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									               Avloni Academy of Music
      Festival Of Musical Treasures
                     Location: AAM Recital Hall
           12302 Saratoga/Sunnyvale Road Saratoga CA 95070

                            Recital I
          Romantic and Modern Music Categories
                    Saturday, November14, 12pm – 2pm

1.Nakul Shenoy          Dance                        A. Goedicke
2.Ellie Chen            The Sparkling Brook          M. Goldston
3.Taylor Thai           Marching Pigs                B. Berlin
4.Saarang Kashyap       Fandango                     W. Palmer
                        Song without words           A. Duvernoy
5.Andrew Liang          Ballade                      F.Burgmuhler
6.Anushree Ari          Arabesque                    F.Burgmuller
7.Margaret Zhang        Ballade                      J. Burgmuller
8.Antonia Loh           Theme from Peter and Wolf    S.Prokofiev
9.Rahul Mehta           Wild Honeysuckle Rag         M.Mier
10.Julia Wang           A Happy Journey Op. 29 No 24 D.Kabalevsky
11.Alexander Di         Doll’s Dream                 T. Oesten
12.Carly Lo             Le Petit Noir                C.Debussy
13.Bhavini Pachauri     Whistlin Joe                 M. Mier
14.Annabel Kusumo       April                        P.Tchaikovsky
15.Rachel Ng             Sarabande G Minor           C.Bohm
16.Megana Iyer          Polka Italienne              S. Rachmaninoff
17.Johnny Yet           March of the Dwarfs          E.Grieg
18.Erika Son            Prelude and Fugue in a minor D.Shostakovich
19.Doris Hsu            Waltz                        F.Chopin
20.Vivian Zhang         Etude E Major No 3 Op. 10    F.Chopin
21.Brandon Pon          Wedding Day at Trollhaugen E.Grieg
22.Veena Bansal         Nocturne Post. In C# Minor   F Chopin
23.Archit Kulkarni      Ballade in G Minor           J.Brahms
24. Aska Mukuti         Melody E Major Op. 3 No 3 S..Rachmaninoff
25.Devyn Noriel         Six Preludes                 R.Miczynski
26. Sarah Callegg       Impromptus in Ab Major       F.Schubert
                           Recital II
          Baroque and Classical Music Categories
                 Saturday, November14, 3pm – 4:45pm

27.Amanda Zhu            Gavotte                              G.P.Telemann
28.Katerina Fenner       Sonatina in G Major                  T. Latour
29.Aaron Chao            Miniature Rondo                      D.G.Turk
30.Taylor Thai           Bourree                              L.Mozart
31.Hannah Allegakoen     Sonatina                             G.Benda
32.Elora Mallick         Prelude in d minor                   J.S.Bach
33.Kamakshi Bhargava     Le Coucou                            L.C.Daquin
34.Angela Liu            Gique from Partita I                 J.S.Bach
35.Lidya Guo             Allegro C Major from
                         Sonata III (solo violin)             J.S.Bach
36.Thao Nguyen           Ode to Joy                         L.V.Beethoven
37.Isabella Chen         German Dance in G Major              J. Haydn
38.Bobby Bloomquist Theme & Variations                        F. Kuhlau
39.Joshua Si             Ist movement from Sonatina
                         Op.36 No.3                           M.Clementi
40.Jahan Jazayeri        Sonatina Op.55 No.2                  F.Kuhlau
41.Sian Smith            Ist movement from Sonatina Op.36 #4 M.Clementi
42.Drake Dahl            Sonatina in D minor L423/K32         D.Scarlatti
43.Ryan Niu              Polonaise                            W.A.Mozart
44.Megan Yao             Ist Mov.from Sonatina G Major        J.Andre
45..Nitya Mani           Scherzo in F                         J.Haydn
46.Jehannaz Dastoor      IInd Mov. from Sonatina Op.157 No.4 F.Spindler
47.Kim Lopatin           Rondo from Sonata in F               J.Haydn
48.Mira Yoo              Allegro from Sonatina in
                         G Major op.55.N.2                    F.Kuhlau
49.Chaitanya Srinivasan III Mov.from Sonata in C              J.Haydn
50. Aaron Lin            Contra Dance in C Major            L.V.Beethoven
51.William Bloomquist Finale from Sonata Hob.XVI:13           J.Haydn
52.Andrew Noriel         Ist Mov. From Sonatina Op.53 No.3 F.Kuhlau
53.Dmitri Lopatin        Finale from Sonata in E-minor        J.Haydn
54.Andrew Reyes          Sonata in C Minor K 457             W.A.Mozart
55.Lawrence Tao          Prestissimo from Sonata
                         Op. 2 No 1                         L.V.Beethoven
                          Recital III
          Romantic and Modern Music Categories
                    Saturday, November14, 5pm – 7pm

