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									$10 discount                                                                                                                                   $10 discount
   on any                         1 Stop Bead Shop Class Schedule – Winter 2010 (Jan-Feb)                                                         on any
  2 classes                                                  614-573-6452           www.1stopbeadshop.com                                        2 classes
                                                                           KEY to SYMBOLS:
*** Indicates project may not be finished in class.                                                              pre-
                                                            L=Difficulty Level Note: Level 3 or above MUST have pre-requisite skills.
⇒ Beginners Foundation Classes – many are pre-req for Level 3 classes.         ⊕⊕ 1 Stop Customer Favorite Class
 A Note about KITS – Class kits are discounted from reg. retail. The discount is for class participation only. Some kits may also be avail
 for retail sale at regular prices. If materials indicates “Kit,” then kit purchase is required.
                                             Bead Weaving Series Classes (Using needle & thread)
What to bring to a Bead Weaving Class - Small snipping scissors, Beads - if a kit is not indicated, you can bring or buy your beads – (kits include
them), Beading Needles and thread – (kits include them), Glasses – if you need them for detailed work.
Dates                Time     Fee      Materials        L Class Description                                                                                   Instructor
Mon, Jan 4 – 6:30    2 hrs    $25      Kit              1 ⇒ Beginning Bead Weaving Bracelet 1 Stop Bead Shop’s Signature Class! The best                      Lisa
Wed, Feb 3 – 6:30                                           place to start if you’ve never done any Bead Weaving.                                             Busch
Right Angle Weave (RAW) Series                                             pre-
                                               *Level 3 or above MUST have pre-requisite skills            Note: *** - Indicates project may not be finished in class.
Wed, Jan 20 – 6:30   2 hrs    $25      Kit or Mat       1   ⊕⊕ RAW Tennis Bracelet A 1 Stop Customer Favorite! You won’t believe how much                        Lisa
Wed, Feb 17 – 6:30                                          the Tierra Cast base & Swarovski crystals look like a diamond or gemstone tennis bracelet!           Busch
Wed, Jan 27 – 6:00   2 ½ hrs $40       Materials        3 NEW Wonder Woman Cuff Chinese crystal bling makes you feel like Wonder Woman.                       Denman
Wed, Feb 17 – 6:00   2 ½ hrs $35       Materials        2 NEW Stone & Crystal Studded Barrette or Cuff RAW base w/ chips, crystals & seed                     Carolyn
                                                            beads on a form.                                                                                  Malloy
Tue, Feb 2 – 6:30    2 ½ hrs $35       Kit              2   NEW Deco Diamond Bracelet Sweet & danty RAW diamonds w/ a Victorian touch.                        Brannan
Wed, Jan 13 – 6:30   2 ½ hrs $35       Materials        2   NEW Spiked Pearls Cuff 2-row RAW spiked w/ seed beads & crystals.                                 B Elliott
Sat, Feb 6 – 10:00   2 ½ hrs $35       Kit              2   BBPD Iced Pearls Learn to RAW larger round beads and embellish.                                   B Elliott

Ndebele (Herringbone) Series ***Note:                Most Herringbone classes will not be completed in class.
Mon, Jan 4 – 6:00    2 ½ hrs $35       Materials        2 BBPD Ndebele Rope w/ Focal Make tubular Ndebele twist & add a focal bead. This is                   Julie
                                                            the rope to go w/ Decorative Embellishment Sliders.                                               Waldo
Mon, Jan 11 – 6:30   2 ½ hrs $30       Kit + Mat        1 BBPD Beginning Ndebele - Slinky Tubular Herringbone Chain Simply elegant                            Lisa
                                                            Delica herringbone chain designed to teach the basics of Tubular Herringbone.                     Busch
Mon, Jan 25 – 6:30   2 ½ hrs $35       Materials        2   BBPD Tubular Ndebele Beaded Bead Necklace Change the bead size & make a                           Lisa
                                                            beaded bead in an Ndebele rope w/out interrupting the stitch.                                     Busch
Mon, Feb 8 – 6:00    2 ½ hrs $35       Materials        2   NEW Seed Pod Herringbone Bracelet Use tubular herringbone & different sized beads                 Julie
                                                            to create a chunky bracelet.                                                                      Hunkar
Wed, Jan 6 – 6:30    2 ½ hrs $35       Mat + $5.95      2   NEW Mosaic Mesh Herringbone Bracelet 4mm cubes & seed beads. By permission of                     Rishanna
                                       Pattern fee          Carole Ohl                                                                                        Denman
Mon, Feb 1 – 6:00    3 hrs    $40      Materials        2 NEW Harlequin Way hip & modern checkerboard flat herringbone w/ stranded seed beads.                Linda
                                                            By permission of Michelle Skobel.                                                                 Yoder
More Bead Weaving SERIES Classes
Peyote Series *Level 1 Peyote pre-req for all L3. Mastery of L3 required for L4
                              pre-                                           L4.
