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									             Saint Elizabeth Elementary School
                                   March 22 – March 30, 2010

$2.25 each day: $15.75 for the2 weeks listed
     $47.25 for March (21 lunches)                                                 Yeah Spring!!!!
Available each day as a substitute for
main entrée:                                   Perhaps it was the fabulous Fashion Show. Perhaps it was the sudden change in
    Hot dog                                   temperature. Perhaps it was the beautiful blue sky. Perhaps it was the
    Peanut butter & jelly sandwich            disappearance of the mountainous piles of snow. Whichever of these wonderful
     with 4 ounce yogurt                       events sparked the onset of spring for you, I say, ”YEAH, Spring!”
    8 ounce yogurt with a roll
    Garden salad with 2 oz. cheese & roll                                                th
                                               To each person who helped make our 15 Fashion Show, “All Jazzed Up” such a
Milk is served each day with lunch             grand success, I say, “Thank you”. Mrs. Donna Gurcak did another tremendous
MONDAY – First lunch – 10:50                   job of coordinating the afternoon and providing over 400 guests with an afternoon
Chicken nuggets/roll                           to lighten the spirits and chase away the winter blues. Everyone left smiling, even
Seasoned macaroni                              if you didn‟t win a prize! The food was delicious, the fashions were stunning, the
Carrot coins                                   music set an upbeat tone, as did the models, the décor and the Master of
Assorted fruit & juice                         Ceremonies, Andrew Stockey. The profit from this year‟s show has not yet been
Chocolate or vanilla pudding                   announced, but with this year‟s success, the grand total for the 15 years of this
TUESDAY – First lunch – 10:50                  event will come close to $300,000. The support and effort of so many families
Nacho Day!                                     over so many years is a blessing to Saint Elizabeth School.
Taco meat, salsa
                                               We move in to the final two weeks of Lent with anticipation of the glorious
Lettuce & cheese sauce
Baked Tostito scoops                           celebration of Easter. Nature has blessed us with days that speak of the hope of
Buttered green beans                           new life and the power of God that is witnessed each Spring. May each of us take
Assorted fruit & juice                         time to let that hope flourish in our prayer and devotion during these final Lenten
Soft pretzel rod                               days so that we will be prepared to celebrate Christ‟s Resurrection.
WEDNESDAY – First lunch – 10:50                Our 8 graders are preparing to present a very prayerful version of the Stations of
Fresh sliced turkey & cheese wrap              the Cross on Monday, March 29 at 1:30 and 7:00 p.m. Journey with Jesus is the
Baby carrots/Ranch dressing                    presentation of Jesus‟ journey to Calvary by the eyewitnesses to this journey,
Tator tots                                     portrayed by our students. If you have never attended these Stations of the
Assorted fruit & juice                         Cross, you are invited to begin this Holy Week with us in prayerful meditation on
Frozen cherry juice bar                        Jesus‟ sacrifice that was the way to our salvation and His Resurrection.
THURSDAY – First lunch – 10:50
Steak bites/Breadstick
                                               May each of you find, in these final days of Lent, moments of prayer, sacrifice and
Buttered noodles                               giving that will be examples of Christ‟s courageous love and generous giving of
Buttered peas                                  self for each of us by His death and glorious Resurrection.
Assorted fruit & juice
FRIDAY – First lunch – 10:50
Cheese pizza
Tossed salad/choice of dressing                                                    Farewell
Assorted fruit & juice
                                               As of Monday, March 22, 2010, Fr. Kevin McKnight will begin a leave of absence
     ********************************          to deal with issues that have affected his parish ministry. In a letter from Fr. Kevin
                                               in last week‟s bulletin, he explained that he has been diagnosed in his early
MONDAY – 3/29 – First lunch – 10:50            forties with ADD and Bipolar Disorder. His battle to overcome the symptoms
Oven fried chicken/Biscuit                     associated with these conditions has led to the need for him to take this leave of
Mashed potatoes                                absence, during which time he will reside at St. John Vianney Manor in Crafton,
Buttered corn                                  PA. We wish Fr. Kevin well and ask that each of you keep him in your prayers.
Assorted fruit & juice
TUESDAY – 3/30– First lunch – 10:50
Springs/meat sauce/breadstick
Tossed salad/choice of dressing
Assorted fruit & juice
String cheese
                                                                       “ALL JAZZED UP”…was a great success thanks to the
               Smart Shopper Update                                    dedication of so many wonderful volunteers. Special thanks to
                                                                       Donna Gurcak, the Chairperson for the event. Final numbers
Looking for a special treat in someone‟s Easter basket? Why not        are not yet in but there is no doubt that this year‟s event was a
purchase a gift card to fill that spot? As you head out to do your
                                                                       grand affair and a great success! Hope to see you all next
Easter shopping at Giant Eagle or Shop „n Save, please don‟t
leave home without gift cards that can earn you tuition credit as
well as fuel perks. As you shop for that special outfit for the        St. E’s Idol Talent Show is coming soon on April 30. Please
Spring, we have Kohl‟s, Penney‟s and Macy‟s cards available. If        note that there is no rehearsal this Friday. The next rehearsal
you are a “one stop” shopper…Wal-Mart and Sam‟s Club are right         will be Friday, March 26 from 3:00 – 4:30 p.m. in the gym.
there on our list of merchants. Special treats from McGinnis
Sisters, Bruegger‟s Bagels and Panera Bread may be just what           The Most “Eggsellent” Easter Egg Decorating Contest
you need…and we have the gift cards available for your                 takes place next week. Entries are due on Thursday, March
purchases.                                                             25 from first through third graders who may have a great idea
                                                                       for the most “eggsellent” egg. Categories are Humorous,
Congratulations                                                        Beautiful and Original. Winners will be announced on Monday,
To the Choristers who will participate in the Choristers Guild         March 29.
