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					                                N AVAL L ODGE N O . 87                           F. & A. M.

                                     V OLUME 15, I SSUE 5             M AY 2008
Vision Statement: Naval Lodge No. 87 provides opportunities to practice leadership, serve
the community, and improve ones self. The Lodge provides a venue for personal networking I NSIDE THIS ISSUE :
and a forum to practice Brotherly Love, Relief, and Truth. The Lodge encourages the develop-
ment of friendships, not only within the Lodge, but also among the entire Masonic Family. The From the East 1
Lodge and its members develop activities for themselves, their families, and the community.   24” Gauge     2
                                                                                                     May Birthdays                2
    F ROM T HE E AST                                                                                 3rd Degree Anniversary       3
                                                                                                     Cancer Support Group         3
I   t is with a great deal of Joy, pride, & re-
    spect that I am able to announce the 2008
Mason of the Year recipient is Worshipful
                                                             Then on Monday, May 12, 2008
                                                   Naval Lodge No. 87 will be hosting La Par-
                                                   fait Union Lodge No. 17 from San Fran-
                                                                                                     May Calendar                 4

Bro. Glenn Munkres. A distinguished Past           cisco as they confer the French First Degree      Officer Roster               5
Master who continually strives to serve the        on their candidate. If you have never seen the    Committees                   5
members of our lodge. He is truly a “traveling     French First Degree, then you need to see this
man,” splitting his time between Quebec,           degree! It is performed entirely in French!       From the West                6
Canada and California. Glenn has left an un-       There will be a dinner at 6:30pm. $40.00 per      From the South               7
deniable mark on our fraternity by setting         person. Please call the Lodge Secretary at        In Memoriam                  8
great examples of what masonry is and what         (707) 644-0124 to RSVP. If you do not want
masons are. He is a military man, a commu-         dinner, just come to the degree at 7:30pm.                 Brother Langford
nity man, a devoted family man ... a bet-          All Masons are welcome to come! Please            will be arranging a catered din-
ter man.                                           bring all of the Entered Apprentices and Fel-     ner that will, without a doubt,
          I would like to say thank you to         lowcrafts you know to see this unique degree.     be the talk of the lodge. Please
Glenn’s family, and his beautiful wife On-                   We are going to be busy with de-        RSVP to the Junior Warden
etta, for continually sharing your father and      grees through out the remainder of the year.      before Friday, May 9, 2008.
husband with us. You know what they say,           Coming up we have FIVE first degrees sched-                Please remember our
“Behind every successful man is a GREAT            uled for the month of May. The following          potlucks are growing in size
WOMAN!” Yes Onetta, you are a great                men have been elected to receive the degrees      each and every month. I invite
woman. Your husband is all right too!              of masonry in our lodge. Mr. Richard Mad-         you all to invite you family,
          There will be a delightful dinner        dux, Mr. Martin Aurelio, Mr. Curtis               friends, neighbors, and those
sponsored by the Santa Rosa Scottish Rite          Wise, Mr. Benigno Aspuria, and Mr.                who may be just interested in
in September for all of the Mason of the Year      Marcelo Eustaquio.                                finding out who we are, to
recipients. The recipients will have their pic-              Please see the calendar for dates. In   come up and join us for great
ture taken with the Grand Master of Cali-          April, we raised Brothers Michael Schwab          food and fellowship.
fornia while receiving their Mason of the Year     & Alex Pader to the sublime degree of Mas-
certificate. I almost forgot, you get to hear me   ter Mason as well as passing to the degree of                   Fraternally yours,
sing. Ha! Ha! (Inside Joke) We love you            Fellow Craft Brothers James Jaeger and
Glenn and we are fortunate to count you as a       Noel O'Brien. It is important that we sup-                    Albert C. Lawson
brother, whithersoever dispersed.                  port our new brothers by attending their de-                               Master
          We hope all Fellowcrafts and Master      grees.
Masons can join us when we visit Firma                       I also want to invite everyone to at-
Lodge No. 27. They are a Prince Hall               tend the Hiram Award Presentation and Din-
Lodge in Vallejo. They will be having their        ner on May 22, 2008, for our dedicated
stated meeting then a 2nd degree on Friday,        Brother Jack E. Krous Sr. I hope all of you
May 2, 2008. Please meet at 7:00pm at 1209         will come and show your support for this de-
Georgia St. Vallejo, CA 94590-6334. Nearest        serving brother.
cross street is Amador St.
           P AGE 2                                                                               V ALLEJO M ASONIC N EWS

