FLAWS by lonyoo


                                     Important Things to Note:

                      1. Flaws will add points to your freebie points to spend.

     2. Whenever possible merits and flaws balance each other out before they are spent as
        freebies. This doesn’t concern the players as much as it does in how the STs total

                        3. All merits and flaws are subject to approval.

      4. Many merits and flaws must be role-played. If at any point in time, the STs feel you
     aren’t RP’ing your merit or flaw, we may require you to buy them off at double the cost.
                                You will not get these points back.

    5. These may be taken from any appropriate 3rd Edition Vampire book. Merits and Flaws
     from Vampire: the Masquerade (2nd Edition) and other White Wolf source books will be
        reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Certain merits & flaws are self-explanatory, and
       represent random quirks of fate – “Ambidextrous”, “Color Blind” etc. However, if your
       character has "Nightmares", explain why. If they have a "True Love", mention it in the
                                      history, and so forth...

     6. “Wrong Sect” Merit & Flaws -- Some Merit & Flaws are strictly sect specific. Be aware
                of this and don’t ask for Prestigious Sire on an Anarch character.

     7. The following Merits and Flaws are generally considered unsuitable for online play or
     have been repeatedly abused, and will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis (you may
                        ask, but you may not be permitted to have them):

            a. Flaws: Beacon of the Unholy, Blood hunted, Child, Clan Enmity, Dark
          Fate, Disgrace to the Blood, Flesh of the Corpse, Former Prince, Incomplete
           Understanding, Lord of the Flies, Masquerade Breaker, Narc, Open Wound,
          Permanent Wound, Probationary Sect Member, Recruitment Target, Red List,
          Sleeping With the Enemy, Sympathizer, Unconvinced, Victim of Masquerade


Aging (3pt Flaw)-Min 40, may retake this flaw/extra decade. -1 in any Physical Attribute. (Mortal)

Allergic (1-4pt Flaw)-Allergic to substance (1=hives in contact, 2=swell in effected area, all die
pools -1, 3=incapacitated/reduce die pools by 3. +1pt=substance common in chronicle). (All)

Animal Musk (1pt Flaw)-Always animal smell. +2 Social dif if smell obvious (on humans only).

Anosmia (2pt Flaw) – You have no sense of smell or taste. You cannot attempt a perception roll
that uses either of these senses. (All)

Asthma (1pt Flaw)-Trouble performing strenuous tasks, because can't breathe properly. When
exerting, roll Stamina (dif 6) or can't take any action next round while catch breath. (All)

Bad Sight (2pt Flaw)-Sight +2 dif. Minor form of blindness, corrected with LIFE 3 for short time.
Can't take ACUTE VISION. (All)
Bizarre Hunger (2-5pt Flaw)-Have odd dietary need (not natural to race). Harder to get=more
points. Can't eat=-1 Health Level/day until fed. May eat normal food, but gain no sustenance from
it. (All but Vampire)

Blind (6pt Flaw)-Can't see (automatically fail vision die rolls). Difficulties of all dexterity-based
rolls are increased by two. (All)

Blunt Teeth (1pt Flaw)-Large, square, blunt teeth. -1 bites damage. Do 1 Health Level
damage/2BP drunk. (Nosferatu)

Child (3pt Flaw)-Small child. SHORT flaw, hard to be taken seriously (-2 die penalty appropriate
rolls). Kindred: +1 dif on Hunger rolls. Subject to parental control, curfews, child labor, truancy
laws, few clubs will admit due to age. (All)

Club Foot (1pt Flaw)-1/2 normal move speed from deformed/gnarled foot. (Nosferatu)

Color Blindness (1pt Flaw)-Only see two colors (usually black/white). Can't perceive colors, can
tell color density. Life 3 can't fix this problem as you have no idea of color. (All)

Consumption (5pt Flaw) – Your body is wrought by a flesh eating bacteria. Every evening, you
suffer one health level of bashing damage that cannot be soaked nor healed. You must ingest
1/10 of your body-weight in flesh. You cannot consume this meal before damage is done.


Contagious (5pt Flaw) – mortals who touch you must make a stamina roll (diff 9) or fall prey to
illness for a week. The roll is repeated in another week, or until it finally succeeds. (Nosferatu)

Deaf (4pt Flaw)-Can't hear (automatically fail hearing die rolls). Alertness rolls are at a +3
difficulty. (All)

Deformity (3pt Flaw)-Have deformity that effects interactions with others, inconveniences
physically. +2 dif for Appearance, +2 dif for Dexterity (depending on deformity). (All)

Glowing Eyes (3pt Flaw) – you have glowing eyes which gives you a -1 difficulty to intimidation
rolls when dealing with mortals. The glow impairs your vision and puts you at a +1 difficulty on all
sight-based rolls (including ranged weapons) and the radiance coming from your eye sockets
makes it difficult to hide (+2 diff to steal rolls) in the dark. (Vampire)

Hard of Hearing (1pt Flaw)-Hearing die rolls have +2 dif. Can't take ACUTE HEARING. (All)

Hemophiliac (3pt Flaw)-Won't stop bleeding without medical attention. Kindred can't seal bites
with lick. (All)

Hunchback (2pt Flaw)-Can't walk upright, +1 to Social dif. and Dexterity rolls. (All)

Inbred (1 – 5 pt Flaw) – The inbred flaw covers all manner of physical, mental and emotional
defects. A one-point inbred is something simple and unobtrusive, such as eyes to close together
or an under bite. A three-point inbred is more severe: a congenital health condition (for mortals)
or a crippling physical deformity. Five-point Inbred are grossly disabling and emotionally crippling
– everything from uselessly atrophied legs to a permanent derangement (All)

Incoherent (5pt Flaw) – You are incapable of human speech. (Nosferatu)

Infertile Vitae (3pt Flaw)-Can't create Childe for any reason. (Vampire)
Lame (3pt Flaw)-Legs injured/don't work. -2 die to movement. Can't take DOUBLE-JOINTED.

