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					  Volume 3, Issue 7
                                                           FOCUS ON FACILITIES
  August 2009                                                      Employee Newsletter of the
                                                                  Facilities Management Division

 Dates to Remember:
   2009 Business Matchmaker
                                            FACILITIES MANAGEMENT DIVISION — FOUNDATION OF EXCELLENCE
   Conference, Tues., Aug 4,
   9:30am, South County Civic
   Center, Delray Beach                    CFM’s Message: The Back to School Issue
   Lunch & Learn Series* 11:30am,           Every year at about this time        just outside of the Town of           High.
   Building Dept. Conference Room           reporters from all of the news-      Haverhill’s northern boundary
   • Hygreen by Hill York, Aug. 5th         papers, sometimes several            on Stacey Street, west of Haver-      Realignment of FACMAN
   • Vinyl, Aug. 12th                       from the same newspaper, call        hill Road.
   • Green Products, Aug. 19th                                                                                       The realignment has been
                                            and email to get the scoop for
                                                                                 Three replace-                      completed with the exception
   Roosevelt Middle Addition                their annual back to school
                                                                                 ment schools                                        of a few open
   Dedication, Wed. Aug. 12th,              issue. So I thought, why not
                                                                                 are opening                                         positions that
   9:15am                                   do our own back to school
                                                                                 including Palm                                      remain to be
                                            issue? In this issue I will pro-
   LEED to Green Workshop*, Wed,                                                 Beach Gardens                                       filled. M&PO is
                                            vide you with some of the nu-
   Aug 12, 8:30am, Hope-Centennial                                               High, C.O.                                          now Facilities
                                            merous things that are differ-
   ES, Palm Springs                                                              Taylor /Kirk-                                       Services, which
                                            ent this year, and, if some re-
   LEED to Green Workshop*,                                                      lane Elemen-                                        has taken on the
                                            porters happen to get their
   Thurs, Aug 13, 8:30am, CO                                                     tary and Royal                                      additional respon-
                                            hands on this issue of Focus on
   Taylor/Kirklane ES, Palm Springs                                              Palm School.                                        sibilities for minor
                                            Facilities it just might save me
   CORC Meeting, Thurs., Aug 13,                                                 These are                                           capital projects
                                            a few telephone calls.                                 New Cafeteria at Wellington ES
   9:00am, NCSC                                                                  accompanied                                         and portables
                                            Major Construction Projects          by additions at Wellington Ele-     which moved over to Program
   Board Meeting, Wed, Aug 19,
                                                                                 mentary, Whispering Pines Ele-      Management for a brief period.
   5:00pm, FHESC, Board Room                There is only one new school         mentary, Roosevelt Middle,
   Back to School Bash, Fri, Aug. 21,       this year, Hope-Centennial                                               Program Management has a
                                                                                 Palm Beach Lakes High and a
   5pm, World Famous Restaurant,            Elementary, which is located         new stadium at Pahokee M/S                     (See CFM’S MESSAGE, Pg. 3)
   415 Northwood Road, WPB
 *Reservations Required
                                           Facilities News & Notes: Recycling Rechargeable Batteries and
                                           Paint Buckets; Expansive Reuse of P.B. Gardens High Materials
                                            Rechargeable Battery and             cadmium, lithium, and lead.           other than Sherwin Williams
                                            Paint Bucket Recycling Pro-          Questions about the                           will be accepted and
                                            grams Now in Place                   District’s recharge-                          recycled but no mone-
                                                                                 able battery recy-                            tary credit will be
                                            The Environmental Control Of-        cling program                                 given. Buckets must
                                            fice would like to extend a spe-     should be directed                            have residue only from
                                            cial thank you to Ms. Audrey         to the ECO office at                          leftover latex paint and
                                            Dalton and her company, Sher-        684-5154.                                     should not contain any
                                            win Williams, for their generous                                                   foreign material. Ques-
                                            donation of 240 five-gallon          Speaking of buckets, recycling,       tions about the bucket recy-
C.O. Taylor/Kirklane Elementary’s new       buckets (estimated value             and Sherwin Williams…the com-
media center will help its students sail                                                                               cling program should be di-
                                            ~$750), which will be distrib-       pany announced recently that          rected to Audrey Dalton at
towards success.                            uted to each school and admin-       they have instituted a “Cash for      (561) 718-3373.
                                            istrative facility in the coming     Trash” bucket recycling pro-
                                            months.                              gram. Under this program, for         Expansive Reuse of P.B.
Inside this issue:                                                               each dry, empty, latex five gal-      Gardens High Materials
                                            The blue buckets will be used        lon bucket that originally con-
CFM’s Message                    1
                                            in a new initiative to collect       tained Sherwin Williams paint,        It’s hard to imagine a situation
Facilities News & Notes          1          rechargeable batteries for recy-     the company has agreed to pay         where the replacement of one
                                            cling. Rechargeable batteries,       25 cents per container when it        school has benefited so many
Employee of the Month            2          unlike regular alkaline batteries    is returned.                          other schools and other users.
                                            which can be discarded in the                                              Materials from Palm Beach
Technology Update                2          regular trash, should always be      Buckets that originally con-          Gardens High School, which in
                                            recycled because they contain        tained paint or drywall mud
Got Any Bad Jokes                2          heavy metals such as nickel,         manufactured by a company                         (See NEWS & NOTES, Pg. 4)

