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                       CIC ADMISSIONS NEWS
                      S E R V I N G      T H E     L O W E R         M A I N L A N D / F R A S E R               V A L L E Y
                                          E D I T I O N        6 8            A U G U S T      2 0 0 5

                                                 CLARIFICATION: CPC                               Please note that CPC Vegreville is not
THIS MONTH:                                                                                       open to the public. The physical address is
                                                 VEGREVILLE FAX
                                                                                                  provided only for courier deliveries.
♦   Clarification: CPC Vegreville Fax            NUMBER

    Number                                                                                        Whenever CPC Vegreville sends a letter to
                                                      ffective July 1, 2005, there is no
♦   Studying in Canada: Information for               longer a direct fax number for clients
                                                                                                  a client asking for further information or
    Schools & Educational Organizations                                                           documents, the client will be asked to
                                                 to send general correspondence to the
♦   Unpaid Representatives of                                                                     respond to the T9C 1W5 address. For
                                                 Case Processing Centre (CPC) in
    International Students                                                                        example: A client who needs to mail police
                                                 Vegreville, Alberta. The general fax
♦   Letter of Acceptance                                                                          certificates after submitting an application
                                                 number (780-632-8101) for the Client
                                                                                                  for permanent residence should send them
♦   Validity Period for Study Permits            Service Unit at the CPC is no longer in
                                                                                                  to the T9C 1W5 address.
♦   Payment of Fees through the Internet         service. Unless otherwise directed by the
♦   Policy for International Students who        CPC in Vegreville, clients are advised to        Source: CPC Vegreville
    want to Change Schools                       use Canada Post or a courier company to
♦   Updates to CIC Manuals                       send correspondence or documents to the
                                                 CPC.                                             STUDYING IN CANADA:
♦   Profile on the International Region                                                           INFORMATION FOR
Plus our regular features:                       Clients should continue to refer to              SCHOOLS & EDUCATIONAL
                                                 application guides for the correct               ORGANIZATIONS
♦   You asked about…?                            address/postal code for submitting an
    Kit Update News
    Around the Web
                                                 application. Different applications (such
                                                 as for a work permit, a study permit, or
                                                 permanent residence) have different postal
                                                                                                  M      ore than 130,000 students come to
                                                                                                         study in Canada every year. In
                                                                                                  addition to this number are many more
Is your organization located in the Greater      codes. For example: study permit                 that come to learn English or French. In
Vancouver area? Would you like to receive        applications should continue to be sent to       order to serve the needs of foreign
CIC Admissions News by fax or e-mail? If         the T9C 1X5 postal code listed in the            students it is often necessary for those
so, contact the Client Services Unit by fax      application, and in-Canada spouse and            who work in institutions and educational
at (604) 666-6582 or e-mail at CIC-              common-law partner applications should           organizations to be knowledgeable about               continue to be sent to the T9C 1W3 postal        immigration policy and procedure
                                                 code.                                            regarding international students.
Information on Citizenship and
Immigration Canada (CIC) programs and            Any general correspondence sent by               The CIC Web site at
services can be obtained by:                     regular mail should be sent to the               provides the information and tools that
                                                 following address:                               educators, administrators, and foreign
Telephone at: 1-888-242-2100 (toll free) or               Case Processing Centre                  student advisors require.
                                                          Vegreville, Alberta
From the CIC Web site at:                   T9C 1W5                                 To access the section of our CIC Web site
CIC Vancouver Admissions prepares CIC                                                             that is specifically designed for assisting
                                                 Any general correspondence sent by               educators, administrators and foreign
Admissions News from a variety of                courier should be sent to the following
departmental sources. This newsletter is                                                          student advisors please click on “to Study”
                                                 address:                                         under the “Choose Canada” heading on
not a legal document. For precise                          Case Processing Centre
information consult the Immigration and                                                           the left side of the CIC Home page. Next,
                                                           6212-55th Avenue                       under the heading “Studying in Canada,”
Refugee Protection Act and Regulations or the              Vegreville, Alberta
Citizenship Act and Regulations.                                                                  scroll down the page and click on the link
                                                           T9C 1W5                                to “Information for Institutions and
CIC Admissions News                                        Aussi disponible en français                                            Page           1
                                                                                                                       CIC Vancouver Admissions
                                                                                                                       1148 Hornby Street
                                                                                                                       Vancouver, BC V6Z 2C3
             British Columbia             Région de la Colombie-                                                       Phone: 1-888-242-2100
             Yukon Region                 Britannique et du Yukon                                                      Fax: 604-666-6582

