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					                ATHLETE INFORMATION GUIDE

                               TABLE OF CONTENTS
Note from the Race Director                          2

Tentative Schedule of Events                         3

“To Do List”                                         4

Registration Packet Pick-Up                          5

Pre Race Info, Race Day Info                         6

Parking Plan                                         7

Course Maps and Descriptions                         7

Rules Summary                                        12

Sponsors                                             13

Raffle Information                                   14

Post Race Survey                                     15

Welcome to Falcon Groundspeed Foundation!
The foundation was established in 2008 by alumni of the USAF Academy Triathlon team in accomplishing
its mission of creating physically fit leaders of character for our nation's Air Force! If you’d like to help
Falcon Groundspeed help the USAFA Triathlon team, please contact us at any time.

One of the primary functions of the Falcon Groundspeed Foundation is to host the Lindsay Brown
Memorial Triathlon held at the USAF Academy, Colorado on 27 Sep 2008

C3C Lindsay Brown was a Cadet in Squadron FIVE and an Intercollegiate Swimmer. She was also a
member of the USAFA Competitive Triathlon Team. Cadet Brown was killed in a car accident in
Florida on 21 December 2007 only four days after she returned home on Leave. She will forever be
missed by hundreds of teammates and friends at the Academy. Lindsay lived everyday to the fullest
and never had any regrets. She was reading a book at the time of her death in which she wrote a
quote while taking notes. She wrote, “It’s time to get out of my seat and get going!” That quote
shows her determination and will to try new things. It is only fitting that there be an opportunity
for many other people to try a new thing in her honor: completing a triathlon. Each leg in our
triathlon is a multiple of FIVE (5x150m swim, 5x3 mi bike, 5km run).


Thanks for all your gracious donations and participation in this, our first annual race at USAFA.

Maj James “Bolter” Thompson
F-16/F-117 pilot,
Air Officer Commanding of 113 Cadets,
USAFA Grad 1994,
AOIC USAFA Triathlon Team,
Triathlete since 1990



0830-1900 RACE PACKET PICKUP – Out of town participants may send an e-mail to to coordinate pickup on Saturday, September 27, 2008




0545-0700 OUT OF TOWN ONLY RACE PACKET PICKUP – Out of town participants may
send an e-mail to to coordinate pickup on Sat, September 27, 2008\

0700-1100 DIVING WELL OPEN FOR WARMUP – Pickup your timing chip in the swim start
area 10-15 minutes before your start! Start times will be posted on a list on the day of race
packet pickup and the morning of the race!

0800-1100 SWIM START/FINISH – a race start time will be posted on race packet pickup day,
and will be available on race morning as well. Please be ready to start your race at least 15
minutes before your scheduled time. We will start each competitor when the previous
competitor gets to 25 meters.

track) - We plan on starting the ceremony at 1230, but will expedite this if everyone’s done.
There’s going to be a barbecue provided for athletes (donations accepted), and a small fee for
guests and spectators. All of these profits go towards our charity, the Dennis Rando Fund.

                                         TO DO LIST

DRIVE THE COURSE: When you first arrive on Friday at the race site, be sure to drive the
                   course to become more familiar with the terrain. This way there
                   should be no surprises on race day in regards to what you should

ATHLETE PACKET PICK-UP: Be sure to arrive at the race site with adequate time register.
                        You must bring a photo I.D. to registration. Registration for
                        the 2008 LB Tri is from 0800-1900 Friday, September 26,

LABEL YOUR GEAR: After you have received your packet, label all of your gear with your
                      name and with the stickers provided. Be sure that all of the
                      stickers are applied properly to avoid penalties during the race.

BIKE AND GEAR CHECK IN: Bike and gear check in is between 0545-0750 Saturday before
                             the race.

BODYMARKING: Bodymarking begins at 0545 on race day just outside the transition zone.
               Remember not to put lotion or sunscreen on before you get bodymarked.

POST RACE: After you have completed your event, please pick up your bike and gear bags.
              Falcongroundspeed Foundation is not responsible for gear that is not picked-
              up. You will be able to start checking out after the last biker finishes (around
              1130 or so).
              *If you happen to lose any of your equipment please ask the nearest race
              director (bright green shirts!)