Lazy-(3pt Flaw)-Don't like to do anything needing effort. Prefer to let others do work. Diff for
physical action rolls (spontaneous) increase by one (including combat). (All)

Magical Addict (3pt or 5pt Flaw) – You are addicted to the alchemical psychoactive drugs that
some sorcerers use to focus their blood magic. If you take this flaw at 3pts, suffer a +2 diff to all
rolls related to blood magic, including using path powers and rituals whenever you are not
completely under the effects of your drug of choice. For 5pts, you are completely unable to focus
yourself enough to perform even the simplest blood magic if the drug is not in your system.
(Tremere, Assamite)

Methuselah's Thirst (7pt Flaw)-Only gain sustenance from Kindred blood. (Vampire)

Monstrous (3pt Flaw)-Look monstrous, Homid scarcely human, Crinos/lupus horrendous.
Appearance 0(mistaken for Wyrm creature by literal-minded Garou). Kindred look like
NOSFERATU. Metis may take this but gain no points; Nosferatu gain only one point. (All)

Mute (4pt Flaw)-Can't speak at all, communicate with writing, mind magic, sign language. (All)

No Partial Transformation (1pt Flaw)-Can't take partial forms at all. (Werewolf)

One Arm (3pt Flaw)-1 arm (may chose), no off-hand penalties, -2 dice involving tasks needing 2
hands. Can't take AMBIDEXTROUS. (All)

One Eye (2pt Flaw)-Missing eye (choose) lack peripheral vision on blind side, -2 die penalty for
depth perception (missile combat). Metis: don't gain points. (All)

Open Wound (2-4pt Flaw) – You have one or more wounds that refuse to heal, and which
constantly drip blood. This slow leakage costs you an extra blood point per evening, in addition
to drawing attention to you. If the wound is visible, you are at +1 difficulty for all social based
rolls. For two points, the flaw is simply unsightly and has the basic effect mentioned above. For
four points, the seeping wound is serious or disfiguring and includes the effects of the Flaw
Permanent Wound. (Vampire)

Paraplegic (6pt Flaw)-Can't move without help (crutches/wheelchair), take DOUBLE-JOINTED.

Permanent Fangs (3pt Flaw) – your fangs do not retract, making it impossible to hide your true
nature. You are limited to an appearance 3 rating. (Vampire)

Permanent Wound (3pt Flaw)-Start night at Wounded (healed normally, returns when sleeping).

Potent Blood (3pt Flaw)-Kindred gain 2 BP/1 drunk. They will fight to keep you. (All)

Revenant Weakness (3pt Flaw) – You were once a member of a revenant family. When
embraced you didn’t lose their weakness. Bratovitch – frenzy easily, Grimaldi - blood bond to the
Sabbat, Obertus – instable, Zantosa – weak will. (Tzimisce)

Scarface (2-4pt Merit) – Your scars don’t heal. For 2 pts, all social roll diffs increase by one. For
3pt, your face and body are so horribly blemished that your appearance rating can never exceed
two. For 4pts, the swath of scars is thick enough to hamper you. All dex rolls increase by one.
You can take one level of bashing damage to ignore this penalty. (Tzimisce)
Selective Digestion (2pt Flaw)-Only digest 1 blood type (like Ventrue). (All Vampire but Ventrue)

Short (1pt Flaw)-Below average height. -2 dice pursuit rolls. May gain concealment bonus. (All)

Slow Healing (3pt Flaw)-Heal agg at 1 wound/5 days. Normal wounds need 2 BP/Health level.

Smell of the Grave (1pt Flaw) – You exude an odor of dampness and newly turned earth, which
no amount of scents or perfumes will cover. The diff of all social rolls to affect mortals increase
by one. (Vampire)

Stench (1pt Flaw)-Stealth -2 Dice to any who smell unless they are downwind. Other
NOSFERATU are repulsed by smell. (Nosferatu)

Stigmata (2-4pt Flaw) – You constantly seep blood from phantom wounds, even though your
flesh remains unbroken. The bleeding is slight, but incessant, costing you an extra blood point
each evening. You are at a +1 diff on all Social rolls, although certain vampires will probably take
your reputation as a seer more seriously. The 4-point version of this Flaw indicates that you
bleed from your eye sockets. (diff of all social rolls is +2 instead of +1, and you have a +1 diff on
all visual Perception rolls). (Vampire)

Strict Carnivore (1pt Flaw)-Can eat only meat (preferably raw meat). (Werewolf)

Thin Blood (4pt Flaw)-Blood is thin and weak. All blood point costs are doubled, and you are
unable to create a blood bond. The embrace works only 20% of the time. (Vampire only)

Twitch (1pt Flaw) – You have a repetitive motion that you make in times of stress. It costs one
willpower to refrain from engaging in your twitch. (All)

Vulnerability to Silver (2pt Flaw)-You suffer agg. wounds from silver. (All but Werewolf)

Withered Leg (3pt Flaw) – one of your legs doesn’t work. You subtract 3 dice when attempting
any action that involves movement, and you move at half normal speed. (All)

Wolf Years (5pt Flaw)-Age as wolf. Live 12-20 yrs. Aging effects at 8 if lupus, 5 after First
Change if Homid. (Werewolf)


Blood Hunted (4-6pt Flaw) – You have been made a target of a blood hunt, and for you to return
to your home city is death. For four points, this flaw means that only your home city is off limits to
you. For six, it means the entire Camarilla is howling for your vitae. (Vampire)

Botched Presentation (1pt Flaw) – When your sire presented you to the prince of the city, you
flubbed it. You need to succeed on a Willpower roll (diff 7) just to stand in front of this prince or
one of his duly authorized representatives without running, blubbering, or otherwise making a fool
of yourself. (Camarilla Vampire)

Bound (2pt Flaw) – You are blood bound to another vampire. (Vampire)