                                                                           May Birthdays
         Twenty-Four Inch Gauge
            The following Brethren have reported as                 Name               Date               Name           Date
  being ill, injured, or indisposed.
                                                           Seth M. Coon               2-May    David A. Lidell           18-May
            Please feel free to call, visit, and/or send
  a card. Call the Master, or the Secretary, if you        LeRoy G. Taylor            2-May    Timothy J. Farrell        21-May
  need phone numbers and addresses.
            Antonio G. Espinosa                            John G. Irving, Sr.        4-May    Lloyd F. Grubbe           21-May

              Kenneth Kershner                             Frank S. Tool              5-May    Virgil F. Williams        23-May

                   Brad Larson                             John J. Huber              7-May    Walter J. Sorensen        24-May
                     Leo Paule                             Gary D. Shiner             7-May    Monte F. Starrett         25-May
                      Bill Tool                            Wyatt E. Windom            8-May    Marion C. Freeman         26-May
        Please notify the Senior Warden to
                                                           Edward P. Craft, Sr.       9-May    Vance T. Langford, Esq.   26-May
         report any Brother not on this list.
                                                           Ronald L. Richardson       9-May    Arnold R. Augustin        28-May

                                                           Hyman L. Rose              9-May    Warlito A. Moises         28-May
Please send an e-mail to
   and let us know if you wish to stop receiving the       Peter J. Axtman            10-May   James E. Mitchell, P.M.   29-May
        hard copy version of the Trestleboard
     and instead, receive an e-mail version only.          John R. Cowgill            12-May   Wayne P. Caldwell         30-May
 Right now, we mail out about 530 newsletters each
                                                           Michael Lara               12-May   William E. Moody          30-May
month. Please help us save postage costs if you do not
 want or need it sent via US Postal Mail. Thank you.       Kenneth J. Brisbin, P.M.   15-May

   THE SPRINGBROOK                                                                 The Vallejo Masonic News
                                                                                      Editor: Robert W. Wilson, P.M.
   MASONIC TEMPLE                                                                     P.O. Box 249 Vallejo, CA 94590
                                                                                              (707) 552-7464
       is available for rent.                                                           e-mail:
                                                                                  Assistant Editor: Bro. William Hems III
    For information about renting the building                                      Bulk Mailing: Ms. Lorraine Wilson
        for your event, wedding, reception,                                            Layout: Bro. Frederick Regala
     quinceañera , business meeting, reunion,                                                  Permit: No. 17
      birthday, christening, anniversary, etc.,                                               Issue: May 2008
    please call the Building Rental Coordinator                                             Volume 15, Issue 5
                          at                                                         Published Monthly (except July)

    (707) 644-8470                                                                        By Naval Lodge No. 87
                                                                                  Free and Accepted Masons of California
 V OLUME 15, I SSUE 5                                                                                                                   P AGE 3

                                       3rd Degree Anniversary—May 2008
Name                             Date Raised   Years   Name                           Date Raised   Years   Name                         Date Raised   Years

Byron W. Donlevy, M.D.            5/20/1943      65    Donald G. Demmon                5/25/1967      41    Jeffrey L. Massingham          5/21/1986     22

Merton J. Perry                   5/29/1945      63    John J. Clutter                 5/13/1968      40    Ronald L. Richardson           5/28/1987     21

William F. Pillsbury              5/10/1947      61    John W. Peabody                 5/14/1969      39    Vicente T. Atoigue             5/30/1987     21

David G. Potter                   5/10/1947      61    Augusto R. Quezon, P.M.         5/11/1972      36    Lorenzo M. Rodriguez, Sr.      5/10/1990     18

John J. Huber                     5/18/1949      59    Harley E. Johnson               5/13/1972      36    Carl M. Wade                   5/26/1990     18

Robert M. Scofield                5/18/1950      58    Michael Lara                    5/17/1972      36    Emerick P. Zavatsky            5/22/1991     17

Eugene V. Bunnell, Jr.            5/24/1951      57    Herbert R. Dillender, Jr.       5/24/1978      30    Anastacio N. Marquez           5/11/1995     13

Jerry F. Farris                   5/22/1952      56    Renato S. Mangabat              5/31/1979      29    Gary D. Shiner                 5/27/1995     13

Richard H. Nivarel, P.M.          5/20/1954      54    James E. Mitchell, P.M.         5/15/1980      28    David A. Lidell                5/23/1996     12

Robert W. Fulton                  5/22/1956      52    Edward P. Craft, Jr.            5/27/1981      27    Robert J. Cowgill              5/28/1998     10

Howard L. Madison                 5/26/1966      42    Gerry M. Jones                  5/11/1985      23    Frederick P. Regala            5/17/2007     1

                   C ANCER S UPPORT

O     ur April 21st meeting guest speaker was unable to at-
      tend. We will try to reschedule. John Lamb is trying
to have a guest speaker from the American Cancer Society
soon. We will keep you informed.
         Our next meeting will be May 19 at 6:30 p.m. at the
Temple. It is an open meeting for everyone.
         Please keep your thoughts and prayers for our
members and families who need our support.
         If you have any questions, contact Norma Maloney
at (707) 642-5825 or John Lamb at (707) 751-0945.