                             REGISTRATION PACKET PICKUP


                         OFFICIAL PHOTO IDENTIFICATION
                         CONFIRMATION NUMBER
                         USAT CARD (IF YOU ARE AN ANNUAL MEMBER)

Please arrive onsite and plan to register during the designated registration times. Off-base
civilian personnel need to enter from the North Gate and park in the eastern field house lots. The
packet pickup site will be located in the transition area. If you have a special circumstance in
regards to getting to registration you must contact Major James Thompson (719-238-9274) prior
to your event to make registration arrangements.

   1. Confirm athlete bib number on the athlete list posted.
   2. Sign Waivers (if needed)
   3. Pick up registration envelope, this contains the following:
          a. Race Numbers-bike frame numbers, helmet stickers, bib numbers, bike check out
          b. Timing Chip
   4. Pick up Goody Bags------Enjoy the sample of BodyGlide as well as a few other goodies.
      You’ll want to check for a bike and helmet sticker, as well as a run number. The bike
      sticker must be on your bike and must match your body-marking as well as your race
      number to allow a bike to leave the transition area.
   5. Don’t forget to pickup your absolutely radical Lindsay Brown Memorial Triathlon T-
      Shirt – It’s the first annual, so down the road, they’re going to be worth REALLY BIG
   6. Check the swim start order sheet. On this will be an approximate start time for
      swimmers. THESE ARE ONLY GUESSES! Anyone missing their actual turn
      in the lineup will have to wait until the very end to start their race. Keep
      monitoring the start time list posted right at the swim start on race day.
      POOL AREA!!!

                                PRE RACE INFORMATION

     [if you wish to increase your chances of finding any lost items]Please label all of your
  clothing and gear (including shoes). If you lose anything or find anything we have
  a Lost and Found at the Information Booth.

    For any information, see a race registration volunteer (red shirts)
    Only registered athletes with a race number may enter the transition zone. There
       will be a bike-bar-end cap inspection so please ensure that your bike
       is in safe and full working condition. Falling on a cap-less bar end will
       create a biopsy scenario that we don’t want. Place your bike in the appropriately
       number spot on the bike racks. The numbers will be the same as your race number.

                             RACE DAY INFORMATION

  Race Morning, Athletes may check in and start putting their gear into the transition area
  no earlier than 0545. North gate doesn’t open until 0530. All off-base civilian personnel
  need to enter from the North Gate, I-25, exit 156. Remember to bring your Champion
  Chip (if you have one), and goggles. Bike technicians and bike pumps will be available
  near the transition area race morning. Please do not wear your bib number in the swim.
  Leave it in your transition area and put it on before you head out on the bike course.
  Numbers will not hold up for the duration of the race if they get wet.
  Please do not apply sunscreen or lotion before getting bodymarked. Bodymarking begins
  at 0545 and will be conducted just outside of the transition entrance.
  Transition closes at 0750. All athletes must be out of the transition zone and headed
  toward the swim before this time.
  Each hydration station on the course has an EMT present. There is also one at the finish
  station. Any serious emergency, we’ll get the ambulance rescue service from USAFA to
  work with. In case of emergency, find the nearest volunteer (red or green shirt). In an
  absolute emergency, dial 911.
  Only athletes or persons with race numbers will be allowed inside transition. Please
  understand that your friends and family must wait outside of transition until you are ready
  to join them. Transition volunteers (red or green shirts) will be available if you need
  outside assistance.

                                        PARKING PLAN

  All cars must be parked in East Clune Parking lot. Take I-25 and exit on 156B toward North
  Entrance Air Force Academy. Merge onto North Gate Blvd and continue through the North
  Gate. Continue straight passed the B-52 and North Gate Blvd becomes Academy Dr.
  Continue on Academy Drive for about a mile past the B-52. Take a left onto Parade Loop.
  Then turn right onto Field House Dr. You will see Clune Arena in front of you. Please park
  in any of the open lots on the East of Clune Arena.


