook
   (Estes Properties)     Stony Sullivan
Mrs. John M. Sneed, Jr.   Townsquare, L.L.C.
Carl & Betty Ann             (Rosemary Schloot)
   Fenton                 David Vemer Livestock
G.J. & R.J. Hanson        Judy M. Wedman
A.K. & Frances L.         Herb C. Willbrand         Marnie Tutt (standing) chats with her parents, Georgie
   Ignacio                Elizabeth F. Winnacker    and Darrel Haymart.
Lynda & Steve             William J. & Helen R.
   Baumgartner (Image        Wulff

                                                    Ann Bozarth (left) and         Nancy Wilson and
                                                    Beth Woolcott                  Sheriff Dwayne Carey.

                                                    Larry (left), Judy, and Larry Atterberry Jr. of Atterberry
                                                    Auction relax after raising more than $30,000 at the Gala.

                                                                     ANNUAL REPORT 2006                    31
2006 Gala
                                                         John Cleek (left) and
                                                         Wally Bley (right) spoke
                                                         movingly of Hartley’s
                                                         character and love of
                                                         family and community.

From left, Andrea and Beth Woolcott, from Prairie        Carole Newman (left)       Mr. and Mrs. John Cleek,
Village, KS, join Lee Freese at her Gala table.          and Rhonda Durham.         Jr.

Teri Smith (left) and        Mike Lynch chats with a tablemate at the 2006 Gala     Dawn and Ed Orr enjoy
Maury Banks.                 before the auction begins.                             the evening.

                                                                      2006 Gala
                              Volunteer Spirit Raffle
                              Each of the volunteers donated a bottle of
                                         their favorite spirits
                              Emily Brady—Pyrat     Alison Fea—
                                Rum                   Amaretto
                              Tim Crockett—Crown    Dulcie Kidwell—
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Schnarre
and Sharon Lynch.
                                Royal                 Belvedere Vodka
                              Lee Freese—Dewars     Steve Lee—Maker’s
                              Ann Bozarth—            Mark (2)
                                Peppermint          Brent Gibson—Cabo
                                Schnappes             Wabo Tequila
                              Jack Bozarth—Cognac   Eagles—Jamesons
                              Reuben Lucas—         Shelley Sigholtz—
                                Dewars                Christian Bros.
                              Rachel Leist—           Brandy
                                Jagermeister        Tony Sublett—Dalmore
                              Garry Banks—Crown       Scotch
                                                                                  Fred Parry “Segways.”
                              Carole Newman—Jack
                              Nancy Banks—Jack
Gala attendees enjoyed          Daniels
the wonderful food,
which was served the
                              Marnie Tutt—Bombay
entire evening.                 Gin

                                                    From left: Bernie Lensmeyer, Asst. Chief Sharon Curry and
                                                    Boone Co. Fire Protection District Chief Steve Paulsell.

From left: Jed Frost, Bruce Wilson, Nancy Wilson,   Worthy Grand Matron Retha Felkner and her Grand
Paula Boehm, and Sheriff Dwayne Carey.              Officers of the Order of the Eastern Star.

                                                                    ANNUAL REPORT 2006                    33
2006 Gala

                                                    Potential bidders exam-      Jose Lindner (left) and
                                                    ine some auction items.      son Jay Lindner.

Jim Cherrington and Brent Gibson, Cancer Research
Center board members.

From left: Ted and Paula Boehm and Leslie and       From left: Nancy Lindner, Kim Stonecipher-Fisher, and
Dwayne Carey.                                       Barb Lindner.

From left: Genie Banks Rogers, Nancy Banks, and     Mr. and Mrs. Jason Lewis visit with Damon Young
Jennifer Banks Hallam.                              (right).