                                                                                    To all Members of Naval Lodge No. 87
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                  sales                                                            CMC, §27600, §27700, and Interpretation of Sections 27600 and
                    Since 1946     Appliances                                      27700 (formerly Section 15110) of the California Masonic Code.
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      1825 Springs Rd. Vallejo (707) 643-0071                                      (1993 G.M. Decision No. 5) (as modified by 1996 G.M. Decision
    Fulfilling your appliance needs since 1946                                     No. 3 and Recommendation No. 1).
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                                            information about advertising in your Trestleboard.
         P AGE 4                                                                                  V ALLEJO M ASONIC N EWS

                    May 2008
     Sun            Mon                  Tue                Wed                Thu                   Fri            Sat

                                                                        1                     2              3
May is . . . . Better Sleep Month, National Good Car Care Month,
                                                                 Naval Lodge Firma Lodge                           Rainbow
           National Photo Month, National Salad Month,               Potluck    Stated Meeting                      Benefit
          National Egg Month, National Barbecue Month,              6:30 pm     and 2nd Degree                     Concert
   Revise Your Work Schedule Month, Date Your Mate Month,        Stated Meeting     7:00pm                         6:00 pm
National Hamburger Month, and Fungal Infection Awareness Month      7:30 pm

4              5                 6                   7                  8            9                       10
                                                                         Naval Lodge
                                     Naval Lodge                          1st Degree
                                      1st Degree                           Conferral    OES
                DeMolay Stated          Practice           Rainbow        Mr. Maddux   Meeting                 King Solomon
                Meeting 7:30pm         7:00 pm           Board 7:00pm      7:00 pm     8:00pm                 Council 7:30pm

11             12                13                  14                 15            16                     17
                 Naval Lodge                          Thimble Club       Naval Lodge    June 2008
                  French 1st                           12:00 Noon         1st Degree   Trestleboard
                   Degree                                                 Mr. Aurelio   Submission
                Dinner 6:30pm      Royal Arch      Rainbow               and Mr. Wise    Deadline
                Degree 7:30pm    Meeting 7:30pm Meeting 7:00pm             7:00 pm       5:00pm

18             19                20                  21                 22           23                      24
                                        SMTA                             Naval Lodge                              Masonic
                                     Board Meeting                       Hiram Award
                                        7:00pm                               Dinner &                OES
                                                                            Presentation           Meeting       Sensational
                                  Commandery                            Bro. Jack Krous Sr.
                                 Meeting 7:30pm                                                    8:00 pm        Saturday
                                                                             6:30 pm

25             26                27                  28        29             30                             31
                 MEMORIAL          DeMolay            Thimble Club
                                                                Naval Lodge
                     DAY         Council 7:30pm        12:00 Noon1st Degree
                    Solano                                      Mr. Eustaquio      OSI                         Grand Lodge
                  Shrine Club      Royal Arch      Rainbow      & Mr. Aspuria     Benicia                     Formation Class
                Board 7:30pm     Meeting 7:30pm Meeting 7:00pm    7:00 pm        7:00 pm                        Sacramento
             P AGE 5                                                                              V ALLEJO M ASONIC N EWS