                                                                               ***Note: Most Peyote classes will not be completed in class.
Mon, Feb 1 – 6:30     2 ½ hrs $35   Materials   2   BBPD Charlotte’s Crystal Web Cuff 3-drop peyote covered w/ charlottes, crystal center              Elliott
Mon, Jan 18 – 6:30    2 ½ hrs $35   Materials   2   NEW Posh Peyote Cuff Single, 2-drop & 4 drop peyote, embellished w/ peyote.                        Elliott

Wed, Feb 10 – 6:00    2 ½ hrs $30   Materials   1   NEW Peyote Sequence of Sequins Learn even count peyote, topped with a fun swirl                    Jessica
                                                    design using Swarovski Sequins.
Mon, Dec 28 – 6:30 2 ½ hrs $35      Materials   2   NEW Fanciful Romance Combine Peyote & Brick stitch in this pretty Victorian style                  Linda
                                                    necklace. By permission of Jeka Lambert.                                                           Yoder
Mon, Feb 22 – 6:30    2 ½ hrs $35   Materials   2   BBPD Dutch Peyote Spiral Necklace By request – Long project but not difficult. Learn               Lisa
                                                    spiral peyote w/ a “Dutch” addition.                                                               Busch

Sat, Jan 9 – 10:00    4 hrs   $45   Materials   2   NEW Decorative Embellishment Sliders Learn crossweave & square stitch w/ these                     Marian
                                                    focal rings/sliders and create elegant arrangements to dress up a necklace or bracelet.            Burnside
Mon, Feb 15 – 6:00    2 ½ hrs $30   Materials   1 NEW Brick Stitch as Ease Learn basic brick stitch w/ pearls & crystals.            Loudermilk
Mon, Jan 11 - 6:00    3 hrs $35     Materials   2 NEW Simple Rope Workshop 2 4 NEW techniques! Brick stitch, Tri-angle stitch, Quad- Julie
                                                    angle stitch, and Daisy stitch.                                                                    Hunkar
Thu, Feb 4 – 6:30     2 ½ hrs $35   Materials   2   NEW Double Spiral Bracelet Add some thickness to your spirals by doubling them.                    Denman
Wed, Jan 20 – 6:00    2 hrs $30     Kit         2   NEW Seashell Pendant Learn to spiral crystals & seed beads using a 2-strand technique.             Li Liu
Mon, Feb 15 – 6:30 2 ½ hrs $35      Materials   2   BBPD Beadometry Shapes: Learn square-stitched cubes topped with bicones & seeds.                   B Elliott
Wed, Dec 30 – 6:30 2 ½ hrs $35      Materials   2   BBPD Sedona Spiral Learn a totally new spiral technique using beads & daisy spacers.               J Hunkar

Other Bead Weaving Classes *Level 3-4 require previous bead weaving experience ***Note: Most of these projects will not be finished in class
                                  3- require                        experience.
Visiting Guest Artists
Huib Petersen – Jan 22 & 23 - Originally from Holland, Huib has been doing needle arts since his childhood. He began designing beadwork in
1995, and has since taught in several countries around the world, in addition to his annual classes at the Bead & Button Show. From personal
experience, I can tell you I learned more in Huib’s classes than I have ever learned in any single class I’ve ever taken. Warm, and generous with his
time, a class with Huib is a pleasure in addition to being a chance to deepen your understanding of designing with beads.
         People’s choice classes – Vote on the classes you are most interested in taking. Huib works in organics and moderns. Choose 1 or 2 from
each category and email me your choices. Visit http://www.mylovelybeads.com/php/newsletter/200908/huib1.html .