                                                                                             2006 Gala
         Live Auction
      Items and Donors
1. Columbia Restaurants Tour.        Dogwood Hills in Osage Beach
Donated by Murry’s; Upper            w/two nights lodging, round
Crust; CC’s City Broiler; Mugs       for four at Columbia Country
Up; Sophia’s; Bull Pen; Papa         Club, round for four with carts
Murphy’s; G &D Pizza; House of       at the Country Club of Missouri
Chow; Anita’s Homestyle              & round for four at the Club of
Catering; Bennigan’s; and            Old Hawthorne (Open Spring
Everett’s                            2007). Donated by Dogwood
2. Shooters Package.                 Hills Golf Club, Lake Ozark
A certificate for a Cedar Creek      Vacations, Columbia Country
Rod & Gun Club 4-Person pack-        Club, Country Club of Missouri,
age with 50 targets each and         and Billy Sapp
lunch. Select from skeet,            8. St. Louis Cardinals Baseball    Jack Bozarth, Dulcie Kidwell (in blue) and Marnie Tutt
trap,wobble skeet, modified          Legends Jersey. Signed by Ozzie    wait to start the live auction.
int’l trap, 5-stand, Make-A-         Smith, Albert Pujols, Mark
Brake & sporting clays. Top it all   McGwire and Tony LaRussa.
off with four 100-bird rounds of     Provided by Gallery of Dreams
sporting clays at River Hills        9. Child’s Ride With Truman the
Sporting Clays. Donated by           Tiger on the Old Firetruck
River Trading Company, Inc.—         Before an MU Home Football
Bill Schondelmeyer; Cedar            Game. Donated by Boone
Creek Rod & Gun Club—Mary            County Fire Protection District—
Ann Gates; and River Hills           Steven Paulsell
Sporting Clays—The Picketts.         10. Framed and Autographed
3. Albert Pujols Jersey.             Carl Edwards T-Shirt Collage.
Signed by baseball’s latest          Expertly framed and ready for
superstar (who rarely grants an      display. Donated by The Frame                                         Dr. and Mrs. Mark Vellek
autograph). Provided by Gallery      Shop/Brady’s Glass—Emily Brady
of Dreams                            11. One Day Dove Hunt for                                             took home the Lance
4. St. Louis Cardinals Jersey.       Two. Donated by Evans Farms        Larry Atterberry                   Armstrong signed jersey.
This is your chance to own a         L.P.—Bryce Evans
piece of Cardinals history. Jersey   12. John Deere Tricycle & 16”      without the work. Includes,        and Framed Jersey. Provided by
signed by Stan Musial, Bob           Bicycle. Donated by Farm Power     preparation, cooking, beans,       Gallery of Dreams
Gibson, Ozzie Smith and Steve        Lawn & Leisure—Bill Burnett        coleslaw, and serving of a pig     21. Michael Jordan Celebrity
Carlton. Provided by Gallery of      13. Baseball Monopoly Game         for up to 100 people. Pig donat-   Invitational Signed Golf Balls.
Dreams                               Board. Signed & Custom             ed by Jack & Ann Bozarth, pre-     Signed by Michael Jordan,
5. An Evening of Bird Watching       Framed. It would almost be eas-    pared by Larry Converse.           Wayne Gretzky, Roger Clemens,
for Four.                            ier to list which baseball great   17. Garden—Just Add Water.         Barry Bonds & John Elway.
Taking a private flight into St.     hasn’t signed this unique item!    Huge potted planter. Donated       Ready for display! Provided by
Louis, hop in a provided car at      Provided by Gallery of Dreams      by Superior Gardens                Gallery of Dreams
the FBO, and watch a Cardinals’      14. St. Louis Cardinals Home       18. Male Country Stars Guitar.     22. Up Up and Away!
baseball game from a third-          Plate signed by Ozzie Smith,       Signed by Merle Haggard,           Chartered balloon ride for two
base field box with three            Stan Musial, Lou Brock, Bob        Willie Nelson, George Strait,      in a four passenger balloon.
friends. Donated by Bob              Gibson & Enos Slaughter. Ready     Tim McGraw, Alan Jackson,          Donated by Balloon Stormers—
Lemone & Hemmingway’s                to hang! Provided by Gallery of    Garth Brooks, Toby Keith and       Gary Sines
LTD.—Dru & Dawn Vaughn               Dreams                             Brooks & Dunn. Provided by         23. Segway Weekend for Two.
6. Case of Fine 2000 European        15. Rams Experience of a           Gallery of Dreams                  Rental of two Segways Friday
Wine. Six bottles of St. Emilion     Lifetime. Includes two St. Louis   19. John Hardy Sterling Silver     through Sunday. Donated by
Grand Cru (Chateau La                Rams tickets in the owner’s box,   18-in. Flat Open Link Necklace.    Segway of Missouri—Jose & Jay
Bonnelle); three bottles of          with all food and beverages        With Toggle & Buddha-Belly         Linder
Italian Claret (Barbaresco); and     provided, two pre-game field       Style Sterling Silver/Omega        24. 2005 Masters Signed Pin
three bottles of Italian Claret      passes and a one-night stay at     Pierced Earrings from the Kali     Flag. Custom framed and
(Barolo). Donated by Bill &          any Drury Hotel. Donated by St.    Collection. Donated by Garry B.    signed by Jack Nicklaus, Arnold
Martha Lucas                         Louis Rams—Mike Moyneur &          Robinson Jewelers—Patt and         Palmer and many other famous
7. Golfer’s Package. Includes:       Drury Hotels—Chuck Drury           Garry Robinson                     golfers. Provided by Gallery of
Two rounds for two with cart at      16. Instant Party! Pig roast fun   20. Lance Armstrong Signed         Dreams

                                                                                            ANNUAL REPORT 2006                         35
2006 Gala

Larry Atterberry Jr. displays the guitar signed by sev-       Gala attendees look over some of the 172 items avail-
eral country starts. The guitar brought in $1,600.            able in the silent auction.