                 Officers of Naval Lodge No. 87                                                Naval Lodge No. 87
                                                                                               Financial Audit Committee
                       Masonic District: 150                                                       Wor. Henry Budding
                                             Senior Steward                                         Bro. Larry Vierra
Albert C. Lawson (Belinda)                   Joe Yow (Sarah)
                                             2 Benson Ave., Vallejo, CA 94590-3023
                                                                                             Masonic Formation Committee
 431 Valley Oak Ln, Vallejo, CA 94591-7835                                                        Bro. Jeff Massingham
                                             Home: (707) 553-8344 Cell:
 Home: (707) 554-8485 Cell: (510) 300-5118                                                          Bro. John Lamb
                                                                                                 Wor. Robert W. Wilson
                                             Junior Steward
Senior Warden                                Rey H. Santiago (Fe)                                Fundraising Committee
John R. Lamb (Heidi)                         1306 Hale Street, Vallejo, CA 94591-4132                Bro. John Lamb
310 Drake Court, Benicia, CA 94510-1521      Home: (707) 552-5704
Home: (707) 751-0945 Cell: (707) 333-5994                                                           Wor. Keith Wattles
                                             Gerald L. Bettman, P.M. (Dana)                    Springbrook Masonic
Junior Warden
V. Thomas Langford
                                             884 Rose Drive, Benicia, CA 94510-3603             Temple Association
                                             Home: (707) 747-0906
245 Military East, Benicia, CA 94510-2856
Home: (707) 746-8208                                                                                Executive Board                     Marshal                                           Bro. Barry Hughes– President
                                             Keith E. Wattles, P.M. (Kim)                   Wor. Charles Gardner– Vice President
Treasurer                                    185 Hilltop Drive, Vallejo, CA 94591-4271           Bro. Bill Hems– Secretary
Glenn R. Munkres, P.M. (Onetta)              Home: (707) 557-1991 Cell: (510) 914-6327        Wor. Keith Wattles– Treasurer
457 Vista Court, Benicia, CA 94510-2715
Home: (707) 745-6687 Cell: (707) 246-2227
                                                                                                SMTA Members at Large
                                             Organist                                             Bro. Charles Bailhache
                                             Charles A. Bailhache (Mary)                            Bro. James Cowan
Secretary                                    416 Ridge Avenue, Vallejo, CA 94591-8065
Robert W. Wilson, P.M.                       Home: (707) 644-1560
                                                                                                  Wor. Ken McKendry
P.O. Box 249 Vallejo, CA 94590-0024                         Bro. Robert Prenton
Cell: (415) 302-7270                                                                             Wor. Robert W. Wilson                               Tiler
                                             Jose M. Bautista, Jr. (Lourdes)                   SMTA Ex-Officio Members
Senior Deacon                                4961 Paramount Way, Fairfield, CA 94534-6447       Wor. Albert Lawson– Master
Robert S. Prenton (Jeanine)                  Home: (707) 864-6980 Cell: (707) 386-3625        Bro. John Lamb– Senior Warden
212 Clearview Dr., Vallejo, CA, 94591-7139
Home: (707) 643-3147 Cell: (707) 315-2702                           Officers Coach                                     SMTA Financial Advisor
                                                                                                  Wor. Glenn Munkres
                                             Leo B. Paule, P.M. (Priscilla)
Junior Deacon                                260 Stageline Dr., Vallejo, CA 94591-8418
James A. Cowan                               Home: (707) 557-5828 Cell: (707) 712-2850          SMTA Building Manager
137 Terrybrook Lane, Vallejo CA 94591-4250                      Elizabeth Gitmed
Home: (707) 644-5481                            District Inspector–
                                             150th Masonic District
Assistant Secretary                          Pascual “Donnie” Ecalnea, P.M.
William Hems III (Suzie)                     260 American Canyon Rd #24
444 Russell St., Vallejo CA 94591-6542       American Canyon, CA 94503-3066
Cell: (707) 567-6108                         Home: (707) 643-2538 Cell: (707) 334-4640                
           P AGE 6                                                                                 V ALLEJO M ASONIC N EWS

         F ROM T HE W EST

B     oy have we been busy this year, so
      busy we really have not been able to
plan anything fun.
                                             Masters year, should you choose me to
                                             serve in that capacity.
                                                       Gentlemen, we need your help.
                                                                                          valuable information on your Masonic
                                                                                                    On another note, I cannot re-
         We have over a dozen candi-         If you are coaching, you need to move        member seeing a GREAT BIG THANK
dates in various stages of degrees and we    your candidates along. They need to ex-      YOU to Wor. Wattles, Bro. Bob
are trying our hardest to get them on        perience the fullness of being a Master      Prenton and Sister Heidi Bucher-
their Masonic journey. Our goal was to       Mason. I would appreciate a call from        Lamb, for assisting in preparing the
use Masonic Formation to assist in this      you to give me an update on where you        parking lot hole for paving. This was a
project, but so far without success.         are in the process of the degrees in which   very physical project and these people
We currently have three certified Ma-        you are coaching. I am going to ask for a    were happy to participate. So if it was in
sonic Formation Officers. Bro. Jeff          date next month where all coaches can        one of the trestleboards, then thank you
Massingham who is our appointed for-         meet with me to discuss where you are        again.
mation officer, Wor. Robert Wilson,          with your candidates, whether you are                  Lastly, I would just like to say
and myself. Bro. Jeff is a very busy man,    teaching full or short form, and when you    how proud I was to participate in our
with work and a son in college that he is    anticipate their examination and when        very first third degree conferral we per-
very active with due to his potential as a   they will turn in their essay answers to     formed it with almost all first timers, and
professional baseball player, Wor.           the three questions. Additionally, I would   with some glitches, it was a fine confer-
Robert being secretary of the lodge, and     invite those that would like to coach to     ral. I enjoyed working with all of you my
we all know the time it takes to perform     come to the meeting as, quite frankly, we    brothers. Ya gotta start somewhere.
that duty, and myself as Senior Warden       do not have enough coaches for all the
where I am tasked with getting the           candidates. Lastly, I would like to invite                                 Fraternally,
coaches, candidates and degrees moving       you to attend the formation class and                                  John R. Lamb
as well as performing the second degree      become certified. It is a one-day course                                Senior Warden
ritual and preparing for the Worshipful      and it will give you
V OLUME 15, I SSUE 5                                                                                             P AGE 7