Leslee Frumin – Feb 26 & 27 -Back by popular demand! Leslee was so much in demand at last year’s Bead & Button Show that they asked her to
add extra classes to her already full schedule of 11 classes! She will be teaching 2 variations on her popular Crystal Elements, repeating her Bezel Set
Fri, Feb 26 – 10:00 6 hrs    $95    Kit           3 Bezel Set Cabochon Back by demand – same fee. Learn to professionally set a stone in bezel wire
                                                  * and solder to a solid silver back. This is professional jewelry making level. *Pre-req soldering.
Fri, Feb 26 – 6:00  3 hrs    $50    Kit           1 Crystal Elements II All new shapes -barrel, pentagon, hexagon and briolette! Sparkly crystal shapes
                                                    great for pendants, earrings or combining. Class sold out last time – register early!
Sat, Feb 27 – 10:00   6 hrs   $85   Kit         1   Falling Leaf Soldered Pendant Fabricate a leaf w/ the color of fall & embellish it w/ wire wrapped
                                                *   pearls. Complete in class! Learn to saw, solder, form, fine finish and apply patina. *Pre-req Intro to Wire.
Sat, Feb 27 – 6:00    3 hrs   $50   Kit         1   Crystal Lace Similar to Crystal Elements w/ pearls & crystals. Learn the basic medallion and the 7-
                                                    petal medallion with oval crystals and a dimensional center.
Cabochon, and a sawing, shaping soldering class which will get all your creative metal juices flowing. www.lesleefrumin.com
Bead Stringing Classes
What to bring to a Bead Stringing Class:
       Flex Cutters and Flat or Needle Nose Pliers. (We have only limited tools to share)
Dates                Time     Fee      Materials     L    Class Description                                                                             Instructor
Thu, Jan 7 – 6:30    2 hrs    $25      Beads &       1    ⇒ Beginning Bead Stringing Learn essential beginning beading techniques including             Cathie
                                       Clasp                                                                                                            Reichert
                                                          tools, how to use them, proper crimping & finishing, and how to choose quality components.
Wed, Feb 24– 6:30 2 ½ hrs $30          Beads &       1 Beginning Bead Stringing – 2 Strand Our most popular stringing class. Learn all the              Cathie
                                       Clasp              basics of bead stringing using the two-stranded technique. Make a bracelet or necklace.       Reichert
Mon, Jan 18 – 6:00 2 ½ hrs $30         Kit           1 Mixed Media Tasseled Necklace Learn how to combine different materials to create a               Linda
                                                          modern look using non-traditional pearl knotting, bead stringing, chain & a fringed tassel.   Yoder
        Beads – unless kit is indicated, you can bring or buy your beads during class
Wire Working Classes                  (Using Sterling Silver Wire)
What will be in the kit: Sterling Silver Wire – enough for project – kit will not be available until class time.
What to bring to a Wire Working Class:
                Tool set – you can bring your own or buy them here.
Dates                Time     Fee      Materials      L   Class Description                                                                             Instructor

Tue, Jan 5 – 6:30    2 hrs    $30      Kit + beads    1 ⇒ Beginning Wire Wrap - Bracelet & Earrings Develop muscle memory for the basic                 Robin
                                                          skills of wire wrapping using fine guage wire, while making a charm bracelet & earrings.      Brannan
Tue, Jan 12 – 6:00   3 hrs    $30      Kit            1 ⇒ Intro to Wire Components This is the pre-requisite class for all Level 3 wire classes, and    Robin
Tue, Feb 9 – 6:00                                         ALL metals classes. Learn about wire gauges, tools, and basic wire handling techniques.       Brannan
                                                          Make several parts including: basic ear wires, head pins, simple designs and clasps.