Purchasers of Live Auction Items
Don Albert                      Brent & Lisa Gibson           David L. Thompson
Clark Arthur                    Jennifer Hallam               Mark J. Vellek
Walter H. Bley, Jr.             Darrel & Georgia              James Volmert
Melinda Lee Boice                  Haymart                    Ronald Wright
Timothy Burnam                  Fred Hinshaw
Bill Burnett                    Daniel P. Kellar                  Thank you!
Joe Carpenter                   Bob Lemone
                                                               25 Live Auction
John Cleek                      Christopher Pascucci
Delbert Jacobs                  Billy Rapp                      items brought
                                                                                                 Larry Atterberry displays
Aubrey Galloway                 Thomas Schneider                    $30,600                      an item prior to bidding.

               Purchasers of Silent Auction Items
Jacklyn Adkison                 James M. & Pamela K. Clark    Jose Lindner                       Genie B. Rogers
Don & Helen Albert              John & Heather Cleek          William R. Lovig                   Danny Sapp
Gary Banks                      Dan R. & Cathy Clinkinbeard   Rachel Mazzocco                    Stuart & Melanie Spradling
Russell W. & Denise R. Berry    Timothy & Julia Crockett      Brett A. Mccallister               George W. & Jean S. Tallen
Betty Black                     Sharon Curry                  James R. Moore                     Nike L. & Carolyn K.
William A & Kathy R. Black      Bill R. Crockett              S.J. McClintic & S.F. Morris III      Thompson
Michael L. Boicourt             Tee Dozier                    W. Neate                           Marnie H. Tutt
Ray & Charlotte Boothe          Nathan T. Eckhoff             Steve H. & Betty A. Oetker         Bruce H. & Nancy Wilson
Emily G. Brady                  Deborah Garrett               John Old                           Elizabeth H. Woolcott
David Brown                     Martha Glawson                David Ponder                       Brad Wright
Wade & Tammy Burgher            Fred N. & Janet M. Hinshaw    William E. & Myrtle Rapp
Pod Karl S. Burkett & Lisa K.   Dennis Kidwell                Daniel J. & Rachel J. Rau            Many thanks!
   Keeney                       Juanita Kidwell               Stephen J. Reichlin
Nancy J. Burkett                Dulcenia Kidwell              V. James & Verna Adwell            Our Silent Auction
Jim & Melinda Cherrington       Steve Lee                         Rhodes                          brought $9,600