Educational Organizations.” This will take       Reporting: If you wish to report an                Canada’s immigration program, and to
you to a page with links to the following        infraction of a study permit at your               provide consumer protection.
information:                                     institution, please contact:
                                                 The CIC Call Centre; or                            Chapter IP 9: Use of Representatives Paid or
Letters of acceptance: Find out what             A local CIC Office (listed in the blue pages       Unpaid provides policy and procedural
letters of acceptance from institutions          of your telephone book.)                           guidelines for implementing the
should include.                                                                                     Regulations on the use of representatives
                                                 Partnerships: Find out more information            by persons who are the subject of
Custodian permission forms: If a minor           about ongoing consultations between                proceedings or applications pertaining to
child is coming to study in Canada, they         Citizenship and Immigration Canada and             immigration and refugee matters.
will need a custodian in Canada. All minor       educational institutions and organizations.        Immigration representatives fall into two
applicants must supply a notarized                                                                  groups: individuals who charge fees for
declaration – one signed by the parents or       For comprehensive information about                their services and individuals who provide
legal guardians in the country of origin, as     processing study permit applications               such services at no cost (family members,
well as one signed by the custodian in           outside of Canada, at ports of entry or            friends, non-governmental and religious
Canada – stating that arrangements have          inland, please consult Overseas Processing         organizations, educational institutions,
been made for the custodian to act in place      Manual chapter OP 12: Students. This               etc.). Only those representatives who
of a parent.                                     chapter is a consolidated chapter dealing          charge a fee need to be registered with one
                                                 with the processing of foreign students.           of the following regulatory bodies: a
Documentation for minor children: Use            There is no need to refer to inland or port-       Canadian provincial/territorial law society,
these guidelines to determine what               of-entry chapters; readers need only click         the Canadian Society of Immigration
immigration documentation minor                  on appropriate links within OP 12 on the           Consultants (CSIC) or the Chambre des
children who are foreign students should         CIC Web site. To access any of the                 notaires du Québec.
have when applying to your school.               Citizenship and Immigration Canada
                                                 manual chapters on legislation and policy          To follow is information regarding unpaid
Current information on student pilot             simply click on the “Policy and Program            representatives of international students.
projects: Details about the various              Manuals” link under the “Quick Links”              For complete information on the use of
initiatives that CIC and the provinces are       heading located on the right side of the           paid or unpaid representatives, including a
undertaking to make Canada                       CIC Web site Home page at                          complete list of unpaid representatives,
“a destination of choice for foreign                     please consult Inland Processing Chapter IP 9.
                                                 Source: CIC Web site, OP 12: Students              Family, friends, non-governmental and
Guidelines regarding work and                                                                       religious organizations
volunteer work:                                  UNPAID REPRESENTATIVES                             Family, friends, international agencies, and
• Read details about what constitutes            OF INTERNATIONAL                                   religious and non-governmental
    work and volunteer work.
                                                 STUDENTS                                           organizations play an important role for
• For guidelines regarding co-ops and                                                               applicants with limited resources who feel
    internships, refer to section 5.10 of
    OP12: Students, and section 5.38 of
    FW1: Foreign Worker Manual;
                                                 O     n August 23, 2005, a new chapter
                                                       entitled IP 9: Use of Representatives Paid
                                                 or Unpaid was released. The chapter
                                                                                                    the need for support and advice. Family,
                                                                                                    friends, and international, religious and
                                                                                                    non-governmental organizations who do
• For guidelines regarding post-                 replaces the previous draft of instructions        not charge fees for providing immigration
    graduation employment, refer to              that were posted when the amended                  advice or services can continue to
    section 5.10 of OP12: Students, and          Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations     represent applicants before Citizenship
    section 5.39C of FW1: Foreign Worker         on immigration representatives came into           and Immigration Canada (CIC) or the
    Manual.                                      effect on April 13, 2004. The objectives of        Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA)
                                                 the Regulations governing the use of               without being members of a regulatory
                                                 representatives are to ensure that all             body.
                                                 applicants are represented in a
                                                 professional, competent and lawful
                                                 manner to preserve the integrity of

CIC Admissions News                                          Aussi disponible en français                                        Page            2
                                                                                                                                 CIC Vancouver Admissions
                                                                                                                                 1148 Hornby Street
                                                                                                                                 Vancouver, BC V6Z 2C3
                 British Columbia                   Région de la Colombie-                                                       Phone: 1-888-242-2100
                 Yukon Region                       Britannique et du Yukon                                                      Fax: 604-666-6582

