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St. John the Baptist


									     All Are Welcome . . . 

                  St. John the Baptist  
                      Catholic Church 
     MAY 31, 2009                        PENTECOST SUNDAY 

            Congratulations Graduates!
          May God bless the Class of 2009!
     Juliana Abrica       Gonzalo Hernandez     Patrick Petruf
     Jose Arteaga Jr.     Thomas Hildebranski   John Petty
     Elliot Bibat         Bradley Kieltyka      Hunter Priesol
     Samantha Bock        Rachel Kometz         Guadalupe Rodriguez
     Abigail Bondi        Brian Lawson          Omar Rosales
     Zachary Branham      Nicholas Lawson       Brittany Santiago
     Michael Camacho      Justin Lerma          Reyna Salazar
     Cameron Chorba       Adam Lewandowski      Selina Salazar
     Samuel DeCero        Colton Lopez          Desiree Smith
     Alexander Dillon     Lauren Markovich      Brianna Scivinsky
     Manuel Estrada       Mason Markovich       Roberta Solorio-Arellano
     Nicholas Filipek     Joshua Martinez       Kaitlyn Syler
     Andrew Franko        Roxanne Maslikowski   Rudolph Wanek
     Bianca Gonzalez      Luke Matulewicz       Jason Wedryk
     Morgan Grankowski    Alexander Moser       Megan Wilson
     Paige Guiden         Cecilia Mireles       Katherine Wheeler
     Mary Gundich         Jacqueline Mendez     Jenna Wozniak