Bound to the Council (3pt Flaw) – For some reason you were blood bound to the Council of
Seven. Love of clan comes FIRST. You must spend willpower to go against Tremere policy,
violate the oath. If anyone above you in the clan says Jump, you jump. (Tremere)
Cats paw (2pt Flaw) – You’ve done dirty work for someone high up in the city’s hierarchy in the
past. Your deeds have made you an embarrassment or liability. Your former employer wants to
keep you quiet, and in the long term to get rid of you. (Camarilla Vampire)

Clan Enmity (4pt Flaw)-Choose clan. Members of clan to hate/want to destroy for some reason. -
+2 diff to Social rolls with clan. (Vampire)

Dark Secret (1pt Flaw)-Have secret best kept hidden. Surfaces occasionally. (All)

Double Betrayer (4pt Flaw) – At some point the past, your character undertook the Vaulderie.
You now bear the Mark of the Betrayer. You have since been redeemed and welcomed back into
the clan, but you still bear the mark. Those Tremere who know your character’s past will treat
you with contempt (add +2 to social diff for interacting with other Tremere). Those Tremere who
don’t know you may think you are a Sabbat traitor and try to capture or destroy you. (Tremere)

Enemy (1-5pt Flaw)-May be 1 or group. Power level=points (Elder Vampire=5, Like you=1). Must
decide who enemy is, why hated. (All)

Escaped Target (2pt Flaw) – You had targeted a mortal for Embrace, but someone else got
there first. You cannot stand the humiliation of being cheated and fly into a rage (+2 diff to avoid
frenzy) whenever you see the one who got away. Your petty and irrational behavior is wellknown
and quite noticeable, and as a result you are at +1 diff on all charisma rolls until the
situation is resolved. (Vampire)

Expendable (1pt Flaw) – Someone in power doesn’t want you around. She has the power to
maneuver you into dangerous situations “for the good of the Camarilla”, and has no
compunctions about doing so. (Camarilla Vampire)

Disgrace to the Blood (3pt Flaw) – Your sire regards the fact that he Embraced you to be a
titanic mistake, and has let everyone know it. (Camarilla Vampire)

Failure (2pt Flaw) – You once held a title in the city, but failed catastrophically in your duties.
(Camarilla Vampire)

Former Prince (3pt Flaw) – You were once a Prince. The new prince now feels intimidated that
you might try to take his power and might try to get rid of you. (Camarilla Vampire)

Hunted (4pt Flaw)-Hunters seek destruction. All endangered confrontation inevitable. (All)

Hunted like a Dog (3pt Flaw) – Another sect or group of vampires has decided that you’re a
target for extermination and pursues you relentlessly. (Vampire)

Incomplete Understanding (1pt Flaw) – The whole matter has been explained to you, but you’re
still not quite sure how this whole Camarilla/Masquerade thing works. (Camarilla Vampire)

Infamous Sire/Mentor (1pt Flaw)-Mentor/Sire distrusted/disliked by all. Reputation goes with
you, hard to get rid of. (All)

Laughingstock (5pt Flaw) – Somehow you’ve drawn the scorn of the local harpies, who make
you their favorite and reflexive target. You are at a +2 diff on all social rolls in Elysium and +1
anywhere else in the city. You are at a +2 diff to use intimidation or dominate powers on anyone
who has heard the stories mocking you. (Camarilla Vampire)

Loathsome Regnant (4pt Flaw) – Not only are you blood bound, but you are also in thrall to a
vampire who mistreats you. (Vampire)
Masquerade Breaker (2pt Flaw) – In your first nights as a member of the Kindred, you
accidentally broke the Masquerade and were spotted doing it. Someone else covered your
mistake and holds the favor over you. Your savior takes advantage of you. (Camarilla Vampire)

Mentor’s/Sire’s Resentment (1pt Flaw) – Your mentor/sire dislikes you and wishes you ill. Give
the smallest opportunity, your mentor will seek to do you harm, and may even attack you if
provoked. (All)

Mistaken Identity (1pt Flaw)-Look like someone else. Approached by their allies/enemies. (All)

Narc (3pt Flaw) – You are known to be a snitch in the sheriff’s pocket. You are at a +1 diff on all
social rolls against those who don’t agree with your politics. (Camarilla Vampire)

Obvious Predator (2pt Flaw) – You have nothing good in store for people, and they know it. All
Social roll diff’s are increased by two (except intimidation). (Brujah)

Old Flame (2pt Flaw) – Someone you once cared for deeply is now with the enemy. He still
attempts to play on your sympathies while working against you. Unless you succeed on a
contested Manipulation + Expression roll against your former friend, you do not act against him
unless the situation becomes life-threatening. (Vampire)

Overextended (4pt Flaw) – You’ve got your fingers in too many pies, and people are starting to
notice. (Vampire)

Probationary Sect Member (4pt Flaw)-Defector accepted into Sabbat from other faction, not yet
fully trusted (prove loyalty often). (Sabbat Vampire)

Red List (7pt Flaw) – You are either being considered for or already are on the dreaded red list.
Any Cam vampire will either attack you on sight, or more likely call in for a great deal of help.

Recruitment Target (1pt Flaw) – The Sabbat wants you, and they want you bad. (Camarilla

Rival Sires (2pt Flaw) – Not one, but two vampires wanted to gift you with the embrace. The one
that failed is not happy. Your persecutor is at +2 diff to refrain from frenzy in your presence, and
she may be working actively to discredit or destroy you. (Vampire)

Sleeping with the Enemy (3pt Flaw) – You have some sort of intimate connection with a
member of an opposing set or inimical clan. Your close ties would be regarded as treason by the
Camarilla. (Camarilla Vampire)

Sympathizer (1pt Flaw) – You have publicly expressed sympathy for some of the Sabbat’s goals
and politics. You may be suspected of (or arrested for) treason. (Camarilla Vampire)

Traitor (4pt Flaw) – You have turned on the Nosferatu. You are leaving information on your
alleged allies. You must betray secrets about your allies. (Nosferatu)

Uppity (2pt Flaw) – You are proud of your new status and clan. So proud that you shoot your
mouth off to other Kindred and make enemies. You are at +2 diff on all social rolls against any
vampires you have alienated through your yammering. You may be required to make a
Willpower roll (diff 6) to keep your mouth shut any time the opportunity presents itself for you to
brag about your lineage, your clan, or your status. (Vampire)