  1. SWIM – warm-ups start at 0700. ENTERING THE WATER BEFORE A LIFEGUARD
     ALLOWED TO RACE!!! If you intend on needing your glasses upon exiting the swim
     please be sure to stop by the northwest corner of the pool prior to the swim start. Glasses
     must be placed on the athlete’s number on one of the two tables located in the northwest
     corner of the Natatorium. This will be the location of the swim finish so athletes can
     easily locate their glasses upon completion of the swim. Pickup your championchip from
     the race volunteers at the table inside the cadet Natatorium. The bracelet must be on the
     ankle prior to entering the water for the swim start. Be certain to be body-marked prior to
     entering the pool area. Each athlete will start in sequence from slowest predicted time to
     fastest predicted time. Check the swim start order sheet. On this will be an approximate
     start time for swimmers. THESE ARE ONLY GUESSES, based on your entry times!
     Anyone missing their actual turn in the lineup will have to wait until the very end to start
     their race. Keep monitoring the start time list posted right at the swim start on race day.

   The race is a serpentine swim, starting in the deepest end, farthest lane from the doors into
   the cadet Natatorium (south east corner). It’s 7250 feet above sea level, “Where the air is
   rare!” Once the first competitor hits the 25m mark, the next one will be started.

   Swimmers should be prepared to start at least 15 minutes prior to their race time. We will
   post a roster on the wall with exact start times for competitors to monitor progress. Each
   start will be in the water, hanging on to the wall. Competitors will swim on the left side of
   the lane, down, then back on the left side. Once returning to the original bulkhead at the
   deep end, swimmers will cross under the lane line to the second lane (flip-turns ok), then
   proceed down and back in the second lane. Repeat this until getting 15 lengths of the 50 m
   pool (at the shallow end of the last lane). Passing, should it occur, will be the responsibility
   of the overtaking swimmer to ensure safety and deconfliction from any oncoming swimmers.
   To ensure proper timing of each participant, a running clock will be kept and the start time of
   each participant number will be logged. Relay swimmers may hand their championchip to
   the bike relay leg individual after they touch the 750m wall on the last swim length. Relay
   bikers must have the ChampionChip bracelet on their ankle prior to leaving the swimmer.
   Individual swimmers will then jump out, or climb out using the ladder. Either the relay
   biker, or the individual swimmer, will then exit out of the Natatorium at the northeast corner,
   and proceed down the long hallway to the ramp between the tennis courts, then up and to the
   ChampionChip timing matt entrance to the transition area. THE FLOORS ARE POLISHED
   CONCRETE. We will have reduced-slip material at each of the corners and along the
   transition run, but as the floor surfaces get wet, they will be very slippery. Please take
   GREAT CAUTION, particularly around these turns.

T1      The first transition will be located on the open area between the cadet gymnasium and the
field house. The participant’s bikes and cycling clothing will be located in numerical order.
Participants will be encouraged to wear their cycling gear over their swimming gear. If any
participant would feel more comfortable using the locker-room to change, they will be
encouraged to do so. Public nudity will not be tolerated. Helmets must be on with chin-straps
fastened prior to crossing the mount/dismount line. Riders must have at least some form of
clothing on their upper body. Race numbers must be clearly marked on bikers legs and arms.

BIKE - The cycling leg of the race will be one loop around base, 14.69 miles in length. The start
                 will start from the northeast corner of the transition area. Participants will
                 head north around the athletic fields until they reach Academy Drive. There

