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AutumnWinter 2007


									Autumn/Winter 2007

                     To order call 0845 120 2922   1
  Perhaps more than anything we wear, the jewellery we

choose reflects our personal style. The jewellery I design tells

stories, not just about the things that inspire me, but also about                            sirens
the people who will wear it. The new Sirens collection is full of                               Inspired by the sea, this mystical
                                                                                              collection uses nature’s fluid shapes.
tales from the sea and blustery days on english shores. But each
                                                                                              The pieces are made with an original
piece only really comes alive when it’s worn. The way a necklace
                                                                                              combination of champagne diamonds,
moves on one person is different to any other and its colours                                 faceted rock crystal and chalcedony
seem to change to suit you.                                                                   that catches the light like sunlight on
                                                                                              waves. The designs are intricate and
It’s perhaps this love of individuality that makes our collections                            luxurious and each piece can be worn
so original. They’re all designed to be mixed and matched; worn                               with any other in the collection.

simply or in layers. But most importantly, they’re designed to be

worn your way.

I hope you enjoy it.

Annoushka Ducas

Founder and Creative Director

                                                                     Sirens Marina necklace
                                                                     Diamond, rock crystal
                                                                     and 18ct gold
                                                                     Length 43/45cm
                                                                     5020.0537 £4500

                                                                                                            To order call 0845 120 2922
                                                                                                           To order call 0845 120 2922    1
Sirens Lagoon bracelet
Diamond and 18ct gold                      Sirens Reef hoop earrings
Length 17/19 cm                            Rock crystal and 18ct gold
5010.0534 £995                             5040.0882 £595

Sirens Lagoon necklace                     Sirens Reef bracelet
Diamond and 18ct gold                      Diamond and 18ct gold
Length 43/45 cm                            Length 17/19 cm
5022.0150 £1600                            5010.0533 £1400

Sirens Anchor necklace                     Sirens Reef pendant
18ct gold and sterling silver              Rock crystal and 18ct gold
Length 43 cm                               Length 43/45 cm
5022.0152 £395                             5024.0545 £850

2       shop online at                                To order call 0845 120 2922   
Sirens Waterfall bracelet                 Sirens Marina swirl earrings
Chalcedony, 18ct gold                     Diamond and 18ct gold
and sterling silver                       5040.0885 £995
5010.0537 £650
                                          Sirens Marina stiletto earrings
Sirens Marina bracelet                    Diamond and 18ct gold
Diamond, rock crystal                     5040.0887 £1200
and 18ct gold
Length 17/19 cm                           Sirens Marina stud earrings
5010.0532 £4995                           Diamond and 18ct gold
                                          5040.0883 £495

4      shop online at                                     To order call 0845 120 2922   5
                                          Sirens Reef drop earrings
                                          For details please see page 3

                                          Sirens Waterfall pendant
                                          Chalcedony, 18ct gold
                                          and sterling silver
                                          Length 43/45 cm
                                          5024.0547 £280

                                          Sirens Waterfall necklace
                                          Chalcedony, 18ct gold
                                          and sterling silver
                                          Length 43/45 cm
                                          5020.0540 £495

                                          Sirens Anchor necklace
                                          For details please see page 2

                                          Friendship bracelets
                                          For details please see page 22

Sirens Waterfall necklace
Chalcedony, 18ct gold
and sterling silver
Length 90 cm
5020.0541 £595

      shop online at                                     To order call 0845 120 2922
                                                                           To order call 0845 120 2922    
raindance                                     Raindance necklace
                                              Sterling silver
	   Layer upon layer of delicate chains in    Length 45 cm
                                              5020.0535 £495
18ct yellow gold and sterling silver. These
                                              Raindance necklace
pieces fall beautifully into thick cascades   18ct gold
                                              Length 45 cm
and move with your body in a sensuous         5020.0533 £1995

way. This collection is wonderfully           Not shown:

sophisticated: classic yet dramatic.          Raindance bracelet
                                              Sterling silver
                                              Length 20 cm
                                              5010.0528 £295