Addicted to Kindred Vitae (3pt Flaw)-Need rush Vampire blood gives, feel dead/listless without
it. Dangerous habit overcome only by therapy/friends helping quit cold turkey. (All but Vampire)

Addiction (1-3pt Flaw)-Addicted (by pts). 1=sugar. 2=easily found (pot/painkiller). 3=heavy street
drug. Denied: dice lost=points, roll Willpower (dif 4+1/day). Fail: find drug. (All)

Anachronism (1pt Flaw)-See Mortal Society. (Vampire, Mortal Hunters)

Burned Out (1pt Flaw)-Have lost too much. Cynical, prone to Frenzy when things don't work out
(haven't actually given up yet). (All)

Compulsion (1pt Flaw)-Psychological compulsion. Temporarily overcome with 1 Willpower. (All)

Compulsive Speech (1-2pt Flaw)-Compelled to speak in some way against best interests. Can't
stop from being rude/blunt when finesse needed, tell lies when obvious not the truth (1pt=do
occasionally; 2=say to everyone). 1 Willpower=resist 1 scene. (All)

Conflicting Loyalties (1-3pt Flaw)-Loyal individual with 2+ loyalties in conflict. Hope to solve
problem before it's discovered. Immediacy of problem determines point cost; greater/ more
immediate means larger Flaw. (All)

Curiosity (2pt Flaw)-Naturally curious person. In most cases, overrides common sense. Resist
temptation: roll Wits (dif 5=simple things "I wonder what's in that cabinet?" 9=things "I'll just peek
into the Progenitor lab--no one will know. What could possibly go wrong?").(All)

Death Wish (1-5pt Flaw)-Unconsciously wish for True Death. Never deliberately self do harm, will
hinder self at bad times. Storyteller asks to reroll successful skill check (least successful counts).
Number of times=amount of points taken. (All)

Driving Goal (3pt Flaw)-Have personal goal to compel/drives in startling ways. Goal limitless in
depth can't be truly achieved. Avoided for short periods by spending Willpower, but is focus of
life, can get in way of everything else. (All)

Emotional Isolation (1pt Flaw)-Seen too many friends die. Killed off feeling in you, made you
emotionally cold. All Social rolls involving emotion at +1 dif, may not take Empathy. (All)

Ennui (2pt Flaw)-Nothing ever truly new, faces/names change. +1 Perception dif involving people
you know, first action taken following a surprise (like ambush). (All)

Hatred (3pt Flaw)-Have unreasonable hatred for thing (total/largely uncontrollable). Roll for frenzy
when confronted. Constantly try to harm hated object/gain power over it. (All)

Hero Worship (1pt Flaw)-Regard another with respect approaching reverence. Object of hero
worship can do no wrong. You must roll Willpower (dif 6) to disobey order from hero. They are
perfect. +1 difficulty to rolls when success=admit that hero is wrong. (All)

Intolerance (1pt Flaw)-Unreasonable dislike of thing (not trivial, storyteller discretion). +2 Dif to
rolls involving. (All)

Isolated Upbringing(2pt Flaw=Arcanum, 1pt=Inquisition)-Raised in Arcanum/Inquisition), had
little contact with the real world, have limited understanding of "mundane" world and, when in a
non-Arcanum/Inquisition setting, have a 1 die penalty to all social skills.(All)
Lifesaver (3pt Flaw)-Human life is sacred gift, won't take life except in most extreme cases. Can't
endanger the lives of innocents or participate in killing. No problems killing animals (will kill
evil/inhuman creatures to protect others). Senseless death in all forms repulse you, feel those
who perform murder should be punished and stopped. (All)

Low Self-Image (2pt Flaw)-Lack self-confidence. -2 dice in situations when don't expect to
succeed. May need to roll Willpower to do things requiring self-confidence. (All)

Manchurian Candidate (5pt Flaw)-Work for someone, don't know who (brainwashed). Perform
duty after signal. Common duties=spying on employers, kill person, steal equipment. Strange
things go on, might track down to find out it is you. Storyteller controls situation. (All)

Naive (1pt Flaw)-Always last to suspect wrongdoing/bad intent. Caregiver Natures may to protect
you more than usual. (All)

Obsession (2pt Flaw) – Something you like, love or are fascinated by to the point where you
often disregard common sense to cater to this drive. You react positively to anything related to
your obsession, even if it isn’t in your best interest. (All)

Overconfident (1pt Flaw)-Exaggerated/unshakable opinion of worth/capabilities-always trust
abilities. Fail: blame others. Others can be infected with overconfidence in you. (All)

Pack Mentality (2pt Flaw)-Take pride on being a pack member; it's your life. With pack: -1 dif to
pack tactics (+1 dif to all rolls when not with pack). Sometimes can't decide without them.
Storyteller may make you roll/spend Willpower act on own. (Werewolf)

Paranoia (2pt Flaw)-Paranoid with +1 dif to social interaction. (All)

Paranoia, Extreme (3pt Flaw)-Positive people out to get you. Only worry about those close to
you, trusting in security measures to be to get rid of others. When someone does something
apparently selfless around you, roll Self-control to resist believing them to be enemy, take
appropriate steps. Storyteller may also call for this roll if felt necessary. (All)

Proselytizer (1pt Flaw)-Do everything to sway people to cause, even if already on side. May lead
to fights when gone too far. If Storyteller feels you aren't doing well enough, may impose 1
Willpower/scene cost to avoid this Flaw. (All)

Religious Hysteria (3pt Flaw)-Take religion to extreme. Visions too untenable/too often. All=sign
from God/work of Devil. None take seriously. Social encounters at -1 die. (All, esp. Humans)

Routine (2pt Flaw)-Have predictable, day-to-day routine. Studied: learned easily. (All)