                                                                                                             2006 Gala
         Silent Auction
       Items and Donors
1. George Brett Signed Bat w/Tube.         29. George W. Bush Presidential
Provided by Gallery of Dreams              Cigars. Provided by Gallery of Dreams
2. Signed Desperate Housewives Cast        30. Bill Clinton Signed Framed Photo.
Photo. Provided by Gallery of Dreams       Provided by Gallery of Dreams
3. Ted Danson Framed Photo. Provided       31. Jamie Foxx as Ray Charles,
by Gallery of Dreams                       Framed. Provided by Gallery of
4. Orlando Lepeda Framed Photo.            Dreams
Provided by Gallery of Dreams              32. Kenny Chesney Framed Photo.
5. Snow White Framed Disney Print.         Provided by Gallery of Dreams
Provided by Gallery of Dreams              33. The Aviator Signed, Framed Cast
6. Dreams Under the Sea Framed             Photo. Provided by Gallery of Dreams
Disney Print. Provided by Gallery of       34. Signed ER Cast Framed Photo.
Dreams                                     Provided by Gallery of Dreams
7. Mickey’s Christmas Carol Framed         35. Signed Jack Nickaus, Arnold
Disney Print. Provided by Gallery of       Palmer & Gary Player Framed Photo.
Dreams                                     Provided by Gallery of Dreams
                                                                                    Stephens College Events Planning Class students help
8. Jack Nicklaus Stat Pin Flag. Provided   36. Tony Hawk Signed Framed Photo.       cash out high bidders after an exciting auction.
by Gallery of Dreams                       Provided by Gallery of Dreams
9. Arnold Palmer Stat Pin Flag.            37. Batman Begins Cast Photo Framed      Gift Certificate. Donated by Roger       70. Taste of Missouri Basket. Donated
Provided by Gallery of Dreams              w/10 Autographs. Provided by Gallery     Berg’s Creative Photo                    by I.B. Nuts & Fruit Too
10. Joe Sakic Jersey. Provided by          of Dreams                                54. Meta-Health Stop Smoking Laser       71. Bottle of Opus Wine. Donated by
Gallery of Dreams                          38. NYPD Blue Photo, Framed and          Therapy (Two Sessions). Donated by       Jack’s Gourmet—Ken & Melissa
11. David Beckman Framed Photo.            Signed. Provided by Gallery of Dreams    Meta-Health                              Applegate
Provided by Gallery of Dreams              39. William J. Clinton Presidential      55. Meta-Health Stop Smoking Laser       72. Red Croc Shoes. Donated by
12. 2004 Skins Game Program 4              Cigars. Provided by Gallery of Dreams    Therapy (Two Sessions). Donated by       American Shoe
Autographs. Provided by Gallery of         40. Paul McCartney Signed Framed         Meta-Health                              73. Pastel of Flowers. Donated by
Dreams                                     Print. Provided by Gallery of Dreams     56. Comfort Suites One Night Stay        Dawkins Drawings—Amy Dawkins
13. NFL Hall of Fame Program 4             41. Mark McGwire & Sammy Sosa            Gift Certificate. Donated by Comfort     74. Wine Gift Set (Four Glasses and
Autographs. Provided by Gallery of         Signed Custom Framed Baseballs.          Suites–Shelley Sigholtz                  Holder). Donated by Lee Freese
Dreams                                     Provided by Gallery of Dreams            57. One-of-a-Kind Handcrafted            75. Bart Larson “Tiger Spirt” Custom
14. Michael Schumacher Framed              42. Kansas City Chiefs Football Team     Birdhouse. Donated by Lee Freese         Framed. Donated by The Frame
Photo. Provided by Gallery of Dreams       Pennant Signed by Tony Gonzalez.         58. Busch/Michelob Ultra Embroidered     Shop/Brady’s Glass—Emily Brady
15. Ozzie Smith Signed Bat w/Tube.         Donated by the K.C. Chiefs Football      Golf Bag. Donated by Anheuser Busch      76. Dart Board in Cabinet w/Darts.
Provided by Gallery of Dreams              Club                                     59. Handmade Paper Collage. Donated      Donated by Lee Freese
16. Frasier Cast Photo.                    43. Handmade Sterling Silver Rosary.     by Bluestem Missouri Crafts              77. Old Busch Stadium/St. Louis Arch
Signed by Kelsey Grammer, John             Donated by Melinda Lee Boice             60. Nine Empty Beam’s Choice             Custom Framed. Donated by The