are several bumps and potholes on the roads out of the athletic fields. Riders
should use caution when approaching the outdoor track area. This is the finish
line and may have spectators present and in the area during the race. Riders
will then make a right on Academy Drive and continue along that road until
the intersection with Stadium Blvd. The course will turn onto Stadium Blvd
all the way down south until it reaches Pine Drive. Taking a right turn (west)
on Pine Drive, the course begins a long arduous uphill until reaching
Academy Drive, where it makes a left turn, circling back around until it
reaches the Athletic Fields once again. Participants will be routed back into
the Athletic Fields until they reach the Cadet Fieldhouse. Please see Figure 1
for a map of the cycling portion. Stars represent where volunteers will be
located to help direct participants. There will be two volunteers per star
Cyclists must pass ONLY on the LEFT, then stay to the right when not
passing. Furthermore, Academy, Stadium, and Pine Drives WILL BE OPEN
TO TRAFFIC. Riders need to stay on the shoulders whenever available. WE
HAZARDS, but bikers beware!!! Although minimal traffic exists on a
Saturday morning, bicyclists are advised to clear their path for all traffic!!!!!!!
There will be a hydration station just past 9.8 mi on the Pine Drive ascent.
The hydration station will have two porta-potties as well as an EMT on
station. Each intersection will have a volunteer with a radio in case of pickup
requirements. Sag wagons will be driving the course during the entire race
timeframe (they’ll have signs). In accordance with USAT rules, no drafting
will be allowed (3 bike lengths min), nor any mechanical, musical or
electronic devices (headphones, etc.). I’ll mention that again - NO
NO DRAFTING IS PERMITTED. Passing must ONLY occur on the left.
Any violations will have the number marked down by race officials. Any two
violations will result in removal from the course.

T2. The second transition will be located in the same place as the first transition, on the open
area between the Cadet Gymnasium and the Field House. Once participants are finished with the
cycling leg of the race they will rack their own bikes in the same spot that they got them from.
Participants will have their running shoes with their personal items and will be able to make a
quick change from their cycling shoes to running shoes. Participants will be allowed to put on
running shorts and shirts over their cycling clothes (or start with them under the cycling clothes).
Race bikers must wear the race number on the front of their jerseys, either pinned on, or on a
race belt. For relay racers, the runner may be present at the mount/dismount line to immediately
take the ChampionChip belt from the biker. Runners must have the chip on the ankle prior to
leaving the biker.

Running Portion. The running leg of the race will be 5 km (3.1 miles) in length. Participants
will start at the transition area and run east along Cadet Drive until they meet the first parking lot
where they will turn to go up the hill to the Stillman Parade field. (This is a brutal, but
short, uphill). Runners will then run around the parade field, then down Faculty Drive to Cross
Drive. Once on Cross Drive, runners will take the cadet trail dirt path paralleling Parade Loop
past Cadet Drive and Fieldhouse Drive to the dirt path that proceeds up the valley toward the
outdoor track. They will make a left onto Falcon Trail and continue heading west until they
reach the track. Participants will complete the running portion with an Olympic style run into the
outdoor track stadium, followed by one full victory lap around the track, finishing at the end of
the 100m portion of the track. There will only be left turns on the running portion in order to
assure that participants do not cross traffic. Please see Figure 2 for a map of the running portion.
Stars represent where volunteers (red shirt) will be located to help direct participants. There will
be two volunteers per star. There will be two water stops at approximately mile 1.1 and 2.0 on
the running course. Each hydration station will have two porta-potties, as well as a certified
EMT, and a volunteer (red shirt) with a radio. Hydration stations will have water, Gatorade,
bananas, and oranges available. NO AUDIO LISTENING DEVICES ARE PERMITTED ON
THE RUN COURSE EITHER! Good news is you can pass on the left/right, just not over the
top. Also, draft as much as you want!

FINISH LINE – this is a very spectator friendly area. We’ll have lots of stadium stands for
friends and family to watch you finish like a rock star! There will be music, food, and fun. Stay
after for the barbecue (free to athletes – donations accepted), but for a small fee for spectators,
and a smaller fee for the volunteers. All the proceeds go to the Rando Fund, our race charity.
(We’ll hand out post-race surveys to get some critical feedback to help us improve the race too).
We’ll have some special presentations at the awards banquet, tentatively scheduled to start at
1130. Cadet Lindsay Brown’s family is going to be at the awards banquet, so you won’t want to
miss it. We’ll give out awards to the top three in each age group, as well as the top three relay
teams in each category. We’ll also announce the top three relay winners in our intra-squadron
competition (only for cadets, but they get a pretty sweet prize!) BE THERE!!!

Lastly, get ready for next year’s LB TRI TWO… It only promises to be bigger, badder, and
better than the first!!!



(no government sponsorship intended!)