Educational stakeholders in Canada                         LETTER OF ACCEPTANCE                           In cases where the program is jointly
                                                                                                          offered by more than one institution, the
Educational stakeholders in Canada
include international student advisors,
school administrators, churches and
                                                           I  n order to meet the requirements of
                                                              Section R219 of the Immigration and
                                                           Refugee Protection Regulations, foreign
                                                                                                          letter of acceptance should be issued by
                                                                                                          the institution that will be granting the
                                                                                                          degree or diploma (or, where a degree or
cultural organizations. Since these                        students are required to include a letter of   diploma is granted jointly by more than
educational stakeholders are not paid a fee                acceptance with their study permit             one institution, the letter of acceptance
by the student for providing immigration                   application.                                   should be issued by the institution at
services, they fall under the category of                                                                 which students will begin their studies).
“unpaid representative – other” in section                 Students can establish acceptance to a         The letter should note that the program of
6 of the IMM 5476 Use of a Representative                  course of study by showing officers an         study includes courses/sessions (specify
form.                                                      original letter of acceptance from the         which semesters/courses) given at another
                                                           educational institution that they will be      institution (specify institution name, type,
Educational stakeholders can continue to                   attending. The following list of items         i.e., college, university, technical institute,
provide students with information, assist                  should be included in all the letters of       etc., and location).
in completing work/study permit                            acceptance from educational institutions
applications and/or extensions at local                    submitted by students at the time of their     If letters of acceptance are incomplete,
CIC offices, and advocate and intervene                    application. There is no legal requirement     officers may need to seek additional
on behalf of international students if they                for the institution to provide all of the      information from the applicant.
are unpaid and designated as                               following information but it helps an
representatives. They can also provide                     officer assess an application:                 To view an example of a standard form
their mailing address as the point of                                                                     letter of acceptance, visit our CIC Website
contact for the student’s study permit                     • full name, date of birth and mailing
                                                                address of the student;                   at the following link:
                                                           • the course of study for which the
The rules are distinctly different for                          student was accepted;                     clet-e.pdf
overseas educational agents (see below).                   • the estimated duration or date of
                                                                completion of the course;                 Exceptions
Educational agents abroad                                  • date on which the selected course of         A family member accompanying a foreign
                                                                study begins;                             national who will become a student or a
Educational agents, who are often engaged
by Canadian educational institutions to                    • the last date on which a student may         worker is exempted from the acceptance-
assist their foreign students, charge a fee                     register for a selected course;           letter requirement from the educational
for all their services up to and including                 • the academic year of study that the          institution [R219(2)(a)].
sending a signed study permit application                       student will be entering;
to the Canadian embassy. Under the                         • whether the course of study is full-         Students whose study permits expire less
Regulations, agents do not need to meet                         time or part-time;                        than 90 days after the completion of their
the definition of an authorized                            • the tuition fee;                             course of studies may apply for an
representative to provide services prior to                • any conditions related to the                extension. The extension may only be
the submission of the application.                              acceptance or registration, such as       issued for a validity period of 90 days
                                                                academic prerequisites, completion of     starting the day the student receives
However, agents who wish to represent                           a previous degree, proof of language      written notification from their educational
students after their student applications                       competence, etc.;                         institutions of successful completion of
have been submitted will need to be                                                                       their studies. In this situation, a student
                                                           • clear identification of the educational
members of a Canadian                                                                                     does not need to provide a letter of
                                                                institution, normally confirmed
provincial/territorial law society, the                                                                   acceptance [R219(2)(b) and R219(3)].
                                                                through its letterhead;
Canadian Society of Immigration
Consultants (CSIC) or the Chambre des                      • where applicable, licensing                  Source: CIC Web site – Chapter OP12 - Students
notaires du Québec in order to conduct                          information for private institutions
business with CIC and the CBSA.                                 normally confirmed through
Source: IP 9: Use of Representatives Paid or Unpaid, NHQ
Manual Editor Coordinator
CIC Admissions News                                                  Aussi disponible en français                                            Page          3
                                                                                                                            CIC Vancouver Admissions
                                                                                                                            1148 Hornby Street
                                                                                                                            Vancouver, BC V6Z 2C3
               British Columbia               Région de la Colombie-                                                        Phone: 1-888-242-2100
               Yukon Region                   Britannique et du Yukon                                                       Fax: 604-666-6582