Mahoney, Jane Leeves, David Hyde           44. Silk Flower Arrangement. Donated     Collector’s Edition Bottles              Frame Shop/Brady’s Glass—Emily Brady
Pierce & Peri Gilpin. Provided by          by Melinda Lee Boice                     & One Empty Wild Turkey Collector’s      78. Old Fashioned Slot Machine.
Gallery of Dreams                          45. Martini Collection w/4 Vodkas,       Edition Bottle. Donated by Dr.           Donated by T. Dozier
17. Austrian Crystal Tennis Bracelet.      Vermouth, Olives & Shaker. Donated       Abraham Eisenstark                       79. Busch Stadium Infield Photo
Provided by Gallery of Dreams              by Major Brands—Danny & Rachel Rau       61. Large (1.75 liters) Bottle of Jack   Custom Framed. Donated by The
18. 1999 USA Ryder Cup Team, 12            46. Wild Turkey Single Barrel Kentucky   Daniels Whisky. Donated by Jack &        Frame Shop/Brady’s Glass—Emily Brady
Autographs, Framed. Provided by            Whiskey. Donated by Major Brands—        Ann Bozarth                              80. Faurot Field Infield MU Custom
Gallery of Dreams                          Danny & Rachel Rau                       62. Fish/Depth Finder by Bottom Line     Framed Photo. Donated by The Frame
19. Lou Brock Framed Photo. Provided       47. Wild Turkey Rare Breed Barrel        “Tournament 1101.” Donated by            Shop/Brady’s Glass-—Emily Brady
by Gallery of Dreams                       Proof. Donated by Major Brands—          Putnam Boat Sales—Russ, Linda, Butch     81. Dewalt Cordless Jobsite Radio.
20. Ozzie Smith Framed Photo.              Danny & Rachel Rau                       & Debbie Putnam                          Donated by REW Materials
Provided by Gallery of Dreams              48. Small Batch Knob Creek 9-year-old    63. Collector’s Edition Bottle of Jim    82. Jennifer Taylor Lithograph.
21. Alex Rodriguez Framed Photo.           Straight Bourbon Whiskey. Donated        Beam. Donated by Jack & Ann Bozarth      Donated by Holly Wygant
Provided by Gallery of Dreams              by Major Brands—Danny & Rachel Rau       64. Faux Skin Tapered Planter.           83. Two Night Stay in Deluxe Queen
22. Stan Musial Framed Photo.              49. Bookers True Barrel Bourbon.         Donated by Putnam’s Interiors            Room w/2 Queen Beds--Branson, MO.
Provided by Gallery of Dreams              Donated by Major Brands—Danny &          65. Kiwi Strawberry Scented Candle.      Donated by Hotel Grand Victorian—
23. George Bush Baseball. Provided by      Rachel Rau                               Donated by Razzle Dazzle Girlz—Tracy     Jim Diehl
Gallery of Dreams                          50. Basil Hayden’s 8-year-old Kentucky   Brown & Emily Wittcher                   84. Billiard Cue & Case. Donated by
24. Sterling Silver Necklace.              Straight Bourbon Whiskey. Donated        66. Far Nine Sequined Purse.             Schmidt Billiards
Provided by Gallery of Dreams              by Major Brands—Danny & Rachel Rau       Donated by Razzle Dazzle Girlz—Tracy     85. Two One-Day Admission Tickets to
25. Wynonna Judd Framed Photo.             51. Bakers 7-year-old Kentucky           Brown & Emily Wittcher                   Six-Flags St. Louis/
Provided by Gallery of Dreams              Bourbon Whiskey-Small Batch              67. Budwiser Collector’s Beer Mug.       Hurricance Harbor. Donated by
26. Reba McEntire Album. Provided by       Collection. Donated by Major             Donated by Jack & Ann Bozarth            SixFlags St. Louis—Evon Addison
Gallery of Dreams                          Brands—Danny & Rachel Rau                68. 5 Bottle Flavored Vodka Package.     86. Windchime. Donated by D&H Drug
27. Rolling Stones Album. Provided by      52. Kent’s Floral Gallery $75 Gift       Donated by Major Brands—Danny &          Store
Gallery of Dreams                          Certificate. Donated by Kent’s Floral    Rachel Rau                               87. Orginal Watercolor (Artist’s Proof)
28. Matt Damon & Ben Affleck Framed        Galery—Kent Anderson                     69. Black & White TV w/AM/FM Radio.      by J.R. Hamil (Noted K.C. Landscape
Photo. Provided by Gallery of Dreams       53. Roger Berg’s Creative Photo $100     Donated by Lee Freese                    Arist). Donated by Jackie Kian Mehr