A HUGE thanks to our sponsors in this race:

Falcon Groundspeed Foundation
USAFA Cadet Triathlon Team
USA Triathlon
Runner’s World
Criterium Bicycles
Acme T-Shirts
Home Depot
Central Florida Parent’s Club
Deep Rock Water
Blue Ribbon Trophies
                                   RAFFLE INFORMATION

We have numerous donations from our sponsors to give out as door prizes during our Finish Fest
celebration. Tabs off of your race numbers will be used for the drawing – the collection box will
be at the finish line area. Also Criterium has graciously donated a Quintana Roo bicycle to our
cause!!! We will be using the attached form as the start to the auction. All the proceeds of this
auction go to our charity. Again, a collection box will be at the finish area.

                                       POST RACE SURVEY
Please take the time to fill out and turn in the attached Post Race Survey. With your feed back
and comments we hope to make this race even better next year! There will be pens and boxes to
place the form in at the information tent and finish.

      MOST COMMONLY                                       6. Course:
                                                          All competitors are required to follow the prescribed
         VIOLATED                                         course and to stay within all coned lanes. Cutting the
                                                          course is an obvious violation and going outside the
     RULES & PENALTIES                                    course is a safety issue. Cyclists shall not cross a
                                                          solid yellow center line for ANY reason. Cyclists
1. Helmets:
                                                          must obey all applicable traffic laws at all times.
No modifications may be made to the helmet.
                                                          Penalty: Referee's discretion
Helmets must be worn as they were purchased. If the
                                                          7. Unsportsmanlike-Like Conduct:
helmet came with a cloth cover, the cover must be on
                                                          Foul, harsh, argumentative or abusive language or
the helmet when competing. Helmets must be worn at
                                                          other unsportsmanlike conduct directed at race
all times while on your bike. This means before,
                                                          officials, USA Triathlon officials, volunteers,
during, and after the event.
                                                          spectators or fellow athletes is forbidden.
Penalty: Disqualification
                                                          Penalty: Disqualification
2. Chin Straps:
                                                          8. Headphones:
Chin straps must be buckled at all times when on a
                                                          Headphones, headsets, walkmans, ipods, mp3
bicycle. DO NOT unbuckle your chin strap unless
                                                          players, etc. are not to be carried or worn at any time
you are off your bicycle.
                                                          during the race.
Penalty: Disqualification on the course; Variable
                                                          Penalty: Variable time penalty
time penalty in transition area only.
                                                          9. Race numbers:
3. Outside Assistance:
                                                          All athletes are required to wear race numbers at all
No assistance other than that offered by race and
                                                          times during the run. Numbers must face the front
medical officials may be used. Triathlons and
                                                          and be clearly visible at all times. Numbers may not
duathlons are individual tests of fitness.
                                                          be cut or folded or altered in any way. DO NOT
Penalty: Variable time penalty
                                                          transfer your number to any other athlete or take
4. Transition Area:
                                                          a number from an athlete that is not competing.
All equipment must be placed in the properly
                                                          Penalty: Variable time penalty for missing or altered
designated and individually assigned bike corral. The
                                                          number, Disqualification and one year suspension
wheel of the bicycle must be down on the side of the
                                                          from membership in USAT for transferring a number
assigned space. All participants must return their
                                                          without race director permission.
bicycles to an upright position in their designated
                                                          10. Wetsuits:
bicycle corral. No person shall interfere with another
                                                          Each age group participant shall be permitted to wear
participant’s equipment or impede the progress of
                                                          a wetsuit without penalty in any event sanctioned by
another participant. All bar ends must be solidly         USA Triathlon up to and including a water
plugged. No participant shall bring ANY glass             temperature of 78 degrees Fahrenheit. When the
containers into the transition area.                      water temperature is greater than 78 degrees but less
Penalty: Variable time penalty                            than 84 degrees Fahrenheit, age group participants
5. Drafting:                                              may wear a wetsuit at their own discretion, provided,
Drafting--keep at least three bike lengths of clear       however that participants who wears a wetsuit within
space between you and the cyclist in front. If you        such temperature range shall not be eligible for prizes
move into the zone, you must pass within 15 seconds.      or awards. Above 84 degrees, wetsuits are prohibited.
Position--keep to the right hand side of the lane of      11. Abandonment:
travel unless passing.                                    All personal equipment and belongings taken out
Blocking--riding on the left side of the lane without     onto the course must stay on the athlete the entire
passing anyone and interfering with other cyclists        time. No garbage, clothing, etc. shall be thrown on
attempting to pass.                                       the course.
Overtaken--once passed, you must immediately exit         Penalty: Variable time penalty
the draft zone from the rear, before attempting to pass   Variable Time Penalties
again. Penalty: Variable time penalty
                                                          1st (2:00), 2nd (4:00), 3rd (disqualification)