Children‟s Choral Festival this Saturday at Our Lady of Peace          Thinking Ahead…So that the eighth grade and kinder parents
Parish in Conway, Pennsylvania. We are blessed to have                 may enjoy graduation festivities, the PTO is looking for
them enrich our liturgies with their musical gifts and are happy       preschool and seventh grade parents willing to help with this
to see them share their talents with others. Special thanks go         year‟s kindergarten and eighth grade graduation receptions.
to Mr. Bennett Porchiran, our Director of Music Ministries, who        Interested preschool parents should contact Angela Kelly @
encourages and develops the music talents in our children              412-233-3190 and seventh grade parents should contact Lisa
through his work with the Cherubs and Choristers.                      Ryan @ 412-881-6184.

Sports Note                                                            Take the Lead…Parents interested in becoming a PTO Board
                           th                                          Member are welcome at the next meeting, April 13th, 7:00 p.m.
Congratulations to our 5 grade Girls Basketball Team for
                                                                       at Panera Bread in Southland Shopping Center. If you have
winning the St. Athanasius tournament this past weekend,
                                                                       any questions, please contact any Board Member (names and
winning in double digits each time and defeating St. James of
                                                                       numbers in the front of the School Directory).
Sewickly in the final 33-17!      Sarah Hacke was named
Tournament MVP, Katie Birch All Tournament team and
Allison Fitzgerald championship game MVP! Liz Remlinger,               Brief, but important…
Hannah Bridge, Julia Kelly and Katie DeRoss all played an
                                                                          Market Day orders for April must be placed through
amazing tournament!
                                                                           school by Tuesday, April 6 or Wednesday, April 7 (11:00
                                                                           p.m.) by Internet. Pick up for April is on Tuesday, April
Pancakes with Passion                                                      13.
On Friday, March 26 from 4:00 – 6:45 p.m. you may come for a              Best of luck to the students who will participate in the
dinner of pancakes and potato pancakes and good fellowship                 Pittsburgh Regional Science and Engineering Fair on
before attending the passion play, “Why Must He Die?”                      March 26-27.
presented by the TriCounty Choir Institute. Babysitting is
available by filling out the registration found in last week‟s            Students participating in the St. Jude‟s Math-A-Thon are
parish bulletin. A donation of $2/person or $10/Family of 5+ is            reminded that they have until Friday, March 26 to
all that dinner will cost!                                                 complete their math Funbooks. Their sponsor donations
                                                                           are due on Monday, March 29.
Doodle 4 Google                                                           Please be sure you have checked your fundraiser order
Mrs. O‟Toole has registered Saint Elizabeth for a great contest            that arrived this Thursday. Any corrections needed should
sponsored by Only six entries are permitted to                 be reported to the school office or Mrs. More immediately.
be selected and the contest is open to grades 5-8 who wish to              Your payment should be submitted before Easter break.
participate. The topic is “If I could to anything I would…” The            Thank you for your ongoing support of our fundraising
winning student‟s school will receive $25,000 for a new                    efforts.
computer lab and the winning student will win a $15,000                   Note from Mrs.Buck: All students with exercise induced
college scholarship and a chance to have his/her design on the             asthma (at least until they finish their one mile walk/run homepage! All entries are due to Mrs. O‟Toole by                test) should bring their inhalers to class. They should be
March 22, 2010. Go to to see                  in a bag with their name and directions on the inhaler.
more information and examples.                                            The April calendar will be sent home before Easter break,
                                                                           as well as an “abbreviated” Menu-News-Notes with the
Helping Lydia’s Place Help Others                                          menu for the week after Easter break. Please note that
How would you like to do a little spring cleaning for a good cause?        the menu through Easter break is provided this week.
Lydia‟s Place is a nonprofit organization that assists children and
mothers of incarcerated parents. They are asking for girls‟ formal
and party wear of any type: little girls party/flower girl/First           We have a large Sarris Chocolate Easter Bunny to
Communion, prom/bridesmaid, cocktail and mother of the bride,              raffle…and each chance costs 25¢. We will sell
and wedding dresses.        So…if you have any of these or                 tickets starting Monday, March 22 and the winning
accessories, you may bring it to school until March 30 th to support       ticket will be drawn on Monday, March 29 in the
the formal dress sale for Lydia‟s Place to be held at the Mall at          afternoon.
Robinson from April 7 through 11, 2010.
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