Job Openings                     3         What Others Are Saying About Us
Birthdays                        3         “Just an email to say thanks for lending us Tomas Ortiz at PB Central. He really made a difference in how the
                                           place looked. Also, Gary Minton was incredibly responsive to our needs. Between moving plants, getting table
Milestone Anniversaries          3         and chairs, he helped make the Principal’s Academy a success.”

On a Personal Note               4                          Peter B. Licata, Director of High School Curriculum and School Improvement (FHESC) 6/18/09
Volume 3, Issue 7                                                                                                                  Page 2

                                                                                                              Got Any Bad
Our Newest Employee of the Month is Tim Jones                                                            (Back to School) Jokes?
“Tim goes above and beyond         timely manner. Ms. Hall said        ceived from Dr. Cynthia Smith    TEACHER: Maria, go to the map
his line of duty.” Those are the   Tim is always there to assist       of the Adult Education Center      and find North America.
words of Lori Hall, Secretary at   with emergencies and he is          for Gary Mitten of Facilities    MARIA: Here it is.
Banyan Creek Elementary, who       never afraid to get dirty mak-      Services.                        TEACHER: Correct. Now class,
nominated Tim Jones for                     ing repairs himself if                                        who discovered America?
Employee of the Month.                      one of the technicians                                      CLASS: Maria.
The Committee agreed.                       is tied up with some-                                       _______________________________
                                            thing else.
Tim is technically a Multi-                                                                             TEACHER: John, why are you
task Foreperson, but he                     She went on to say,
                                                                                                          doing your math multiplica-
is so much more to the                      “his entire team is a
                                                                                                          tion on the floor?
schools he and his Zone                     true team; they all
                                                                                                        JOHN: You told me to do it
Team serve in the South                     work together and
                                                                                                          without using tables.
Area. According to Ms. Hall,       always have a cheerful smile.
they are members of the            What a great leader and exam-
school’s family.                   ple Tim is to his team and the
                                                                                                        TEACHER: Glenn, how do you
                                   rest of the department.”
                                                                      Science lab in the new addition     spell ‘crocodile?’
Tim is credited with respond-
                                   A nomination was also re-          at Roosevelt Middle School.       GLENN: K-R-O-K-O-D-I-A-L’
ing to all work orders in a
                                                                                                        TEACHER: No, that’s wrong
                                                                                                        GLENN: Maybe it is wrong, but
Technology Update: Productivity is Why the CAFM is so Important                                           you asked me how I spell it.
The District has invested a significant amount of time, effort and money into the Computer Aided
Facilities Management (CAFM) system, yet there are still a few people who still do not fully under-     TEACHER: Donald, what is the
stand why it is absolutely critical that the District make such a major change. If you are one of         chemical formula for water?
these people consider these important facts:                                                            DONALD: H I J K L M N O.
                                                                                                        TEACHER: What are you talking
•    The District now has more than 28.8 million square feet of facilities which is being managed
     and maintained by about the same number of people when we had 6 million square feet less           DONALD: Yesterday you said
     (2004). We have to do more with less and technology will help.                                       it’s H to O.
•    The District processes thousands of leases every year. Every year every school gets audited        _______________________________
     and Real Estate Services, with only 1 person dedicated full-time to leasing, has to help every