VALIDITY PERIOD FOR                                  Primary students: The study permit should       POLICY FOR
                                                     be issued on a year-to-year basis, except
STUDY PERMITS                                                                                        INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS
                                                     for dependent children of persons who
                                                                                                     WHO WANT TO CHANGE
E    ffective January 31, 2005, a policy
     change came into effect concerning
                                                     have been issued long term study or work
                                                     permits, provided the period does not
                                                     exceed that which has been given to the

study permit validity for foreign students
                                                     head of the family.                                    n January 31, 2005 Citizenship and
at the secondary (high school) level. Study
                                                                                                            Immigration Canada introduced a
permits for high school students,
                                                     Quebec-bound students: The study permit         new “level of study” policy for
previously issued on a year-to-year basis,
                                                     should coincide with the duration of the        international students attending post-
may now be issued for the full length of
                                                     CAQ which has a maximum duration of 3           secondary institutions in Canada. The
the intended period of study at a Canadian
                                                     years.                                          term “level of study” or “type of
high school, for those foreign students
                                                                                                     institution” describes particular types of
completing more than one year of                     Rotary exchange students: Study permits         education: e.g. “university” and “college.”
secondary education in Canada.                       should be valid until August 31st of the
                                                     following year.                                 The new policy allows students to change
To follow is information from the Overseas
                                                                                                     their level of study without applying for a
Processing manual chapter OP 12: Students            * Secondary students in all provinces           change to their study permit. They can
regarding validity periods for study                 outside of Quebec are defined as those          now transfer between programs of study
permits.                                             destined to grades 9-12. Grades                 and institutions and also transfer between
                                                     Kindergarten to 8 are considered primary        public and private institutions.
                                                     students. In Quebec, secondary students
Once officers have determined that a                 are defined as Secondaire III through           This change applies to students who have
student is bona fide and meets the                   Secondaire V (equivalent of grades 9-11).       a valid study permit for training or
requirements, the operational goal is to                                                             studying at the post-secondary level such
                                                     Limiting the duration of a study permit         as university, community college, CEGEP
eliminate, or at least minimize, further
                                                     due to some concerns with the case should       or institute, private university, Career
transactions with the student. One of the
                                                     be the exception. If an officer restricts the   College, academy, school or training
most effective ways to minimize further
                                                     validity period of the study permit, they       institution, ESL/FSL and other language
transactions is to issue long-term study
                                                     should note the reason in the “Remarks”         training.
permits, along with a long-term multiple
entry visa, if applicable.                                                                           The new policy does not apply to students
                                                     Note: If a temporary resident visa (TRV) is     from kindergarten to grade 12.
Type of student & period of validity
                                                     issued in conjunction with the study
                                                     permit, visas should be issued for multiple     Source: CIC Web site
On regular straightforward cases, the
recommended length for a study permit                entries, valid for the same period as the
depends on the type of student.                      study permit or the passport, whichever is      PAYMENT OF FEES
                                                     shorter, unless otherwise restricted.           THROUGH THE INTERNET
Post-secondary students (and most adult students

even if not at a post-secondary institution): The    Note: The length of the period authorized             id you know that you can pay your
study permit should correspond to the                upon entry, or when extending a                       fees online and print an official fee
duration of their proposed course of                 temporary status or renewing a permit           receipt through CIC’s Web site on the
studies, plus an additional three months.            must not extend beyond the validity of the      Internet? To access this service go to
                                                     foreign national’s passport or travel           CIC’s Web site at and
Secondary students*: The study permit should         document [R52, R183(2)(c)].                     choose “On-Line Services” from the menu
correspond to the duration of their                                                                  at the top of any CIC Web page. Choose
                                                     Source: OP 12 - Students
proposed course of studies, plus an                                                                  the “Payment of fees through the
additional three months.                                                                             Internet” option to pay your fees and print
                                                                                                     an official fee receipt. In this section you
                                                                                                     can view a complete list of Citizenship and
                                                                                                     Immigration applications that can be paid