                                                                                                            ANNUAL REPORT 2006                                  37
2006 Gala
88. One Set of 13 Columbia Art                                                                                               Clips
Festival Posters. Donated by Columbia                                                                                        147. The Strand Ladies Haircut & Style
Office of Cultural Affairs—Marie                                                                                             Gift Cerfificate. Donated by The
Hunter                                                                                                                       Strand—Christy Huggans & Mitchell
89. Craftsman Handmade Jewlery Set                                                                                           Farris
with Earrings, Necklace & Bracelet.                                                                                          148. Fantastic Sams Haircut Gift
Donated by Monica Schumacher                                                                                                 Certificate. Donated by Fantastic
90. One Orchid. Donated by Orchids &                                                                                         Sams—Donna Wheeler
Art—Kelly Coalier                                                                                                            149. K.C. Royals Home Plate Signed by
91. Zenith 20” LCD TV (NTSC Tuner                                                                                            George Brett, Frank White & Willie
Built In). Donated by Cleek’s                                                                                                Wilson. Provided by Gallery of Dreams
Appliances—John Cleek                                                                                                        150. Framed Stan Musial 12x36” Print.
92. Basket of Health Products.                                                                                               Provided by Gallery of Dreams
Donated by Wren Health—Barb Wren                                                                                             151. Highwaymen Guitar Signed by
93. 2000 Caymus Vineyards–                                                                                                   Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash,
Cabernet Sauvignon. Donated by                                                                                               Waylon Jennings & Kris Kristofferson.
Shelter Insurance—Brad Wright                                                                                                Provided by Gallery of Dreams
94. Beige & Blue Vase. Donated by                                                                                            152. SignedK.C. Chiefs Helmet.
Works in Clay—Yolanda Ciolli                                                                                                 Provided by Gallery of Dreams
95. 1999 Groth–Cabernet Sauvignon.                                                                                           153. Framed 2002 PGA Grand Slam
Donated by Shelter Insurance—Brad                                                                                            Poster Signed by Tiger Woods and
Wright                                                                                                                       others. Provided by Gallery of Dreams
96. Tussie Mussie Gift Set (Potpourri,   The women of the Delta Chi chapter of the Alphi Phi                                 154. Regis Salon Missouri-Shaped
Candle, & Washbag). Donated by           Sorority–William Woods University help Alison Fea                                   Haircare Basket. Donated by Regis
Victoria Suzanne Cooper                                                                                                      Salon—Nancy Wilson
97. 1997 Big Horn Ranch–                 (center) cash out high bidders after the auction.                                   155. Black & Decker Crossfire Auto
Cabernet Sauvignon. Donated by                                                                                               Leveling Laser. Donated by Westlake
Shelter Insurance—Brad Wright            by Inside Columbia—Fred & Melodie         Donated by Arbonne International—         Ace Hardware
98. Interior & Exterior Pest Control     Perry                                     Mary Gilbert                              156. Year of Beer—A Growler of Great
Spraying. Donated by Steve’s Pest        116. Cosmopolitan Collection Salad        132. Two $20 Gift Certificates.           Craft-Brewed Beer Every Month.
Control                                  Servers. Donated by McAdams LTD.          Donated by All Dogs & Cats                Donated by Flat Branch Pub and
99. Pietro Beretta Mod. 84BB 13 Shot     117. Sterling Silver Necklace &           133. $100 Gift Certificate. Donated by    Brewing Co.—Lance Wood
380 Auto. #D31895Y. Donated by           Matching Earrings Set by Monika Jain.     Show Me Farms—Mary Lou & Don              157. Glass Flower Basket. Donated by
Garry Banks                              Donated by McAdams LTD.                   Mayse                                     A Friend of CRC
100. Sonicare Tooth & Gum Care           118. Crystal Martini Pitcher. Donated     2006 Jim Kidwell Memorial Gala            158. Assorted Basket of Perfumes.