     school maximize its lease income while properly managing their finances.                           TEACHER: Winnie, name one
                                                                                                          important thing we have to-
•    Each month anywhere from $2 million to $10 million is paid out to architects, contractors and        day that we didn’t have
     other vendors and we have two oversight committees watching how every penny gets spent.              ten years ago.
                                                                                                        WINNIE: Me!
There are many more reasons to invest in the CAFM, but one of the strongest arguments comes
from independent research, Gartner Research, which provides the following Return on Investment
(ROI) information for CAFM.
                                                                                                        TEACHER: George Washington
•    Lease Administration: Managing lease terms, including escalations                                    not only chopped down his
     within the CAFM, can deliver 5% to 8% in savings of the total annual                                 father’s cherry tree,
     lease costs. For us the CAFM will virtually eliminate lease rate errors,                             but also admitted it. Now,
     improve collections and drastically reduce the paperwork.                                            Louie, do you know why his
                                                                                                          father didn’t punish
•    Space Management: Improving space use can reduce annual facilities                                   him?
     cost by 10% to 15% per year. By better tracking the use of our space                               LOUIS: Because George still had
     we will reduce the need to lease office space, reduce the need for relocatables and maximize         the axe in his hand.
     the opportunities to lease out any unused space we may have.                                       _______________________________
•    Project Management: Project management functionality can improve project cost by 3% to 5%.         TEACHER: Clyde, your composi-
     Moving from paper to electronic documents for Requests for Information, submittals, meeting          tion on ‘My Dog’ is
     minutes, payment applications, and numerous other project management documents will sig-             exactly the same as your
     nificantly reduce the cost of project management and allow professionals to manage projects          brother’s. Did you copy his?
     instead of pushing paper.                                                                          CLYDE: No, sir. It’s the same
•    Process Improvement: Process improvements can generate labor savings of 5% to 8% of total            dog.
     labor costs. Full integration with PeopleSoft will allow us to eliminate double entries of pur-
     chase order requisitions and delivery receipt information. It will drastically reduce the amount     ANNUAL BACK TO SCHOOL BASH
     of paper, allow for more analyses, better decision making, and faster payments so we can take           Friday, August 21st
     advantage of vendor discounts.                                                                               5pm—8pm
•    Work Order Management: Work Order Scheduling can reduce cost by 5 to 10%. The CAFM will               World Famous Restaurant
     do away with schools printing and faxing work order requests only to be retyped into our sys-            415 Northwood Road
     tem. Handheld devices will allow technicians and supervisors to spend more time working and               West Palm Beach
     less time sitting at a desk doing paperwork.                                                              Free Appetizers
                                                                                                        Of course everyone is welcome
Volume 3, Issue 7                                                                                                                         Page 3

Job Openings in Facilities Management                                                                      Quote of the Month
Facilities Services                           ALL applicants must register online and
                                                                                                    “Success is to be measured not so
       ♦    HVAC Repair Technician            attach their application to the Job Vacancy           much by the position that one has
                                              ID number on the School District People-              reached in life as by the obstacles
       ♦    Fire Alarm Technician
                                              Soft web site.                                        which he has overcome.”
       ♦    Electrician
                                                                                                              Booker T. Washington
                                                                                                          (Educator, Orator and Author)