CIC Admissions News                                              Aussi disponible en français                                       Page           4
                                                                                                                        CIC Vancouver Admissions
                                                                                                                        1148 Hornby Street
                                                                                                                        Vancouver, BC V6Z 2C3
                British Columbia         Région de la Colombie-                                                         Phone: 1-888-242-2100
                Yukon Region             Britannique et du Yukon                                                        Fax: 604-666-6582

for on-line. As well, a diagram is provided          IP – Inland Processing                      •     Section 8 – Under “Procedures,”
which explains each step in the payment              IR – Reference                                    officers, when issuing a Visitor
process. Application kits also include               OP - Overseas Processing                          Record, are advised to refer to R186
information about making an on-line                  PP - Protected Persons                            or to the fact that a person is
payment.                                                                                               “authorized to work..”
                                                To follow is a list of manual chapter
Before using this on-line service, please       changes made between July 26 and August          Aug 17 & 23 – IP 9 – Use of
ensure that you have:                           31, 2005. Some background is given for           Representatives Paid or Unpaid
• completed the appropriate                     chapters with substantive changes. Go to         This new chapter replaces the previous
    application(s) for service(s) you will      CIC’s Web site for full details of the           draft of instructions that were posted
    be paying                                   changes made to each manual chapter.             when the amended Immigration and Refugee
• a valid email address for delivery of                                                          Protection Regulations on immigration
    official CIC receipt                        Aug 31 – OP 6 – Federal Skilled                  representatives came into effect on April
• your credit card ready                        Workers                                          13, 2004. The objectives of the
• Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on                                                              Regulations governing the use of
                                                Aug 26 – ENF 1 – Inadmissibility                 representatives are to ensure that all
    your computer (this is required to
                                                Changes were made to reflect CIC and             applicants are represented in a
    view and print the official CIC
                                                CBSA policy responsibility and service           professional, competent and lawful
                                                delivery roles.                                  manner to preserve the integrity of
• access to a printer
                                                                                                 Canada’s immigration program, and to
• JavaScript enabled on your browser            Jul 28 & Aug 25 – FW 1 – Foreign                 provide consumer protection.
Source: CIC Web site
                                                Worker Manual
                                                Extensive amendments have been made              Jul 26 – ENF 21 – Recovering Missing,
                                                throughout this manual. Of note are              Abducted and Exploited Children
UPDATES TO CIC MANUALS                          changes to the following sections:
                                                • Section 5.9 – Clarification regarding          Source: CIC Web site, National Manual Editor Coordinator

T    o access update information for the
     various CIC manual chapters go to
the “Policy and Regulations” section of
                                                     professional and semi-professional
                                                     athletes and coaches has been added
CIC’s Web site at Click on       • Section 5.23 – Instructions regarding
the “Manuals and Operations                          persons who may apply for a work
Memoranda” link to access the various                permit at the port of entry have been
CIC manuals, choose the manual you wish              amended to reflect the August 2004
to view, and then choose the manual                  regulatory change
chapter you wish to view. A link to             • Section 5.24 – Instructions regarding
“Manuals and Operations Memoranda”                   persons who may apply for a work
can also be found on the right side of the           permit in Canada have been amended
main page under the “Quick Links”                    to reflect the August 2004 regulatory
heading. Each chapter has an “Updates to             change
Chapter” section in the index that lists        • In addition, guidelines have been
updates to the chapter by date.                      added regarding existing work permit
                                                     holders applying at the port of entry
A list of acronyms and names for the CIC        • Section 5.38 – Further clarification
manuals is shown below:                              regarding eligibility of institutions for
     CP – Citizenship Policy                         C30 was added
     ENF – Enforcement                          • Section 5.39 – Various modifications
     FW – Temporary Foreign Workers                  were made to C43, post-graduation
     Guidelines                                      employment provisions, including an
     IL – Legislation                                allowance for part-time and self-
     IN – Information Sharing                        employment

CIC Admissions News                                       Aussi disponible en français                                               Page               5
                                                                                                                                    CIC Vancouver Admissions
                                                                                                                                    1148 Hornby Street
                                                                                                                                    Vancouver, BC V6Z 2C3
                 British Columbia                   Région de la Colombie-                                                          Phone: 1-888-242-2100
                 Yukon Region                       Britannique et du Yukon                                                         Fax: 604-666-6582

