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									      30TH ANNIVERSARY
                                                                  Saturday, October 17, 2009
                                                                         10am - 4pm

              Alvin Sherman Library & Don Taft University Center
                         Nova Southeastern University
                           3100 Ray Ferrero, Jr. Blvd.
                            Fort Lauderdale, Florida
                       For DisAbilities Expo Information
                  Call: 954-357-8686 or 954-537-2844 (TTY)

            Learn about services, resources, products and
          information for persons with various disabilities.
                         ♦ OVER 60 EXHIBITORS ♦ SEMINARS
                        ♦ ART EXHIBIT ♦ CHILDREN’S ACTIVITIES
                             ♦ ENTERTAINMENT ♦ SPORTS

                Get your EXPO PASSPORT stamped at the
                          Exhibitor Showcases
                 and be entered to win fabulous prizes!
                                                               From I-95, north or south, or Florida’s Turnpike, north or south
                                                               take I-595 exit, westbound.
                                                               Proceed on I-595 to University Drive, turn left and proceed south
                                                               bound on University Drive to SW 30th Street (Abe Fischler Blvd.); turn
                                                               left (east) onto SW 30th Street and proceed approximately ½ mile to the
                                                               North Entrance of the campus, Ray Ferrero, Jr. Blvd., and turn right.
                                                               For additional directions:
                                                                                  All Activities are Free!

                                                        Pick up your EXPO PASSPORT at The EXPO INFO booth on the
                                                               1st oor atrium of the Alvin Sherman Library or
                                                                 1st oor of the Don Taft University Center.
                                                        Get your EXPO PASSPORT stamped at both Exhibitor Showcases
                                                                     and be entered to win fabulous prizes!

At the Alvin Sherman Library                                                             Kids Corner
                                                                                  10 to 4pm Room 1017 (1st Floor)
10-4pm Exhibitor Showcase-Atrium                                          Art Activities with Sally Ash,      10 to 4 pm
                                                                          Board Certi ed Art Therapist
Come visit leading experts and learn about
the latest disability products and services.                              Face Painting                                     10 to 4 pm
Remember to get your passport stamped!
                                                                          Bee Bop Buddies                           10:45 to 11:30 am
EDUCATIONAL SEMINARS                                                      Live musical performance with puppets,
Transition from School to Life                                            instruments and so much fun, presented by the
11am to 1pm        Room 2053                                              Ann Storck Center.

Lead experts from the Broward County School                               Exceptional Theatre Company                  12 to 12:30 pm
Transition Support Services, Broward College,                             Get energized and motivated utilizing the power of
Workforce One, Vocational Rehabilitation and the                          theatre. Special performance by ETC actors.
Agency for Persons with Disabilities will share
critical information on what’s next for young adults.
Q and A to follow.                                                        Captain Hook’s Pirates of Fame and Fortune
                                                                                                              1 to 1:30 pm
“Planning for the Future...Wills, Trusts, Guardianship,
and Financial Planning”                                                   Hand Drumming Expression                          2 to 2:30 pm
                                                                          Express yourself through hand drumming with
2 to 4pm Room 2053
                                                                          DisAbility Network.
Lead experts and a parent advocate share
their cumulative knowledge about Disability Rights,                       Sign Language Bingo                               3 to 3:30 pm
Financial Planning, Guardianships,                                        Presented by the Deaf Family Literacy Academy.
Wills and Trusts.
                                                                                                         1pm- Speaking Hands
All programs will be sign language interpreted.                                                          Experience praise in motion!
At the Don Taft University Center                                                                        All Day--DJ Dan and Dave
                                                                                                              in front of the
10-4pm Exhibitor Showcase-First Floor                                                                     Alvin Sherman Library
Visit leading experts and learn about the latest disability products                                       (weather permitting)
and services. Remember to get your passport stamped!
“Art Knows NO Disabilities” Exhibit
October 9-October 21.                                                                          GAME ON!
                                                                                HEAT WHEELS                   Miami HEAT Wheels
Come view the beautiful artwork of local artists with
disabilities from the Ann Storck Center, Schott Communities,
Memorial Regional Hospital/Rebels Drop-In Center,                                                            Orlando Magic Wheels
Lighthouse of Broward, UCP, 9 Muses, Florida Special Arts Center,                                                Game Times:
Center for Independent Living in                                                                              11:30 am and 2 pm
connection with Broward County Schools.                                                                           followed by
Broward County Advisory Board for Individuals
with Disabilities. Disabilities Awards Ceremony 1pm                                                           Miami HEAT Wheels
       Things to know                                                                                 NSU Men’s and Women’s Basketball

Interpreters are available for all presentations
and special events. Should you require auxiliary
aids or services, call: 954-357-8686 or                                                       Garage Parking is $1 per hour or
954-537-2844 (TTY) by October 3.                                                             free with disabled parking permit

All activities are subject to change                               Broward County TOPS Paratransit Services riders:                        Schedule your ride to the EXPO by calling your provider.

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