An Introduction to the Smart Board

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					                            An Introduction to the Smart Board

Smart Boards are new to our school; however, some faculty members have limited experience with Smart
Boards and a handful of faculty members have a high comfort level in regards to technology. Keeping this in
mind, the LMS will offer two separate training sessions (beginner and intermediate) and allow the faculty to
sign up for the class they feel is appropriate for their skill level.

Goal: To introduce the Smart Board to faculty members at their comfort level, by delivering training in
multiple segments (beginner, intermediate)

   1. Develop short synopsis of topics covered in the beginner and intermediate training sessions and rough
      outline of agenda
          a. Beginner session will focus on setting up technology, an introduction to the basics of the
              software, demonstration of sample lesson, short hands-on exploration, and question and
          b. Intermediate session will focus on in depth features of the software, demonstrations of
              advanced features (importing and attaching videos, hyperlinks, animation, etc.), and time for
              development and sharing of short lessons (teachers will be asked to bring idea for lesson to the
              training session)
   2. Post synopses and agendas and allow teachers to sign up for appropriate session
   3. Send e-mail to teachers reminding them of training session date and asking if teacher’s have comments
      / questions they would like addressed during the training session
   4. Add e-mail responses and suggestions to agendas

There will be two training sessions for each group (beginner and intermediate), for a total of four classes. The
two beginning classes will take place first and the two intermediate classes will follow, to allow for those
faculty members in the beginning classes to attend if they are interested. There will be three Smart Boards in
the Media Center for training purposes.

   1. The first beginner session will take place on a Monday (in the Media Center) and will last for
      approximately 90 minutes after school.
         a. We will start with demonstrating how to hook up the Smart Board to a computer (using a
              desktop and laptop for examples). As we go through the setup process, we will show a
              PowerPoint presentation detailing each step. Copies of the presentation will be handed out at
              the beginning of the session. The LMS will set up one Smart Board and ask for groups of 2 or
              3 volunteers to hook up the other two.
         b. Go through the steps of turning on the hardware and opening the Smart Board software.
              Demonstrate how to align the board. Ask for volunteers to come up and try aligning the other
              two boards.
         c. Introduce the toolbar. Demonstrate how the pens work and that fingers work when writing on
              the board as well. Have the faculty members come up and “sign in” on the board.
         d. Talk about the pointer and how you can move objects around. Have a few volunteers come up
              to move a variety of objects (squares, triangles, etc.) around the board. Then, instruct the
              faculty members that they will be asked to come arrange their names in alphabetical order on
                                                                                   Thompson, Pahl, McEntyre
               the board.
          e. Next, we will talk about the eraser. Demonstrate how it works. Scribble on the board and then
               erase the marks.
          f. Talk about the line and shape options on the toolbar. Ask for two or three volunteers to come
               up and draw basic shapes on the board.
          g. Introduce shade and how it can be used.
          h. Allow faculty members to use the remainder of the session for questions and answers and
          i. As an assignment, ask the faculty members to hook up their Smart Board, open the software,
               and write something on the board before the next meeting (to take place on Thursday).
   2. The second beginner session will take place on Thursday (in the computer lab) and will last for
      approximately 90 minutes. A handout covering all of the topics will be given out at the beginning of
      the session.
          a. Begin with a “temperature reading.” Have the faculty write their comfort level on a scrap
               piece of paper (drowning, treading water, swimming) based on what we discussed in the first
          b. Have a ten minute sharing of experiences during the week and address any issues discovered
               during the temperature reading.
          c. This session will focus on the right sidebar (page sorter and gallery) and creating a page.
          d. Show a basic lesson (3 or 4 pages). Have the faculty come up and explore the lesson (move
               objects around, write answers on the board, erase mistakes, etc.).
          e. Demonstrate the page sorter and how it shows a preview of each page (similar to PowerPoint).
               Discuss how to insert and delete a page from the page sorter.
          f. Have a volunteer come up and type on the keyboard to insert text. Then, have someone come
               up and press the keyboard button on the Smart Board and type something using the displayed
          g. Go over how to change the text and background color.
          h. Introduce the gallery to the faculty (this will be discussed at greater length in the intermediate
               session) and show how to insert graphics into a page.
          i. Allow exploration / question and answer time for remainder of session.
          j. As an assignment, ask the faculty to create a basic lesson and post it to the folder on the
               network. Allow one week.
   3. The first intermediate class will take place two weeks after the first beginner session on a Monday. It
      will last approximately 90 minutes. It will be in the computer lab.
   4. The second intermediate class will take place on Thursday (also in the computer lab) and will last for
      approximately 90 minutes.

   **The Intermediate sessions will focus on more in depth features of the Smart Board including the
   importing of graphics, use of hyperlinks, etc. In these sessions, teachers will have more time to build
   lessons and ask for assistance when needed.

For two weeks following the last training session, ask teachers to e-mail concerns and questions to the LMS.
There will be a final training session offered after two weeks. This session will focus on questions raised by
the faculty.

Additional training may be offered based on need and interest.

A folder will be created on the network for lessons. Teachers who are more comfortable with the Smart Board

                                                                                   Thompson, Pahl, McEntyre
can post their lessons in this folder to share with the rest of the faculty.

                                                                               Thompson, Pahl, McEntyre

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