Sadism/Masochism (2pt. Flaw)-Excited by inflicting/receiving pain. Will seek to cause/receive
pain. Masochist, +1 soak for physical damage (really want to feel pain). Sadist: roll Willpower (dif
5) to stop combat (fail=caught up on event, fail to notice anything around). (All)

Siege Mentality (3pt Flaw)-You are company man. Agency=extended family. Everyone
else=viewed suspiciously. Suspect most civilians hate agency. Think are above law. -1 die to all
Empathy /investigation rolls involving alien ways of thinking. (Mortals)

Vainglorious (1-3pt Flaw)-Boastful, sure of abilities, want all to know it. Suffer 1-3 point increase
in resisting any Manipulation involving flattery (based on level of Flaw). (All)

Vengeance (2pt Flaw)-Have a score to settle. Obsessed with seeking vengeance on individual/
group. Need for vengeance overcome by spending Willpower, but this is only temporary. (All)
Whimsy (1pt Flaw)-Whimsical in stress. Can't do anything helpful for 1 turn, annoy companions.
May throw foes off-guard (allowing to surprise them later). (All)


Absent-Minded (3pt Flaw) – Though you do not forget such things as knowledge’s or skills, you
do forget such things as names, addresses and the last time you gained Glamour or Fed. Make
a wits roll to remember anything other than where you live and your own name. May also spend
a Willpower point. This flaw may not be take with the Merit Concentration. (All)

Amnesia (2pt Flaw)-Can't remember past. May take 5 points of flaws for Storyteller to decide
later, over chronicle course. (All)

Bulimia (4pt Flaw)-Don't like to drink blood, must roll Stamina (dif 8) to not vomit blood back up.
Any blood gained frenzied kept. (Vampire, all others=food but same)

Confused (2pt Flaw)-Usually confused/can't make sense of things/world often distorted, twisted
place. Must role-play this. Temporarily overcome by spending 1 Willpower. (All)

Conspicuous Consumption (4pt Flaw) – You not only draw nourishment from the blood of
mortals, but you believe you must consume their heart, liver, and other blood-rich tissue. You
must purchase the Eat Food merit in addition to this flaw. (Vampire)

Deep Sleeper (1pt Flaw)-Dif to awaken +2. Never seem to get up on time. (Vampire)

Flashbacks (6pt Flaw)-Prone to flashbacks in high-pressure situation/circumstances that caused
flashback. Doesn't have to be combat oriented. Positive/negative circumstances will do. In
flashback, not aware of what's really going on around. For you, reality has shifted. May lose
willpower temporarily. (All)

Guilt-Wracked (4pt Flaw) – you simply cannot come to grips with the fact that you must drink
blood to survive. You suffer horrible guilt over each time you feed (roll Conscience, diff 7, or else
frenzy) and try to avoid doing so as much as possible. (Vampire)

Ignorance (2pt Flaw)-Have absolutely no knowledge of how Kindred society works, only hope is
finding Mentor. Cost of Mentor can be very high (may end up Blood Bound). Princes will not care
and you will not know warring boundaries or factions. (Vampire)

Impatient (1pt Flaw) – you have no patience for standing around and waiting. Every time you are
forced to wait around instead of acting, a Self-Control roll is required to see if you go haring off on
your own instead. (All)

Lunacy (2pt Flaw)-Affected by phases of moon. Crescent moon diff to avoid frenzy is +1, Half or
gibbous moon, diff rises by two, under the full moon, diff rises by three. Flaw is truly effective with
good/accurate role-play, though the Storyteller can enforce through frenzies. (All but Werewolf)

Necrophile (3pt Flaw) – You enjoy the dead company. May need a Courage Roll (diff 4) (from
other vampires) to enter a room where you have bodies. (Vampire)

Nightmares (1pt Flaw)-Experience nightmares when sleep. Sometimes nightmares cause loss of
1 die to all actions for time. Sometimes nightmare may be mistaken for reality. (All)

Pelagic Compulsion (2pt Flaw) – You are agitated on land. Raise the diff of all Willpower rolls
made when you’ve been away from the sea for more than 24 hours by one. (Lasombra)
Phobia (Mild) (1pt Flaw)-Overpowering fear of something. Will retreat/avoid it. Roll Courage (dif
Storyteller decides). (All)

Phobia (Normal) (2pt Flaw) – You must make a courage roll every time you encounter the object
of your fear. The diff of the roll is determined by the ST. (All)

Phobia (Severe) (3pt Flaw)-Overpowering fear of something. Roll not to flee when facing it. Dif
based on case. Fail: retreat in terror (3- successes: won't approach it). (All)

Poseidon’s Call (1pt Flaw) – Your self-control varies with the weather. In calm weather: -1 Diff.
Rough seas: +1 diff, Thunderstorms: +2 diff, Hurricanes: +3 diff. (Lasombra)

Prey Exclusion (1pt Flaw)-Refuse to hunt certain type of people, disturbed by others feeding
from them (may frenzy). If fed off on, automatically frenzy, roll Humanity roll (dif. 7). (Vampire)

Short Fuse (2pt Flaw)-Easily angered. -2 dif to avoid frenzy. This is dangerous flaw. (Vampire,

Shy (1pt Flaw)-Ill at ease when dealing with people, try to avoid social situations. All social dif +1;
rolls with full attention at +2. (All)

Soft-Hearted (1pt Flaw)-Can't stand seeing suffering. See: +2 dif to rolls for 1 hr. (All)

Speech Impediment (1pt Flaw)-Have stammer/speech impediment. +2 dif to relevant rolls.
When stressed, attempt to simulate it. (All)

Stereotype (2pt Flaw) – You buy heavily into all of the vampire legendry you’ve read and heard.
You act just like the vampires in legend. +2 diff to Social rolls with other vampires who don’t
share your habits. You also stand out to hunters. (Vampire)

Superstitious (1-3pt Flaw)-Without Sire, has come to believe that Vampirism is like 1 of the
movie types. Ganger Variation: Werewolf. (Vampire)