     18 4 9   L INCOLN  A VENUE  • W HITING,   I NDIANA  4 6 3 94  

               PLEASE!                                                    Monday, June 1, Justin, martyr
                                                                          7:00 am †Phyllis McCampbel Off: Ralph & Family (SJB)
        St.  Paul  was  not  present  at  Pentecost                       8:00 am †John Petro (IC)
      but  he  was  made  keenly  aware  of  the  presence  of  the 
      Holy Spirit in his ministry. Despite his early persecution          Tuesday, June 2, Marcellinus & Peter, martyrs
      of  Christians,  Paul  was  blessed  by  a  personal  encounter     7:00 am †Dave Field Off: Joe Gulvas & Bill Furtak (SJB)
      with the risen Jesus. He experienced forgiveness, was led           8:00 am Health of Anthony Fercik (IC)
      by  the  Holy  Spirit  in  his  missionary  journeys,  and          8:30 am †Esther Taylor Off: FCSLA #81 (SJB)
      strengthened to endured suffering and persecution. From 
      these experiences, Paul speaks with deep conviction and             Wednesday, June 3, Charles Lwanga, martyr
      excitement.  The  Holy  Spirit  touched  him  in  a  very  real     7:00 am †George & Ann Tomko Off: Family SJB)
      way. In his preaching Paul invites everyone to open their           8:00 am †Stephen & Anna Grabovac (IC)
      hearts to receive that same Holy Spirit.                            8:30 am †Michael & Julia Sotak Off: Helen (SJB)
        This  Pentecost  Sunday  pray  that the  Holy  Spirit fills       Thursday, June 4
      our hearts with the same excitement and conviction that             7:00 am †Johanna Machaj Off: Elizabeth Dedinsky &
      filled the heart of Paul. Come Holy Spirit enkindle in us                       Mary Blake (SJB)
      your  wisdom  and  power!  We  are  suffering  from  war’s          8:00 am †Richard Kulas (IC)
      horrors,  grieving  over  senseless  killings  in  our  streets; 
      torn by growing tensions causes by prejudice; frightened            Friday, June 5, Boniface, bishop & martyr
      by  unstable  markets,  fearful  and  mistrusting  of  our          7:00 am †Joseph & Mary Kissel Off: Daughter, Margaret (SJ)
      neighbors.  Come  Holy  Spirit!  We  need  your  guidance           8:00 am †James Wright (IC)
      and direction. Help us filter those things that cloud your          8:30 am †Mary Sullivan Off: Rev. John E. Kalicky, C.PP.S.(SJ)
      presence  within  us:  noise  pollution  that  deafens  the 
      sound  of    your  word;  digitally  enhanced  pictures  that       Saturday, June 6, Norbert, bishop
      blind us of your presence in our life.  Come Holy Spirit.           7:00 am †Alma Koch Off: Koch Family (SJB)
      Open  our  hearts  and  fill  them  with  your  wisdom,  guide      2:00 pm Quinceanera — Cristina Campos
      us with your light.”                                                4:30 pm Whiting/Robertsdale Catholic Community (SJB)
                            Fr. John 
                                                                          Sunday, June 7, The Most Holy Trinity
                                                                          8:00 am Whiting/Robertsdale Catholic Community SJB
                                                                          8:00 am Whiting/Robertsdale Catholic Community SA
     On the First Friday of the month, June 1st, the
                                                                          8:15 am Whiting/Robertsdale Catholic Community IC
     Blessed Sacrament will be exposed for adoration
                                                                          8:30 am Whiting/Robertsdale Catholic Community SH
     at St. John the Baptist Church from 1 pm to 6 pm.
                                                                          10:15 am Whiting/Robertsdale Catholic Community SA
     The Litany and Rosary begin at 5:25 pm with
                                                                          10:45 am Whiting/Robertsdale Catholic Community SH
     Benediction following. A sign-up sheet is located at the side
                                                                          11:00 am Whiting/Robertsdale Catholic Community SJB
     door entrance of church. Our June Prayer Petition: To pray
     for all priests and for an increase in vocations as we begin
     to celebrate the Jubilee Year of the Priest, proclaimed by                                         Gail Baczynski, Mary Badank-
     Pope Benedict XVI, on June 19th, the Feast of the Sacred                                           ovich, Lenny Barnaby, Mary Ba-
     Heart of Jesus.                                                                                    yus, Kristine Brown, Lucy Camp-
                                                                                                        bell, Thomas Castillo, Dorothy
                                                                          Chovan, Darryl Coppage, Mary Danielson, Elizabeth Dedin-
     Please continue to pray for: Zach Arnold, Robert Bughman,            sky, Ed Domasica, George Dombrowski, Magdalene
     Jason Chavez, Michael Clark, Austin Chiluski, Larry Gazafy,          Doucette, John Dubec, Sophie Foley, Ann Furiak, Ann Gul-
     Gerardo Gonzalez, Thomas Gormley, James Grunhard Jr.,                vas, Betty Hanchar, Loretta Jambik, Edwardine Johnson, Glo-
     Michael Hartman, Joseph Igras, Thomas M. Kaminsky, Jeffery           ria A. Kaminsky, Eugene M. Kasper, Richard Kovach, Marga-
     Koval, Mark Koval, Walter Malenki, Benjamin Mann, Randall            ret Kovacich, Jerry Kozak, Vicki Krause, Laura Kresich, Julia
     McAllister, Philip Mlynarski, Curtis Mordus, Nicholas Oka-           Kukta, Florence Kurella, Joyce Lesar, David Luttrell, Victoria
     mura, Thomas Puplava Jr., Eric Schaufele, Leticia Soto, Adam         Miller, Janet Moran, Mary Ann and Albert Odlivak, Caitlan
     Starzyk, John Starzyk Jr., John Starzyk Sr.                          Pawlowski, Richard Pesenko, Ruth Rapchak, Jennifer Reeves,
                                                                          Marcia Ross, Lane Rovito, Marian Rovito, Linda Sadler, Mil-
                                                                          dred Saliga, John and Geraldine Sciacero, Marie Silich, Victor
                                                                          Silich, Misty Sims, Joseph Snarich, George Soltis, Angie
                                                                          Srncik, Mary Trelinski, Virginia Troksa, Andrew Vrabel, Doro-
            I Justin Treasure & Kathleen Dominiak                         thy Yuhas, Dorothy Zabrecky, Rev. John Zvijak, C.PP.S.