                                              Raindance bracelet
                                              18ct gold
                                              Length 19 cm
                                              5010.0530 £995

Raindance earrings
Sterling silver
5040.0879 £240

Raindance pendant
18ct gold
Length 90 cm
5024.0544 £825

Not shown:

Raindance earrings
18ct gold
5040.0878 £595

Raindance pendant
18ct gold
Length 43 cm
5024.0543 £595

Raindance pendant
Sterling silver
Length 90 cm
5024.0541 £240

Raindance pendant
Sterling silver
Length 43 cm
5024.0542 £195

8      shop online at                            To order call 0845 120 2922   9
                                            Purity Pearl drop earrings
                                            Grey pearl and 18ct gold
                                            5040.0889 £295

                                            Purity Pearl necklace
                                            Grey pearl and 18ct gold
                                            Length 100 cm
                                            5020.0538 £995

                                            Purity Pearl stiletto earrings
                                            Grey pearl and 18ct gold
                                            5040.0890 £370

                                            Not shown:

                                            Purity Pearl bracelet
                                            Grey pearl and 18ct gold
                                            Length 17/19 cm
                                            5010.0535 £320

                                            All products are also available in
                                            white pearl and sterling silver.

purity	pearl
	    Freshwater pearls are suspended on
delicate chains in a celebration of those
most feminine of attributes, wisdom
and purity. A single necklace, a solitary
bracelet or just a pair of earrings makes
daywear elegant. But worn together in
the evening, the effect is stunning.

10      shop online at                                         To order call 0845 120 2922   11
                                           	   In our Purity collection we have used
                                           freshwater pearls and brushed-silver
                                           lotus leaves, which are a traditional
                                           symbol of creativity.

                                                                                       	   The olive branch at the heart of these
                                                                                       pendants stands for peace and kindness.
                                                                                       each pendant also features a beautiful
                                                                                       aquamarine and a lotus leaf, for creativity.
                                                                                       Rich with symbols of healing and
                                                                                       tranquility, these two pieces are designed
                                                                                       to bring you harmony.

Purity stiletto earrings
Sterling silver
5040.0847 £120
                                                                                       Harmony pendant
Purity pendant                                                                         Aquamarine and sterling silver
Freshwater pearl                                                                       5024.0548 £250
and sterling silver
5024.0521 £150                                                                         Harmony chatelaine pendant
                                                                                       Diamond, freshwater pearl,
Purity bracelet                                                                        aquamarine, prehnite,
Freshwater pearls                                                                      blue topaz, white coral,
and sterling silver                                                                    onyx and sterling silver
5032.0160 £395                                                                         5020.0542 £495

12      shop online at                                                                                              To order call 0845 120 2922   1
                                                                                                                     Our set of stacking rings creates
                                                                                                                 waves of twinkling pavé diamonds when
                                                                                                                 worn together. each ring comes in
                                                                                                                 delicious white, yellow or rose gold so it
                                                                                                                 also looks wonderful on its own. The two
                                                                                                                 asymmetric side rings are crowned with
                                                                                                                 a single diamond stud. Our evil eye ring
                                                                                                                 is based on an eastern sign of protection.
                                                                                                                 The Moon ring stands for optimism and

     For these beautifully detailed and
crafted pieces, we’ve hand-set diamonds
into textured matt 18 Carat gold, evoking
the moon’s surface. The new moon is a
shimmering crescent of pavé diamonds.
Their message is intuition and fulfilment,
success and optimism. Wear these bold
pieces with confidence.

Moon ring                        Moon hoop earrings          Moon discs              Moon and crescent pendant   Stacked rings
Diamond and 18ct gold            (as shown)                  5040.0864 £975          Diamond and 18ct gold       (top to bottom)
5045.0618 £995                   Hoop earrings and Moon                              5024.0525 £1995             Side Stone ring                       Eternity ring      Side Stone ring       Evil Eye ring
                                 discs sold together £1470   Hoop earrings                                       Diamond and                           Diamond and        Diamond and           Diamond, blue topaz,
                                                             Diamond and 18ct gold                               18ct gold                             18ct rose gold     18ct white gold       onyx and 18ct gold
                                                             5040.0862 £495                                      5045.0606 £425                        5045.0594 £725     5045.0612 £425        5045.0624 £950

                                                                                                                 Eternity ring                         Eternity ring                            Moon ring
                                                                                                                 Diamond and                           Diamond and                              Diamond and
                                                                                                                 18ct white gold                       18ct yellow gold                         18ct gold
                                                                                                                 5045.0600 £725                        5045.0588 £725                           5045.0618 £995

                                                                                                                 All rings are available in individual sizes.

