Piano Lessons in Baton Rouge

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					                 Piano Lessons in Baton Rouge
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How do I find a piano teacher in Baton Rouge, LA?
How can I get piano lessons in Baton Rouge, LA?
What questions should I ask a keyboard instructor in Baton Rouge, LA?

Finding a piano teacher can be a difficult challenge for some parents. What qualifications should
a teacher have. When interviewing a prospective piano instructor it is important to ask him or her
key questions. What styles do they specialize in. What is their professional experience and music
training. Did they attend college and what courses did they study. Do they perform publicly and
in what venues. What is their view of effective education methods. What method book or
instruction materials do they use and how are they effective. In short, never be afraid to ask and
interview who your are thinking of putting your child with to study. It's OK to drop in or stop by
and listen to the instruction to see if the instructor is serious about your child having fun but most
of all learning important principles and techniques of music.

Good luck finding a piano or keyboard teacher in Baton Rouge!

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