The highest bidder will take home this Quintana Roo (size small) Trueno bicycle! Proceeds go
to charity!

(Place in box at race registration and finish area)

                                    Name________________________________                            BID:_______

                                    Race # (if applicable)____________________


                                    Phone Number_________________________

          Lindsay Brown Benefit Triathlon POST RACE SURVEY
                                          27 September 2008

        Please take the time to complete a brief race survey, which will
        assist the race directors in creating a superior race experience next

          1. How many races will you run this year? (Please Circle)
                1
                2-4
                4-6

          2. Will you run this race again next year?
                 Yes
                 No
                 Not Sure

          3. Did the race have your preferred t-shirt size?
                 Yes
                 No
                 If “No” Please state the size that was not available._________

          4. Please rate your satisfaction level on the following:

 Race Website                                                             "Somewhat
                  "Completely        "Somewhat          Satisfied nor                 "Completely
                                                                        Dissatisfied" Dissatisfied" N/A
                   Satisfied"         Satisfied"        Dissatisfied"

 Registration                                               "Neither
   Process        "Completely        "Somewhat          Satisfied nor                 "Completely
                                                                        Dissatisfied" Dissatisfied" N/A
                   Satisfied"         Satisfied"        Dissatisfied"
   Race Day                                                 "Neither      "Somewhat
Packet/Bib Pick "Completely          "Somewhat          Satisfied nor   Dissatisfied" "Completely N/A

      Up            Satisfied"        Satisfied"      Dissatisfied"                     Dissatisfied"
 Cost of Event                                                              "Somewhat
                   "Completely       "Somewhat        Satisfied nor                     "Completely
                                                                          Dissatisfied"               N/A
                    Satisfied"        Satisfied"      Dissatisfied"                     Dissatisfied"
 Course Design                                                              "Somewhat
                   "Completely       "Somewhat        Satisfied nor                     "Completely
                                                                          Dissatisfied"               N/A
                    Satisfied"        Satisfied"      Dissatisfied"                     Dissatisfied"
Course Support                                            "Neither
  (Aid/Water                                                                "Somewhat
                   (Aid/Water        "Somewhat        Satisfied nor                     "Completely
   Stations)                                                              Dissatisfied"               N/A
                   Stations) "        Satisfied"      Dissatisfied"                     Dissatisfied"

   Post Race                                              "Neither
  Food/Party       "Completely       "Somewhat        Satisfied nor                     "Completely
                                                                          Dissatisfied"               N/A
                    Satisfied"        Satisfied"      Dissatisfied"                     Dissatisfied"

    Awards         "Completely                            "Neither
                                                                            "Somewhat "Completely
  Presenation       Satisfied"       "Somewhat        Satisfied nor
                                                                          Dissatisfied" Dissatisfied" N/A
                                      Satisfied"      Dissatisfied"
  Race T-Shirt                                                              "Somewhat "Completely
                   "Completely       "Somewhat        Satisfied nor
                                                                          Dissatisfied" Dissatisfied" N/A
                    Satisfied"        Satisfied"      Dissatisfied"

Course Accuracy                                           "Neither
                                                                            "Somewhat "Completely
  (Distance)    "Completely          "Somewhat        Satisfied nor
                                                                          Dissatisfied" Dissatisfied" N/A
                 Satisfied"           Satisfied"      Dissatisfied"

           5. What is your Gender?
                 Male
                 Female

           6. What is your age on race day?
                 Under 20
                 20-29
                 30-39
                 40-49
                 50-59
                 60+

           7. How did you hear about this race?

           8. What suggestions do you have to improve this race for next year?


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