Territorial (2pt=Vampire, 3pt=Werewolf Flaw)-Don't like to leave territory/have others in. +1 dif to
rolls outside territory. Roll frenzy when other vampires enter territory without permission. (All)

Thirst for Innocence (2pt Flaw) – The sight of innocence arouses you into a terrible bloodlust.
Roll Self-Control, or else Frenzy and attack the source of your hunger. (Camarilla Vampire)

Tortured Artist (1pt Flaw)-Work is never good enough, suffer long periods of ennui. Must suffer
to produce any art, seek it out. (All)

Uncontrollable (5pt Flaw) – You are even more prone to frenzy than other Brujah. Diffs to resist
frenzy are always 10. (Brujah)

Unconvinced (1pt Flaw) – You fail to see the need for the Masquerade, and have gone on
record saying so. (Camarilla Vampire)

Vengeful (2pt Flaw) – Score to settle. You are obsessed with taking revenge on an individual or
group, and it is our overriding priority in any situation where you encounter the object of your
revenge. You may spend a willpower point to temporarily resist the need for vengeance. (All)
Victim of the Masquerade (2pt Flaw) – The camarilla’s propaganda machine did too good of a
job on you. Even after your embrace you refused to believe you were a vampire. You remain
convinced that there is some logical explanation for your condition, and spend as much time as
you can searching for it. You also have problems feeding, and may insist on trying to eat regular
food. This flaw must be role-played at all times. (Camarilla Vampire)

Weak-Willed (2pt Flaw, 3pt=Mortals)-Highly susceptible to Dominate/intimidation. Only spend
Willpower when survival at stake/Nature dictates. Mortals can't use Theurgy/Thaumaturgy. (All)


Artistically Inept (2pt Flaw)-Creativity/Artistic Expression rolls at +2 dif (max. 9). (All)

Illiterate (3pt Flaw)-Cannot read or write. (All)

Inept (5pt Flaw)-Talents at -5(max=8, min=0). Spend freebie points on Talents, can't start game
with Talent higher than 3. (All)

Poor Taste (1pt Flaw)-Can Never have Art Appreciation skill. Always choose worst of art. (All,
mainly TOREADOR Poseurs)

Uneducated (5pt Flaw)-Knowledge at -5 points (max=8, min=0). Spend freebie points on
Knowledge's, can't start game with Knowledge higher than 3. Can't be taken by Lupus; need
Storyteller permission to take. (All)

Unskilled (5pt Flaw)-Skills at -5 points (max. 8, min. 0). Spend freebie points on Skills, can't start
game with Skill higher than 3. (All)

14 Generation (2pt Flaw) – You were created five or fewer years ago by a member of the 13

th generation. Though you have 10 blood points in your body, only eight of them may be used to
heal wounds, power disciplines, raise attributes, etc. Most 14 generation vampires should also

take the Thin Blood flaw. (Vampire)

Ancestral Soil Dependence (2pt Flaw) – You need two handfuls of the tainted Eastern
European soil of the Tzimisce homeland. Characters embraced in Eastern Europe can’t take this
flaw. (Tzimisce)

Banned Transformation (1-6pt Flaw)-Event prevents changing. Type of event=number of points.

Bard's Tongue (1pt Flaw)-Things said come true. At least once/story, uncomfortable truth
regarding current situation appears in head, comes out lips. To avoid: spend 1 Willpower; take 1
Wound Level (from biting tongue by strain). (All)

Beacon of the Unholy (2pt Flaw) – You radiate evil. (Vampire)

The Beast Within (5pt Flaw)-The Beast awake in you. Prone to Kindred frenzies. (Mortal ONLY)

Can't Cross Running Water (3pt Flaw)-50' above running water to cross. Running
water=nonstagnate body more than 2' wide. (Vampire)

Casts No Reflection (1pt Flaw)-No image in mirror/film. (All Vampire except Lasombra)
Clan Weakness (2pt Flaw)-Though clanless, still possess flaw of your Sire's clan. (Vampire)

Cold Breeze (1pt Flaw) – A chill wind follows you everywhere you go. This effect discomforts
mortals (+1 diff on all appropriate social rolls). (Vampire)

Cursed (1-5pt Flaw)-Cursed by supernatural/magical powers. Curse specific, detailed, can't be
dispelled without extreme effort. (All)

Dark Fate (5pt Flaw)-You're doomed. Nothing you can do about it, you know it. You will
occasionally have visions of this fate, the malaise these images inspire requires a expenditure of
temporary willpower, or you lose a die from all actions for the night. (All)

Death’s Reflection (3pt Flaw) – You cast a reflection, but it appears as if you were dead.

Deathsight (2pt Flaw) – everything appears rotted and decayed to you. You are at a -2 diff to
resist all rolls based on appearance, but at a +2 diff on all Perception based rolls. You find social
interaction difficult and are at a +1 diff on all Social-based rolls. (Vampire)

Eerie Presence (2pt Flaw)-Others uncomfortable around you, -2 dice to Social actions deemed
by Storyteller. (All)

Enemy Brood (3pt Flaw) – A brood of your fellow Nosferatu have an unceasing vendetta against
you. (Nosferatu)

Foe from the Past (1-3pt Flaw)-Enemy from past life wants revenge. Kindred, Mummy,
Spirit=3pts. Enemy looking for revenge against ancestor (you're best path). Need Past Life to
take. (Werewolf)

Forced Transformation (1-4pt Flaw)-Some event forces shift. Spend Willpower to prevent. Can't
shift back until condition passed. Event determines number of points. (Werewolf)

Geas (1-7pt Flaw)-Some prohibition is on you. If violated, may lose ability to shift forms, -1 die to
all combat rolls for story. Flaw level=how common Geas is/nature of penalty. (All)

Grip of the Damned (4pt Flaw) – There is no ecstasy in your Embrace – only terror and pain.
Mortals upon whom you feed struggle and shriek. With high humanity, this experience may
require a humanity roll. (All Vampire except Giovanni)

Haunted (3pt Flaw)-Only you and mediums can see, hear spirit. Dislikes you, will use minor
powers to ruin whatever you are doing. (All)