                   May 31, 2009  |  2                                      ST. JOHN THE BAPTIST CATHOLIC CHURCH •  WHITING 
                                                                                 LITURGY ASSIGNMENTS
                     SACRIFICIAL GIVING                                                     WEEKDAY MASSES
     Weekly…….….….…….……….......................$8,835.00               7:00 am
     Loose…………………………………………….…....444.00                                June 1 & 2: Sam DeCero, Tommy DeCero
     High School…………………...……....…….............30.50                   June 3 & 4: Justin Feliciano, Andrew Galagan
     Grade School..……...………..…..…..….…....….….54.93                    June 5 & 6: Arlene & Kevin Gibbons
     Total for Week.….……………..................... $9,364.43                                   SUNDAY MASSES
                                                                       4:30 pm June 6, Saturday
     REPORT ON THE CATHOLIC SERVICES APPEAL                            Lectors: Kozak, Perz
                          As of May 26, 2009                           Euch Min: J&D Franko, E Igras, N Mitchell, MJ Kansky,
     2009-2010 CSA Goal                                  $71,035              C Vrabel, R Lubek
     Parish Families (Total)                                 910       Altar Servers: Caleb Strabavy, Frank Rossodivito, Matthew
     CSA Pledges to Date                                     249              Garcia
        Percent of Families to Pledge to CSA               27.36%
                                                                       8:00 am June 7, Sunday
     Amount Pledged to Date                              $41,301
                                                                       Lectors: Barron, Jakubielski
        Percent of Goal Pledged                            58.14%
                                                                       Euch Min: R&J Zubeck, L Barron, I Dominguez, D Huizenga
     Average Pledge Amount                                  $166
                                                                              M Jakubielski, J Pieters, M Saliga
     Payments on Pledges to Date                         $33,186
                                                                       Altar Servers: Victoria Sanchez, Elena Sobilo, Adam Zorich
        Percent of 2009 Goal                               46.72%
     Goal Attainment                                                   11:00 am June 7, Sunday
     Families NOT Pledging to Date                            661      Lectors: Flores, Gonzales
     Balance of CSA Pledge Goal to Attain                $29,734       Euch Min: N&M Lewandowski, J Bondi, M Kacak, G Kusnir,
        Percent of Goal yet to Attain                      41.86%             J Lockridge, K Saliga, M Poppen (CR), E Duray (CR)
     Balance of Pledge Payments                          $37,849       Altar Servers: Anthony, Alec & Eric Rodriguez
        Percent of Goal yet to Attain                      53.28%
                                                                                               CARE CENTER
                                                                       10:00 am June 7, Sunday: Joe Kruczek, Rose Lubek
                       BAPTISM MINISTRY
              During the past two weeks, parents and godparents         Servers, Lectors & Eucharistic Ministers: Please be sure
     have gathered in prayer and study to prepare for the bap-          to arrange for a replacement if you cannot be present at
     tism of their children. They have presented their children to                        your appointed time.
     the parish community of Saint John the Baptist and have
     promised to raise their children in the faith of the Catholic
     Church.                                                           CALUMET COLLEGE WOMEN’S GUILD LUNCHEON
                                                                       The Women’s Guild of Calumet College of St. Joseph will hold
              We, as their family of faith, have witnessed the cele-   its Spring Luncheon, “Hats Off to Spring” on Saturday, June 6th
     bration of the first two Rites of Baptism. We have signed         at Dynasty Banquet Hall in Hammond. Feel free to wear your
     these children with the cross of Christ, promised to prayer-      favorite hat! The luncheon will include vendors, share the
     fully support the parents and godparents, and publicly pro-       pot, raffles and table prizes. Vendors and social hour will
     fessed our own faith.                                             begin at 11:00 a.m., luncheon at 1:00 p.m. Donation is $30
              On Sunday, June 7th at the 11 a.m. Mass, these chil-     per person. To purchase tickets or for information, call Gab-
     dren will receive new life in Christ through the waters of        rielle Manson at 473-4325. The Women’s Guild provides fi-
     baptism and be anointed with the Oil of Chrism. You are           nancial support for the College’s programs and scholarships.
     invited to join with our entire parish to celebrate with these
     children and their families. During the days before this very                 PEACE & SOCIAL JUSTICE 
     blessed event, we ask you to keep these children in your
     prayers.                                                          "The gifts of the Holy Spirit perfect the supernatural virtues
                                                                       by enabling us to practice them with greater docility to divine
                Jake Andrew Aniol                                      inspiration. As we grow in the knowledge and love of God
               Joseph Mark Johnson                                     under the direction of the Holy Spirit, our service becomes
             Gabriel Damien Stephens                                   more sincere and generous, the practice of virtue more per-
                                                                       fect. Such acts of virtue leave the heart filled with joy and
     Heavenly Father, source of all blessings, Protector of chil-
                                                                       consolation and are known as Fruits of the Holy Spirit. These
     dren, look with favor on these children. Hold them gently in
                                                                       Fruits in turn render the practice of virtue more attractive and
     your hands. When they are reborn of water and the Holy
                                                                       become a powerful incentive for still greater efforts in the
     Spirit, bring them into the Church, there to share in your
                                                                       service of God, to serve Whom is to reign." (from the Novena
     kingdom and with us to bless your name forever. We ask
                                                                       to the Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit, found at
     this through Christ, our Lord. Amen.
                                                                       The first Migrant Mass of the season will be held June 7th at
                                                                       4:00 p.m. at Luers Tree Farm, 5705 W. 91st, Crown Point.
     Congratulations to Sandra and Carl Oliver on                          ST. JOHN CATERING & BANQUET FACILITIES
     celebrating fifty years of marriage on June 13,                                 ~ Call Carol Vargo at 219­659­3041 ~ 
     2009! May God bless you with many more.
                                                                          For information on our wonderful menu & banquet facilities. 

