; Waterproof Junction Box
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Waterproof Junction Box


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									                               Waterproof Junction Box

    LTW offers non conductive plastic Junction Box used to enclouse exposed end of conductors
leads and are entered through cable glands for mounting electrical or high-tech electronic
equipment for outdoor in commercial and general industrial applications.

    The junction box is designed for protection in harsh environments that is capable of
withstanding temperature from -40°C to 80°C meeting IP67 and with UV resistant up to 300
hours max. It is available in gray color having the dimension of 130x130x75mm.

    You have the option of buying a very through range of Cable glands which are designed to
withstand pressure, contamination and fluid ingress with IP68 rating; and selection from other
IP67 connectors can be found in our website that will completely meet your requirements.

    LTW accepts custom-made Junction box !!!

                           For more information, contact us to: bce@bce.it ; or browse into our website: www.bce.it

                                                                                                        (January, 2010)

                B.C.E. S.r.l. - Via Regina Pacis, 54/c - I 41049 Sassuolo (MO), Italy
  Tel: (+39) 0536 811616         Fax: (+39) 0536 811500           E-mail: bce@bce.it            Web: www.bce.it

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