56.Anton Samoylov     Sadness of Love                     F. Kreisler
57.Isabel Cannell     Dance                               A. Goedicke
58.Steven Tang        Carefree Stroll                     L. Kohler
59.Mateen Motavaf     Arabesque                           F.Burgmuller
60.Lucas Chao         Passing Fansy                       S. Maykapar
61.Tristan Xiao       Fairytale                           S. Maykapar
62.Claire Liau        A Short Story                       D.Kabalevsky
63.Sian Smith         Waltz                               F. Schubert
64.Alicia Liu         Variatious on the Theme of
                      Russian Song                        N. Lubarsky
65.Maria Elena Yero   Polka Anna                          J. Strauss
66.Dasha Ramsay       Night in the Forest                 A. Goedike
67.Allison Fu          On the Lawn                      A.Gretchaninov
68.Lilian Mino        Old French Song                    P.Tchaikovsky
69.Wesley Chao        Miniature in A Minor                A. Goedike
70.Ethan Woung        Elfin Dance                         E. Grieg
71.Allison Niu        Miniature in D Minor                A. Goedike
72.Tianna McBurney-Lin Le Petite Noir                     C. Debussy
73.Jason Chao         March of the Wooden Soldiers       P.Tchaikovsky
Xin Ni Chai           Elfin Dance                         E. Grieg
74.Abby Foss          Sicilian Song                       R.Schumann
75.Tong Wu            Album Leaves        No.3,4,5        R.Schumann
76.Dorothy Tang       Notturno                            E.Grieg
77.David Allegakoen   Knight Ruppert                      R. Schumann
78. Hannah Co         Preludes #1 &#2                     A.Dvarionas
79.Devangi Vivrekar   Prelude                             H. Pahulsky
80.Andrew Reyes       Nocturne Op.9                       F.Chopin
81.Gloria Liang       Capriccio #3 Op.116                 J.Brahms
82.Alex Tang          Auf dem Wasserzu Singer         F.Schubert-F.Liszt
83.Lydia Demissachew Rhapsody Op. 72 No 2                 F.Bramhs
                          Recital IV
        Baroque and Classical Music Categories
                 Sunday, November15, 10am – 12pm

84.Ambuj Bhatnagar    The Winter                            A. Vivaldi
85.Donna Boucher      Minuet in G Minor                     J.S. Bach
86.Stella He          Minuet G- Major                       J.S.Bach
                      March D-major                         J.S.Bach
87.Alessandro Rotundo Minuet from French Suite II           J.S.Bach
88.Isabel Wei         Gavotte I from English Suite No. III J.S.Bach
89.Bryant Cong        Bourree I from English Suite No II J.S.Bach
90.Tristan Dhellemmes Courante from French Suite No.2       J.S.Bach
91.Arthur Chen        Bourree in A Minor from English Suite II
                      Gigue Bb Major from Partita I         J.S.Bach
93. Monica Chen       Sinfonia in C Minor                 J.S.Bach
94.Kaitlin Kwong      Concerto in G                         Pergolesi

95.Preston Mah          Rondo from Sonatina Op. 66 No 1    H. Lichner
96.Chloe Lee            Vivace from Sonatina in C Major    M. Clementi
97.Bill Zhu             Minuet K.5                         W.A.Mozart
                        Bagatelle Op. 119 No.9           L.V.Beethoven
98.Nguyen Dang          Solfeggietto                       C.P.E.Bach
                        1 Mov. From Viennese Sonatina No.1W.A.Mozart
99.Prithvi Cherabuddi   Sonatina Op.36 No.1                M.Clementi
100.Borges Renee        Fur Elize                        L.V.Beethoven
101.Alexandra Wei       Allegro from Sonatina Op.55 No.1 F. Kuhlau
102.Samir Ingle         1st Mov. From Sonatina Op.55 No 1 F. Kuhlau
103. Carl Tarick        Fur Elise                       L.V. Beethoven
104.Michelle Su         Presto & Tedesca from Sonata Op.79L.V.Beethoven
105.Annika McEvilly     Sonata #5                        L.V. Beethoven
106.Nikolas Tan         Rondo Alla Turca                   W.A.Mozart
107.Megan Correa        Ist Mov. From Sonata in D Major L.V.Beethoven
108.Anish Srinivasan    Concerto in G K.313                W.A.Mozart
                            Recital V
    Romantic and Modern Music Categories
              Sunday, November15, 12pm – 2pm

109.Alex Ilyin            Requerdos de la Alhambra             F. Tarrega
110.Donna Boucher         Polka                                M.Glinka
111.Adrian Chu            Italian Song                       P.Tchaikovsky
112.Loan Anh Pham           Jeering Song                       B.Bartok
113.Ryan Wei              Italian Song                       P.Tchaikovsky
114. Megan DeCart         Polka D.Schostakovich
115.Joshua Hung           Etude "Ivan is busy"              A.Khachaturian
116.Ilya Serebryany       Italian Polka                     S. Rachmaninoff
117.Hu Joanna             Stick Dance from Romanian Folk Dances B.Bartok
118.Shiaohan Liu          Mazurka                              F. Chopin
119.Alessandro Rotundo    The Bee                              F. Schubert
                          My Mother Taught Me                  A. Dvorak
120.Jerry Chen            Siciliana and Rigodon                F. Kreisler
121.Kerem Celik           Concertino                           Yanshinov
122.Milan Martak          1st Mov. From Concerto in A minor G97 G.Viotti
123.Charlie de Breteville Nocturne in C Minor, Post.           F. Chopin
124.Nicole Washington Three Fantastic Dances Op.5           D.Schostakovich
125.Lori Zhou             Impromptu Ab Major Op. 142 No 2 F.Shubert
126.Victoria Kotsinia     Ondine                               C.Debussy
127.Yichin Liu            Prelude                           S. Rachmaninoff
128.Tomas Martak          Sonate for flute & piano Mov.2 3.    F.Poulenc
129.Kathleen Yuan         My Mother Taught Me                  A. Dvorak
                          Scherzo-Tarantella                   A.Wieniansky