Infamous Autarkis (1pt Flaw) – Something in your past, your reputation, or your sire’s
background is abhorrent that both sects reject you utterly. (Vampire)

Infectious (3pt Flaw) – Your bite transmits the madness of your clan. Your mortal prey gains a
temporary derangement for every 3 blood points you take from them; the madness lasts for a
week or so. (Malkavian)

Infectious Bite (2pt Flaw) – You lack the enzymes that allow you to seal wounds by licking them
closed. Your bites have a one in five chance of becoming infected and causing mortal victims to
become seriously ill. (Vampire)
Insane Past Life (1pt Flaw)-Ancestor was mad, will occasionally take over. Choose situation to
take over. Create as ANCESTOR ALLY. Must play ancestor (Storyteller decides not playing well,
declare spend 1 Willpower to suppress). (Werewolf)

Jinx (3-4pt Flaw)-Technological spirits avoid. Can't learn gifts from them/use techno fetishes.
Spirits may cause technological devices used to malfunction. 3=1 spirit who believes in you. Lives
in piece of machinery, must be present when dealing with technology spirits. With aid, can
negate flaw. 4=spirit does not exist. (All werewolf, usually Glass Walkers)

Light Sensitive (5pt Flaw)-Sunlight does x2 damage, moonlight does normal sunlight damage.
Bright lights cause pain (usually fixed with sunglasses). Wounds caused by moon non-agg, heal
normally. (Vampire except Setite)

Lord of the Flies (2pt Flaw) – Buzzing harbringers of decay swirl around you everywhere. It is
difficult to interact socially (+1 diff when appropriate) and nearly impossible to hide or sneak up on
someone (Stealth rolls are at +2 diff). (Vampire)

Magic Susceptibility (2pt Flaw)-All Magic at -2 dif and twice effect against you. (All)

Magical Prohibition or Imperative (2-7pt Flaw)-Must do/not something. Life, magic, soul
depends on it. May be Geas, oath, bargain. Something will hold you to it. Consequences may be
deadly. May have several, Storyteller is final judge. (All)

Mark of the Predator (2pt Flaw)-Herbivores fear; carnivores threatened. No Animal Ken.

Nosferatu Caitiff (1pt Flaw)-Didn't meet Nosferatu standards (?), rejected by clan. Appearance
of 1. X2 cost to rise. (Nosferatu)

Offensive to Animals (1pt Flaw)-Animals hate you. -2 dice to actions with animals. (All but

Pain of the Past (4pt Flaw)-Suffered terribly in past life. Flashbacks haunt continually (esp. in
pain). When take damage, roll Willpower (dif 7) or collapse from flashbacks. Only lasts 1 turn
(botch lasts longer). Must have Past Life. (Werewolf)

Parasitic Infection (2pt Flaw)-Swarm has latched on and become Blood Bound to use. Drink 1-4
BP/night.. Do Nothing. Skin twitches and writes. Each day when you rise roll one die. Divide the
result by three, rounding up. This is how many BPs you lose. All self-control rolls have diff
increased by one. (Nosferatu)

Pierced Veil (3pt Flaw)-Crinos form does not induce Delirium. (Werewolf)

Psychic Vampire (5pt Flaw)-Continually feed off life essences around (plants/insects continually
die in presence). Any touched for 1 hr take 1 non-agg Health Level. Any injured in presence won't
heal. Don't feed once/day; begin to die as healing rate reversed. Mages have -2 dif to damage,
stun, destroy, and corrupt living LIFE Sphere. Damage done this way healed as taken from life
starvation. If full, won't drain those around. Kindred can't gain BP from you. (All but Vampire)

Putrescent (3pt Flaw)-Still rotting. -1 Soak Die. +3 damage, roll Stamina (dif 6). Fail=lose
finger/feature. Botch=limb, agg damage. (Nosferatu)

Repelled by Crosses (3pt Flaw)-Repelled by sight of ordinary cross, as if holy. When confronted
by a cross you must make a Willpower roll (dif 9) or flee from the symbol. If you botch, you flee
and take aggravated damage (can’t be soaked even with Fortitude) if touched by the cross.
Repulsed by Garlic (1pt Flaw)-Smell: bleed tears/renders blind. Touch: boils/opens wounds.

Shadow Walker (6pt Flaw) – The Giovanni clan is by its nature inexorably tied to the realm
beyond the sudario. Giovanni suffering from this flaw are so tied to the Shadowlands that even in
the lands of the living they are forced to interact with the world of the dead on a nightly basis.

Sign of the Wolf (2pt Flaw)-Hard to hide heritage. Homid form has folklore werewolf signs.

Slip Sideways (1pt Flaw)-See reflective in stress, roll Wits+Occult (dif 7) not to begin shift over.
Must still roll Gnosis but at -1 dif. (Werewolf)

Spirit Magnet (3-7pt Merit/2-6pt Flaw)-Spirits help, hinder; slowly have effect. Merit: try warning
of danger/evil (destroy: others replace). Flaw: seek to taint, use to spread evil, no magic keeps
them away long. Amount=spirit involvement. (All)

Taint of Corruption (1pt Flaw)-Plants wither on approach, die if touch. (Vampire mostly, but any)

Taint of Corruption (7pt Flaw)-Touched by Wyrm, seen as corrupt. Suffer bad dreams as Wyrm
tries to lure you to its side. (Werewolf)

Thaumaturgically Inept (5pt Flaw) – Your character hasn’t gotten the hang of thaumaturgy. You
add 4 (instead of 3) to your diff’s to use paths or rituals. You cannot begin with more than one dot
in Thaumaturgy. (Tremere)

Throwback (1-5pt Flaw) – One or more of your past lives still affects you…badly. One/Two pts –
bad dreams or flashbacks. Three pts – “roommate in your head”. Five pts – package deal and
the miserable existence. (Werewolf)

Touch of Frost (1pt Flaw) – Plants wither as you approach and die at your touch. You touch
leeches heat from living beings as though you are made of ice. (Vampire)

Unbroken (3pt Flaw) – You now share the Assamite thirst for Cainite blood, but the substance is
still a poison. When you drink non-Assamite Cainite blood, each blood point enters normally but
causes one automatic, unsoakable level of lethal damage. (Assamite)

Uncontrollable Night Sight (2pt Flaw) – Light and dark are permanently inverted for you.

