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									 Northern California City Clerks Association
 NCCCA BOARD 2004-05
                                 Volume 4, Issue 4                                                                   April, 2005
         Sylvia Payne
            Chair               SPOTLIGHT—City of Lincoln—NCCCA Meeting, May 20, 2005
       (650) 877-8518           SUN CITY LINCOLN HILLS -                          Lincoln, CA is approximately 25 miles
                                Meridian Restaurant,                              northeast of Sacramento in Placer County
        Irma Torrez             965 Orchard Creek Lane                            just off Hwy 65, and only 30 miles from
        Vice-Chair              Lincoln, CA 95648                                 Sacramento International Airport.   800-483-4834
       (408) 779-7259                                                        Population: 11,205 (Year 2000 census)
                                A destination restaurant, the Meridian Housing Units: 4,146 (Year 2000 census)
       Elizabeth Aguire         overlooks the 18th green and spectacu- Area: 18.31 Square Miles
       Program Chair            lar water features of the Lincoln Hills Golf Land area: 18.29 Square Miles       Club.                                        Water area: 0.02 Square Miles
       (209) 366-7130

      Marian Handa
   Recording Secretary
       (510) 577-3367

      Patricia Howe
Communications Coordinator
       (650) 780-7222

       Rhonda Basore
                                                                      City Hall
      (925) 673-7304
                                 The City of Lincoln is one of Northern California’s best kept secrets. Incorporated in
         Rhonda Pellin           1890, Lincoln was named after real-estate magnate Charles Lincoln Wilson and is situated
           Trustee               northeast of Sacramento near the Sierra Foothills in South Placer County. Lincoln was      named the fastest growing city in California, but still retains its small town atmosphere
       (408) 846-0204            with broad tree lined streets and a downtown plaza.

     Margaret Roberts            Downtown Lincoln has been the designated center of activity since Wilson first laid out
         Trustee                 the town. The original town map defines today’s site of Beerman Plaza as the town     square. It’s still the perfect place for community events. Some traditional events include a
     (707) 374-6451              Fourth of July parade and fireworks; Lincoln Showcase, a wine and food tasting event plus
                                 a Downtown Holiday Celebration and Tree Lighting in December. And don’t forget Feats
         Susan Zito              of Clay, Lincoln’s annual arts festival and competition, which attracts artists and art aficio-
          Trustee                nados from all across the nation.
    (530) 642-5223 x237          See page 3 for information on the meeting program with Susan Maxwell Skinner, Press
                                 Secretary to the late Princess Diana.
        Page 2
                                          THE MARCH 18 MEETING - CALIFORNIA DREAMIN’ IN SANTA CRUZ

         (mark your calendar)
May 20—Lincoln
       (mark your calendar)
July 8 —Tahoe

May 13—Chico

July 8 —Tahoe
2005 IIMC Annual Conference:
May 22-26, 2005—St. Paul, MN
CCAC Annual Conference:
League—New Law & Election Confer-
April 20-22, 2005—Tenaya Lodge
ence: December
at Yosemite 7-9—Monterey
2006 CCAC Annual Institute and IIMC
IIMC Annual Conference: 2006—
Annual Conference: May14-18,
May 22-26, 2005—St. Paul, MN

2007 & Bolts:
Nuts CCAC Annual Institute:
August 4-5, 2005—Manteca
April, 2007—PALM SPRINGS

 Future IIMC Conference
Annual League Annual Conference
October 6-8, 2005—San Fran-
          Cities & Dates
2007—New Orleans, LA, May 20-24
2008—Atlanta, GA, May 18-22
New Law & Elections Seminar
December 7-9—Monterey

2006 Annual IIMC Conference
May 14-18, 2006—Anaheim
        TTC AND CEPO

June 7-10—TTC, Riverside                  Top row: Santa Cruz Boardwalk with its new 125’ drop Double Shot ride; Center row: (l)
         TTC AND CEPO                     Watsonville City Clerk Lorraine Washington; (r) Edenilson Quintanilla, Assistant to Supervi-
August 4-5—Nuts & Bolts, Manteca          sor Tony Campos; Susan Simon, KSCO Radio; Wes Sims, television anchor and reporter; and
June 7-9—TTC, Riverside                   Jondi Gumz, Santa Cruz County Sentinel reporter; Bottom row: Santa Cruz City Clerk’s
                                          Office—(l) Anna Brooks, City Clerk Leslie Cook and Deputy City Clerk Lorrie Brewer; (r )
August 21-26—CEPO, Santa Barbara
August 21-26—CEPO, Santa Bar-             Santa Cruz Wharf.                                                    Photos courtesy of S. Payne
September 6-9—TTC, Riverside

