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          (member of European Union of Music Competitions for Youth – EMCY)

                                   Russia, St. Petersburg

                                      3 – 10 May, 2008


Ministry of Culture and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation

Committee for Culture of the Government of St. Petersburg

Administration of Moskovsky District, St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg School of Arts for Children named after E.A. Mravinsky


School of Arts for Children named after E.A. Mravinsky

196070, St. Petersburg, Varshavskaya Str. 44

Tel./fax: (812) 388 4806,
          (812) 387 4485,
          (812) 388 6485


                            REGULATIONS FOR COMPETITION

1. VI International Youth Competition memory of E.A. Mravinsky will be held в St.
Petersburg from 3 to 10 May, 2008.

2. The Competition is held in 2 nominations: «violin-viola» и «cello».

3. Age of participants – up to 21 years old inclusive.

  The participants are divided into two age groups:

  Category «А» - 11 -15 years old, category «Б»: 16-21 years old.

In speciality «viola» - one age group «B»: 16-21 год

The participant's age group is determined as fixed on 3 May, 2008.
4. The sequence of participants' performances is set by draw. The competitor takes part in
the draw in person.

5. The competition is preceded by qualifying selection based on video-, audio-cassette- or
compact-disc audition.

6. The competition is held in three rounds. The first and second rounds include solo
programmes, the third round – performance with orchestra.

7. The competition is held at the Concert Hall of School of Arts for Children named after
E.A. Mravinsky.

The hall houses 430 people.

The awarding of laureates and the final concert will be held in the Grand Hall of Academic
Philharmonic Society named after D.D. Shostakovich.

8. The second round will host not more than 50% of the first round participants. The third
round will host not more than 5 participants for each nomination.

9. The winners of the competition who took I–III places are awarded the title of «Laureate»
and a diploma.

The competition participants who won IV and V places are awarded the title of «Prize-
winner» and a diploma.

The teachers and concertmasters who taught the Laureates and Prize-winners are
awarded respectively with diplomas of appreciation.

10. The prize money constitutes 11 000 USD:

   Category «А» - 3400 USD

   Category «Б» - 7600 USD

11. Participation fee – 80 USD (for representatives of Russia – in roubles, at the rate set
by the Central bank of Russia as at the moment of dispatch).


1. The deadline for our receipt of application with recorded compositions for selective
round – 1 February, 2008 года. The date of dispatch is deemed to be fixed in the postal

2. To take part in the selection round, a participant must provide recordings of
performance of two compositions selected by him/her. Note: these compositions may not
enter the competition programme.

3. The following is attached to the application:

  - photograph of participant of the competition (10 х 15), for a booklet;
  - copy of birth certificate or passport;

  - copy of payment document confirming transfer of money in the amount of 50% of the
admission (participation) fee.

4. Address for transfer of the participation fee: Russia 196070, St. Petersburg,
Varshavskaya Street, 44. School of Arts for Children named after E.A. Mravinsky.
Secretariat of the Competition, Ms. Gerasina Tatyana Ivanovna.

The transfer of foreign participant's admission fee is made through the WESTERN UNION.

The contenders are not admitted to participation in the qualifying round without preliminary
payment made. If the contender is not selected by results of the qualifying round, this fee
is not returned.

5. The stated programme must strictly conform to the planned order of the forthcoming
performance at the competition: the transfer of compositions from one round to another,
replacement and repetition of compositions is not permitted.


Speciality – violin
Category “A” (11 – 15 years of age)

1 round
1. A fantasy by Telemann or one Baroque sonata
2. A caprice by Rhodes, Dont, Kreutzer, Mazas, Fiorillo, Weniavski, Chere
3. Composition for violin and piano selected by performer

II round
1. Part of sonatina or sonata by Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Dvorak, Grieg.
2. Virtuoso piece for violin solo or with piano accompaniment as selected by

III round
1. A concerto for violin with orchestra (as selected by performer):
    Mozart, Mendelssohn, Weniavski №2, Brukh №1, Shpor №2,
    Vietan №5, Viotti №22.