                   May 31, 2009  |  3                                         MISSIONARIES OF THE PRECIOUS BLOOD   

               SHARE WITH THE HANDICAPPED                                                                   

     Share Foundation With the Handicapped is looking for indi-              St. John the Baptist Catholic Church 
     viduals to work at a summer camp for developmentally dis-                                              
     abled adults. Anyone over 18 who would like to share their
     time and talents with our special campers are needed.                                     Mass Schedule 
     Camp runs for 6 weeks beginning June 7-12. Call Sandy             Sunday Masses: ............. 8:00 AM & 11:00 AM    
     Furman at the Share Foundation at 219-778-2585.
                                                                       Vigil Mass, Saturday……………………..…….4:30 PM 
                    THE EMMAUS PROGRAM                                                                                       …
                                                                       Daily Mass ...........................................  ..7:00 AM 
     The Emmaus Program is a four week adult formation series          School Children’s Mass . 8:30 AM Tues., Wed., Fri. 
     for parish ministers, teachers, catechists and members of          

     the parish. This summer the program will be offering 2 dif-       Reconciliation 
     ferent courses at the Diocesan Pastoral Center, Merrillville:     Every Saturday………………..…………………....3:30­4:00 PM 
     The Gospel of John on Tuesday & Thursday Evenings—June
     16 & 18; June 23 & 25 from 6:30—8:30 pm; and Pastoral             Thursday before First Friday of the month…………..4­5 PM 
     Spanish on Tuesday & Thursday Evenings—July 7 & 9; July           Weekdays  after the 7:00 AM Mass 
     14 & 16 from 6:30—8:30 pm . The total fee for 4 sessions           

     is $20.00. For additional information contact Anne Verbeke        Pastoral Staff 
     at 219-769-9292.
                                                                       Rev. John Kalicky, CPPS…...……………………….....Pastor 
                      CONGRATULATIONS!                                 Rev. Gary Scherer, CPPS .... ……………...Associate Pastor 
     To Denise Poppen upon graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree          

