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               | 23 ~ 30 May 2010 | Hangzhou-Ningbo-Zhoushan-Shanghai                        海上-山舟-波宁-州杭
                                                                                             海上-山舟-波宁-州杭                  |

Mission Highlights:
    To establish contacts with local governments and leading companies in China Zhejiang Province
    To update on the business opportunities in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Ningbo and Zhoushan
    To visit 2010 World Expo in Shanghai
    Mission cost is covered under iMap or Double Tax Deduction financial assistance scheme

The Mission                                                           The 2010 World Expo
Singapore Manufacturers’ Federation (SMa) jointly with                The World Expo is a large-scale, global and non-commercial
Singapore Business Federation (SBF), with the support of IE           exposition that aims to promote the exchange of ideas and
Singapore, Association of Small & Medium Enterprises                  development of the world's economy, culture, science and
(ASME), Singapore National Shippers' Council (SNSC) and               technology. At the same time, it allows nations to publicise
China Zhejiang Center (Singapore), is organizing a Business           and showcase their achievements as well as to improve
Mission to China Zhejiang (Hangzhou, Ningbo and                       international relationships.
Zhoushan), from 23 to 30 May 2010, in conjunction with the
visit to the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai. The main purpose            Themed “Better City, Better Life       好美更活生让,市城                 ”,
of the mission is to explore many business opportunities for          World Expo 2010 Shanghai China will centre on innovation
Singapore companies in Zhejiang Province. Briefings by                and interaction, exploring the full potential of urban life in the
local government officials, business networking and                   21st century. More than 180 countries and 34 international
matching sessions, site visits to local companies and other           organisations will participate in World Expo 2010, with
business programmes will be specially arranged for you.               approximately 70 million visitors expected over a six-month
Zhejiang – One of the Most Developed Provinces
Zhejiang Province is traditionally known as the "Land of Fish         Financial Assistance
and Rice", famous for its rice, fishery, tea and silk. Ningbo,        The mission will be covered under the iMAP (International
Wenzhou and Zhoushan are important commercial ports. Its              Marketing Activities Programme) by IE Singapore.
manufacturing is centered upon electromechanical, textiles,           Reimbursement under iMAP Incentive Scheme
construction materials, food and chemical. It created its own         - Up to 50% reimbursement on economy airfare and
development model, dubbed the "Zhejiang model", which is                  hotel accommodation for only one employee per
based on prioritizing and encouraging entrepreneurship, an                participating eligible company.
emphasis on small businesses responsive to the whims of               - Applicable to 1 employee per company who is NOT
the market, large public investments into infrastructure, and             enjoying any Double Tax Deduction Incentive for the
the production of low cost goods in bulk for both domestic                same activity.
consumption and export. It has become one of the most
marketised and richest provinces in China, and the                    Double Tax Deduction Scheme (DTD)
"Zhejiang spirit" has become something of a legend within             - Eligible companies can apply to IE Singapore for DTD
China.                                                                   for travel and accommodation costs for up to 2
                                                                         employees per participating company.
Tentative Schedule:
                                                                                                           Est.           Est. with
     Date                        Tentative Programme                                  Items
                                                                                                          Costs             iMAP
                                                                            Flights         Economy      $1050 / pax      $500 / pax
23 May (Sun)       Depart from Singapore to Hangzhou via Shanghai           ( by SQ )
                                                                            ( Inc. tax )    Business     $3303 / pax      $2800 / pax
24 May (Mon)       Business visit & networking in Hangzhou                  Hotel ( 7nights; 5* / 4* )   $1600 / pax      $800 / pax
25 May (Tue)       Business visit & networking in Ningbo                    Common Costs:
                                                                            - local land transfers
26 May (Wed)       Business visits & networking in Ningbo & Zhoushan        - mission kits, tags, gifts,
                                                                            - administrative & miscellaneous expenses
27 May (Thu)       Business visits in Zhoushan, return to Shanghai          - EXPO admission ticket (2 days)
28 May (Fri)       Visit 2010 World EXPO
                                                                            SMA/SBF/ASME/SNSC members: $650 / pax
29 May (Sat)       Visit 2010 World EXPO                                    Non-members:               $850 / pax
                                                                                                         Member         Non-member
30 May (Sun)       Depart from Shanghai to Singapore                        Est. Cost with iMAP
                                                                                                         $1,950           $2,150
Note: 1.The final schedule is subject to change; 2. the above airfares and accommodation rates are estimated and subject to change.
 To: Mr Liu Qinghua & Ms Pauly Tan SMa / Fax: 6826 3068                                                    Ref No.: SMa/BM/2330052010

     REGISTRATION FORM (Deadline: 10 April 2010)
 □       I / We confirm to engage Chan Brothers Travel Pte Ltd for the travel arrangements
 □       I / We will make my own travel arrangements* for this business mission
           (*All the participants should follow the programme during the visit to Zhejiang. For those who wish to extend theirs
          stay could make their own travel arrangements after the mission)

Company:             [N.B. Name of Company must be the same as appeared on the Business
                      Registration Certificate.]
                                                                                                       Business Registration No. :

Title:     □   Mr.   □ Ms.                            Membership :    □ SMa        SBF
                                                                                   □       □    ASME   SNSC
                                                                                                       □         □Non-member
Name (as in Passport):                   Name in Chinese:                 Designation:                        Passport Number:

Tel/Mobile:                              Fax:                             Email:

                                                                                                  Postal Code:
Contact Person:                      Contact Person’s Tel:                Contact Person’s Email:

Products /Services (To be written on separate sheet. limit to 50 words) : (In both English & Chinese)

Interest in this Mission & business matching sessions:

 -       Please fax / email registration form to SMa before 10 April 2010 and please register earlier to make the reservation
         of hotels and the air-tickets. Registration is on first-come-first served basis.
 -       No cancellation is allowed as cancellation charges will apply as per the agreed common cost. Confirmation
         of your registration (i.e. Confirmation stamp on this flyer from SMa) will be faxed / emailed to your company upon
         receipt of your full payment. We regret that no refund will be made for cancellation or non-attendance.
 -       Please mail the cheque to SMa (2 Bukit Merah Central, #03-00 SPRING Singapore Building, S159835). Cheque
         should be made payable to “Singapore Manufacturers’ Federation”. Please indicate the name of the event,
         company’s name and participant’s name at the back of the cheque.
 -       Air tickets and hotel accommodation will be coordinated by Chan Brothers Travel Pte Ltd.
 -       For more details, please contact SMa: Mr Liu Qinghua, DID 68263019,
         Or Ms Pauly Tan, DID 68263079,

 Name & Designation (Type or Print)                Signature                             Date                 Company’s Stamp

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