14      shop online at                                                                                                                                                    To order call 0845 120 2922   15
zanzibar                                                                                               annoushka	hope	rings
     Inspired by African tribal cultures,                                                              	   Simple yet bold, these wonderfully
Zanzibar is made of neatly spun threads                                                                curvaceous pieces weigh heavy in the
of sterling silver and 18 Carat gold.                                                                  hand. As hope is eternal, these rings are
They’re fabulous when layered together,                                                                modern with subtle vintage undertones.
or you can add a touch of glamour with                                                                 Pink sapphire pavé is set in black rhodium
our diamond-encrusted bangle.                                                                          to deepen the rich colour of the stones
                                                                                                       while white topaz glistens against sterling

Bangles                                             Rings                                              Hope rings
(top to bottom)                                     (left to right)                                    Pink sapphire, black          18ct gold        White topaz               Sterling silver
Diamond and 18ct gold             18ct gold         Sterling silver   Diamond and 18ct gold            rhodium and sterling silver   5045.0501 £895   and sterling silver       5045.0443 £98
5012.0246 £2600                   5012.0243 £1700   5045.0456 £150    5045.0457 £650                   5045.0566 £525                                 5045.0570 £320
                                                                                                                                                                                All rings are available
Sterling silver                                     18ct gold         All rings are expandable and                                                                              in individual sizes.
5012.0239 £295                                      5045.0455 £350    available in individual sizes.

1       shop online at                                                                                                                                   To order call 0845 120 2922   1
                                                                       When you choose charms, you reveal
                                                                    your inner spirit. We have designs to give
                                                                    life to your dreams, evoke memories or
                                                                    just reflect your mood. Mix vintage with
                                                                    modern, letters with symbols, whimsy
                                                                    with elegance. Attach them to our charm
                                                                    bracelets, necklaces, earrings, phones,
                                                                    watches and handbags. You decide.

                                                                                                                  (left to right)
Charm bracelet          Charms                                                                                    Ball chain          Charms
18ct gold               Czar Cross           Corset                 Heart                  Alphabet L             18ct gold           Baby Cross        Four-Leaf Clover   Annoushka Dome            Lucky Catch
5010.0176 £495          18ct gold            Diamond and            18ct gold              18ct gold              Length 43/64 cm     Sterling silver   Sterling silver    Ruby and 18ct gold        Freshwater pearl
                        5030.0777 £220       18ct gold              5030.0280 £280         5030.1059 £190         5022.0133 £395      5030.0310 £32     5030.0336 £32      5030.0781 £350            and 18ct gold
                                             5030.0451 £280                                                                                                                                          5030.0420 £395
                        Moon                                        Killer Heel            Please see our         Classic Box         Heart Amulet      evil eye           Holiday Postcard
                        Diamond and          Showstopper Shoe       Diamond and            website for the full   Belcher chain       18ct gold and     Blue topaz and     Sterling silver
                        18ct gold            18ct gold and enamel   18ct gold              charm collection.      Length 50 cm        sterling silver   sterling silver    5030.0710 £32
                        5030.1005 £450       5030.0926 £370         5030.0403 £250                                5222.0101 £195      5030.0938 £140    5030.1003 £80

                        Petrovna Dome        Tres Chic Bag          Laughing Buddha                               Allsorts necklace
                        Jade and 18ct gold   Diamond and            Diamond and                                   18ct gold
                        5030.0779 £280       18ct gold              18ct gold                                     Length 43 cm
                                             5030.0416 £370         5030.0417 £370                                5020.0411 £950

18    shop online at                                                                                                                                                    To order call 0845 120 2922   19
     Our much-loved Sweetie collection
has become an iconic piece of design.
Bracelets and rings are slinky and tactile:
classic when worn plain; wonderfully
original when adorned with charms.
We love them mixed together – gold
with silver and rhodium – to create a
deliciously precious stack.