September 6-9—TTC, Riverside Brea
          29-30—Nuts & Bolts,
                                          NCCCA BOARD CHANGES...
                                          Elaine Boehme, former Concord Deputy City Clerk, resigned her position as Program
                                          Chair in March when she accepted a position with the Contra Costa County Water Dis-
 Learning to ignore things is one of      trict as its board secretary. We wish Elaine all the best in her new position and extend
 the great paths to inner peace.          our sincere thanks for all her hard work as Program Chair; it’s not an easy job. She has
                                          promised to stay in touch. One thing Elaine did do before she left was ask Liz Aguire,
                       Robert J. Sawyer   Galt, to take her spot and Liz agreed. What a team-player and a lifesaver. Thank you Liz!
                         (1960-   )
Volume 4, Issue 3                                                                                                     Page 3

Santa Cruz—March 18, 2005 NCCCA Meeting Attendees:                                                        MAY 20th PROGRAM
                                                     Pam Greeninger, Capitola                        “One Woman CAN Make A Differ-
Many thanks to the following clerks for
                                                     Marian Handa, San Leandro                       ence”, Susan Maxwell Skinner will
attending the Santa Cruz meeting:                                                                    speak on life with the late Princess
                                                     Fawn Holman, Dublin                             Diana.
Liz Aguire, Galt                                     Geri Johnson, Hollister                         Susan was a member of the royal
Judy Anderson, Fairfax                                                                               press corps for eight years, penning
                                                     Karen Jost, Los Altos Hills
                                                                                                     books and magazine articles on
Elaine Boehme, Concord                               Susan Kitchens, Los Altos                       Diana’s career.
Cathleen Boyer, Saratoga                             Madeleine Licavoli, City & County of SF         She has presented talks all over
                                                                                                     America.     Her mission is to
Lorrie Brewer, Santa Cruz                            Doris Mortensen, Burlingame                     “continue Diana’s work by helping
Carolyn Butler, Rancho Cordova                       Sylvia Payne, South San Francisco               community volunteers.”
Alice Calvert, Livermore                             Rhonda Pellin, Gilroy                   
Cassie Castain, Union City                           Teresa Ricci, Daly City
Andrea Chelemengos, Monte Sereno                     Danille Rice, Morgan Hill
Leslie Cook, Santa Cruz                              Tana Roberts, Watsonville
Terri Cook, Belmont                                  Angee Salvador, Mountain View
Maria Cortes, Daly City                              Shawna Serna, San Juan Bautista
Renee Elliott, Fremont                               Kim Smith, Cupertino
Tracy Ferrara, Scotts Valley                         Erica Sonne, King City
Beatriz Flores, Watsonville                          Irma Torrez, Morgan Hill
Susan Gibbs, Livermore                               Sue Vannucci, Woodland
Karen Gonzales, Pleasanton                           Lorraine Washington, Watsonville
                                                                                                           Susan Maxwell Skinner

CCAC 2005 Annual Institute, April 20-22 Tenaya at Yosemite
The 32nd Annual City Clerks Association of California Annual Institute had an exceptional
educational program with over 250 attendees. It’s theme, “Discover New Possibilities”, was
excellently spearheaded by President Joann Tilton (Manteca), First Vice President Dawn
Abrahamson (Pleasanton) and their many hard-working committee members. The silent
auction and scavenger hunt raised a bundle of money for IIMC Anaheim 2006! The event was
coordinated by Osborn & Associates. What a great job they did!
                                                                                                    CLERK OF THE YEAR AWARD

                                                                                                          LILLIAN E. HARE
                                                                                                         RANCHO CORDOVA