You Asked About…?
Questions received from our readers this month include:                                                    Kit Update News
Question: I am an international student advisor and I have a                                    CIT 0002 – Application for Canadian Citizenship – Adults
student who is from a country that requires a temporary resident                                CIT 0003 – Application for Canadian Citizenship – Minors
visa (TRV) to enter Canada. Her study permit is valid until                                     CIT 0001 – Application for a Citizenship Certificate from
August 31, 2006, but her TRV expired July 31, 2005. She would                                   Inside Canada
like to go to the United States for the weekend. Will she have to                               CIT 0006 – Application for a Citizenship Certificate from
apply for a new Canadian TRV in the U.S. in order to re-enter                                   Outside Canada
Canada?                                                                                         Extensive revisions have been made throughout all four of the
                                                                                                above Proof and Grant application kits. The revision date for
Answer: The first step is for your client to contact the United                                 the guides and forms is 06-2005 and old versions should be
States authorities to inquire about the requirements for entry to                               discarded.
the US.
                                                                                                CIT 0300 – Application to Register and Retain Canadian
The Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations and CIC’s policy
                                                                                                Citizenship Under Section 8
provide the answer to your question about the re-entry of
                                                                                                One minor change was made in the guide to reflect new audio
foreign nationals to Canada from the United States. Section
                                                                                                and Braille versions of the A Look at Canada publication.
R190(3)(f) of the Regulations states:
“(3) A foreign national does not require a temporary resident
                                                                                                IMM 5196 – Sponsorship of parents, grandparents, adopted
visa if they are seeking to enter and remain in Canada solely
                                                                                                children and other relatives – The Sponsor’s Guide
           (f) to re-enter Canada following a visit solely to the
                                                                                                The section on the Right of Permanent Residence Fee (RPRF)
           United States or St. Pierre and Miquelon, if they
                                                                                                has been amended with new fee payment instructions. The
           (i) held a study permit or a work permit that was issued
                                                                                                version date is 07-2005 and old copies should be discarded.
           before they left Canada on such a visit or were
           authorized to enter and remain in Canada as a
                                                                                                IMM 5445 – Applying for a Permanent Resident Card
           temporary resident, and
                                                                                                The guide in this application has been updated, a document
           (ii) return to Canada by the end of the period initially
                                                                                                checklist form has been added (IMM 5574), the IMM 5444 form
           authorized for their stay or any extension to it;”
                                                                                                has been amended, a yes/no option has been added to question
Chapter ENF 4: Port of Entry Examinations also explains
                                                                                                18, and question mark icons have been added. The revision date
Regulation R190(3)(f).
                                                                                                is 06-2005 and old copies can be used until supplies are
So, although your client’s TRV expired on July 31, 2005, because                                exhausted.
she has a study permit valid until August 31, 2006, she can re-
enter Canada without the need for a new TRV if she has only
visited the United States. In other words, she can re-enter
Canada from the United States within the validity of her current
                                                                                                           Around the Web
study permit. Your client must comply with all other entry                                      Citizenship and Immigration Canada operates an Internet Web
requirements. In this circumstance, re-entry to Canada is based                                 site located at The site is a valuable source of
upon the client’s study permit. If she visits any other country                                 information on CIC programs and services. Recent postings to
than those listed she is not exempt under this provision.                                       the site include:
Source: Immigration & Refugee Protection Regulations, CIC Web site, ENF 4                       August 18, 2005: CIC Web Site Evaluation Results from the
                                                                                                winter 2005 survey.

                                                                                                August 4, 2005: Facts and Figures 2004: Immigration
                                                                                                Overview – Permanent and Temporary Residents

                                                                                                July 5, Citizenship Judge Appointments News Release

CIC Admissions News                                                         Aussi disponible en français                                     Page               6
                                                                                             CIC Vancouver Admissions
                                                                                             1148 Hornby Street
                                                                                             Vancouver, BC V6Z 2C3
             British Columbia    Région de la Colombie-                                      Phone: 1-888-242-2100
             Yukon Region        Britannique et du Yukon                                     Fax: 604-666-6582


        Permanent Resident Card Distribution Centre is moving
       Effective the 19th of September, the Permanent Resident Card Distribution which was co-located
       with the Vancouver Citizenship Court at 200- 800 Expo Boulevard will move to the following

                                        Citizenship & Immigration Canada
                                        1148 Hornby Street
                                        Vancouver, BC
                                        V6Z 2C3

       Appointment letters have been amended to include this new address. Clients who attend the
       previous address to pick up their permanent resident card after the 19th of September will be
       directed by the Commissionaire to report to the new address above for service.

       Hours of Operation

       The hours of operation are from 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM, Monday to Friday. All clients will be
       scheduled appointments with a specific date and time to pick up their permanent resident cards.
       Letters will be mailed to clients in advance with this information.

       If a client is unable to make the scheduled appointment, they may present themselves at our office
       between the hours of 8:00 AM – 3:30 PM.

CIC Admissions News                                 Aussi disponible en français                       Page         7