        F ROM T HE S OUTH

M       asonry has many components that
        invite your participation. The
Blue Lodge has degree nights to receive
                                              cook, bring a Chinese frozen food from
                                              your grocery store. I am happy to heat
                                              any dish in the microwave or oven.
                                                                                          great big thank you goes out to Suzie
                                                                                          Hems for preparing trays of homemade
                                                                                          enchiladas and to Kim Wattles for pre-
and teach its members. It has monthly                   On May 12, 2008, Naval Lodge      paring the refried beans. In addition, I
stated meetings to conduct the lodge          will be hosting a French First Degree. A    served up chaffing dishes of homemade
business and pay the bills. The Lodge         professionally catered dinner will be       Mexican rice and tangy lime chicken
also hosts dinners and receptions for         served at 6:30 PM at a cost of $40.00       fajitas. We had one of our largest pot-
fellowship and socialization. Your inter-     per person. The degree begins at 7:30       luck turnouts with 56 people seated for
ests may involve one or more of these         PM with the degree team and candidate       dinner.
Blue Lodge activities.                        from La Parfaite Union Lodge No 17.                   I also want to extend my thanks
          Please join us for the potlucks     This event is open to all Entered Ap-       to Janice Kirkley for preparing the
even if you cannot attend the business        prentices, Fellowcrafts, and Master Ma-     Salisbury steak, mashed potatoes, and
meetings. Masonry is not defined by           sons. If you have never seen a French       cobbler desserts for Brother David P.
attendance at the stated meeting. If your     First degree this is a unique opportunity   McConnell’s “Celebration of Life”
schedule, your interests, or the simple       to witness an incredible ritual perform-    memorial service lunch on March 29,
logistics of getting to and from the stated   ance. Reservations for the dinner before    2008. On very short notice, Janice did
meeting are causing you to miss our pot-      the French First Degree should be made      all the shopping and cooking! Thank you
luck dinners, please reconsider.              to (707) 644-0124 or send an e-mail to      to all the others who helped in the
          As your Junior Warden, I want                        kitchen and with the clean up. We did
the Brothers and their families to under-               On May 22, 2008, Naval Lodge      very well for a very good man.
stand that I consider the fellowship of       will be hosting the Hiram Award dinner
our membership to be a priority. Lodge        for Brother Jack E. Krous Sr. The cost                In the Chinese year of the Rat,
bills and the apparatus of their payment      of the dinner is $10.00 and will be pro-
will come and go. Fellowship with our         fessionally catered by Gourmet Tempta-                              Tom Langford
brothers; however, is a precious respite      tions. Please call me at (707) 747-5133                              Junior Warden
on this uncertain journey to the undis-       to RSVP by Monday May 19, 2008.
covered country. Please join us in this                 On June 5, 2008, the theme for
fellowship. Your attendance is the            the Stated Meeting potluck will be Mid-
source of our strength and vitality as a      dle Eastern Food. Again, join us for new
Lodge.                                        flavors and aromas from the world mar-
          From The Masonic South, the         ketplace as we embark on yet another
seat of food, drink and fellowship, there     culinary adventure.
are several upcoming events to consider.                Some remarks are in order for
On May 1, 2008, our Stated Meeting            the months past events. The April 3,
Potluck features a Chinese cuisine            2008, potluck featured a Mexican Fiesta
theme. Bring your chopsticks and your         theme. We had the flavors, music, and
favorite pot stickers. If you are not a       the colors from south of the border. A


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                                                                                      U.S. POSTAGE
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   We a r e o n t h e we b !
w w w. c a l o d g e s. o r g / n o 8 7
         CHARTERED IN 1855

                        Brother David R. Johnson
                          Born: - December 25, 1928
                         Raised: - November 20, 1963
                       Entered into Rest: - April 4, 2008
  “Soft and safe to thee, my Brother, be thy resting place. Bright and glorious be thy rising from it.”

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