Wyrm Tainted (4pt Flaw)-Have gained Wyrm taint, Garou may kill you if sensed. (Mortal ONLY)

                                   SUPERNATURAL TIES

Bastard Childer (2pt Flaw)-Sired Childer without permission, All destroyed if discovered.

Blackmailed (1pt Flaw)-Blackmailed by supernatural powerful/smart enough. Can't destroy them.
Force to do things against will. (All)

Childe, Vengeful (2pt Flaw)-Sired Childe who seeks to destroy you. (Vampire)
Diabolical Sire/Mentor (2pt Flaw)-Sire engaged in "Inappropriate" acts (hunt down city elders,
breaking Masquerade). Many after Sire, may not believe when tell them don't know where they
are. (Vampire mainly, but all)

Diabolist, Known (5pt Flaw)-Committed diablerie for current power. Not all elders know, word
spreading. Always possibility will be destroyed. +3 dif on Social rolls with Elder Kindred.

Diabolist, Secret (2pt Flaw)-Committed Diablerie to achieve current power. If discovered, may
be destroyed. (Vampire)

Insane Sire/Mentor (1pt Flaw)-Mentor/Sire in Quiet/dangerously insane. Wrongs he commits
affect you, may involve you in schemes. (All except Malkavian)

Matricide/Patricide (4pt Flaw)-Committed diablerie on Sire. If known, may be destroyed.

Notoriety (3pt Flaw)-Have bad reputation among group, -2 die Social Rolls with group. Can't take

Pack Disgrace (2pt Flaw)-Brought shame on pack personally. -2 dice on related rolls. (Werewolf,
Sabbat Vampire)

Pack Enemy (2pt Flaw)-Have enemy in pack who wants you destroyed. (Werewolf, Sabbat

Pack Punishment (1pt Flaw)-Given special punishment by pack for breaking pack rules.
(Werewolf, Sabbat Vampire)

Pack Rival (1pt Flaw)-Always competing with another member of pack for fun/spite. Both known
to go to extremes for this. (Werewolf, Sabbat Vampire)

Prestation Debt (1-5pt Flaw)-Owe boon to another, gives them measure of control over you.

Rival (1pt Flaw)-As with PACK FLAW, but someone of equal power/status. Not necessarily in
pack. (All)

Sire Resentment (1pt Flaw)-Mentor/Sire hates. Seeks harm. Their allies will work against you.
Good Luck! (Vampire)

Social Outcast (3pt Flaw)-Given up on all groups. Gone Anarch, but rejected even by them.
Can't gain Prestige. (all, but mainly Vampire)

Special Responsibility (1pt Flaw)-Perform special duty for pack. Gain no renown, would lose
much respect if stopped. (Werewolf, Sabbat Vampire)

Twisted Apprenticeship (1pt Flaw) – Your mentor was quite malevolent and taught you all the
wrong things about society. (All)

Twisted Upbringing (1pt Flaw)-Sire malevolent, taught wrong ideas of Kindred society. Kindred
Politics concept wrong, faulty beliefs get in trouble. Overcome in time; believe what first told until
then. Can't take REPUTATION (Vampire)
Twisted Upbringing (1pt Flaw)-Rite of Passage Pack malevolent, taught wrong ideas of Garou
society. Concept of Garou all wrong, faulty beliefs get in trouble. Over time, may overcome but
until then will believe what first told. Can't take REPUTATION. (Werewolf)

                                       MORTAL SOCIETY

Anachronism (2pt Flaw; 1pt mortals)-Been Kindred for time, can't keep up with changes. Make
Intelligence roll to deal with something from later period than breathing days. If fails, total failures,
use as neg. mod. on all future attempts. Just costs less for mortals. (All)

Criminal Record (2pt Flaw)-Have gained a criminal record. Hard to get jobs, mistrusted, etc.
Must buy off flaw to erase record. (All)

Dangerous Secret (2pt Flaw)-Posses info that would get you killed if learned had it. Source
unreliable (may tell others you know). (All)

Mixed Heritage (1-2pt Flaw) Receive scorn based on unpure heritage. +1 dif or -1 die to Social
based on points. (Werewolf, but mainly Get of Fenris)

Persistent Parents (2pt Flaw)-Parents won't let memory die. Use Missing Teens program, hired
detectives. Can't tell them. (Werewolf)

Secret Friendship (1pt Flaw)-Friendship outside Sabbat that, if discovered, both destroyed.
(Sabbat Vampire)

Street Rep (1-2pt Merit/Flaw)-Known for doing good or evil deeds. Deed determines
Merit/Flaw/Points. (All)

Vulgar (2pt Flaw)-Can't fit into High Society at all. Treated at 1 less Status level. Mentor/Sire
often ridiculed in choice. (All)

Ward (3pt Flaw)-Must protect mortal (Storyteller creates). May be friend/relative, have talent for
getting caught in your trouble. (All)

Ward Pack (4pt Flaw)-As WARD above, but for wolf pack. Must defend pack from all harm.

                                        HUNTER SOCIETY

Dark Heritage (2pt Flaw)-Bloodline tainted in Inquisition eyes. Believe 1 day may pose threat.

Disreputable Cenacle (2pt Flaw)-Cenacle considered less trustworthy/ineffective than others by
some event in past. (Hunter)

Rebel (1-3pt Flaw)-Outcast from Inquisition, reaction to you by on reputation (points spent).

Secret Friendship (2pt Flaw)-Friends with supernatural. If learned, both destroyed. (Hunter)

Supernatural Enemy (1-5pt Flaw)-Supernatural entity is interested in ruining life. Points=power
of entity/frequency. (Hunter)

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