Sweetie bracelets                                       Charms                                            Sweetie rings
(left to right)                                         (left to right)                                   (top to bottom)
18ct rolled gold                 Black rhodium          Petrovna Dome        Annoushka Dome               Pavé pink sapphire,   Wide 18ct gold         Pavé blue sapphire,         Pavé white sapphire,
and sterling silver              and 18ct rolled gold   Jade and 18ct gold   Ruby and 18ct gold           black rhodium and     and sterling silver    black rhodium and           black rhodium and
5010.0391 £190                   5010.0271 £180         5030.0779 £280       5030.0781 £350               sterling silver       5045.0727 £320         sterling silver             sterling silver
18ct rolled gold                                                                                          5045.0679 £320                               5045.0692 £320              5045.0690 £320
5010.0270 £750                   Not shown:             Czar Cross           Disc                                               Wide sterling silver
                                                        18ct gold            18ct gold                    18ct gold             5045.0706 £160         Pavé diamond and 18ct
                                 Sterling silver        5030.0777 £220       5030.0866 £250               5045.0666 £595                               yellow and white gold
                                 5010.0381 £98                                                                                  Wide 18ct gold         5045.0686 £995
                                                                             Please see our website for   Sterling silver       5045.0730 £995
                                                                             the full charm collection.   5045.0576 £80

20      shop online at                                                                                                                                       To order call 0845 120 2922   21
friendship	bracelets
	    These unique bracelets are hand-
woven and crafted in sterling silver.
They’re inspired by the friendship
bracelets we wore as children. We’re
also very proud of the fact that £10 from
each sale goes directly to the NSPCC.

                                                                                 This timeless collection of men’s
                                                                              jewellery celebrates the tusk as
                                                                              an ancient symbol of success and
                                                                              masculinity. It’s a very tactile range
                                                                              with elongated, elegant lines. We’ve
                                                                              used not only sterling silver and
                                           Friendship bracelets   £95         18 Carat yellow gold, but opulent
                                              Orange and black    5010.0523
                                                          Black   5010.0520   rose gold too. Leather elements
                                           Red, white and navy    5010.0519
                                               White and black    5010.0521   (page 27) lend a relaxed note to
                                               Green and black    5010.0487
                                               Fuchsia and navy   5010.0522   this strong, confident collection.

22      shop online at                                                   To order call 0845 120 2922   2
                                         Tusk ring
                                         Sterling silver
                                         5245.0127 £120
Tusk chainlink cufflinks
Sterling silver 2515.0363 £98            Tusk bangle
18ct rose gold 2515.0376 £950            Sterling silver
18ct yellow gold 2515.0378 £950          Medium 5212.0122 £320
(As seen on page 23)                     Large 5212.0117 £320

24    shop online at                           To order call 0845 120 2922   25
                                        Tusk ring and bangle             Tusk ring pendant             Tusk pendant                          Tusk necklace
                                        (As seen on model, left)         Sterling silver and leather   Sterling silver and leather           Sterling silver and leather
                                        For details please see page 25   5224.0118 £130                5224.0117 £130                        5224.0121 £270

                                        Tusk bracelet
                                        Sterling silver and leather
                                        Medium 5224.0119
                                        Large 5224.0120

2   shop online at                                                                                                To order call 0845 120 2922      2
rogue	leather                                       classic	cufflinks
     Our Rogue leather collection                      Some things never go out of style and
combines great ideas with great design.             a well-crafted pair of cufflinks speaks
From BlackBerry cases to our clever                 volumes. Our classic range is made from
expenses wallet, each item is made from             sterling silver and gold. each is based
fine-grained calf leather and is beautifully        on a traditional design but given a little
lined and stitched in red. Designed for             contemporary style too.
the global nomad, these are accessories
for a very modern man.