Tue, Dec 29 – 6:30   2 ½ hrs $30       Kit            2 Briolette Wire Wrap Necklace Learn a twist on wrapped drops for this delicate necklace!         Brannan

Level 3 Wire Classes Pre-requisite – Intro to Wire Components
Tue, Feb 23 – 6:30 2 ½ hrs $40        Kit + Cab 3 Wire Wrapped Cabochon Essential pendant technique - wire wrap a bead without a hole.                  Brannan
Tue, Jan 26 – 6:00    2.5 hrs $40     Kit           3 Basketweave Wire Wrap Bracelet Learn this intricate weave using fine silver & GF.                 Brannan
Thu, Jan 21 – 6:00    3 hrs $45 Kit                 3 NEW 2 Wire Rings Finish 2 rings -learn annealing, sizing, shaping, intricate coils & more.        J House
Sat, Jan 2 – 10:00    3 hrs    $45    Kit           3 NEW Spanish Scroll Bracelet Beautiful sq. wire scrolls joined w/ crystals.                        DeBoer
                   Beads – large enough to fit over the gauge of wire used – you can bring or buy your beads prior to class.
Soldering Metals *Intro to Wire Pre-requisite for ALL Metals Classes.
                                        Wire Pre-
What to bring to a Metals Class: Wire Working Tools. Torches will be provided.
Tue, Feb 16 – 6:00   3 hrs    $45      Kit       Silver Filigree Pendant Learn the basic shapes of filigree and how to solder them together
                                                      1                                                                                                 Robin
                                                 for an open airy pendant. Variations shown.                                                            Brannan
Tue, Jan 19 – 6:30 2.5 hrs $40 Kit               Intro to Soldering – Jump Rings & Chain Learn to make your own jump rings &
                                                      1                                                                                                 Robin
                                                 solder them together to make a simple chain – learn several variations.                                Brannan
What to wear to a Metals Class: See Lampworking below.
Metals Classes – Cutting, Shaping, Stamping, Riveting *Intro to Wire Pre-requisite for ALL Metals Classes.
Thu, Jan 14 – 6:00     3 hrs    $45      Kit         1   NEW Metals 101 – Designing Jewelry Components Learn to work w/ sheet metal.                      Peggy
                                                     *   Create components using templates & free-hand drawings to cut, saw, texture & shape.             Chavez
Sat, Feb 20 – 10:00    3 hrs    $50      Kit         3   Mixed Metals& Cold Connections: Path to the Future Take your metal skills to a                   Peggy
                                                     *   higher level combing your choice of stamping, die cut punching, sawing, wire and tube            Chavez
                                                         riveting, and corrugation techniques to create a stylish pendant.
PMC - Precious Metal Clay (Fine Silver)                       New Certified Instructor – Peggy Chavez
         What will be in the kit: PMC3 – enough for project (Note: All PMC classes require the purchase of PMC from 1 Stop Bead Shop.)
        What to bring to a PMC Class: Everything is provided. However, feel free to bring any stamps or texturizing materials
Wed, Jan 6 – 6:00      3 hrs    $45      Kit         1 NEW PMC® - Cutting Edge Designs Use cutters to make a fine silver link bracelet and earrings
Thu, Jan 28 – 6:00     3 hrs    $45      Kit         1 NEW PMC Sparkling Charms Combine fine silver with crystals by creating small PMC™ charms,
                                                         wire wrapping crystals and attaching to a chain creating a charm bracelet or necklace.
Mon, Feb 22 – 6:00     3 hrs    $60 (incl.     Kit   3 NEW PMC Hollow Beads Learn how to create a hollow lentil bead using either a supported or
                                $5 firing                unsupported structure. Add CZ’s for additional sparkle. Projects will be kiln-fired and returned to the
                                fee)                     store.
Sat, Dec 5 – 10:00     3 hrs    $60      Kit         4   NEW PMC Ring Take your PMC skills to a new level creating a one-of-kind ring. Techniques for
                                                         insuring your ring fits will be shared. Rings will be torch-fired for your immediate gratification.
Sat, Feb 13 – 10:00    4 hrs    $65 (incl.     Kit   2   BronzClay® or CopprClay Explorer Use wood stamps, textures, cutters & free-style to create
                                $10 firing               jewelry elements. Projects will be kiln-fired and returned to the store for pick-up. PMC experience
                                fee)                     preferred but not required.
Chain Maille Classes                  Taught w/ sterling silver or copper jump rings
What is Chain Maille? It is any combination of ways to join Jump Rings in order to create jewelry. Dozens of styles - each have their own techniques.
