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									            COLD RECEPTION DISPLAYS                                                       BAKED BRIE EN CROUTE' DISPLAY
                        (20 Person Minimum)                                    One of Our Best Received Creations! Great for Receptions!
                                                                                              A large cake of fresh Imported Brie
       MEDITERRANEAN DISPLAY – “A Cuisines Favorite”                                  Wrapped and baked in Puff Pastry with your choice of:
       Enjoy a Change of Pace Loaded With Taste and Nutrition.                      Mushroom Duxelle, Mango Chutney or Raspberry Compote
                  Sure to Add Value to Your Guest!                                             Surrounded by generous portions
                  Neapolitan Cream Cheese Torta                                                   Of fresh Berries and Grapes
  Layers of Herbed Cream Cheese, Sun-dried Tomato Relish, Basil Pesto                                  $2.95 per Person
              Formed into a Neapolitan Style Gourmet Torta
                      Coated with crushed Walnuts                                          TRADITIONAL VEGETABLE CRUDITÉS
        Served With Fresh Made Roma Tomato Bruschetta                        Assorted Fresh Cut California Vegetables served with Dilled Dipping Sauce
       Fine-diced Ripe Tomatoes, Garlic, Fresh cut Basil & Balsamic                                    $2.45 per Person
        Both Items garnished with Roasted Red Bell Pepper Strips,
           Pepperoncini peppers, Olives and Artichoke Hearts.                            GOURMET SALAD SANDWICH SAMPLER
          Served with Seasoned Crostini’s & Gourmet Crackers                          Scratch Made Unique Sandwich Style Salads to Include:
                           $3.45 per Person                                                     Dilled Apple Walnut Chicken Salad
                                                                                                 Traditional Albacore Tuna Salad
             GRILLED ROMAN VEGETABLE DISPLAY                                                Creamy Herbed Shrimp and Seafood Salad
                  “Another Cuisines Favorite”                                                 With Gourmet Crackers and Mini Rolls
                                                                                                 Fresh Tomato Slices and Lettuce
               A Tuscan Twist on Traditional Vegetables,
                                                                                        Set Ups are for Sample Sized Portions of Each Item.
                      Sure to please today’s Pallet
             Marinated and grilled Italian Vegetables to include:                                      $2.95 per Person
     Fresh Asparagus, Portabella Mushroom Strips, Assorted Squash
             Carrot Coins, Roma Tomatoes, Fresh Mozzarella                            IMPORT & DOMESTIC CHEESE PRESENTATION
Arranged in cascading rows and drizzled with a Balsamic Vinegar Reduction.   Assorted Imported and Domestic Cheeses and Spreadable Gourmet Cheese
                           $2.95 per Person                                                 Served with assorted Crackers and Crostini’s
                                                                                                       $3.45 per Person
                   OR JALEPENO ARTICHOKE DIP                                   Assorted fresh sliced Melons, Seasonal Berries, Grapes and Pineapple.
     Both Served Warm with House Made Pita Chips and Bread Crisps                                 Served with Yogurt Dipping Sauce
                           $1.95 per Person                                                            $3.75 per Person

     ROAST WORKS CHILLED MEAT MARKET                                                          SEAFOOD MARKET
                                                                              Build Your Own Creations of Market-Fresh Seafood,
             Slow Roasted Specialty Meats and Sauces                               Displayed on Ice with Appropriate Garnish
                   Served with Silver Dollar Rolls                     We Also Offer Lobster, Salmon Sides, Oysters, Scallops, and other Seafood Delicacies
                 Priced by the person or by the roast,                                Including Caviar. .Please Contact Us Directly for Pricing

           Shingled on Large Platters at Room Temperature,
                                                                                           FRESH LARGE GULF SHRIMP
                   Garnished with Specialty Sauces
                                                                                            With Cocktail Sauce and Lemons
                                                                                                         $1.59 each
                 Chilled Filet of Beef Tenderloin
       With Creamy Horseradish Sauce, Red Onion and Tomato                                 PEEL & EAT SPICED SHRIMP
                         $7.98 per Person                                                   With Cocktail Sauce and Lemons
                                                                                                   Sold by the Pound
                                                                                            (Average 30 Shrimp per Pound)
Tender Grilled Chilled and Sliced Breast of Chicken with Mango Salsa                                 $14.95 per Pound
                         $4.00 per Person
                                                                                  GRILLED & CHILLED MONTREAL SHRIMP
        Slow Roasted Pork Loin with Honey Chipotle Sauce                    Large Gulf Shrimp with Zesty Seasonings and Served Chilled
                                                                                                         $1.59 each
                         $3.95 per Person
                                                                                          BLUE CRAB COCKTAIL CLAWS
                                                                        Pre-Shelled and Served with Lemon and traditional Cocktail Sauce
                   SWEET INDULGENCE                                                   SEASONAL PRICE AND AVAILABILITY
    Choose Up To 4 Varieties of Our Sample Sized Confections
        Portioned 2 Pieces per Person - $3.25 per Person                                      POACHED SALMON SIDE
        Portioned 3 Pieces per Person - $4.25 per Person                           Large Atlantic Salmon Side, Poached and Served
                                                                                       Capers, Red Onion and Hard Boiled Egg
                                                                                          Served 20-35 People Each
                Assorted Gourmet Dessert Bars                                         SEASONAL PRICE AND AVAILABILITY
                         Lemon Bars
                Gourmet Miniature Cheesecakes                                                 GRILLED SHRIMP TORTA
                                                                                          With Gourmet Crackers and Garnish
                    Assorted Petite Fours
                                                                                                      $59.00 per Loaf
              Cream Filled Chocolate Mini Éclairs                                                   (Serves 20 People)
                     Fudge Brownie Bites
                Chocolate Dipped Strawberries                                            SMOKED SALMON PÂTÉ MOLD
                       Carrot Cake Bites                                                  With Gourmet Crackers and Garnish
                                                                                                      $59.00 per Loaf
            And Much More – Ask Us For More Ideas!                                                  (Serves 20 People)

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