                                                    (top to bottom)
                                                    Rogue Rubix T-bar             Union Link              Caviar T-bar           Identity Oval chainlink
                                                    Sterling silver               Sterling silver         18ct gold and          Sterling silver
                                                    2516.0207 £130                2516.0140 £98           sterling silver        2515.0361 £98
Blackberry case 4570.0172 £45                                                                             2516.0161 £210
                                                    Not pictured:                 Eternity Ribbon T-bar
Business card case 1012.0134 £40                    Rogue Rubix T-bar             Sterling silver         Cylinder barbell
                                                    Onyx                          2516.0216 £98           Sterling silver
Credit card holder 1020.0131 £38                    2516.0213 £180                                        2510.0163 £70

Expenses wallet                                     Rogue Rubix T-bar
sold as part of a Rogue Travel Wallet (not shown)   White Agate
which includes a wallet case, passport cover and    2516.0214 £180
expenses wallet 1010.0142 £120

28      shop online at                                                                                     To order call 0845 120 2922   29
sports	cufflinks                                                                       atomic
	    Our sports collection is intricately                                                 We’ve taken a retro style and given
crafted. each pair is designed in sterling                                             it clean, modern lines for our Atomic
silver with vivid enamel detailing, so                                                 range. With a discreet nod to the Fifties,
that cricket balls have silver stitching                                               these cufflinks and rings have a pleasing
and rugby balls are neatly laced in dark                                               symmetry.

Sports Cufflinks                                                                       Atomic T-bar cufflinks                                               Atomic rings
Rugby                            Tennis            Cricket           Football          (clockwise from top)         18ct gold and     Sterling silver       Double
Sterling silver                  Sterling silver   Sterling silver   Sterling silver   Haematite and                sterling silver   2516.0208 £130        Sterling silver
and enamel                       and enamel        and enamel        and enamel        sterling silver              2516.0215 £250                          5045.0749 £160
2516.0211 £98                    2516.0210 £98     2516.0209 £98     2516.0212 £98     2516.0206 £180
                                                                                                                    White agate and                         Single
                                                                                       Jasper and                   sterling silver                         Sterling silver
                                                                                       sterling silver              2516.0204 £180                          5045.0761 £120
                                                                                       2516.0205 £180
                                                                                                                                                            Available in individual sizes.

0      shop online at                                                                                                                To order call 0845 120 2922          1
     rogue	pillow	&		
     cushion	cufflinks
         This collection is designed to suit
     your inner rogue. These cufflinks
     have a solidity to them, but also
     sport soft curves to echo a more
     sensuous side.

Pillow T-bar cufflinks                                  Cushion barbell cufflinks
Lapis lazuli and                  Haematite and         18ct rose gold              Onyx and
sterling silver                   sterling silver       2510.0225 £950              sterling silver
2516.0159 £130                    2516.0157 £130                                    2510.0211 £130
                                                        Sterling silver
Sterling silver                   Mother of pearl       2510.0208 £98               18ct yellow gold
2516.0150 £98                     and sterling silver                               2510.0224 £950
                                  2516.0158 £130        Lapis lazuli and            (As seen on model, right)
                                                        sterling silver
                                                        2510.0212 £130

2      shop online at                                                                        To order call 0845 120 2922   
rogue	identity	
     Simple and sexy, the Identity
collection is luxuriously solid with a very
modern, urban aesthetic. It is beautifully
pared down and can be worn with a
fashionable formal look or a more casual
style. Its smooth surfaces make it perfect
for engraving – which we’d be happy to
do for you.

