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September 2, 2009                                                Hannah Lane
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                                     Air Tight. Fits Right.
       Dry Corp, LLC is a locally owned business in Wilmington, North Carolina founded on

the principle of improving the quality of life. That’s exactly what Dr. Roy Archambault, founder

and CEO of Dry Corp, intended, and it’s the very reason Dry Corp has been so successful. Dry

Corp manufactures and distributes DryPro™, which offers waterproof body protection for cast

and bandages, PICC lines, ostomy and prosthetics.

       In 1999, Dr. Archambault began distributing the DryPro™ line after more than 20 years

of experience in podiatric and ambulatory medicine. He designed and constructed DryPro™ with

an expert understanding of patient needs. DryPro™ is a professional medical line that enables

patients to swim, bathe, shower and to receive hydrotherapy. Each product of the DryPro™ line

is made of high quality surgical rubber with a patented vacuum seal that assures that a cast or

bandage will remain dry, even when submerged in water.

       The DryPro™ is available in a variety of sizes designed to fit children as young as two

years of age and adults as tall as 6’ 6”. Made of thick surgical rubber, the DryPro™ can stretch

up to 600 percent without tearing. This durable product offers comfort and flexibility and

features a non-skid grid on the sole to prevent from slipping. This innovative product is also used

for immediate post-operative physical therapy, allowing hydrotherapy right after a surgery.

       In the summer of 2009, Dry Corp decided to expand beyond their DryPro™ medical

specialty line to keep the company growing and innovative. Dr. Archambault and co-creator,
Corey Heim, developed DryCASE, a waterproof vacuum sealed case for your iPod, iPhone,

blackberry or digital camera. The DryCASE is a flexible, crystal clear waterproof bag that allows

complete use of your phone or camera while keeping it dry. DryCASE offers the availability to

call, text and email, stay connected, take photographs anywhere and total air tight protection.

Each case comes with an extreme activity buoyant arm band that is great for water sports. It also

offers a stereo and microphone jack to keep you connected to your iPod or MP3 player. The

DryCASE is excellent for wakeboarding, surfing, kayaking and so much more. Dry Corp even

offers waterproof ear phones great for your DryCASE.

       Since being founded in 1999, Dry Corp has grown into a well-known organization. Thus

far, Dry Corp has distributed their DryPro™ medical specialty line in over 30 countries. The

business has raised awareness in waterproof technology and looks forward to expanding. For

more information, please visit us at our website: