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									                                                  SSIS Scope and Sequence
                                                        IB Music Grade 11 SL/HL
 Averaging 19 weeks per semester (38 weeks per year)
 End of semester varies dependent upon Chinese New Year – Units may need to be moved accordingly

     month     Aug                   September                   October                   November              December             January
      week         1            2      3     4      5     6      7     8       9      10      11   12    13   14      15   16    17     18       19
             and introduction
              General review

                                Concepts of Form and Analysis   Music of the Middle Ages                The Baroque              The Classical Era
SEMESTER                                                           and Renaissance

     month                 February                 March                        April                     May                     June
      week         1            2      3     4      5     6      7     8       9      10      11   12    13   14      15   16    17     18       19

                 The Classical Era           The 19th Century: lied        The 20th Century             Symphony 41 in C K551 : W.A. Mozart
SEMESTER           (continued)
   2                                                                                                      El Salon Mexico : Aaron Copland

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                                                    Grade 11 Music SL/HL

   Unit of      SSIS                                                                                               Common
                        IB Framework                Unit Skills, Content or Knowledge
   Work         OILs                                                                                             Assessments
Concepts of            This Unit will be    -   review of elements of music as a basis of analysis in all   - Reflection
Form and               linked to math and       eras.                                                       - End of unit test ( score
Analysis               geography              -  Non-Western Music                                            analysis)
                                                                                                           - Input into DW
Music of the           This unit will be      - Chant, early polyphony, the Mass, Vespers, secular songs - Reflection
Middle Ages            linked to geography,                 and forms                                      - End of unit test (religious
and                    political science,     - The polyphonic mass, motet, madrigal, chanson, imitative      and secular song)
Renaissance            religion and math. counterpoint, antiphony                                          Input into DW
The Baroque            This unit will have    - accompanied and “concert” mass, oratorio, cantata,         - Reflection
                       links to religion,     opera. Instrumental forms: sinfonia, suite, sonata, solo     - End of unit test ( Form
                       social science,        concerto, concerto grosso, fugue, concertato style              analysis and
                       geography, math,                                                                       characteristics)
                       engineering and                                                                     Input into DW
The Classical          This unit will be      - rise and crystallization of the sonata principle, the      - Reflection
Era                    linked to social       symphony, concerto, sonata, string quartet, operatic reform - End of unit test ( form,
                       sciences, math and and the operas of Mozart                                            orchestration, opera)
                       geography                                                                           Input into DW
The 19th               This unit will be      - expansion of symphonic forms, nationalism,                 - Reflection
Century: lied          linked to social and personalization of musical expression, the artist as hero, the - End of unit essay
                       political science,     operas of Verdi and Wagner, musical cycles.                     ( compare two musical
                       math, geography,                                                                       forms from dif. periods)
                       physics, engineering                                                                Input into DW
The 20th               This unit is linked to - Impressionism, atonality, serialism, Neo-classicism,       - Reflection
Century                math and               minimalism, electronic composition, eclecticism              - Composition using serial
                       engineering                                                                            music devices
                                                                                                           Input into DW

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                                                Grade 11 Music SL/HL
Symphony 41      This unit is linked to -   Structural and harmonic analysis   -   reflection
 in C K551 :     math, geography,       -   Instrumentation                    -   -score analysis
 W.A. Mozart     social science         -   Jupiter’s coda                     -   Input in Dw
                                        -   Form Scheme
                                        -   Fugue
El Salón         This unit is linked to -   Structural and harmonic analysis   - reflection
México : Aaron   math, geography,       -   Instrumentation                    - score analysis
Copland          social science         -   Tone poem                          - Input in Dw
                                        -   Mexican Folk Songs
                                        -   Syncopation
                                        -   Variations

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