Category «B» (16 -21 years of age)

I round
1. Baroque sonata or partita by Bach (as selected by performer):
    №1,b-moll, BWV 1002 – one part and double;
    №2, d-moll, BWV 1004 – two parts (except chaconne);
    №3, E-dur, BWV 1006 – prelude, loure and gavotte.
2. A caprice by Weniavski (ор.10 or ор.18) or Paganini
3. A late romanticism composition for violin solo or with piano accompaniment:

II round
1. First part of sonata by Mozart, Beethoven (except « Kreutzer Sonata»), Schubert
2. Virtuoso piece for violin solo or with piano accompaniment or a piece composer of
    XIX-XXI centuries.

III round
1. A concerto for violin with orchestra (as selected by performer):
 Mendelssohn, Tchaikovsky, Weniavski №1, Paganini №1, №2,
Sibelius, Prokofiev №2, Shostakovich №1, Saint-Saëns №3


Category «А» (11-15 years of age)

I round.

1. J.S. Bach - Saraband and jig from suites №№ 1,2,3 (selected by performer),
2. Popper. Etude №5, F-dur

II round. (Duration of performance up to 20 minutes)

1. Two parts of old sonata (selected by performer): Tessarini, Ackles, Vivaldi (e-moll),
Breval, «Toccata» Frescobaldi, Weber - sonata.
2. Virtuoso piece (selected by performer): Rimsky-Korsakov «Bumble bee's flight»,
Popper-«Spinner», «Tarantella», Senalya «Allegretto spiritoso», Goens «Scherzo»
3. Piece or part sonata of any composer (preferably from the participant's country),
composed after 1950.

III round.

1. One of concerts with orchestra (selected by performer): Boccerini (B-dur), Bach (c-moll),
Haydn (C-dur), Kabalevsky.

Category «Б» (16 -21 years of age).

I round.

1. J.S. Bach. Prelude and jig from suites №1,2, 3 (selected by performer)
2. Old sonata (selected by performer):
Breval (1 part), Boccerini (1 part), Ackles (1 and 2 parts).

II round.

1. Popper. Etude fis moll.
2. Virtuoso piece selected by performer: Popper. «Spinner», Popper. «Elfs' dance»,
Popper «Tarantella», Shaporin «Scherzo», Clengel «Scherzo».
3. Piece or part sonata of composer (preferably from the participant's country), composed
after 1950.

III round.
1. One of concerts with orchestra (selected by performer): Haydn (C-dur), Lalo,
Saintsaens, Elgar (e-moll), Tchaikovsky «Rococo variations».

SPECIALITY - VIOLA, (16-21 years of age).

1. Two parts from suites for cello, solo, J.S. Bach, from violin partitas by J.S. Bach or
suites by Reger ор. 131 d (selected by performer),
2. One of etudes by Campagnoli ор.22, Hoffmeister or Palashko ор.44.
3. Concerto (I or II and III parts) J.S. Bach or Handel (selected by performer),

I round.

1. First part of sonata (selected by performer): Brahms ор.120, Schubert « Arpejione » or
2. Composition selected by performer (not over 15 minutes).

II round.

Concerto for viola with orchestra (selected by performer): Stamitz, Hoffmeister, Bartok or


1. To carry out the preparatory work for the competition, the Organising Committee is set
up, including the representatives of the city Government, Committee for Culture of St.
Petersburg, School of Arts named after Е.А. Mravinsky, prominent public figures and art
workers of the city.

2. The performance of competition participants is judged by two juries – for each
nomination separately. The jury includes well-known Russian and foreign musicians.


1. The costs connected with participation in the competition and staying in Petersburg are
borne by the participants or organizations sending them.

2. The Organising Committee assists the participants in obtaining Russian entry visas,
reservation of hotels of all categories for participants and accompanying persons, by
preliminary arrangement.

3. During the time of competition the participants will be provided with possibility to have
individual training at the school premises.

The participants and guests of the competition may visit the best museums and theatres of
St. Petersburg – one of the most beautiful cities of the world.

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