What to bring to a Chain Maille class: 2 Pair of pliers - Bent Chain Nose are ideal, but not required.
Wed, Jan 13 – 6:00    3 hrs     $35      Kit         1   NEW CM & Crystals Nice beginner CM embellished w/ Chinese Crystals                               Loudermilk
Wed, Jan 27 – 6:30    2.5 hrs   $40      Kit         2   NEW Roundmaille Bracelet Learn 2 CM weaves.                                                      Elliott
Wed, Feb 10 – 6:30    2.5 hrs   $40      Kit         2   BBPD Full Persian Weave Learn her easy way to quickly master this tricky, open weave.            B Elliott
Wed, Feb 24 – 6:30    2.5 hrs   $45      Kit         3   BBPD Viperkin CM Cuff Cousin to viper scale. Love this flat, slinky weave.                       B Elliott
Beads & Wire
Sat, Jan 30 – 10:00    3 hrs    $35      Kit & Mat   1   NEW Weeping Cherry Blossom Tree Just in time for spring. Learn the art of twisted                Amy
                                                         wire & seed beads.                                                                               Gaspard
Craft Wire Coiling
Wed, Feb 3 – 6:00      2½       $35      Kit         2   NEW Colorful Coils on Jumprings Make tiny coils of craft wire, slide them on jump                Julie
                       hrs                               rings, and connect the jump rings into a simple, but colorful bracelet                           Hunkar
Polymer Clay Bead Making                      Instructor – Beth Curran – President Central Ohio Polymer Clay Guild
Thu, Feb 11 & 18 –    6 hrs – $60      Kit           1 Beginning Polymer Cane Back by Demand! Prt 1- Learn the basics to get started in cane making.
6:00                  2 part                             Start w/ creating sheets of color-blended clays. Prt 2- Combine basic caning elements into kaleidoscope
                                                         patterns. Also explore different techniques for reducing canes.
Thu, Feb 25 – 6:30    2 1/2    $30     Mat & Kit     1   NEW Victorian Vintaj A whole new use for Vintaj filigree components – back them w/ colorful
                      hrs                                polymer clay and they look like stained glass! Striking! You would never guess they’re polymer clay!
Lampwork Glass Bead Making **Bonus discount – sign up for Begin Lampwork and a wire wrap class and get $20 off the pair!
        NOTE: There is a Liability Waiver that must be signed in order to take this class.
        What is included in Beginning Lampwork class fee:
            o 6 canes of glass (enough to make 12 beads+), protective eyewear, and all the tools for use during class
            o Level 2 and above classes have pre-req. of Beginning Lampwork and must bring entire kit + gas.
    • What to wear to a Lampwork Class:
            o Cotton clothing (ie. Blue jeans and a T-shirt)
            o Long Hair tied back or up
            o    Glasses if you need them
At the end of the class you may purchase the entire lampwork kit for $150.
Finished beads will be picked up at the store at a later date to allow time for cooling
Sat, Jan 16 – 10:00   6 hrs    $150    Everything    1 ⊕⊕ Beginning Lampwork Learn to make beautiful glass beads in this full day work-                    Shelby
                      (lunch           included in       shop. We’ll cover safety, glass chemistry, and tools. Then a hands-on time at the torch to        Warner
                      break)           class fee.        make simple round beads, stringers, & simple surface decorations like dots, and raking.
                                                         **Bonus discount – sign up for this class and a wire wrap class and get $20 off the pair!
Mon, Jan 25 – 6:30    3 hrs            Bring         2 Lampwork Practice w/ the Teacher Now that you have been making beads on your                        Shelby
                                       your own          own, here’s your chance to get some feedback on your techniques and questions.                    Warner

Club Bead – 1 Stop Bead Shop’s “Girl’s Night Out”
   2nd Friday each month       **$15    If you like classes, you’ll love all the great ideas and stimulating interaction that happens at 1 Stop Bead Shop’s very own
       7:00-10:00 pm           thru                                                      “Girl’s Night Out” Bead Club.
  Jan 8                        Dec             To become a member: $15 pays your membership through Dec 2010.
  Feb 12                       2010
                                               Benefits: 10% off all purchases on Club Bead night
                                               When do we meet: 2nd Friday of every month from 7:00 to 10:00 pm

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