                           Recital VI
     Baroque and Classical Music Categories
              Sunday, November15, 3pm – 5pm
130.Welford Chen         Toccata in D Minor                  J.S.Bach
131.Promit Biswas        Minuet                              J. S. Bach
132.Sabrina Nquyen       Polonaise                           J.G. Goldberg
133.Shreya Ingle       Minuet in C Major BWV Anh.114        J.S. Bach
134.Ankita Vinod       Menuet from French Suite II          J.S.Bach
135.Yuzu Ido           Bourree I from English Suite II      J.S.Bach
136.Josh Kim           Ist Mov.from Concerto in D           A.Vivaldi
137.Rui-Jie Yew        Ist Mov.from Concerto in A Minor     A.Vivaldi
138.Hannah Znahg       Sarabande and Gigue D Minor          J.S.Bach
                       from Partita II (solo violin)
139.Jessica Cao        Menuet from French Suite III       J.S.Bach
140.Elena He           Sarabande from English Suite V     J.S.Bach
141.Nathaniel Call     Invention N.1 in C major            J.S.Bach
142-143.Joshua &
      Rachel Li       Bourree from Violoncello Suite No.3 J.S.Bach
144-145.David Babanezhad &
Grace Lee             Concerto for two violins in D Minor J.S.Bach
146.Aileen Mi         Minuet in F Major                   W.A.Mozart
147.Kai-Ming Ang      III Mov.from Sonatina Op.36 No.1      M.Clementi
148.Joshua Haines     Sonatina (1-st movement)            M. Clementi
149.Alexis Samoylov   Sonatina (1-st movement)            F. Kuhlau
150.Logan Bhamidipaty Sonatina                            T. Attwood
151.Valerie Tseng     Menuet from Sonata Hob.XVI:5         J.Haydn
152..Anton Samoylov Sonatina (2-nd movement Rondo)        M. Clementi
152.Ariana Lin        Finale-Presto from Sonata HobXVI:13 J.Haydn
154.Ophir Horovitz    Allegro con Spirito from Sonatina   F.Kuhlau
                      Op. 55 N.3
155.Anika Mohindra    Minuetto and Trio from Sonatina     W.A.Mozart
                      in C Major
156.Aleksandra Kozhevnikova III Mov. From Sonata Hob:5    J.Haydn
157.Amanda Cheng      Fantasy in D Minor                  W.A.Mozart

                        Recital VII
    Romantic and Modern Music Categories
              Sunday, November15, 5pm – 7pm
158.Eugene Yang        Ist Mov. From Violin Concerto in D   Seitz
159.Vikram Iyer        Anbade Provincale                    Kreisler
160.Stephanie Lee      Canzonetta from Violin Concerto      P.Tchaikovsky
161..Olivia Lin        The Laughing Tumbler                 Ge
162.Isabel Thomas      Monkeys in the Tree                 Berlin
163.Caroline Tjoe      Rondo                               R.Gliere
164.Connie Xu          Wildflower waltz                    M.Bober
166.Zachary Strauss    Knight Rupert                       R.Schumann
167.Johanna Liaw       Morning Dove                        M.Bober
168.Aleksandra Dmitrieva Italian Song                    P. Tchaikovsky
169.Kristy Leung       Three Rondos on Folk Tunes          B.Bartok
170.Sabrina Martinez   Der Tahz Mit Dem Stable, #1         B.Bartok
171.Audrey Haines      Waltz                               F. Chopin
172.Elena He           Prelude Op. 28 #6                   F.Chopin
173.Candice Zheng      Mazurka                             A.Rocherolle
                       To Catch a Dream                    M.Mier
174. Danniel Soroka    Prelude in B Minor                  F.Chopin
175.Diane Nhieu        Sunset Serenade                    M.Bober
176.Jennifer Pan Rondo #2 & #4                          D.Shostakovich
177.Kai-Siang Ang      Le Petit Noir                      C.Debussy
178.Alvis Ip           Waltz in Ab Major Op.69 No.1        F.Chopin
179. Connie Wernon     Aria                              H.Villa Loboz
180.Hillary Pan        Arabesque                           R. Schumann
181.Blake Zabrek       Silhouette No 4 in F-sharp Minor    A.Dvorak
182.Brian Burks        O.Polichinello                    H.Villa Loboz
183.Tifanie Ip         Nocturne in Eb Major Op.9 No.2      F.Chopin
184.Simon Kwong        The Montagues and Capulets          S.Prokofiev
185.Simon Kwong        Ballade op.118,N 3                  J.Brahms

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