System. Donated by Marge Trainor         by McAdams LTD.                           134. Two Booche’s T-Shirts & $20 Gift     Donated by A Friend of CRC
101. Pair of Painted Wildlife Plates.    118. Velvet Lined Silver Plated Jewelry   Certificate. Donated by Booche’s          159. Cracker Barrel Adult Rocking
Donated by T. Dozier                     Box. Donated by McAdams LTD.              135. 25-Foot Magnetic Tape. Donated       Chair. Donated by Mid-America
102. K.C. Royals Package. Donated by     119. Roosterware Water Pitcher–Hand       by Rapp Electric—Billy Rapp               Realty—Billie Hussey
K.C. Royals Baseball Club & Clarion      Glazed. Donated by McAdams LTD.           136. Nut Driver Set. Donated by Rapp      160. Friday or Saturday Night Stay in a
Hotels                                   120. Roosterware Large Platter.           Electric—Billy Rapp                       King Suite w/Breakfast. Donated by
103. Ice Cream Freezer. Donated by       Donated by McAdams LTD.                   137. 6-Foot Ladder. Donated by Rapp       Courtyard by Marriott
Sentinel Lumber & Hardwall—              121. “Bottoms Up” Four-Section            Electric—Billy Rapp                       161. Joe Machens Ford Jacket.
Don Farris                               Serving Tray. Donated by McAdams          138. Stephens College Playhouse           Donated by Joe Machens Ford, Inc.—
104. Budweiser Clydesdale Mirror.        LTD.                                      Season Passes Gift Certificate.           Lynn Dally
Donated by Jack & Ann Bozarth            122. Cosmopolitan Collection Butter       Donated by Stephens College Theatre       162. Joe Machens Ford Jacket.
105. Golf Hat & Sweatshirt. Donated      Dish w/Knife. Donated by McAdams          Department—Robert Doyen & Peter           Donated by Joe Machens Ford, Inc.—
by Don Farris                            LTD.                                      Byger                                     Lynn Dally
106. Mizzou Football Home Opener         123. Popcorn Basket, Herbal Tea &         139. Stephens College Playhouse           163. Joe Machens Ford Golf Shirt.
Package. Donated by Mizzou Athletic      Ring Holder. Donated by Helen Easley      Season Passes Gift Certificate            Donated by Joe Machens Ford, Inc.—
Department—Brenda Baker                  House—Helen Easley                        Donated by Stephens College Theatre       Lynn Dally
107. Three Flowering Shrubs. Donated     124. Two $25 Gift Certificates.           Department—Robert Doyen & Peter           164. Joe Machens Ford Golf Shirt.
by Forever Green Nursery—Tanaine &       Donated by Award Pet Supply               Byger                                     Donated by Joe Machens Ford, Inc.—
Jim Kulkch                               —Chuck Everett                            140. Silestone Granite Paver & Etching    Lynn Dally
108. Variety of Hair & Body Products.    125. One Interview + Weekend              Service. Donated by Creative Stone &      165. Autographed Picture of Carl
Donated by A Show of Hands               Overnight Boarding at South Paw           Applied Graphics                          Edwards. Donated by Joe Machens
109. Two Club Seats for Kenny            Acres. Donated by South Paw Acres—        141. $25 Gift Certificate. Donated by     Ford, Inc.—Lynn Dally
Chesney Show at UMC. Donated by          Faye Nowell                               Strawberry Hills Farm—Joyce Sapp          166. Framed 2’ x 2’ Print by Itzchak
Little Dixie Construction—Bob & Sara     126. One Free Night Stay at Hampton       142. Local Tow $40 Gift Certificate.      Tarkay. Donated by Sally Estes
Lemone                                   Inn–Columbia, MO. Donated by              Donated by Perry Towing, Inc.—Doug        167. Autographed Football by Coach
110. Bath & Body Works Gift Set          Hampton Inn—Amy Schneider                 Perry                                     Gary Pinkel. Donated by Joe Machens
(Large Basket). Donated by Travis &      127. One Month Membership Curves          143. Comfort Suites One Night Stay        Ford, Inc.—Lynn Dally
Yolanda Burnett                          Gift Certificate. Donated by Curves       Gift Certificate. Donated by Comfort      168. Arbonne Anti Aging Skin Care
111. Pair of Budwiser Folding Chairs-    128. Toy Stuffed Bear & White Buffalo.    Suites–Shelley Sigholtz                   Set. Donated by Emily Brady
in-a-Bag. Donated by N.S. Scheppers      Donated by Helen Easley House—            144. Varsity Clips Haircare Products &    169. Julia Lu Painting On Glass.
Distributing                             Helen Easley                              Haircut Gift Certificate. Donated by      Donated by Julia Lu
113. Mikasa Crystal Vase. Donated by     129. $250 Gift Certificate. Donated by    Varsity Club—Shelle Simpson               170. Julia Lu Painting On Glass.
Bryce & Lisa Edwards                     Bright City Lights—Kay Wax                145. A Polished Nail Manicure &           Donated by Julia Lu
114. U.S. Waterfowl Stamps Framed        130. Two $50 Beef Package Gift            Pedicure Gift Certificate. Donated by A   171. Julia Lu “Roses” Painted on Glass.
Print. Donated by Woody Woodson          Certificate. Donated by Prime Source      Polished Nail—Mindy Nelson                Donated by Julia Lu
115. Gift Certificate for 1 year of      Angus, LLC.—Gary Bare                     146. 3 Great Clips Haircut & Blow Dry     172. Julia Lu Painting On Glass.
Inside Columbia Magazine. Donated        131. Mom & Baby Creme Package.            Gift Certificates. Donated by Great       Donated by Julia Lu

