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2 Internet Business Ideas That Will Explode Your Monthly Profits


Here are two internet business ideas that are more profitable than affiliate marketing and MLM.

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									2 Internet Business Ideas That Will
   Explode Your Monthly Profits

So you're tired of being broke and you want to use the internet to start a home
based business? There are several legitimate internet business models that you
can choose from such as creating your own products to sell online, affiliate
marketing, network marketing, drop shipping, selling your skills to other
businesses, the list goes on and one...but by far there are only 2 internet
business ideas that will produce the highest profits.

Keep in mind that it doesn't matter how many sales you make, what matters is
how much profit you make from each sale - You must sell something that has a
high profit margin if you expect to make a significant amount of money online in a
shorter time frame.

Are you serious about starting an online business, or are you just curious?

The 2 ideas that I have listed below are for those who are serious (and not just
curious) about starting an online business. You can make a significant income
with these two internet business ideas, which is why if you are just looking for a
simple way to make some extra money, then starting a home based business
online is not for you. You must be willing to put in time and money to be
successful on the internet. Below are 2 online business ideas that will produce
higher profits than most business models:

1. Selling your services (web design, graphic design, copywriting, etc.)

2. Top Tier Direct Sales (selling high ticket items for a commission)

Why waste time making chump change when you can make hundreds per

Don't get suckered into programs that pay $5 dollars here, $15 dollars there, etc.

I have started several online businesses since 2003 and I can tell you that there
is a lot of hype all over the internet, and money making programs that take you
forever to make a profit because the profit margins are too small.
Listen, I have been an internet marketer, affiliate marketing, network marketer,
and I've sold my own services online...and there is no better way to make a
significant income than selling your skills to other businesses or becoming a
distributor for a company that pays high commissions.

Do you want to make a few dollars, or make real money? It is up to you!

Just a word of caution...

When I was selling my services online, I made thousands, but became burned
out fast! It is hard to leverage your time as a service provider; however, it's easy
to leverage your time as a distributor for a professional top tier direct sales

   When you use a proven internet marketing success
  formula that top earners use in top tier direct sales, it
 becomes very easy to leverage your time and increase
  your income. You can see this formula and business
                    model by visiting

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