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					                           Investigative Multi-Genre Research
                          What is a multi-genre research paper? It’s a collection of pieces written in a
                          variety of genres, informed by your research on a particular subject, which presents
                         one or more perspectives on a research question or topic. Each piece is self-
                         contained, making a point of its own, yet connected by theme or topic and
                         sometimes by language, images, and content. A multi-genre paper is personal,
creative, and can’t be copied from some other source. It involves you, as a writer, making conscious
decisions about what information is important and how it should be presented to the reader.

         For this assignment you will choose a topic of that relates to the theme of COMING OF AGE. As
you saw in the movie Stand by Me, the concept of coming of age often deals with a loss of innocence. The
list I provide below will give you some ideas, but please don’t feel limited to these. In addition, the list
contains very broad topics—you will need to decide how these topics fit into the theme of coming of age,
and what you want to say about it. Selecting a topic you want to know more about and have a genuine
interest in will result in a stronger final product. You will research extensively and then communicate your
learning through a multi-genre research paper (think creative writing based in research) where you meld the
factual, emotional and imaginative.
         This is intended to be a CREATIVE WRITING assignment, and will most likely look quite
different from other papers you’ve written. You will use research to develop a convincing narrative story
which is creative and informed by your research. Therefore, do not limit yourself to a traditional essay style.
Use a multi-genre (genre = type or form of writing, such as a poem, letter, story, diary entry, interview, etc.)
approach to incorporate multiple points of view that communicate information about your research topic.
You will need to consider:
        How to organize your information and,
        Which genres (see the attached genre list for ideas) will be best suited for your storyline.
Rather than writing from your perspective or a stiff, academic perspective on this topic, step into the shoes
of an individual(s) more intimately involved and/or invested in this topic. Due to the creative nature of this
paper, I cannot tell you how long your paper needs to be, but it should be substantial enough to
demonstrate to your reader that this is research-based writing.
         Even though this is not a traditional essay, you still need to integrate research into your writing. All
the information used must be documented correctly. Since you are not an expert in the field and you
haven’t done any original research about the topic, you must give credit to those who have researched and
written on the topic. You can use parenthetical citations or footnotes (I will provide links on my website to
resources that can help you with this). A Works Cited Page in MLA format will also be required (feel free
to use EasyBib or Noodletools). Be sure to consciously distribute your research throughout your paper,
instead of using the same information in each genre!!
         This paper should help you demonstrate all that you learned about the topic you researched in a
creative format that logically fits the subject being presented. Your paper must contain 3-4 genres (see the
list of genre ideas) examining the topic of your choice.
Required Sources:
You must use at least three sources for your paper. Options for sources include:
      Articles from professional journals
      Books
      Other texts that relate to your topic
      Internet sources
        Note: Internet sources are not always legit. There is no screening for quality, so you must
        gauge the quality yourself. I don‘t want you simply pasting material into the paper (that‘s
        plagiarism), and please extend your research past the Wikipedia database. I want to see an
        original piece of work from you!
      Don’t be afraid to think “outside the box.” Experiment with your
   Strategies, Tips, and Possibilities for Writing
   Preface/Introduction (Required):
   Think of this as your personal note to your readers. Why did you decide to write about your topic?
   What does it mean to you? What would you like the reader to know before he/she delves into your
   work? Some people begin with a letter to the reader – ―Dear Reader…..‖

   Openings, Beginnings, Lead Pieces of Writing
   The first pieces should orient the reader, introduce a character or situation, and dramatize the central
   tension. Sometimes writers open with a ―Defining Moment.‖

   Enduring Moments
   Identify the enduring moments in your topic. These are vivid memories never to be forgotten – they are
   permanently imprinted on our minds.

   Central Acts
   Bring the people from your research to life as characters in your writing by incorporating their
   personality traits, actions, and point of view.

   Crucial Things
   Inanimate objects, concepts, ideas…these things can all hold crucial places in our lives. For example,
   Holden Caulfield’s attachment to his red hunting hat in Catcher in the Rye was crucial to his identity.
   Or try to imagine the Hippies without ―Peace‖ and ―Love.‖

   Meaningful Places
   Places shape us nationally, regionally, and locally. Multi-genre writers identify places of importance to
   the topic and incorporate them.

   The purpose of a repetend is to create unity and coherence in a multi-genre paper. It also allows the
   reader to hear the writer’s voice and acts as a string that carries them throughout the entire paper. Some
   ideas for creating a repetend could be:
       1. Include the same phrase, sentence, or passage in each genre, as a heading or within the text.
       2. Include a description or design in each piece (written or illustrated), placed strategically for easy
       3. Include a running commentary from you, the writer, following or preceding each genre piece.

Utilize the Rhetorical Toolbox
Look through the critical lens of historical/cultural analysis, to help guide
your research and interpretations. Consider the cultural values, gender roles,
time period and historical context of your topic.