     in Nursing from Purdue-Calumet. She will be a Registered          Telephone (219)/Website Information 
     Nurse at Community Hospital in Munster. Thank you, dear           Parish Office………………………………...…….….....659­0023 
     Lord, for your many blessings!
                                                                       Parish website:…………………….…… 
                                                                       Religious Formation:  St. John Program  
                         HABITAT FOR HUMANITY                            Call Mrs. Diana Puplava………..……….…....…473­7557 
                              HOUSE BUILD                              School Office……………………………...…..………...659­3042  
                                                                       Youth Minister 
     Please plan to join us in the support of a build on Saturday,
     July 18th from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm. Our Whiting/Robertsdale
                                                                         Ms. Jamie Sandona……………………...…..…….659­0023 
     cluster parish has helped this wonderful group to build a
     home in the past and found it to be a great experience so             Another Chance To Help Others...
     come on out and join the fun, meet your fellow parishioners,
                                                                                         MIGRANT WORKER COLLECTION
     friends and neighbors and help make a difference. Applica-
                                                                           In June, we are accepting used adult M or L sized T-shirts for
     tions and more information can be found at their website at
                                                                           the migrant workers for the upcoming season. Place them Please print out the application and
                                                                           in the boxes which will be provided at the back of the
     contact Chris Suarez to return it to and to get more informa-
                                                                           churches (Centennial Room at SJB).
     tion. She is organizing the group and collecting all the appli-
     cations to turn in as a group. All "builders" must be at least                        SOJOURNER TRUTH HOUSE
     18 years of age at the time of the build. No experience is            Is in need of women’s clothes, sizes 0-8, and shoes, sizes
     necessary as they provide licensed, professional contractors          5-1/2 and 6. You may leave them in the back of the
     on site to oversee each group. If you cannot join us please           churches—please label them.
     pass this information along or plan to donate beverages or                             AFGHANISTAN COLLECTION
     snacks to provide to the builders that day. Thanks in ad-             Continues through the end of June. We are accepting dona-
     vance for your support!"                                              tions of children’s and adults’ shoes, socks, clothing, and
                                                                           children’s toys.
                ST. VINCENT DE PAUL SOCIETY                                                  USED SCHOOL SUPPLIES
     “The Friends of the Poor Walk” will be held on Saturday, Sep-         Will be collected at the end of the school year to go to Gua-
     tember 26 at Lemon Lake County Park. Registration begins              temala via Hearts-in-Motion. Call Rita at 659-2965 with any
     at 9:30 am with start time at 11:00 am. The walk will end             questions.
     with a potluck picnic to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of
     the SVDP Gary Council. Please join us in raising awareness            A CONTINUING LEGACY OF AID…
     and money for the poor in our community. All monies                   Catholic Charities expresses its gratitude for your contin-
     raised by the Whiting/Robertsdale Conference will stay in             ued generous response during special collections and your
     our community.                                                        contributions to CSA. Because of your help during the past
                                                                           year, they have served 8,500 individuals in their emergency/
                                                                           material assistance program; provided 6,000 individuals
                         SPONSOR OF THE WEEK                               with food; offered counseling to over 1,000 individuals &
                           Ted Radziwiecki, D.P.M.                         families; assisted 188 victims of the NWI flooding; and
                            Physician & Surgeon of the Foot                served over 4,000 community members through senior vol-
                            3641 Ridge Road, Highland, IN                  unteer programs. May God bless you for your continued
                                                                           promotion of this program!

                ST. JOHN THE BAPTIST  •  WHITING                                               May 31, 2009  |  4
                                                    WEEKLY CALENDAR
     Sunday, May 31
             Food Pantry (SJB)
                                                                    ANNUAL SLOVAK DAY CELEBRATION
       11:00 am Second Rite of Baptism (SJ)                   On Sunday, June 28th, the Gary Diocesan Midwest Slovak
       NO Children’s Liturgy of the Word (SJ)                 Cultural Society, will sponsor the 36th Annual Slovak Day
     Monday, June 1                                           Celebration. This event will take place at Salvatorian Shrine,
       10:30 am     Bible Study (SH)                          5755 Pennsylvania Street, Merrillville, IN.

     Tuesday, June 2                                          Slovak Day will start with the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass at
       1:00 pm      St. Ann Sodality (IC)                     10:30 am in Our Lady of Czestochowa Shrine. Rev. Msgr.
        7:00 pm     3rd Baptism Preparation (SJB)             Joseph Semancik will be the main celebrant, along with Slo-
                                                              vak Priests of the Gary Diocese and visiting clergy of Slovak
     Wednesday, June 3                                        descent.
       6:30 pm     8th GRADE GRADUATION (SJB)
                                                              After Mass, a variety of ethnic and other foods can be pur-
     Thursday, June 4                                         chased in the Salvatorian Hall.
       1:00 pm      Staff Meeting (SJB)
       6:30 pm      Adult Choir Practice (SJB)                Entertainment at 1:00 pm will be provided by the Tatra Slo-
       7:00 pm      St. Adalbert Pastoral Council (SH)        vak Dancers from Milwaukee. there will be exhibits, games,
                                                              raffles, and bake sale.
     Friday, June 5
                                                              For more information call 219-795-1518.
     Saturday, June 6

     Sunday, June 7
           Food Pantry (SA)
        11:00 am    NO Children’s Liturgy of the Word (SJB)
        11:00 am    3rd Rite of Baptism (SJB)


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