                                                           Rogue Identity snaffle cufflinks
                                                           Sterling silver 2510.0210 £130

                                                           Rogue Identity pendant
Rogue Identity snaffle cufflinks                           Sterling silver 5224.0113 £160
Mother of pearl, onyx and sterling silver 2510.0239 £220
ebony and sterling silver 2510.0240 £220                   Rogue Identity bangle
                                                           Sterling silver 5212.0116 £210
Rogue Identity rectangular pendant
ebony and sterling silver 5224.0125 £180                   Rogue Identity ring
Sterling silver 5224.0126 £160                             Sterling silver 5245.0117 £98

4      shop online at                                                      To order call 0845 120 2922   5
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1. Telephone 0845 120 2922                                                                                           Customer Service
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                                                                                                                                                                                           Cancellations and Exchanges
                                                                                                                                                                                           In the event that you wish to cancel your order or exchange
Lines are open 8.30am to 5.30pm                                                                                      happy to assist you with your purchase or answer any query            an item, please contact us as soon as possible. It may not
Monday to Friday.                                                                                                    you may have. Customer Service is open between 8.30am                 be possible to stop your order once it has been processed.
                                                                                                                     and 5.30pm Monday to Friday.                                          Please return it as outlined in Returns and Refunds.
International: +44 845 120 2922
                                                                                                                     Phone: 0845 120 2922                                                  Our Standards
When you call, please have your billing address,                                                                     Fax: 020 7730 0640                                                    All our jewellery is hand polished and finished. Sterling silver
                                                                                                                     email:                               is used as standard except where specified and all our gold
delivery address, telephone number, payment                                                                                                                                                is 18 Carat. All diamonds and precious stones are hand
details and order list to hand. We can accept                                                                        Please see our website,, for full               selected for purity and colour. For 18 Carat jewellery we only
                                                                                                                     terms and conditions. Your statutory rights are not affected.         use GVS1 diamonds which are described as “Fine White” in
the following credit and debit cards: Visa,                                                                                                                                                appearance. Diamond weights quoted are the average carat
Mastercard, American express and Switch/                                                                             Engraving, Embossing and Repairing Services                           weight unless stated otherwise and this weight can fluctuate
Maestro.                                                                                                             We offer both hand and machine engraving or embossing on              up and down slightly by ± 0.05 carats from the weight
                                                                                                                     specific products.                                                    stated. Links of London is committed to offering high-quality
                                                                                                                                                                                           diamonds. We share the public’s concern regarding conflict
2. Online at                                                                                       Our items are manufactured to a very high quality. However,           diamonds and we only purchase diamonds which comply
                                                                                                                     should you require it, we offer a repairs service.                    completely with the Kimberley Process requirements.
Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Don’t
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3. In-store                                                                                                          For UK addresses we offer Standard and express delivery.              the goods (or a proportionate part of the price). If you have
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Visit one of our beautiful stores. Store                                                                             Standard Delivery £6. Orders placed before 2pm on a                   your goods, then we shall be entitled to rectify the defect
locations are listed below, or visit our online                                                                      weekday will be packed the next working day. Please then              free of charge or, at our sole discretion, refund to you the
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store locator at                                                                                                                                                        for wear and tear to items before the jewellery was in our
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                                                                                                                                                                                           connected claims under these terms and conditions shall not
                                                                                                                     Only one charge will be made for orders delivered to the              exceed £1,000 or the value of the goods to which the claim
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020 7623 3101                   Glasgow                      0161 755 3529                                           or dispatched in error by us, must be paid by the customer.           18ct gold
                                22 Princes Square                                                                    For hygiene reasons we cannot exchange or refund earrings             5045.0711 £1400
8 Bow Lane, eC4                 48 Buchanan Street, G1 3JN   newcastle                                               unless they are defective or faulty. Sale items may only be
020 7329 2727                   0141 221 6597                Fenwick                                                 exchanged during the sale period with proof of purchase.              Sirens ring
                                                             Northumberland Street,                                  Regrettably, personalised items cannot be refunded unless             18ct gold
28 Ludgate Hill, eC4            Guildford                    Ne99 1AR                                                they are defective or faulty.                                         5045.0714 £695
020 7236 5564                   83 High Street, GU1 3DP      0191 260 5862
                                01483 452 425                                                                                                                                              Sirens ring
25-26 Chancery Lane, WC2                                                                                                                                                                   Sterling silver
020 7404 9899                                                                                                                                                                              5045.0735 £130

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