―Composition accomplishes the cultural work of producing
autonomous individuals willing to adopt the language and
perspectives of others.‖ – Anne Ruggles Gere
      Investigative Multi-Genre Research Paper Schedule

Wednesday, October 7th              - Introduce Assignment
                                    - Begin thinking about potential topics

Monday, October 12th                _
                                      P100W to begin working
                                    - Begin researching – I want to know your topic
                                       by the end of the hour

Tuesday, October 13th               - Research day in P100W
                                    - 3 sources due at end of the hour
                                    - Begin working on MLA works cited page

Wednesday, October 14th             - Writing day in P100W

Monday, October 19th                - Writing day in P100W
                                    - Peer workshop if you would like feedback on
                                       any of your pieces.

Tuesday, October 20th -             - Final work day in L100
                                    - Opportunity to share final draft of papers in
                                          small groups
                                    - OR time to finish final draft if needed
                                    - Investigative Muli-Genre Research
                                    Paper due at the end of the hour!
**While I am providing you with these days of in-class work time, you will probably
have to do some work outside of class to successfully complete your project.***
                                        Genre List
Remember: Select the genres that will best showcase your understanding of the topic you have
researched. See me if you have any questions about using these genres in your paper!! Pick genres
that you understand—it‘s much more difficult to pick something you have never heard of and try to
make it work for your project.

      Autobiography                                           Newspaper article
      Advertisement                                           Obituary
      Book review                                             Photograph – must have written
      Book jacket                                                analysis/supplement
      Bulletin                                                Parable
      Business letter                                         Play
      Campaign speech                                         Poem
      Cartoon/comic strip                                     Police report
      Character sketch                                        Postcard
      Children‘s book                                         Proposal
      Classified ad                                           Questionnaire
      Collage (visual or word)                                Radio broadcast
      Commandments                                            Recipe
      Commercial                                              Report card
      Confession                                              Research report
      Contract                                                Restaurant review
      Cookbook                                                Resume
      Debate                                                  Romance
      Dialogue                                                Satire
      Diary                                                   Science fiction
      Editorial                                               Screenplay
      E-mail                                                  Script
      Essay                                                   Sermon
      Eulogy                                                  Short story
      Essay – Informative/narrative/persuasive                Song lyrics
      Eulogy                                                  Stream-of-consciousness
      Fairytale                                               Technical manual
      Flashback                                               Textbook
      Flash-forward                                           Top ten list
      Friendly letter                                         Vignette
      Graffiti                                                Video game
      Graph/chart                                             Warning
      Horror                                                  Website
      Interview – real or imagined                            Western
      Invitation                                              Will
      Job description
      Journal entry
      Lab report
      Map w/ legend
      Medical report
      Movie Review
                      Possible Research Topics
                     YOU ARE NOT LIMITED TO THESE!!

Remember: You will need to decide how to approach the topic and what
  you want to say about that topic. Think about how it relates to the
                     concept of ‗coming of age‘.
Teen pregnancy                                   Sexual Assault/Harassment
Eating disorders                                 Driving
Date rape                                        Violence
Dating/Relationships                             Gangs
Death of a loved one                             Sports
Sexual orientation                               Sexism
Foster care                                      Adoption
Drugs/Alcohol                                    Sweet sixteen/Quinceañera
Racism                                           Jobs
Friendships                                      College
Cliques                                          Social networking (Internet)
Bullying                                         Graduation

                     Others??? See me for approval
   Name: _________________________________
   Period: ______________
   Score: _______/100

                          Investigative Multi-Genre Paper Rubric

                        Advanced               Proficient             Adequate                 Basic
                     -Paper provides         - Paper creatively   - Attempts to         - Research missing
                     a creative &           presents research     present research      OR not creatively
                     engaging                                     creatively            presented
                     interpretation of
   Content           this event/myth
   30 points

                     - Presents research    - Presents research   - Presents research    - Presents research
                     in 4 or more genres    in 3-4 genres that    in 3 or less genres   in 1 genre that is
                     that are effectively   are effectively       that are organized    not fully developed
                     organized to           organized to          to present the
    Genres           present the content    present the content   content
   25 points

                     - Cites more than 3    - Cites 3 reliable    - Cites 2 reliable    - Cites 1 reliable
                     reliable sources       sources which         sources which         source or sources
                     which relate to the    relate to the topic   relate to the topic   are not cited at all
    10 points

                     - Sources are cited    - Sources are cited   - Sources are cited   - Sources are cited
 Parenthetical       without any            with very few         with obvious          incorrectly OR
                     mistakes using         mistakes using        mistakes using        missing
                     MLA format             MLA format            MLA format
   10 points

                     - Revision and         - Revision and        - Revision and    - Revision and
 Grammar &           editing process is     editing process has                     editing process
                                                                  editing process has
                     obvious                left only a few       left more than a  seems ineffective
Spelling Errors
                     - Paper is free of     errors in grammar,    few errors in     - Errors in
   15 points         errors in grammar,     mechanics or          grammar,          grammar,
                     mechanics or           spelling              mechanics or      mechanics or
                     spelling                                     spelling          spelling are
Effective use of Failure to use the in-class work time effectively (doing other homework, playing
  work time      online, etc) will result in a loss of these ten points.
    10 points


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