                                                  Around the Lab
        t CRC we know that
        scientists come in all
        sizes. Encouraging
young people, even when it is
something as simple as advice
on a school science project,
can touch off the career of a
cancer researcher or Nobel
prize winner. You just never
know. CRC is committed to
the community, and when
Aaron Harris wanted to tour a
working lab and discuss his
science project, we jumped at
the opportunity. Everyone in
the lab had a great time visit-
ing with an eager young sci-        CRC Lab Manager Alison Fea looks on as Andrew and Aaron Harris learn
entist and his family. Keep up      to streak material out on an agar plate. Practice makes perfect!
the good work, Aaron!
                                    some “seed” for the next crop,
                                    and use the cells to test and

      RC has a rather strange
      garden to tend. While         perfect our cancer-hungry
      most toil in the soil to      Salmonella strain. Some gar-
grow blooms and veggies, we         den in soil—we garden in bot-
grow cancer cells. Every day        tles, but the rewards are still
they are checked, fed, and          just a rich.
tended. Depending on the            At right, Ray Freese Fellow Dr. Rob
strain, a week or so later we       Kazmierczak is hard at work in the
harvest the garden, set aside       tissue culture hood.

                                           Serving Central Missouri’s real estate needs
                                           with offices in Columbia, Centralia, Hallsville,
                                           Paris, Lake Ozark, Camden, Osage Beach-Hwy 54,
                                           and Osage Beach-KK

                                           Call 1-800-289-4622
                                           or visit
 Service You Deserve. People You Trust.    for more than 2 million listings across the country

                                                                     A N N UA L R E P O RT 2 0 0 6     39
Opportunities for Giving
       onations to the Cancer
       Research Center, unless
       otherwise directed, go to
three main funds.
   Director’s Scholarships
and Internships. In conjunc-
tion with our research mission,
Dr. Eisenstark engages promis-
ing students in order to
enhance their scientific back-
grounds. We have programs
for high school students, under-    Jack Bozarth (left), CRC development     Will Watson, trustee of the Mizzou
graduate and graduate stu-          director, receives a contribution from   Aerie 2730 of the of the Fraternal
dents and postdoctoral fellows.     Pete Laguna, business manager of         Order of the Eagles, presents a dona-
Each category has opportunities     the Columbia Sam’s Club.                 tion to Marnie Tutt, CRC director.
to participate in our research to   stipends and other financial
one degree or another. For          help based on their training
more information, contact Dr.       and experience.
Abraham Eisenstark.                    We are very fortunate to
   The Ray Freese Memorial          receive tremendous support
Fellowship in Cancer                from fraternal organizations
Research. This fellowship sup-      from around the state. The
ports a postdoctoral scientist      Fraternal Order of Eagles, the
who engages in basic research       Order of the Eastern Star and
at CRC in the development of a      the Cosmopolitan Club of
professional career finding         Columbia have for years gener-
ways to reduce cancer deaths.       ously supported our work.
   The Pamela Dunn Legacy           Friends of the CRC frequently            Marnie Tutt (left), CRC director,
of Life. Due to her dedication      obtain their employer’s help to          accepts a generous donation from
and contributions to cancer         make outright donations or               Mrs. Retha Felkner, past Worthy
                                                                             Grand Matron of the Order of the
research, the Cancer Research       participate in a company’s               Eastern Star.
Center established the Dr.          matching funds programs.
Pamela Dunn Legacy of Hope in       When you participate in our              memorial donation in memory
her honor. The legacy is used       annual Jim Kidwell Memorial              of a loved one.
to recognize individuals, busi-     Gala, whether by buying a                   An additional way you can
nesses and foundations who          table or sponsoring the event,           contribute to our research is
demonstrate a tangible interest     your contribution goes to our            through a simple bequest in
in supporting the CRC.              biggest fundraiser of the year.          your will. Your personal situa-
   Income from these funds pro-     Donations can be made                    tion will determine whether
vide for instruments, books         through our once yearly direct           any type of bequest would be
and support for our scientists      mail appeal, through our web             advantageous to you as well as
who receive fellowships,            site’s PayPal page or with a             to the Cancer Research Center.

 Freese Memorial Fellowship
                                      Raymond Freese, a local builder, developer, and president of
                                      Boone County Lumber Company, was a member of the CRC
                                      Board of Trustees for 21 years, beginning in 1973. He worked
                                      tirelessly to secure funding and support for various CRC projects
                                      and was especially devoted to the CRC Gala. Ray lost his sister
                                      and several close friends to cancer and decided to do what he
                                      could to fight this lethal disease. Unfortunately, he lost his own
                                      battle with cancer in 1994. After his death, the CRC Board of
                                      Trustees set up the Raymond W. Freese Memorial Fellowship.
                                      This fellowship is awarded to promising postdoctoral scientists
                                      for an initial one-year appointment, with reappointment for
                                      additional years based on performance. The stipend is compara-
                                      ble to those awarded by the Health Sciences Center at the
                                      University of Missouri-Columbia. The major research project is
                                      prostate tumor therapy with genetically altered Salmonella.
                                      Applicants are expected to have (1) expertise in molecular genet-
ics of bacteria, (2) willingness to develop a mouse testing model, (3) skills in writing grant proposals
and manuscripts, (4) skills in presenting research results at national meetings, and (5) skills to develop
projects independently and creatively.

                    Resumes may be submitted via one of the following:
             University of Missouri campus mail to A. Eisenstark, 110 Tucker Hall
                    E-mail with attachments to
                                    FAX to 573-443-1202 or
          Mail to Cancer Research Center, 3501 Berrywood Dr., Columbia, MO 65201

Your Name: __________________________________________________________________________________________

Address ______________________________________________________________________Phone ________________

City ____________________________________________________________________State/ZIP code ______________

q I have enclosed a check payable to Cancer Research Center in the amount of $__________
q Please charge my: q Mastercard q VISA Amount: $__________ Exp date:__________

This gift is given: q in memory of   q in honor of q as a tribute to __________________________________________
Please notify the following of this gift:

Name: ______________________________________________________________________________________________

City: ____________________________________________________________________State/ZIP code ______________
Cancer Research Center      Non-Profit
3501 Berrywood Drive       U.S. Postage
Columbia, Missouri 65201
                           Columbia, MO
                           Permit No. 49