August Birthdays
Date Team Member                     Date   Team Member            Date Team Member                   Date Team Member
   1       Reza Hosseini             13     Jesse Bingham           19    Ardre Peterson                26 James Wally
   2       Thomas Nickens            13     Derrick Fraser          19    Luis Villanueva               27 Ever Burgos
   3       James Bowen               14     Daniel Hughes           20    Lisa Davis                    27 Arthur Bynes
   3       Neil Stewart              14     David Kroll             20    Eileen Lacey                  28 Tommy Jonas
   4       Frances Harvey            14     Joyce Vesely            21    Robert Boehm                  28 Joseph McCreery
   5       Jean Chery                15     Steve Backhus           21    Thomas Grinsted               28 James Nyre
   5       Stephen Fleming           15     Cheneque Camille        22    Joyce Edison                  28 Linda Reeh
   6       Michael Boynton           16     Luis Cardenas           22    Rene Montes De Oca            28 Oscar Solis
   6       Kristin Garrison          16     Percy Watson            23    Patrick Flood                 29 Ricardo Dunbar
   7       Tania Cardenas            17     Sandra Bingham          24    Llewellyn Bell                29 James Johnson
   7       Mark Jeffries             17     Morris Peterson         24    Nathan Beninati               29 John Jones
   7       Miguel Machado            17     Joseph Sanches          24    Mark Haastrup                 29 Robert Schreiber
   9       Arthur McCloud            17     Scott Whalen            24    David Sherpitis               29 Jose Vazquez-Pando
  11       Vincent Peterkin          18     Patrick Hayes           25    John Chitty                   30 Nesly Philistin
  12       Joseph Simmons            18     Eleno Pavon             26    Philip Beneby                 30 Orlando Villanueva-Rivera
  12       Robert Upson              19     Royal Bridges           26    Steve Needs                   31 Jimmy Johnson

                                                                       August Milestone Anniversaries
                                                                       Years of Service          Team Member                 Start Date
                                                                               25                O’Harold Acosta           08/01/1984
                                                                               25                Willie Telfair            08/16/1984
                                                                               15                Alicia Corbiere           08/01/1994
                                                                               15                David Woodall             08/16/1994
                                                                               15                Lynn Barnes               08/18/1994
                                                                               15                Paige Graddy              08/31/1994
                                                                               10                Timothy Woodruff          08/06/1999
                                                                               10                Celia Nelson              08/12/1999
                                                                               10                Jerri-Lyn Burns           08/13/1999
            The Independent Sales Surtax Oversight Committee                   10                Fred Cahill               08/16/1999
            (ISSOC) monitors referendum spending.                               5                Jose Diaz                 08/16/2004

(CFM’S MESSAGE from Pg. 1)                       New Principals and Revised Areas                for all Principals and Assistant Principals.
                                                                                                 Maureen Werner is the Association President
small group of employees responsible for         In addition to new principals, some schools     for all Principals. LaVoise Smith is the Ele-
putting together the Facility Condition As-      have been transferred to new areas to           mentary Principal Chair, while Karen Whet-
sessment. The Environmental Control Of-          more closely align with the school feeder       sell and Ian Saltzman are the Middle School
fice has established a team of Resource          patterns. Twenty-six (26) schools are in        and High School Principal Chairs, respec-
Conservation Specialists who will be work-       areas that are different than the ones they     tively.
ing with schools to reduce energy con-           were in last year.
sumption and increase recycling.                                                                 Before the school year is out the District will
                                                 Check the Public Affairs website for the        role out a new website and Facilities Man-
Like Program Management, the number of           latest list of schools by area as well as the   agement will launch a newsletter, Facilities
people in the Building Department has            most current information on school princi-      Communicator, which will allow us to better
decreased, however, they are taking on a         pals.                                           communicate with the school centers.
few more responsibilities. The Building          New Principal Leadership
Department has taken over playground                                                             Thank you,
inspections from Risk Management, and
they are also heading up the District’s ADA
                                                 The Principals and Assistant Principals have
                                                 elected new representatives for SY 09/10.
                                                                                                 ]ÉáxÑ{ ftÇv{xá
compliance efforts.                              Mayra Stafford is the Association President     Chief of Facilities Management
    Facilities Management Division —                                     District Vision Statement
         Foundation of Excellence                            Public Education is the genius of our democracy.

             Building Department                                        District Mission Statement
           Thomas Hogarth, Director
                                                             The School Board of Palm Beach County is com-
         Environmental Control Office                        mitted to excellence in education and preparation
            Chris Skerlec, Director                          of all our students with the knowledge, skills and
               Facilities Services
                                                             ethics required for responsible citizenship and
              Martin Mets, Director                          productive employment.