                                                                                                     Thanks to Linda Stackpoole
                                                                                                    The NCCCA Board thanks Lin-
                                                                                                    coln City Clerk Linda Stackpoole
                                                                                                    for hosting the May meeting at
                                                                                                    the last minute. She’s found a
                                                                                                    truly beautiful location and it will
    During the Annual Institute a few clerks gathered for dinner at the Ahwannee Hotel—             be a perfect opportunity for all of
    Back row (l-r): Angee Salvador, Mountain View; Anne Bybee, Campbell; Patricia Howe, Red-        us to visit one of the most popu-
    wood City; Marian Handa, San Leandro; Sylvia Payne, South San Francisco; Silvia Vonderlinden,
                                                                                                    lar areas in the state to retire to.
    Menlo Park; and Terri Cook, Belmont. Front row (l-r) Kimberly Smith, Cupertino; Patricia
    Healy, Santa Ana; Marsha Whalen, Escondido and Sheryll Schroeder, Anaheim.                      Hmmmmm......
Volume 4, Issue 4                                                                                                           Page 4

2004-05 NCCCA SCHOLARSHIPS AWARDED                                 NOTICE OF NOMINATIONS—2006
Congratulations! Scholarships were awarded in the                  The Nominating Committee, chaired by Susan Kitchens
amount of $300 to each of the following members for                will present the list of nominations at the May 20th meet-
2004-05:                                                           ing; nominations will also be taken from the floor.
              Rick Caldeira, City of Fremont                         Officer                               Term
               Renee Elliott, City of Fremont                        Chairperson                           one year
              Alice Evenson, City of Pittsburg                       Vice-Chair                            one year
           Barbra Conly, City of Redwood City                        Program Chair                         one year
        Cynthia Daniel-Garcia, City of Brentwood                     Recording Secretary                   one year
           Diane Crane Iacopi, City of Tiburon                       Communications Coordinator            one year
              Geri Johnson, City of Hollister                        Trustee (one)                         three years
          Delores M. Magallon, City of Pittsburg
                Zoe Mirabile, City of Davis
                                                                   Please contact a Nomination Committee member for
         Mary Ellen Overgaard, City of Pittsburg
                                                                   further information:
        Linda Patrick, City of South San Francisco                 Susan Kitchens, Los Altos;
             Deborah Presson, City of Chico                        Renee Elliott, Fremont;
           Margaret Roberts, City of Rio Vista                     Silvia Vonderlinden, Menlo Park;
         Shawna Serna, City of San Juan Bautista                   Sheri Schroeder, Brisbane;
               Kim Smith, City of Cupertino
         Silvia Vonderlinden, City of Menlo Park


(Back row) (l-r) Maureen Kane, Institute Director; Margaret      Northern Division grads: (Back row) Linda Patrick, Margaret
Roberts, Rio Vista; Linda Patrick, South San Francisco; Gwyn     Roberts, Rick Caldeira, Diane Iacopi, and Zoe Mirabile; (front
Flores, Temecula; Patsy Bell, San Rafael; Cheryl Domenoe,        row) Maureen Kane, Colleen Nicol, Jackie Rose, and Cynthia
Temecula; Zoe Mirabile, Davis; Diane Iacopi, Tiburon. (Front     Garcia.
row) Colleen Nicol, Riverside and Instructor; Jackie Rose, Los
Gatos; Mitzi Ortiz, San Juan Capistrano; Rick Caldeira, Fre-
mont; Cynthia Garcia, Brentwood.                                                                  Photos courtesy of Margaret Roberts


 Congratulations to Margaret Roberts, Rio Vista, for achieving her CMC designation.
 MarLyn Rasmussen, Los Gatos, Sheri Schroeder, Brisbane, and Susan Zito, Placerville, have successfully en-
 tered the Master Municipal Clerk Academy. Their journey has begun!
 Congratulations to Gail Blalock, Milpitas, upon her retirement March 31, 2005.

Lincoln, CA is approximately 25 miles northeast of Sacramento in Placer
County just off Hwy 65, and only 30 miles from Sacramento International

From 1-80 exit Hwy 65
Travel N. on Hwy. 65 approximately 7 miles and turn right onto Sterling
Turn right onto East Lincoln Pkwy
Turn left onto Del Webb Blvd
Turn right onto Orchard Creek Lane

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