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					                 DigiBit Announces SONATA 2.0
       The first music server device of its kind with the ability to
      comprehensively manage large collections of classical music
Oct. 20, 2008 – Madrid, Spain. With the release of SONATA Version 2.0, DigiBit becomes the first
music server company to address the complex problem of correctly managing a classical music
collection by adding several new sort fields and utilizing a new identification method which
comprehensively displays all the credits on a classical work. Working in close partnership with Get
Digital Data (GDD), DigiBit helped define the next generation of classical music database that until
now, was the largest limiting factor in how music is displayed and controlled on a music server
device. The new display and management fields allow users to correctly identify works by using
information such as Composer, Conductor, Orchestra, Soloist(s), Choir, Conductor, Movement,
Instrument, Style and Period as well as traditional information typically catalogued as Album Title,
Artist and Track information.

In order to facilitate the rapid and accurate loading of the SONATA 2.0 server, DigiBit provides an
automated CD loading service. This service insures that every CD is correctly identified and
catalogued so that users can simply sit back and enjoy the convenience of a well-organized music
experience completely customized for their preferences.

With the assistance of a large network of European CD ripping companies, DigiBit has also begun a
massive effort to properly catalogue and classify most classical CDs available in Europe. This effort
combined with GDD‟s continued growth of its GD3 database will provide maximum coverage
necessary to enable SONATA 2.0 as well as become the premier provider in classical music metadata
driving the next generation of music management devices.

By releasing SONATA 2.0, DigiBit is the first company to define and utilize extended metadata for
classical music and provides a truly unique experience for its users. For the first time, users can
search for romantic opera music where Plácido Domingo is singing led by Georg Solti, or browse all
their chamber music from the Baroque era for keyboard. Combined with accurate and complete
metadata, these options are virtually limitless.

DigiBit‟s CEO, Juan Pérez commented, “Our SONATA music server version 2.0, is the „dream come
true‟ music lovers have been waiting for” – they can finally enjoy the advantages of the high quality
digital formats and hard drive based storage convenience. We believe that this progress will have a
great impact in the digital music industry and others will follow our example to facilitate access to
digital media for the lovers of classical music.”

Version 2.0 will be available beginning in November, existing SONATA clients will receive an
automatic update.

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