             Planning Department
            Kristin Garrison, Director
                                                                        Facilities Vision Statement
             Program Management
             Warren Haan, Director                           To provide world-class facilities that support and
                                                             enhance the learning process.
               Project Controls
            John Andrews, Director                                     Facilities Mission Statement
              Real Estate Services                           To support education by providing facilities that
             Barry Present, Director                         are exceptionally planned, designed, constructed,
                                                             maintained, and operated for the benefit of stu-
                                                             dents, staff, community and the environment.
            We’re on the web.
                                                                 Facilities Management - Foundation of Excellence
                   Did You Know?
 Summer Interns, Supervisors and Sponsors will be rec-
                                                                         Conservation Hotline: 687-7045 (PX 27045) or
  ognized at the August 19th Board Meeting at 5pm.

(NEWS & NOTES from Pg. 1)
                                                                                 On a Personal Note...
the past may have been disposed in our already overcrowded landfill were         David Samuels’ Passing Saddens the District
instead distributed to 18 district schools, 4 charter schools, 7 non-profit
groups, and the Property Redistribution Warehouse. As part of the salvage        The District lost a true hero on July 30th with the sudden
efforts items were redistributed from 150 classrooms, 25 administrative          passing of David Samuels, Facilities Coordinator for the
offices and specialty items from 5 career academies.                             Grounds Section of Facilities Services. Dave, who joined
                                                                                 the District in 2003, was just 53 years old.
When the school was turned over for demolition it
was nothing more than an empty shell full of                                     Dave was a very conscientious person who always wanted
memories, but no wasted materials. Mark                                          the best for the students. Even faced with tight budgets,
Sagovac, the Academic Construction Liaison for                                   Dave found creative ways to do beautification projects at
the project stated, “the highlight for me was that                               several schools to keep them looking great.
we were able to salvage items and furniture that                                 A Memorial Service will be held at 8 PM, Wednesday, Au-
may not be desirable by district schools for reuse                               gust 5th at the Taylor & Modeen Funeral Home, 250 Cen-
to multiple non-profit organizations.” “Help for                                 ter St., Jupiter, FL. Friends are invited to meet with the
Haiti” is the recipient of 3 forty foot shipping containers of student and       family from 6 PM until service time on Wednesday.
teacher furniture and “Food for the Poor” received 5 forty foot containers.
                                                                                 Please also express your condolences to Angela Usher of
In addition, “ePlanet/eWaste” removed our electronic scrap for proper dis-       the Planning Department, and Kathelyn Jacque-Adams of
posal and over 390 surplus computers and monitors were contributed to the        Legal Services. Angela’s father, Santos Diaz, passed away
“Digital Divide” project to put computers in the homes of families who could     on July 29th. Mr. Daiz was a very prominent business-
not otherwise afford them.                                                       man and humanitarian in Belize. Kathelyn’s nephew,
Over the years PBGHS accumulated hundreds of trophies. Some of these             Nicholas Nigel Barter’s life was cut short on July 17th.
were claimed by alumni who were looking to hold on to memories, some             Congratulations
were moved to the new school and others were picked up by Resource De-
pot for recycling and reuse. Bill Hayes, Warehouse & Distribution Manager,       Our Building Department has three more LEED APs: Mark
reported that as a result of the Districts efforts they “used 30% fewer dump-    Lodge, Patrick Joyce, and Frank Debogorski. All eight of
sters than the year before and they received over $7,200 by recycling alumi-     the people in the Building Department that have taken the
num.”                                                                            test have passed it. In addition, Patrick Joyce has also
Schools and other groups that received items from Palm Beach Gardens             joined the ranks of the Certified Building Code Officials.
High include Forest Hill ES, Independence MS, Lighthouse ES, Seminole Trails
                                                                                 Also, Lisa Mead, has a new grandson, Evan Wesley, who
ES, Grove Park ES, Jeaga MS, Pahokee M/S, Spanish River HS, Eagles Landing
MS, Lake Worth HS, Christa McAuliffe MS, Dreyfoos SOA, and Roosevelt Full        was born on July 24th. He weighed at 8 lbs, 6 oz and 19-
Service. This could not be done without the help of people including several     1/2” long. Finally, if you see Barry Present smiling
ACL’s, the North Area Facilities Services team, the Property Redistribution      around the office it is because he married off his daugh-
crew, school administrators and teachers, and Secure Moving.                     ter, Elizabeth, to Thomas Stevens.

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